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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by petersononome: 12:43pm On Jun 01
Come to think of it, Silas didn't do anything to her, she wasn't the target, why did she kill him..
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by petersononome: 12:51pm On Jun 01
Silver I've been reading your stories, no offence but the kind of harsh words you use on ladies makes me wonder how you treat your girlfriend/wife.

Derek your own is finish.
You should know it's just a story..., don't judge him by the kind of stories he writes or the words he uses., everyone have their own unique way of writing


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Ann2012(f): 1:58pm On Jun 01
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adekunlated: 2:04pm On Jun 01
The comment I made wasn't for you oga
Pls lets enjoy this wonderful story in peace.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by sulorog(m): 7:09pm On Jun 01
Can the op tell us, what days are we get update.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by femifemi1(m): 11:00pm On Jun 01
You should know it's just a story..., don't judge him by the kind of stories he writes or the words he uses., everyone have their own unique way of writing

That is true...and he should not change his style to suit anybody. Those who read foreign novels know that ,once you pick a novel and before you finish reading two pages, you would concluded on who writes the novel.

Good writeup

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Jesubaby(f): 3:59pm On Jun 02

Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Jesubaby(f): 1:27pm On Jun 03
I'm here, finally. I think Derek's troubles start from this moment. Ride on, oga Silver. More grace to u.
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by YoungBruzzy: 9:40pm On Jun 03
The comment I made wasn't for you oga
sorry jare my sister grin
His choice of words shouldn't be your problem
I come in peace
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by purity23(f): 10:26pm On Jun 05
Pls has anyone heard from silver, his phone number has been off for days now

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 12:11am On Jun 06
Pls has anyone heard from silver, his phone number has been off for days now
I hope he's ok
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:06am On Jun 07

His heartbeat.....

Derek's brain stutters for a moment and his eyes took in more light than he expected, every part of him goes on pause while his thoughts try to catch up......

"You're hyperventilating..."Nerissa said standing up to reach him..

"You're bleeding.."He stated reaching for her forehead again..

"I'm not bleeding..."She said...

Derek drop his gaze to her face but too slowly to be normal, he eye-beard her.., when he speaks, his words trail slowly, like his words were unwilling to take flight.....

"You..you.."He tried to form words as he look back at her forehead..

"It's just sweat OK.. "She said...."It's the shock...,it's making you hallucinate ...."

He couldn't be hallucinating, he knew what he saw.., she was bleeding and when he asked, she told him it wasn't her blood.., he blink and look up at her forehead again.. , he froze to the spot as his eyes affirm her words, there was no blood but sweat sheening down her forehead..., almost robotically, his finger moved upward to her head, he touch the sweat, his eyes widened with utmost trepidation and quickly he fixed his focus on her face.....

"Sit..."She said leading him towards a chair.., when he sat down, she went towards the fridge, took a bottle of cold water out, she opened it and handed it to him...

"Drink some water..."She said as she uncapped it....

Derek drank the water,  he felt the chill run down his esophagus and his head makes an involuntary shake.... A numbness creeps into his brain the way it did when he was a kid drinking too much slurpee too fast......, his childhood memories vanish as quickly as the memory of what had happened earlier creep into his head..., someone wanted him dead..., who has he offended....

"Are you in trouble...?"

Nerissa question snapped him from his thoughts, he dropped the empty bottle of water and look at her face, he remenbered the blood he has seen on her forehead earlier...could he really be hallucinating as she said...., he swallowed dryly as he search his head for answers to her question.....

"I....I.. "He mutter as once again that horrific moments between him and the gun man came likes flashes in his head, reminding him he would be dead if the gun man had succeded in firing the gun.......

"Someome tried to kill you..."Nerissa chime in....."Nobody kills nobody if there isn't something involved..."

"Would it be weird...."He said..., flex his fingers before continuing....."If I say I have no idea who tried to kill me today.."

She smiled, a smile that disappeared as it came...."Yes.., it would be weird....and I'm beginning to wonder what kind of man you are......"

Derek exhale, just when he thought he finally got her.., an unknown gun man popped out from nowhere to ruin everything.., what kind of girl will still like a guy whose first meeting with him almost got her killed.....

"Look...."He said thinking how to put the words together....."I'm not a bad person..., I've done nobody any wrong...., I don't know why anyone would try to kill me...."

She slipped in a half smile before she walked over to another chair to sit....."You sure you've done no one any wrong....?"

He sucked on his teeth.., he has done wrong in the past but that doesn't amount to anyone wanting to kill him......
"No..."He said crisply....."All I have done is help and support people......"

"So someone just woke up and decided to kill you., your explanation isn't making any sense.."

"I know..."He cut in..."But it's the truth...., I've done nothing to aggravate anyone to kill me and I'm sorry I put you in danger..."

"I could have died..."She said

"I know and I'm sorry.., believe me, this isn't the welcome I planned for you...."

She turn away from him and fused her gaze on the wall.., she saw a picture frame on the wall and it wasn't Derek.., she move her eyes to every corner of the house in search of his picture, when she saw none, she look back at him...."Why is his picture on the wall and yours isn't....?"

Derek look at the direction she was pointing, he sigh in confusion when he saw Maxwell's picture on the wall....

"That's my cousin..."Derek said returning his gaze to her...."I'm not a fan of pictures..., ever since I realise I'm not photogenic..., I stopped taking pictures...."

Derek expected more questions from her, more questions he has prepared to answer but when she smiled and look away, he couldn't help but wonder what was running in her head......

Priscilla grimace at the taste of the alcohol as she gulp half of the glass down...., Alcohol, now the elixir of her life...., her only resort when the only thing she thought could offer happiness left her in the Crossway, heart totally shattered..., she pick up the glass with intentions of emptying it when her phone rang..., she hesitated before she finally pick up the phone to answer the call....

She hissed and attempted to drop the phone upon realisation it was Don Frank Calling...., then it quickly occur to her he could be calling to give her the news, the news she had worked so hard to hear....., she sniffled and swipe the answer button.....

"Is it done....?"She asked when the call connected before she pick up a pack of cigarette from the table...

There was silence from the end..., it irritated her, she doesn't have the patience nor the time to waste on call with him.....

"Don Frank..."She said putting the phone on speaker. .., as she wait for his reply, she pick a cigarette from the pack and lit it....

"Are you watching the news...?"Don Frank's voice sound from the other end

Priscilla frown at the question...."What news...?"She ask brusquely....

"My man is dead..."Don Frank said from the other end..

Her brows knit in annoyance. ., she expected news of Derek been paralysed......

"He was sent to shoot that boyfriend of yours" Don Frank's voice came again....."And now he's dead.., they say in the news that he was shot in the head....."

Shocked, she stood up...."What are you saying....?"

"I'm saying my man is dead...."Don Frank retorted from the other end...."And your boyfriend killed him..."

Priscilla took a step from where she was standing before she drop the cigarette on a plate....."You don't know that..."

"My man was on the phone with me...."Don Frank's voice came again.."He said something about his gun not firing..., you think it's a coincidence he turned up dead just after his encounter with your boyfriend...."

Priscilla sniffle before she took a deep breathe to calm her panic...."Derek couldn't have done that..."

"I don't care.."Don Frank retorted from the other end..."He killed my man and I'm going to find him and when I see him, it won't be his legs I'll be aiming for....., I'll put a bullet between his eyes..."

"Don Frank.."Priscilla stated before the call dropped and ended in her ears...
"Shìt...."She mutter before she dashed into her room

"Jesus..."Jasmine mutter as she Watch the live report on the TV....."Who could have killed him...?"She ask with a cringe at Erica who was gnashing desperately on the sliced watermelons....."Could it be he was drunk and driving. ...

"And then he shot himself.....?"Erica cut in quizzically.

Jasmine huffs before replying. .."Could be true..."

"I sincerely think something is at play here...."Erica said

"Like spiritual. ...?"

Erica look up to her face..."Yes..."

"God...., we're been logical here and you're bringing in spirituality..., you think someone spiritually shot him..."

"I'm telling you it's very possible."Erica said..."I've a bad vibe about this and you should understand, the spiritual controls the physical and everyone knows we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers...."

"It's okay please..."Jasmine stated..."No need to bombard me with your spiritual dexterity. ..."


A smile surrounded her lips as Derek poured her a glass of wine........

"Thank you....."She said as she carried the glass...., she took a sip and dropped it down......

"What do you really want from me Derek.?"She ask

He sigh, she's beautiful and the only thing he wants from her now is to take off her clothes and show him the wonderful things she's hiding behind clothes....

"I want your love. .."Derek said. ."I'm crazy about you......"

She laugh, then she became still, she listen to his heartbeat, she could tell his heart was beating for one woman, one woman she can't tell......who is she..?

"Your heart...."She said...."Who does it beat for.....?"

The question drive thoughts of Erica into Derek's head...., he ignored the thought and refocus his gaze on her...

"My heart beats for only you..."He said..

She smiled and foolishly. ...he smiled back. ....

IYAWO MAMMY-WATER......will continue

Hello guys, sorry I haven't updated, my phone fell and the screen got broken...the phone got blind, those who know Samsung very well know how expensive the screen is, I had to put somethings together to be able to raise the money to fix the screen...., I've fixed it though...just collected it yesterday...


Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:08am On Jun 07
I hope he's ok
I'm OK man
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 12:09am On Jun 07
Pls has anyone heard from silver, his phone number has been off for days now
I'm find dear..thanks for your concern
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by aprilwise(m): 7:32am On Jun 07
Thanks for efforts to make this update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by egwolopretty: 7:58am On Jun 07
So sorry about your phone dear

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Jesubaby(f): 10:12am On Jun 07
Sorry abt that. Thanks for the update.

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by izaray(f): 11:24am On Jun 07
Sorry about that dear
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by purity23(f): 1:55pm On Jun 07
Sorry about your phone dear

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Demurray: 2:04pm On Jun 07
Sorry baba, thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by sulorog(m): 8:21pm On Jun 07
Sorry about your phone, thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Ann2012(f): 9:56pm On Jun 07
Sorry for the stress and May God bless your effort.
Thanks for the update boss

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Thebigdream: 1:14am On Jun 08
Thanks silver

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by sly12345: 7:07pm On Jun 08
Thanks for the update
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Adeola25(f): 2:33pm On Jun 09
Thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by meenah04(f): 7:55pm On Jun 09
Well done Silver

Thanks for the update

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Lakesc(m): 3:20pm On Jun 10
Thanks for the update...

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:07pm On Jun 10

Embracing Satan......

The moment the waiter dropped the food on the table, Derek Lower his gaze to the food.., the sight and aroma was already a gentle massage to his soul...., he took a bite of the omlette, cheesy with dark leafy greens, with a nod, he smiled

"Wow..!"Derek exclaimed...."This is so good.., what's the green stuff?"

With a boyish grin the waiter raised his brows before a smile lit up the corners of his face, "Stinging nettle, chives and dandelion leaves."

Derek paused as if his thoughts had stopped entirely, fuçk, he doesn't know what that is...., the food was on the menu, he just decided to taste it....

"It tastes good" He said licking his finger.....
"Have the bill posted to my room..."He added wiping his hands with a serviette....

"Okay sir.."The waiter said before he left the room.

Derek covered the food and climbed into the bed before he pick up his phone to dial Nerissa's number.., it's been a complete three weeks since they've been seeing.., he has told himself he was going to take things slowly but he can't wait anymore..., for the past three weeks, they've been cool, he has shown her love even more than any man had shown and will ever show her.., three days ago when they went out, he was already seeing the butterflies in her eyes, she was falling for him.., what girl wouldn't fall for the flaunt of wealth.., the expensive gifts, the sweet talks and deep showers of love......

"Hello...."Nerissa voice sounds from the other end the moment the call connected

A smile played on Derek's lips...."I've been dying to hear your voice...."

There was a pause before Nerissa's voice came again..
"Mmm."Nerissa mutter followed by a quiet laughter but Derek heard it anyway....

"How are you...?"Derek ask

"Never been better...., are you home now..?"

"No..."Derek said climbing out from the bed...."I'm still at the hotel...."

"I asked you to go home..."

Derek huffs at her statement.., since the incident between him and the man who wanted to shoot him, he has stayed far away from home..., he got a hotel room and he's been staying in the hotel for the past three weeks...............

"I will...."He said. .., he's scared, scared whoever tried to kill him will return and finish what he started....

There was silence and Derek wonder what she was thinking...., impatiently, he broke the silence....."Can you come over...?"

"No..."She replied

Derek bit his lip almost in disappointment...."Please....., you know I'm always happy when I'm with you.."

"I know.."She said

"I've been thinking about you all day...., Nerissa...I think I'm falling for you and each moment that I don't see your face, I feel restless....., I really want to see you..."

There was silence before Nerissa's voice came again....."Fine.., I'll come.."

Derek smile, a well-done for his capabilities...., he only have one goal in mind and today will be the day to fulfill that goal........

Maxwell got infuriated when the knock came again.., this time, strong and loud..., lazily he stood up from the couch and trot towards the door.., whoever is disturbing his sleep, he's ready to give him a piece of his mind., caution demands you stop knocking after twice without answer.....

He hesitated in opening the door when he remenber what Derek had told him.., someone tried to kill him right in front of his house.., what if they're back to look for him..

He stood as his thoughts drove him into a quandary.... The knock came again, it vexed him, angrily he rolled his fingers into a fist incase of necessity..., slowly he turn down the door knob...., he sneak in a deep breathe realising it isn't a person with a gun that is standing in front of his door but one of Derek's numerous girlfriend.....

Natasha took a step back when she saw Maxwell's fist....

"Why were you knocking like that...?"Maxwell queried angrily

"You weren't answering the door..."Natasha riposte as she took off her glasses....."I'm sorry if I startled you..."

Maxwell sigh and pave the way for her to walk in..., when she did, he close the door...
"If you're here to look for Derek, he's not here..."Maxwell said stepping in her front....

"I know...."She said....."And I know you aren't going to tell me where he lives either...."

He shook his head in affirmation to her words...

Her forehead furrowed......"Look, Derek is owing me lots of money and I need to get it back. .., if you'll help me, 15% of that money is yours..."

"How much are we talking about here...?"

She sigh before she say the words out...."Seven hundred thousand..."

Maxwell's eyes dropped in surprise. ...."That's a lot of money..."

"Can you help me get it back or better yet take me to Derek...."

Maxwell inhale Softly and quickly drool his eyes around her body...."I'll help you....but on one condition. ..."

"What is that...?"

"You know what I want..."He said looking at her lustfully. ..

She nearly hissed.., walk away even but she knew she won't be getting a better chance than this.., for weeks she's been trying to find Derek herself but all to no avail....., if Maxwell is willing to help her, she's willing to take the chance. ....

"Is there no other thing I can do...?"She ask

Maxwell nibbled as he imagined what her body will feel like in the bed...

"No.."He said stepping close to her..."If you give me what I want..., I promise you I won't only take you to where Derek is, I'll get your money back....."

Her wits warns her not to believe him, he just want to sleep with her but he's her only shot in getting back at Derek for the horrible things he has done to her. .......

"Do you have a condom..?"She asked

A smile lit up Maxwell's face...."I do....."

Derek's eyes crinkled at the edges and the corners of his lips turned upwards as he open the hotel room door and saw her standing outside......

"Hi.."Nerissa said

"Hello beautiful.."He replied...

She scoffs and walk in when he stepped out of the way......

He close the door and stood in front of her....."I missed you so much.."

Over the days, she found herself in hysterics. Her eyes always laughed first. They were the eyes of the easily amused. The rest of her being followed swiftly. She laughed, and he laughed with her....his eyes were always gentle. They looked at her with a softness she had never encountered before. They held her close and she was content...... and she loved the sound of his smile over the phone. The way he drew out her name, so teasing yet full of affection. His tone was warm and light, occasionally interrupted by an excited gasp over a praying mantis......, every morning, she wakes up with smiles all over her face over thoughts of him.., surely whatever his plans is with her....he's succeeding. .....

"Did you missed me..."Derek said grabbing her waist..., without hesitation, he pulled her closer making sure she feels the heat lingering in him........

She tried to pull out from his grasp but his grip on her waist was firm...."I do..."

"I love you Nerissa. ..."He said with pout lips..

"How did you know that....?"

"You're always in my head...., sometimes I feel like I'm empty without you..., if that's not love, then what is it..."

"Could be infatuation. ..."She said once again trying to get herself from his firm hands....

He didn't let her..., he won't let her go not until he has succeded in licking every part of her body....

"Trust me.."He said, a smile radiating around his face..."I can tell the difference between love and infatuation. .."

With him so close to her, his body pressing against her, she found it hard to breathe. .... and that smile on his face....the smile was contagious, since her years on earth, never have any man interests her as much as he does......

"Mmm..."She mutter..."That's so sweet."

"What do you think would happen if we kissed right here, right now?” he asks, dragging her closer, grinning right back at her.....

The force in which he pulled her again accidentally slapped her hand on his groin..., her finger grazing the flap of his trouser. ..., damn, that bulge over his trouser flap. ......

"It would cause a riot..."She said amidst pant breathes. ...

"Well you know me..."He says...."Causing a riot is what I do best..."

He lay his thumb on her lip go see if she'll pull away, when she didn't, he look at her eyes..., she was somehow nervous..., curious maybe but he didn't care.., he saw her mouth moving, trembling at the feel of his finger.., right there he knew she was craving for it.., he didn't waste any time before he kiss her lips..., He kissed her slowly. Everything went slowly so he could follow her temper, and search into her eyes. When they joined, her scent was brave and strong and certain. Derek took it into himself, breathing her breath, feeling what she felt. He’d never known anything as right......

His hands moved up and down the length of her back, the need to touch every part of her was all consuming, and he lost himself in the passion of the kiss...Nerissa wound her fingers through his hair, and her body seemed to mould against his as if she were liquid. His heart thrummed in his chest, and he felt his urge growing strong.......

Derek bash in the passion as he groaned Softly in her mouth.., he wanted to pull out to UnCloth but to his surprise, she pulled out first....

"I can't do this..."She said stepping away from him..

He sigh in disappointment but he isn't ready to let her go.., he has come too far to postpone having sex with her. ....

"Hey."He said walking close to her..."What is wrong...?"

"I know you want to have sex with me...."She blare out

Derek swallowed dryly at the bitter truth...."You don't want to have sex with me.....?"

"Is not that...."She said....."You won't understand. "

"Do you love me...?"He asked with all form of seriousness. ..

She took a deep breathe to calm her panic as she look at him......"If you have sex with me, you'll not be able to get out of it...."

"Then let me not get out of it. .."He riposte..."For the love I have for you, I'm willing to risk my life for anything......, even if it means taking a bullet....."

"Are you willing to go underworld and embrace Satan....?"She queried..

The words scared him for a moment , what could she possibly mean by it.., God his dick is throbbing so hard in his brief...., he wants her.., his dick wants her.....

"YES..."He replied

Erica smile as she look at the mug Derek had gifted her, the first gift she accepted from him..., she remenber the conversation they had the previous night.., she told him she's ready to be serious with him....

"Love in the air...."Jasmine chimes into her thought....."You keep looking at that mug....., I wonder why you even chose a mug over a car..."

Erica chuckle and place the mug in the centre of the table.., she stood up from the chair with intentions of heading towards the kitchen, she hasn't taken three steps when she heard something fall.., the clanking breaking sound of it. .., shock she stood and spun around to see what fell...., her eyes widened with deep surprise as she realise it was the mug, the mug Derek had gotten her as a gift......., the same mug she had placed on the centre of the table....., it couldn't have fallen. .....

"Derek..."She mutter as she rushed towards her phone..

"Erica be careful. ."Jasmine shouted as Erica step on the broken pieces of the mug to get to her phone..

Her heart thrummed as she pick up her phone to call Derek....

"Who are you calling...?"Jasmine ask

"It's Derek....."Erica said..."I think he's in danger.., the mug was on the centre of the table, there's no way it could have fallen..."

"It's just a mug Erica...."

"July 14, 2018, a plate my brother gave me fell and broke without anyone touching it..., I didn't take it serious..., on that same day my brother died...."

"Jesus Erica, please stop.., not everything is spiritual ...."

"I could have save my brother...."Erica cut in....."If I had taken the sign seriously, I could have averted my brother's death....., same thing has happened today.., this mug didn't just fall., it's a message.., I need to warn Derek...."

"So you think Derek is going to die.....?"

Erica look away and focus her attention on the call.., patiently she waited for Derek to answer the call all the while wondering if what happened was just a mere incident. ....., was it a message..., Is God trying to tell her something. ....., what could it be....., what trouble is Derek in...., what danger lies ahead of him. ......


Next Episode dropping soon...

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Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:09pm On Jun 10
Thanks for efforts to make this update
You welcome
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:10pm On Jun 10
Sorry for the stress and May God bless your effort.
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:14pm On Jun 10
Well done Silver

Thanks for the update
You welcome
Re: Iyawo Mammy-water(18+) by Silver1996(m): 11:15pm On Jun 10
Thanks for the update...
You welcome man

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