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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by hotswagg12: 12:13pm On May 22, 2021
Go home boy... A dog that is destined to get lost will not hear the owners whistle.

Thanks for the update.


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 2:43pm On May 22, 2021
A stubborn fly always follow the corpse to the grave, see wetin woman dey do person, nor be juju be that
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by purity23(f): 8:17pm On May 22, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 8:25pm On May 22, 2021
Na monkey go kill himself, ride on Baba.
Thanks for the update.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Mavikolo2020: 1:06am On May 23, 2021
Derek afa, a word is enough for the wise o.

Thanks for the updates silver
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by YoungBruzzy: 10:57pm On May 23, 2021
Derek berra back off now undecided undecided
Thanks my OP
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Yungstallion(m): 11:13am On May 24, 2021
silver baba, even if a no get front seat or any seat at all a go Joko for floor. A go following you toto to the end. Oya drop update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Omodudu23(f): 5:06pm On May 24, 2021
This is why when you think you are SMART grin, just know that you haven't met the Queen of WOMEN. angry
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Yungstallion(m): 8:45pm On May 24, 2021
Silver, You are the best
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 8:46pm On May 24, 2021
toto is a yoruba word which means TILL
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Yungstallion(m): 10:24pm On May 24, 2021
toto is a yoruba word which means TILL
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by showgoeson: 10:24pm On May 24, 2021
When she said she's à goddess, Derek must think she was jòking

Next pls
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Myahaya31(m): 10:39pm On May 24, 2021
Derick everything under skirt na he you won follow, this one go hook you like fish hook.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adekunlated: 7:31am On May 25, 2021
Derek sorry o
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by petersononome: 8:51pm On May 25, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:50am On May 26, 2021

What a woman is capable of....

She listens over the phone as if his words are golden, perhaps some elixir she's been waiting all her days to hear..., Maxwell smile as he realise he's hitting right where she wants him to...., a frown line encroached on his face when the network warned him of his remaining balance......

"Hey sweetheart, I've ran out of airtime...."Maxwell said..." I'm gonna call you back when I recharge..."

"Alright dear.."The lady replied from the other end..

"I love you.."Maxwell said

"I love you too.."She replied..

Few seconds passed before Maxwell ended the call...
"Mumu.."Maxwell said fixing his face into a lopsided grin...

He threw the phone on the chair and was about heading towards the dining to pick up the plate of food he has bought from a fast food , he didn't take more than two steps before a loud knock rumbled on his door..., he stopped and reverts his gaze towards the door, when the knock came again, it prompted him to move towards the door, he hesitated a bit before he unlocked the door..., for a second he just stood looking at the beauty in front of him, when she took off her glasses, he realise it wasn't a beauty sent his way but one of Derek's numerous hangover....Natasha....

"Good afternoon..."

Maxwell didn't bother replying, instead he move from the door and made a few steps towards a chair....

She hissed silently bleakly showing her disapproval of his impudence.....

"Is Derek here...?"She said stepping into the house..

"Are you here to look for him..?"Maxwell ask as he lower his eyes to her breast...

Natasha's brow knit at the question.."Isn't it obvious...?"

"The last time I checked.."Maxwell said pondering over the time he asked her out while she was still with Derek but she bluntly refused.., he just laughed back then cause he knew Derek was just going to play her as he has done the rest before her....., he exhale before he continue..."Derek doesn't stay here.."

She sigh, more of disappointment than his second rated attitude...., she brood over those moments where she had asked Derek to take her to his house but he's always giving excuses......., but those excuses doesn't even matter now because he's been avoiding her calls and when he answers...his tone is worse than an appalling August visitor.......

"Well of he doesn't stay here, where does he stay....?"She ask anxiously

"He never told you..?"Maxwell retorts..

Natasha frown realising Maxwell is trying to annoy her on purpose.......
"Can you just tell me where he stays..."She said, resentment building inside her like wildfire...

"Call him.."Maxwell said..

Natasha hissed.."If he's answering my calls, I won't be here taking attitude as lunch.."

Maxwell pressed his lips together as he look at her, his eyes moving from her head to the short red gown she's wearing..., right there he began to imagine what her skin will feel like in bed...., Derek had told him weeks ago that she was sweet....., totally sweet in the middle and he'll love to have a taste of that sweetness..

He lean closer to her and smile....."Derek is not here but I'm here.."

She screwed up her face as she raise it to his face....

"What is it that you see in Derek that you don't see in me..?"Maxwell ask as an urge inside him whisper to him to hold her..tear her clothes right off her and carry her to his bed......, or the couch will come in handy.., the floor even...

She tossed a strap of her hair backward and step backward as he lean too close to her.."I'm not here for this Maxwell..., I only came to look for Derek...., he hasn't been taking my calls and I'm worried...."

"Worried..!"Maxwell scoffs..."About what exactly...?"

Maxwell waited for a reply, when none came, he made a move to talk but the words choke right in his mouth when another knock came on the door.., quite infuriated with the knocks., he peered his eyes at Natasha before he walked over to the door....

The knock came again before he got the chance to turn down the knob..., hard frown lines encroached on his forehead as he recognised the person standing outside the door...

"Is Derek here...?"Jane asked from outside

Maxwell nibbed on his bottom lip, refusing to give her the dignity of a reply, he step away from the door and walk over to a chair to sit...

Natasha eyes fell on Jane as she step into the house.., for few seconds both girls just stood looking at each other....

Jane quickly took her gaze from Natasha and focus them on Maxwell....."Look.."She said with a cringe at Natasha..."I didn't want to show my face on your doorstep unannounced but the situation was rather urgent and needed an urgent attention...., is Derek here...?"

Maxwell huffs and return his gaze to Natasha..."Is he here..?"He asked Natasha...

Quite confused, Natasha's eyes moved from Maxwell to Jane and then to Maxwell again before she finally settles them on Jane.......

"Wait.."Natasha said...."Are you the slùt he's been cheating on me with?"

"I beg your pardon..."Jane riposte immediately....

"Has Derek been fùcking you too..?"Natasha queried..

Jane's face contorted into a serious frown and her mouth set in a hard line...."Look bitch, I don't know who the fùck you are but I'll not tolerate one more word from you....., are you crazy.?"

"That means you're the slùt..."Natasha retorted..."The whòre who's trying to steal my boyfriend from me...."

Anger aroused the deeper part of Jane and quickly without any hesitation, she took a step towards Natasha and slam her fingers into the right side of Natasha's cheek.....

Maxwell's eyes open widely as Jane's palm connected wit Natasha face...

The slap resounded in Natasha's face...., as she touch her face..., the hotness of the slap swept her into a vortex of rage.., she didn't think, didn't hesitate before she furiously slapped Jane back...

Jane couldn't take it and so she pushed Natasha whose bag fell from her hand....

For a fact, Maxwell was enjoying the show but he couldn't watch them turn his house into a wrestling ground.., he jump in immediately with intentions of separating them..., both girls hits and throw sloppy kicks at each other as Maxwell tried to pull them apart...

"Bitch.."Natasha chided as Maxwell pushed them apart....

Maxwell couldn't bear their annoying attitude anymore, he quickly lifted Jane with her legs and dropped her outside, he did same for Natasha and throw their handbags at them...

"Congratulations, Derek played the two of you.." Maxwell said before he angrily locked his house door...

"Whòre...."Natasha hollered as she tried to wear her shoe..

"Dirty pig..."Jane reiterates as she pick up her own bag from the ground, when Natasha said another word.., she furiously hit her with the handbag...

Natasha grew furious and pick her own handbag and quickly threw it at Jane...

Jane quickly kick the handbag to a corner after it hit her body and fell on the floor. .., she dust her own body all the way abusing Natasha before she turn to walk away....

Natasha pick up her bag and walk after her until they got to the roadside....

"You're an old cargo, don't you see yourself in the mirror...?"Natasha blare out..."I wonder what he saw in you.."

"Something you'll never have bitch.."Jane riposte eyeing her..."With your fake eyelashes..."

A shuttle stopped in front of them and quickly both of them rushed towards it and began to struggle for the only seat left in the shuttle, when none of them succeeded, the shuttle driver lavish insults on them in his local dialect before he drove away leaving them to abuse themselves more...

After the shameful event, both girls stood apart, both eyeing and hissing at each other but not talking......

Jane took a deep breathe as she once again touch the spot she was slapped. ......., she look Natasha's way and notice she was still smouldering in a profound anger.....

"Sorry for the slap.."Jane said allowing herself to be the sensible one..

Natasha barely looked her way before words leap out from her mouth..."God will punish you..."

Jane hissed and look away only to look back at Natasha a second later...."Can we be mature now.., who are we even fighting over..., a cheat..?"

A muscle in Natasha's jaw twiched but she still didn't look at Jane.....

"Didn't you hear what his friend said...."Jane said..."He played the two of us..., we've been fùcked and dumped. .."

Nathaniel rolled her eyes before she settled them on Jane.."You've been fuvked and dumped.."She riposte..

Jane scoffs...."Didn't you come here to look for him..?"

Refusing to give her a dignity of a reply, Natasha look away..

"Well I did too bitch.."Jane chided. ."He hasn't been answering my call.., I bet he isn't answering yours either..."

"Why am I even having this conversation with you..?"Natasha queried as she turns to face her..

"Because we're two sides of the same coin who has suffered the same fate..."

"You slapped me.."Natasha hollered.

"And you slapped me back..."Jane said back...."Where I come from, that's a win win...."

Jane expected her to say a word but when she said none, she exhale and continued..."Look I'm sorry okay, you didn't give me more of a choice..., besides it's just a slap, everyone gets a slap now or then..."

Natasha eyed her...."So do you know where he is..?"

"If I knew, you think I'll be here..."

"You're right, he hasn't been answering my calls and even when he answers, he's usually rude..."

"He's tired of you.."Jane blare out.."He's tired of us...., I hate to say this but he played us...."

"Well I need to get my money from him...."

Jane shrugged backwards...."You gave him money...?"

Natasha look away as she ponder on the decisions she isn't proud of...."Seven hundred thousand..."

"Seven what...!...., Girl, you're the most dumbest bitch I've ever seen.."

"Do not insult me further okay..."Natasha said. ..

"Did he tell you where he works..?"Jane ask

Natasha look away as she tries to remenber her conversation with him the day they discussed about his job...
"Yeah, he told me he works at presco place. ..."

"As the manager I guess.?"

"Yes."Natasha said and took a step closer to Jane..

"He told me he owns his own company, Derek 'd' gold ventures....."

"So he lied about his work.....?"Natasha ask

"Girl he lied about everything....., why do you think he never took us to his house, because he knows he's going to leave us right after sleeping with us and as we're doing now..., we'll start finding him...., the only thing he didn't lie about is his cute face..."

Natasha exhale..."I can't believe this..., he's been playing me for a fool.."

"Look.."Jane cut in.."We need to find him okay..."

"Sure we need to find him, I'm not going to let him get away with my money...., I'll arrest that cheat of a loser..."

"He must think women are some kids toys that he just use and throw away at his own pace..., he totally underestimated the power of a woman..."

Returning to earth on the sound of his moaning and screaming, he was ready to cum, he pulled out, a quick turn around and she was sucking on it, milking it, his dickhead was engorged and got thicker and warmer, Priscilla pulled it out backing her lips up a little and she was rewarded with the first shot of load all over her face, hair, and eyes. She took it back in fast enough to receive the second then the third shots deep in her mouth, trying to catch up swallowing his thick creamy load of cum, some of it was seeping down the corners of het mouth, she shoveled them with her hand and back to where they belong.....her mouth, she swallowed the last drop of his cum....

Don Frank felt breathless as he roll weakly from her body and lay powerless on the bed....

"Are you ready for me now...?"Priscilla ask as she climbed on him...

Don Frank wipe his eyes with his palm before replying...."Who is he...?"

Priscilla climbed off of him and walk naķed to where her bag is., she unzip the bag and took out a picture...

"That's his picture. .."Priscilla said handling the picture to Don Frank...."His name is Derek, on the back of the picture is his house address, below his address is his friends address, your men will either find him in his house or his friend's house.."

"You want him dead...?"Don Frank ask getting up to get a cigarette. .

"No.."Priscilla said...."Death will be too easy for him..., I want him to suffer, several bullets to his legs will cripple him., I want him crippled for the rest of his miserable life.."

"Mmm..., if i may ask, what did he do to you...?"

"You don't need that detail...."She snapped.. "I've fùcked you as you requested. ., it's your turn to do the damn job.."

Don Frank chuckle..."You think one round of sex will get the job done...., get your ass in the bed.., we're fùcking all night..."

Like an obedient child Priscilla climbed on the bed., Derek messed with the wrong girl..., he made promises to her, promised her marriage, she fell over heels for him, went against her own family and left her fiance for him and she gets heartbroken at the end...., she's been pushed and she's willing to do anything to bring him down even if it means giving the same pussy he wanted desperately to another man....a man who will bring the fires of hell on him..., whatever dick she had to ride on to bring Derek down, she's willing to take the chance, he underestimated her, now she'll show him what a woman is capable of.....

To be continue........


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Rasmodox101(m): 4:41am On May 26, 2021
Captivating.... Ride on boss...

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by petersononome: 7:41am On May 26, 2021
Fear women!!!
Thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by izaray(f): 10:32am On May 26, 2021
Women at war with Derek

Thanks Silver dear

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by YoungBruzzy: 11:01am On May 26, 2021
Verily verily I say unto thee: “Fear women” grin grin grin

Derek has biten more than he can chew, now karma is about to catch up with him lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Thanks OP

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 10:40pm On May 26, 2021
Thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 1:07am On May 27, 2021
Following, thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by kelvyncruz: 8:19am On May 27, 2021
I've been reading since yesterday and I love this.

Derek nor go hear.

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by patjane(f): 4:23pm On May 27, 2021
Lovely �


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Mavikolo2020: 10:54pm On May 27, 2021
Pussy is a woman's weapon yet it's the most sweetest thing.

I wonder how Derek will survive this


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Abdulreheem(m): 8:28am On May 28, 2021
Natasha,Jane and Priscilla three demon on him now and he is still inviting them .
Hmm let see aw he is gonna end

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adeola25(f): 1:19pm On May 28, 2021
Hmmm, and women are capable of doing many things. I'm sorry for you Derek. Thanks for the update Silver

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by skubido(m): 2:13pm On May 29, 2021
Tanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Priceless11: 11:12am On May 30, 2021
Update please

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by smartfashion(f): 4:35pm On May 30, 2021
Men and their wahala
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by mondaypemisire(m): 6:00pm On May 30, 2021
Men and their wahala
What happen to men?

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by DebbieSylvex(f): 8:11pm On May 30, 2021
pls tag me 4 d next episode

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