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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by anneboy02(m): 7:06am On May 16, 2021
grin grin grin grin
Leave small popcorn for me o
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Ibroslank(m): 7:13pm On May 16, 2021
Nwa continue looking
two people fighting over my position

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by purity23(f): 10:13pm On May 16, 2021
two people fighting over my position
grin, Oga ladies first
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by genius43(m): 6:55am On May 17, 2021
Me thinking about the number of deaths that will be in this one too.

I don find my way come here by chance as OP no call me.

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 11:10am On May 17, 2021

Derek plays the game so well to be considered your average playboy, and guess what, he was winning too... but things change when he met Nerissa, little did he realise that the same shovel that dug him from the dirt could as well bury him.

Be careful who you sleep with, not everyone on clothes is human.......

The consequences was only the beginning.........

silver baba, even if a no get front seat or any seat at all a go Joko for floor. A go following you toto to the end. Oya drop update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 11:16am On May 17, 2021
Me thinking about the number of deaths that will be in this one too.

I don find my way come here by chance as OP no call me.
Me too gan selfcos silver baba kill pass Boko haram grin grin


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by genius43(m): 11:19am On May 17, 2021
Me too gan selfcos silver baba kill pass Boko haram grin grin

Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by izaray(f): 1:12pm On May 17, 2021

Derek plays the game so well to be considered your average playboy, and guess what, he was winning too... but things change when he met Nerissa, little did he realise that the same shovel that dug him from the dirt could as well bury him.

Be careful who you sleep with, not everyone on clothes is human.......

The consequences was only the beginning.........

Thanks for the invite Boss mi
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by omoola1122(m): 4:51pm On May 19, 2021

Derek plays the game so well to be considered your average playboy, and guess what, he was winning too... but things change when he met Nerissa, little did he realise that the same shovel that dug him from the dirt could as well bury him.

Be careful who you sleep with, not everyone on clothes is human.......

The consequences was only the beginning.........


Silver1996, you think you can hide right?
anywhere you go, I go surely follow you

I dey here dey wait you

ride on Boss
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 5:05pm On May 19, 2021
Every part of this story is fictional and just a work of the writer's imagination, any resemblance to a thing place or person is just coincidental......

No part of this story should been plagiarised, posted on any other forum without the writer's approval....


Oh gullible women

As the sunlight caressed Jane's skin, promising a new smile on her makeup face, new shoes, new bags, she entombed thoughts of her new boyfriend in brief seconds, her imagination beating to how he is, how big his penis is and how he uses it...., She walked as her hair fluttered in the air, her mind blowing gown clinging to her body like an estate model and abruptly stopped to preen her self on the glass windows of the almost gigantic hotel......

Satisfied she killed the look and the dress, she trot forward, towards the reception, it has been two weeks since she started seeing him and already she's beginning to grow butterflies, since her history of dating, no one has shower love on her as he does.., he's sweet, cute, strong just like her fantasy.......

"Hello..."She said to mid feet lady standing in the reception counter...

A smile play on the lady's lip before she opened her mouth to talk.., her gap teeth giving her away before the words bounced out..
"Hi.."The lady replied...

"I'm here to see someone.."Jane said, her eyes darting to the young fair boy that sat at the couch in the lobby...

"Who do you want to see Ma'am..?"

Jane's gaze returned to the lady as the question made way to her ears....
"Derek..., he's in room 306.."

"A minute please.."The lady said and lower her gaze under the counter.., after an intercom call to the room, she raise her head to Jane.....
"Are you Jane..?"She ask..

Jane's brows fluttered at the question before she replied..."Yes.."

"The room is on the third floor.."The lady said...."You can use the lift or the stairs.."

"Thank you.."Jane said before she head towards the lift, once again her eyes darted to the boy she had seen earlier.., he was looking at her and she quickly knew what was running in his mind....., she quickly look away and walk into the elevator.....

The water from the shower pour into Derek's body, warm and steady, awakening his skin in all the right places...., after a thorough shower, he grabbed his towel to dry his body...., a smile grip his facial muscles when a knock came on the door..., he knew who it was.., he's been waiting for this day, the last day he'll probably have with her.., he has spent so much on her and now it was time to take his reward...., his gaze fell on his dick before he wrap the towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom.....

When the knock again, he walked faster..., exhale before he turn down the door knob.....

Jane's eyes fell on his bare chest before she raise her gaze to his face...., damn he's cute, he was the kind of handsome that got into her bones, that spoke to her of olden times before he'd said a word......

"Hi..."He mutter before he stepped out of the way....

"Wow...."She said before realising the word came out wrong...

"What...!"He said with a weak smile but the blush that accompanied it was a dead giveaway.... but of course that is his way, his killer looks made the girls fall for him even more....

He stepped out of the way allowing her to walk in...., the basis of his meeting with her was simple...have sex and get the fùck out...

"Why can't I come to your place...?"Jane said dropping her bag on the table followed by the slam of the door...."I'm really not comfortable coming to a hotel room...."

The corners of his mouth turn up before he walked closer to her...."I told you my mother and two of my siblings are at my place..."He lied

"Then I want to meet your mum.."

"And you will..."He said crisply as his hand found way to her waist.., his lips curved into a smile before he dragged her closer to him....

Damn he's cute, he wasn’t a male model but he should have been. The lush, mother lode-dark hair he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his almost rude health, his only blemish was that he was beetle-browed and they sometimes knitted in frustration.... or is it seduction.....

When she look into his eyes and the smile refuse to eludes his face.., she knew he was torturing her and guess what, he's winning..., sooner or later she's going to fall for his advances....

She tried to pull out but his strong arm around her waist wouldn't allow it... she tried again and that was when the towel fell from his waist, a part of it falling on her legs, she didn't want to look down but with his pelvis and almost erect penis pressing against the soft linen of her clothes.., she was tempted to....

She looked down only to raise her gaze to his face a second later...

"I want you..."He whispered in a seductive tone to her ears...

The message was clear.., she knew from the beginning she was going to have sex with him but still, she came, she couldn't resist not seeing him...., he's like a cloud that have covered her sense.., his aquiline nose complements his prominent cheekbones. handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders spoke of strength...this man is a god, her god..which girl on earth wouldn't want to have a bite of his masculinity.....a feel of his huge penis.....

She was lost in words and he knew that...., a brilliant smile pricked his cheeks before he took advantage of her vulnerability and lifted her on the bed....

Knowing what he wanted or had in mind, she planned to seduce him first, torture him a little, enjoy it as much as she could, she was turned on herself on the sight of his body anyway.....

She pushed him off of her and quickly climbed out of the bed....

A bit embarrassed by her actions, he looked at her as she walk over to the table..., first she removed her earrings, her shirt followed sooner revealing her bra....., then she took off her shoes and continued undressing until she was in just pant and bra..

He sucked his lips and check her out, she was flat tummy with a curve that could freeze any man's brain...

"Damn.."He mutter..."You're beautiful.."

Without giving him the dignity of a reply, she stepped closer to him...., he was well shaved with a nice looking totally hard dick....

"How much do you love me...?"She ask before she walk closer to him lowered her head and passed her tongue over his shiny penis head, and started licking her way down the length of his gorgeous penis , a couple of quick moans escaped his mouth as a clear sign of liking what he was about to get...

"Very much..."He mutter...

She sucked upward till his penis head slipped out of her mouth, then she eyed him with a smile....
"You're lying.."She said..

He almost frown at statement but if he's going to get sex from her..he needs to play along just as he's been playing along for the past two weeks....

"I introduced you to my friends...."He said.."You're the first woman I've ever introduced to them..and I was serious when I said I can't stop thinking about you..., like you hacked my brain and put the images of yourself there......"

His penis sink deep into her throat till she felt his balls on her lips and chin, her eyes still fixated on his, she managed to blink both eyes with a small nodding sign of approval of what he had stated......, she was enjoying the Mouth Action she was giving him as much as he was, and she felt an itching and wetness between her thighs, over her cunt, she pushed her hand between her legs, under her pants top and started rubbing her pussy while sucking his dick....

No more than five minutes of that was done, he pulled out of her mouth , he helped her up, hugged her, kissed her passionately on the lips, his hands over his ass, he tried to push her pants down, she helped in the process till she was totally nude, he helped her lay on the bed and turn her on her back....

He quickly drew out a drawer and grab a condom..., she exhale realising he planned this.., he wanted to sleep with her..., she could say no, she could stop him but she wouldn't, who could refuse such a god....

Derek got on his knees next to her and started looking at her body first, enjoying and appraising, then he started feeling her body all over with his hands, rubbing her tits, pinching her nipples, he leaned down and sucked on her nipples, now gigantic from excitement. Every time he suckled them; they got a little stiffer... She was amazed at how big they got--and how turned on she was, he kissed her again on the lips and started kissing her neck, nipping on her ears, kissing his way down to her tits, belly, took a while licking and started kissing her belly button and she felt it was exceptionally hot....

She hold his head with both of her hands, almost trying to push it downwards to her pussy which was dying for attention , he finally got it. When he cupped her pussy with his light-skinned hand and then slipped his middle finger between her lips, tilting it upward, rubbing and finger fùcking her, she felt her body electrified, the sensation of his finger stroking her inner lips and clit had caused her whole body to shiver, she felt and heard the little wet noises his finger was making and it made her spread her legs wide to give him better access to the heat that was building between her thighs, she became lost in the waves of pleasure racing through her body. She was almost there, straining to feel every sensation to let herself fall over the edge, and then her world exploded...

Jane was about coming down to earth when he took his place in between her legs, he spread her legs wide open, lifting them up, she felt his penis head pressed against the opening of her passage and she felt him pushing.  He pulled out and rubbed his penis head over her swollen inner lips and clit and began pushing at her entrance again, and this time, she felt her pussy being stretched open.  He pushed harder, then harder until his penis head slipped inside her....  she groaned as her passage walls stretched around his shaft and groaned again when his dick slipped all the way inside her....  He was still for a moment, then began sliding his stiff dick in and out of her....

Jane felt the orgasm building to the point of the first, and then gasped as the feeling became even more intense.  her whole body stiffened, she felt his dick head press into the end of her passage, she began to pant, then gasp for breath as her pussy clenched down on his dick... 

He looked at her deep in the eyes, he was close, he could feel it.., his whole body began to vibrate as he moan loudly...

His moans pushed her over the edge, her body was shaking as the euphoric pleasure chase the two of them into the seventh sky.....

Their eyes flipped before he pulled out and pointed his barrel towards her swelled nipples and timed his first shot of cum, which landed over her face and hair, his second was a bit shorter over her tits.
He became still for a moment after his dick stopped shooting cum all over her..., breathless, he rolled off of her .....

"I love you..."She whispered in his ears...

He looked at her knowing fully well after the sex comes the end of the relationship. ....women, so gullible.......

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 5:06pm On May 19, 2021

Derek sniffle before he ended the call with Natasha, another of his conquest, it's been a week since his encounter with Jane in the hotel room and since then she's been blowing up his phone with missed calls and unreplied messages...., why can't she understand that the moment he ejaculated, the relationship ended except she wants to serve him another round of hot sex..., but he doesn't sleep with a girl more than once except she's rich but in Jane's case....she's a total loser.., he actually spent too much to get her to bed.., ordinarily just his body physique gets women on his bed....

He wanted to head to the fridge to get a drink when his phone began ringing.., he hissed when he saw the caller.., it was Mrs Ibrahim, one of his benefactor... who is twenty years older than him, his only work is to fùck her and fùck her good and the money starts rolling in....

After much hesitation, he answered the call.....
"Baby..."He said walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of ceres. ..

"Why haven't you been taking my calls....?"Mrs Ibrahim ask from the other end...

Derek brows furrowed at the question...."Sorry, the phone wasn't with me..."

"Who had it then..., another girl..?"

Derek exhales and walk over to the chair after taking out the bottle of ceres from the chair..., Mrs Ibrahim was the jealous type and she had warn him not to sleep with any other girl except her... what nonsense....

"I left it at home..."He said crisply. .

"Derek...."Mrs Ibrahim agitated voice sounded from the other end....."I just hope you aren't cheating on me.."

Derek frown at the statement. .., so annoying that a woman cheating on her husband is asking that......
"Am not..."Derek replied as he uncapped the bottle of ceres....."I love only you okay..."

There was silence before Mrs Ibrahim voice came up again...
"I want to see you this evening...."

Derek eyes darted towards the ceiling...., not this evening, he has an appointment with Erica, the girl he has been dating for the past four months but haven't yet slept with her.., sometimes he told himself he was catching feelings for her but the simple truth is she was only proving hard to be laid...., she wasn't that pretty like the girls he's been with but there's something that just keep pulling him to her..something he has tried to find out but couldn't....., she had told him two months ago she'll only give her virginity to her husband on her wedding night....., bad market...

"I won't be able to make it..."He said crisply..

"And why is that...?"

"I'm meeting with my pastor this evening..., he called to tell me an hour ago.."

"Is your pastor more important than I am....?"Mrs Ibrahim ask....

Derek jut his chin at the question...."He's a pastor sweetheart. .."

"Fine...."Mrs Ibrahim said...."Would tomorrow afternoon be okay...?"

"Yes.."Derek replied shapily. .."Be ready for me you big slutty bitch....I'm gonna bang you senseless. .."

"Stop been silly..."Mrs Ibrahim said from the other end..."I'll be seeing you tomorrow. .."

Derek pout...."I love you baby..."

"I love you too...."Mrs Ibrahim said before the call ended...

Derek heaved a deep breathe as he thought of all the necessary ways to get rid of his sugar mummy. .....
He drank a bit of the ceres before a knock came on the door...., his friend Maxwell had called him earlier and told him he was heading to his place....he couldn't be here so soon.., curious he stood up and walk over to the door......, without hesitation he opened the door.., the corners of his mouth quirk up as he look at the person in front of him....

"Cat got your tongue..."Priscilla snapped before she pushed him aside and walk into the house....

Derek took a second to catch his breathe before he close the door and turn to look at her...

"You think I wouldn't find you hun. ..."Priscilla queried, the corners of her mouth turning up with anger....

Priscilla was one of the girls he dated back then...or pretend to date back then..., like he did to every other woman, he slept with her twice and let her off his radar. ...., he never brought her to his house, the fact that she's standing right in front of him makes him suspect his friend with his big mouth....

"What are you doing here...?"He ask

"What am I doing here...?"She reiterates angrily..."You think I'm some girl you just use and dump as you like.."

He suck on his teeth before the terrifying words leap out of his mouth....."Yes.."

The word pushed her with rage and quickly without thinking, she slammed her palm across his face.....
"You're a devil..."She chided...

Derek wanted to retaliate, slap her back, beat her up even but he promised himself not to hit any woman...., he took a breather to calm himself and look up to face her....

"You told me you loved me.."Priscilla said..."Because of you I broke up with my boyfriend, went against my sister's advice just to be with you and this is what you do to me, torn my heart into pieces. ..."

"We had a nice time..."Derek cut in...."What.., you think I was going to marry you just because I promised you marriage. ., wake up sweetheart..., this isn't Disney, it's the real world..., you should have listen to your sister...., I'm done talking to you, get out and get lost...."

"You'll regret this..."She said..

He chuckle trying to recall how many girls have told him that...."The only thing I'm going to regret is not fùcking your sister. .."

She stare daggers at him, when he open the door, she eyed him and walk out angrily..what followed was the slam of the door behind her...

After a minute of looking at the wedding invitation card, Derek tossed it on the backseat of the car and turn to face his friend whose eyes were on the car steering and what lies ahead...

"Shocking isn't it.."Maxwell said as he turn the car steering into another road..."James is getting married..., finally getting out of bachelorhood. .."

"Good for him..."Derek said.....

"When are you getting married..?"Maxwell ask jokingly. .

Derek chuckle...."Look at the snail trying to outrun the mouse....., when are you getting married...?"

"You're older than I am..."

"Yeah with a month..."Derek said..."Which doesn't even count as anything..."

Maxwell giggled..."Derek you seriously need to slow down man.., how many girls has it been....?"

"Mmm.... I lost count years ago..."

"And it makes me wonder if you're ever going to settle down..."

"Right after you settle down...., literally you taught me everything I know....."

"And then you became a badass, there is Natasha, Jane, Priscilla, Erica and our dearest sugar mama. ..."

"Speaking of Priscilla. ..."Derek cut in..."She paid me an unexpected visit this afternoon. ...,I know you had an eye for her, did you give her my address...."

"You know I would never do that.."

"Well somehow she found out..."

"That girl is pretty, I wonder why you had to leave her..., I thought she'll be the one...the one you finally settles for..."

"Not since Erica came into the picture...."

"So Erica is the one...?"

Derek chuckle..."I don't know.., do you believe I haven't slept with her..., that girl is stingy with what is between her legs..., she said she's keeping it for her husband. .."

"Ewo...!, wahala. ."

"I swear E choke..."

"Show her your playboy skills.."

"Nothing is working on this girl..., she doesn't even accept gifts from me, so buying her with money is no option..."

"So what does she want...?"

"I don't know man, she's the first girl that have resisted my advances this far..., I respect that.."

"Sounds like you're already falling..."

Derek hissed

"She could be the one.."

Derek looK at him and burst into laughter, he look away and that was when he saw someone that captivated his eyes...

"Stop the car.."He shouted immediately

Maxwell unaware of who he saw quickly kick on the brakes and Derek stepped out of the car immediately. ...
Without hesitation, he ran towards the lady he had seen from the car...
"Hello beautiful one..."He said to her immediately...

To his surprise she didn't stop and he didn't give up either, quickly he ran towards her again...
"Hello beautiful..."

When she stood to look at him, he wowed at her beauty and took a step back....Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw him staring at her, he yelped at being caught. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black blinked once slowly, as if to invite him over...

He lean closer to her, her luminous, heavenly-white teeth flashed as she pawed at him with her film star nails. Her hair was a glorious tumble of star beam-gold and her virility-brown eyes set his heart a-thump. Her oxbow lips positively drooled with goodness....

"Jesus...."Derek wowed. ...."Are you an angel..?"

She broke into a smile and the insides of Derek jolt like an electric current...

"No.."She mutter crisply

"You're beautiful. .."He said staring lustfully

"Thank you.."She said and quickly she turn to walk away

"Hold on please..."Derek shouted as he run after her...."Where are you headed, we can give you a ride..."

"I don't need a ride.."

He smile..."Well I can't leave an angel like you walking under this scorching hot sun..., please let's give you a ride..."

"Thank you.."She said and set a foot forward to walk away...

"Wait..."Derek said running after her again..."Can I atleast have your number....., I'll love to hang out with you sometimes..."

"I don't have a number..."

Derek eyes lit up in frustration. ..."Come on, even Jesus had a number.."

"Did he..?"

He chuckle..."Is a joke..."

"Alright..."She said and set to walk from him..

"Hey.."Derek said speedily walking after her....."Tell me your name then and don't tell me you don't have a name....."

"Trust me, you don't want to know my name..."

"Trust me, I want to know...please..."

"If I tell you my name, will you leave me alone...?"

"I will..."

"Fine..."She said..."My name is Nerissa. ...."

As the words drop from her mouth, she walk past him...

Derek just stood looking at her as she walks away..., no matter what he has to do, he would follow her to the end of the world until she's in his bed holding and sucking his dick. ...., damn she's too beautiful, Mammy-water, his Iyawo mammy-water........

Story continues..........


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by hotswagg12: 5:11pm On May 19, 2021
Thanks for the update silver.

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by sly12345: 9:52pm On May 19, 2021
Priscilla said Derek would regret it, could she be Nerissa,.....

Thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 12:07am On May 20, 2021
Ride on baba, thanks for the update.

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by aprilwise(m): 9:07am On May 20, 2021
It’s getting interesting

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by purity23(f): 12:29pm On May 20, 2021
Interesting, continue pls

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by showgoeson: 2:05pm On May 20, 2021
Loving this already

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adeola25(f): 3:56pm On May 20, 2021
Thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Ann2012(f): 6:18pm On May 20, 2021
Derek go hear am!!!

Thanks for the update boss

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by egwolopretty: 9:15pm On May 20, 2021
When you live a promiscuous life, you're bound to meet demons.

Thanks for the update


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Lakesc(m): 8:58am On May 21, 2021

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by izaray(f): 12:00pm On May 21, 2021
Thanks Silver

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Odoogu(m): 9:14pm On May 21, 2021
Nice one.

E enter!!

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 9:26pm On May 21, 2021
Impatiently waiting for the next update.

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by drewsman(m): 11:46pm On May 21, 2021
Oya people, give him 20 likes so that he'll continue na

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:14am On May 22, 2021

Dark hole

As Derek watch her leave, his blood woke up his brain, though he thought himself already awake, his smile grows of its own accord and he can either let her see what he ignited or hide it, either way, she's the most fun thing in his world now..., with excitement roaring his engines into purr of anticipation., he ran back to the car...

"Drive after her..."He said to Maxwell and fixate his eyes on her...

"Guy you Don dey mad o.."Maxwell said jokingly...

"Drive na.."Derek blare out impatiently..

Maxwell did as he said and slowly drives the car behind her, when she turns they turn with her.....

"You think she don't know we're tailing her...."Maxwell said as he turn the car tyres into another road in tail of her..

"Definitely..."Derek said..., he watch as she stops and turn back to look at Maxwell's car...

Preventing any suspicion, Maxwell drove past her in full speed...

"Stop the car.."Derek shouted again..

A bit annoyed, Maxwell stopped and impatient Derek jumped out of the car...., his eyes enlarged with disappointment when he couldn't see her...

"Where did she go..?"Derek ask moving forward to look every corner in search of her..

"Derek..."Maxwell shouted from behind him..

Derek glance back to face him but turn his gaze from him a second later..., there were only a few houses on the road and she couldn't have entered any of them in such short time...., he look at one of the compound.., she was standing a few steps from the house.., with the way she was walking, he calculated how long it will take her to walk to the gate....

"Derek.."Maxwell shouted again...

Derek exhale and walk towards his friend....

"I'm beginning to think this is a curse.."Maxwell said as Derek drew closer to him..

Derek looK away and look towards the gate again..., if Maxwell hasn't driven past her in such speed he would have known the house she entered...

"Which of the houses do you think she entered...?"Derek ask looking at the few houses his eyes can see...."I think is that one."He added pointing at the one closer to him.., she was standing close to that house, there was no way she has entered another compound....

"Will you give it up man.."Maxwell chided a bit paranoid with his friend's attitude...."She could be married..."

Derek tried to recall if he saw a ring on at finger.., when nothing came up but their short conversation, he shift the thought from his head......

"Did you see her..?"Derek ask, a wide smile radiating round his face...."Guy she too fine.."

"Another reason why you have to let it go...., there's no way such a beautiful girl will be single..., she's either engaged or married.."

"I don't care man."Derek replied with a shrug....."As a matter of fact I'm going into that compound to find her."

Maxwell thought he was joking but the moment Derek spun around and began walking towards the compound, he realise his friend was done for...he can no longer be redeemed...

"Do you even know her name...?"Maxwell blare out after him..

"Nerissa..."Derek replied over his shoulder.

Maxwell groaned before he hasten his feet to catch up with him....

Derek inhale deeply before he summoned up the courage to knock on the gate...

"I really hope her husband doesn't come out...."Maxwell said..

Derek scoffs and knock again., he waited a bit as he heard the cranking opening sound of the gate before an average height man came out...

"Yes...."The gateman said moving his eyes from Derek to Maxwell..

"Please I'm looking for someone...., her name is Nerissa, she told me she stays in this area but I've really forgotten the particular flat.."

"Nerissa..."The gateman reiterates ...."Is not here sir.., there's no Nerissa in this compound.."

Derek sigh in disappointment but he isn't ready to give up here.."She's fair, like very fair and beautiful and she specifically told me she stays in this area.."

"Are you talking about oyibo pepper.....?"The gateman ask..

"Exactly...."Derek replied immediately...

"Oh.., madam oyibo stays in the second flat."The gateman said pointing at the direction of the flat...."But are you sure she's the one you're looking for..?"

"Yes.."Derek replied and force himself into the compound..

"She's not around.."The gateman said pricking holes into Derek's bubbles....

Derek find that hard to believe..., she couldn't have entered anywhere except her house...

"She stepped out this morning.., she hasn't return.."The gateman added...

"Are you sure..?"Maxwell ask curiously..

"I know the time everyone comes in and goes out of this compound...., and madam oyibo doesn't even go out alot."

"So she's in..?"Derek ask again in assertation..

"No sir.."

Derek didn't want to start an argument with the gateman..., it was enough that he showed him her flat, atleast now he knows where she stays and if he doesn't see her that moment, he can see her anytime...any day..

"Thanks for your help..."Derek said to the gateman...

When the gateman smile in a weird way, Derek smile back and walk out of the compound with Maxwell tagging alongside him...

"Finally the food..."Jasmine, Erica's friend said as she streched forth her hand towards Erica to collect the food..

A smile circled Erica's lips as she hand over one of the plate of rice to Jasmine....

"I've been waiting forever for this...."Jasmine said dropping her own plate of the rice on the table..

"Enjoy miss jollof.."Erica's said jokingly and they both burst into laughter.....

"Yummyyyyyy..."Jasmine said as she took a spoonful of the rice...."My God, this.is what Derek has been enjoying for the past four months..."

"Four months..."Erica reiterates...."Has it been that long..."

"Should I be the one reminding you how long you've date your boyfriend....."Jasmine said raising a brow at her...., she took another spoonful of the food before she continue..."I mean you've been talking about him nonstop for the past four months and I'm beginning to think he'll be the one to finally break the seal..."

Erica scoffs...."What seal..?"

"Your virginity.."Jasmine blare out before taking another spoonful of the food...

"Are you serious.."Erica ask with a chuckle.. "You haven't even meant him..."

"I'm dying to., why do you think I came back from Abuja..., I want to meet him, so when are we going to his house....?"

Erica laugh at her friend's statement before she took up the glass of water..., she gulp it down and drop the glass....."I don't even know his house.."


"I haven't been to his house, he has never invited me and I've never ask....."

"All the guys I've meant, they invite the girls to their house after the first meeting. ., if he hasn't invited you to his house, surely he has invited you somewhere else...."

"A hotel."Erica interjects sharply.."He has called me one day to come meet him in a hotel, said his friend was having a birthday party there...."

"So did you go....?"

"No way..., I had a night vigil to attend that night and there was no way I was going to skip my vigil for a birthday hangout...."

"You and your night vigils.."Erica sass....

"Well girl, I can play with anything but you see when it comes to my time with God...., I don't miss it for anything..."

"Derek.., is he the church type..?"Jasmine ask curiously...

"Few times I've invited him to my church and he has always come through....."

"So he's the church type..."

Erica scoffs..."I hate to say this but I think he's a womaniser....."

"Because he's cute..?"

Erica chuckle.. "How did you know he's cute..?"

"You've posted his pictures on your status..., that guy is damn cute and I like him for you..."

Erica laugh before gulping down another glass of water..."You know one day someone called him.., he wasn't there at that moment and the phone was just ringing. ., so I decided to answer the call with intentions of telling the person to call back.., I was shocked by what I heard..."

"Was it his wife...?"Jasmine ask curiously

"I don't know who she was.., the first thing she said over the phone was....you think you can dump me, I'll mess up your life....."

"Oh my God..!"Jasmine exclaimed...

"I got the blow of my life on that day..."

"Well did you confront him....?"

"For what....., I just told him someone called him.., you needed to see the look on his face when he saw the number....he was having that look of guilt...., then he started explaining it was some girl his friend called with his number and since then the so called girl has been calling him thinking it's his friend..., I cut him short 'cause his explanation was screaming lies!!!..."

"I just hope he doesn't turn out to be Michael...."

"Don't even try to compare.., Michael literally kissed another girl in front of you and still lied about it, forgive me but that Michael guy disgust me.."

"Call him..."Jasmine said before eating another spoonful of the rice..

"Call who..?"

"Derek..., he should come and take us out...., I'm bored in this house...."

"You know I had a dream about him last night..."

"About who..?"

"Derek..., in my dream, he was in a deep dark hole and was screaming to get out but no one was nearby to help him..., I heard his scream and I came out to help him but out of nowhere this big bat came out screeching. .., when I try to pull him out, the bat threatens to eat me up...., I was scared..., I started screaming the blood of Jesus until I woke up from the dream..."

"So you didn't pull him out from the hole..?"Jasmine ask curiously

Erica exhales as she try to remenber the last part of the dream, when nothing suffice she look up to Jasmine face...."I don't think so..."

There was an explosion in Derek's brain... the good sort... the type that carries more possibilities than he could be conscious of... but there were hundreds of ideas there in that buzz of electricity... he could feel it. It was the calling card of an upcoming wild sex, of kisses awaiting his mouth . Whatever was ahead could be a great challenge, and there could be headache.., but it was his adventure to take and so he smiled...., it's been just a day since he went after Nerissa and now he's back in search of her, his car just a few metres from her house...., he drove steadily until he finally got to the exact flat he had entered with Maxwell the previous day...., he stopped the car after he parked a few steps from the compound.., he came down and open the backseat to pick the flower he had got for her on his way...., when he took a step, that same thought that had bothered him all night came vividly in his head again, the thought of her been married, the thought of her husband replying the door knock instead of her..., the drama, the quarrel that will arise by his actions...

He stood as he ponder whether to go in or not....

"Fùck it.."He said and proceeded to the gate, he can't drive all this way for her and leave without seeing her because of his fears, the moment he knocked on the gate, he heard something fell down behind him.., he quickly spun around to see what it was, he lowered his gaze only to see an empty milo can, infuriated with the distraction, he raise his gaze and almost wanted to knock on the gate again but rather diverted his attention to the madman that was running his way.....

Cold chills ran down his spine as the madman stopped in front of him.., he would have run but the gateman quickly opened the gate and that assured him he can withstand any violence from the mad man....

"Deep dark hole...."The madman said as he pace around in front of him.....

Derek hissed and turn his gaze towards the gateman.....

"Water..."The madman added, this time his voice was loud....

Derek didn't want to look his way but the odour from the madman was enough to get him infuriated. .

"Get out from this place..."The gateman shout at the madman..

The madman laughed and turn to walk away, Derek took a breather and refocus his gaze on the gateman...

"The fishes will eat you...."The madman added turning to face him....

"I said get out..."The gateman growled as he stepped out from inside to pursue the madman...

The madman laugh and took some steps away from them before he started shouting..."Blood, blood, I see blood everywhere. .."

"Nonsense...."Derek chided as he watch the madman run far away from him....., he inhale Softly before he turn his gaze towards the gateman again...."Is she in..?"

The gateman who quickly realise who he's asking smile..."Yes, I saw her not quite long..."

"Thank you..."Derek said shapily tapping the gateman on the shoulder.

With the flower in his hands, he hasten his steps as he walk towards the second flat....., a smile lit up his face when he got to the door..., once again that thought of her husband opening the door made way to his head..., he messed up, he could have ask the gateman if she's married...., he heaved in a deep sigh and proceed to knock on the door but before he could knock, the door cranks then it opened and there she was......a beauty in all ramifications. .......

For a moment, Derek's mouth dropped before he snap out of his wild fantasy. ....
"Hi..."He said with a smile...

The frown on her face was a warning, a warning she wasn't happy with the unannounced visit..but it wasnt a new thing to him.., most girls he had slept with started that way as well...

"Remenber me.."Derek said..."The guy from yesterday..."

"The one who wouldn't let me go..."Nerissa said, her face still smouldering with a frown....

A half smile adorned his face...."Yes...."

"How did you...

"I followed you here..."He cut in.."I told you, I couldn't leave such a beauty under the sun....., I was trying to make sure you got home safely..."

She grin..."Mmm... that's sweet but I don't like people showing on my doorstep unannounced..."

"I didn't want to but I just couldn't get you off my head..., you did something to me yesterday...."

"Do you even know who I am...?"

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met..."Derek said taking out the flower....."And if I die and reincarnate...., I'll still desire you...., you're like a goddess. ...

"I'm a goddess.."She cut in..

"Then I'll like to serve you my beautiful goddess..."Derek said.....

She raise her brow at him and pointed at the flowers..."Those are for me...?"

Derek smile..."They're for the most beautiful girl in the earth who happens to be standing in front of me now.."

"You really have nerves coming here.. ., what if I was married..."

The revelation nearly chased a smile on Derek's face..she isn't married......"Then I'm willing to risk your husband wrath, and if it's a sin to behold the eyes of a beauty, then let me be stoned for my sins....."

She chuckle..."You're silly.."

"Only for you my goddess......"

"Thanks for this...."She said taking the flowers from him...

"For you...I'll buy all the flowers in the world..."

She chuckle...."Go home boy.."

"Can't I come in..?"

"No..."She said and went into the house..

Derek didn't want to force it.., so he ask instead...."When will I be seeing again...?"

"I'll call you.."She said and close the door

"How..."Derek shouted..."You don't even have my number....."

Derek waited for a reply, when none came, he realise that's all he'll get..., he sigh wondering whether to knock again or just leave...., he didn't come all this way to just stand outside her door.., he wanted to knock and that was when he heard voices from inside the house, though he couldn't hear what they were saying but he knew she wasn't the only one inside. ...

"I'll be seeing you again princess. ..."He mutter to himself and stepped out from her threshold...

The story continues........

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