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Education / Inexplicable ‘golden Egg’ Discovery In Alaska’s Deep Sea Baffles Scientists by ashatoda: 11:54am On Sep 13, 2023
The oceans are known to hold a lot of mysteries, yet few are as disconcerting as the recent discovery of a "golden egg-like" object on the seafloor near Alaska's coast. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers were baffled by the discovery of this object found resting on a cluster of rocks during an unmanned livestream expedition.

A photograph of the discovery was shared on the official X (formerly Twitter) page of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sparking curiosity among researchers and X users. The NOAA research team made this find on August 30th, at a depth of approximately two miles in the depths of the Gulf of Alaska.

The team employed a remote-operated robotic arm to prod the ‘egg’, and carefully suctioned the orb into a tube for a more detailed examination and DNA analysis.

Experts worldwide were equally mystified by this unusual find. Deep-sea ecology professor Kerry Howell from the University of Plymouth told the Daily Mail, "In my 20 years exploring the deep sea, I have not seen anything like that."

"There are many, many undiscovered species in the deep sea, so this could be related to a new species quite easily," Professor Kerry Howell noted, emphasizing the vast potential for new discoveries in the depths of the ocean.

University of Edinburgh Professor Murray Roberts agreed, suggesting that the object could indeed be an egg casing. He explained, "Several species, including vulnerable deep-sea fish like sharks and rays, lay their egg cases on seamounts or in cold-water coral habitats. Hence the hole — something hatched out and swam off."

This intriguing discovery is part of NOAA's ongoing Seascape Alaska 5 expedition, scheduled to end by September 16. The expedition is dedicated to "filling gaps in our understanding of the region by conducting focused mapping and remotely operated vehicle operations in waters deeper than 200 meters (656 feet)."

Throughout the course of this expedition, the team is delving into the exploration of deep-sea coral and sponge habitats, as well as other underwater geological features, including mud volcanoes, at depths spanning from 656 feet to 19,685 feet.

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Investment / Woman Expected To Make $250,000 From A $4 Painting by ashatoda: 6:41am On Sep 13, 2023
A woman's serendipitous hunt for vintage frames at a thrift store led to a remarkable discovery: an N.C. Wyeth painting hidden in plain sight, purchased for a mere $4. However, the true value of this find would remain a mystery for six years until experts estimated it could fetch as much as a quarter of a million dollars at auction.
In 2017, while browsing through a Savers thrift store in New Hampshire, the woman stumbled upon what she described as a "quite heavy and dusty" painting tucked away among a stack of items. Priced at just $4, she decided to make the whimsical purchase. At the time, she playfully joked about the possibility of it being a genuine painting but conducted a quick internet search that yielded no significant results, so the thought was shelved.
The painting found its way into her room and eventually ended up in her closet, largely forgotten. It wasn't until several years later during a spring cleaning session that curiosity resurfaced. She shared some photos of the painting on the Facebook group "Things Found in Walls," where they caught the attention of Lauren Lewis, a conservator from Maine.
Lewis, intrigued by the images, made a three-hour journey to examine the painting. To her astonishment, she confirmed that it was not only legitimate but also highly valuable. Despite some minor scratches and the need for a surface cleaning, the painting had remained remarkably well-preserved over the decades, considering its unknown journey.
The artwork in question was one of four illustrations by N.C. Wyeth created for a 1939 edition of Helen Hunt Jackson's novel, "Ramona." Auction experts believe that this painting is an original piece, possibly given as a gift by Wyeth himself or the book's publishers to the editor or Jackson's estate. While the location of one of the other illustrations is known, two of the four have remained lost to time.
Kathleen Leland, a specialist in American and European art at the auction house, pointed to the back of the frame as crucial evidence of the painting's authenticity. She explained that starting in the mid-1930s, Wyeth consistently used a specific type of artist board known as Weber 'Renaissance' panels, recognizable for their distinctive red backs and elaborate labels. This particular feature confirmed the painting's originality.
Instances where individuals unknowingly possess valuable artworks are rare, especially among those with no prior knowledge of the art world. N.C. Wyeth, a renowned illustrator of the early 20th century, gained significant acclaim for his illustrations, notably his work on the 1911 edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island." His son, Andrew Wyeth, was also a renowned illustrator, receiving the National Medal of Arts in 2007.
N.C. Wyeth's work was celebrated for its ability to enhance the drama and character development of accompanying text through vibrant, action-packed scenes, vivid colors, and a masterful use of light and shadow.
This remarkable painting is slated to be auctioned on September 19 at the Bonhams Skinner's American Art auction in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It stands as a testament to the potential treasures hiding in plain sight, awaiting discovery by the curious and fortunate.

Phone/Internet Market / Re: American Phones/Tablets For Sale (in Varying Condition): Samsung, Pixel, iPhone by ashatoda: 4:17pm On Feb 27, 2023
Do you have replacement battery for Google Pixel 2xl
Literature / Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by ashatoda: 5:12pm On Feb 18, 2023

Hey guys and lady girls... Make una decide, what would y'all want me to write on next?

Love story

Action story

Horror story...

Make una drop una comments lemme start to work on it ASAP. Thank you.

Still I Rock!!!

Action with real knacking
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Google Pixel Thread( Repair, Software Issue & Sell Your Pixel Phone Here) by ashatoda: 4:49pm On Feb 16, 2023
Do you have replacement battery for pixel 2xl? Then the screen has ink splot at the bottom can the screen be changed
Travel / Re: Trenches To Texas: A Story Of Courage And Perseverance Against Poverty by ashatoda: 5:09pm On Feb 03, 2023
Come continue we follow gather


Literature / Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ashatoda: 1:39pm On Jan 25, 2023
Good day fellow Nairalanders, I am sorry to say that this story will be suspended till further notice because my father has passed away. cry cry. Being the eldest son, I have a lot of responsibilities to take care of including my plans to travel to Nigeria. I hope you all bear with me. Take care and remained blessed.
Sorry for your loss and may his soul rest in peace. I wish you God's favor as you take on the mantle

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Investment / Re: Make $4 Daily On Metaocean: 2023 Must Work by ashatoda: 7:50pm On Jan 16, 2023
Interested 0818615927 Whatsapp
Literature / Re: Obamartins' Free Kdp Mentorship For 2023 by ashatoda: 8:10pm On Jan 12, 2023
Politics / Re: Frank Edoho Criticizes South East Politicians For Attacking Peter Obi by ashatoda: 9:16am On Nov 16, 2022
These obidients are so blind to learning. They go around insulting those who oppose them while the real message which Soludo was inferring is ignored. He didn't only address Peter Obi but also the entire Ndigbo so that they'll know how to position themselves for exploits politically. Instead of them to pick the lessons and move ahead they stick to their rut and wallow in misery

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Politics / Re: 2015 Exchange Between Professor Chukwuma Soludo And Peter Obi by ashatoda: 7:50am On Nov 15, 2022
Let's just stop giving these stupid obidients the attention they're dying for. Let's wait till the election period and show them the reality of what means to win election in a multifaceted country like Nigeria. Awon olodo

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Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa Or Australian 491 Visa by ashatoda: 7:15am On Nov 14, 2022
Yeah, a skilled worker is always sponsored by an employer to get a Visa, their gain is simply my rendered services. My contract is 3 years in the first instance but it could be discontinued if an employer wishes.
You're giving a 3 year contract and within months you want to renege on the agreement? If you're in the shoes of the company how will you feel? Yes all Japa games is basically to have another passport but you said it there that it can be discontinued BY THE EMPLOYER. How do you want to discontinue it without rancor as the employee?
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa Or Australian 491 Visa by ashatoda: 8:09am On Nov 13, 2022
I believe a company in UK sponsored your visa to UK. What will be the gain of the company that sponsored you? Is there no number of years or months in the agreement you signed with them?
Literature / Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ashatoda: 6:08pm On Nov 08, 2022

Onye Circle, have you been reading the updates,

That Cindy is Connected to the happenings, And She had been turning Chris to her ATM,
You no suppose answer the guy. When God wan dash some people brain dem run comot for him front

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Romance / Re: Is It Possible To Marry Her? by ashatoda: 10:08am On Oct 28, 2022
He can marry her. What he should be worried about is the girl's mother view on it cos they're marrying into the same family. That's his problem


Religion / Re: Artificial Insemination By A Single Lady Is Unnatural And A Sin. by ashatoda: 8:45am On Sep 25, 2022
Who is this writing nonsense. The thread you quoted is about a lady who is getting older if this is an option for her. So you expect that she should wait and let her menopause come and snatch the only opportunity for her to have a child in life abi?
Why are Nigerian so-called christians so daft to take a decision that will better their life except they look at it through the lens of religion? Why do they think that their lives should conform to the norms of the church?
Mr op there are only 2 people in life that are interested in one's life. God and the individual. Every other person na wash. Let any lady that's interested in artificial insemination if she has no other option get it and feel the joy of motherhood and shut that your trap called mouth spewing rubbish

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Religion / Re: Is Artificial Insemination A Sin When Done By A Single Lady?? by ashatoda: 7:52pm On Sep 21, 2022
Why do we people have to rationalize everything through the religious eyes before doing it? I mean when you look at what you wrote a single lady that's growing older now asking if it's a sin or not. Let her go for what she needs and she should forget what people will say.
Infact the pastor dishing out he'll fire and heaven attributes how are you sure he will make that heaven sef.
She should do what she needs to do to have children that she'll call her own now that she's still fertile

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Literature / Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ashatoda: 4:40pm On Sep 09, 2022
Welcome back this is going to be a thrilling ride
Literature / Re: The Divorced Housemates (Erotic, 18+) by ashatoda: 8:56am On Sep 06, 2022
Really interesting
Literature / Re: The Conspiracy by ashatoda: 8:24am On Aug 28, 2022
This is getting interesting please @op don't let this go dead o biko

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Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by ashatoda: 7:47pm On Aug 05, 2022
This is really getting interesting. I'm waiting for what Simi will do when she realizes the sort of weapon Jake is wielding. Though I know his father will be so happy. Thanks @Rapmike I'm loving the steady updates
Politics / Re: God Will Judge Between Nigerian Christians, Tinubu – Ex-sgf, Lawal by ashatoda: 8:38am On Jul 18, 2022
Look at this map below and tell me why APC will win in this election

Tinubu has insulted all sensible Christians

Tinubu, Kwankwaso and Atiku will share votes

Let's see how it goes.

Please stop replying these APC fools with facts they thought they're the everything of our lives they will weep in Indian style come next year especially the Jagabantists


Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by ashatoda: 5:35pm On Jul 17, 2022

Maybe I will just stop this story, since everyone wants me to come and kill myself here.

If you can't wait for the next time I write, then please stop following the story, there is so much I am going through in life right now.

Thank you.
Please continue just ignore these set of people we dey follow you
Health / Spitting Out Blood by ashatoda: 11:21am On Jul 16, 2022
I will appreciate if doctors in the house can please give me a pointer to what's wrong with me.
I've had this cough and catarrh that has been running for years. Whenever the cough comes, once I take the necessary drugs it goes though I always have to cough once in a while daily where I spit out phlegm. I was worried about it and last year I did TB test and the result was negative.
Just 2 days ago in the evening, I just cough as usual and wanted to spit out the phlegm and I saw that it was blood. It happened 3 times that night. Yesterday it was also there but then it had thicken with phlegm and by yesterday evening the blood has been clearing out and this morning it is clear without any blood.
I have done TB test and the result is negative and I'm not asthmatic, please who have idea about this type of thing and what can be done about it.
Politics / Re: 2023: Aishatu Binani Defeats Ribadu, Ex-gov Bindow, Wins Adamawa APC Ticket by ashatoda: 9:46am On May 27, 2022
Congratulations to her for the feat but I doubt she'll eventually win as most of these northerners are real male chauvinists. They rarely accept the headship of a woman. She should really work on her game cos most of the guys she defeated will work with the opposition to defeat her. All said congrats to her as she has started something for the women up there

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Literature / Re: LEGACIES: BLESSED AND CURSED ( Book 2 Of The Supremacy Series ) by ashatoda: 3:15am On May 26, 2022
Things are no getting into top gear. I followed the latest update like I was watching a movie. Thanks @Emempaul and waiting for more
Literature / Re: I Need The Services Of A Proofreader/editor by ashatoda: 7:44am On May 19, 2022
Serious persons send in your applications. Salary increases after the first three months
To where?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sweden Officially Signs NATO Application by ashatoda: 3:13pm On May 17, 2022

Shit isn't going to happen because we already cleaned the shit using the Russian flag
Guy you wicked o see as you dey give am back to back���� but sincerely do these Russian dumb supporters think it's easy to fight a war on 3 different fronts simultaneously. Let's grow beyond emotional attachments. If Ukraine is peppering Russia's yansh like this you expect other countries to now sit back and wait till he decides to invade them before arming themselves. Abeg make una go sleep

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Literature / Re: BUBBLES OF CRIME (On The Tracks of Hitmen) by ashatoda: 1:49pm On May 17, 2022
This is really promising. Oya let's get on
Literature / Re: I Need The Services Of A Proofreader/editor by ashatoda: 5:06pm On May 16, 2022
I'm available you can get in touch with me on Whatsapp 08181615927
Literature / Re: Bloodline.......part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ashatoda: 6:50pm On May 13, 2022
Please this is still the bomb come and continue
Literature / Re: Thief By Chance by ashatoda: 2:16pm On May 12, 2022
This is sweet come and continue o

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