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Webmasters / Re: How To Rebrand Your Blog by Africanpoint(m): 11:38am On Dec 08, 2017
How can you talk about rebranding when your own bLog is not even mobile responsive? Haba
na your chinko phone no make am responsive
Webmasters / How To Rebrand Your Blog by Africanpoint(m): 8:03pm On Dec 07, 2017
If you missed me last post "Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018" You can read it Here..

After seeing they needs to rebrand your blog ,the question 'how to rebrand your blog' comes to the table . You must be ready to make some sacrifice if you want to skyrocket your blog to the next level.
Everyday , Hundreds of people join the blogosphere with high hope but end up quitting before they even start. They truth is 1 out of 10 bloggers is likely to succeed, what happen to the remaining 9 ;

*Greed - You become greedy once the money starts coming,you stop posting quality contents, you don't check How you SEO is doing,you beg people to click your adverts instead of reading your posts.
You feel on top of the world once you get your very first $100.

*Indecisiveness - Ooh, I love this template,Woow what plugin is that, Oh My God your Logo is the best can you make one for me..What the heck, Blogging is all about been unique, if you can't be unique be creative , Look at people that make it and follow there foot steps.

* Lack Of Passion - Yes, any blogger who don't have passion for blogging will not last in the blogosphere and will likely quit at the edge of a breakthrough.There are many reasons but lets just stop here for now.

How To Rebrand Your Blog
How can you rebrand your blog? Well, You look at 7 reasons why you should rebrand your blog,we are also going to look at 7 Things That Needs Rebranding In your blog.

1. Know What Works For You and Your Blog - Before you rebrand your blog , you must first of all know what works for you and your blog . The niche you are operating on right now may not be working to good for you right now, so you either change it or it change you from a blogger to a blog reader.

2. You Are To Follow Your Passion - Don't blog about something you are not passionate about or familiar with, blogging about something related to your career or something you love doing is much easier and fulfilling.
3. Go For Quality Contents Not Quantity Of Contents - The quantity of your blog posts does not matter but there quality does. Having so many worthless posts in your blog is a problem but having 10 good post is all you need to get that breakthrough as a blogger. You don't need to be an english student to write great contents all you need to do is learn the basics.

4. You are good alone, But Its best to have An author, a mentor or a partner - No man is an island of.knowledge , you can't know it all.

5. Adapt To the new trends in the blogosphere - New techniques , new method have emerged , better technology are available don't deny your blog access to them. Things are meant to change even your blog.

6. Do That upgrade - your site is not secure? Get An SSL certificate, Your monthly bandwidth gets exhausted in time or your disk space is running out of space? Upgrade to a higher plan,You don't have a custom domain? Are you kidding me , Go get a domain right away.

7. Promote your blog - you can never have enough,blog promoting is one aspect of blogging that one needs to put more effort to, run Facebook Adverts,GuestPost,Share your contents On social Media and see what comes out of your hard work at the end of the day.

8. You May want to consider your theme (templates) - Noooo.... Nothing is wrong with me theme, is just that the related posts is not coming up something , What! And you said nothing is wrong with your theme, there are few and cheap templates out there that will make you, your blog and your readers satisfied. Haven't you heard that 'You can Judge A Book By it cover'.

Extra Tip
I use a secret recipe to get my blog where it is today,i am not yet there but i am positive that my blog is on the right path, I will share with you my secret recipe i call 'The 3P's : Recipe For Success' , Yes i know the name sounds rather funny but in this case you can't judge a book by it name.

The 3P's : Recipe For Success

1. Passion - Be passionate about what you do, this is applicable to not just bloggers but every one and in everything you do if the passion is not there the result will not be favourable.

Continue Reading....
Webmasters / Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018 by Africanpoint(m): 11:20am On Dec 05, 2017
Are you sure your blog have what it takes to make it through 2017 and possibly to 2018 and beyond?

Do you want to still see 200 daily pageviews everyday in your Google Analytics Dashboard even in 2018?
Do you really want to wake up everyday and write, share and promote your blog posts every day but have nothing to show for it?
No Blogger on earth will say YES to that , So what can you do to change that . Well, I've got one word for you my friend, 'REBRAND' yes you read that right , Rebrand Your Blog. I didn't say 'Redesign Your Blog' i said 'Rebrand Your Blog' .
Rebranding is quiet different from redesigning, overviewing , changing , updating your blog posts, template , trying new trends and using new techniques , rethinking your strategies amd niche etc are exactly what Rebranding is all about.
I will be sharing with you some signs that you need to pay close attention to that scream out loud - 'Update Me', 'Change Me' on your blog. Let get down to business;

Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog

Nothing should be constant while expect 0 but other than that, nothing should be constant , you can't use one strategy to win a war , your enemies definitely must come up with ways to nullify your strategy and leave you scratching your head thinking of ways to bounce back.

So , that cool blog your designed in 2014 is way outdated and can not outperform a blog i designed 5months ago.


Why? One word 'Technology' the technology that are in use in 2014 are now outrun by better and more effective ones. So you need to keep up with the latest trends and stop using stone age techniques . Is there any other reason why you should rebrand your blog ? Yes I've got six(6) more reason you should rebrand your blog for good

1 . Your Bounce Rate Says Something, Listen To It - Have you ever visit a blog and immediately, you clicked on the back button or end up exiting your browser ? If Yes, why did you run from blog?

Is it the never ending popup adverts? Or is it the color combination that nearly blind your eye? Or

is it the time and data you wasted trying to access the blog that took forever to load and the end up not getting what you want?

Well , just the way you exit someone's blog, someone also exit your blog if it loads too slow, or you are bad with colors, or you get blinded by what you can earn so you full every where in your blog with adverts.
You may have daily 500pageviews but if your bounce rate reads 80% it means 20% of your visitors stayed in your blog for a while but 80% didn't spend up to 1 minutes on your blog,How Sad.

2. Your Theme (Template) Was What Use To Reign 3 Years Ago - Nothing last forever,everything has an expiring day so you blog template must have long expire by now, you really need to do some editing, updating or possibly change your Theme completely . Some scripts,external stylesheets,images,libraries and frameworks used in writing your blog theme must have been outdated , updated or deleted by now so they will not work on your blog, you need to keep updating all the external files in your blog in other to have an ever responsive blog.

3. You Are Not Engaging Your Readers - You are not writing for your amusement or for search engine bots, you are writing for people like you to read and if your users read your 1000words article and don't learn anything from it, i can assure you that your blog post will never be shared neither will you see any comment , if you are not good at writing i don't suggest you quit blogging, but you can employ the services of a content writer to deploy professional contents to your blog . Every bloggers must surely want to wake up in the morning and see 20-100 new comments on his/her dashboard , but when you see 1 new comment in 7 days you need to listen to what your blog is saying 'Get A Professional'.

4. You Blog On The Wrong Thing - You love playing guitar and you know so much about guitars but you have a blog about politics , how on earth are you going to succeed in such niche? You need to blog on thing that you love doing, and you have passion for. So, you may want to listen closely to your blog because i am pretty sure it is screaming 'Wrong Niche, Change Me'.

5.Your SEO Is The Worst - New Seo strategy,plugins have emerged . Domain age does not matter now, Quality contents,good Backlinks , Clean design and presentation of blog post are what matters the now if you want to rank on any search engine. You are on top 2 years ago those not mean you will be on top today or tommorrow.

Continue Reading ...
Celebrities / Re: Read This Post Its Unbelievable What You Can Get Today by Africanpoint(m): 8:09am On Dec 02, 2017
order for any service please
Celebrities / Read This Post Its Unbelievable What You Can Get Today by Africanpoint(m): 7:28pm On Dec 01, 2017
I am a Abijah Johnnie (Abdegenius) i am a blogger[http://www.abtech.com.ng] ,content writer, web designer / developer.... I will be helping upcoming or aspiring bloggers or forum owners to setup or redesign their blogs for as low as #2000Naira Only.. Wordpress,Blogger,Xenforo,Mybb,SEO,Standalone Script Etc all for just #2000...

I can easily be reached on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/abijah.johnnie.1

Email - abtechcomng@gmail.com

Whatsapp, Call/SMS - 07085149559

My portfolios - www.abconcepts.ml

Personal Bio - www.abdegenius.grabexpo.ml
Business / Re: Official Glo Data 2017 , How To Get Double Data! by Africanpoint(m): 6:45am On Dec 01, 2017
Cc:lalasticlala ,seun move am go frontpage na
Business / Official Glo Data 2017 , How To Get Double Data! by Africanpoint(m): 7:51pm On Nov 30, 2017
We all know that Glo are the Grand Masters Of Data but are they really that good when it comes to data quality , price and quantity ? Lets take a look..

3G-4G Plan Name > Price (N) > Data Volume

N25 DATA PLAN > 25 > 10MB

N50 DATA PLAN > 50 > 15MB

N100 DATAPLAN > 100 > 35MB

N200 DATA PLAN > 200 > 100MB

N500 DATA PLAN > 500 > 800MB

N1,000 DATA PLAN > 1,000 > 1.6GB

N2000 DATA PLAN > 2,000 > 3.75GB

N2,500 DATA PLAN > 2,500 > 5GB

N3,000 DATA PLAN > 3,000 > 6GB

N4,000 DATA PLAN > 4,000 > 9.5GB

N5,000 DATA PLAN > 5,000 > 12GB

N8,000 DATA PLAN > 8,000 > 22GB

N10,000 DATA PLAN > 10,000 > 50GB

N15,000 DATA PLAN > 15,000 > 80GB

N18,000 DATA PLAN > 18,000 > 100GB

N20,000 DATA PLAN > 20,000 >120GB

What do you think ? and thats not all you can get double of your data subscription if you data is on auto renew.

Glo Auto Renewal

New and old glo subscribers can get double there data subscription once they have successfully purchase a data plan from Glo for the second time i.e if you buy glo #500naira data plan today, you will be given 800MB, when next you recharge #500naira it will automatically be deducted and you will be given 1.6GB worth of data.So long as you have not deactivate your auto renewal function you will keep enjoying double data bonus from Glo On all there 3G-4Gplans..

How To Subscribe

To Subscribe Dial *777# Choose 1 Then 1 Again

Small Plan : 50 Naira to 500 Naira Plan

Monthly Plan : 1,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira Plan

Mega Plan : 10,000 Naira To 20,000 Naira Plan

To check Your Data balance dial : *777*1*1*4# or *127*0#

..Glo Unlimited....

Source : Abtech Blog
Cc: Lalasticlaca
Programming / Re: Get A Domain And Hosting For 2,450/yr by Africanpoint(m): 8:47am On Nov 26, 2017
still on
Webmasters / Re: Get A Domain And Hosting For 2,450/yr by Africanpoint(m): 8:46am On Nov 26, 2017
its still on
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Free Cartoon Training For Iphone And Android Users by Africanpoint(m): 8:07am On Nov 25, 2017
Add me 07085149559
Programming / Re: For Young And Basic Web Development HOP IN by Africanpoint(m): 12:46pm On Nov 24, 2017
Programming / Free HTML Tutorials For Beginners by Africanpoint(m): 10:09am On Nov 22, 2017
Hi ! My name is Abijah Johnnie (Ab) but they call me Abdegenius , i will be your guide in this epic journey into the world of HTML and hopefully CSS and JavaScript.

Yes, I am doing this because i feel blessed to learn HTML myself so i want you to feel thesame and i am also doing this as a giveback to society thing i learnt HTML markup language back then in 2011 and i have seen work on different things and i am still working on this with HTML that's how important HTML . Follow Me , lets get our hands dirty with HTML;

we are going to be learning from our website and discussions will only be held in our whatsapp group..

Website Url - CodeClub
Whatsapp Chat URL -
Code Club Whatsapp Group






Webmasters / Get A Domain And Hosting For 2,450/yr by Africanpoint(m): 7:59pm On Nov 20, 2017
Yes it may be too good to be true both its true.

Smartweb black friday is here again get a free domain and 30% off on hosting today.

Free Domain - Yes [.com.ng , .org.ng, .i.ng]
Disk space - 10Gb
Bandwidth - 100Gb
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MySQL Account - 5
Ftp account - 10
Emails - unlimited
And lot more ..

Click Here To Sign Up
And use -> blackfriday2017

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Programming / Get A Domain And Hosting For 2,450/yr by Africanpoint(m): 7:50pm On Nov 20, 2017
Yes it may be too good to be true both its true.

Smartweb black friday is here again get a free domain and 30% off on hosting today.

Free Domain - Yes [.com.ng , .org.ng, .i.ng]
Disk space - 10Gb
Bandwidth - 100Gb
Sub domains - Unlimited
Addon Domain - 5
MySQL Account - 5
Ftp account - 10
Emails - unlimited
And lot more ..

Click Here To Sign Up
And use -> blackfriday2017

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Webmasters / [free Ebook]how To Make Your First Income As A Blogger by Africanpoint(m): 2:57pm On Nov 16, 2017
Why You Should Consider Other Means Of Making Money As A Blogger In 2018

Well , I have try it all I run Ads, Affiliate products for different companies, Sponsor Posts, Write and sell article’s you name them. But all this yielded little income for me and I had to work harder than usual and spend more time online which lead to lost of valuable time, energy and as you know data.


I know i am not the only blogger struggle to make some cash from my blog, there are thousands if not millions who are yet to make a single cents from blogging , well let me tell you something you don’t have to wait for Google AdSense to approve your blog anymore.

This course is going to show you some easy, less time and energy consuming ways to make your first income from your blog without running Ads, Affiliating or Sponsoring Posts.

Get Download Link Now !!!.

Webmasters / Re: I Will Do Any Web/blog Related Job For You At Your Own Price by Africanpoint(m): 8:31am On Nov 15, 2017
keep calling
Programming / Re: Programming Tutorials (100% Free) by Africanpoint(m): 8:41am On Nov 09, 2017

Education / How To Get Free Airtime On All Nigeria Network With Topup Africa by Africanpoint(m): 7:18pm On Nov 06, 2017
Hi... Have you heard of topup africa and the latest and easiest way to get free airtime and withdraw either to your bank account or to your sim for free!!! Well i am glad that you have come across this today with topup africa you make;

- #50naira airtime per referral i.e if you invite one friend of yours to download and signup in the topup africa app you will get 50naira recharge card on any network of you choose you can invite more than 1million people.

- #250naira airtime when you sign up .

Here is the link to download the app - http://7rl.in/a9kt

Dont forget to message me if you encounter any problem

Sign up here - http://7rl.in/a9kt

Webmasters / I Will Do Any Web/blog Related Job For You At Your Own Price by Africanpoint(m): 2:50pm On Nov 05, 2017
You may have come across a webdesigner, web developer, graphic designer or content writer one way or another but i can assure you that i am not the one.. Why? Lets just say i am not 100% after the monetary gain or out to gather some experience, I have designed and developed over 80 professional Websites, blogs and forum over the past 6 years and have gain something out of that so i can proudly say i am a professional web designer, web developer ,graphic designer and of course content writer.

Why Am I Doing This?

Apart from passion and being a computer science student , my knowledge is nothing if i dont give back to others and man have to eat so thats why i will be helping you set up your business website, blog, forum or design your logo and possibly write an article for you..

How Much Do I Charge?

I will collect the amount you dime fit..

My Contacts

Email : Abtechcomng@gmail.com
Facebook : Abijah Johnnie (AB)
SMS : 07085149559
Whatsapp : 07085149559
Call : 07085149559

My Area of expertise



*Forum Softwares(Any Software)

*P0ńźi Scripts

*Website Coded with : html, css, javascript, bootstrap, php, mysql, jquery.

some of my works....


http://www.krockcelebs. . com


Webmasters / Re: Get A WP , Blogger Blog For Just #2000 With Full SEO .. by Africanpoint(m): 5:06pm On Sep 16, 2017
the number to contact is 070 8514 9559
Webmasters / Re: Blog Design + SEO For Just 3,000 (service Before Pay) by Africanpoint(m): 5:06pm On Sep 16, 2017
the number to contact is 070 8514 9559
Webmasters / Re: Blog Design + SEO For Just 3,000 (service Before Pay) by Africanpoint(m): 10:26am On Sep 16, 2017
Good Day NL.... Keep Ordering Lots of slots available
Webmasters / Re: Get A WP , Blogger Blog For Just #2000 With Full SEO .. by Africanpoint(m): 10:26am On Sep 16, 2017
Good Day NL.... Keep Ordering Lots of slots available
Webmasters / Introduction To Web Designing by Africanpoint(m): 6:14pm On Sep 15, 2017
I decide we should take a closer look at the basics of web concept. Web designing is basically the act of designing a static website using visual studio and softwares like Adobe PhotoShop , Dreamweaver And Coding Languages e.g HTML, CSS.

Web designing is that part of the web page that deals with the presentation of a web page, how it looks, colors , images etc.

A web designer (some who design static website) is concern with four(4) main aspect of the web when designing a website.

* Accessibility - A website must at all times by accessible , a good web designer should know how to create easy to navigate and user friendly website .

* Usability - A website should be useful in every aspect,don't design a website that will not be useful to anyone. Usability of a website also means the ability of a website to be easy and simple to use

* Responsiveness - A website should be responsive,fast,has great color combo, clean codes etc. A responsive website should not be displaying an error code,or take hours before it loads, it should respond readily.You should focus your UI(Users Interface) And Designing skills the most in this aspect.

* Compatibility - Ever get frustrated because a webpage refuse to load on your low end browser, that is as a result of a bad work by a sloppy web designer. A web designer should know how to make a web page compatible both on Low end Browsers and Devices. A website must be compatible with all device screen types i.e a website must be able to be accessed from any type of devices be it desktop,laptop,tablet,iPhone etc.

Having discuss the major aspect of a webpage lets now move to the languages used in designing a website.

Like i said earlier, we use HTML and CSS as the main language in static web page designing.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language is the beginning for every web designer and the beginning of all web pages. HTML is the backbone of every webpage and is responsible for all the layouts and structures embedded in webpage. HTML is responsible for all the tables,links,images,formatted text etc..

CSS - Cascading Style Sheet is the main styling language used for designing, add colors to text,padding,margin,backgrounds in web designing.

This Infograph Will Shade More Light

Keep Reading Introduction To Web Designing

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Literature / Re: Punstars; Lets Play On Words. by Africanpoint(m): 7:30am On Sep 15, 2017
I just saw ayo pressing nneka so i shout Me: Is she a PRESSING IRON why are you PRESSING, AYO...


Webmasters / Re: Please I Need List Of Static Websites. by Africanpoint(m): 5:40pm On Sep 13, 2017
Newsnow.co.uk .com?
genius .clap for your self the said static not blogs.... Brain

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