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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by DebbieSylvex(f): 8:13pm On May 30, 2021
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 9:39pm On May 30, 2021
Men and their wahala
What did men do to you?
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:39am On May 31, 2021

Strange things

Derek wasn't about to wait another minute, Erica was late and he wasn't having it....., three days ago she had called him and requested to meet with him...., he had told her then he was busy and their meeting should be reschedule for this day.., he told her he's going to be at the Domino ice cream and pizza shop as she had suggested by 2noon..., it's 2:41pm already and she's nowhere to be found.., she just left him sitting and sipping cappuccino like a fool..., if he had slept with her he wouldn't be here posing like a fool in Arabian soil.....

He grunts and he checks his watch for time.., he sigh, a sigh bleakly showing how pissed he is and how offended he will be if Erica finally shows up and give him that keeping her virginity shit......, he raise his gaze only to see a lady coming down the sidewalk..., Her hair was straight black, eyes dark, figure a perfect hour glass.... Out of habit his eyes fell to her hand to look for rings. When she stopped right in front of him he prepared to give her a flaunt of his playboy skills...., God she was like a magazine cut-out dropped in his threshold and whatever drops there is bound to get penetrated.....

"Hi.."She said, her eyebrows raised before she extended her manicured hand but not towards him but the chair in front of him...

Derek usual swagger fled faster than a gambler from a bookie..... He swallowed trying to put the words together, he has seen so many beautiful women, many he has slept with and this one in front of her just remind him of Nerissa, though she wasn't as pretty as Nerissa but his dick could play a little...

"The chair..."She said..."Is it free...?"

Derek smile wondering if she's asking for his permission to sit with him.., surely he's the most cutest thing in the shop right now...., which lady wouldn't want to sit with him...

"Honey, have you found a seat...?"A male voice chime in from behind Derek..

Curious, Derek looked back only to see a man dressed on suit walking his way....

She took her hands from the chair and walk towards the man..., Derek hissed silently as he watch them locate another table..., some people don't just know when to intrude....

On any other August evening he would have smiled at the couples filling the cafe sidewalk. He would have seen his future reflected in them, his hand being touched gently by a woman who adored him and a shy smile playing on his lips, the issue of settling down has been a marathon case in his head.., his mother keeps pestering him to get married, she needs grandchildren blah blah blah blah....., but can he ever trust women.., with his experience with women, he knows they will run off with the next handsome and rich man in the street.., women are loose and getting married to one.....is probably something he'll need to get off his head....

The thoughts of Nerissa came like loud echoes in his head.., three days ago she had told him she'll call him, he knew it was a joke, something to lay him off, since then he hasn't seen or heard from her and he was beginning to feel restless.., he wants her, needs her in his bed, his dick mounting on her virginal walls before digging into the right spot...., he has thought driving over to her place after the lunch with Erica.., and this time he wouldn't let her be until he's holding her and taking her out.....

"God I'm so sorry.."

Derek's quickly jolted from his thoughts when he heard Erica's voice, he was so lost in thoughts of Nerissa that he didn't know when Erica got to where he is..., he manage a smile as his gaze moved from Erica to the new girl beside her.., he thought she'll come alone, this is more like a date for fùck sake....., girls don't still understand that the first rule of going on a date, whether first, second or any number.....is privacy...., no third parties, especially ugly third parties with weird gap teeth....

"You told me 2..."Derek said expressing his disappointment...

Erica sat down, there wasn't a third chair, Jasmine didn't want to sit apart, so she pulled one from another table and sat down....

"I'm sorry..."We were held by traffic...., a car broke down on the road.."

"You should have told me.."Derek said...

"I'm sorry..."Erica replied with a cringe at Jasmine..."Let me introduce you to my friend.., she's Jasmine..., Jasmine, Derek..."

When Jasmine smile.., Derek didn't want her to feel embarrassed, so he smiled too not for her but for Erica's sake...

"Hi..."Jasmine said extending her hand for a handshake...."I've been dying to meet you.."

Derek raise a brow before he accepted the handshake...."It's nice to meet one of Erica's friend....."He said with a cringe at Erica...."I was actually thinking you don't have friends...."

Erica chuckle...."Mmm..."

"It's true..."Derek riposte with a light laugh..."You hardly talk about your friends ..."

"Actually she's my only friend.."Erica replied

"Mmm..."Derek mutter... before moving his gaze from Erica to Jasmine, when Jasmine smiled, he quickly turn away....."What would you two love to take...?"

"I'll be taking ice-cream.."Jasmine answered first..

Erica's jaw dropped at her friend's quick reply..., she scoffs remembering her friend has always been like that......
"I guess I'll take the ice-cream too."Erica said

Derek gaze shift to Jasmine..."Do you know your friend doesn't accept any gifts from me....?"

Jasmine's mouth hung in the air as she move her gaze from him to her friend....."Erica..."

"Yeah ask her why.."Derek interjects....

Erica took a deep breathe totally unsure of what to say....."I'm not the gift type...."She said when no other excuse suffice..."Is a total turn off for me.."

"Is that the only reason...?"Derek ask..."You know I'm thinking you're rejecting my gifts because you think I'm buying you with them..."

"Is not that.."Erica said...., she almost bit her lip knowing fully well that is the truth..., she doesn't want his gifts, if she needs to get out of the relationship, she'll be leaving with a clean conscience......the normal...'after everything I spent on you..' is just something she doesn't want..and she's damn as hell doesn't want to owe anyone favours...

"Look..."Derek said, his killing smile crawling into his cheeks, he took hold of her hand just across the table and look at her face making sure she feels the connection he's trying to create...."I love you very much okay..., God knows if I didn't love you, I wouldn't be here waiting extra time to be here with you..., you're not giving me the chance to prove my worth..."

She sigh and attempted to pull her hand from his light grasp but he didn't allow it...., she's not totally sure if what she feels for him is love.., she's been seeing him for four months and he has shown nothing but care....., perhaps she should open her heart to accept him...give him a chance to prove his worth as he has said...

When she didn't see any words to say, she nodded....

A smile lit up Derek's face before he let go of her hand...

"Wow.."Jasmine chimes in.."You two should get married already....."

Derek almost laugh.., he's not interested in getting married to her, he's only interested in her body and until she's in his bed sucking and riding his dick.., he's just going to continue with the annoying charade and sermons of love......girls don't need to be married to..., they need to be fùcked, completely used, dumped... until there's nothing left to scrub....
"Waiter..."Derek called out...

"That's his picture...."Don Frank said as he handed Derek's picture to Silas, one of his boys...

Silas brows knit in annoyance as he took a look at the picture....

"I know this bastard...."Silas said raising his gaze to Don Frank...."I've met him before..., he was making moves on my girl when I walked on him..., me and him have some unfinished business...."

"You know him very well..?"Don Frank said as he walk towards the wardrobe to slid a shirt on...

"Not so well...."Silas reply taking another glance at the picture.."We didn't really have a serious conversation...., I just warned him to stay off my girl.., since then I haven't seen him but i haven't forgotten his face either because my bitch of a girlfriend just kept blabbing on about him..."

"Oh..., now I know the reason behind the bruises on her body...."

"She told you...?"Silas ask..

"Yes..."Don Frank said turning to face him...."She ask me to talk to you. .."

"She's a bitch..."He chided. .."She's lucky she's still alive..."

"Then I guess you have a score to settle with that guy but don't kill him....."

"Believe me, what I'll do to him will be worse than death.."


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:39am On May 31, 2021

It was just few minutes to four when Derek got to her door..., he just couldn't wait anymore, he had to see her, tell her what he feels for her..., with the flower in his hand, he knocked on the door..., he zapped in a quick breathe as he waited for her or anyone to answer the door but he wish it's her that answer, the last time he was here, he heard voices, maybe she doesn't stay alone, he hasn't even gotten the time to ask her any questions......

A minute pass yet no reply came from inside.., the gateman had told him he hasn't seen her step out from the compound which only mean she's inside. ., he knocked again.. this time louder....

He stood, his breath rasping with joy , he thought of a way to present the flower to her the moment she opens the door.., his thoughts change tune as he imagined her mouth against his pinkish soft lips.....
He got a little paranoid when no answer came..., the thought that she could be sleeping made way to his head but he ignored it, he's here and he isn't leaving without seeing her, he was about knocking and that was when the door open...

Derek's mouth dropped as she comes out fully dressed as if she was going for an occasion..., There was a steadiness to her, as if all the storms in the world were a whispering breeze.....damn it.., she's too beautiful......

"Wow..."He mutter when no other words came out from his mouth....

She smile, her smile was warm with a little hint of shyness ....

"Hi..."Derek said extending the flowers to her..."I got you this.. "

"Awww..."She pout...."You must be growing flowers..."

He smile almost immediately as the last words fell from her mouth..."You're dressed..., is there an occasion...?"

"You're the occasion. .."

His brows raised with surprise. ."Me..!"

"I knew you would come..."

"Mmm..."He mutter, she's flattering. ..., a good start for him....."You look beautiful. .."

A smile surrounds her lips and it melted Derek's heart and a single thought about her body Will probably give him a hard-on.....

"I'll love to take you out.."Derek said

"On a date..?"

"If that's what you want., then on a date it is.."

"And if I don't go..."

"Then you'll have to call securities to drag me out of here because I won't leave this place without you by my side...."

She scoffs....."You must have your ways with women...."

"I'm loosing myself over you..., so I believe it's you who have her ways with men because no matter how I try, I can't get you off my head....., I'll be honored my goddess if you go on a date with me....please."

"Just this once..."She said indicating with a finger....

"Just this once.."He reiterates...

With a smile curling around her lips, she locked her door and followed him outside to his car...

"The rear view mirrors..."She said the moment she saw his car....."Can you close it..?"

The question sounded stupid to Derek, who closes rear view mirrors while driving...., he chuckle thinking it's a joke...

"I don't like mirrors..."She said taking a step back to avoid seeing her reflection in the mirror....

"You're kidding right...?"Derek ask...."There are higher odds of collision if i do that...."

"Don't worry, you won't bump into any vehicle..., I don't like mirrors. .."

"What girl doesn't like mirrors..?"Derek ask with a shrug...

When she rolled her eyes instead of a mature reply, Derek sigh and did as she said all the while wondering why she doesn't like mirrors. ....

He slid into the driver's seat while she sit beside him in the front seat....., with the rear view mirrors covered, he had to look back to see if any vehicle was approaching before he reversed and turn the car tyres to the road...

"Where do you suggest we go..?"Derek ask as he swung the car tyres into the country road....

She look at him and Derek quickly imagine her lips on his dick., how good it'll feel to have those lips around his penis....

"Let's go to your house.."She said

Shocked, Derek looK at her, any girl would have suggested a food canteen, Chinese restaurant perhaps......

"My house...!"He resounds as if he needed clarification on what she said..

With a smile, she nodded..

He can't take her to his house.., he doesn't do that, he loves taking them to Maxwell's place, there he'll seduce them until they succumb. .....

"My friend lives with me..."He said..."You won't be comfortable with him around..."

"I will.."She replied..."I'll love to meet your friend..."

"Nerissa.."He mentioned crisply. .."There's really nothing in my house for us, why don't we go to a fine restaurant to chill.."

"Are you hiding something in your house...?"

"No.."He replied sharply. ."Is just....

"Let's go to your house..."She cut in...

He took a deep breathe, when she blink an eye at him, he smile, maybe she wants to sleep with him, it could only be the reason she's insisting on going to his house.., it's a good thing he knows where Maxwell keeps his house key.., if it's sex she wants, he's ready for it....

Once again he looks her way and begin to wonder why a beauty like her will not like mirrors, he wants to know, ask her the reason behind it but he felt raising it now might not be a good idea...., he turn away and focus on the road....

After Silas parked the car, he stepped out and took out a cigarette, he lit it before he focus his attention on the house..., it's the same address that was written on the back of the picture.., earlier on he had trace the address of Derek's House.. , he found it and he was told by some neighbours Derek wasn't in..he quickly drove over to Maxwell's house in search of him., it would be a swift job.., put three bullets in his leg and get the hell out.....

He puff out the smoke and just when he was about dropping the cigarette, he saw a car pull over in front of Maxwell's house gate. ..., he stood and watch as the car horn.., when no one came out, he saw someone came out from the driver's seat.., he quickly glance at the picture a second time to reaffirmed his face, it was him.., the man he was sent to paralysed, the very same man who had create a rift between him and his girl..., he quickly drop the cigarette on the floor and smash it with his boot.., he look around, beside some children that were playing on the far end of the road, no one was in sight...no one that cared to look their way..., he quickly opened the car door, took a pistol out and check for bullets, satisfy the gun was fully loaded, he grab a face mask from the passenger's seat and wore it in brief seconds...

Annoyed nobody came to open the gate, Derek decided to do the damn job himself...

"Is everything alright...?"Nerissa ask climbing down from the car to look at him...

"Everything is fine..."Derek replied and rumbled a loud knock on the gate before he opened the walk in gate....., he look around, Maxwell had only one neighbour since it was just two flats and his neighbour is hardly seen in the house.., he sigh before he opened the bigger gate himself..., he stepped out with intentions of getting into his car and drive in....that was when he heard the authoritative voice behind the mask...

"Hey...."Silas blare out in a deep baritone voice and quickly pointed the gun at Derek.., he didn't give Derek the time to think or even run before he circled his fingers around the trigger and he pulled....

Shock swept across his face when no bullet came out...., his mouth dropped and his eyes enlarged..., believing he made a mistake, he tried shooting him again but nothing happened. ...., he didn't want to take any chances, he threw one last glance at Derek before he ran back to his car and drove off speedily. .

Derek who was still in shock quickly snap out of it.., with a strength he never thought he had, he dragged Nerissa inside the compound and quickly lock the gates leaving his car outside.., his breathe raise and fall as his heart beat with tremendous speed..., he can't believe it, someone just tried to kill him....

Heart renting, Derek ran into Maxwell's kitchen leaving Nerissa in the sitting room.., his hands shook with fear as he took his phone from his pocket to dial Maxwell's number....., luckily for him, Maxwell answered after the second ring....

"Someone just tried to kill me...."Derek blare out trying to catch a breathe to calm his panic......

"Hello..."Maxwell's voice sound from the other end..

Derek's head spin as the moment the person pointed the gun at him come into his head again....."Someone tried to kill me now..."

"What...!"Maxwell shouted from the other end..."What are you saying.."

"I'm saying someone tried to kill me...damn it.."Derek growled...

Silas didn't drive far before he stopped to check the pistol for bullets again..., the bullets were in the chamber, how come the gun didn't fire...., he restart the car and quickly dial Don Frank's number before he diverted into another road....

"Boss.."Silas said the moment the call connected.....

"Silas.."Don Frank's voice sounds from the other end...

Silas brood over the moment again.., he fired the gun, the gun was in good shape, why didn't it fire..."I just had an encounter with that guy now..."

"What guy..?"Don Frank ask

"Derek..."Silas blare out infuriated. ...

"Is the job done...?"Don Frank ask

Silas inhale deeply as what happened minutes ago replay over and over in his head....."You're not going go believe this but I think that guy is fetist......, I fired at him but the bullets knocked. ...., nothing came out..."

"Are you sure you set the bullets well..?"Don Frank ask from the other end. .

Silas sniffle and his gaze fell on where he placed his gun......, shock pushed him almost against the car door, his limbs move as if some inexperienced person is controlling them remotely and his eyes turn wide, looking right at the gun that had lifted from the fabric of the chair into air greatly defiling the law of gravity.....

The phone dropped from Silas hand as the gun pointed at him without anyone holding it....., cold chills rain down his spine as he bash into the extraordinary phenomenon unfolding before him...., his brain shut down and he was unable to think........., with the shock overwhelming every part of him, his hand slowly drop from the steering and the only thing he could hear at that moment was Don Frank's voice from the phone...

Heart beating fast..., he tried to stop the car but it wasn't stopping.., he kick on the brakes several times but nothing worked and that was when he realise...the devil has come for him....

He watch in awe as the trigger pulled on it's own, then it fire, a bullet straight to Silas head...., cold blood splashed on the front windscreen as Silas gave up his last breathe and finally gave up the ghost. ., the moment the gun fell down, the car tyres ricocheted from the highway, drove over a bumb and somersaults into the bush......, when it stops..., Silas blood flow endlessly into the ground.....

The moment Derek ended the call with Maxwell, he stepped out of the kitchen into the sitting room but she wasn't there..., fear pricked him as he thought the person who had tried to kill him earlier could actually be in the house....

"Nerissa. .."He shouted running outside to search for her.., when he didn't see her, he ran back in and began checking the rooms...

"Nerissa. .."He shouted again stepping out from one of the rooms, he went back to the sitting room and there she was sitting with legs crossed....

Shocked, Derek set a foot backwards. ....., after a few seconds of looking at her, he finally summoned the courage to speak to her...."Where were you, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. .."

"I've been sitting here..."She said

"No, you weren't here.."

"I was here...."She said

He swallowed deeply, he could swear she wasn't there when he came into the sitting room....

"Jesus..."He shouted when he saw the red liquid dropping from her forehead...."You're bleeding...."

He rushed to her and began to look at her head for any injuries. .."Are you hurt..?"

"It's not my blood..."She said

"It's not...., then whose blood is it..?"


Story continues......


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:47am On May 31, 2021
Captivating.... Ride on boss...
Thanks sir
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:48am On May 31, 2021
Fear women!!!
Thanks for the update
You welcome
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:48am On May 31, 2021
Women at war with Derek

Thanks Silver dear
You welcome
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:49am On May 31, 2021
Verily verily I say unto thee: “Fear women” grin grin grin

Derek has biten more than he can chew, now karma is about to catch up with him lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Thanks OP
You welcome man

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:50am On May 31, 2021
Following, thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:51am On May 31, 2021
Lovely �
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:51am On May 31, 2021
Hmmm, and women are capable of doing many things. I'm sorry for you Derek. Thanks for the update Silver
You welcome
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:52am On May 31, 2021
Men and their wahala
Wetin men do oooo grin
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:53am On May 31, 2021
pls tag me 4 d next episode
I will
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by pacifust058(m): 12:56am On May 31, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Mavikolo2020: 7:27am On May 31, 2021
Derek run for your life o, the signs are there before you.

Thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by binsanni(m): 9:35am On May 31, 2021
Oga Silver1996 no call me, but ah don call myself.
Ride on man, we dey your back
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adeola25(f): 10:41am On May 31, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by aprilwise(m): 11:58am On May 31, 2021
Derek is fine in for a big trouble. Thanks
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by DebbieSylvex(f): 12:17pm On May 31, 2021
Shia!...D's Nerissa girl is deadly&ruthless,I pity Derek...d fool will mit his Waterloo....@silver D's story is educating...and trust me,tinz lyk D's happen in reality....all ds cassonavas dat slip around...u don't know wat u r doing 2 urself
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by DebbieSylvex(f): 12:21pm On May 31, 2021
embarassed@silver1996,pls I know D's request of mine is maybe unnecessary but reader's lyk myself love 2 visualize d characters 2 mk it seem lyk it's a movie�... I'm sorry I HV quite a wild imagination and pls I'll love 2 c pics of wat ur characters luk lyk...I got dat badhabit 4rm watpad.... grin
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by elpochas: 2:10pm On May 31, 2021
Derek has been marked for death by the Devil.The Devil must have its kill.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Igyeseh(m): 5:46pm On May 31, 2021
With the death of Silas, Silver1996 has activated his killing mode.

I know the deaths now will be on every update.


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 6:06pm On May 31, 2021
Wow! Silver baba you don started killing niyen, thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by sulorog(m): 6:09pm On May 31, 2021
Nice update
Thanks brother.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 6:12pm On May 31, 2021
With the death of Silas, Silver1996 has activated his killing mode.

I know the deaths now will be on every update.
I think say na only me sighted that. The silver 1996 way.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by purity23(f): 6:56pm On May 31, 2021
She told you she don't like mirrors and you still carried her, oh Derek, can't you see you're just killing yourself by yourself.

Mehn this Nerissa girl is even more dangerous than the other girls combined together, Erica pls stay off.

Thanks for the update sir.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by egwolopretty: 7:28pm On May 31, 2021
Silver I've been reading your stories, no offence but the kind of harsh words you use on ladies makes me wonder how you treat your girlfriend/wife.

Derek your own is finish.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Jesubaby: 7:47pm On May 31, 2021
[quote author=Silver1996 post=101632932]SYNOPSIS

Derek plays the game so well to be considered your average playboy, and guess what, he was winning too... but things change when he met Nerissa, little did he realise that the same shovel that dug him from the dirt could as well bury him.

Be careful who you sleep with, not everyone on clothes is human.......

The consequences was only the beginning.........

I'm here o. Thanks for the mention
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adekunlated: 10:30pm On May 31, 2021
[s]Silver I've been reading your stories, no offence but the kind of harsh words you use on ladies makes me wonder how you treat your girlfriend/wife.[/s]

He kills characters in his story, does that mean he's heartless in person, please mind what you comment.


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 1:05am On Jun 01, 2021
angry who else was expecting someone to die.

Derek na God Don save u so
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by egwolopretty: 7:38am On Jun 01, 2021
He kills characters in his story, does that mean he's heartless in person, please mind what you comment.
The comment I made wasn't for you oga
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by sulorog(m): 10:07am On Jun 01, 2021
Please OP, when is the next update oooo!!!!!!

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