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Education / Re: MY NIPOST EXPERIENCE - Nigerian Postal Service by Bethiano(m): 7:36am On Jan 29
This may be the customs of Netherlands.

Customs of receiving or sending countries, should they find any suspicious package , they have the right by law i guess to open the package.

whether items in the package would be intact or not depends and its tricky. it could be an honest Human mistake or treacherous intentional actions, however, depending on the country , the probability of any content being intact varies... Am sure you know what i mean by this ...


I received a package from the Netherlands mid-december last year and noticed the seal was broken and re-sealed. When I queried the NIPOST staffs in Akure here, they claimed it might be the sender.
I called to confirm and was negative. I was disappointed, though everything was intact.
NIPOST staffs should be patriotic and desist from tampering with customers' parcels.
Education / Re: MY NIPOST EXPERIENCE - Nigerian Postal Service by Bethiano(m): 7:23am On Jan 29
Dear Cellove,

sorry you have to go through this .

from what i can see the item reached Lagos on was put in an Outbound bag on 12th December 2019.

i may agree to your claim that the tracking number is the issue, i see that it was assigned to another document going to the US. if you observe there was no record of the document leaving Nigeria.

This is clearly a technical/ Human error from their side of Nipost. I think Auchi office is responsible for the error. They obviously did not synchronize their system before registering your package. Such that when the item got to Lagos, the Lagos system became frustrated, not knowing what to do. Even if they sent it to Canada, the Canadian system would not recognise the package, because the Tracking code is a unique identifier, no 2 package should share same number .

If they had synchronized their system, the system may not have assigned your package an already used number .

1. did you send the transcript yourself ?
2. Did you write your contact details (+ Phone number) behind the envelope in case of return ?

if yes, to the above question then i guess you can only hope it will be returned to you. This actually takes about 21 days .

Another, option, try reaching out to Nipost control office in Ikeja .... you could call them or visit their office.

Hopefully they can track the item.

To be very honest, Nipost is weak in Troubleshooting as with many Nigerian establishments.

My transcript was sent to WES Canada from NIPOST Auchi since on the 3rd December, 2019. Till moment as I write this, WES has not confirmed receipt of transcript. When I sent a mail to them, they responded that such item the tracking code: RR056315354NG has not arrived or been received in their office. I sent a mail to NIPOST having discovered that the tracking code was used for two different parcel. A staff responded that the item arrived Canada on the 25/12/2019. On wanting to know who received it and when, the staff (from their customer service) has refused to respond to other mails till date. Further probe on the where about of the parcel led me to the office of origin where another staff asking me to log in to trackitonline.ru which has remained my source for tracking. He (the staff) said the parcel was in USA as at 6/01/2020. I accosted him with the mail from their customer service claiming that the parcel was in Canada and since then, he has not responded to messages again. Please, can someone help me? NIPOST has logged off and I don't know what next to do.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Bethiano(m): 1:29pm On Nov 24, 2019
Bros use Daad nahhhh, dont tell me you are into spoon feeding......


BTU - Environmental management
Leibniz Hannover - Water and Environmental management (WATENV)


Thank you for this.

I actually have bsc in environmental management and would love to do my Master's degree program in environmental management or a related course. Are you studying environmental management it in Germany? If "yes" may I know your school please? Could you please suggest schools that offer this? I only know of University of kiel and that's in winter semester.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Bethiano(m): 1:21pm On Nov 24, 2019
Please I have a question and I will appreciate if you can share you view on this. Is there any disadvantage or advantage for an Nigerian or international student going to a tuition paid school(i mean private school) in Germany?

My dear, if you have the money to pay. Why not ! provided the programme/ curriculum the private school or the Schools in the Tuition paying state offers, is what you really want, go for it.
No body will say , because you pay tuition fees, i will give you a special seat in trams ....hahahahhaha. 4
Admission to tuition paying universities some believe are less competitive because not much people apply to them. Well, i dont think that is the case with schools in Baden Wuttenberg, Those schools have standard and very competitive. They would not just give you admission because you have money to pay, you must meet admission requirements

However, if you find same course/programme/curriculum and opportunity in a No-tuition university, why pay ? you fit dash your village people the money or donate to orphanages... Just saying though hahahahahah

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Bethiano(m): 11:32am On Nov 20, 2019
Dear Nigerians,

it would be challenging to tell you my story since 2014.... because its long.....

But i would discuss about it based on subject matters, not sure i can write all....i will try to make a youtube video, though not sure if i am ready for the public.

Study in Germany, does it make sense, whats the difference about studying in Nigeria content wise ?......

First, i want you to know and appreciate that knowledge gained from Nigeria is strong and comparable. otherwise, you would not have been admitted on the basis of your BSc for a master and WAEC+ 1st year studies for Bachelors. The fact you have been admitted means you have requisite knowledge to undertake the course.

Please dont let anybody talk you down on this matter. Just know this !

Before your begin to walk tall, please, ensure you choose the right course for you, be sincere with your competence and skills. Review thoroughly the course modules and be sure the content satisfy's your quest for knowledge in that field.

i understand sometimes we just apply to a lot schools and programmes, for admission sake. However, to the degree possible, make sure your are interested in the programme and excited about the modules.Otherwise, you may come back here and start shouting how hard it is to study your choosen course, how hard German this and that is....

For the Records, many Nigerians are graduating with Distinctions here..... many ! on the average, many are doing their best, especially those who have the opportunity to focus on their study and not being distracted by work.

content Wise,
Talking from my programme (TropHEE @ TU Darmstadt) and please note that i already had a master in Environmental Management from UNN and have been doing independent research, participation in Academic conferences, publications etc. before living Nigeria.

For me , the modules are everything i want to learn, very enriching and insightful. Every class i attended was an opportunity to reinforce my knowledge and filling knowledge gaps i had in my understanding of Hydrogeology, which was my aim of taking up the programme. i saw myself saying YES or Okeyyyyyy...... or nodding during classes in agreement most times and asking WHY many times to prompt explanation of why we are doing it that way and not this way. so for me its different and may be different for some others.

The central point here is, know your goal/ reason for choosing a particular programme, be sure its inline with your career objectives and target after the 2 year masters. Be realistic with your existing skills, knowledge shortfalls, etc. Dont over assume.
If you know , you somehow graduated with a 2.1 or 2.2 and that your result does not reflect the knowledge it presents you possess.
Please take your time to do some reading before going to Nigeria. Dont form or claim anything here, there is no room for that. Its either your know or you dont.
Take time and go through all modules of your programme, call the programme coordinator if you need clarifications on the programme. Be sure the module content is what you want to learn, that it would provide knowledge that would fill the gaps you have, that it would arm you with the skills you need to lead a better life and career moving forward.

of course, Germany is ahead of Nigeria in terms of Technology , research capability, facilities and scientific approach. However, i think in Nigerian are prof's try to brake things down for us to understand, our prof's approach to science and teaching is aimed at making us understand and appreciate concepts. But this have a lot to do with the context/environment, mannerisms and ease of understanding Nigerian prof's due to Nigerian English phonology and lexicon which is debatable.

However, my submission above does not suppose that some people stories are not different. i say this before people begin to declare, cast and bind.... and use the Lords name in vain.
well if you say , its not your portion and that you are destined and favoured.... no worries , i dont doubt you and contest your faith. You have rights to hold your sane beliefs.
you are free to choose a programme in Astro Physics with your BSC in yoruba, no worries Red sea would be divided for your case.

here is the summary of the whole matter as it pertains to programme content; be real with your truth in this spite, and seek that which would complete your "headquaters" in peace and harmony

Let me also use this opportunity to let this one out of the bag;

seeing how people cry out for blocked account here and how many peoples dreams have been cut shot cos of they do not have sponsor or money , i will make some statements in the next 2 paragraphs.... these are my thoughts and no one should take it to heart.

If you have the means to keep financial resources flowing your way while in Germany from Nigeria either through your parents/family/ or financial sponsor for your studies in Germany, i would advice you give 80% of your focus to your studies and 20% to work ( as a research assistant or something related to your studies ) + any loose percentage for travel and leisure....(my dear please enjoy Europe and don't dull). I highly recommend you travel for Academic conferences or youth development and empowerment programmes.
while you are getting support from home, take this time to strengthen and sharpen your skills on softwares or technical skills required for your field of study or future profession. e,g GIS, Programming, R , statistical tools etc.

If you dont have means of steady financial flows from Nigeria as above, its up to you to decide. But i will advice you give focus to your academics. Please try not to spend more than the required time for your programme . 2 years for masters should be 2 years . Do all you can to stay tops on your academics and make good grades. Above all learn a skill.

For those of you, whose parents are in Government and steal our monies (...if this affects you, dont be angry or shy, we have pass that level in Nigeria... so no worries, no hard feelings from my side...) provided your pops or mom can be doling out the money in peace, you can use it to support other Nigerians or at best make donations to the NSIG ; Nigerians student group in Germany.
Last last its our money, so no worries... But wasting it in bars in Europe in the name of feeling fly, is annoying especially when people know that your folks are in government and are thieves . i wont say more than this.
please there is nothing to shy about it, we all know these things. if your family is in Govt, and they are stealing it, please steal it from them and help other Nigerians freely and dont go boasting about it, because its not your money.
If you are angry about this and go on spending and lavishing the money, no worries.... Na your luck.... No hard feelings , Na God so "saraba" give u...

Wish you all the best.

Bethiano de Bizzle

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by Bethiano(m): 10:05am On Nov 20, 2019
Article #13. I know you guys are waiting for this so here you go


1)All California State Universities (CSU Chico, LA, Long Beach, Fresno, Fullerton)

2)San Diego State University

3)San Jose State University

4)San Francisco State University

5)Southern Illinois University

6)University of Chicago

7)Western Illinois University

coolUniversity of Washington

9)Rice University

10)Texas A&M-Commerce

11)University of Houston

12)University of Texas Tyler

13)Stony Brook

15)Suny Albany

16)Vassar College

17)University of Massachusetts Boston

18)Indiana University Bloomington

19)Arizona State University

20)Florida State University

21)Dayton State University

22)University of South Florida

23)University of South Carolina

Do Check it out , thanks

copied from a Facebook group .....

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Education / Re: One Of The Only Fully Sponsored Phd Programme In Nigeria by Bethiano(m): 11:36am On Oct 09, 2019
who applied for this scholarship .....

If you did lets link up
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Bethiano(m): 2:36pm On Apr 07, 2019
Hello, I graduated with Bachelor in Architecture, with 4.2 gpa, i'm intending to apply for a Masters in Germany, the mission is to find a good job and stayed after graduation, but I learned that it's quite difficult to find a job easily a course like architecture in Germany, I notice that its easier to find job with courses related to information technology and computer, please do you think it's possible for me to switch to such areas? and I'm I correct in my findings? That IT related course find job easily than other professions.

I think you are getting all wrong.

The fact that there are more jobs in IT does not mean you should dash of your passion for money.

There is it in architecture.

Please look at from the other side.

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Bethiano(m): 10:52am On Apr 07, 2019

That guy trying to feel he has seen all is very irritating. That aside.
I noticed many of you just go to daad and apply to anything not knowing the difference. You just want to leave nigeria. Lol, anyway, the rule of thumb is this, if you are very intelligent by all means aim for a university. If you are not too bright academically and more hands on go to applied science. The white man recognises this unlike nigeria where everybody if forced to "read book"

Know this, as an African (nigerian especially) the odds are heavily stacked against you. If you have this in mind you will handle Europe and some dissappointments you will see better. But if your friends want to keep the milk and honey mindset, goodluck to them. They will be surprised.

It's good to express this reality, but I think your expression is too much negativity.
What do you mean, especially Nigerians.....chia, in my opinion you are planting an evil seed.

An Igbo proverb, ihe onye Chor Ka oga afu, that which you seek you will find.
If you want to see racism, trust me you will get loads of it, if you want to still odds stacked against you because you are Nigerian., You will get what you wish in quantum.....

Please I beg you keep up the brighter side, war and strife are not foreign to our world, neither is peace and joy....

Is Nigeria milk and honey ? This Nigeria that people are hustling to leave.
Life is different for everyone, to some people Nigeria is milk and honey to others it may be fire and brimstone.
This is not to negate "home and ethnic advantage", as some people say, home is home.
Also you cannot put aside the developed world advantage as well.

No where in the world is completely milk and honey, just understand life and move on.

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Bethiano(m): 10:24am On Apr 07, 2019

Everything you typed here clearly shows you are JJC .
You don't know anything and just running your mouth.
I can't be arguing with a student.

The earlier you drop this naivety and clear your eyes the better for you, if not you will spend years in Europe with nothing to show for it.

Like I always say, if you no sabi, ask question.

Dear colleagues on this group,
please pardon me if I derail this group for just this one post.
Please bear with me, I just want to reemphasize what has been said here repeatedly.

Mentions of politics and religion are only to butteress the point. Sarcasm was implored as well.

Dear justwise,
If you see need to delete this post, please do. No hard feelings.

Mr Nobody;
First I will advice you change your name from nobody to somebody. Because you are indeed somebody, making contributions here and supporting people.

However, it's also good to share the other side of the German story so people don't come and think gold is laid up on the streets of Germany.

But I differ, on your disposition that this is what it is or would be for people who come to Germany.

Life is a journey, everyone's journey is different and personal.

That some people are having a hard time, does not mean is same for everyone.

Abroad stories is different for many people, if you ask the Nigerian that came to Germany through the Mediterranean, his story is different. If you ask the lady who got a fine bobo in Germany and now have kids and enjoying life , their stories are different.

They are people in Nigeria who are doing far better than those abroad. Obodo oyibo of today is no like before when all those uncles come back with goodies. Save for hushpuppi range of Nigerians, who cut it hard. More so, we are all aware of Nigerians who from their huts in Lagos, Abuja and so are doing their own stuff and don't need to travel abroad.

For people on this thread, the path may be thus ; education - Work / enterprise/ PhD - German PR/citizenship or return to Nigeria.

You would see that, the case of people here is different. It's not via asylum or what not. I suppose there may be a thread of platform for folks who want to try the sahara desert route. Here it's education, its about the most safe, orderly and dignified migration route for young people.

I have a crop of fellows who left Nigeria 2014. To Germany for studies , all of them stories are different. Some don Dey do things for Nigeria sef via earnings from their work, some have successfully relocated their family to Germany, some PhD , some this and that.

Life is a personal race.

My advice is to you is;
1. Change your network of friends and associations, they may have been influencing you wrongly. If No;
2. You could try something completely new. I mean take a very rash but calculated decision to change your circumstance.
3. Stay positive.
4. Some people are uwa mgbede (late risers) kind of people, be patient ,calm and continue your hardwork, it will definitely pay.
5. Take out prejudices from your life if any.

Oyibo is Oyibo, of course everyone wants the best for his/her people. Why would one blame them if they have such position of sending people back to your country after studies or law on recruitment. Luckily Germany us different.

6. And to be honest, Germany needs skilled people. Watch the developed world, they know something our governments don't know. Human capital is the next big thing, after which it would be AI ( and this would happen faster than you think).

Every developed nation is wanting talents to come, even China with all their population is offering scholarships now like WizKid. What do you think is their intention ?

Mention one developed nation that does not have one scholarship or program that seeks foreign talents to come to their country. Unfortunately only Nigeria ....hahahahahhahahahaha , instead we have ptdf, NDDC, and FG bilateral agreements that is sending out our best brains, even to Morocco.
How many Moroccans have been sent on their governments money to come and study Igbo linguistics in Nigeria or even agricultural engineering....lolz

The challenge in Nigeria is how to track those we have sent out and have them return to contribute. But first we have to create enabling environment for them to return and make their own contribution.
I think Osibanjo is working on it, with their feeding programme and millions of jobs created in agriculture, that I am still finding it hard to identify a friend or neighbor that have benefited. Well I will continue searching, may be I would find.

Back to our discussion;

Bottom line brother is this, life journey is different for everyone one. Pray your God to bless you , to satisfy you early, because seriously, to what end is driving Ferrari at age 80.
Try see Psalm 90:10-17 just Google, read Irrespective of your religion. Just read for reading sake. It's story about Moses who was disturbed about his life and progress at age 40.

In life, there are (1) early starters, (2) middle men or on-time fellows, then you have the (3) late risers.

Check with your secondary school graduate class. You will observe everyone has gone on different path and pace.
The same is for every graduate set of this thread. Their stories are different.

However this is a lesson for everyone on this this thread, life is a lone race, prepare yourself and run your race.

Some decided it's USA, others Canada , but people here have decided it's Germany...

I wish you the best, last last , we all go Dey alright.

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Bethiano(m): 1:22am On Mar 20, 2019
Hi All,

I got a mail from DAAD Scholarship committee that I should submit an admission letter of a German University for winter 2019/20. Please, who knows much about this DAAD scholarship? Does that mean that I have been considered for the scholarship and does anyone knows any German University that issues admission letter within the shortest possible time?

Course of study: MSc Geosciences

cc: Deustchemann

Thank you

Did you say daad scholarship committee ? If yes then the following question and comments is irrelevant.

Did you apply for 2019 ptdf scholarship ?

If yes, then attach the admission letter of the school you applied to during the scholarship application period.

Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Bethiano(m): 1:24pm On Mar 17, 2019
Just want to appreciate you for your hard work. The way you have presented this shows you have done your bit judiciously.

Well done, no room for laziness !


Okay. @pecky2222 and others on the thread (guests and members) who are interested in life science areas can apply for the underlisted programs I bookmarked in my jotter. I'll indicate the mode of application, as well as the deadline.
Please note that, unless otherwise stated, these programs have restricted admission.
Also, all programs listed are taught in English language, and letter of proficiency is accepted for application

1. MSc Environmental Toxicology at University of Duisburg-Essen. Deadline: June 15 (offline application. Documents will be sent by post)

2. MSc Toxicology at University of Potsdam. Application opens April 1. (Uni-assist application, but the processing fee has been paid for by the school cheesy ).

3. University of Siegen
a. MSc Chemistry
b. MSc Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
(Online application only)

4. MSc Interdisciplinary Neuroscience at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am main. Deadline: March 15 (Uni-assist application, but processing fee has been paid for by the school grin ). Admission is not restricted

5. MSc Ecosystem Services at Technical University, Dresden, Zittau. Application is from April 1-July 15. (Offline application. Documents are sent to them by post) Admission is not restricted.

6. MSc Agrigenomics at Kiel University. Deadline May 31. Online application only.

7. MSc Global Change Ecology at University of Bayreuth. Deadline June 15. Online application only.

8. JMU Wuerzburg
a. MSc Biosciences.
Application runs from May-July. Offline application only but your documents MUST be certified by the German embassy
b. MSc Biochemistry.
Deadline: June 1. Online application only.
c. MSc Translational Neuroscience.
Not sure of the deadline. Online application only.

9. Georg-August universitatsmedizin, Göttingen.
a. MSc Molecular Medicine
b. MSc Cardiovascular Science
Deadline: May 30. Online application only.

10. University of Bonn
a. MSc Neuroscience . Deadline: March 31.
b. MSc Medical Immunoscience and Infection. Deadline: March 31.
c. MSc Immunobiology. Deadline: April 30.
d. MSc Biochemistry. Deadline: April 30. Online application only for all of them.

11. FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg
a. MSc Integrated Life Sciences
b. MSc Integrated Immunology
c. MSc Molecular Medicine
d. MSc Molecular Science.
Deadline for all: July 15.
Combination of both online and offline application (i.e you apply online then send your documents by post.)

Admission to MSc Molecular Science is non-restricted.

For MSc Integrated Immunology, the school offers scholarship opportunity between June15-July 15.

12. Ruhr University, Bochum.
a. MSc Biochemistry
b. MSc Molecular and Developmental Stem cell Biology.
Deadline for both: July 15.
Online application only.

13. MSc Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience at University of Regensburg.
Deadline: April 30.
Offline application only.
(They request for ordinary photocopies of your documents for application. You can send certified copies after admission).

14. FSU Jena
a. MSc Biochemistry (deadline 31 may)
b. MSc Medical Photonics (deadline 15 July)
c. MSc Molecular Medicine (deadline 31 may)
d. MSc Molecular Life Sciences (deadline 31 may).
Application is done online first.
Then you'll send the completed application form to them via post mail. No need to add copies of documents.

These courses are particularly suited for candidates with the following but not restricted to BSc/BTech Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry. If you're in doubt, send a mail to the course coordinator. You'll be clarified.
Good morning.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Bethiano(m): 1:14pm On Mar 17, 2019
You have asked a very honest question. This shows you have a good heart and that you are a reasonable person.

When you are offered admission and have made your choice of school;
1. Immediately , reply to the other schools with a rejection notification. Be polite and give a brief reason for declining their offer e.g" that you regret to let them know, you have accepted an offer else where"

You could also let them know you would consider future learning opportunities with them.
Who knows, you may want to transfer to their school, in that your preferred school did not meet your expectations, so it's wise to path amicably.

Please be very polite when you write them.

2. Remember it took time, energy and resources to review your application, ignoring the university and the faculty who laboured thus; is not a good idea.

3. Imagine this habit is perculiar to Nigerians, what do you think will happen to other applications from later years they receive from Nigeria.

The regard given to Nigerian degrees that many of you enjoy today are traceable to the good conduct and performance of the people ahead.
Please don't mess things up.

4. When you let go of that space, they may consider someone else. sometimes depending on the school, the circumstances, and relation with the admissions unit , you could subtly suggest that your spot be offered to another willing candidate from your country or subsaharan Africa. It goes a long way to reinforce your claims in your motivational letter.

5. If you have made your choice of institution, respectfully and promptly reply to the other schools that you will not be joining them anymore.

6. Remember human beings are behind those computers responding to your emails and questions, they have emotions too, they feel bad when you don't show up after all their back and forth emails with you.

I know you will say it's their job, yes I agree, but everyone deserves to be treated with respect and value.

I advice people to read previous posts and earlier parts (1-5), I have seen a couple of lazy questions.


Rainy season is here, harmattan is coming...lolz

Guys let's say I applied for admission at ten schools and got 4 at the end, what am I gonna do?

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 5 by Bethiano(m): 8:15pm On Jul 31, 2018
why not Photocopy of the student visa and Admission letter and keep passport safe at home? At best coloured print out ?

To avoid stories that touch the soul.

Just saying though !

[i]The above refers to processing discount ticket by Emirates !

[quote author=Bankyproperties post=69771599][/quote]
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 5 by Bethiano(m): 8:09pm On Jul 31, 2018
My advice,

Write a very strong appeal (email) to the embassy, explaining your situation and the unfortunate fate you faced last year, which is about to repeat it self this year.
After that, Do same letter to the consular general, explaining your case, attach all the evidence.
And please be sure you are telling the truth and nothing else, but the truth. Please do not make up stories. send this letter via courier or Nipost registered mail.
then Go down on your knees and do the needful.

Thank HIM when this works.

Hi Guys,
I just got admission to study scientific instrumentation at the university of applied science Jena dated 25th July 2018, I applied for visa appointment on the 27th still yet to get a reply from the embassy. Information I got from the embassy that no more visa appointment for winter section and I have completed my blocked account since last year when I first applied for the same from the embassy that they have booked out student visa for winter session. My question is....how can I still go for this visa appointment coz my enrollment date is on the 10th of October 2018. I'm just speechless, after long waiting

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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Bethiano(m): 6:55am On May 17, 2018
Dear Friends,

sometime in March, i read through some pages here to learn about the Canadian TRV visa. i got invaluable insights here. I feel obligated to share my success story, may be this may help some one tomorrow.

mission: going for a conference
funding: i received funding from the organizers
applied: 23rd, paper application
documents submitted:
- work contracts
- certificate of leave
- letter of introduction from work
- bank statement
- 1 page statement of purpose
- bank accounts
- travel insurance.
- certified copies of my educational documents
- letter of invitation
- Notification of Travel grant award

- then i missed attaching my payment slips and conference registration confirmation (though it was not available at the time), in the next lines you will see the moves i made to rectify this . Please guys, this is not advisable, do not make the mistake of not attaching any of your supporting documents.

i learnt from this thread that one could email the embassy after documents have been submitted, on the condition that you have a cogent reason, for which the embassy may decide to acknowledge you email after evaluation on the basis of your genuineness and sincerity of your request, or otherwise ignore your email.
Please i would encourage you to write only when you have a reason and only when its most expedient.

then i wrote the embassy asking them to speed up processing of my application as the conference date was fast approaching. In the same letter i explained the circumstances for submitting my application the time i did, then attached the documents, which where now available
at the time.

in summary, on 18th April i got a response that "Your processed passport has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office Abuja, on to the Canada Visa Application Centre" , two days after i received the courier.

Lo and behold, it was Approved.

thanks to Frank Reuben , he was supportive.

lessons learnt
1. read, search, seek , ponder, consume wisely the information you find here.

2. Be honest, sincere , hold on to the truth that makes one free.

3. Dont despise people.



Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 4 by Bethiano(m): 7:51am On Sep 04, 2017
thanks for your concern bro. I really plea to the school to defer my admission to summer semester, but they said isn't part of their policy. Well I have make some enquiries about the summer semester in the school too. The summer semester application for the school will commence from december 1 till jan. 15 of next year. But bro as it stand, I just have to apply to any school that's offering my course. I heard hamburg city is part of the city that people hustle too. Thanks for following bro.

Your written English is improving.

Keep it up. Don't relent. Make conscious efforts to continuously improve. Learning is a steady state of "Being".

I understood how you felt when everybody was complaining of your bad grammar. They love you and want the best for you, that's the reason it seemed as though they were attacking you. No, they were only concerned.
As responsible civil adults, they saw the need to protect our collective destiny as a people and that of generations to come.

Thank you for accepting the rod of correction in good faith.

I wish you well.


Travel / Re: Schengen Visa Application In Nigeria:step By Step Guide by Bethiano(m): 1:58am On Sep 03, 2017
Mr obi, how did your friend resolve this. ?


Please someone has an invitation to Denmark for September 11 to 24 and then from November 20 to December 3.

Concerning obtaining a Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa application, I want to know if it's better to split it into 2 weeks each (Sept 11 to 24 and Nov 20 to Dec 3) or to merge it into just one insurance of 12 weeks (Sept 11 to Dec 3)?

Which would jeopardise the person's chances? Are both options allowed?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 4 by Bethiano(m): 9:25pm On Aug 03, 2017
you are just talking because they gave you the opportunity to come to their country to study for free. hahahahahahaha

Nigerians and their gots.

Go to UNN or UI nahhhhh hahahahahahaha grin[color=#990000][/color]


@Johnnyessence please all that are affected should bombard them with emails oo,, its very disheartening for someone to undergo the stress of admission and the expenses involved , and after just to be told that the dreams will die off just like that, because the embassy cannot schedule appointment when we all know that its not prospective student's fault on when the admission status/results are released.... If there is quota to the number of Nigerian students they can accommodate in any given semester then that should be made public for for Nigerians and the whole world to know, other than that its not a enough reason to deny people the opportunity of pursuing their academic dreams.... Those that are affected we stand with you and pray that a positive solution will come in time... Never give up on your dreams guys...... We will achieve our goals, fulfil our heart desires and dream come through to all who believe Amen...
Education / Re: MY NIPOST EXPERIENCE - Nigerian Postal Service by Bethiano(m): 9:46am On Apr 13, 2017
Hello guys,

Am going to NIPOST Office today to send a mail to Germany, lets keep track of my mail delivery time.

lets just play about this, and lets see the efficient NIPOST in action.
Education / Re: MY NIPOST EXPERIENCE - Nigerian Postal Service by Bethiano(m): 9:44am On Apr 13, 2017
I need your help NIPOST ambassador.
I sent my package before reading this thread, I could have acted differently if I had all the information I am now getting from here.

Please the package contains documents and gift items weighing close to 2 kg. It was addressed to a Private mail bag in Ibadan. My question is: will it be delivered to the private mail bag even with the gift items? I have read on this thread that customs sometimes seize packages? What is the fate of my package? There is no tracking number, no phone number, no return address on the package. It was sent through regular mail from Canada

Dear Tolu, All things been equal, the mail will get to the private mail bag.

on the other hand, take MRSNaira's advice, ask the mail recipient to go to the closest state NIPOST headquarter to find out of the delivery.

Now that you know better about NIPOST services, am sure you know the write approach to send differently categories of mail.
Education / Re: MY NIPOST EXPERIENCE - Nigerian Postal Service by Bethiano(m): 8:36am On Apr 13, 2017
sorry you were unlucky this time.

read the posts here, you will see some people have been impressed with EMS services.
Education / Re: MY NIPOST EXPERIENCE - Nigerian Postal Service by Bethiano(m): 8:34am On Apr 13, 2017
i sent a package of books to Germany from insurgency thorn north east Nigeria, it was opened by the germans and resealed too.

my question is this, was any of the items sent to you missing?

if no , then its part of security procedures.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Bethiano(m): 11:41am On Jul 09, 2016
lol, fuji house of commotion tins... nd i cn spot our radio without battery babe wink,

chino, why talk like this? Ba kio walahi
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Bethiano(m): 11:56pm On Jul 08, 2016
Lol see how everyone is attacking one person. I don't see anything wrong with what she's said IMO.

She's not being negative, she's just being realistic. She never said no one should come to Germany, she's only just trying to let you all know that it isn't all bed of roses there.

I like reading her contributions to this thread because she tells it how it is. I wouldn't want to go there with the impression that things will go smoothly and it turns out rough, I'd rather go with the impression that I'll struggle to keep body and soul together, it'll help keep me focused and determined.

You'll should take it easy, I don't find her posts discouraging at all, they're enlightening. It'll give you ideas on how to survive.

My opinion of course, we're all entitled to it.

That said, I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions to the thread. Please keep them coming, they're all very helpful. smiley

Thanks smiley

if you like triplet or quadruplet, God go give you.

you talk well.


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Bethiano(m): 11:50pm On Jul 08, 2016
All one needs to fail in life is enough pessimism, whether you are in America or Syria. Nevertheless, one's environment plays a crucial role in the full realization of potentials. I know for sure that if you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive in many parts of the world because things are really and currently tough in our Heimland. THERE IS CONFIRM HARDSHIP IN NIGERIA. Everything is expensive, the rate of unemployment soars higher with each passing year, education, the bedrock for the development of nations, is deteriorating daily and the Government seems clueless.

However, this is our country and we should not hate her but rather help her. Certainly, there are a lot of individuals on this forum who dream of aiding in the reconstruction of our nation. My prayer is that our dreams for Nigeria and not nightmares will become real. Please, the world is full of enough discouragement already. We dont want more and I must say that I am happy to know that negativity irritates us on this forum.

Yes madam. Maybe you don't know ooo but majority, if not all of your contributions on this part 3 thread have been towards the negative side. I was discussing with a group of friends who also belong to this forum and a question popped up one day- WHO IS THAT SCHWARZ? Our short conversation about you was full of resentment, disregard and disappointment. Your comments are full of hopelessness and strife.

Do you know what a corporate job in naija is now like? You go wake up 4am, leave house 5am, come house 10pm after beta workload, frustration and confirm hold-up to meet no NEPA and thereafter leave house the next day at 5am. Dont forget weekends oooo YES Saturday and Sunday. Most employers now in Naija want you to work overtime without extra pay. Forget leave ooo, the country is economizing and companies are cutting-costs, so we need you daily. On the hand, the reverse is the case in Deutschland. My uncle lives and works in Germany. In April, he was on an 8 weeks holiday here in naija. Summer holiday is coming soon ooo not to talk of Christmas breaks. These things dont happen here frequently anymore. STUDYING AND WORKING IN NAIJA ALMOST DOESN'T HAPPEN. STOP PAINTING GERMANY BLACK AND DISCOURAGING PEOPLE

Finally my guys, shopping in developed nations are beta than in Naija. Things like clothes, food, electronics are relatively affordable and have good qualities because they are manufactured in the country and are seldom imported. How many students in naija can dream of buying a good Laptop on their own? or pay house rent or health insurance without assistance? how many Nigerians are even on health insurance?

Believe is what gives hope. Hope is what drives actions and Actions are what yield results.


good point

can you see how this guy reacted. he didn't abuse Schwartz at all.

you talk well bros,

but still, Schwartz kind of stories are important , before over optimism begin cause trouble.

dangers of single stories

balance is all there is
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Bethiano(m): 11:38pm On Jul 08, 2016
I can vividly remember telling this our lady shwarzt to pray hard but she would not listen
the main problem wer she get na DAT police man wer put her 4 house.as we all know,police no de ever progress .
y for Godsake wer person no go ever c anything good at,?
Schwartz change ur mindset
we beg u

bros, abeg respect people.


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Bethiano(m): 11:31pm On Jul 08, 2016

The truth is that, a laptop is more expensive in Germany because the cost of marketing and sales is more and wages ar higher. If you display a ware n Germany, the seller will collect nothing less than 8.50 and hour while in Nigeria, that 8.50 will last for an entire day.

Note that this question is coming from someone with only the naira and have not made a dime from Germany. A laptop for 300 euros will certainly be a normal laptop of with basic features or I even bet it might be a secondhand laptop. If you convert that amount in naira, 300*370, you know the kind laptop wey you go use am buy.
@Ohaskid, buy your laptops and phones from Nigeria. A Samsung in Nigeria is the same Samsung anywhere in the world.

eke you are blessed. people, just dey talk anyhow.

aunty scwatz was making a good point.

sense of value is all there is.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Bethiano(m): 10:36pm On Jul 08, 2016

Ist of all, you really made me laff with this your comment. I laffed so hard I didn't even know how to reply you. You are converting 8€ paracetamol and comparing it to Nigerian emzor and saying 350€ laptop is a China laptop. Baby girl plz go broaden your horizon and stop mingling with those who keep giving you negative stories abt Germany. It won't help you going forward. I'm a damn realist and anyone who knows me here know I say it the way it is. And mind you I don't shop on eBay neither do I pratonize Primark or flohmarkt. When you are in Germany think like a German and stop making euro to naira conversion before you buy things, it won't help u.

You keep talking abt people not getting jobs or intern slot while I keep seeing Nigerians who have gotten jobs here. Them no get two heads, think positive. #enuf said, enjoy ur summer

No! I beg to decline on this.

I think it depends on individual and their state of mind in Germany. foreigners in Nigeria do this conversion as well. its a normal thing.
its called value for money.
Are you aware that one of the reasons IMF and some other intl finance stakeholders pushed for devaluation is that things are cheap in Nigeria.
forget our issues guy, but if you look am well u will see that price is not really hiked like that. all these subsides,although masked with corruption they help in one way or the other.

now, for those who have given up on Naija, u are likely to stop converting to naira, unto say na forward ever. that does not mean if u convert, u don't think home, before una go begin raise tantrums.

but if you think home always, u fit dey reason conversion every now and then.

well, the bottom line is "value for money" . if converting to naira make you appreciate you expenditure or purchasing power, pls convert.

relate the value of your money with the society and economy that you are familiar with. money is money any where, the only issue is value.

but remember say for shoprite we buy stuffs a bit higher than price in street shops.

y? because of the AC, the lady at the counter wey dey smile like lekeleke, the ambience, their bread smell self join etc.

on this matter consider Germany as shoprite, and Naija as the street shop.

now st Louis sugar is 230 in shoprite and 200 in street shop. but note that those vegetables (ugu, water leaf, etc) in shoprite can't be compared to the ones of those market women in oja-oba.

for example, shop rite sell a wrap of dead and discouraging ugu leaves for 500, and iyalode in ojaoba sell same sized wrap of fresh and green ugu leaves for 50 naira.
mind you na just to wash very well and cook ooo, except say shoprite dey wash their own with dettol.

so people, all there is ,in this discuss is value for money.

people wey dey talk this and DAT about buying their stuff in Germany still import garri and other stuffs when dey have the opportunity or have their folks send stuffs to them.
well I know African food is sold any where in this world because our Igbo brother must do business. abi no be so?

but, make I talk true, I no fit buy a cup of ijebu garri for 50euros, if at all say I do am. I go cry for like 10mins......

VALUE is all there is!


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 2 by Bethiano(m): 7:40pm On Apr 14, 2016
Good day, please is/are there anybody/persons staying in Enugu that wants to send his/her documents next week to Germany.?
Please do indicate or send me a PM, so that we can split the cost and send it to someone in Germany to dispatch for us.

What is this one saying ? Sending documents to where ?

Why do u want to send it to some one to dispatch, are they your applications document.

Guy! Every Nipost office in Enugu is on point.

Sending documents could go as low as 250naira and will get to Germany in 8 days at worst 14days or even less sef.

So I don't get the idea of sending to somebody in germany first, worst of it doing collabo sending ?

I really don't understand what you intend to achieve.

Kowachiate ofuma ooooo nne !

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 2 by Bethiano(m): 6:24am On Apr 14, 2016

If I were u, provided the background colour of ur transcript is white, I will tipex the address on the front page and photocopy it then certify as many as possible

I forbid you to give such advice! I bind you with all things celestial, You left over of the Old Nigeria.

How can you advice he mutilate such a sensitive document.

I can't even trust your FSLC let alone wAEC and Degree cert.

You either repent or drown with the old Nigeria.

If not for any thing, I appreciate the way Germans have forced us to be sincere in our application, no matter how hard you try to jungle the process.

Justwise, you should respond to stuffs like this.

Watch out for this guy, he is a potential Budget padder .

Am watching you closely.


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