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Politics / Re: Banditry: Sokoto Shuts Down Telecommunications Networks In 14 LGAs by AntiBMC(m): 10:04pm On Sep 20
try dey reason before u talk.i Kno say no b everybody get sense,but at times just keep quiet when u no get anything reasonable to talk

Tell ur father to dey reason b4 im talk. I said what I said and I own it. If e pain you too much, hang urself. Oke mkpi.
Politics / Re: Heavy Tension In Abakaliki As Ebubeagu Security Operatives Kill Two Innocent Peo by AntiBMC(m): 8:50pm On Sep 20
Umahi should clap for himself.
Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by AntiBMC(m): 8:22pm On Sep 20

No be small dramedy grin

So bubu handlers decided to pay all these homeless white people, most of who are junkies to come and carry one-nijeriya placards cheesy
These are the clowns ruling Nigeria.

Meanwhile, NINAS is that all you got? Na ds kind of drama wey una they act with the mannequin na im una wan use get referendum?

You guys said Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as a whole don't know what they are doing abi? We are waiting to see what you people will do differently and the results thereafter.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Customs To Deploy Drones At Seme Border by AntiBMC(m): 8:15pm On Sep 20
Okay but northern borders will continue to remain porous and welcoming to all terrorists abi?


Politics / Re: See The Conditions Given To Femi-fani Kayode By APC by AntiBMC(m): 8:05pm On Sep 20
This is nothing short of humiliation.
See how he has made himself a complete caricature because of gluttony. More humiliation is coming his way.
Politics / Re: Banks, Markets, Schools Open As Sit-At-Home Fails In Imo State by AntiBMC(m): 8:01pm On Sep 20
Yeye afonja newspaper. The sit-at-home has been cancelled..but like everything in Nigeria, good journalism is also failing.

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Politics / Re: Sit-at-home Records Zero Compliance In Umuahia by AntiBMC(m): 7:57pm On Sep 20
Where were you when the sit-at-home was cancelled?
Any dummy looking for attention will just open thread about Ipob.
You want to gossip about Ipob but you can't even get current gists/facts. Rvbbish.

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Politics / Re: After Shutting Down Zamfara, Gov Matawalle Jets To US As Wife Delivers Abroad by AntiBMC(m): 7:16pm On Sep 20
It's such a shame. To think that there's no good hospital in this country. The money they'd use to build good hospitals, they would loot it. Then travel abroad to patronize other countries, while the naira continue to lose its value. And some deluded people still think that this country will get better. Keep dreaming.
Politics / Re: Banditry: Sokoto Shuts Down Telecommunications Networks In 14 LGAs by AntiBMC(m): 5:19pm On Sep 20
Hmm. Hope this is not a ploy to enable terr0rists massacre the villagers that killed 13 bandits yesterday.

I don't see how shutting down telecomm networks will help anything, especially since the soldiers do not even have satellite phones or any means of communicating with each other...and the bandits do.

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Politics / Re: We’re Still Searching For Fighter Jet That Went Missing About 6 Months Ago – NAF by AntiBMC(m): 5:08pm On Sep 20
From one disgrace to another. The only thing the security agencies of Nigeria know how to do is lie.

Instead of admitting that the jet was shot down by terr0rists, they're talking rubbish. How did the jet go missing? Was it flying itself or was it rolling around the streets of Borno for a stroll and got kidnapped?
What a shame.

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Politics / Re: Hakeem Baba-Ahmed: If Another Northern Is Elected President, Heaven Won’t Fall by AntiBMC(m): 5:02pm On Sep 20

Go and vote and tell you Igbo people to do the same. You are the reason why we have buhari as president because most of you didn't vote... Claiming they are not Nigerians ... What a fullichness

I didn't bother to read all that gibberish. I said what I said and I stand by it. So keep bickering and crying on my mention like a woman with PTSD. Maybe ur tears will change my comments to ur preference. As for me, I'm done replying/reading ur trash.
Politics / Re: Hakeem Baba-Ahmed: If Another Northern Is Elected President, Heaven Won’t Fall by AntiBMC(m): 2:00pm On Sep 20

Nonsense! You vote last election? Lazy somebody. Social media noise maker

So you know for a fact that I didn't vote? You must also know how you were conceived...Mrs omniscient.
Politics / Re: NASS Plots Against FG's Fresh Loans, May Halt Process by AntiBMC(m): 1:35pm On Sep 20
Rubber stamp Senate president, Ahmed Lawan will approve the loan. That's what bubu Mamman Daura, Malami and the rest of the almajiris in Aso Rock who are actually ruling this country behind the scenes, put him there to do.

The annoying thing is that all the billions of dollars that they borrow goes straight to their abyssal pockets.

The Nigerian economy has been brought to its knees, courtesy of ds borrow borrow bororos.
Politics / Re: We Don’t Want FG’s N6billion For Tracing Grazing Route In Ondo State – Akeredolu by AntiBMC(m): 1:23pm On Sep 20
Na governor be this na. A man's man. Not these yeye Uzodinjo and Umahi that have poverty, slavery and ass-licking engraved in their mentality.

With all the money they've amassed, they are still poor mentally, always wanting more, even at the expense of the safety of their States. Tufiakwa!
Politics / Re: Hakeem Baba-Ahmed: If Another Northern Is Elected President, Heaven Won’t Fall by AntiBMC(m): 1:20pm On Sep 20

Na so una always dey talk. During election all of una go dey house saying ur votes don't count. Aren't igbos funny?

Una be who and who? Or you just feel like spewing trash from the comfort of ur house?

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Politics / Re: South East: Alaigbo In Maximum Chaos by AntiBMC(m): 11:36am On Sep 20
Every Dick, Tom and Abdullahi now have something ideeotic to say about the South East.

Was NDA attacked in the East? Or was it in the East that hundreds of Bethel and Islammiya students were kidnapped? Ndị nzuzu.
Politics / Re: Cooking Gas Is Now ₦7500! Well Done Buhari!! by AntiBMC(m): 11:29am On Sep 20

Cc Myndd44 Lalasticala
We will not allow you kill our nairaland with toxic comments like you did with Twitter. If you can't have a decent and intellectual exchange without hauling insults then just face it when you are being reported to mods. You hide behind a keyboard and bully others with uncouth words and your bad upbringing because you think you can't be located.

Caman gataway from here with ur ignorance. Ur r£tard£d comments are what's killing nairaland. He said "intellectual exchange" cheesy

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Politics / Re: Recovery Of Imo Looted Assets : Why Uzodinma Should Be Commended by AntiBMC(m): 9:18am On Sep 20
I will choose Rochas, the incurable kleptomaniac any day, over Uzodinjo; the as$-licking sadist, the foolani slave, the main Judas of Imo State.
Politics / Re: Secession Not Solution To Nigeria's Problem - Gbajabiamila, Peter Obi Says by AntiBMC(m): 8:09am On Sep 20
Only Peter Obi made sense. The rest were just talking rvbbish.

Gbajabiamila took part in the sharing of millions of dollars bribe to pass the PIB bill. He also took a huge chunk of the Bill Gates Bribe to pass a bill for forceful vaccination.

For every sitting in the house, they go home with large amounts of money just for sitting. Not to talk of the huge salaries he and other reps members collect. Aside the salaries, they all take over ₦8.5m monthly as "office running cost"

Should we start talking about other benefits like pension plans, medical benefits, security benefits etc

In essence, Gbajabiamila and every other rep or senator talking about keeping Nigeria one, are the people feeding fat from the corruption. Benefiting hugely from the system. An ordinary nigerian knows that what the country needs is division...and sooner than later, it will happen.

Because the will of the people is much more than that of the political few who have private jets, ready to jet off to another country when the chaos resulting from the forced union starts.

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Politics / Re: Watch What Comes Out Of Your Mouth- Olawepo Hashim Caution Nigerians by AntiBMC(m): 8:08am On Sep 20
By their fruits, you shall know them. This one is following his mentor, FFK. Anywhere belle face people.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives New York Ahead Of 76th UN Summit (Photos) by AntiBMC(m): 11:06pm On Sep 19
He is going there to sleep and occupy space.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Questions Buhari's Fresh Loan Requests (Video) by AntiBMC(m): 10:10pm On Sep 19
Bubu is an almajiri. A borrow borrow bororo.

Asking him why he is borrowing/begging is like asking fishes why they swim.

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Politics / Re: How Obadiah Mailafia Was Shabbily Treated At Abuja Hospital -middle Belt Forum by AntiBMC(m): 8:45pm On Sep 19
I'm sure they don't need a soothsayer to tell them what happened there. A failed country such as this is a death trap. Only a referendum can save the indigenous tribes forcefully trapped here.


Politics / Re: The North Owe Nobody Presidency- NEF by AntiBMC(m): 7:12pm On Sep 19
Division of this country is what's coming up next. This North vs South thing is becoming unbecoming.

The impunity these foolanis claiming northerners have is courtesy of the docility of southerners.
Enough of this constant cheating from the foolanis. D mumv don do.
Politics / Re: How I Save Hausa Man Today From Unknown Gun Men by AntiBMC(m): 7:09pm On Sep 19
Tales from Futa djalon mountain.
Politics / Re: Hakeem Baba-Ahmed: If Another Northern Is Elected President, Heaven Won’t Fall by AntiBMC(m): 6:58pm On Sep 19
Division of this country is what's coming up next. This North vs South thing is becoming unbecoming.

The impunity these foolanis claiming northerners have is courtesy of the docility of southerners.
Enough of this constant cheating from the foolanis. D mumv don do.

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Politics / Re: Tin-can, Onne, Delta, Calabar Ports Collapsing, NPA Raises Alarm by AntiBMC(m): 6:20pm On Sep 19
Not only the southern ports, the country itself is decaying.
Stable Electricity=0
Total disrepair in all aspects. What a shame


Politics / Re: If You Are Fulani And Have Business In The North, Relocate To SW Or Niger Rep by AntiBMC(m): 5:49pm On Sep 19
We don't want fulani business in SW .... take it to east biko.

Fulani always claim ownership of land after they let them stay their for a couple of generations ... We have not forgotten what you did to afonja and till today kwara is part of fulani properly.

To the east yo go.

I once went to one iga fulani in ibadan and the kids were following me up and down and it made me uncomfortable because I had no privacy, then I decided to chase them away these kids 7,8,oldest 14 a girl,she was the interpreter, she told me point blank in Yoruba, this is our land ... And this is where we choose to stand right now ... I was like .......oooooookay! And her eyes slimmed out it looked somewhat alien, I never seen eyes like that in my entire life.

To which East? No foreign parasite is welcome in the East. After all Tinubu have verified that yorubas and fulanis are one. Even FFK has validated it.
Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia Was Hounded By DSS Till He Died - Sowore by AntiBMC(m): 5:22pm On Sep 19
The man was killed for simply speaking up. It's common knowledge that Truth stings the bodies of these quota system people like acid.

First it was Gana, then they went for Sowore's brother, now it's Malaifia. Who's next? ex-Commodore Kunle?

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Politics / Re: ATTENTION ESN: Fulani Terrorists Now Have Camps Between ABSU Uturu - Okigwe Axis by AntiBMC(m): 1:13pm On Sep 19
When ESN goes there now to do the needful, some cvrsed things calling themselves soldiers will appear from nowhere to foment trouble.

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Politics / Re: UN Protest: Yoruba Nation Agitators List Six Demands As Buhari Departs Nigeria by AntiBMC(m): 1:03pm On Sep 19
I am hoping people are seeing the huge difference between Tony Nnadi and Nnamdi Kanu.

While Tony Nnadi is very alright with installing others in leadership roles, Nnamdi Kanu monopolises such, even roles he has no qualifications to take on.

Tony Nnadi is the brain behind LNC, NINAS, MNN, but he will hardly ever take on the chairmanship role of any of these organisations.
He will rather opt for well-established elders, and he is super-strategic when choosing these elders.
Fred Agbeyegbe is the chairman of LNC, that comprises both the SE and SS. Agbeyegbe is a renowned Itsekiri elder statesman and a legal luminary.

Prof. Akintoye is the chairman of NINAS and renowned history professor of Yoruba ethnic stock and a respected elder.

If Nnamdi Kanu was the person doing what Tony Nnadi is doing, Nnamdi would have made himself the supreme leader of LNC and the commander in chief of NINAS and these are roles he has no qualifications whatsoever to take on.

Now, Tony Nnadi is more qualified academically than Nnamdi Kanu to take on these lofty roles, but Tony, being a super strategist, has opted for well-established elders, while he(Tony) occupies the engine room of the movement.

Can you now see why lately, the high and mighty in the society and in the international community are more likely to associate with Tony than with Kanu.

Elders like Ebitu Ukiwe, Akintoye, Nwodo e.t.c. are openly attending meetings called by Tony Nnadi.

Freedom fighting is not just about rallying the keke-drivers to be waving Biafran flags and screaming HOLY HOLY HOLY NNAMDI KANU IS ANOTHER SAVIOUR. Total rubbish.
These are the cannon-fodders in human form, used by the Fulani-terrorist government to embed bullets, knowing full well their leader does not have the international connection to rally the international community to investigate.

Tony Nnadi is a far more competent freedom-struggle leader, but he is super-young, and he knows that, which is probably why he appreciates elders with related mindset, and is very happy with them leading the major arms of the struggle. Something Nnamdi Kanu will never do, but will rather use his radio station to destroy such elders, while his zombies will cheer him on, while at the same time, be wondering how he was so easily captured and tortured in Kenya with no one raising an eye brow.

Tony's Achilles heel is that his link with the grassroots is not as powerful as that of Nnamdi Kanu. If only Nnamdi Kanu had agreed to work UNDER Tony Nnadi, Kanu would have been communicating and rattling the grassroots while Tony will be in charge of the planning of the struggle and the establishment of the necessary arms to carry the fight beyond the shores of Nigeria. This whole struggle would have been the most explosive the world has ever experienced. Igbos would have been overwhelmingly represented in the upcoming 24th September match at the UN event.

Total bunkum. If not for Nnamdi Kanu and his radio, who would have been talking about referendum today?
MNK sensitized everyone, including the so-called Tony Nnadi, whom no one knew of, until quite recently.

You here criticizing a man, who has done the whole work, giving pple like Nnadi soft landing. Is Nnadi not riding on the back of IPOB ryt now?

Saying that MNK should have worked under Tony, rather than with him...has given you away.

For the records, ur ill-thought comparisons here are inconsequential.
Igbos only know of one person who has brought them this far, and that is MNK. Any other person is simply playing second fiddle and can never measure up to him. Know this and know peace. Udo.


Politics / Re: Angry Residents Attack Police Station In Sokoto, Kill 13 Suspected Bandits by AntiBMC(m): 12:27pm On Sep 19
It has reached the point where we all have to go mad to level up with these parasites. Kudos to the angry mob.

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