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Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Drinking Dirty Water (Video) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 6:43pm On Jan 26
Zoo people. If only they can use their tiny brains, they can purify that water in a few hours using only sunlight.

Let them keep waiting for the white man to bring water in plastic bottle for them.
I love this comment l except for the first sentence.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Saudi Arabia Announces Plans To Stop Funding Mosques Across The World by AbdulHakeem44(m): 5:42pm On Jan 26
When countries are donating funds to tackle poverty, improve scientific research, develop technology and help humanity, these head slammers are donating funds for mosques, indoctrinating fanatics and spreading terror all over the globe.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country that doesn't publicize all their good deeds according to the teaching of Islam. Google the number of countries they have funded for humanitarian services, you will still find little in it.

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Phones / Is He WISH Legit Or A Scam: The Real Reasons Why It Is So Cheap by AbdulHakeem44(m): 5:27pm On Jan 24
Is Wish Shopping Legit?

The Wish shopping app features crazy low prices on a lot of fashion items and accessories for men and women.

So, what's the catch?

Shopping on Wish is risky! It's hard to know if the products are genuine until you order and receive them.

Wish is as legit as Amazon and eBay. The company is real and there are real companies selling products on the app.

But since the sellers on Wish are located all over the world (but mostly in China), shipping takes longer, and product quality is lower. You can find mid-quality items for super cheap if you know what to look for, like Romwe for clothes or Geek for gadgets.

Just follow these tips to understand where the products you order comes from so that you know what to expect before checking out a shopping cart.

Where Do the Products on Wish Come?

Look at where the stuff on Wish comes from and you'll understand why the prices are so low. Wish is a mobile shopping site that connects buyers directly to individual merchants selling merchandise made in Chinese factories.

Many big retailers ship directly from China to Western countries like the US, UK and Canada successfully.

Unlike most online shopping experiences, where you buy from a retailer, an item from Wish comes directly from the factory. There are no middlemen, which means lower prices and less quality-control.

The Reason Stuff Is so Cheap on Wish
There's no middleman, no brick-and-mortar store, no employees restocking shelves, and no advertising money spent promoting a single shopping site. The savings go directly to the customer.

But there are some downsides to this stripped-down model. Read on!

Are Wish Products Fake?
The website and the app are definitely real: You order something, pay with your credit card, and the items will get delivered (eventually). But are the products offered fakes?

Wish doesn't sell many brands that are available in the United States. You'll find knock-offs of common brands. The quality is definitely lower than items in other stores or shopping sites, but if you're willing to take the chance, Wish can be a great value.

Cons of Shopping on Wish.com
Women's Clothing
The sizing is a gamble when ordering from Wish. Look at customer product photos and reviews to get a good idea of what size you should order.

Material and stitching is definitely cheap but can be appropriate for certain casual items. Sweaters, hoodies, and accessories make good Wish buys when you don't need the highest quality.

I tried ordering two tops from Wish. They were much more sheer than they looked in the picture. The V-neck peasant blouse I purchased was way too big. The other was a white long-sleeved shirt that looks okay but is made of cheap, breathable material. I learned to not order clothing to wear to work and stick to the casual or novelty items.

For clothing I'd recommend a site like SHEIN (which is actually legit) if you are looking for major steals from on trendy pieces. They ship straight from China and are less risky with fit and descriptions.

Is Personal Data Safe on Wish.com?

One of the biggest concerns some users have about Wish.com is that the site displays full user names on the profiles linked to wish lists. This means that your wish lists aren't private and any items you put on your lists show your real name.

In its privacy policy Wish.com says that they collect information about customers in two ways:

When customers sign up and purchase products Wish.com asks for name, email address, payment method information, shipping address, phone number, and social media account credentials.
Wish.com collects other data automatically, including your computer's IP address, location information (they say they ask for customer permission before obtaining specific GPS data), social network profile data, the browser you use, usage data including where you click and how much time you spend on pages.
With these things in mind Wish.com appears to be as safe for personal data as any other shopping site, and all sites can potentially be hacked.

Pros of Shopping on Wish.com
Legit Electronics from Wish
Purchasing electronics from Wish is hit or miss. Expect the audio quality from speakers or earbuds to be poor. Cables, like USB or HDMI, will work but they might not be as robust or last as long as their more expensive counterparts. A flash drive or storage device from Wish will also work as promised, which can be a great way to get cheap data storage. Bluetooth is also surprisingly reliable.

I recently received a pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones from Wish. While the sound quality isn't spectacular, the Bluetooth always connects and it's great to have when traveling or going for walks. Pretty good for $10.

Many of the electronics you buy in the U.S. come from Asian countries anyway, so the products don't differ too much. Think twice before buying anything that requires customer support, however, like a tablet or a smartwatch.
Beware of Deceptive Product Photos and Descriptions on Wish.com
There are going to be sacrifices in the order process when you buy directly from any factory. Though they cost more, the US-based retail stores serve an important purpose as middlemen to smooth the way for the customer.

Skipping the retailer entirely leaves the potential for a few drawbacks:

Mislabeled items
Wrong sizing in clothes
Inaccurate descriptions and photos of products
Poor customer service
Most of the time the customer receives exactly what they paid for from Wish. This requires that the item from the factory matches the description and pictures of the item in the app, which can be difficult in translation to English. Order from Wish often enough and eventually the product you ordered in the app will turn out to be slightly different than the item that shows up in your mailbox.
Some Drawbacks to Shopping on Wish.com
Shipping Takes Forever
The number one complaint about shopping on Wish is that items can take several weeks to arrive. Some might show up within five to seven days, but other orders may take a month to arrive.

Inconsistent Clothing Sizes
Clothes sizes on Wish is another issue. Asian and American sizing don't translate well and this is made worse by the fact that most Chinese factory-made items do not carry a size label. Customers that shop for clothes on Wish are often left wondering whether the "medium" they ordered, but which was small enough to fit a child, is really an "extra small" or just a factory mistake.

Poor Customer Service

The other downside of buying from a foreign factory is the customer service support is not very strong. With a retailer between you and the factory, the customer service experience is a lot better for the customer because that retailer has a reputation to uphold. The out-of-country factory has less direct stake in keeping you happy so it's up to Wish to communicate between the customer and the factory. This can lead to a lot of frustration from customers.

Making Returns on Wish.com
If you do get an item that differs from the item you ordered, is it possible to return the item to Wish for a refund? Yes, returns are possible, but they are not very easy.

Wish does offer returns and refunds, but they don't refund the initial shipping cost (usually pretty low) and you can expect to deal with a clunky customer service process.

How to Make a Return on the Wish App
Initiate a return to Wish through the app. You will message back and forth with customer service and they will send you a shipping label to return the item. Wish does not list a phone number so it is hard to contact someone directly. There is also no obvious option to escalate the customer service concern to someone else if the rep is not satisfying your concerns.

My Terrible Experience Trying to Return an Item
In my experience Wish is very good about issuing refunds, but the return process isn't friendly, as I unfortunately discovered first-hand. I bought a PAX 3 vaporizer as a Christmas present, hoping to get a deal. But the product that arrived was a clear knock-off, so I initiated a return. I was allowed 60 days to return the item but the customer service rep stalled and ignored me for long enough that the 60 days vanished. I had no option other than to say good-bye to that $85.

With the low cost of items on Wish, it seems like they make the return process difficult so most people will choose to eat the cost of a $3 item instead of fighting customer service.

Buying Wish Items for Resale
Since Wish is essentially a distributor you could make a good profit by buying cheap items and then reselling them. This is usually done through a drop shipping website. Another online option is using an Ebay store.

If you use Wish as a source for reselling you'll have better results if you add some value to the item in the process. Otherwise, your customers can just buy directly from Wish.

How do you add value?

Any way that you can reduce the risk for the customer will be adding value. You can take more accurate photos and post them so buyers are more informed.

Wish vs. eBay
The same cheap, fast-fashion clothing items from China can be found on eBay too. So what's the difference?

The eBay sellers with similar items usually have slightly higher prices so they can still make a profit after paying eBay's fees. They may also charge a bit more for shipping because they don't have the ability to do bulk shipping orders like Wish.

But a transaction on eBay is easier to dispute if you run into problems as a buyer. Also, the item descriptions tend to have more information, letting you get a better idea before you purchase.

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Crime / Re: Man Disguised In Hijab To Have Sex With A Woman In Her Husband's House (Photos) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:47pm On Jan 22
What about the married"eleha" abi na the man did it without her consent? You see all this useless Arab masquerade culture imposed on women brought into religion would cause more troubles more than it expected to cubbed ..Dem dey wear am go bomb market,Dem dey wear go thief,Dem dey wear am go Bleep someone wife for house..Dem dey wear to escape CCTV security camera..

Let's be sincere for once pls, how many of those criminals who used the veil bomb, steal and had carnal of someone else's spouse compared to those who don't veil and commit the same attrocities
Foreign Affairs / Pentagon Now Says 11 US Troops Were Hurt In Iran Missile Strike by AbdulHakeem44(m): 2:18pm On Jan 18
The US military acknowledged Thursday that 11 soldiers were wounded in an Iranian missile strike on a US base in Iraq, despite previously saying that there had been no injuries.

“While no US service members were killed in the Jan. 8 Iranian attack on Al Asad Air base, several were treated for concussion symptoms from the blast and are still being assessed,” a statement from the US Central Command said.
“Out of an abundance of caution, service members were transported from Al Asad Air Base, Iraq to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for follow-on screening. When deemed fit for duty, the service members are expected to return to Iraq following screening,” the statement added.
As a standard procedure, all personnel in the vicinity of a blast are screened for traumatic brain injury, and if deemed appropriate are transported to a higher level of care,” Urban said in a statement.

At the time of the attack, most of the 1,500 US soldiers at the base had been tucked away in bunkers, after advance warning from superiors.

Top US officials, including US President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Mark Esper said several times that there were no US casualties in the missiles strikes on two US bases that came as an Iranian response to the January 3 drone strike that killed senior Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Military officials explained the discrepancy, saying that their symptoms had only recently developed

“Symptoms emerged days after the fact, and they were treated out of an abundance of caution,” Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman told CNN. “We corrected the record today,” he said. The Office of the Secretary of Defense “learned about these injuries today and directed a statement go out immediately.”

Iranians fired a total of 16 missiles strikes, US officials said. Eleven hit the airbase, in Iraq’s western Anbar province, and one targeted the base in Irbil, in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region. The missiles were described as likely short-range with 1,000- to 2,000-pound warheads. Four failed to detonate.

Iran had claimed 80 US soldiers were killed in the strikes.

Ain al-Asad was first used by American forces after the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, and it later was used by American troops in the fight against the Islamic State group. It houses about 1,500 US and coalition forces. Trump visited it in December 2018, making his first presidential visit to troops in the region. Vice President Mike Pence visited both Ain al-Asad and Irbil in November.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday he wants to avoid war after Tehran and Washington appeared on the brink of direct military confrontation in early January for the second time in less than a year.

Ahead of parliamentary elections on February 21 — predicted to be a challenge for Rouhani’s camp — and amid high tensions between Tehran and the West over Iran’s nuclear program, the president said dialogue with the world was still “possible.”

“The government is working daily to prevent military confrontation or war,” Rouhani said in a televised speech.

Rouhani said the strike amounted to “compensation” for the death of Soleimani, the architect of Iran’s Middle East military strategy.

The tensions between the two enemies seemed to subside in the wake of the accidental downing of a Ukrainian passenger airliner hours after the retaliatory strikes, as Iran was on high alert for US reprisals.

The tragedy killed 176 people, mostly Iranians and Canadians.

Source :https://www.timesofisrael.com/pentagon-acknowledges-11-us-soldiers-were-hurt-in-iran-missile-strike/

Politics / Re: Khadija Lamido Sanusi Shakes Osinbajo (Photos) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 9:38am On Jan 14
Why is the Reverred daughter of the GREAT EMIR OF KANO holding so tightly to an 'infidel?'

On top of that, she's not wearing hijab to cover those sexy neck of hers.

This is unacceptable

MURIC where at thou
Aren't you guys tired of judging a religion on an action of single person. Does she represent Islam in anyway even if her father is the king of Saudi Arabia. We take Islam rulings from Quran and hadith not from elites. We are tired of explaining this into your dull skull

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Politics / Re: Video Of Hanan Buhari On The Presidential Jet, Waving. Shared By Aisha Buhari by AbdulHakeem44(m): 7:10pm On Jan 13
If not Fraud Luggard, how this illiterate habokee offspring that should be hawking fura at Mami Market be doing inside plane? Not even plane but presidential private jet.

Fraud Luggard, you shall continue burning in hell.

She is more successful than you are. Don't let hatred kill you.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Philippine: Volcano Spews Ash, Steam And Lava. 8,000 People Evacuated by AbdulHakeem44(m): 2:06pm On Jan 13
While in Nigeria ,our own natural disasters are our Political elites with their unbridled greed and lack of empathy for the common man cry

I couldn't agree more
Politics / Re: CBN Governor, Emefiele Risks Prison Over $53m Garnishee Order by AbdulHakeem44(m): 9:51pm On Jan 12
Dear Puskin seun, lalasticlala, myndd44, justwise FOD, dominique, naijacutee.
I had an account IAmBloody that I was using but puskin banned me(that was last year)for derailing, so I decided to deactivate the acct then I started viewing nrl as a guest but whenever I read front page news I do have d urge to comment, so I registered this moniker "ModAvoi*Me" then I made a comment on betting thread but some guys report me to puskin and guess what? He banned me till 2043!!! shocked how on earth am I going to contribute on nairaland without creating a new account? Seun you should teach your mods how to ban people on your thread.

And Puskin please unban me kiss Please
Till 2043? Lol. Why don't have mod kuku remove you from nairaland
Foreign Affairs / Re: Oman's Sultan Qaboos Dies; His Cousin: Haitham bin Tariq Al, Named as New Ruler by AbdulHakeem44(m): 6:00pm On Jan 11
no am not a Muslim, Iranians are persians they ve their own religion before they mix their peaceful religion with Islam see where it landed them today,Sunni Islam are the deadliest group in Islam those ones can even kill a year old baby,if your a Muslim a sunni and your not killing in the name of your religion your fake sunni
Foreign Affairs / Re: Oman's Sultan Qaboos Dies; His Cousin: Haitham bin Tariq Al, Named as New Ruler by AbdulHakeem44(m): 4:48pm On Jan 11
America killed an Iranian general 43 people died while mourning him ,Iran shot down air plane belonging to Ukraine passengers inside the plane are 80 Iranians 63 Canadian Iranians ,Iran fired missile inside American base single soul was not lost ,Iran should go back to their religion which is zorostan and leave the cult called shiasim, may the souls on the innocent passengers in that plane rest in peace,

Are u a Muslim. You sounded so historian in your last two sentences.


Phones / Advice Needed by AbdulHakeem44(m): 12:20pm On Jan 11
Good day Nairalanders, I humbly write to request from your useful experience to guide me in this regard. I downloaded wish (an online store) application which I guess many of us know about. I saw a phone tab which goes for a very subsidized price (as low as #20k). I wish to book an order but I don't know about clearance issue when it gets to Nigeria. I have been hearing that imported goods or items are heavily charged, because if it is so, I would rather forfeit the purchase since what attracted me in the first place was the cheap price. I would like to know the range of amount that can be charged for clearance.

Thanks buddies.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs. Iran: It's Not Over (Analysis) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 2:37pm On Jan 09
haba na! 24hrs is enough for Trump to cleanse d country out, but America would never do that, because Iran and it's brand of religion serves as a rival role to Saudi Arabia and Islam
Lol, 24 hours? Joke of the century.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Damage To US Air Base In Iraq Hit By Iranian Missiles (Satellite Photos) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 2:30pm On Jan 09

You know so much yet you do not know they carry out tests? Weapons must be tested and in contained areas. Russia and America got secret military and tactical information at the height of the cold war, how?
Movies? Just keep quiet.
If you think the latest weapon under test are made public, sorry for yourself. If America tells you today they have 20,000 fighter jets and 600,000 ballistic missiles, believe it at your own peril. No powerful countries exposes their exact military might.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs. Iran: It's Not Over (Analysis) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 2:27pm On Jan 09
You can never trust all this Islamic countries....Trump should wipe off Iran entirely from the world map jare
Lol, how easy is that?
Foreign Affairs / Re: At UN, US And Iran Invoke 'self-defense' For Military Confrontation by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:32pm On Jan 09

Shame to your parents

Do you have respect for parents at all? On top international matters?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Damage To US Air Base In Iraq Hit By Iranian Missiles (Satellite Photos) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:28pm On Jan 09
No missile defense system are currently deployed in those bases, only radars which did quite a nice job warning the base before time ( those missiles are relatively slow). Deploying a defense system can be seen as a preparation for war and arouse tensions unless of course the Iraqi government makes purchase which is not quite as easy as having enough money to spend.
Pffff! Iran only successfully displayed how far they have to go to start making high precision missiles. Even Israeli defense would dust those missiles like they are no threat on a busy day. I can only imagine their midrange ballistic missiles will even be poorer in general specifications.

Too much if American movies. No country tells you their latest warfare technology, they are meant for real war. The likes of America, Iran, Russia, istreal, China, India etc don't reveal their contemporary technologies to the public like that, who does that? Whatever you hear they call latest is what has been achieved decades ago. You tell me ur strength and I know how to bring u down without much noise. You don't know warfare.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Full Text Of Trump's Speech On Iran And Reaction On Social Media by AbdulHakeem44(m): 10:12am On Jan 09
wot is dis one saying undecided
Fact he says, you can't understand when you listen to too much western media
Travel / Re: Iran Will Not Give Black Box From Crashed Ukrainian Airliner To Boeing by AbdulHakeem44(m): 4:52pm On Jan 08

They probably want to examine it to see if there was foul play. Its most of their citizens dt died.

They are at war & boeing is a western company dt cant be trusted to give an uninfluenced report. It makes sense.

U dey mind people who only reason sentimentally
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Airbase In Iraq Hit By Rockets by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:12pm On Jan 08

It shows they are playing their God assigned role of being the defender of the universe. That is why God made them complete to face the task ahead. God forbid all this aggressive , terrorist countries where bless with such knowledge as America...they would 've over ran the world ...

US has even fought more wars than Islam does, US are the real terrorist here


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Offers Iraq S-400 Air Defense System To Protect Airspace by AbdulHakeem44(m): 9:42am On Jan 08

If they sell it to Iran,
what will happen?
That is a direct confrontation with the US of course, Russia isn't that stupid. I know you are arguing from the perspective of me saying Iran will crush USA right? Lol. War is not the answer but US is a bully
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Not Join America In War Against Iran - Benjamin Netanyahu by AbdulHakeem44(m): 9:39am On Jan 08

Iran are chest beaters. They fired 22 ballistic missiles without any casualty. What a useless mofos.

What if they are warning or message strikes, lol. People like you ehn
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Not Join America In War Against Iran - Benjamin Netanyahu by AbdulHakeem44(m): 9:23am On Jan 08
There's a kind of special danger Iran poses to these people they are not telling us. I think President Trump will eventually apologise and US pay restitution to Iran. There's this sinking feeling that Trump behaved badly in this case because he has no military background and underrated that General before approving his assassination. He could have stopped the threat without killing the war tested General. He made a mistake killing that man and should own up. Period. Unlike the celebration that greeted other killings by US forces, this one truly and really didn't sit well with Americans and that mammoth crowd at the funeral and the weeping Iran Leader was most touching. The ghost of that man will haunt President Trump.

Trump is the first American president who has never served in any governmental or militarial position before assuming the presidency. Even when he's wrong with his decisions, people still stick to him because they believe this war is between Islam and Christianity, whereas the war is very political and economical.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Offers Iraq S-400 Air Defense System To Protect Airspace by AbdulHakeem44(m): 8:50am On Jan 08
Na wetin concern Russia for this matter sef? undecided

Russia and Iraq are allies Na, so what do you expect of Russia when he sees one of his allies in a potential danger. At least they didn't give it to Iran.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Airbase In Iraq Hit By Rockets by AbdulHakeem44(m): 8:42am On Jan 08

Keep your chest beating to yourself ...USA is not new to war...infact they 've fought more wars than any other country in this world....The best Iran can do is fighting like the terrorist they are....Be assured that there will be consequences. Till date all we hear is same chest beating ...They can't even dare Israel who lives their mist..,I don't pity USA but I pity Iran cos some strangers will train their kids for them when they are gone...Even Allah has rejected them and their terrorist way of life....That is why peace loving nations prefer Saudi way of life than this terror nation

They have fought more wars tan any countries, this alone shows that they are terrorists
Politics / Re: US Vs Iran: Nigeria’s Islamic Supreme Council Reacts, Issues Warning by AbdulHakeem44(m): 8:32pm On Jan 07
If they killed a Muslim in far mid east, northerners will either be the ones to stage a protest or start a retaliatory attack on their fellow Nigerians.
Like who did this to these fellows?

The reason is because we Muslims are not divided by region, we are one nation. Whatever happens to a Muslim far north or east is of concern to every other Muslims regardless of your race or tribe or country. But the issue is, the protestants here are Shiites cos Sunni Muslims who are the majority don't give a shit.

People are thinking the standoff between USA and Iran is religious, very far from them, they only use religion to draw sympathy, the war is of political and economical. Only those who don't know what is going on are commenting from religious perspective, they are far from the fact.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Acting On Turkey’s Troop Deployment In Libya – FG by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:05pm On Jan 07
Libya has been the cause of the crisis in the region. since the death of of Gaddafi terrorism has been let lose all thanks to the war in Libya. arms and ammunation i n the country are mostly from Libya

USA let loose terrorism in Libya.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Folks, Tolerance Is NOT Playing On People's Brains by AbdulHakeem44(m): 12:59pm On Jan 07

These people are very cunning, they have several tactics in luring lukeworm Muslims to engage in their ibaada, may ALlāh strengthen you and make you steadfast OP

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Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S Denies Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister Visa To UN Meeting by AbdulHakeem44(m): 12:21pm On Jan 07
Isn't it gradually becoming obvious that USA is the bully here. Since the meeting is about security issue, why denying him visa, chaiii.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Anti-War Protesters Gathered Outside The White House (Photos) by AbdulHakeem44(m): 2:30pm On Jan 06
cool cool
You can't love US of A less. They are very compassionate people.

They know Iran isn't match for their country but they still want to allow peace reign despite Iran's provocations.

When war definitely starts, the innocents suffer most. Why war in the first place?

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Sports / Re: Ibrahimovic: I Want 70 Thousand Fans At San Siro, Otherwise I Won't Play! by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:39pm On Jan 06
Igberaga de


Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Sets $80m Bounty On Trump’s Head, Eyes White House As Target by AbdulHakeem44(m): 1:36pm On Jan 06

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