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Crime / Re: SUPER TV CEO: Chidinma Disowned Her Family And Changed Her Name – Sister by 9jatriot(m): 4:13am On Jul 13
As predicted.
No wahala, naa here all of us de, very soon we will hear another version.

Politics / Re: Breaking! Buhari’s Aide,lauretta Swore To APC Membership Affidavit Reveals by 9jatriot(m): 2:37pm On Jul 08
Make they find another thing for her to do, she is clearly not fit to even be an ad hoc staff of INEC not to talk of being an INEC commissioner.

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Crime / Re: SUPER TV CEO: Chidinma Disowned Her Family And Changed Her Name – Sister by 9jatriot(m): 1:56pm On Jun 30
No wahala, naa here all of us de, very soon we will hear another version.


Chidinma was squatting with the old man she claimed was her father, they were just fuuckk buddies.
Her father died years ago according to her sister invited by the police at Panti

The police will definitely rearrest her old man fucckk buddy she claimed was her

Crime / Re: SUPER TV CEO: Chidinma Disowned Her Family And Changed Her Name – Sister by 9jatriot(m): 1:02pm On Jun 30
Compare this story with this one and you will see why I do not take bloggers serious.



Politics / Re: State Capture: Law Empowers Lagos Take Over Tinubu’s ‘Corruption Case’ From EFCC by 9jatriot(m): 11:41am On Jun 21
Are you paid to indirectly promote Tinubu? How can 85% of your post/ topics be about one human being?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Benin City Vs Asaba City Which Provide More Job Opportunities by 9jatriot(m): 2:40pm On Jun 18
Delta State is home to many oil wells but because of the perception of insecurity (rightly or wrongly) many offshore workers that could have stayed in those places will rather not.
Many states really need to be serious with governance
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Gifts His Father A Lexus Jeep On His Birthday (Photos, Video) by 9jatriot(m): 9:16am On Jun 16
At last someone remembers his father.
I wonder if the dad accepts his lifestyle though.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Rep At Miss Africa Russia, Lifts Blood Stained Nigeria Flag - video by 9jatriot(m): 3:59pm On Jun 15
If she was from North Korea, I wonder what the supreme leader would have done to her...
Politics / Re: Abia Curfew: De Latinos To Government "Save Our Livelihood, Means Of Survival" by 9jatriot(m): 1:38pm On Jun 15
Most people who are quick to ferment trouble are never-do-well who believe all their problems are caused by the rich, so they see civil unrest as an opportunity to bring the rick folks to their level by destroying their businesses.

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Politics / Re: DMO Confirmed PDP And Reno Omokri Lies by 9jatriot(m): 10:21am On Jun 15

Just to put the consessional loans we have with China in perspective.
It is akin to a man who bought a plot of land in Banana Island many years ago for 100k. The present value of the land is say around 1 billion. However he does not have the money to build a befitting house on the land and also does not want to sell the land.
So he approaches a rich man or a bank for loan. 5 billion naira loan to be able to build the kind of house fitting for an estate like that. The rich man is about to send him away but out of courtesy ask him what on earth he is doing with that kind of money and most importantly how he intends to pay him back his money.
So the poor man drops the bombshell and announces he has a plot of land in Banana Island. How? the rich man will ask, considering the present cost of land in the area.
The poor man explains how he bought it when no one knew the future. If he is able to convince the rich man that he is the real owner of the land, then the rich man will have a decision to make.
No one hands 5 billion to a man with no credit rating who has probably never seen 5 million before.
So the rich man says, go and raise 5 million from somewhere, and we can build a 10 billion naira house instead of this 5 billion you want.
Also, we will finish the project from start to finish with our money, yours is just to bring that 5 million to show that you are serious about the project.
The poor man brings his counterpart funds of 5 million and signs the loan papers of 2% loan PA for 20 years. Compare that with other loans of 25% PA.
The only thing he has to do is to be servicing the loan as at when due.
He can also come and inspect the project at will. This to me is a good deal if you ask me.

The major difference between IMF/ worldbank loans and these counterpart funding loans is that you can easily steal IMF loans but Chinese loans are tied to very specific physical projects.
Family / Re: Why Are Mothers So Loved By Their Children Than Their Fathers? by 9jatriot(m): 4:09pm On Jun 05
This is a typical example of what men go through in life.
Out of practical love for you, you dad insisted that you not only finish your university but also to finish with good grades, do you know why? Because he knows that there are hardly jobs around, and since he believes you are intelligent, he wants you to seat your arse out and bring out those potentials in you.
Rather than become that graduate that will be a role model to your younger ones, you have instead become a worker in a betting shop, which means you are also probably a gambler also, of course with the support of your mom. You see those players playing in the Nigerian leagues, many of them also thought they will be the next Ronaldo or Messi, but the chances are very low. Out of 20k young footballers, only about 100 eventually make it to the big stage, that was what the love of your father was guiding against.
Also right now, the man is alive to pay your fees maybe because he has not retired. What of if something happens to his source of income and he is no longer able to pay your fees, just you would have lost an opportunity? Then you will become bitter against everybody.

Just so you know, there is one Nigerian footballer that is a graduate, he recently got a job as a sporting director in Switzerland or so. If your destiny was really about football, nothing would have stopped you, you know how many of us when very young thought we were good footballers?
I do not want to speak ill of your mom, but she should have stood by your dad and since she has a lot of influence on you, where your dad was forceful, she should have been more persuasive.

When I was growing up, my dad was so strict and I'm his first son. He beats me up in any little thing I do. Everyone recognized me as a good footballer and I'm also intelligent naturally but I love football more than any other thing. I don't like to read. My dad many times banned me from playing football. He said I must go to school( higher institution). His strictness made me grow in fear and I'm always afraid to tell him what bothers me because he must scold me. During my second year in school I found out that school wasn't my calling. My destiny I based on football or business. I told my mum that I'm tired of school and she told my dad. My dad instead of calling me to find out why, he warned me never to say it again and I must graduate with good grades. In 2014 I told my dad to help me with money to open a bet9ja shop because there wasn't any in my town. He said I will use his money to play pool. I tried to explain but he didn't give me ears. To cut the story short I didn't fulfill my football dream and I ended up not graduating on time and started working for someone in bet9ja. Lately my mum got a loan for me to start up a bet shop which my dad never did. He keeps blaming me. WHY WON'T I LOVE MAMA MORE. If I want to send money home, I send to mum and tell her what to give to Dad

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump To Ban Tik Tok From The US by 9jatriot(m): 10:54pm On Jun 04
Like Nigeria like US.
Tiktok vs Twitter!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump To Ban Tiktok Today Over Security Concerns by 9jatriot(m): 10:54pm On Jun 04
Like Nigeria like US.
Tiktok vs Twitter
Politics / Re: DSS Arrests Kemepadei Bodmas For Inciting Nigerians against Buhari by 9jatriot(m): 3:40pm On Jun 02
Nothing inciting here na....
Politics / Re: How Can The Number Of Illegal Guns In Circulation Be Reduced by 9jatriot(m): 6:48am On Jun 02
Good to know someone is thinking along those lines too. This amount of money you have mentioned here will get the politicians salivating again and you know they will create another contract and the moping up will never be completed.
How about ensuring no new ones enter the country and get to such wrong hands and then blocking all flow of bullets, at least a gun without a bullet is useless, right?

I don't know what lalastilala thinks sha

I love spending time cracking my brain to look for solutions to problem and I have looked at how to mop up arms and dislodge all the bandit/Militia post Buhari govt and the only solution I could come up with will cost between 3-5 billion dollars and will require even hiring upto 3 very good private mercenary companies from Australia, South Africa and Russia to support our troops in this ardous task I presume will take about 5 years to complete.....the problem Buhari and his cohorts have caused is one of the biggest human insecurity challenge in history
Politics / Re: How Can The Number Of Illegal Guns In Circulation Be Reduced by 9jatriot(m): 6:24am On Jun 02
You think so? But there has to be a way.
This is something of national emergency, it can no longer be wished away.

Not an easy task ...Might cost Nigeria upto 3 billion dollars to mop up those arms
Politics / Re: How Can The Number Of Illegal Guns In Circulation Be Reduced by 9jatriot(m): 6:20am On Jun 02
Of course the Fulanis or any civilians for that matter have no right to bear arms.
Sir, I do not have what it takes to lead the force so I will pass

They should start by disarming the Fulanis. You will lead that task force.
Politics / Re: How Can The Number Of Illegal Guns In Circulation Be Reduced by 9jatriot(m): 5:41am On Jun 02
This is now a matter of urgent national action
Politics / Re: Has The Disbandment Of SARS Become Counterproductive? by 9jatriot(m): 10:27am On Jun 01
It is becoming clearer by the day. Many will soon realize that realize that a reform rather than a request for outright ban was a better option.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by 9jatriot(m): 1:27pm On May 28
On this particular one, I admit I did contribute a lot in drawing him out.

For a person who profiles people, I confess that I was deeply worried when he played one of his old tricks on Emma. He did same with Sholapey, biafraguy..., Ogogo... and many others. Very similar pattern of gathering info and then striking when you least expect.


Baba you dey instigate most of the fights on this thread and then pretend as if say you na peace maker. Do you just generally enjoy gbas gbos ni or you shey you have something to lose when there is peace somewhere?


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by 9jatriot(m): 1:07pm On May 28
Sir, compare what you said here with what you are doing now. You are falling into the exact trap you are trying to avoid.
Fighting dirty is his game, you cannot beat him in it.... Just stand down.

Let it go.

As long as he has found a loophole, he will squeeze it for all it is worth.

Driving Uber is not a crime, cyber stalking is actually a crime in some climes. So weda u de drive kabu kabu o, or bolt or uber, non let am worry you. I still wonder what he gains with keeping his dozier or receipt as he prefers to call them.

Just let it go.

... Ain't giving you a glimpse of who i am or my worth so you won't have the chance ...

Wanted to cropped out part of my post on that uber thread where I mentioned that I wanted to invest heavily on transport hence my adventures in driving just to know the pros and cons of the business but I won't, reasons are: if you tell an empty barrel man that he's nothing, he could go to any lengths to proof he's something just like you are doing but when you tell a real man he worth nothing, he will just shrug and smile it off, because the real worths dwell in you ,not what you are able to confuse people you are.

If you and your likes that love to salivate on people past posts could visit that uber threads and read comphrensively , you will understand I'm a person that can employ your generations. In-between uber drivers are coded millionaire but your lazy a$$ won't let you smell the coffee


Politics / Re: Repatriated Fund Goes To CBN, Not AGF's Office – Malami Clarifies by 9jatriot(m): 7:04am On May 28
Mr AGF, that was not what you were asked. Don't try to twist it.
They say you use to tell CBN gov'r to transfer the money to you, no one said you are the one that receives the money directly.
MTN scam, EFCC funds, I can't even remember the others but your list of infractures and suspected stealing are growing.
So why always you? Are you the only minister? You and that Garba

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by 9jatriot(m): 10:36am On May 27
Sir, no to all 3 statements and questions.
I learn from a lot of remarkable guys here on a ghost mode, but that guy has often times made this place a house of madness that one has to sometimes check to see if you are on the right thread.

Not only that, his/ her action has driven away many great contributors to this thread, if he now successfully drive oga Emma commot here, this thread never finish? He acts as if he is afraid to share the centre stage with others.
If you doubt me, go through 2018/2019 of this thread (at least that was when I took lot of interest here) many of those contributors with robust arguments are no longer here. If you have time, you will notice that many had clash with the guy and as self respecting individuals decided to leave the stage for him before one small boy go come insult them.

Baba your only contribution on this thread is to troll Lazyyouth. Are you a mod that is trying to use Lazyyouth to keep this thread active? Abi two of una get unfinished business b4?


Politics / Re: Collapse Of Imo International Conference Centre Built By Okorocha by 9jatriot(m): 8:46am On May 27
The first person to be held responsible are the engineers that designed, then the civil servants in the ministry of works whose job is supposed to supervise the work. Okoroacha or whoever the governor was or is will be far behind in the perking order of those to be held responsible.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by 9jatriot(m): 8:16am On May 27
As innocent as this question may seem, knowing your antecedent, I can tell that you see seeking for materials to one day call Emma audio.
You made a failed attempt in the past, I know you are still searching for that loophole.


CEO of Access Bank, do you mean Aig or Wigwe? These are self made men. Their money is surely not inherited money.

And do you know Oga Emma from outside Nairaland? I’m just curious grin


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by 9jatriot(m): 3:12pm On May 23
Baba, na ur turn to face owa inhouse self acclaimed "Investment professional" wen non de ever fit give financial advice. Talk TB, e go say rate too low. Talk stock market, e go say insider trading. Okay Bond nko, e go say because yield calculation de confusing e non advice u to do am. What of mutual funds, e non trust fund managers. Okay surely, you have nothing against real estate, e go say na lie tenant non good, REIT nko? e go say the person wan dump their shares on individual. Then real sector good? e go say na Emiefele be CBN governor so e non advice you to do anything for real sector. Oga "investment professional" tell us which sector come good na
The only investment wen he manage put 10k de expect 10 million after u talk say u achieve 300m, na em burst so, na em make am take the matter personal with you.
The other 2 monikers wen still de give am hope say the 10 million from 10k go still come, u non see as de guy the hail them and call them crypto experts.
Investment professional. I non fit laugh.
I don't discuss or analyze crypto. I only buy and keep bitco1n. Any other coin no concern me. I got very lucky with bitco1n during lockdown when i decided to lock my funds in it to escape Naira devaluation. So, my method is simple. Nothing to discuss or analyze. I am not a crypto expert.

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Sports / Re: Odion Ighalo’s Mother, Martina, Watches Him Play For The First Time In Stadium by 9jatriot(m): 3:04pm On May 20
And of course fathers never get mentioned.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Iniobong Umoren’s Sister Receives Job Offer (Photos) by 9jatriot(m): 2:23pm On May 20
What about state government, dem de forbid to offer job. EVerything FGN, Fulani... as if they are our only problems in the country,
Was even expecting FGN to offer two of her siblings a Federal Job since her burial last week

Ohh....i forgot it's strictly Fulani Affairs now

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Politics / Re: Has The Disbandment Of SARS Become Counterproductive? by 9jatriot(m): 2:19pm On May 20
At last, someone who understands what I have been trying to say all these while.
So kidnappers and armed robbers can also be your problems?
During endsars, you Lekki people tried to show the world that Nigeria Police is the number 1 problem of the country. Now you have seen that there is a way more bigger evil, so you realize you need the lesser evil. I heard the places where the police stations were burnt down in Lekki are now a haven for cultists and criminals as the police does not plan to build a station there anytime. Las las we go all dey alright. I hope Lagos state government rolls out their buses ASAP so Lagosians will not have to consider private vehicles kidnappers use.

Safety Tips
Please stop entering private vehicles doing transportation in that area especially Sienna vehicles.
If you are unsure of night movement, book uber or bolt.
If you are a lady going to work early morning or coming back late evenings, be a Liverpool fan. Never Walk Alone grin

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Politics / Re: Has The Disbandment Of SARS Become Counterproductive? by 9jatriot(m): 2:18pm On May 20
As the security situation in the country worsens with rising cases of kidnappings and killings, the Lekki Estates Residents and Stakeholders Association has alerted residents of the area to be vigilant as they go about their lawful activities.

LERSA, which is an association of “over 80 estates and communities” in the area, also urged the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to hasten his planned ban of all passenger motorcycles, especially within the Lekki axis.

This was contained in a statement issued on Wednesday and co-signed by Olorogun Emadoye and Gbemi Adelekan, President and Secretary General of the association respectively.

The statement directed to residents and stakeholders in the Lekki area was titled, ‘Re: Update On The State Of Security Affairs Across The Lekki Corridor’.

The statement read, “The Association has received various calls from residents expressing deep concern on the general insecurity in the Lekki axis.

“While acknowledging the efforts of the Police in trying to maintain peace and security, the Association is calling on the Government and the Security authorities for a broader and stern response to the activities of various criminals in the community and the State in general.

“In the light of the security challenges, we wish to commend the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu on the planned ban of Okada in the state. We believe that such a policy, if effectively implemented will reduce insecurity to a reasonable extent.

“We also wish to call on the Nigeria Police to declare a total war on people roaming the streets with dangerous weapons to curb the indiscriminate activities of some criminals.

“The Association wishes to admonish residents to take extra precautions against kidnappings following news of deteriorating security in the country.”

LERSA, therefore, advised residents to:

“Be observant, watchful and ensure that you are not being followed. If you suspect strange movement, drive to the nearest Police Station.

“Keep the discussions of your financial dealings away from strangers especially while in public places or while talking on your mobile phones. Always keep a low profile.

“Keep vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up, especially in traffic jams or traffic lights.

“Do not use ATM Machine at remote locations at night to avoid robbers and kidnappers.

“Do not stop to help strangers on the road, especially at night unless you are sure.

“Exercise precaution when walking at night. Do not jog at night, if you can avoid it.

“Ensure that you report any security incident to the Police. Be a friend to the Police.”

The Association also said it would seek audience with the state government and the Lagos State Police Command to discuss the security challenges within the axis.

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Muyiwa Adejobi, has said the Command would issue a statement on the latest happenings within Lekki.
Politics / Re: Open Grazing: Akeredolu Dares Malami by 9jatriot(m): 1:41pm On May 20
Very good question.
Thank you!

Malami is just a dulllard and a looonatic!!

Did anybody question any northern governor for banning the sale and consumption of alcohol

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