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Celebrities / Re: Mary Njoku: If You Know Any Of My Current Staff Who Earns 30k, 70k Come Forward by aminusodiq(m): 11:35am On Mar 05

See this one wan blackmail God, your missed call never start
he dey use reverse psychology for God... yeye

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Politics / Re: Photo: Tomatoes Everywhere But No Buyers by aminusodiq(m): 8:30am On Mar 05
I grew up in Lagos and am still living in Lagos..
and you never knew Lagos explore crude oil?...


Politics / Re: Photo: Tomatoes Everywhere But No Buyers by aminusodiq(m): 11:28pm On Mar 04
See liers..you people are trying so hard to console yourselves..The food scarcity hit you so hard..No beef,no kpomo,no food stuffs..
The South South have oils, North have agriculture, what do the west have?
Sorry, let's I forget, they said you people have Ewedu and kolanuts..
have you been lagos?

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Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by aminusodiq(m): 10:37am On Mar 04
Did you tell them that when we are talking
“You are not serious is a big INSULT for you”
Did u tell then that when u say I like trump and I say “me I hater trump because of this and that” it is already an offense and you admitted to you having issues with me airing opinions because you are boss or what I don’t know?
Did you tell them a simple conversation or difference in opinion even on a gist is an insult to you?

Did you tell them I think of quality and wen a frying pan was needed I was saying the new expensive ones sef are not good, they burn. Second new is better in this case and we got a second new one? Because it’s not necessarily about cost but most times you won’t even be able to understand the depth of what I suggest sometimes.

Did you tell them I explained something one day that I paid money to so and so person to avoid a problem and you tried to give me another solution to have taken and I was like “me I don’t want wahala oo thats why I did what I did@ and because everything is fight and arguement for you you had stood up stormed out of the house because you felt i said I don’t want your wahala etc when all I was saying is that I didn’t want wahala if d issue boomeranged and so I didn’t even look for other means I just did d surest method in question” did u settle down to listen or because you never patient and always ready to call everything an argument or fight you had kickstarted your nature?

Did you tell them you wanted a car and I said this car is too expensive tell someone who we know imports to bring for you although the person could delay and may change the car you agreed on but I said do a written agreement with him so it would be cheaper for you and that way he won’t do anything funny ? And you would spend less and get a better grade or level like the one I got instead of paying for something lower at the same price as the one you paid for in town. Out of love, did you not turn it to fight and say I am wicked, and louded the issue and dramatised it as being evil.
Did you tell them you lied to me that you don’t drink or smoke?
But you drink and lied from foundation of a relationship to win a girl?
When I realised out of anger I said you lied to me you don’t drink but you are a drunkard.
Did your remember saying my father who doesn’t drink at all and you know fully is the drunkard
You have called me demonic woman
You have called me stupid woman
You have called me very stupid woman
The list is endless but if we discussing and you don’t understand what I am saying and I am frustrated talking and I say “you no dey understand English” you just flare up that that is a big insult.
Things that aren’t insults you made them insults to defend yourself.
Did you tell them the most times we went to Shoprite then I use to be the one buying things...and you usually pick nothing. So why should Shoprite be so expensive if I buy water “nestle water” and other things from there even before we ever dated and you used to follow me there to win me and I never asked you to pay for me or use you as a toaster?

Did you tell them that you are building and I am also building? And the months you spent all your salary not even on the building alone oo. Busy dashing people and at 3rd of the month you were broke and I was like how would we handle the house you said I am there and I held those months because that’s what a good woman would do.

Did you tell dem that wen you arrived at the counsellor we told them we had a 60k and 40k rule as at then but we just weren’t piling it in the same account and the pastor said ok we should do it as a joint account so no one would feel he is bringing all the money” and we stop spending differently. you told them it’s the pastor who proposed it or he told us that ok you people should just put the money in a seperate account and the wife asked what else is making you angry and you said contributions for repair should be added”.

Did you tell them that when your drivers license expired and there was a delay with joint account , you said you would keep some part of the contribution for where you stay but I must submit all my own contribution to your younger sisters account while you submit just some to her because you don’t trust me with money. The younger sister would now be the one dishing out the feeding money to me who is the one working? While you comfortably keep part of your contribution as a boss. Did you tell them I said you should give her all if i would also have to submit my own all to her since she is the chosen financial manager of our own institution so she can be dishing out money to both of us as at when due since distance is not a barrier to bank transfer so I would also monitor u because you don’t trust me with money and you want to monitor what I am eating when u aren’t even there with me.

Did you tell them you don’t live according to your means and you always borrowing and financing a lifestyle heavier than you inclusive of feeding (because you eat 70-80%) of all the food in the house? Did you tell them you have collected above 14 million naira loan and you haven’t completed any house you are building aside still having normal money people have used to complete their own houses.

Did you tell them you give them babes money and say send me your account number Cus I have seen it but to buy Apple extra for me out of a budget as per my love this one na for u from my pocket? Did you tell then as we came back from your location you had meeting with your babe asking if hostel has resumed and all by 6pm same day?

Did u tell them that I had been using clin-cap face cream, benzoxide peroxide face cream, and you have been using it with me and I have never said this cream is 2000 and the other is 1000 let’s contribute from budget but you bought olaybact for me 400 naira and you were balancing account for me?

Did you tell them I did a soap mix of 13000 naira to 15,000 naira and you have been lovingly using it With me since January and I have never in my life said your contribution for soap but you won’t even do it, if you did sef you would have been asking for money by now.

Did you tell them that even to buy apple while taking me to were you lived loveingly as per this is my new location has to be from the budget and that you couldn’t say babes aside this budget this for you?
Did you tell them I also contributed for the fuel as you were taking me lovingly to your new location? Location you dey go dey come yourself but as I go follow u go know d place I must pay for transport. I for kukuma just enter public transport. But I don’t even have a problem with that since that’s what he wanted. We just accounted for my path

Did you tell them...that I am not wasteful and you went ahead to do things you wanted to do and started blaming me for it. Like buying a new tv when your mum was around for them...knowing fully well I hardly look at a television and you did it for you and yours?
Did you tell them this girl who doesn’t contribute lovingly gives your sis money and also give your mum at least in the best way I can afford within my means but you no send me message so that’s my business you are not even seeing it. Na me send myself?
When last did you buy me a gift in a year and half? It was a wig when you were still trying to toast me. That was only when you were trying to win my heart.
Did you tell them you don’t do anything for me I don’t ask you for money for cloth, hair etc or my own fuel as I am a responsible adult and not a burden on a man which you know yourself. Did you let them know that the food you eat 70% of and the house repair you would do definitely if I am there or not is what you would always come and stand on my head for when we weren’t yet contributing in a joint account. Did you tell them you don’t take care of me and you are just so self centered about the feeding part because you eat more of the food? Yet I was still buying food oo no be say I go out and don’t bring anything to the house. I still buy meat, tomatoes, onion etc but maybe not just up to the person who consumes the 80%

Did u tell them d day you took me out and water was bought which was like two years ago was a special day I think maybe Valentine or my birthday or something and “I was only asking to be treated special”. As per today na correct day, spoil me na.
Did you tell them that I spoke of u buying some thing like blender or electronic because you need quality one to last. The cheap juicer bought did it last? No
Was there not finally a decision where the expensive “binatone” blender was picked because for some things, quality is important so it lasts?
Did you tell them I met condoms in your other room and you alleged it’s your boss that came to your house to use it? Because you couldn’t tell him no?
Did you tell them that if I want to do something you would use my car and if you want to do something you would use my car and I said love should cover all this there should be no differentiating of car for activities and you can use mine when you want and viceversal?

The day he said I said drug was too expensive did he tell you he spent all his income that month already by 3rd or so due to poor planning and I used my income all for the month for food. Ofcourse I am sure he borrowed as usual for fuel for his car that month and maybe some extra things like suya etc you may want to eat and that’s why I couldn’t afford to buy that cream or is it even tablet I desperately needed quality type of drug to treat that ailment because it use to be stubborn when it comes but couldn’t afford it that month ?

In addition I forgot. The generator I would tell you to put on when wet had a generator house while some or most Nigerians just make a metal cover or so for their generator. So rain fell and the splash I could look wasn’t much and I would say it’s not like water entered this thing in its house like Dt just few splash on surface. I owned a generator I ran without it having issue before meeting you and while you where toasting me. I didn’t know I am unqualified to run a gen. I stopped touching your gen because it was complain upon complain or I am arguing with you by having a different opinion about ah it’s small splashes. Ofcourse if a gen was drenched would I with my full senses say lets put it on? When Nigerians keep their gen outside with normal cover.

You would go out and meet the true definition of a Nigerian woman. Take care of her is what a man does, send her money for hair, dress, clothes etc.
And still buy food n do stuff.
You would remember I was never a burden on u
I hope you would have love enough for her to cover taking care of her abi u would start complaining and shouting on her too. I just hope you don’t faint then.

On the other hand I Wld meet the true definition of Nigerian man who knows he is to care. Simple
your family is wealthy enough to have a good life... you need to settle your difference and grow together. you have the funds and argue like this, what if you don't have the funds, always thank God.... may God bless ur union

PS. - me I need job. pls in case if any openings. I'm available. thanks in anticipation


Politics / Re: Yoruba Media Have Failed To Show Us 1 Farm Destroyed By Fulanis In The West by aminusodiq(m): 9:12pm On Mar 03
Politics / Re: Yoruba Media Have Failed To Show Us 1 Farm Destroyed By Fulanis In The West by aminusodiq(m): 9:12pm On Mar 03
Politics / Re: Yoruba Media Have Failed To Show Us 1 Farm Destroyed By Fulanis In The West by aminusodiq(m): 9:12pm On Mar 03
The yoruba press who are very quick to accuse every other tribe of maltreatment have totally failed to show us one farm destroyed by Fulanis Herdmen in the west.

During the civil war, the yoruba press were active in changing the whole yoruba nation opinions against the igbo people, infact Awolowo supported the war.

Now, the yoruba press have started again, they have convinced the whole yorubas that fulanis are on their farms but they failed to show us one single picture of farmlands destroyed by fulanis herdmen.

Till today, we only hear about those "killed " by fulanis but there haven't been any pictures except pictures of fulani cows.

This is an attempt by the yoruba press to incite violence on fulani people because President Buhari never agreed with their style of FAKENEWS.

Note, the yoruba press after Buhari arrested some journalists for spreading fake news started calling President Buhari, a Major General, now they decided to involve the fulani tribes in their FAKENEWS, now, it is backfiring.

We just hope the yoruba press wont send Nigeria into another civil war.
Crime / Re: My Experience Travelling With A Fulani Yesterday by aminusodiq(m): 9:10pm On Mar 03

Please NEVER take this risk again Shack.
Even if it is morning, afternoon or sunshine.
Thousands of people have lost their lives by boarding a vehicle standing on express way.
We don't know people still do this.
We thank God for your life.
u talk sense for the very first time... Had to like this post
Politics / Re: Disbanded SARS ‘Returns’ To Lagos Roads - Resident Raises Alarm by aminusodiq(m): 8:45pm On Mar 03
Let them return... The return leg will.be madder


Politics / Re: We Would Rather Lose Goods — Northern Traders Adamant As Boycott Hurts Both Side by aminusodiq(m): 3:22pm On Mar 03
I pray they insist on the blockade

Yes food prices will skyrocket but I can tell you that in the next Six months northern traders will be begging the South to patronize them.

Dear Southerners don't fret, persevere and in no time we will come out stronger, there will be alternatives.
Dear Southern Youths go back to the farm, I you can't farm get a land and employ people to farm for you.
Even if you are not farming for commercial purpose farm to feed yourself and your family.

God bless Southern Nigeria
God bless Southerners.

Aboki can go to hell with their food and beef
herdsmen still terrorize the farms
Crime / Re: Two Suspects Arrested For Raping Mentally-challenged 16-year-old Girl In Bauchi by aminusodiq(m): 2:03pm On Mar 02
north h
Travel / Re: I Drove From The Airport To Abuja City In 30 Minutes (pics, Video) by aminusodiq(m): 3:52pm On Mar 01
More pictures...
guess you've not seen road from the islands? traffic aside, those roads are simply class and mastery
Business / Re: Northern Tomato Farmers, Traders Lose Over ₦10 Billion In One Week, Cry Out by aminusodiq(m): 11:58am On Mar 01
I went to the market yesterday to buy cow meat for stew. They said no cow meat, I kukuma buy One old layer chicken, N2400. I use am cook stew and one wicked pot of Egusi soup. There's this joy anytime I opened my pot of stew and see the head of the chicken smiling at me.

God punish cow meat!
as in... u made me laugh really hard
Crime / Re: 28 Police Officer Killed In Three Months, Police Plan Measures To Curb Attacks by aminusodiq(m): 8:15am On Mar 01
Imagine a Nigeria without police. Be the judge.
what are u saying.. a Nigeria without SARS is way better... can you tell me a major bank robbery , just one major bank Robbery that was stalled by the entire police? (aside the one in Abuja which was poorly planed and maybe cos it's the federal capital). they always gave them a hot chase and they escaped grin that's the usual excuse.

the point is the NPF needs total rebranding even though we need them, NPF generally has done more harm than good. and may the 28 souls dey lost rest in pieces, in justificationof the whole lots they've killed extrajudicially!

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Phones / Re: Gcam For Any Android Phone by aminusodiq(m): 6:34pm On Feb 27
infinix note 7

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Politics / Re: Bandits Kill 22 At Zamfara Gold Mine by aminusodiq(m): 4:27pm On Feb 27

pains ransom don expire... the governor should prepare another one ASAP
Family / Re: "He Couldn't Get Me Pregnant For 10 Years, So I Tested My Fertility Elsewhere" by aminusodiq(m): 4:26pm On Feb 27
“My offence was that when he was sick, I concluded that he might die because we went to several hospitals to no avail. We resorted to traditional herbs.
nigerian girls are indeed very USELESS

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Family / Re: "He Couldn't Get Me Pregnant For 10 Years, So I Tested My Fertility Elsewhere" by aminusodiq(m): 4:25pm On Feb 27
“My offence was that when he was sick, I concluded that he might die because we went to several hospitals to no avail. We resorted to traditional herbs. [quote] Nigerian girls are indeed very useless

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Music/Radio / Re: NBC Bans Ric Hassani’s ‘Thunder Fire You’ Song by aminusodiq(m): 12:31pm On Feb 27
Them no ban cash app them no ban useless songs that only promotes sex and drugs and frauds. But they will ban music that tends to wake the people up to reality like Nigeria jaga jaga by Eedris, Falz this is Nigeria and now Ric Hasanni.

If you're not getting banned by Nigerian government then you're doing the right thing
if you're not getting banned by the nigerian government, then You're doing the "wrong thing"... hope im right?

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TV/Movies / Re: Kemi Adetiba Releases Documentary Teaser For King Of Boys Sequel (video) by aminusodiq(m): 7:42pm On Feb 26

Same here.
It has a very poor story line.
The quality of the lines do not match the high-quality of filming.
Some of the characters look unsure of what they should interpret...

I liked 'Gold statue' .
All the characters interpreted their roles very well, even down to other featured characters,
Plus it has a good story line
you are my kind of person... all the aforementioned are the major reason why I dislike the movie, it's overhyped... I prefer Gold statue, wedding party and makaliki even lion heart.. to the king of boys.. it's just an overhyped shit

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TV/Movies / Re: Kemi Adetiba Releases Documentary Teaser For King Of Boys Sequel (video) by aminusodiq(m): 6:35pm On Feb 26

I don't like your drawings either �
thank you grin it's all about choice
TV/Movies / Re: Kemi Adetiba Releases Documentary Teaser For King Of Boys Sequel (video) by aminusodiq(m): 6:25pm On Feb 26
King of boys cheesy grin cheesy one of the best directed movie in naija film industry
I don't like that movie
Crime / Re: Couple Arrested In Enugu For Stealing & Swapping Beverages With Adulterated Ones by aminusodiq(m): 3:04pm On Feb 26
Politics / Re: Jangebe, Zamfara School Abduction: ‘Close To 550 Girls Are Missing’ by aminusodiq(m): 1:23pm On Feb 26
Crime / Re: Policemen Forget Phone In Student’s Car After Extorting Him Of N150K In Rivers by aminusodiq(m): 1:22pm On Feb 26
as a matter of fact, I have encountered them plenty.

Trust me. I won't transfer 150k
I said thesame, till I was held in a thick forest while traveling. all I did was not having an Android phone. only God saved me that day
Crime / Re: Policemen Forget Phone In Student’s Car After Extorting Him Of N150K In Rivers by aminusodiq(m): 9:55am On Feb 26
what happens to "let's go to the station?"

Parting with 150k like that get as e be!
I pray you have just one experience with rouge police officers... You'll knw they don't understand shit. You won't believe till u witness it
Education / Re: LAUTECH Reacts After A Sex Tape Of 'one Of Its Lecturers' Leaks Online (VIDEO) by aminusodiq(m): 9:47am On Feb 26
Crime / Re: Gunmen Shoots Man And His Girlfriend In Warri (Graphic Photo) by aminusodiq(m): 9:36am On Feb 26
What's azaman?
Education / Re: Kwara Approves Wearing Of Hijab In Public Schools by aminusodiq(m): 7:41am On Feb 26
If you are a Muslims, you already know what to do with this comment, whatever your tribe is. This people want War. Stay angry don't forget. We've never insulted their religion. Fulani herdsmens and farmers conflict is not about religion. Those herdsmens don't even practice the religion. But what do they do? they come here and insult our religion. Insult our prophet. Kill innocent Hausa people burn their property. While we stay peaceful, they continue atrocities against us.
I assure you my Muslim Brothers the day of atonement is now. My Muslim brothers if you want to know who is behind this comment, they're igbos.
shut up jare, oponu buruku
Politics / Re: How My Father Single-handedly Stopped Fulani People That Were Terrorising Our Vi by aminusodiq(m): 7:16am On Feb 26
lol but my conscience is 100% clean I've never involved myself in any of those things you might be thinking of
happy for you, may your Good deeds pray for you. May God forgive you of the bads
Politics / Re: How My Father Single-handedly Stopped Fulani People That Were Terrorising Our Vi by aminusodiq(m): 11:56pm On Feb 25
The issue of Fulani people terrorising their host community have started long time before many of us reading this post were born.
My late Dad once told us the story of how Fulani people used to terrorize our village when he was still a young man, then he wasn't living in the village and whenever he came to visit they would be telling him different stories of how it used to happen.
The main reason outsiders will come and terrorize a community is simply because of the weakness of the people living in that community. My father is the type of man who doesn't fear death, he only wished to die doing the right thing, he hate being oppressed.
Each time he heard the story of the attacks he fiercely condemned the act of cowardice displayed by the village men who always ran into the bush and allow Fulani to rape their women and stole their properties.
One day my dad and mum was around, suddenly he said he heard people running and shouting that "won tun ti de ooo" meaning they've come again, when he came out and looked at the upper side of the village he recognized them through their dressing then he entered inside, took a big cutlass, told my mum your husband is likely to die today, that if he didn't come back alive she should name his unborn child so so and so name, before my mum could hold him he's already gone, straight to the direction of the Fulanis that were chasing people.
According to him he didn't know how many they were but he saw a group of three one was holding a local gun and the other two a cutlass each, as he was racing towards them they were stunned and couldn't wait to face him and decided to run, he chased them till they entered the bush then he came back everyone was surprised why he could risk his life like that.He eventually became an hero in the village and that's how Fulani stopped terrorizing our village. What they only did was to block the highway and robbed motorists plying the road at some locations not too far from our village which is still happening till today.
I knew both dad and mum couldn't be deceiving us with such story but I still found it difficult to believe how a man who I knew very well he didn't have any juju, we've never seen anything of such with him could be so brave to chase someone holding gun with just a cutlass. One day I summoned courage and went to the head of the village who is a younger brother to my dad and he corroborated the story.
The moral of this story is that if all of us don't want to die we'll be running away from confronting our common enemies, remember why we run we leave our loved ones behind.
Not all of us have the liver to stand against oppression but what is wrong in supporting those people that have the liver.
Someone like me doesn't have the liver but I'll never condemn a Sunday igboho or ESN that attack and chase criminal herdsmen.
When the Government is not ready to defend or fight for you. Don't fold your harms and die cowardly. Nothing wrong in self defence.
The first thing I was thought at the shooting range while in police college Ikeja was never to hesitate in killing someone I know is about to kill me.
XPOL-A retired police officer and an upcoming artist.
an ex police I for swear for u... but may posterity judge you.

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Crime / Re: Policemen Forget Phone In Student’s Car After Extorting Him Of N150K In Rivers by aminusodiq(m): 11:42pm On Feb 25
He better make it private otherwise he can be arrested.

If his hands is clean how come he parted away such amount ? But then I thought police has learnt their lessons? What’s has changed ?
lol...if his hand is clean?...u don't argue with people who have guns, they'll kill you

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