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Politics / Re: President Independence Speech : A Hate Speech And A War Threat. by attackgat: 10:56pm On Oct 01, 2017
Not again, you said IPOB wants a referendum in SE and SS. Did they beg you for a referendum? Why not go conduct the referendum among IPOB terrorists or is anyone holding you back?
Quote what part of the Nigerian constitution that says anything about referendum or secession.
Maybe you just inserted it this night but cite it for all to see

Who is they? Even the first Republic of Biafra comprised most of what you are calling "SS".

Restructuring is not in constitution, it does not mean that many people are not agitating for it.

Referendum may not be in the constitution, it does not mean that IPOB cannot agitate for it.
Politics / Re: What I Think Nnamdi Kanu Led IPOB Should Have Done by attackgat: 10:52pm On Oct 01, 2017
One problem Yorubas have is they feel that Igbos must reason like, and emulate them.

I dont think that Yorubas realise that Igbo/Hausa/Yoruba are very different people who are only united by the accident of colonialism.

Nnamdi Kanu commanded mammoth crowds but it would have been useless for him to use his followership to seek political power, infact, doing that would have meant the end of IPOB

Nigeria is not structured in a way that helps someone like Kanu to achieve his aim of Biafra through a political process.

People in power do not want Nigeria to break up and even if IPOB managed to get piliticians who are sympathic into office, those people would just make noise about Biafra for a while before the trappings of office will make them forget about IPOB.

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Politics / Re: President Independence Speech : A Hate Speech And A War Threat. by attackgat: 10:37pm On Oct 01, 2017

Is there a law that says UK cannot leave a mere regional association?

Does US not routinely back out of accords?

Did Nigeria not recently withdrew its membership from some global associations?

As for Scotland, was it not the Scottish political leadership that won the right to have a referendum to exit the UK, which their own citizens rejected at the vote?

So why is a mere pressure group now turned terrorist organization, demanding for referendum?

Who are they and who do they lawfully and democratically represent according to our constitution?

If it took regional governments in Europe to be demanding for secession by referendum legally in Scotland, and illegally in Catalonia and Kurdish Iraq, what makes you think a mere pressure group is up to the task in Nigeria where the region under discussion has an existing recognised democratic and constitutional leadership and representation?

I always ask you this question hoping you can appreciate rational submissions, and for once accept that IPOB had no business with Nigeria, but with the regional leadership of SouthEast, who would then engage Nigeria politically since there is no existing constitutional provision for secession.

That you and others like you, who are obviously educated and conversant with world politics, would refuse to own up to certain universal truths, is what truly amazes me.

You keep on alluding to UN's right to self determination, but do not know how ambiguous that is.

Is that same UN blind to the Catalonian and Kurdish right to self determination?
If that rule was as simple as you think it is, then every local government in Nigeria has the right to self determination.

Every Congressional district in the USA have the right to self determination, irrespective of their republic's constitution. Every of the 96 political departments of France have a right to self determination, irrespective of their republic's constitution.

Can the world or UN handle such a fractured world if their self determination rights law was so applicable with every family that wants to form its own country?

You answered your iwn question with the above. A mere pressure group can make any demands it wants on government. It is not new, other pressure groups such the NLC and NANS have done so in the past.

What is important is if the pressure group is making the demand legally and without "organised violence"

Take IPOB for example, it wants a referendum conducted in the SE/SS geopolitical zone. Chapter 4 of the constitution allows everyone freedom of association, movement, expression and belief. IPOB is allowed to demand referendum, agitate, protest and even believe in Biafra or the break up of Nigeria as long as the do not use violence to achieve their aim. They do not have to be a political force.

The question is, has IPOB used violence in its agitation to achieve Biafra ir a referendum for Biafra? No they have not. Clashes between civilians and Police/Army is a regular thing that occurs all over the world. Even the Police and Army have been known to clash from time to time. But having the occassional clash here and there is not enough to label any group as terrorists.

Having clash does not make an organisation violent, what makes an organisation violent is if they use violence to achieve their aim even when there is no clash.

IPOB, has not used violence for its aims, they dont carry arms and they have not killed or touched anyone.

They are entitled to make any demands they want, nobody said that the government must grant their demands, but they have the right to make demands.

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Politics / Re: Igboland And The Future by attackgat: 8:19pm On Oct 01, 2017

I ask every well meaning Igbo right now, when is the best time to develop your economic potentials? Today or never!

Only free people develop themselves and their economic potential.

Igbos cannot develop themselves when it is Abuja that decides everything.

Self development comes with freedom and sovereingty. When Igbo land is free from Nigeria, it will develop its self


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Backs Down, Seeks Dialogue With President Buhari by attackgat: 8:09pm On Oct 01, 2017
Fake news everywhere
Politics / Re: President Independence Speech : A Hate Speech And A War Threat. by attackgat: 8:06pm On Oct 01, 2017
You people never tire?

If for nothing, don't you tire of the self inflicted misery?

What right do you keep yapping about that your elected representatives have not deemed fit to request for?

A right that is not constitutional and that is equally berated by UN, US, EU, UK, France and Germany within their own sovereign territories and continent?

Mister man, shut up or pursue the constitutional change that you want using the globally recognised parliamentary channels.

I wish you best of luck securing political victory in the legislature.

As for regretting the civil war self destruction, Ojukwu fed his family well but failed to secure food for his already failed nation.

Stop talking nonsense, you Buhari. Talking about war when self determination groups are talking about referendum.

The UK uded referendum in 2014 for Scotland. The same UK used referendum last year to leave the EU.


Politics / Re: Louise Ojukwu And Nnamdi Azikiwe In 1954 (Throwback Photo) by attackgat: 7:05pm On Oct 01, 2017
This is a throwback picture of two greatest Nigeria both of Anambra descent.

Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe born 1904, was Nigeria's first president. He was equally the first and last black governor general of Nigeria. He hails from Onitsha.

Sir Louise Odumegwu Ojukwu born 1908, was Africa's first millionaire from Nnewi. He was the father of former warlord and eze Igbo worldwide- Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu


Well there was nothing like 'Anambra state' when this picture was taken.

Remarkably, both men went to the same secondary in 20's, Hope wadell training institute, the only secondary school in the Eastern region at the time.

Zik went on to further his education and later returned to Nigeria to become a political heavyweight while Sir Louis Ojukwu went into business and became one of the richest men in Africa


Politics / Re: Ipob:- Kanu Calls For Negotiations With Fg by attackgat: 3:44pm On Oct 01, 2017
They have twisted "not averse to a political solution in resolving his present politically orchestrated ordeal" to mean "calling for negotiation"

Shameless fake newscasters everywhere


Politics / Re: Independence Message To All Nigerian by attackgat: 1:52pm On Oct 01, 2017
Im an Igbo man, no amount of grandstanding will make me believe that the illegal colonial creation of 1914 called Nigeria is my country
Politics / Re: Why Can't Pro-biafra Activists come Together And Organize A Referendum by attackgat: 1:04pm On Oct 01, 2017
Why do IPOB and others insist on the Nigerian government to give a referendum date?

Shouldnt the best action be for the various pro-biafra groups come together, print ballot materials and encourage people to cast a vote, independent of the Nigerian government?

This is what was done in the new Kurdistan where the Kurds voted, they never waited for the Iraqi government and today the Catalans are conducting a similar vote, not waiting for the Spanish government to give them a date.

I mean a proactive step needs to be taken. Conduct the referendum first and whether it is considered mock or real will be a subject of debate.

The Catalans are even using photocopied materials to vote for pete's sake.

The Government will not recognise the outcome of such referendum
Politics / Re: Afaraukwu Massacre Aftermath: Urgent Need For A Judicial Panel Of Inquiry by attackgat: 1:02pm On Oct 01, 2017
Naturally, if Nigeria had been a civilised country, there would be a judicial enquirey when there is allegation of unlawful killings leveled against the military.

But Nigeria is far from a civilised country
Politics / Re: What Do You Love About The Unity Of Nigeria? by attackgat: 11:08am On Oct 01, 2017
Nigerian unity? No such thing exists

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Politics / Re: What's Your Assessment Of Mr President's 57th Independence Day Speech? by attackgat: 10:00am On Oct 01, 2017
I didnt even bother watching the speech because I knew it was going to be a disaster just like Buhari
Politics / Re: What Do You Love About Nigeria? by attackgat: 9:36am On Oct 01, 2017
Nigeria? What is there to love about Nigeria.



Politics / Re: Between Orji Uzor Kalu And Nnamdi Kanu Malaysia Story by attackgat: 9:28am On Oct 01, 2017
Forget Orji Uzo Kalu. The man will say anything to be acceptable in APC.


Politics / Re: Buhari: I’m Disappointed With Some South-east Leaders Over IPOB by attackgat: 9:23am On Oct 01, 2017
Every time Buhari opens his mouth, I think he is an even bigger idiot than I thought.

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Politics / Re: Post Your Independence Day Pictures Here. [dress Code Green And White] by attackgat: 9:21am On Oct 01, 2017
No going back on Biafra!

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Politics / Re: How Nigerian Army Made Biafran Independence A Success by attackgat: 10:05pm On Sep 30, 2017
Opration Python dance 2, its illegality, the invasion of Kanus home and the Nigerian Army insisting they have have never been around Kanu's house, the Nigerian government declaring IPOB a terrorist organisation and having no country support them in that action, the laughable bias that Fulani herdsmen who kill people everyday are just criminals but but IPOB who never killed anyone are terrorists.

Buhari's government is just a joke
Politics / Re: Lawyers From African Continent Storm US Embassy Over IPOB (video) by attackgat: 9:12pm On Sep 30, 2017
What a disgraceful video. Protesting that USA was wrong to say that IPOB is not a terrorist organisation but the only reason they could come up with to say IPOB is a terrorist organisation is that they made threats?

Who doesnt make threats?

These guys are laughable, the guy reading the speech couldnt even read his own speech well



Politics / Re: Obituary Of IPOB Member Killed In Abia During Army Invasion (Graphic Photos) by attackgat: 1:26pm On Sep 30, 2017
The picture doesn't prove he was killed by Nigerian soldiers. undecided

there should be concrete proof and evidence that the Nigerian Army felled this fellow for any atom of Justice to prevail

The Nigerian Army just denied they ever invaded Kanu's House.. doubt anyone can counter with proof of pictures showing them inside his premises.

This is why it is stupid for anyone to die for Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB, because he wont get any justice.

The video of the Nigerian Army surrounding Kanu's house is on youtube. The video of heavy gunfire at Kanus gate is on youtube. The video of the aftermath of the raid is on youtube.

Plus, the Army declared victory over IPOB. So what do you the Army surrounded Kanu's house for? To offer him protection?

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Politics / Re: Why Agitations And Separatist Demands Refuse To Die. by attackgat: 12:21pm On Sep 30, 2017
I dont know how people as different as Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba/Igbo were brought together in one madness called "one Nigeria" and people expect it will work
Politics / Re: Why Awo Did Not Make West To Secede by attackgat: 12:17pm On Sep 30, 2017

You forgot d third example; very brave Ojvkwv running for his dear life to Gabon and leaving his people at d mercy of Nigerian troops. What are you guys fed as kids? SMH.

Well at least he fought for three years before running away.

You guys ran away from Northerners even before any fight even started

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Politics / Re: Obituary Of IPOB Member Killed In Abia During Army Invasion (Graphic Photos) by attackgat: 12:15pm On Sep 30, 2017
Talk of IPOB and not Igbos please. IPOB terrorists are the only terrorists

There are places to joke and where not to joke. The Nigerian Army does not shoot people over the issue of Biafra alone, they shoot people for different sorts of reasons. It could easily be you on the floor dead tomorow over an issue that has nothing to do with IPOB or Biafra or simply because someone doesnt like your face.

So if you are not yet mature enough to speak against military violence, make way let those who can do so.

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Politics / Re: Obituary Of IPOB Member Killed In Abia During Army Invasion (Graphic Photos) by attackgat: 11:55am On Sep 30, 2017
God is listening to the cry of his people being murdered by the terrorists in uniform called the Nigerian Army simply for agitating for their freedom.

All I know is that come rain or shine, we Igbos will one dsy be free of tbis damnable creation of the white man called Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Now That The UK And US Have Taken Their Decision On Ipob What Next by attackgat: 9:07am On Sep 30, 2017
Declaring IPOB was just selective justice and everybody can see the hypocrisy, even US and UK.

Buhari has no problems proscribing IPOB that has never killed anyone but cannot do the same to his herdsmen brothers that are killing people all over the place.


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Politics / Re: UK Seeks Clarification About Nnamdi Kanu’s Status, Whereabouts From FG by attackgat: 6:56am On Sep 30, 2017
It is shocking that the Nigerian Army is still denying that it raided Kanu's House even though there are several videos of them doing so


Politics / Re: John Nnia Nwodo Bows To Obi Of Onitsha As He Arrives Chatham House (Photos) by attackgat: 10:51pm On Sep 29, 2017

I tot you people said Yorubas are fulani slave....lol you must be high on tramadol.

You may need this

Of course, a slave is a slave.
Politics / Re: John Nnia Nwodo Bows To Obi Of Onitsha As He Arrives Chatham House (Photos) by attackgat: 10:42pm On Sep 29, 2017

Oh, I see. So he prays too. He wants to be the Lord Spiritual and Terrestrial of the ibo. Best of luck.

People pray, so does Nnamdi Kanu. The man often prayed before starting his broadcats

In the pictures, Nnamdi Kanu was praying which is why people bowed and knelt down.

The guy who kissed Nnamdi Kanu's shoes maybe Yoruba
Politics / Re: John Nnia Nwodo Bows To Obi Of Onitsha As He Arrives Chatham House (Photos) by attackgat: 10:25pm On Sep 29, 2017

All these must also be Yoruba. You're so sick.
Full grown adults, some people's mothers and fathers have to be on their knees when talking to Dilector. I heard igbo enwe eze. But gradually, someone from that region wants to be the first true king of the ibo people. He's trying so hard to copy the Yoruba people while he insults them at the slighted opportunity. That alone is a sign of weakness and inferiority complex. Now that Kanu is hiding like a rat, it is this same Yoruba people from the zoo that are speaking up for him.

You are posting these pictures but you cant even look and see that Nnamdi Kanu is praying in all of them which is why people are kneeling or bowing aside from the the guy who kissed Kanu's shoes.

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