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Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pizzashaw: 2:00pm On Jun 16, 2012
Woowww,what women go through to be called a mother, in a society where childlessness is seen as a taboo. People feel ashame to reveal to old friends they are yet to have children..... what a shame.

@Psalm 23,you are an inspiration l must say,and you your DH must never be taken for granted.He is a Dike e ji eje'mba.
l have been shedding tears reading all the various post, all very supporting and encouranging. God would Bless everyone believing him for their own children. l thank everyone, too many to mention, sharing experiences in the journey of TTC, am challenged.

l started my search for the fruit of the womb officially in 2003. l was very eager to concieve not because i knew of any underlying problem, but because i had never taken in during my university days. My hubby did not understand my rush/eagerness wanting to concieve 18 months after our wedding.l went from early morning massages(ijaw) to various Doctors(not gynea. Once i heard some one went there and got result). One of the best clinc i went to was military hospital,ikoyi, the gynea (Brgder E, of blessed memory) after all the lenghty series of blood work,and hsg told me am a worrier, though my prolactin (high)/progesterone(low), which he gave me medications to use and after 3 months l noticed quiet alot of difference, and he advised us to keep trying, as he can say we were both medically okay to concieve. There was nothing wrong with me my hubby. l kept on moving from one Doctor to another. Unfortuate for me in 2006, i meant a Doctor who hyperstimulated my ovaries,yours truly was looking like a woman 4months gone, it was such a complication, i couldnt eat nor drink,sleep nor walk straight. Breathing became a difficult task, that the only option was to open me up and do all the draining in all the sacs!! To God be the Glory a biopsy was done and it was not malignant, and my liver and kidney were all intact.

After all these encounter,l said to myself,l need to be alive to have my children, of what use would these children be to me, when am not alive to see, or nurture them? But of course am only human,l started to shy away from naming ceremonies, and family functions.l became unhappy,stopped existing,became a recluse. 2009, we visited Nordica, where we were advised to start on IUI,after 3 failed attempts, the next option was IVF.

l went in for a laparascopy, and i was told because of my previous surgery in 2006, alot of adhesions had formed and my intestines had been messed up with, the doctor said, he couldnt close me up with all that mess. A procedure that was meant to be 60mins, and a key hole in my navel, ended up being 8hours, with horizontal cutting. The procedure took that long cause they had to wait for a consultant and a surgeon to come in, to re-arrange my intenstines.

As if that was not enough, my hubby lost his job, impregnated some one and took off for America in 2010.

l have given him 2years to make up his mind what he wants, and does seem to be forth coming. l have moved on (so l think). Am currently in the U.K, l have done all the test, again, even the modern hycosy(replaced HSg)and am told all my hormones are within limits, but they can not go any further to prescribe medication except i come with my partner.
Be that as it may be, l have decided to go ahead with IVF,am not getting any younger. l have been talking to an old flame,who is ready to be a donor. Hence l went online to get info, on where seems to have the most success rate in Nigeria, and here l am, on this blog.

And a piece of advice for our young ladies out there, impatient led me to the butchers table in the first instance. Research. And after a 2years wait go straight for IUI, or IVF.

God would crown our efforts with Success!!!!!!


Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by abibyy(f): 3:56pm On Jun 16, 2012
Wahooo,i always think am the only one with big problem but when i read people story on this forum i now know am not the only one and ever since i read psalm23 story i have started having hope even if is not going to happen naturally atleast with ivf.I have been ttc for few years now,i was diagnosed with tubal blockage and pelvic adhesion,i have gone through 2 operations, first is laparoscopy and second is open surgery and my doctor conclude that i go for ivf though we are still trying naturally because after the operation one of the tube looks alittle bit ok but if nothing happen before the year runs out we hope to start ivf,is not easy trying to have a baby for years without sucess.May god crown all our effort in this journey and we shall all be blessed with our heart desires.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by doubleblessing(f): 5:00pm On Jun 16, 2012
Congratulations Olikili, wishing you all the best mummy.

@Pizzashaw and Abibyy,your story brought tears to my eyes,I pray God grant you your heart desires soon
@Pslm 23,good to read from you,I check almost everyday looking out for news from you,very very soon,you'll sing a new song mummy.

For me, this thread has really inspired me, I got info about a particular Dr(Dr Emeka of Georges) on a related thread(cost of IVF in Nigeria),we've been talking to him on phone for a while,filled the fertility questionnaire,finally travelled to see him last weekend. I'll say I was impressed compared to other places we've been to.

We've set the ball in motion already,DH and I had series of blood work done,I also had TVS amongst other things...I was depressed when we had the fluid analysis result cos it's dropped(sky rocketed few months ago,only God knows what happened again). The doc was so happy with my result,more so,I'm a bit under 30. So, Dh was given wellman conception amongst other things,cos we don't want any reduction in those swimmers by God's grace before and after the IVF/ICSI.

AF was supposed to show yesterday so we can go on to the next step,I dunno what's happening o.

This past four years has really STRESSED me up but I know surely there is an end and my expectations shall not be cut short.

I keep you all in my prayers. It is well with us all.

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Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by abibyy(f): 1:35pm On Jun 17, 2012
It is well double blessing,try not to be stressed i know its not easy but just put everything in the hand of God.I wish you all the best and i cant wait to hear your good news.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 9:44pm On Jun 17, 2012
@Pizzashaw, Babe ur story moved me to tears. What women really go through just be called mum and please our society. Sorry about ur husband, it's really sad to hear such wicked men still exist on the surface of this earth. God will crown all ur effort with success. Those of us who still have our husbands supporting us and going all the way with us don't really know what God has done for us. It's such a shame that with so many avenues, ways and techniques of making babies, a man who exchanged vows on God's altar will indulge in adultery and run away with another woman and expect all to go well with him thereafter abi? God is not mocked and the bible clearly states that we will reap whatever we sow. My sister take heart. God knows how to compensate ur kind of people. Take heart. I've sent u my email address, let's talk. It is well.
For the rest of the house, help me and thank Baba God for answering my prayers through my 6th IVF. It's been six years of one clinic, one IVF to the other. My husband has been wonderful and even offered to pay for this last procedure when i lost hope and said I wasn't gonna spend my salary on IVF again. To the glory of God, he heard our prayers on this last try. Don't give up, keep trying and keep praying. God surely hears prayers and will grant the heart desires of each and every one of us.

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Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by doubleblessing(f): 10:39pm On Jun 17, 2012
Congratulations Blendy,wish you a pleasant nine months. Thanks for all your contributions on IVF related threads,I've benefited a lot from them. Thanks to you,I got to know about Georges,we're really trusting God to grant our heart desires. Take care of yourself mummy,nuff lurv.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by abibyy(f): 6:59pm On Jun 18, 2012
Congratulation Blendy77 on your sucess,our God never fails.I wish you all the best through out the nine months.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pslm23(f): 9:02pm On Jun 18, 2012
@ pizzashaw, It is well... i look at everything that happens in our lives as a stepping stone to greater things. For your husband to act the way he did during a time when he knew you needed him most, that was wicked and callous. But maybe God had a reason for removing him from your life. You are still young and believe me; you'll have cause to smile again. Don't give up and keep pushing on.

Your surgery, did it happen in Nigeria? I ask because your story and mine are so similar in nature. My whole problem started with a surgery I had back in Nigeria. I did not know the extent of what they did to me until I started this IVF journey and it was during my laparoscopy that the problem was discovered. My doctor said and I quote “It looked like you were butchered on the inside” I had horrible scar tissues that had fused both tubes and adhered them to my bladder and it was while in the process of trying to get to my tube that my bladder was punctured and what was supposed to be a 45 min surgery turned out into almost 6 hours cos they had to call for a Urologist surgeon and wait until he got there. I was even told that I “died” twice on that table and had to be resuscitated because I was given too much anesthesia. In all I spent 6 days and 5 nights in that hospital. Ask me what the surgery I had in Nigeria was for? It was to remove an ovarian cyst and then I don’t know what else the doctor was looking for slicing all over my insides because when I woke, he told me they also removed my appendix because it looked like it w as enlarged. Only God in heaven knows what else was cut and removed! I only found out months later that the doctor who performed my surgery was an ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON!! The Gyn surgeon did not show so while I was on that table all prepped, they called the only other surgeon around. Kai, I have suffered!

@Blendy, CONGRATULATIONS IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS! The God who answered your prayer shall surely answer ours. Amen.

@ double blessing, this one AF no gree show, u sure say no be belle? Have you done a pregnancy test? Abeg check oh! You might even need IVF in the long run! It is well!

@abibby, me and you had the same tubal blockage diagnoses too. This is becoming a common cause of fertility problems for a lot of us women. The problem is even compounded when surgery for something as minor as appendicitis ends up causing adhesions and bad scar tissues. Na wa oh! it is well my sister.

My sisters, I tell you, until someone has walked in shoes, they’ll never understand what are going through to become mothers.

Let’s all keep this IVF thread of ours alive to share our experiences. All we have going for us right now is hope and faith in God and we will never lose it. I know soon we all will be smiling like crazy soon and saying “thank you BABA God! smiley

Hugs to all you beautiful soon to be mamas! smiley

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Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pslm23(f): 9:08pm On Jun 18, 2012
I forgot to give my own update. Sorry. smiley My clinic is currently on shut down. The do this every quarter to service all their machines and equipement. They will be reopening next month and I am scheduled to start stimming in August. While waiting for them to re-open, hubby and I are getting all our blood work and analysis done. For the first time in months, i'm getting excited again at the thought of another IVF. God's will be done! smiley

I promise to come here and update as much as i can once the ball has started rolling


Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Bucacious: 2:58pm On Jun 19, 2012
Waoh! Congrat blendy! Am so happy to hear dis! God will see u thru the entire nine months! U av really encouraged me!
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by adeniG: 8:47pm On Jun 20, 2012
Praise the LORD...... blendy 77, you dont know how long I have been waiting and how many times I have checked to see this post of success from you. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! ! !... it was Dr EMEKA abi? WOWWW www.olivebranchhm.com GOD is really using him. You were my inspiration to use him and I thank GOD you are smiling now.... congrats again and Take care.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pslm23(f): 8:14pm On Jun 25, 2012
*update* I just got a call from my RE, they want me to start stimming now. smiley Here i was thinking that i had till August. Tonight I start the BC pills for 14 days, AF to show by the 15th day, U/sound and B/work by day 16th. Tomorrow or next, I will post the list of injectable protocol they are putting me on this time. Possible retrieval and transfer will be last week of July. My greatest fear now is OHSS. I went through hell and back the last time.

The roller coaster ride starts again! May God's will be done!
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Otosdd: 5:26pm On Jun 26, 2012
@pslm 23 d lord is ur strenght i know nd i believe dat dis second ivf must come through ijn. Amen. I have be following ur post right frm d very first day u started dis tread. God wil see u through, just have faith, u are in my prayers.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by ipio(f): 8:50pm On Jun 26, 2012
@pslm 23, just believe,ur miracle is here ijn. Am prayig 4 u. God bless u Dear.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by doubleblessing(f): 10:42pm On Jun 26, 2012
@pslm23,it is well sweets. The Lord will perfect all that concerns you,this cycle will be a success,nothing missing,nothing lacking. We will rejoice with you on this forum. I really look forward to that.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by abibyy(f): 7:00pm On Jun 27, 2012
I wish you sucess psalm23,am so happy to hear this news from you,this cycle will work by the grace of God.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by camrygmail: 10:41pm On Jun 27, 2012
This time the Lord will make His face to shine upon you. He will not suffer your foot to be moved, the keeper of Isreal will be your help. Have no fears for it is WELL with your Soul.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by omogemi: 10:48pm On Jun 27, 2012
'My sisters, I tell you,
until someone has
walked in shoes, they’ll
never understand what
are going through to
become mothers.'

i thank God for d life of every woman on this forum. Whether d devil lyks it or not we ll all hv success stories
@blendy77 i m so happi 4 u. Ur joy ll knw no bounds.
Psalm23, d Lord will suprise u as He did 2 me.
It ws d month i ws prepared 4 ivf dt i missd my period. I didnt think any of it coz i ws still waitin 2 see my period so i could call d hospital. I ws 3 months gone b4 it dawnd on me dt i ws pregnant. God dsnt change n His word dsnt return back to Him void.
None of u is barren. It is not ur portion neither is it God's plan 4 u. Whateva is d problem Jesus is d greatest physican. All of u on ds forum will shed tears of joy . . .Amen
as He did 4 me He ll do 4 everyone of u.


Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by osankem: 4:06pm On Jun 28, 2012

Congrats o! See as Baba God dey bombard us with surprises o, it shall continue in Jesus name. Sometime ago, u wanted where you could go for IVF, and in January, u posted about using St Ives or so instead of Indian as suggested by your hubby. But my dear see God in action. After 8years and still natural conception, This our God sef! His understanding is UNSEARCHABLE ooooo. He truely uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. WE HAVE A 2 MUCH GOD OOOOOO.

Fruitful Sisters, please lets all key into this wave of glory..... See Blendy, now Omogemi, soon me, soon U.........in Jesus name.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Blendy77(f): 9:41pm On Jun 28, 2012
Omogemi congrats o! I remembered when u were asking me the best place to go for ivf. Waoooo, thank God for u and I believe more testimonies are coming from all our waiting mothers this year IJN. Congrats, am happy for u.
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Topal: 5:40pm On Jun 29, 2012
Hi everyone,
Am new here,I just got encouraged by all the posts and I felt I shouldnt just be reading alone!!
Just did ER on wed,ET is on mon for a 5 day transfer.keeping our fingers crossed.

Also a big thanks to all that shared your stories,wish u all success and baby dust to u all
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pslm23(f): 6:28pm On Jun 29, 2012
Topal: Hi everyone,
Am new here,I just got encouraged by all the posts and I felt I shouldnt just be reading alone!!
Just did ER on wed,ET is on mon for a 5 day transfer.keeping our fingers crossed.

Also a big thanks to all that shared your stories,wish u all success and baby dust to u all

Best of luck to you Topal and lots of sticky vibes and baby dust! smiley
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Beetle: 12:30pm On Jun 30, 2012
All the best with the cycle!
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by omogemi: 1:29pm On Jul 06, 2012
thank u osakem n blendy. . . It was truly God's way of suprising His children.
My nurse had placed me on metformin sumtym last year. Then i stopped since DH wsnt interestd in sex any more. This ws ard september october. My husband ws fed up so he gave an ultimatum; ivf or nothing n he wantd it in india. I decided to let us go thru with d ivf. To cut d story short, i resumed my metformin ard dec n all thru jan. I ws to prepare for feb cycle @ medical art ikeja, i neva saw my period till date. I m 5mnths gone already.
God is truly awesome. Every body in this fourm is a mother coz God's promises of fruitfulness is going to be fulfilled in our live.
Psalm 23, u shall b a living testimony n so shall it b for u n other women on ds forum.

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Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pslm23(f): 5:46pm On Jul 17, 2012
*Update*.. I'm on day 4 of stimming.. My ovaries are begining to give me pressure..no pain, just lots of heaviness and the constant urge to pee.It is well sha!

Baby dust to y'all who are also trying! smiley

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Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by abibyy(f): 6:24pm On Jul 17, 2012
it is well pslm23 i wish u all the best,i also hope to start mine in september
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by pslm23(f): 6:33pm On Jul 17, 2012
abibyy: it is well pslm23 i wish u all the best,i also hope to start mine in september

I'm happy for you abibby! smiley smiley everything will go smoothly for you IJN!! Keep us posted!
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by doubleblessing(f): 9:08pm On Jul 17, 2012
It is well Pslm 23 and Abibyy,our efforts will not be in vain in Jesus name. I'm on suprefact injection and primolut N(started a week ago). I just used the last of the primolut this evening..I'm so overwhelmed with everything;in between,just got a more demanding job description and I'm 4hrs away from the clinic I'm using,hmmm,all is well..
Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by VENUSS(f): 9:12am On Jul 18, 2012
baby dust to you all. i hope to start next month hopefully, will join you ladies then. please if you have any info on ways to reduce high fsh, and better tips on achieving BFP this year, dont hesitate to share the info.

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