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Politics / Re: Pictures Of Bola Tinubu And Obasanjo In Abeokuta by 9jatriot(m): 2:59pm On Aug 17
There is no love lost between those two, this is at best a courtesy visit.
To fulfil all righteousness.

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Politics / Re: APC Rented Bishop Exposed. Truly Shameful by 9jatriot(m): 8:48am On Aug 16
Common, this is blasphemous. I am sure none of the candidates will send you to make such a statement.
This statement was also one of the careless statements made by the builders of Titanic and yet we know how it saw its end

I always get amazed when I see lots like you believe Obi can win.

Dear! It’s impossible!

Quote me after election! Even God cannot make Obi President!


Politics / Re: Chimaroke Nnamani: Tinubu Most Successful Governor In Nigeria by 9jatriot(m): 11:36am On Aug 10
That the man went for leg surgery, that is how they have now decided to tag him with ill health, with no proof what so ever. People go to the hospital everyday, it does not mean that they now have illnesses that has incapacitated them.

This is the same way young workers in pension office treat retirees only to retire one day and find that old age is not a curse, it is a blessing that is not given to all.


Politics / Re: Is Nigeria Population Truly 200 Million? by 9jatriot(m): 5:28pm On Aug 09
Baba. I am not even sure we are up to 120 million not to talk of 200 million.

I have inferred this from the documented number of phone lines in the country, number of voters, number of accounts etc.
Even very keenly contested elections in Nigeria never exceeds total votes of 29 million. I know now of these data are distinctive in themselves but they do give an indication that our population data is not accurate.

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Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 2:12pm On Aug 09
I do not need to even know her personally, I have heard her speak and watch her demeanor to have an idea of her kind of person, so I do not doubt you.

As for the NYSC certificate forgery that they keep talking about, I have been in Nigeria long enough to know that she was a victim rather than a main actor in the saga. Before this new driver's license that involves data capturing came up, there used to be cases of people who would go to FRSC office, pay the requested amount to renew their license, pick up their license when it was ready, only to be stopped by police that they were in possession of a forged driver's license.
Technically, they can be said to have forged that certificate, but in this case, you went to the right office and thought you had a genuine license only to be told you were brandishing a fake one.

She was an English Qualified Chartered Accountant and God fearing I knew her personally in England
Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 1:53pm On Aug 09
Now with the benefit of hindsight, one can say, perhaps that approach was better. The quote you quoted is an answer to your own response


But Adeosun clearly admitted in a newspaper article that the economy of Nigeria was being run the Tinubu way. That case had already been made by no less a person than the then finance minister, the certificate-forger Kemi Adeosun the fraud.
Politics / Re: Wike Received APC Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wammako Today In Rivers State by 9jatriot(m): 1:50pm On Aug 09
Wike will not leave PDP, forget all these shakara.

He is just trying to increase his market value so that when PDP really want to negotiate, he will be talking from a position of strength like the courted bride. Just like a woman who has many suitors but wants the one she likes to appreciate her more.

Just before 2023 election, PDP will close ranks and make many concessions to Wike, many of which they will not fulfil but at least he would have something to hold on to.

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Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 1:39pm On Aug 09
Well, we can see the result now. It now looks like the Tinubu's economic blueprint would have been better than this Emiefele's redprint.

I think we can now make a case for Emiefele to be sacked, since his incompentence has gone under the radar for such a long time.

Why should he listen to a certificate forger?

Someone who was clearly implementing Tinubu's economic blueprint, and she admitted that it was Tinubu's economic policies that were being implemented in Nigeria. She never said it was Emefiele's economic blueprint. She clearly admitted it was Tinubu's.

And meanwhile, Sanusi kept warning that the economy, which was being principally run by Adeosun and Osibanjo, was being undermined by the Tinubu policies which they were implementing.

Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 1:37pm On Aug 09
Here is another point in case. Emiefele has been incompetent for a while now, it just wasn't noticed. So Kemi Adeosun was the one keeping the very incompetent bank teller man from destroying the economy.

Now that I think of it, Emiefele entered around 2014, which coincides with when the economic nosedive started.

It is quite embarrassing that the finance ministry and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) are at loggerheads over the management of the foreign exchange market. It started when finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, in Nigeria’s fiscal roadmap for 2017, disclosed plans to ditch a 16-month old policy which prohibits importers of a list of 41 items from obtaining dollars at the official market.

The dollar embargo on these 41 items which range from steel sheets, palm oil and textiles to toothpicks, was introduced by the CBN in August 2015 to curb imports and ease the pressure on dollar demand. The policy came about as the country’s stock of foreign currency thinned due to a decline in dollar inflow which was brought on by militant attacks on oil pipelines and decade-low oil prices. Petrodollars account for 95 percent of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings, necessitating the need for dollar-demand management to preserve scarce dollars.

Godwin Emefiele told reporters in September that the dollar embargo on the blacklisted 41 items, which sought to manage dollar demand, was helping to reduce importation and drive appetite for locally made goods. True, there has been a decline in imports this year. The naira depreciation and fuel subsidy removal must take some credit for the decline.

Hopes of unanimity of positions and harmony of fiscal and monetary policies appear dim following an alleged demand for a review of the powers of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, by the Ministry of Finance. Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun and Governor of the CBN, Mr.Godwin Emefiele, Officials of a federal agency confided in Vanguard yesterday that the top leaderships on both sides are mutually antagonistic of each other’s positions, adding that it has degenerated to a personality clash.

A newspaper had said yesterday that the Finance Minister, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, told a visiting team of legislators to cut the powers of the apex bank for what she allegedly called extensive powers which she blamed for the disconnect between Federal Government’s fiscal policies and the monetary policies. Reacting to this, a close aide of the minister told Vanguard that the entire publication was “a hatchet job” against the minister aimed at undermining her reputation.

He alluded to a collusion with CBN by those who he said, rigged the meeting. He also stated that media presence at the meeting was masked, adding that many things the minister said were “doctored” and some totally removed from the content of the said publication, adding that a formal protest letter from the minister to the media house was underway. Surprisingly, one of the aides of the CBN governor who pleaded anonymity told Vanguard that the apex bank was equally upset with the publication, but would not dignify it with a response. He also claimed that the Finance Ministry has been undermining the apex bank for some time now.

This is false. Kemi Adeosun saw the Nigerian economy slide into recession. She kept gaslighting us, saying that the recession was over. Meanwhile, many companies were laying off their workers and struggling to break even.

When this new finance minister took over, she took cluelessness to the next frontier with borrowing upon borrowing. I think she should be renamed minister of borrowing. Truth be told, managing and growing the economy, not security, is the most difficult job in a modern society.
Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 1:27pm On Aug 09
This is an example of one of such disagreements where the CBN refused to listen to what we now believe to be Kemi's superior logic.

The lack of coordination between the nation’s fiscal and monetary authorities has become manifest as the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday, refused to cut interest rate, as suggested by the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun.

The Finance Minister had on Monday, called on the CBN to lower interest rate, so the government could borrow domestically to boost the economy without increasing debt servicing costs. But Governor of the CBN, Mr.Godwin Emefiele, who briefed the press at the end of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting in Abuja, said rate cuts in the past did not result in banks giving credits to the real sectors of agriculture and manufacturing as instructed. The CBN Governor said a cut in the rate at a time inflation was rising could worsen the nation’s economic situation. ...

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Tuesday, moved to assert its autonomy from the Federal Government when it rejected calls by the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, and other stakeholders to reduce its benchmark rate at the Monetary Policy Committee meeting in Abuja.
At the end of its meeting yesterday, MPC decided to retain its benchmark interest rate at 14 percent, resisting the finance minister’s call to lower borrowing costs, while urging government to spend more to pull the economy out of recession.
Also retained at the meeting were Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR) at 22.5 per cent, Liquidity Ratio at 30 per cent and Asymmetric Window at +200 and 500 basis point around the MPR.
Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun had on Monday called on the apex bank to lower interest rates to enable government borrow locally to boost the economy.
Nigerian economy was already in a mess when Adeosun was there.

Even Sanusi just said recently, that since 2015 and 2016 he was warning the government to depart from their economic trajectory as it would ruin the Nigerian economy.

Guess what? Adeosun was the finance minister in 2015-2016.

She is in the middle of the whole rot.

Osibanjo was also the chairman of the economic committee of the federation in the same period.

So both Adeosun and Osibanjo are neck-deep in the messed up economy that Nigeria now has
Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 12:33pm On Aug 09
This is not in doubt, as early as 2012 the signs were already beginning to show, then by 2014 the cracks were already there, the point is, she was beginning to steer the economy away from those woes before she had to leave. No one is saying the economy was rosy at the time.

[b]Nigerian economy was already in a mess [/b]when Adeosun was there.

Even Sanusi just said recently, that since 2015 and 2016 he was warning the government to depart from their economic trajectory as it would ruin the Nigerian economy.

Guess what? Adeosun was the finance minister in 2015-2016.

She is in the middle of the whole rot.

Osibanjo was also the chairman of the economic committee of the federation in the same period.

So both Adeosun and Osibanjo are neck-deep in the messed up economy that Nigeria now has

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Politics / Emefiele: Nigerian Economy Went Down When Kemi Adeosun Left by 9jatriot(m): 12:11pm On Aug 09
For those who do not know or remember, Kemi Adeosun was the Finance minister under Buhari immediately after he came into government. She did not come with all those Harvard qualifications or large international portfolio, she was a modest graduate of an average university in the UK, yet she was able to gradually steer the economy from a recession to a growth one. She came up with many policies that blocked loopholes, whistleblower policy, increase in the tax net, and many others.

She wasn't even a politician in the real sense of the world and did her work behind the scene as much as possible. When her government was busy criticizing her predecessor, Ngozi Iweala, she did not join them, she was even seen on camera discussing with her.

Very often she seemed to clash with the CBN governor on certain policies, now with the benefit of hindsight, one can now see that she was the one keeping the incompetent Emiefele in check.

After her exit, the CBN governor has so glaringly displaced his ignorance and even had the audacity to contest to be president even while still sitting on the chair as a CBN governor.
Adeola Adeosun should just go and regularized her NYSC certificate, I still believe she still has a role to still play in nation building

It is now very clear she was the unsung hero,

CC: lalasticlala, dominique, Mynd44

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Politics / Re: Buhari Congratulates Pantami On CIISEC Fellowship by 9jatriot(m): 11:24am On Aug 09
Is this not the same guy ASUU were trying to make it look as if he did not deserve the professorship he got with that university in Imo, yet no ASUU member has been able to achieve this milestone, na only to go strike they sabi.

According to the report, he is the only one from the whole of Africa.

Cyber security is not beans, for those who know.

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Politics / Re: Pantami Emerges First African Fellow Of CIISec by 9jatriot(m): 11:22am On Aug 09
Is this not the same guy ASUU were trying to make it look as if he did not deserve the professorship he got with that university in Imo, yet no ASUU member has been able to achieve this milestone, na only to go strike they sabi.

According to the report, he is the only one from the whole of Africa.

Cyber security is not beans, for those who know.


Politics / Re: “Woe To You If Your Leader Is Wearing Pampers“ - Bishop Ibiyomie (Video) by 9jatriot(m): 4:51pm On Aug 05
Are these guys really Christians or na just by name?

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Education / Re: Pay Rise: FG Excludes State Universities, ASUU Kicks by 9jatriot(m): 12:26pm On Aug 04
There should also be a clause that allows government to also be able to sack lecturers easily when they do not do their jobs.

Teaching a complex course under 2 hrs, in a whole semester should come with consequences.

There should be a system that allows students to review lecturers, if students are scared of victimization then the university alumni should be the ones doing the review based on what they experienced while still in the system.


Crime / Re: Uduak-Abasi Akpan Sentenced To Death For Murder Of Iniubong Umoren by 9jatriot(m): 12:18pm On Aug 04
I remember some people saying the case will be buried, well at least here is a judgement.

I want to believe that this guys parent did thanksgiving, naming ceremony, child dedication, paid school fees for him up to that age.

Kids need to learn to pity their parents and their loved ones.

Which family will want to marry any of his sisters now if they happen to learn of his misconduct?

His parent will be referred to as the papa or mama of that boy wen kill that girl that time.

May God non let us get bad kids abeg


Politics / Re: Ekweremadu To Remain In Prison Untill October 31 by 9jatriot(m): 12:15pm On Aug 04
Lol. So comrade, you are saying I went too far sef, thinking about court and all

If it were Nigeria, the case would never have gone beyond the police station...
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu To Remain In Prison Untill October 31 by 9jatriot(m): 11:34am On Aug 04
If this case was in Nigeria, all the human rights lawyers, tribal lawyers and all form of sentiments would have been at play.

Various court injunctions, eligibility of the court to try the case. Then jurisdiction, which of the prison should he go Kuje or DSS, at the end of the day the case will make no headway.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Is Killing Anambra State - CNPP by 9jatriot(m): 9:56am On Aug 04
Really funny how the internet never forgets.
Anyway, good to quote them before they start editing the comments

Very rare for folks in this state to publicly criticized their governors, which is probably why the thread was just on page 1. Even then, these ones had the courage to.
Secretary General of Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) Chief Willy Ezeugwu is a stalwart of All Nigeria Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). He was the 2003 Senatorial candidate of the party in Enugu North. In this chat, he shared his thoughts on happenings in APGA and the nation generally.
APGA crises

What is happening between APGA and the Peter Obi led-state government is a travesty. The governor has refused to allow elections into the local governments since coming into office such that he is able to hand pick his cronies and act as the deity of that state.

That is totally against what APGA stands for. The party strongly believes in empowering people at the grassroots and that is the local government. So, for Obi to have operated that way is totally unacceptable. I have had cause to criticise other state governors, who use similar tactics to stifle democratic growth. So, this makes us fear that Obi, having secured his second term, is now working for the People Democratic Party (PDP) by trying to portray APGA’s government as one that can flout rules.

My relationship with Obi and his prudence
Prudent? (laughs) P[b]rudent with state funds you said? So where did his boys get the N300 million they were caught with in Lagos?[/b] As for my relationship with him, there is not much to say about that. It was APGA that sent me to represent it on CNPP, there is no other APGA official who is acting as an ambassador at such national level, but Obi has never recognized this fact for one day.

That is why you see the quality of his actions because he never confers with people from his own party. Look at it, has he groomed any successor now that he is ending his second tenure. The only thing he has committed his energy to is to fight the party’s chairman, Chief Victor Umeh. This is the same chairman who has been able to ensure that APGA now controls a second state. Look at the way the former Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu is propagating the ACN in the south-west, Obi had such opportunity but he frittered it away because of pettiness. Orji Uzor Kalu did the same for PPA as he was leaving office and Obi has made no effort to ensure that APGA grows . He is now fighting the party chairman who is working tirelessly to grow the party, but the leading lights in APGA assure Obi that we will surprise him if he persists on the path he presently treads.


How was the bolded swept under the carpet. Nobody raised dust on that issue. Peter obi has many questions to answer when he leaves office including his sabmiller scam factory he is using state funds to build. What has been doing with the state's money? Nothing is on ground for 6/7 years now

Point of Correction !
Peter Obi Has Killed Anambra State.

. . . . . But why did we even vote for person with the name OBI? when we all know that OBI will forever remain a boy.

Am so disappointed to have this BOY as my state governor. . . . . .Agulu people needs to talk to this their son ohhhhhhhh[b] . . . . .


I recall nobody voted him in. He voted himself in through a compromised voters register. Refer to the election report


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Leader Arrested In Ogun by 9jatriot(m): 2:27pm On Aug 02
One of those situations where some well meaning Nigerians would not have minded an accidental discharge to send this so called leader to his paradise where there is no haram.

Transparency International non de let these soldiers do wertin really de their mind
Politics / Re: See Peter Obi House In London After He Lied He Has No House Abroad by 9jatriot(m): 3:53pm On Jul 27
Most of the lies are usually very unnecessary, as in they do not really add value to his campaign
Crime / Re: Favour Oyhou: Auchi Poly Student Declared Wanted After Killing Her Boyfriend by 9jatriot(m): 1:33pm On Jul 27
Sex sex sex seems to be the only thing youth of nowadays know about.

No critical thinking, analytical reasoning or anything of value.

You kill somebody's child because of a trivial thing as he dating another person?


Politics / Re: Bandits Release Three Kaduna-Abuja Train Victims by 9jatriot(m): 4:06pm On Jul 26
Comrade, u think the matta na. I even thought they had move the guys to other countries, but for them to still be in that same forest and they have not flushed them out is a cause of concern.

If they carry Bingo follow body, at least that one go de back wa wa wa. How you look am baba?

Comrade easy nah.. which one be go with Bingo kwa .. Lol

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Politics / Re: Bandits Release Three Kaduna-Abuja Train Victims by 9jatriot(m): 5:05pm On Jul 25
That means they are not too far then, make our arm forces enter bush catch these people na, abi dem de fear bush?

They can go with a bingo if dem de fear

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Politics / Re: I Was Never Disqualified, Court Ordered A Re-run - Gov Umahi by 9jatriot(m): 4:58pm On Jul 25
Is it that politicians do not have that thing they call shame in their dictionary.

As in, this huncle is telling straight lies before our very b4?

Things that happened not up to 2 months ago?

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Education / Re: What Kind Of Wicked Teacher Is This? What Would You Do As A Parent? by 9jatriot(m): 4:06pm On Jul 25
Government should provide a platform where teachers can anonymously report things about students. Many homes where their is abuse are often noticed by teachers because little kids are innocent and say things in school. Even criminals can be reported just by interacting with kids who unknowingly give away information and teachers catch those info, discuss it among themselves until it becomes a bigger societal problem.

If there was a platform where teachers are able to report those kinds of incidences, then may parents will sit up.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Trends For Allegedly Saying Delegates Who Sold Votes Are Regretting by 9jatriot(m): 11:19am On Jul 25
I will not be surprised if someone who has time does a fact check later and we will find this to be a lie.

Or Ameachi may come out himself to deny it


Politics / Re: Fact Check: Even Donald Duke Did Better Than Peter Obi as Governor by 9jatriot(m): 8:56am On Jul 25
This further proves the point

Quadrennially, one issue Nigeria has had leading to Nigerian elections is the lack of issue-based campaigns or debates, especially on social media. Months leading to a potentially defining election and all that has been debated on is zoning, religion, propaganda and manipulated videos that circle around without giving prominence to the policies of the aspirants.

In an era where Twitter has become the main source of news, studies show that false news stories are 70% more likely to be retweeted than true stories and it also takes true stories about 6 times as long to reach 1500 people as it does for false stories to reach the same number of people. The desire for facts and research is somewhat absent on social media.

As the flag bearer of the ruling party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been touted as one of the strong favourites to win the 2023 presidential election, so Nigerians have 8 months to dissect his economic plan for Nigeria which has circled around the media in form of press statements and campaign speeches. Mr. Tinubu who once was the Governor of Lagos State is adjudged to be the visionary behind the best state economy in Nigeria.

So, owing to this and his track record as a former governor, can Tinubu achieve his economic plan?

Economic Agenda: 12% GDP growth over 4 years

According to reports, Nigeria’s GDP grew by 3.1% at Q1 of 2022. Tinubu has proposed a 12% GDP growth over 4 years.

Track Record: Bola Tinubu, a former Deloitte associate, prides himself on liberating Lagos State’s economy and overseeing the growth of the state’s Internally generated revenue from 600 million to N5.5 billion generated monthly at the end of his tenure with the aid of his economic team. In 2017, Lagos State’s output was $136 billion, according to official estimates, and more than a third of Nigeria’s gross domestic product. In 2002, after he oversaw the stabilization of Lagos’ finances – the state was able to float bonds raising substantial capital. The State raised N15 billion through bonds raised, demonstrating market demand and private investment appetite for the Lagos economy. Using the expenditure approach, Tinubu oversaw an increase in personal consumption, business investment, government spending, and net exports (all components of GDP) from 1999 to 2007.

Economic Agenda: 15,000MW and 24/7 Power Supply

According to reports, the National Grid has collapsed for the 17th time in just the first half of 2022. With an installed capacity of 13,000MW, Nigeria currently transmits about 5,500MW, which barely attends to the needs of Nigerians.

Track Record: Electricity has relatively been on the Executive list and despite the controversies that courted the project with the then Federal Government, during his time as governor of Lagos State, he sponsored the first Independent Power Project (IPP) to the state. The project handled by the American Company, ENRON was meant to deliver 3 barge-mounted electricity generating units and later build a gas-fired power plant. The project inception generated 90MW, which improved the electricity supply in Lagos State. The project was the first time a state government created electricity.

Economic Agenda: Removal of Fuel Subsidy

Over the years, the removal of Fuel Subsidy has been a big debate in Nigeria. The continuous payment of subsidies on petrol has continued to affect the revenues of Nigeria and recently put the country into debt as our fuel imports now supersede our crude exports.

Track Record: Different administrations have attempted to remove subsidies but the social contract and political implications to see it through have proven a serious bottleneck. Tinubu, a former Mobil Oil executive, has over the years shown the political will to unease Lagosians if the trade-off would lead to the long-term prosperity of the state. But his track record points to him being a part of Occupy Nigeria – a movement that warned the past Federal government against subsidy removal owing to the dangers it continues to do to the Nigerian people. His new stance citing that payment of fuel subsidy is a “burden too much for the Federal Government to bear” is open for the jury given his previous protests against the removal.

Economic Agenda: New National Infrastructure Plan

Infrastructure provides an enabling environment for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive in the country which consequently leads to job creation, amongst others.

Track Record: During his tenure as governor of Lagos State, contracts for 422 road projects, and 308 were completed in five years. His track records laid the foundation of present-day Lagos, which has been built on by subsequent governors. Some of his records include the initiation of the plan for the Lekki Free Trade Zone, which will boost the economy of Nigeria.
Also, the Eko Atlantic, which will help in solidifying Lagos’s status as a mega city and also help solve drainage issues in the state. In his campaigns, he has spoken of his desire to dredge the seaports in Cross River to welcome vessels and liberate the South-South economy.

Economic Agenda: 25% Budget Allocation to Education

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has urged governments of countries to allocate 15-20% of their budget to Education. Nigeria has over the years failed to meet this benchmark. The 2022 budget shows that just 7.9% was allocated to Education.

Track Record: Over his time as Governor, 25% of the Lagos State Budget was never allocated to education. However, in July 2000, Tinubu launched a free education programme for all Lagos State public schools, including free registration for WAEC/NECO exams. He also oversaw the upgrading of schools in the state, and some into Model Colleges. He would later become the first Governor to vote N127 million and fully initiate and execute payment of bursary/scholarship allowances to all tertiary institution students in Lagos State.

Economic Agenda: Eradication of University Lecturers’ Strike

Strikes from University lecturers have become a scourge in the Nigerian educational system. There have been 16 strike actions since 1999 and according to reports, ASUU has spent 1 day out of 4 days on strike in the last six years. ASUU has spoken out about the lack of investments in tertiary institutions and several other issues bothering on welfare and financing.

Track Record: In 2006, as Governor, the State injected N1 billion in the Lagos State University and despite being out of office has made several contributions to the Lagos State University. He further introduced a Unified Internal Education where N100 million was expended in 2006 to improve the quality of teaching. One of his lasting legacies is the establishment of the Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM) in 1999, he also oversaw the full accreditation of the course in 2005 by the NUC, and LASUCOM remains one of the best colleges of medicine in Nigeria. Also, he established the LASU Information, Communication and Technology Centre (ICT); renovated Staff Quarters, and Administrative Buildings, among others.

Economic Agenda: 10% Budget Allocation on Healthcare

Healthcare remains one of Nigeria’s critical sectors, with a large percentage of its population dependent on getting quality healthcare services from government-owned hospitals.

Track Record: Under his tenure as Governor, Tinubu increased budgetary allocation to the health sector from N1.6 billion in 1999 to N11.8 billion in 2006; this represents over a 1000% increase in 7 years. He established a Free malaria healthcare scheme, which saw children ages 12 years and below, and adults aged 60 years and above, get free malaria treatment. This also includes free antenatal programme. Under his leadership, the Lagos State Action Committee on Aids (LSACA) was established and this saw a reduction in HIV prevalence from 6.7% when he became governor, to 3.5%.

Economic Agenda: New Agriculture Policy

Agriculture remains the bedrock of a nation with food security. According to reports, Nigeria has about 70.8% hectares of land for Agriculture. The contributions of Agriculture are about 24% of Nigeria’s GDP. Despite all of this, the agricultural sector is plagued with some problems such as Climate change, and lack of technology to boost production, amongst others.

Track Record: Tinubu has never shied away from acknowledging the important role farmers play in ensuring food security in Nigeria. During his tenure as governor, and in a bid to boost food production, he distributed N150 million worth of Agricultural inputs to small and medium-scale farmers under the Lagos State Agricultural Micro-credit Scheme. Also, Tinubu has outlined plans to not only feed Nigeria but Africa with a sustainable policy on agriculture.

Economic Agenda: Decentralized Police Force

Security is key to the success of any policy or of any government. Security of lives and property is crucial to any government, as it represents the economic well-being of such a government. There are also ongoing debates on State policing as Policing resides on the Executive list of the Federal Government.

Track Record: Tinubu intervention on the need to have a state security apparatus saw into the Rapid Response Squad (RRS). His intervention breathed a new lease of life to security in Lagos State, with the squad tasked with fighting crime rates in Lagos State. The RRS with enormous support from Tinubu created a safe Lagos for indigenes and residents. The RSS is currently one of the best police units in the country.
Politics / Re: Tinubunomics: Dissecting Tinubu’s Economic Track Records - Nairametrics by 9jatriot(m): 8:48am On Jul 25
This is exactly how I remember this incident, that was when we first started hearing about exclusive list
I'm not having a conversation with you. I'm just curing your ignorance.

The FG under OBJ insisted on ENRON sending power to the National Grid . The FG eventually took over the project and ran it aground.

Politics / Re: Court Sacks Governor Umahi As Ebonyi South APC Senatorial Candidate by 9jatriot(m): 3:49pm On Jul 22
Can the first guy write INEC that he is no longer withdrawing?
Make Umahi family non for totally lose?


What about him? Everybody stepped down in his case
Politics / Re: #bishopchallenge Trending On Facebook. See Hilarious Photos. by 9jatriot(m): 11:31pm On Jul 21
And all of these nonsense are being done by so called Christians I believe.

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