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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Total International Master’s Degree Scholarship 2019/2020 - FRANCE by Antina(f): 11:19pm On Mar 03, 2020
Family / Re: What My Fiancee Said Is Bothering Me by Antina(f): 9:09pm On Feb 19, 2020

Just leave them jaare. You give them logical points, they respond emotionally. When you make a joke to your future wife and she starts explaining how she will poison you, what poison she will use, how that type of poison affects the body, which type of food best hides the taste, the exact pot she will use to cook it and how she will pretend to be crying when your relatives come; continue thinking of her as your future wife. It is not yesterday that husband killing started and it is not tomorrow that it will stop.

The wife was joking too...

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Family / Re: What My Fiancee Said Is Bothering Me by Antina(f): 9:05pm On Feb 19, 2020

You better leave her alone before you go and die.
Go and marry a woman that will let you beat her to death.

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

Can u imagine the level of his thinking?


Family / Re: What My Fiancee Said Is Bothering Me by Antina(f): 9:01pm On Feb 19, 2020

Op was playing with his fiancee and asked what she will do if he beats her. Is that a crime? Real wife beaters don't go around planning and telling their future wife the plan.

Even if he was serious about beating her, are you now equating beating with murder? Her response was too well thought out and detailed to be mere play. She will do it because she has thought about it for long. His question did not provoke that response. It is entrenched in her mind as the best option should the situation occur.

Tell me, if your wife or gf asks you what you will do if she cheats, will you state that you will poison her if that is not what you will really do?

Real murderer don't go around planning and telling their future husband the plan



Family / Re: Please Help Me Am An Orphan I Need A Job To Cater For My Child And Siblings by Antina(f): 12:16pm On Feb 12, 2020
She could post that someone sent her money (alternative account) but can't post her house address. Yinmu.

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Family / Re: Help Me As I Am Losing It Right Now by Antina(f): 1:40pm On Jan 22, 2020
May God assist you in all ways.

Wait o! How come u were a lawyer in another thread!

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Properties / Re: Can I Be Forced To Sell My Inheritance? by Antina(f): 3:57pm On Jan 07, 2020
It may be with your consent though, because the majority voted for selling of the house. Since they didn't say they are not going to give you guys what belong to you.

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Crime / Re: Man Kills 7 Family Members In Imo, Burnt To Death By Angry Youths (Graphic Photo by Antina(f): 3:14pm On Dec 11, 2019
If you tell them to stop mixing things, they won't listen to you.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Does Employers View A Recent O'level Result? by Antina(f): 10:18pm On Nov 10, 2019
Writing a new WAEC won't count, it will be like; you finished your University Degree before Secondary School Exam, how does that sound to you?

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Politics / Re: IPOB Protesters Shot & Tear Gassed As Buhari Visits South Africa. by Antina(f): 10:19am On Oct 04, 2019
Look how they are running with their tails behind the legs. grin grin
I thought they are going to wait till the end. See how they tear race! I thought dey chop liver ni. Yeye.
Politics / Re: Why Fulani Herdsmen Must Be Allowed To Live Anywhere – Senator Uzodinma by Antina(f): 10:41am On Jul 23, 2019
Complete sellout

There is something in APC that is yet to be unveiled. Once you join APC cult your heart, brain and head becomes dead, one automatically becomes a zone B

Maybe they go into blood covenant or something. Take a look at Orji uzo kalu, okorocha, uzodimma, joe igbokwe etc..

APC is not a political party but a dreaded blood sucking cult filled with heartless men

He was actually talking sense. Let look at it this way, if these people leave Igbo land as everyone is saying, I'm very sure all the Igbos in other states, especially in the North will have problems too. What should be done is how to secure the land, and may be have meeting with their chairman that no killing, raping or whatsoever in the land
Crime / Re: My Phone Was Stolen And Money Withdrawn From My Bank Account by Antina(f): 6:12pm On Apr 04, 2019
On the first of April 2019, I boarded an intra-city vehicle and dropped at my destination unaware that a guy sitting beside me in the bus had stolen my phone from my pocket. The bus I boarded had picked the guy on the way and he sat next to me. I had no inkling at all that he had the intention of picking my pocket though something told me that this guy's way 'no pure' as he was casting uncanny and surreptitious glances towards my direction, with a weird look on his face. Little did I know he was busy with my pocket.

It was several minutes after I had alighted at my destination that I realised that my smartphone was missing from my pocket. I used a friend's phone to dial my number and found out that the criminal had already switched it off. I resigned to fate knowing fully well that my chances of getting back the phone was slim. I however kept dialling my number till evening, it was still switched off. 6 AM in the morning of 2nd April I dialled my number again and it was ringing but wasn't picked up at the other end. After a few more attempts, the rogue switched off the phone again.

I decided to contact MTN that day to block the line, which they did. However, to my chagrin, when I went to the ATM that same morning to make a withdrawal, I found out the my account balance had changed and that the criminals have succeeded in withdrawing some thousands of Naira from my account. I rushed inside the bank immediately and blocked the account.

What I am still dazed about is how it's possible for criminals to withdraw money from someone's bank account just by getting hold of the sim card. Mind you, my phone can only be accessed via a PIN, so the possibility of them making a transfer using my bank's mobile app is ruled out. So how did they do it?

Has anyone ever been victim of such? Please share so others can learn.

Mods, can you please move to front page so others can learn? Thanks.

He might recharged with it. Not necessarily withdrawal.

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Computers / Re: Pls Is It Possible To Install A Window Of A Different Bit On A Mini Pc by Antina(f): 10:11pm On Apr 01, 2019

Engineer I hail oh grin chai hmmm thank God say you no be doctor,many patients go don meet papa God tee tee grin na joke oh grin

Oya! Proffer solution to OP problem!
Computers / Re: Pls Is It Possible To Install A Window Of A Different Bit On A Mini Pc by Antina(f): 4:47pm On Apr 01, 2019
My mini PC has window 7 32 bits installed in it, I would like to install windows 8 of 64 bits.
Will it be possible?

It means u will have to partition ur hard drive into two, one will have 32bit and the other 64bit
Politics / Re: Fatimah Ganduje-Ajimobi ‘Fights’ Father’s Critics On Twitter by Antina(f): 10:19am On Mar 28, 2019

Oga Ade,you don't talk like this to people!!!
Which kinda miscreants are on this forum sef?
Why would you insult his parents when he didn't insult yours
Please,admin of this group should ban this lunatic ASAP!!!
If you value your parents,it won't be easy for you to insult other's!!!

Can u imagine? But you can support someone that insults someone else father. A béni lòri......
Family / Re: Please What Is The Best Rechargable Fan To Buy by Antina(f): 1:22am On Mar 22, 2019
Qasa brand

This is good!!

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NYSC / Re: Nysc Batch A by Antina(f): 7:22am On Mar 20, 2019
Yes! But u will need to go to your school to resend ur name to NYSC as full time student.
Family / Re: I Had A Child With My Brother's Ex Wife. Please Read And Advice Me by Antina(f): 12:54pm On Mar 01, 2019

We have done all the test to find out the exact cause but all the results came back clear with no causes found which it is strange and worrying.

Anxiety might caused it also.
Politics / Re: INEC: Situation Room demands explanation for 1m Cancelled Votes by Antina(f): 11:16am On Feb 27, 2019
The saint party have successfully rigged the election using Northern war factor...

Is the other contestant from the Moon??
NYSC / Re: Nysc Age Limit by Antina(f): 10:52pm On Feb 14, 2019
I have two DOB my WAEC and JAMB which one will they use?

Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Fiancee That I Am Tired Of Incessant Sex? by Antina(f): 11:08pm On Jan 12, 2019
have you tried running for your life

Politics / Re: Again, Soyinka Tackles Obasanjo Over Atiku Endorsement by Antina(f): 11:56am On Jan 10, 2019
Soyinka should hurry up and die . His use to Nigeria ended the day he receive that Nobel Peace prize

Little did u know that old age doesn't guarantee death.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: A Nairalander's Photo-realistic Drawing Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic by Antina(f): 3:36pm On Jan 06, 2019
Greetings everyone, my name is Kalejaye O. Tosin, a Nigerian Photo-realistic artist.

Here is my drawing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic made with Graphite and Charcoal pencil on Paper.

What are your thoughts?

Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu: Igbo Man Will Be Governor Of Lagos One Day by Antina(f): 11:00pm On Dec 19, 2018
I swear it's imposible.

He said that cos of their vote!!
Education / Re: Is Fluency In English Not Really A Measure Of Intelligence? by Antina(f): 11:58am On Dec 19, 2018
I will even say Education is not a measure of intelligence!!
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Dressed In Military Uniform, Arrested In Benue (Photos) by Antina(f): 12:45pm On Nov 21, 2018
See them! Small small shidren! Chai shocked
Politics / Re: FG Approves N60bn For Rice Subsidy by Antina(f): 7:54pm On Nov 16, 2018
I pray it's going to be used for the purpose.
Sports / Re: Jay Okocha Better Than Cristano Ronaldo, Messi – Samuel Allardyce by Antina(f): 1:20am On Nov 14, 2018
Sam, wake up from your dream!
Celebrities / Re: Google Celebrates Christy Essien-igbokwe’s Birthday Today With A Doodle by Antina(f): 8:44pm On Nov 11, 2018

Celebrities / Re: 'I Was Born A Muslim' - Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Preaches Religious Tolerance by Antina(f): 3:11pm On Nov 11, 2018
Na talk!
Nairaland / General / Re: Bet9ja Has Ruined My Life! by Antina(f): 8:13pm On Nov 10, 2018

Guy, no b only u...the virtual bet rewind my life to 2007 when I ought to be in 2017..my friend's girl dat step my room dey wish say I b their date...I dey dash people cloth na me come dey borrow when e enter body,I was owing more than 130k
thank God the debt has been largely reduced now..I almost drop out of school too ... thank God now, I am free of its addiction now ...I don enter 2010 now by next June, i go celebrate say I enter 2015

grin cheesy
Family / Re: , . by Antina(f): 1:04pm On Nov 10, 2018
Hello Good People Of Nairaland,i need your candid advice on this matter.

I'm from a family of six siblings,five boys and one girl who is in her final year in the University.Our parents had divorced since year 2001 and my father married a single mother (not legally) who already had 2 daughters but the daughters only came to my dad's house when they are on holiday.My father took custody of all his 6 children and we seldom get to hear from our mother until we are all adults.I'm the third born of the six children,i'm in my early 30s and to the best of my knowledge we are all obedient children.But i used to be the one giving my father a tough time because i expected much from him and i would tell him my opinion on matters affecting the children which usually led to beatings or scolding.

My arguments then was that since he is a rich man which everyone knew him to be,why can't he invest more in us his children by sending some of us to study abroad that most of my friends that we went to the same secondary school had traveled to different countries for studies and work but my father would always say NO and giving flimsy excuses this is as far back as year 2004.He made sure he sent all of us to different universities 3children went to private universities while other 3 went to public universities.And after school,he left us to fend for ourselves as men that we are.It wasn't easy finding a good job in this country and i would say the 5 of us are underemployed,we have jobs but underpaid.

My father had a big hotel running for 7 years and later started complaining of very poor sales and poor management amongst other things and decided that he would sell the hotel.The hotel is worth about 90 million naira which he later sold it for 55 million naira.Before he sold the hotel he had promised that he would settle all his children if he finally sells the hotel he was making us feel comfortable like we should try and find buyer and all that even though we advised him against selling the hotel which should have been our inheritance.

The problem now is that after selling the hotel for 55million naira,he did not give any of his childeren a dime from it.He gave his estranged wife who never gave birth for him 3 million naira,he gave his younger brother 2 million naira and paid tithe of 5.5 million naira to church.I thought he was still going to settle us and trying to calm my siblings until about after 4months he never said anything about our share then we decided to hold a meeting with him asking when he was going to settle us then he flared up saying he did not owe us and we are stupid,fool and all sorts of names for thinking that he would give us money from the sale of his own property.He said he had done his best for us by sending us to school that we should all learn to be on our own and all that.

I was really amazed and told him i could not believe that he is comfortable seeing his children who are mostly men work a 55,000 naira a month job and you are not concerned about ways to better our lives even when you have the money to do it.The most painful part of it is that I and my elder brother were the one that signed as witnesses on the agreement of purchase of the hotel and yet we never got a dime from the money.He is still very adamant and there is no family member that could talk to him in our favor.

What do you guys think we should do?

Oga sir! Your father doesn't owe you a shi shi! Look at it this way! What if your father doesn't have any hotel or properties? You should have been grateful he even sent you guys to school. You better leave your father alone let him enjoy his hard work.

Better still, talk to him! At his happy mood how he could help you guys achieve your dreams! Who knows, he might think about it and do the needful.

Put your mind to hustling and buy a good future for yourself too.

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