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Celebrities / Gulder Ultimate Search Or Big Brother Naija by Avviala: 7:10am On Dec 13, 2021
It's so funny that during the big brother show, there was a lot of negative reviews and people constantly proclaiming how useless the show is. I remember they called the show uneducative and useless.
Now, one of the shows they deemed useful, "Gulder Ultimate Search" is on and the ratings are so poor. Anti BBN, time for educative show, no hype. Look at the last female standing and her insta account. My followers is even more than that and I'm not active on the app grin.
Nigerians and hypocrisy. They only know how tear down and not support..
The organizers will definitely not do another show. Wahala for who listen to internet mature aunties and uncles.

Romance / My Boyfriend Or My Ex? by Avviala: 10:54pm On Dec 10, 2021

Was a side chick to my ex. After an abortion and heartbreaks, he ended it. I moved on and started dating someone else. Now he came back to apologize and all...and I went back. I feel guilty that I'm cheating on my boyfriend with the person that hurt me badly. But I love him and I don't love my boyfriend. I think my boyfriend knows I'm cheating on him. I don't know how to break up with him. I don't even know if I should break up with him and follow my ex. My ex shows me that he loves me and I feel more connected to him. My ex claims he has ended things with his girlfriend but I don't even know how true that is. Advice please.

Note : this is not my story. It's a friend. So your insults would not reach her.
Celebrities / Re: "Run Away From Slay Queens And Marry Wife Materials" - Obi Cubana Shares Photos by Avviala: 10:31am On Nov 08, 2021
Because she get nyash, she brezz, she come Sabi cook watery spaghetti, she think say she be wife material.

These dumb girls still don't get the memo that men are no longer so interested in ass and brezz and cooking skills again, do you come with peace, are you supportive, do you pray for him, are you his little world, where he can always retreat to when the outside world goes berserk

An average adult male is already faced with lots of wars, fighting on multiple battle fronts at the same time, and you want to come and add to my problem, o ni Kuré

If you get nyash, u get brezz and u Sabi cook, but you don't add any other value, sorry sis, na conki Dem go just use u cure

A man needs a woman who can create wealth, hold and maintain the home, a woman who can hold meaningful conversation, who is your pillar, who knows your worth and capacity' and appreciate your effort and even complement you when the need arises

Even the most hardened redpiller or alpha male, go mellow for this kind women

Did all these and more. Add loyal on top sef...upon all, he still cheated with a girl that has breasts and ass and is quite troublesome and they are engaged now. Who love you go love you...no manual for it
Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 4:25pm On Aug 27, 2021

Lol.. I heard your mother is a Pauper ..
grin grin grin

Oya go soak garri..

Pauper. No no. You are really stupid and pointless if you claimed you heard my mum is a pauper. You know no one who knows me. This only prove my point that you are dumb. Really dumb and retarded.
At least I drink garri by choice. The same cant be said about you
This has been too long. Me answering you as worthless as you are. Don't worry, the lady who broke your worthless heart did a good thing for leaving your dumb poverty ridden ass.

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Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 4:13pm On Aug 27, 2021

But your parents are a waste of human sh*t ..
Especially your MODA

grin grin grin

Wahala for who get parents who be piece of shit oh. Especially Moda.

Hope you have eaten today? The way poverty is hovering around you, it is surely going to be a forever thing for you till you lay six feet.

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Nairaland / General / Freedom Of Women Or Freedom Of Men To Enjoy Them by Avviala: 2:54pm On Aug 27, 2021
I just read a thread that women's freedom are infringed on because it is actually giving men the freedom to exploit them.

According to the article which is gracing the front page, women are special creatures and are to be protected from doing things on their own or having a choice on how they live their lives.
The article said women are the ones that suffer the wrong doings of men and this got me thinking. Men are the ones protected from women according to this article and still they are the ones doing the protection. Men rape, kill, impregnate, give diseases...according to the article and women are the ones predisposed to suffer it. Hence, the rights of women are infringed so that men (who commit these atrocities to women) are the ones who protect them. Men who are the perpetrators of evil against women are still the ones that have been tasked by their god to protect them, funny.
Religion has always been Man's problem. It is to me just a set of laid down rules by man on how to serve God or any entity that is believed to be superior.

Note - I don't want to mention the religion who glorifies that view but it's sickening.

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Family / Re: Man Finds Out His Daughter Is Not His Child After Taking DNA Test by Avviala: 1:53pm On Aug 27, 2021

come and see another useless woman. You see the reason l said women are useless like you

My wife is not useless. I am not stupid for being a married man. Do you know what it means to be a married man? You won't appreciate since you don't have any around you. My wife is not useless. She is very decent, beautiful and a celebrity for that matter unlike you slut that open legs to any random man for sex.

So cause I don't have a ''Nigerian'' man, I don't have anyone. Miss me with that. Beautiful, a celebrity, shut the fu*k up.
You know she rode different dicks before settling with a low life like you who can manage her shit. I just hope she doesn't hit you with the paternity fraud shit cause obviously you are her dumping ground. And guess what? You won't be able to afford the test except your wife gives you the money.

And point of correction, not every girl open legs for random strangers. But I'm not surprised. You are surrounded by ho*s and so, you can't see a lady for anything more than that. Decent wife after calling women useless. Decent, my ass. If she was, you will have a better view of women but guess what, she isn't alongside all the women in your life.


Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 8:58am On Aug 27, 2021

Your mother needs the advice, Dumbo grin grin grin grin

I won't insult your parents because they didn't choose to give birth to a waste of human sh*t like you. Useless pauper.

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Family / Re: Man Finds Out His Daughter Is Not His Child After Taking DNA Test by Avviala: 8:50am On Aug 27, 2021
Avviala come and see another useless woman. You see the reason l said women are useless like you.

For a married man, you are stupid. Your wife is useless as well.


Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 3:01pm On Aug 26, 2021

Is your slowness coming from your Mom ??

grin grin grin

No, it doesn't. Dumbo.


Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 3:00pm On Aug 26, 2021

Resulting to insults when having an argument shows that your stupidity is legendary and hereditary..
� Clown..

Take your advice, dumbo


Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 10:52am On Aug 26, 2021

You are referring to your mother, she is the real Dumbo. grin grin grin

Na you sabi. Bringing my parents into this shows you are not just stupid but retarded.

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Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 9:24am On Aug 26, 2021

Your Level of Savagery is still at the beginner stage...
Go marry up your dictionary and also read up quality comical and hilarious cotents to be able to be Savage enough in a more damning way...
I can feel your pains and frustrations.. guess what?? Your miserableness can only continue and get worse..
Dumbo. You sound really stupid.
And I don't need to read the dictionary to know that.


Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 3:39am On Aug 26, 2021

You are free to cry us a river. ..

You people can only Wail ..

We set the pace and you lots must follow and abide..

Donate more tears pls..

Your monicker is only ironic of your brain capacity.


Romance / Re: Men, Why Do You Cheat On Your Partner? by Avviala: 4:25pm On Aug 25, 2021
Cheating is our nature. men ought to cheat, how can you be tied to one skirt? It’s not proper, not advisable. For those who will quote me and say all manner of rubbish oya answer this question:delete all the music in ur phone, just keep playing only one song from morning to night, now how would you feel? To me cheating is not an offense if only you cheat with sense.

And its women who is suppose to listen to one music or eat one kind of soup.
Gunayo, come and see something.
See why Nigerian men are useless.


Romance / Re: Men, Why Do You Cheat On Your Partner? by Avviala: 4:23pm On Aug 25, 2021

Women cheat for petty reasons grin grin. Like for iPhone

Isn't it better to cheat for material things than to cheat for free like men do? Even billing still dey follow am sef
Crime / Re: VIDEO: Nigerian Man Strangled To Death By His Italian Girlfriend In Italy by Avviala: 11:22pm On Aug 24, 2021
Team foreign ladies right now

Exactly. See how mute they are.
Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye (rudeboy) Allegedly Got Anita’s House-help Pregnant? by Avviala: 11:15pm On Aug 24, 2021
If the above stroy is true, then it means that men don't really know what they want. They are all Useless undecided

I won't say more than this smiley

Nigerian men are useless. Can't take the food they dish out.
Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 10:27pm On Aug 24, 2021
Who was the man who injured you.




Wish I knew you IRL so I could warn men to keep off this damaged woman.

Because despite all your noise (unless you're a lesbian) you still crave to receive gifts from men.

Nigerian men are useless. Na you kon know who is damaged.

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Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 10:25pm On Aug 24, 2021
l will like to emphasise again that not all Men are useless without money. The same goes all women are useless and worthless without that thing in between their legs. You might not have been heartbroken before but watch out before you are caught unaware while looking for Mr. Perfect that have all the qualities you desire in a man. The earlier you get married the better for you before you start approaching menopause and start seeking for any kind of useless man to marry either rich or poor.

And I say again, all Nigerian men are useless. If you are not useless, then stop trying hard for me to see otherwise. And I'm not going to marry a Nigerian d**k. And I will not be heartbroken as I would never love anyone.

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Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 4:52pm On Aug 24, 2021
lf men's usefulness is money, what is women's usefulness if not for that thing in between their legs. Women are their own problems. Mind you, not all men are useless. You sound like someone that had similar experience or heart break before.

Uhm. You are funny. Truth is if most women have money, men have no usefulness. I have not been heartbroken before. And that's because I look out for some qualities in men which most lack. And I say it again, men are useless without money.


Romance / Re: Ladies Who Rejected Marriage Proposal, What Was Your Reason? by Avviala: 2:05pm On Aug 24, 2021

This is not a made up gist or baseless talk, I know this women reach house, I’m pro women but then I’m just stating what I know is a common thing amongst your folks, y’all should sit down well and select who y’all want to settle down with and stop looking for flaws and making petty excuses and still come out to say all men are trash or there are no decent men out there. When y’all are more interested in fine boy with finances.

Isn't that the same way you guys go for a pretty lady? What's wrong with wanting a good looking man with money? Administrator of women affairs.

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Romance / Re: Ladies Who Rejected Marriage Proposal, What Was Your Reason? by Avviala: 1:55pm On Aug 24, 2021

Women dey enter road to hookup with strangers , you think they are scared of common post? They don't have anything tangible to say, I know alot of women that complain of being single but then the number of gentlemen lining up just to kiss where they walk are not given a chance. I guarantee you this women don't know what they want.

Some do. Maybe the men dying to kiss them aren't what they want in a man.
Family / Re: Man Beats His Wife Over A Dress, Months After Making Her Lose Her Pregnancy by Avviala: 5:53pm On Aug 23, 2021
In as much as we won't dispute the fact that some females deserve discipline we still will never fathom what the beating is for

Females? Like female dog? Female goat?
Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Avviala: 2:48pm On Aug 23, 2021
Nigerian men are useless. All of them.
If they don't cheat, they are hypocrites, toxic or women beaters. Even the so called calm ones are egoistic bastards and manipulative d**ks. The op wants his sister to stay in a marriage where she is disrespected daily but would not want to be disrespected as well.
It's women I blame. If right from time, we never accept cheating, men would not think of imposing their disgusting acts on us. Or at least not openly.
Since your sister's husband is only useful because of money, she should bear the marriage till she has enough savings to cater for herself and the children.
And I hope this is a lesson to women that you should never enter a marriage empty handed. Men only usefulness is money. If you remove that power, its easy to see them for the sh*t they are.

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Romance / Re: I Love Him So Much But I Want To Leave Him Because He Won’t Stop Cheating by Avviala: 10:02pm On Aug 22, 2021


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by Avviala: 3:38am On Aug 22, 2021

You are free to raise another man child.

You are talking like there are no single fathers and women can't raise other people's children.
Misogynistic male.

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Car Talk / Re: My Ex-girl Is Disturbing Me.. What Should I Do by Avviala: 3:21am On Aug 22, 2021
Why is this in car talk? grin

It's best you leave her. She doesn't love you and sees you as a backup plan. And those telling you to sleep with her, remember that some girls are cunny and treacherous. Before she will claim pregnancy and you will be forced to either marry or be in her life.

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Family / Re: Why Do Married Women Cheat These Days?? by Avviala: 3:17am On Aug 22, 2021
Why do men cheat ?

It isn't really about gender, op. But you want women to be degraded and so therefore women are singled out.

Cheats cheat because they want to and can't be committed or satisfied with being with one person.


Literature / Fruits of Unrighteous Romances by Avviala: 3:06am On Aug 22, 2021

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Romance / Re: Can You Marry The Last Person You Had Sex With? by Avviala: 10:38pm On Aug 21, 2021

Leave her.. only one good dicking she go begin claim inlove with u cheesy

Not all girls love sex. Same way not all guys love sex. I have had sex with a guy who was good but we were just friends or at least I saw him like that. When he began catching feelings, I left. Love isn't sex.


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