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Sports / Re: North Vs South Korea: Qatar World Cup Qualifiers, The Strangest Kind Of Football by Amirullaha(m): 2:56pm On Oct 15, 2019
Let's pray North Korea wins or else they might throw a missile at the south.

Why is North always poor in every country?

Your hate for the North here in Nigeria should not degenerate your reasoning!!!
Dangote, Dantata just to mention a few are from the North!!!
Costa Rica
They are all from the "North" and I don't see any sign of them being poor so what's your point
BTW you can relocate to the South if you want(South Africa is accommodating)!!!

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling on Saying the Takbeer (Allaahu Akbar) loudly behind the Imam by Amirullaha(m): 1:06pm On Aug 16, 2019
Whenever you hear those words, my brothers and sisters run for your life, they want to bomb you
Bro: Lets assume you've spent 15 years on earth, you'd have heard those words at least a thousand times and you are still alive;
why havent you die
Please read you scripture!!!
Proverbs 6:16–19
Proverbs 19:9


Crime / Re: Breaking!!Tasued Students Destroy The Car Of SARS Operatives by Amirullaha(m): 3:03pm On Jul 24, 2019
TV/Movies / Re: #BBNaija Frodd Leads Male Housemates In Prayers As Mercy Channels Her Sexiness by Amirullaha(m): 4:29pm On Jul 20, 2019
Thanks for the post!!!

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Politics / Ganduje: The Video, The Science And The Law. by Amirullaha(m): 12:52pm On Nov 16, 2018
Ganduje: the video, the science and the law
By Ibraheem Dooba , Ph.D.
We've heard and read truckloads of debates on the authenticity of the series of videos published by the Daily Nigerian showing Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State receiving some money. Many have argued that it is fake, others contend that it is real. Even foreign organisations have been cited about the authenticity.
However, beyond the torrents of opinions, to my knowledge, no discussion has delved into the science of how it can be real or fake. If something is real, it invites no further discussion. If it's fake however, it elicits questions about how it can be fake.
Therefore, that is the gap I want to fill. Since I have a PhD in information technology and have been a student of machine learning, I intend to use this controversy as a teachable moment on what is possible. And warn the nation that it could be worse.
Yet, it's not the duty of this column to tell if the videos are fake or real. I don't know!
This is also not a comment on Jaafar Jaafar's plucky journalism; which I believe is a breath of fresh air.
Therefore, let's go straight to the meat of the matter. There's a new technology called Deepfake which used to be in only the hands of highly skilled experts and university researchers, but which is now available to the general population.
Deepfake is associated with fancy terms like neural networks, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Except that DeepFake is not a joke.
What DeepFake does is to take a handful of videos and pictures on any individual and feed them to the computer. The computer will then be instructed to learn everything about the person; the sound of their voice, the picture of the face, any particular ticks, the colour of the skin, the texture of the skin, etc.
After that, they can be made to say anything. Do anything; such as dancing or performing MouthAction.
In April this year Supasorn Suwajanakorn started his TED Talk with this question: "Look at these images. Now tell me which Obama here is real."
He then showed four videos of President Obama all saying the same thing simultaneously. Seconds later, Suwajanakorn surprised the audience by declaring: "The answer is none of them."
A layman could have sworn that all of them were real. I could have sworn that all of them were real.
Last month in its Moving Upstream show, the Wall Street Journal did a deep dive into DeepFake and how the technology is being used for good and bad.
The anchor of the show, Jason Bellini, interviewed experts including Hany Farid, professor of computer science at Dartmouth College and UC Berkeley, who has been investigating doctored images for two decades. Farid said: "You can literally put into a person's mouth anything you want. If you can change visual images, you can change history. There's something very powerful still about seeing something about changing people's beliefs."
Now almost anyone can use Deepfake, he said. "We've democratised access to a very powerful software," Professor Farid said, "that's a game changer."
It can be used for good such as in movies. This actually has been done before; for example in Forest Gump, Tom Hanks was shown shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was never part of that movie because at the time of production, he was already dead.
In education we can use it to cast a great teacher who is no longer available to teach a subject in any language. For instance, other than being a Nobel winner Richard Fienman was seen as the best teacher in America. Now that he is dead, you can cast him to teach physics to any audience.
We can get Sarduana to talk to our contemporary leaders in the north about good leadership. Or we can get Chinua Achebe to teach literature.
You can use it to listen to the soothing words of advice "in-person" from long gone grandparents.
It can also be used for bad. In fact it's already being used for ponorgraphy. Noell Martin from Australia was 18 years old when she fell victim to what is called morphporn where you put the face of an innocent person on to the form of a porn star.
"I just can't explain the level of violation and shame that I felt." Martin said.
In the last six years, she continues to see many fake videos of herself in varied pornographic positions but she doesn't know who is responsible. "Now I don't even want to look," she said, "because I know there are new ones," she told Wall Street Journal.
Celebrities were the main targets. Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson (of Harry Potter) have fallen victims. But now, it appears that anyone can be a target.
Can it be stopped?
Hany Farid is trying to do that. Farid understands that the world quickly needs a way to tell Deepfakes from real videos. He gave a scary scenerio where someone could produce a video of President Trump saying that he had launched a nuclear attack against North Korea. North Korea would see this but before they realise it's fake, they might have retaliated.
That's why Supasorn Suwajanakorn told the TED conference that he and his colleagues were working on a software you can plug into your browser that will automatically detect Deepfakes. If only we had that software now, we could determine whether the person in the video was actually Governor Ganduje.
If you asked my personal opinion, it would appear that the Ganduje video is real. But then, in the light of what I've just written, it is risky to make that call.
But for now the only thing the governor need to get the charge thrown out of the court, if he ever finds himself in court, is this article.
The courts operate on the principle of "beyond reasonable doubt" to convict.
This is the reasonable doubt.
For more information, watch Supasorn Suwajanakorn's TED Talk at TED.com and Wall Street Journal's "Deepfake videos are getting real and that's a problem" on YouTube.com.

Celebrities / Re: John Abayomi Denies Being The Owner Of Instablog9ja, To Sue Linda Ikeji by Amirullaha(m): 7:21pm On Nov 15, 2018

You get sense at all?
What's your business with other people's sense Get a life!!!

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Celebrities / Re: John Abayomi Denies Being The Owner Of Instablog9ja, To Sue Linda Ikeji by Amirullaha(m): 7:10pm On Nov 15, 2018
Things are just uncovering anyhow in 9ja by the day...
Na so they almost caught me as the owner of the monies Dangote is using...

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Politics / Re: APC Serving House Of Reps Member Defects To SDP by Amirullaha(m): 6:03pm On Nov 15, 2018
Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!
What has he done to deserve victory in the primaries
A man that even his family members are fed up with...
His hometown has been in darkness for over ten months now and all he could do was present a token of just 1.5M out the 4M he promised...
Good thing that the governor intervened and work is 95 percent complete...
A man that has no tangible project in his homeland!!!
He was beaten black and blue by a female aspirant with votes of over five thousand and that shows that we are done for with Ahmed Abu and his Lies!!!

Politics / Re: Buhari Accepts Aisha Alhassan Resignation by Amirullaha(m): 7:56pm On Sep 30, 2018
Nigerian politics...
Politics / Re: Osun Rerun: APC Wins In Ife South by Amirullaha(m): 4:01pm On Sep 27, 2018
If PDP win this election; I'll continue using my FB account...
If APC win this election; I'll continue using my NL account...

May the best candidate win...


Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Blasts Sophia Momodu Over Reaction To Beef With Linda Ikeji by Amirullaha(m): 9:11pm On Sep 21, 2018
Kemi is the worst thing that has happened to my troubled country Nigeria
Can you ask about these people
Travel / Re: Have You Ever Been Stranded While Traveling? Share Your Experiences. by Amirullaha(m): 6:05am On Sep 21, 2018
Make I book space....
Politics / Re: ANN Presidential Aspirant, Olawepo Hashim Picks Up Nomination Forms by Amirullaha(m): 7:05pm On Sep 19, 2018
Some people sha...
It his money...
Let him use it the way he feels to use it...

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Celebrities / Re: Pleasant Uzoma Defends Mr Ibu On One-night Stand Sex Claim By Lady by Amirullaha(m): 7:56pm On Sep 15, 2018
A proud olosho!!!


Politics / Re: Kemi Adeosun Departs Nigeria by Amirullaha(m): 6:27pm On Sep 15, 2018
PREMIUM TIMES don do this woman strong thing...
I doubt if she will step her foots in 9ja for now...

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Crime / Re: Accused Notorius Arm Robber Gets Kiss Before Leaving For Jail--see Photos by Amirullaha(m): 6:26pm On Sep 15, 2018
Wonders shall never end...
Politics / Re: Federal Government Is Currently Planning To Smuggle Adeosun Out Of Nigeria -PDP by Amirullaha(m): 6:24pm On Sep 15, 2018
She is out of the country already!!!


Celebrities / Re: The Igbos And Hausas Have Trust Issues- Genevieve Nnaji by Amirullaha(m): 6:22pm On Sep 15, 2018
Politics / Re: Resignation: Kemi Adeosun Hands Over To Perm Sec., Mahmoud Isa Dutse by Amirullaha(m): 9:39pm On Sep 14, 2018
Just a few persons has this type of courage!!!
Not in Naija...
Someone RESIGN...
Even some presidents can't do it...
For the first time; someone admit to a fault/crime in Naija...
I like her courage...
Better days ahead!!!

You mean some RESIGN

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy And Asa Asika Spark Breakup Rumor As She Reveals Farouk As Her Type by Amirullaha(m): 11:03am On Sep 10, 2018
Na their problem...
Travel / Re: South Sudan Plane Crash Kills 17 People (Photo) by Amirullaha(m): 3:58pm On Sep 09, 2018
RIP to the dead!!!
Family / Re: Rukevwe Vivienne Ohwerhi's Daughter, Efeturi Saleisha Zino's 1st Birthday Photos by Amirullaha(m): 6:25pm On Sep 08, 2018
Politics / Re: FG Purchases N50m Earthquake Monitoring Equipment by Amirullaha(m): 6:46am On Sep 08, 2018
Make I see the picture of the thing na...


Politics / Re: Residents Lament As Heavy Downpour Washes Off Ondo Bridge (photos) by Amirullaha(m): 6:21am On Sep 08, 2018
Can only happen in afonja land.
Reason dey want to associate wit biafrans

Must you turn everything to tribal war
As if things like that don't happen in biafra land!!!

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Travel / Re: Amazing Drone Photos Of Abandoned Bikes In China by Amirullaha(m): 7:32pm On Sep 04, 2018
Make they ship am come Naija na... We go repair am...
Travel / Re: Amazing Drone Photos Of Abandoned Bikes In China by Amirullaha(m): 7:28pm On Sep 04, 2018
Make they ship am come Naija na... We go repair am...

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Crime / Re: Bida Polytechnic Students & Indigenes Clash. Some Dead (Graphic Photos) by Amirullaha(m): 5:23pm On Sep 03, 2018
Politics / Re: Imagine!thousands Embark On Protest In Russia Over Plans To Raise Retirement Age by Amirullaha(m): 8:59pm On Sep 02, 2018
Good for them!!!
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah Meets With Nzuko Ora Nnewi, Declares Senatorial Ambition by Amirullaha(m): 8:58pm On Sep 02, 2018
Let people from that constituent speak!!!
Politics / Re: N100,000 Minimum Wage For Police - NGO Advocates by Amirullaha(m): 8:48pm On Sep 02, 2018
Na them them?!!
Travel / Re: Picture Of Ilorin-jebba-mokwa Road Completed By Pmb by Amirullaha(m): 7:23pm On Aug 18, 2018
Ilorin to Jebba road has been completed...
Jebba to Mokwa road has some portion patched...
There is still a bridge along Mokwa to Jebba road that is still left untouched...
OP change your title to Ilorin-Jebba-Mokwa road almost completed by PMB...
Education / Re: Dirty Toilets, Overgrown Grasses As Nairalander Posts Pictures Of Madonna Uni by Amirullaha(m): 9:26am On Aug 16, 2018
Oh my God!!!
But how did you managed to enter with phone


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