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Travel / Re: Naija to Yankee Thoughts And Experiences by ashatoda: 7:38am On Aug 07
Baba, the country deh burst my head..

Yesterday night, I show my wife quadratic n cubic equation graphs. She think say na play I deh play when I saw na broom stick we deh use draw am for naija...
She deh ask say why we no deh use software. Even Google no fit answer that question grin

Most Americans have no idea that waking up and breathing clean air then having enough for 3 meals a day is what some people in Africa pray for daily.

May God bless me with first world problems! [/quote][/b][quote author=MackyNaija post=92540798]

wait Dem dey use software draw quadratic equation for secondary school? abeg tell me say na lie. Jesus name wichkain country una send me come o. so life dey easy like dat. if you fail to bring your broom you go know the meaning of tension inside exam hall

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Travel / Re: Poland Work Visa by ashatoda: 12:04pm On Aug 05
please which type of work are granted these visas kindly explain. thanks
Romance / Re: Advice Needed: Should I Go Ahead With The Introduction by ashatoda: 1:57pm On Aug 02
bros can you listen to yourself speaking? a lady cheated on you when you are in this Naija you now accepted her back only to be planning to leave her here in Naija to travel abroad. guy abeg reason the matter now. I'm not campaigning for Bisi but you need to call on God because this is the hallmark of confusion which could derail your future and lead to regret. so please pray fervently over it but my advice is that ditch that your so called fiancee if she can cheat on you when you are here expect worse when you are not there. moreso she told you she can't live with you in penury abeg I am not saying you will be poor but if things hard for you how certain are you that she will be there for you guy reason your case wella before plunging into a ditch. if you breakup with her family members will rise to fight you but you need to speak to the reasoning of your parents who will be sponsoring you when they are with you then you are covered highlight your fears and worries about this lady and tell them if they will want you to die untimely


Travel / Re: FOR NIGERIANS: Is These Why Want To Travel Abroad? by ashatoda: 7:33am On Jul 28

Look young man they don't pick money abroad but with the work the average Nigerian puts into his or her work and private business if he or she was in a saner climes his or her work would be priced higher.

In Nigeria criminals earn more than hard working professionals I don't want to reveal too much but rivers people know a certain top cultist who the governor is paying millions to so his boys will calm down

Boko haram members, militants, kidnappers, politicians are the once making all the cash not bankers, not lawyers and so on

My argument is if you qualify as a professional abroad in places like USA, Canada, Australia etc 5k a month is very possible with experience 10k a month is possible

If you think I am lying look at Glassdoor dot com

The salary of a first year attorney fresh out of university is $118,000 us dollars per year

Corporate lawyers, litigation counsels and so on earn more than that for their first year and with just 3 years experience they earn over 120k per year

It's a similar case in Canada, Australia and many other countries.

The poorest lawyers the most unfortunate the lowest I have seen or heard of is this 80,000usd per year by this news agency and even they report that the median was over 120k and the top 25% of lawyers make over 185k USD a year.

oya Nigeria justifiers bring out the loopholes in his points. people of yeye country I just dey manage here for sometime before I find my own class mtcheww country without future Nigerian advocates make una swear for me o


Health / I Need Help With This by ashatoda: 3:10pm On Jul 27
Good afternoon everyone I know going to the hospital is the best bet but we can't do so now. A female friend of mine has a problem that has been going on for sometime. Anytime she takes her bath she has this intense prickly itchy feeling that sometimes she will spend several minutes scratching her body. she has used several antibiotics but no change there are times that it reduces for some time only to come back with full force. Please those who have experienced such and healed from it how did you do it or doctors in the house please kindly help with this. It only happens when she bathes with sponge before but now even when she showers it happens and whenever she like rush to get to somewhere that she had to sweat she has the itchy feeling. thanks
Family / Re: 4 Out Of 5 Pastors Said She Is My Wife, But We Dont See Eye To Eye by ashatoda: 9:16pm On Jul 07
She is a good person. I have my faults, just most the time we are together, I always pick up little things that don't sit well with me. Just different values/attitudes to things like money, way of life, attitude to people etc. I tried to change her but it's not smooth and deep down I don't want change because I push for it. I prefer to explain a different perspective of life (which I do), you see if its better, and change yourself.

I've been told to be patient with her. My gut is just so doubtful. I'm afraid of story that you saw little signs, but you closed your eyes, at the other hand, problem could be me that needs to compromise more.

Compromise is good, but to what level?

Has anyone had experience going against (or for) pastor's wishes, did it turn out well or not?
one of the worst things to engage in in marriage is to be critical of your partner. I'm not inferring that you become a douchebag because of that but what I have been able to notice in my few years of marriage is that women appreciates it when you try to speak to them in love and not to criticize so please work on this
Family / Re: RE: 4 Out Of 5 Pastors Said She Is My Wife, But We Dont See Eye To Eye by ashatoda: 9:10pm On Jul 07
I haven't read your first post but based on the topic and what I have read in the second thread I have inferred what the story might be so I will advise accordingly. you dreamt that the new lady left you in the dream not once but thrice bros that's a settled issue as it has given you a peek into the future. pharaoh had the same type of dream twice which is an indication that the dream is certain to come to pass and now you have had the same dream thrice please don't look at what she is to you today but the future your prayers till eternity will never change that so it's best that you simply sideline her. please think of your future goals and aspirations and AVOID HER AND THAT HORRIBLE FUTURE NOW. for the first lady why don't you earnestly seek the face of God concerning her if she's the right one for you, you only need to come to the point of deciding to spend your life with her and accept her for who she is. at that point you will start noticing positive things about her which might change your mind. I am not doubting the pastors but since this is marriage I prefer that you hear from God so that you will have something to call on Him in future when the need arises. please work on it it is well with you and your soul


Travel / Re: Living In USA As A Student:questions And Concerns You May Have About Living Here by ashatoda: 8:31pm On Jul 06
Oh great! @ashatoda I’m assuming you mean where you’ll be living, right?

Did you have any other questions about living here?
actually I will so love to move over there but I am not interested in taking the study route because I am a printer by profession so I will prefer to know the route to take for this legally
so if you know how I can do this kindly enlighten me though I will still further my education I don't have the wherewithal to do so now. thanks so much
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by ashatoda: 8:22pm On Jul 06
danielhouston thanks for the reply to the guy who enquired about printing jobs. I am also a printer and have been looking for a way to move out but I only want something legal and all what you are writing is for those who are majorly going through the study route. I don't know if you can please help us that are not using the study route so that we can be able to make informed decisions. thanks so much


Travel / Re: Living In USA As A Student:questions And Concerns You May Have About Living Here by ashatoda: 2:57pm On Jul 06
booked my space

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Literature / Re: The Day I Died (reloaded) by ashatoda: 8:05am On Jul 06
hope people just see why I was begging him to finish the story? his stories are just so plainly engaging
Business / Re: The New Oil Money Men At Cash (am sharing for free) by ashatoda: 1:01pm On Jul 03
Literature / Re: The Day I Died (reloaded) by ashatoda: 7:40am On Jul 02
please and please ghostwriter try and complete this story please abeg your stories always keeps me on the edge
Crime / Re: Nwanta Anayoeze Arrested By EFCC For $8.5 Million Scam by ashatoda: 8:31pm On Jul 01
see as the man pose dey smile despite been arrested for crime. this shows that Nigeria will never be free from the stigma of being a criminal nation.

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Family / Re: I Was Chosen As King: Should I Damn The Consequence Or Forget About It Entirely? by ashatoda: 8:28pm On Jun 30
my simple advice is that you should stamp your feet that you are not interested in marrying another wife and if they insist you will abandon the idea of becoming a king in it's entirety. you need to make them aware that as a Christian you can't marry two wives so it's either they are willing to accept that or forgo it. there are Christian obas in yoruba land who doesn't follow the dictates of the deity so you can also do it but you must make sure you have a sound relationship with Christ


Travel / Re: Home Child Care Provider Pilot Canada Program For Nigerians by ashatoda: 12:03pm On Jun 29

I don't know much about it like I am still researching how to take advantage of it. What I do know is that it is not age limiting as there is no max age. However, remember after 2 years, you can apply for PR via express entry. It will boost your score no doubt, but will the boost be enough? That has to be researched by the individual.

thanks for your reply
Travel / Re: Home Child Care Provider Pilot Canada Program For Nigerians by ashatoda: 8:09am On Jun 20

On google, type in "Canadian style resume for caregiver". There are so many examples. Saw some really good ones

thanks for the good work you are doing. would like to ask this for someone who has a diploma in Journalism but has always been a printer what online courses can he undertake to take advantage of this process.
if there are what type of courses should he do. would appreciate if you can be specific.
is this pathway age limiting? is the job also age specific.
Business / Facebook Group For Sale by ashatoda: 2:04pm On Jun 19
hi, I am in need of a Facebook group or page with 10k members. if you have one please quote me. thanks
Travel / Re: Interesting Stories Told By Sailors/deep Sea Divers/sea Farers by ashatoda: 10:05pm On Jun 06

They do. Wish more people visited their rural areas, they might be able to give us a different perspective with the intellectual intelligence they possess. Heard a radio program naming locations and interviewing a woman who's boat capsized on a local river at night and she & her baby got taken by being living under the water. They only let her live because of the baby and took them back to the surface, the way they were described fitted the mermaid stuff. But we've grown so modern that we summarily dismiss such accounts as hallucinations but unfortunately can't explain facts like rivers that drown only non indigenes, or places /rivers one is warned not cross at night. Those who disobey loose their lives. There's definitely no smoke without a fire.

there's a river or lake is better in adegbayi Ibadan which came about following the blasting of rocks for gravel but after it was blasted for long it turned to a lake infact you will be shocked when you see the lake. the first question I asked myself is how come this huge lake came up here. the mystery is that whenever the lake needs a human soul it surely gets it even including someone that I heard always avoid passing near the lake he just decided one day that he need to swim and before people that could stop him will get there he has dove into the lake his corpse was retrieved the 3rd day or there about. it was a young lad that asked him where he was going to and he replied to swim at the lake the boy ran to call elders but it was too late. so it's only the ignorant that will ignore the fact that this world is spiritual


Romance / Re: Modified: Scam Alert:How To Make Video Cartoons For Free with ur phone or laptop by ashatoda: 8:51pm On Jun 02
08181615927. your link is not working
Literature / Re: Choices: Another Perspective by ashatoda: 4:08pm On Jun 02
but Alex is a really weak man Sha. even if you are inexperienced in women matter that doesn't mean you should turn yourself into a floor mat. I no like am at all. thanks op for the update


Business / Re: Step By Step Method On How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer by ashatoda: 4:07pm On May 31
Business / Re: Paypal Account To Be Opened.....help Needed Pleaaaassssseeee! by ashatoda: 9:18am On May 27
Google how to open lesotho PayPal account and follow the procedure open the business account make sure you read through
Business / Re: Page1 Updated 19/5/20 Tutorial -Simple Ways I Use To Make Money Online From Home by ashatoda: 5:56pm On May 23
abeg who dey sell USA number
Business / Re: Page1 Updated 19/5/20 Tutorial -Simple Ways I Use To Make Money Online From Home by ashatoda: 5:20pm On May 23
please who can help me with the USA phone number please let me know

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by ashatoda: 10:49am On May 23

Once you commot naija, chances of blowing is exceedingly high.
Naija na 50-50.
shey e sure 4 Naija? na for Naija you go pray like person wey wan die before you buy Moto, come buy am finish na so village people go dey pursue you follow you ride your Moto, you go come start another prayer level to be able to ride your Moto abeg you wan pray die? God fling me out of here with immediate alacrity na beg I dey beg o


Romance / Re: Earn $50 Every Month With this method!!! by ashatoda: 9:33pm On May 19
Romance / Re: TELL ME What You Noticed About This Picture I Just Took Now [Picture] by ashatoda: 9:24pm On May 19
the desire to make money is pushing you to the extent that you don't have enough time for yourself as you might want


Business / Re: Opera News Hub Creators Get In Here, Share Your Experiences by ashatoda: 9:12pm On May 19

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