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Politics / Re: Senator Ovie Omoagege Embark On Massive Constituent Empowerment ( Pictures) by AdexAbbey(m): 8:25pm On Jun 06, 2017
Ya jo'hwo,

make Im dy dere dy yarn opata as if he even know him sinator name not to talk of wetin he don do or wetin he wan do.

Hey Eva!

It's been a while ooo...
Celebrities / Re: Davido Mourns His Uncle, Isiaka Adeleke's Death (photo) by AdexAbbey(m): 12:29pm On Apr 24, 2017
Travel / Re: Living In Ghana, My Experience. by AdexAbbey(m): 10:23pm On Apr 20, 2017
Nice one op... I still need many info cos I will be going to GH next month...

Family / Re: Is My Wife Sleeping With Her Boss? by AdexAbbey(m): 8:29am On Apr 04, 2017
na wa ooo

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Romance / Re: Please Advise Me... Can I Still Trust Her? by AdexAbbey(m): 10:20am On Apr 03, 2017

Same thing happened to me 2 months ago, mine was even worst cos she had sex with the guy but she cried & beg for forgiveness. She even involve my dad & her mum & they all beg me to forgive her which I did. But u know what? I retaliate not even up to 2 weeks.

When I did, she almost commit suicide & she was broken. In fact, since then she has caught me with 3 different gals & she always tell me how hurt she feels & I will apologise but the truth is that I feel nothing for her anymore & I always see her as a betrayal. I no longer care if she cheat or not cos the trust is no more there.

Bro, if u feel she deserve the second chance then give it a trial but don't put all your hope in her anymore.

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Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 8:50am On Mar 07, 2017
May be you should stop picking her calls...

OK... Thanks
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 7:19am On Mar 07, 2017
You are only 25, this shouldnt be your problem for now, you are young, still fresh and have a lot ahead of you..move on to the next girl cos Ms cheater will still cheat again and this time worse ,probably shock u to be a guest at her wedding, since she has started saying the other guy wants to come for her intro... My dear work on your future....

Thanks for this!

But this gal won't let me be, she keep pleading & involving lots of people. Making them believe I don't have mind of forgiveness.
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 1:45pm On Mar 06, 2017
Some girls go just make u tire to love
For me if a girl had sex with som oda guy forget it we are through

May be yes may be no, especially when the said person has impacted your life positively... You may be tempted to forgive!
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 1:43pm On Mar 06, 2017
hmmmmm.... are you sure?

Yes boss!
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 7:10am On Mar 06, 2017

I would have said something but no need.

Say what u want to say man, you might be helping someone... #Including me!
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 5:56pm On Mar 05, 2017

The dude is not yet standing on his feet and will not marry her in the next 3 years. She is 24 and you know she is ripe for marriage already.

The relationship has hit rock already. She knows dude can't marry her. Imagine a girl that paid his own RENT and has been doing other financial obligations ever since. She knows his capacity and financial incapacity

I don't know if you are right or wrong but all I know is that have already move on with another gal & she is even the one begging to come back, infact her mum is now involve in this cos she has been calling to beg me & get back with her daughter. Never knew she can be hurt like that when she meet my new babe in my crib, either way she is at lost cos we can't end up together anymore.

Can't get married to someone I can't trust!
Romance / Re: Why Can't You Forgive? - Sugarboyy by AdexAbbey(m): 4:34pm On Mar 05, 2017
Hmmmm... I will forgive her but I need to revenge first.
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 4:14pm On Mar 05, 2017
Update coming soon...

Did the bitch a strong thing!
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 7:43am On Feb 23, 2017

just be friends with her dats all I ask..dis is all lies to compliment d present situation..if another situation present itself she will still cheat.i rest my case dnt look at her fake cry..

Thanks so much... Have already made a decision since yesterday...
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 12:04pm On Feb 22, 2017
Thanks to everyone for the advise...

She came to my place yesterday & continue begging that she will change & she will never have anything to do with the guy anymore. She even swear with her unclothedness & many thing...

This morning she did the same thing & with lots of crying.

When I ask her what makes her cheat on me for the first time despite the fact she knows she will be the loser if I find out, she said she can't explain & attribute everything to be spiritual (spiritual husband things), that she always love me...
She later told me if I don't forgiver her she will understand cos she knows she has really offended me but I should help her seek solution to the problem.

She told me anytime things are going well between us & she has put all her mind that she will always be for me that's when bad thought will start coming her mind.

I'm very confused at this stage, I don't know if to believe or not.

Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 11:40am On Feb 22, 2017
Both of you are still very young..24 and 23. There is so much time ahead of you..it is up to you. you can see this as a good experience and see what you can learn from it and move on or you can hang on follow it up by forgiving her and giving her another chance...trust me when ur older the things you will regret are the things you did not do.....

Thanks for this!

Forgiving her is not the issue here, infact I have when my dad called me to plead on her behalf.

But I no more trust her & for the fact she might still be seeing the guy at my back.
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 8:15pm On Feb 21, 2017
let me be the first to tell you this sad news.





Thanks so much, but the truth is that I still love her that's why am asking for an advise... Let me say not real love but have gained/am gaining many things from her & for the fact that I have no one here, all my family/relatives are in lag while am in Delta state.
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 4:59pm On Feb 21, 2017
U guys nid to sit down and seriously talk. From the look of things u guys are still not matured enough. Ultimately go get yourselves some relationship advice from professionals. Peace!

Thanks for this... How can I go about this?
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 4:02pm On Feb 21, 2017
Everything's so childish, I can't even assimilate. Are u both adolescent?

Please advise on what to do, that's not necessary.
Romance / Please I Need Your Advise On This! by AdexAbbey(m): 3:21pm On Feb 21, 2017
House... please I need u guys advise to ease this pain am going through... Please pardon my typo errors

I have a girl have been dating for almost 3years now & she has been very helpful to me, infact she recently paid my house rentage of 72k early this month.

But our problem started on the 14th(val day), in the morning I sent her a text which she didn't reply nor call back to tell me she saw the text. Then some hours later a text entered my phone with her number, checking the text I saw it contains 2 different text messages & a phone number, out of curiosity I dialled the number & a guy picked. Then I try calling her phone but switched off, I went straight to her place of work & I ask her whose number is that she said she did not know. in her presence there I added the number on whatsapp, lo & behold its one guy that she always tell me they are just friends. I show her the picture & she said she will tell me the truth, that we should go home together which I obliged.

Getting home she started pleading that the guy text her & she replied with THANKS MY LOVE, she revealed to me that the guy went to Ghana & ever since he came back, he has been disturbing her for relationship & her friend told her to give him a chance which she did but she is ready to break everything at that instance, she picked her phone & call the guy to tell him she is no longer interested in him in my presence but I was still not satisfied & I sent her out of my house.

We didn't see since then till on 16th which she started calling & sending text to beg for my forgiveness which I did not reply nor answer her call. The next morning she came to my place to beg me & during the course I picked up her phone & went through her whatsapp conversation, what I saw there was very terrible & the cause of my unhappiness.

I saw different conversation she had with her friends, there is this particular one that she likes wella, she was telling the girl that I have caught her with the guy o & I told her I don't want her again so she went to meet the guy & the guy rejected her too but she lied to the guy that the call she called him was just a joke & the guy accept. She also tell her friend that the guy love her die cos the guy nearly commit suicide on hearing she break up with him. Then her friend ask her what she want to do & she replied that the guy is her last hope o cos there is no hope from my own side, her friend asked her that does she knows she is about to dissapoint me which she replied YES! Her friend was surprised as she typed JESUS! She also tell her friend that the guy is coming to do her introduction next month ending.

Her friend then ask her if she can cope without me which she said it will be hard cos it's me that she need but I won't take her back & the guy is her last hope now. Her friend just replied her to follow her heart so she wont make miatake, when I confronted her with the message, she said she just wanna hear what her friend will say. Instantly she broke her sim card & started begging me that she will CHANGE that she can't explain what's wrong with her. She confessed that she actually went to the guys place & had sex with him on val day.She used my phone to call the guy that she is no more interested, now my fear is this... Can I trust her again? She involved my dad & he begged me to forgive her but I haven't. She even drop her phone with me since that day that she doesn't want to use phone again if that will make me happy.

I need you guys advise!

Can she really change?

Note: I'm 25 while she is 24...

cc: lalasticlala, Seen,
Religion / Re: Money Orisha ~ Money Charm ~ Money Spells by AdexAbbey(m): 7:13am On Oct 20, 2016
G U Are Really Meam Bout Dis Stuff Lol.

Yes ooo... I have determined make it on the street!


Religion / Re: Money Orisha ~ Money Charm ~ Money Spells by AdexAbbey(m): 12:37pm On Sep 26, 2016

Please, I want you to enlight me more on EYONU.

How does it work?

Does it related to ritual?

Any side effect

Your response will be appreciated sir!

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Religion / Re: Witchcraft Exposed by AdexAbbey(m): 12:29pm On Sep 26, 2016
Nice one sir...

Please don't stop enlightening us, may God bless you more.

Celebrities / Re: Joke Jigan Celebrates Her Birthday With A Doggy Style Pose With Her Boyfriend by AdexAbbey(m): 8:58am On Sep 26, 2016
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy’ Steals US Soldier’s Identity, Dupes American Lover by AdexAbbey(m): 4:17pm On Sep 25, 2016
hav Sent Series Of Messages.. Its Nt Been Going

Sorry for that...

This is my contact... 08069783049...

Just drop a whatsapp message
Career / Re: My First Week As Teacher by AdexAbbey(m): 5:06pm On Sep 24, 2016
"It's an ERROR to be so intelligent, knowledgeable, talented, charismatic and educated with 1st class & 2nd class degrees, yet your BANK ACCOUNT is EMPTY" Lols

Some people prefer to search for job for 2, 3, 4 to 5 years and they think nothing wrong with that. And they see starting up a business as difficult task. People work for 25 to 35 years and retire broke and wretched, which is not normal.

Economy is on a recession, workers haven't receive their salaries for months and people still keep searching for government work. The population of unemployed Youths is on the rise with every batch that passes out of the NYSC scheme and there is no white collar jobs.

And someone comes to me and say,Sam! invest N3,200 in this network business and start earning money every month and I said, "bros move, all na scam" that I cannot talk, I cannot see people and I cannot hawk. Then I see people making real money from it, getting alerts. But I keep saying na fake, na lie and I keep bribing someone to get a government job that the salary is #25,000 which is not constant and the person keep making money from me all in the name of helping me get a job but at the end of the day I did not get the job. And I now sat down to calculate how much I have spend searching for a job of #25,000 as a salary because I want my name to be in government pay roll and put on suit every morning then and I realized that I have spend #180,000. Then I now asked myself a question why didn't I give that business a try?

Leveraging is the different between WORK HARD and WORK SMART. Work hard 2 earn salary & create income. Wen u work & earn salary, ur income grow linearly but wen u ar creating wealth by leveraging, ur income grows exponentially. Also when u work 4 som1, u hav no tim freedom, bt wen u leverages, u hav total tim freedom. Wen u work as salary earner, money stops wen wrk stops bt wen u leverage,income keeps coming. There4 it is left 4 u 2 think deep & choose btwn earning salary and leveraging. Leverage is the profit you make on the efforts of others. The richest men in this world make their money through the POWER OF LEVERAGING.(Network business).

To be rich is HARD, to be poor is very simple and free of charge You are the one to make your choice.

Behind Every GREAT idea, there are people saying it won't work, and these are people depend on the government for job but fail to think "what if it works?"

The queue to the ATM machine was something else because we all wanted to withdraw money. Although there was another machine beside it, nobody moved towards the second machine. We had about 25 people on one single queue.
When my sis & I got there, I also went to queue but she asked one of the customers what was wrong with the other machine. "I don't know", he said, '... but somebody said there is no money in it'.
After listening to that 'somebody' tale, my sis told me to move straight to the machine everyone neglected and inserted my card. Lo and behold, the same machine 'somebody' said would not work, dispensed the sum of N25,000.
As we were walking away like
a magician, others who saw some cash I had withdrawn
broke away from the initial queue and rushed to that machine.
Why did I tell you this experience?
1. People don't get something they need from somewhere because they refused to try.
2. People refused to try because 'somebody' somewhere said it won't work.
3 The somebody somewhere may be an old authority who doesn't believe in evolution.
4. People won't take steps to do what others don't do because of the 'what if it doesn't work?' question.
5. People ask this question because they don't want to take risks.
6. Those who don't take the risk of checking if the other machine is working will remain on the long queue and may not even get what they need eventually. Meaning achieving in 2hrs what they could have achieved in 2min.
7. When a pacesetter comes and succeeds after 'chesting' the criticisms, others break ranks and follow him.
Therefore, stop believing 'the somebody' that asks 'what if it doesn't work?'
Ask another question: 'What if it works?'
Never allow anybody to discourage you

If you have not learn how to make money even while sleeping, you will work until you die. Networking business, the only option that will tell you how possible it is to be sleeping and making money. That is, if you are with the right company. Quote me and drop your whatsapp contact for easy communication let's talk about business that works that you will start with just #3,200 and within a year or two, you will start counting millions and doesn't disturb your other work.

08069783049... Lets discuss...
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy’ Steals US Soldier’s Identity, Dupes American Lover by AdexAbbey(m): 3:30pm On Sep 24, 2016
dem no fit catch we won to be.

Hey bro!

Let me have your digit, we need to discuss.
Technology Market / Re: Cheap Data plan (Boltdata.ng) by AdexAbbey(m): 8:11am On Sep 17, 2016
Can I send the card through whatsapp?

Send me ya number
Sports / Re: My Life Is In Danger - Sunday Oliseh Cries Out by AdexAbbey(m): 1:23pm On Jan 29, 2016
What is DANGER?
Sports / Re: My Life Is In Danger - Sunday Oliseh Cries Out by AdexAbbey(m): 1:22pm On Jan 29, 2016
Crime / Re: Men Defraud Ecobank Of N210Million In Warri by AdexAbbey(m): 3:50pm On Jan 15, 2016

I dont know of Stanley, but i can vividly say IGHO is not & will never be in prison!

Street boss is still in the street, buzzling the street on a street thing.

I hail u my Oga @Igho!
Celebrities / Wizkid React To Olamide & Don Jazzy Feud by AdexAbbey(m): 4:05pm On Jan 02, 2016
Wizkid's reaction to Olamide & Don Jazzy feud.


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