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Travel / Re: Lagos Residents Lament Hardship Over Collapsed Road by BelovedBuhari(m): 9:11am On Oct 02, 2018
A lot of you talking trash here don't stay in Lagos or have just moved to Lagos recently.

Those of us that has been here all our lives and have been following developments since 1999 through Bola Tinubu and Fashola's government had known that Ambode was an error from the start.

I created this thread months ago: https://www.nairaland.com/4174555/ambode-not-working-think

It's clear to every one as alleged by Muiz Banire and Tinubu that Ambode was never part of the team that drew up the Lagos master plan and had messed up the whole mega city plan.

He disbanded the LAWMA team, Drain Ducks Team of MOE, turned a lot of program upside down, have not added any projects to what Fashola did in the Education and Health Sectors; feeder roads everywhere are riddled with pot holes; piles of dirt everywhere...

Please let Ambode go. W e have had enough. Tinubu made a mistake on this one in 2015
TV/Movies / Re: Money Heist: N100 Naira Note In A Netflix Movie Montage by BelovedBuhari(m): 2:31pm On Sep 10, 2018
You don't have to make a public shown of your inadequacies and inferiority complex.
You need to see the same Therapist that helped Harrysong, before we hear something sad about your case.


You feel proud because your N100 that has no value is in the opening montage of a D rated soap?

You are one of the problems of this country. A country like Nigeria shouldn't be nibbling on mediocrity. I guess Americans would masturbate to death simply because their currency is used in music videos round the world.



TV/Movies / Money Heist: N100 Naira Note In A Netflix Movie Montage by BelovedBuhari(m): 12:11pm On Sep 10, 2018
One of the most interesting movies on Netflix- La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) has the Nigerian One Hundred Naira note in its opening montage. You can clearly see Obafemi Awolowo's N100 face at 00:48- 00:50.
The producers must have a reason why they have chosen the Naira for the montage instead for example of the Spanish Pesos.

I felt quite proud though seeing the Naira note shown in the montage.

See video:

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Business / Re: BUA Group To Establish Cement Factory In Ebonyi by BelovedBuhari(m): 10:40am On Sep 06, 2018
Baba Buhari has sent Abdulsamad to go and invest in Ebonyi, all because of his padi Umahi.

God Bless you Baba. Rule us till 2023

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Politics / Re: Buharist Hangout To Purchase N55m Form For PMB, Writes Campaign Dg(photo) by BelovedBuhari(m): 9:59am On Sep 04, 2018
We love you PMB.

I'm ready to send good money to support the continuation of good governance.

Maybe my tithe should even go to this than give it to one funny Pastor

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Politics / Re: Buhari Receives Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (Pictures) by BelovedBuhari(m): 2:39pm On Aug 31, 2018
Ride on Baba.

We love you and will do so till you officially handover in 2023

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Politics / Re: Conclusion Of N4.5bn Onitsha River Port Concession Mired In Controversy by BelovedBuhari(m): 1:53pm On Aug 30, 2018
Would Wailers like Xander85 ever reason like you blessed soul?

No. They are reeking with hatred already. Nothing is good to them

Guys, read carefully before commenting. They submitted a bid bond bearing a different name and insufficient validity. That's a material reason for disqualification. Let's always do things properly before protesting and shouting fraud.
Politics / Re: Conclusion Of N4.5bn Onitsha River Port Concession Mired In Controversy by BelovedBuhari(m): 1:50pm On Aug 30, 2018
Bros get small sense na.

Why didn't this happened in the Baro Port Concession case?

The bidders going to court and causing this delay are still South Easterners. Abi shey na Federal Government cause am again?

You made an error in your submitted bid and the agency moved on to shortlist those that were serious. Why all these court cases again to create an unnecessary delay.

If Prince Arthur Eze's Company eventually wins the final bid, this ITC owned by SEasterners too will still continue their fight.

If all the four qualified bidders were northerners or Yorubas now, we for don deaf from una wailing. Now na your brothers dey cause delay, u dey wail again


Hehehehehe grin grin grin

See how Kaduna port was completed and is now operating smoothly with everyone grinning from ear to ear with satisfaction, but when it comes to a federal project in the south-east, all you hear is story, excuses and challenges! wink

You see how the Kaduna airport was completed on schedule and within a few weeks, and is now running int'l operations? Now turn the page to the issue of AIIA-Enugu, and you have the aviation minister of state (visiting the so called int'l airport a few weeks back for first time since being appointed minister in 2015) reeling out a catalogue of woes and challenges facing the airport that prevents it from operating optimally....problems which still persist today as we speak!

The airforce (or army...can't remember which one) is occupying a spot that prevents the expansion of the airports operations. Governor Ugwuanyi has offered them another even bigger location someplace else, but guess what.....you guessed right wink....they've refused to budge! shocked

You couldn't make it up! grin grin

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Politics / Re: Galadima: How Buhari Rejected Tinubu by BelovedBuhari(m): 12:04pm On Jul 30, 2018
A Dead-onparrival attempt to cause a rift between the great Bola Ahmed Tinubu Camp and Baba Buhari's grin cheesy

Buba Galadima, Chairman of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC), has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari never wanted to have anything to do with the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

He stated this in the current edition of The Interview Magazine.

Galadima also said he was the brain behind the alliance between the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), against Buhari’s wishes.

Buhari and Tinubu were the leaders of CPC and ACN, two of the five legacy parties that formed the APC in 2014.

“Buhari was the one against the alliance with Tinubu and I don’t want to say anything. Let Buhari deny what I have said.

“I was for it and I organised it and wrote a memo that even produced a candidate for the vice presidency, this same Yemi Osinbajo,” Galadima said.

The R-APC chairman also revealed he was planning to write an open letter to Buhari very soon.

“If he was raising cattle in Daura, I wouldn’t bother about him. I’m criticising him because he’s the President of Nigeria and he’s not doing very well,” he added.

Celebrities / Re: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu And Wife, Cynthia Go Jet Skiing During Vacation In Spain by BelovedBuhari(m): 7:47pm On Jul 17, 2018
Hope that water won't get jealous and swallow you and your wife?


Sports / Re: Higher Institution Games Kick-start In July (See List Of Participating Schools) by BelovedBuhari(m): 6:00pm On Jul 17, 2018
Ashawo. The same thing wey make dem catch Nnamdi Kanu na im go put you for wahala

Women: Ipob Weakness. grin cheesy grin


Nice boobs.

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Business / Re: FIRS: Tax Revenue Hits N2.52tr In Six Months by BelovedBuhari(m): 8:01am On Jul 16, 2018
How much of his tax went to FIRS?
Did he tell you how much the Anambra State IRS collected from him? or the one those Obosi, Nkpor and Bridgehead thugs dey collect?

The FIRS is collecting tax due to it and you can easily see the results in the number of projects on-going accross the country.

Milking Igbo businesses to feed Northerners and Afonjas. Go to Onitsha, Aba and NNewi and see them harrasing Igbo businesses everyday. My uncle has this small spare parts shop, but I was shocked when he showed me over half a million paid in tax. I asked him if you pay this much in tax, how much does the distributor or importer pay? He that big shop there is a major importer and pays over 10 million in import duties and taxes a month. I almost fainted!

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Politics / Re: Ekiti State Police & PDP Eyewitnesses Fault Fayose Attack Claim by BelovedBuhari(m): 10:03am On Jul 12, 2018
Nolly wood should come up with a movie that will have Fayose and Neymar as star appearances. grin
Politics / Re: Police To Withdraw Fayose, Fayemi’s Security –DIG Joshak by BelovedBuhari(m): 5:08pm On Jul 11, 2018
Didn't you read well that the DIG clearly stated that no rally is allowed till Saturday. Why did Fayose call for a so call Peace Rally again?
After meeting the Police Authorities and briefed on the modus operandi for the election to allow for a safe and smooth election, he went out to flout it. The efforts of the police to disperse them is in order.

For those saying Fayose was not attacked today there you have it

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Politics / Re: Photos Of Fayose With Neck Collar & Arm Sling After Police Teargassed Him by BelovedBuhari(m): 4:31pm On Jul 11, 2018
You sef don see how e dey be for body?

No be you carry thugs follow body go beat Lawyers and Judge for inside court and then afterwards still dey boast upandan?

Enjoy beating small grin cheesy


Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Must Tell Nigerians How She Built N10b Worth Hotel – CACOL by BelovedBuhari(m): 10:20am On Jun 21, 2018
SO because the rented crowd was led by an Hoesu Jewdas, you have begun to foam at the mouth and turn a blind eye to the truth?

Keep Wailing cool grin

[img]The march involved hundreds of women in the state, who marched to the Rivers State Government house and was led by one Mrs Eunice Igwe over what they referred to as constant harassment of the former first lady.

Afonja CACOL,why not first tell us how Thiefnuubu came to be the richest landlord in Africa just few years after being a drug pedlar in Chicago.

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Politics / Re: Tony Momoh: "Yoruba Leaders Are A Disgrace" by BelovedBuhari(m): 9:54am On Jun 21, 2018
Hoesu Jewdas, he is reffering to Afenifere, who are mere PDP stooges and 'Across the Niger Handshake' puppets along with your own leaders.

True Yoruba leaders are politically savvy and smart.

Kiss that and wail.

The children of hate AKA sophicated morons will attack Tony now thinking he is an IGBO man.


Politics / Re: Aftermath Today's Rainfall In Ibadan. (pictures) by BelovedBuhari(m): 9:44am On Jun 21, 2018
I guess you got served this morning on the Nnewi Gully Erosion thread?

Karma is a bitch.

I was amused seeing how much you wailed there. grin grin grin

Keep it up cheesy wink cheesy


lolzzzz u don't hv a case

ibadan is not fit for human habitation

u just pained


my brothers are coming for u.
Politics / Re: Buhari Approves Appointment Of 28 New Judges [see Full List] by BelovedBuhari(m): 9:28am On Jun 21, 2018
Bloody Jewdas accursed as an idiotic pig by his very own leader.

So because Igbos want to have everything channeled to them, Angas, Junkun, Idoma, Tiv, Mumuye, Jarawa, Birom, Gwari, Nupe and other tribes you morphed as northern and muslim shouldn't be equally represented?

Or have you asked if those appointed are qualified and due for such appointment?

Keep it up till the bile and bitterness finally kill you. A lot of you Hoesus will end up dead with terminal diseases caused by bitter grudge before 2019 election

stfu..how is this list distributed among nigerians? is it not dominated by northerners? at xander85 i cant tank u enough 4 ur comments here..twas mind blowing savage

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Crime / Re: Lady's Corpse Dumped On The Road In Anambra With A Murder Note (Photos) by BelovedBuhari(m): 6:43pm On Jun 20, 2018
Until you stop bringing Yorubas into your low lives and its issues, you may not prosper beyond your nose.

Igbo women don't indulge in infidelity? Story.

When they have taken over form Edo and Delta Girls at different Brothels all over the country.

Would you spare time to come to Lagos if you are not here and I'll show you how many women are getting shagged after their husbands might have gone to Ladipo or Alaba?

The lady might not be Igbo tho since we have a lot of Yoruba's littering our land these days, snatching our wives and husbands everywhere

An Igbo woman can never indulge in infidelity.

In a saner clime this is the easiest murder case to solve. The note should tell you to look for the victims married lover and that will lead you to his wife. He phonebook and a few investigation is what you need. If the phone book was confiscated by the culprit, get her phone number from her family and friends then you know where to take it to get the previous number dialled.


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Politics / Re: Activists Drag National Assembly To Court Over Failure To Impeach Buhari (PICS) by BelovedBuhari(m): 6:07pm On Jun 20, 2018
Dumb goats.

See their names and the name of their chambers like that of a brothel.


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Travel / Re: Ojuelegba Tragedy: Unlatched Containers Must Leave Our Roads by BelovedBuhari(m): 3:29pm On Jun 20, 2018
It's not just about unlatched containers.

There should be a Road Safety policy that stipulates the age of trucks that can be used to transport these containers. Most of the trucks involved in these accidents are old and rickety.

An old truck would probably find it difficult to move smoothly and it;s handling difficulty will definitely lead to an accident

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Family / Re: 'My Dad Is A Deadbeat' Top Worn By Daughter On Father's Day by BelovedBuhari(m): 11:22am On Jun 20, 2018
Yes, he's deadbeat and messed up your life, but she is more wicked than the man if she is already sowing seeds of hatred and bitterness in the heart of the innocent child.

She can never take the place of a dad in her baby's life no matter how hard she tries. The deficiency will always be there.

See Johnson and Johnson's video on the importance of dad's in the life of the family

Distinctly Dad:
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Still The Best Choice For Presidency – Adeyemi by BelovedBuhari(m): 8:02am On Jun 20, 2018
Let's see what you will amount to there.

I don't know what productivity is left in a hated-filled mind. You'll probably be adding to the increasing number of prisoners there.


This guy is a self deluded troll.
It takes a special kind of madness to launder buhari , as a mere civilian.

Don't worry. My Canadian visa will soon be ready by the Grace of God.

I will soon leave Nigeria for you to enjoy with your buhari.
Politics / Re: Umahi Condemns Renaming Of Abakaliki Street In Anambra by BelovedBuhari(m): 7:28am On Jun 20, 2018
If you are resident in the South West and you make a living here and still state this evil about the Yorubas, then it will never be well with you and all your endeavours.

Their land, roads, weather, and the water you drink will fight against you till you run back to your own land


Anu ofia
Onye ofe mmanu
Thunder gbuo gi dia
So your name na afonja abi na your ancestor name
Your lineage are doomed to be enternal kaffirs to the gambari. Your agbo drunk sipping papa need constant sex enhancement to fit Bleep your aje mama. Heck you be product of agbo.

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Politics / Re: Abia Women Seeks Police Support To End Baby Factory Menace by BelovedBuhari(m): 6:59am On Jun 20, 2018

Most of Our wailers here are products of these factories. e.g

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