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Romance / Re: My Virgin Wife And DNA Saga by Aidejay(m): 8:58am On Dec 23, 2023
I'm sorry for your wife. She married a d*mwit.
You're doubting the paternity of your child because you did withdrawal method and it failed. what a bum!
Politics / Re: Who Founded Lagos: Yoruba Or Binis? Oba Of Benin’s Claim Stirs Controversy, Agai by Aidejay(m): 1:47pm On Nov 28, 2023
it's so pitiful and pathetic that every 3 to 4 years everybody will gather and be fighting over the same patch of land. The same place that has been designated One of the dirtiest cities in the world and recently the worst traffic in the world. we are so backwards and damned that everyone wants Lagos. They want ownership not because they love it so much, but because when they look back it's still better than their decrepit hooverville. if only naija was better.


Politics / Re: Sen. Shehu Sani Lists The Main Causes Of The Major Protests Around The Globe by Aidejay(m): 8:26pm On Jul 03, 2023
He forgot to add
caused by police.
Religion / Re: Enoch Adeboye And The Catholic Church by Aidejay(m): 8:08pm On Jul 02, 2023
If you are hinted that a man is determined to use his own child for human rituals, I mean a well respected man in the community, would you go to him to go and dissuade him?. We are talking of an adult and leader of millions in this case. It would be wrong to dissuade him because there is a limit to what you can advise a grown man especially a Pastor leading millions, what you can do is approve of the plan to the man and then take action by reporting to the police. This is why the action of the former Pope of the Catholic church who approved Enoch Adeboye's plan to take it upon himself to run me mad can not be pointedly faulted. There was no other way he could have responded. I can not think of any other way. Even the police would not have tried to dissuade him if they got wind of the plan. Criminals are wild animals and you have to approach them with caution and a woman that is intent on poisoning her new born has gotten the benevolence of Olodumare behind her. Whether the child will die or not is another matter.
Phones / Re: Twitter Now Requires An Account To View Tweets by Aidejay(m): 8:26am On Jul 01, 2023
Rubbish 😒 this is not my problem now abeg....

Now, I have an advice for some people here...
If You're sixteen years old,or just finished secondary school in this country, please my advice for you is to not go to university immediately.. Use one year or 6 months to go and learn any business you have passion for, then ask your parents to use the money they want to waste for that Useless five years course to start up a business for you, trust me, in five years time if you are destined to succeed and not an Igbo smoker or mumu pikin, when your mates are celebrating graduating with a stupid degree and start searching for a job they can never see, you will have become a millionaire by then.. After you've established your business to a stage where by it don't need your presence to run, you can employ people to run it in your absence while your go to school and chase that degree if you want.....

God bless that your brain you used to write this. it needs to be said.


Travel / Re: Incredible New Footage Shows Titanic Wreck In Highest Quality Ever (Video, Pics) by Aidejay(m): 2:15pm On Jun 28, 2023
very huge risky tours o.
Heard about the submarine accident.
Health / Re: 3 Girls Who Removed Their Breasts And Transitioned Into Men (Photo) by Aidejay(m): 10:51pm On Apr 26, 2023

The VP of marketing knew exactly what she was doing when she suggested that,she said it herself that she knew it will be a flop but it wasn't the profit she was after,it was their ECG score,budlite currently has the highest ECG score currently and if you are in business you will know what that means for them in the future, don't think it wasn't a calculated move when the entire world knows how much beer is a man's drink,she literally calculated everything and she helped the company achieved their aim with the drink

You Mean ESG right?
TV/Movies / Re: Thabang Evicted From The Big Brother Titans House by Aidejay(m): 8:33am On Mar 29, 2023
So sad! Who come remain?
Politics / Re: I Just Go My Portugal Visa. Now I Don't Care If Nigeria Burn. by Aidejay(m): 7:41pm On Mar 17, 2023
grin grin grin grin EMERGENCY LOVERS OF NIGERIA, have finally returned to their default setting. No surprises here!
We all knew once their candidate didn't win this would happen.
Nigeria is back to being a zoo!
The insults have now officially resumed!


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TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by Aidejay(m): 6:11pm On Mar 14, 2023
Bold of you to assume the millions of people
Who are going to see the movie care about some fishes.
Everything wrong with the little mermaid poster. Disney should learn to do their research more
NYSC / Re: NYSC BATCH A 2023 UPDATE by Aidejay(m): 10:42pm On Mar 12, 2023
Abeg I need PPA Masaka, Ado, Mararaba, One Man Village Axis any idea?
Education / Re: African Serial Killers by Aidejay(m): 12:57pm On Jan 20, 2023
Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi,

Moroccos claim to this list was a cobbler and public letter writer called Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi. Aided by a 70-year-old female accomplice named Rahali, Mesfewi drugged and killed at least 36 women. 26 bodies were found buried under his shop while the other ten were under a different property he owned. Like the murderous sisters in Egypt, the serial killer robbed his victims after he killed them and then buried their bodies.

The intriguing story of his execution begins with a sentence for crucifixion on May 2nd, 1906. The method of punishment was considered too brutal by foreign diplomats in Morocco and the government caved in, instead sentencing him to immurement. He was buried alive on June 11, 1906 and died two days later.
damn! Thought this mode of execution was a work of fiction. It's real!?

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Culture / Re: Pictures I Created Or Edited Myself. Using Basic Tools. I'm No Expert Or Profess by Aidejay(m): 12:24pm On Jan 20, 2023
Patronize. It's affordable

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Culture / Re: Pictures I Created Or Edited Myself. Using Basic Tools. I'm No Expert Or Profess by Aidejay(m): 12:22pm On Jan 20, 2023

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Music/Radio / Re: First Thought On Wizkid's New Album More Love Less Ego. by Aidejay(m): 12:22am On Nov 20, 2022
This began my MLLE obsession.

I'm not a critic or analyst. But in my opinion as a mere music listener. An average joe. A wizkid fan too. I love this album!
It's perfect. It's wizkid.

I don't want to go fan girling over it. But I must say.

I like Bad to me and money and love but those two songs are the worst songs wizkid could have released before the album.
They didn't do the album any justice at all.

You see the remaining songs. WONDERFUL.
I think the one with Skepta and naira Marley is my least favorite. I don't like it. But give it a year and ask we again.

Now Bad to Me and money and love aside.

The first song that struck me was the last song on the album. IMAGINE grin

this song brought me to tears. It's one of WizKid's best songs ever. His voice, the lyrics, the flow, how he sang it. He performed this song in his Apple Live Show and that was epic. This one no be gragra music. It entered! I find myself going around singing "who's gonna know at the end of the dayyy". For me even if this was the only good song on the album I was ready to stream and play it.

The second song that stood out was Balance.
I don't have much to say it is a banger but isn't too 7 on this project.

Next was Slip & Slide featuring Skillibeng & Shenseea - Best collabo on this album.

Then 2 sugar fr Ayra Star. This one is fire. I had to share the video of him performing it at Apple Music Live on my other social media platforms cause it is such a bop! The messaging was amazing. Bringing that bad energy stay far away vibe back again. Which perfectly suits my mood at this point in my life.


Then Pressure. That pipipi part is even what entered my head.

Then Special ft Don Tolliver. This song has no drums or snares just piano and guitar and I love it. Another fire collabo. But only god can deliver wizkid from women and their bodies.

Then the rest of the album entered!

Flower Pads
Plenty loving (I don't love it like that tho)

People are calling wizkid "AGROWBEATS" OR "AGROBEATS" meaning his songs will grow on you. You might not like it first off but honestly e go later enter.

I promise grin

You can jam this album from beginning to end, no skips. Maybe 1 if you're like me.

But is is an amazing album experience. Different vibes, different conversations, different presentation, WizKid's vocals on fire. Sound on point.

It's very sexual though. Maybe that's what will turn most people off. Not me!

My advice, don't listen to this album if you want war songs and dem mama dem papa music. Or if you want pseudo-activist music. There are artists and albums everywhere for that. No carry am come this side. You'll be disappointed!

But if you want some solid vibes, music that will make you dance, smile, jukpa and be singing along loudly not minding. Something you'll play at night, chilling on the beach, trying to work, not shouts and shaking songs that will be giving head ache. Listen to this album.

Wizkid ate. It's my favorite Album of 2022.
Music/Radio / Re: First Thought On Wizkid's New Album More Love Less Ego. by Aidejay(m): 12:21am On Nov 20, 2022
The tracklist didn't have the features I expected wiz to pile following the success of Made in Lagos.

Just Ayra Star
Skillibeng and Shenseea
Usual collaborator Skepta,
Naira marley ?
Don tolliver.

I wasn't hyped at all.

Then I heard the album for the first time after reading the poliarizing reviewers on twitter. Which I must add is the worst place to sample music opinions.

First listen was bland I wasn't in love.
So it wasn't a love at first sight (listen)
One song stood out though. I'll discuss that later. I began to believe the negative reviews and was demoralized to appreciate this album.

About 2 days later I watched a YouTube reaction to the album from an American and someone totally new to the wizkid wave and he shocked me. This was someone who isn't Nigerian, hardly understood what wizkid was singing, someone alien to the wizkid and other artists comparison, infact he heard the album dropped from people in the comment session of another YouTube reaction video he made. Meaning he didn't follow wizkid. But his appreciation and commendation of the album was high.
After watching that video about 3 songs stood out for me and didn't leave my head.

I had to find and listen to them again.

Music/Radio / First Thought On Wizkid's New Album More Love Less Ego. by Aidejay(m): 12:21am On Nov 20, 2022
Firstly let me say I wasn't anticipating this album. I didn't think wizkid could pull the wonders he did on Made In Lagos on this new album. After listening to Bad To Me and Money And Love the two lead singles I was worried about what direction he was taking his sound.

The anticipation for the album definitely died after those two songs. It was hard to hype this album.
Then the album tracklist dropped days to the project release. Infact the entire album rollout has been disappointing.
It didn't meet the usual wizkid album rollout bang.

But then I remember this was how Made in Lagos started out, Smile and No stress didn't shake anywhere but years later the album has become a classic.

Music/Radio / empty by Aidejay(m): 11:13am On Nov 19, 2022
Health / Re: I Saved An Accident Victim's Life And I'm Proud Of It by Aidejay(m): 11:49am On Nov 07, 2022
best thread I've read here in a long time.

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Agriculture / Re: The 4 Broiler Breeds And The Ones That Grow Taller And Fatter In Shorter by Aidejay(m): 10:44pm On Oct 24, 2022
Na only one you buy?
Agriculture / Re: The 4 Broiler Breeds And The Ones That Grow Taller And Fatter In Shorter by Aidejay(m): 6:35pm On Oct 23, 2022
What breed is this please

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Celebrities / What Are Your Favorite 2022 Songs by Aidejay(m): 1:51pm On Oct 08, 2022
My Favorite Songs This Year

The Weeknd - Sacrifice

Kizz Daniel ft Tekno - Buga

Davido - Stand Strong

Adekunle Gold - Five Star

Fireboy ft Asake - Bandana

Ruger - Girlfriend

Chris Brown ft Wizkid - Call Me Every Day

Omah Lay ft JB - Attention

Asake ft Olamide - Omo ope

Lady Donli ft Lagos Panic - Thunderstorm In Surulere

Mide Kuti - No More Wars

Major Lazer, Major League DJ's Tiwa Savage - Koo Koo Fun

Asa - 'V' Album

Adekunle Gold - Catch Me If You Can Album


Crime / Re: Angry Man Chokes Daughter After Video Of Her Lesbian Activities Went Viral by Aidejay(m): 10:48pm On Oct 05, 2022
My sympathy for that lady.
She doesn't deserve this, hopefully one day her father grows up and accepts the fact that his daughter is lesbian and will be for the rest of her life.
Culture / Re: Pictures I Created Or Edited Myself. Using Basic Tools. I'm No Expert Or Profess by Aidejay(m): 2:09pm On Oct 02, 2022
Playing Tems - HIGHER

Foreign Affairs / Re: Cuba Overwhelmingly Approves Same-sex Marriage In Referendum (Photos) by Aidejay(m): 11:37am On Sep 28, 2022
I'm so happy for them! Best news this week.

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Romance / Re: A 16-Year-Old Girl Went For Family Planning Because Of Her Boyfriend by Aidejay(m): 4:46pm On Sep 15, 2022
Everything you people will stigmatize and shame.

Unwanted pregnancy;Stigmatize
STD's; stigmatize
Abortion; stigmatize
Sex Education, stigmatize
Testing & Knowing status; stigmatize
Family planning now; stigmatize


Family / Re: My Parents Destroyed My Life In Guise Of Love, I'm Now Depressed Daily by Aidejay(m): 8:48am On Sep 14, 2022
Ablemed, I'm also the only male child with elder sisters. Were the same age infact, And our stories aren't different, The only divergence is that my parents didn't pamper me. They made sure I did chores, sent me on errands, put me in charge of things, they policed where I went to and who I went with, dictated all my schools forced me to attend church, hammered rules into my head and basically regimented me.

So basically were the same but with different parenting styles.

You won't believe that I still had self esteem issues, I couldn't talk to women for most parts, I became introverted, hardly went out, lacked Confidence and communication skills, shy and quiet. Had body image issues, speech issues too, only comfortable around people I know, Just like you!

But if you see me today! You'd be shocked. Your parents shielded you bro, But you're on a right path. This is how you begin to come out of your shell. This is how you begin to move forward. Stop blaming them, you've the next 6 years of your life to break their grooming and become the person you want to be. But having 2 parents looking out for you bro is a blessing, accept it embrace it while shedding their influence small small. Nothing happens overnight. You can't undo everything in a week it takes time but it's one step.

Despite the fact that my parents Didn't "pamper" me I still didn't turn out better.

You need to retrain yourself, get a skill, learn something. Instead of moving out now use that money to learn something that would take you out of the house daily, Interact with people, even if it is 1 person everyday. Start leaving your comfort zone, go and start conversations with strangers. Smile!

They don't install confidence like an app. You build it bit by bit. Apologize to your parents because you still need that support structure if you really want to stand strong.

You're privileged and it's a good thing. Start using it to benefit yourself. If at age 30 you're still blaming mummy & daddy then it means you're an idiot.

The things your friends are doing that you aren't you'll end up doing them if you start working on yourself now, they had the opportunity to have a different upbringing that doesn't mean they're better than you. It's people like you (us) that end up doing that most because we didn't start earlier. Learn from them but don't copy them.

In the past 2 years my confidence has increased, I'm not so introverted anymore, I go out everyday to work and communicate with people, I went on a date last week, I'm meeting strangers and we're talking, and vibing, I can go out and come in.

Masturbating & porn has a negative way of influencing how you look at women and men, it also gives you that false perception on how you should build relationships with people. So bro you need to stop that. That one too is in your hands and is totally up to you. I did myself #selftraining #selfimprovement.

Your parents gave you the best parenting, now it's time to shed the parts you don't like.

Take it from someone who understands this thing.

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