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Technology Market / LAPTOP FOR SALE LAGOS BUYER by bicon1: 10:04am On Nov 29, 2018
Laptop for sale
RAM-: 4gb ram/320 GB HDD
1.3 ghz AMD processor speed.

Business / Monetize Your Ig Account 3k Follower And Above Slaymama Get In Here!! by bicon1: 1:26pm On Nov 29, 2017

Webmasters / Ecommerce Builder Needed Drop Price by bicon1: 5:13am On Nov 20, 2017
i need an ecpmmerce website builder , experience and pls do drop your porfolio and price
Fashion / Re: What Is Product Ladies Loves To Order Most Online (brand included ) by bicon1: 4:52pm On Nov 17, 2017
[quote author=RoyalBlak007 post=62467993] [font=Serif][b][i]♤ Mostly Bag & shoe
what type and brand
Fashion / What Is Product Ladies Loves To Order Most Online (brand included ) by bicon1: 4:28pm On Nov 17, 2017
there are many products online i was engaging a conversation where my gf said is bag and shoes one lady said perfume guys what do you think
Business / How To Make 1.5millon By Dog Breeding Business by bicon1: 4:07pm On Nov 14, 2017

Many peoples make mistake of buying a straight leg GMS because they are talkd out of it understanding the business is very important. knowing the behavioural values of each dogs i.e their temperaments.
try as mush as possible to get to the kennels checking the health reports and doing some simple techniques to check the activness of the dog breed and mother. for more informations analysis and plans

source link http://adejass..com
Romance / Re: Who Ghost Mostly In Relationship. Guy Or Lady by bicon1: 10:50pm On Nov 13, 2017

well...if its to gain experience, it'll die in no time coz there'll be no motivation.
motivation only comes when there's something at stake that's of a lifetime value.

i understand you perfectly but to achieve something there will be stepping stones ..so it might just part of it
Romance / Re: Who Ghost Mostly In Relationship. Guy Or Lady by bicon1: 2:01pm On Nov 13, 2017
simply because there was no proper and genuine reason four the relationship.
if a relationship is not entered with marriage in sight, that's how it fizzles out

yeah it true bt not all relationship should leads to marriage, atleast to gain experience

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Romance / Who Ghost Mostly In Relationship. Guy Or Lady by bicon1: 12:13am On Nov 13, 2017
The issue of ghosting in relationship, is no longer a new thing, a fter the whole rush after six months the whole thing is down when the vibe is no Longer there. Many people have their reasons like, i just dont want to have the TALK with him right now it not really cool. Some guys will say dont really feel like talking.and when you ask they will say nothing. Have been ghosted berore so very funny am sharing my own personal experience ,when i told her i love her she just laughed not knowing that have been ghosted since. What really causing this ghosting and what are the signs feel free to drop your comments share source http://adejass..com

Webmasters / Re: Free Blogger Followers And Blog Comments by bicon1: 7:53am On Nov 05, 2017
Hello Fellow BLOGGERS,
let us help ourself here to grow our Blog audiance. The more visitors and comments your Blog gets the better it Ranks. So let us do it this way, drop your Blog url for others to Visit, Follow and make Positive Comments on it, with that no one has got to pay to get BLOG SUBSRIBERS and you know your Followers also may like to follow the bLog also. Nice trick i think. Let the game begin, Success to our Business.
Here is mine http://www.successbookz.biz and http://www.buchibrandblog..com

my blog is http://adejass..com i believed you might see some of the jokes about adejass online it a blog on jokes health and health tips

Health / Best Way To Wash Our Hands by bicon1: 7:45am On Nov 05, 2017
average people just do watch their hands with water mostly they do what I called a quick rob of hands. but normal hand washing is more than that, it something that suppose to last for at least 30 seconds. places people do skip are 1 the elbow parts when you just finished working maybe in the farm or something you suppose to watch at least from the middle of your elbow down to your finger tips 2 fingers tips :- when washing one should place Close attention to the fingers tips, this days people tend to have a long nail watch the face of the nails thoroughly. 3 Valley of the fingers - : these places should also be done justice to because dirty hides there, so what you do is to cross your other fingers on the valley of the other hand i mean where your fingers starts from. lastly try as much as possible to be using soap maybe after or before eating, going to the toilet let practice and over time it will really master us, remember hand washing is the FIRST THING THAT KEEPS US HEALTH hand washing is a itual we all need to perform every now and then, it part of culture we should all inhabit. into our personal lifes and doing. When to wash your hands Everyone interacts with germs throughout the day. Wash your hands at these key times to help avoid spreading bacteria: After you use the restroom or help someone use the restroom After you sneeze, cough or blow your nose Before and after you cook or prepare food. Before and after you give first aid or care for someone who is ill Before you insert contact lenses Before you eat After you touch an animal or animal waste After you shake hands with someone
remember for more health tips
Family / Re: Stop Brutal Beating On Children. by bicon1: 11:22pm On Nov 03, 2017
As parents Guardian or elderly one there are certain discussions you should or suppose to be the with your children. Where we parents miss it is that we think they are still children what do they know or don’t let me bother them maybe when they grow older. That how we procrastinate till their wedding day. Americans they let there children know what up at early stage of their lifes when the they have not really make mistakes. Below are some of the talks you should start having now SEX EDUCATION - : Parents do shall away from this because they though they shouldn’t corrupt their children mind. Look this 21th century where we have young professors let them know the truth, the moment they start developing expecially ladies about mestratation and all that. BUDGET - : teach them about finance, how they can priotize their needs per day. Make them realize all the needs can not be met at once resources will be most at times be inadequate so start talking now LIFE - : let them know things about life, share your experience with them your mistakes, shortcomings and success stories so that they will be able to learn and not make same or similar mistake in the future. Make them understand that life is selfish and stingy if you want something good form it you have to fight for it , so as to live a life free of guilt, bitterness and fear. to know more about how to handle family check #ADEJASS CITY
Family / What Is Life To You by bicon1: 11:16pm On Nov 03, 2017
ON THIS THREAD WILL BE SHARING THINGS ABOUT LIFE. — Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them. The study of victimology mology seeks to mitigate the perception of victims as responsible. victim shaming is a very very bad behavior in our society it has really damaged the lives of the victim because they tend to lose confidence in confirming in people because they make statements like, what are you wearing, where you comming from, why are you too friendly with the guy. instead of consoling the victim that has been robbed of her self will. please let us all stop these immature act.
feel free to share your thoughts and comments is it good TO BLAME RAPE VICTIM. source link http://adejass..com
Family / Time :6 Month Highness Test Of Love by bicon1: 10:49pm On Oct 31, 2017
i met a lot of people that describes their new love like the one out of this world. they can't describe it which it cool right, but science confirm it that a you get high when you just met with the opposite sex, you don't seems to see any flaws it like an angel dropping into your arms straight from heaven. do you know that the only test for LOVE like the way you test for base or acid is time.

6month to a year is the period when the whole thing began to clear to you, then you started to have doubts at this point sketism steps in about the partner you going out with. reality begins to show itself, more reason why people go their separate ways then.

my opinion is that study your partner before you loved up because it happened to me already (waoh can't believe I just typed that, will be our little secret.)

source link http://adejass..com
Jokes Etc / Joke Funny By Adejass by bicon1: 6:54am On Sep 29, 2017

Health / 3 Tips On Healing Neck Pain by bicon1: 10:08pm On Sep 27, 2017

Neck pain is most frequently the result of a muscle strain or
sprain. Increasing your
intake of magnesium, a mineral that aids in the contraction and
relaxation of muscles,
may help avoid these pain causing problems.
Magnesium is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, beans, soy
products, and whole
grains. Read the nutrition labels on products to see how much of
your daily
recommended amount of magnesium they provide.
Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin by taking a bath
with Epsom salt, or a
similar supplement.
Some forum members have reported success with the use of
magnesium oil, which
is applied directly to the skin after a warm shower or bath.
To prevent adverse reactions, you may want to consult with
your physician before
beginning use of any supplement or oil.
Neck pain may also be joined by nagging headaches and
numbness or tingling in the
back of the head, neck, shoulders, and hands.
Some forum members suggest putting ice on different areas of
the body (such as
between the thumb and index finger, on the bone behind the
ear, on the indent between
the middle of the eyebrow) to help achieve relief from such
Avoid neck pain from phone use with these tips:
Use a Bluetooth or hands-free headset to make calls.
When you're browsing or texting, hold the phone up high to
decrease the angle at
which you're holding your neck.
Take frequent breaks to stretch your neck.
Watch: 3 Simple Ways to Indulge Your Spine
3. Get in the pool
Many Forum members note the therapeutic effects that
swimming has on their neck pain, specifically in reducing
inflammation, providing quick pain relief, and easing neck
stiffness. Interesting tips have included:
Getting the water level up to the neck and simply moving
Squatting until the water reaches the chin, then moving
back and forth and to the right and to the left.
Using a swimming pool that is quite warm.
Finding a stroke that is gentle on your neck for swimming laps,
or consult with a
physical therapist or other health professional for
recommendations. Depending on
your swimming skill, you may be able to do “Texas 25s”—either
crawl or
breaststroke—which is swimming a length of the pool without
taking a breath. If you
can do this, then you can get a lot of aerobic exercise without
twisting your neck at
For some, swimming is too strenuous on the neck. In that case,
water therapy, which is
gentle exercise done in a warm swimming pool, is often a great
alternative to land-
based exercises.

Source link http:www.adejass..com

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Jokes Etc / Funny Jokes: After Reading This You Might Have A Rethink Of Dressing Corporate by bicon1: 8:10am On Sep 24, 2017
Like to share my experience with you my readers so you know
what to wear per time and who to follow. mine experience was
a shocker, I couldn't believe it my self either.

After listening to
radio for two weeks and combing the newspapers I finally saw a
job advertisement of a sales manager wit expected salary 15k
per month. I was already in the area of the interview my phone
was already dead its one of those GRA area so everywhere was
silent I could even hear the birds flying, I couldn't navigate the
correct way my cell phone dead I could use Google map. It was a
tee junction I know it cannot be the road am comming so it
either left or right. I remember minimanio we normally do in
primary school, still contemplating on my next line of action. If
saw a young man dressed in fited sult.

I was thinking maybe he
part of people looking for the job as well because he was
holding a file , I approached him but before I could opened my
mouth read what he said.
" Oh boy how market, how much you don make today, your face
looks new eyah sowe I see you not make update to 3k that our
industry for you o. You have to step up your game and plus your
shoe is too neat it has to be dusty. So they won't know that you
are lying, that is our country for you o. Bye my guy I want to
corner this street to the next one till too weeks in time I don dey
cast for this street and my lady friend house not far won't want
anything to tarnish my image,corporate begger is not a
profession to be proud of.

Honesty I do not know when I started walking back from where
I was going after 30 mins I regain my self that I was about to
enter one bush I don take wrong turn.

Source link http://www.adejass..com
Jokes Etc / Funny Jokes : THE FOOLISH SAMARITAN by bicon1: 7:54am On Sep 24, 2017
The fool Samaritan.
I know you all must have heard the story of the good Samaritan in the Bible, good well mine is the story of a fool Samaritan. It all happened on a bright sunny weddnesday afternoon around 2pm, I was at the bustop in the city of Lagos waiting patiently for the bus going to ikeja from egbeda, not quite look a beautiful young lady 22 I think skin soft and white teeth approaced me with a warm smile, the kind of smile you won't want to turn away even if you are vexing and burning up. I was are introducing myself self explaining who am I adejass the proud blogger where am going what I ate in the morning and all Dat just like a thief confessing my whole system was disorganized by dis bae. She just touched me its OK and I was feeling a sensation like I won lotto (make you dey feel happy inside forum nothing)

She told me what her name is Ada, how she end up here don't want to bore you with all that. The bottom line is that I should help her with a change for transport. AND LIKE WE ARE BEEN THOUGHT IN SUNDAY SCHOOL BE A GOOD SAMARITAN.

without thinking twice I dip my hands into my pocket and brings out the the last card on me 500 naira point it to her she tanked me thinking have secured her trust and can get her number she said "never mind" my brain format because I could say anything she already hop in into a bus.

That how I end up as a foolish Samaritan. End up trekking from edgeda to ikeja.

Source link http://www.adejass..com

For more comedy and jokes Dat burst your ribs grin

Business / To Be Successful Business In Nigerian You Neeo Know The Story Of The Kingmakers by bicon1: 11:20am On Sep 21, 2017
We @ adejass city (the city that never sleeps) we discuss lots of
issues partaking to the well being of our citizens (the world).
you want to LAFF think more open to ideas about to develop
more attractive personality RELATIONSHIP, life we all got it's
here! There a model that Is working perfectly all the time and
we going to talk about it.
This a story of King makers see it the responsibility of all the
Kingmakers to crown the next king in Line after the dismissal of
a particular king in a kingdom. Your throne is the success you
want to make the kingdom is your prosperity in your endeavors
hope you picking the pieces together now good.
If you really want to make it in life is very possible just depends
on how you go about it. After you must have discovered your
opportunity you want to have, the next thing in the line is to go
look for who will help you achieve it (the kingmakers) note
there are many Kingmakers good bad fair strong, will advise you
go for the strong who will help you carry you to the throne.
Many Kingmakers are dubious they tend to feed on you when
you finally get there they were refer to the past because they
make you, you feel like a slave a king WITHOUT AUTHORITY
never approach those set of Kingmakers. Some might be serious
but not willing to help or might want to see hot serious you are
you have to challenge them and show that you are dead serious.
If you can follow their ways and principles of atleast two you
Wil get there in no time CONTINUITY IS THE KEY TO THE GAME
Source link http://www.adejass..com

Romance / Technics To Know He Cheats by bicon1: 1:48pm On Sep 19, 2017

Infidelity is a very strong thing in a relationship. Like my former
post about how to prevent infidelity, what if I has happened
how can you tells. It pays somehow because its lessen the pain
you have to go through when you finally know. Or how to curb
Behaviour patterns revealing potential signs of guilt
9 behavioural signs pointing to possible
1. Avoiding any conversation about your relationship can
point towards your partner having an affair
2. Avoiding certain subjects can be a sure warning sign of
3. Changing the subject for no apparent reason, even if
you're talking about a subject that's not apparently linked
4. Hiding their phone , particularly if it used to be out in the
5. Changing dress style . If your partner is suddenly taking
more of an interest in their appearance then this really is
one to watch out for
6. Starting to go to the gym and working out regularly
7. Paying generally more attention to their appearance
8. Dropping a name in the conversation once too often
9. Acting 'out of the ordinary' generally
Verbal signs of a cheating spouse
There are further warning signs of infidelity which can suggest
that all is not
what it seems. How keen is your partner to show their 'true'
Signs of infidelity can be found in exactly what language your
partner is
using, how she or he might steer a conversation, and/or how
they might
avoid talking about stuff.
Your partner might...
.... make it sound like you have a problem and it's all your fault
... tell you (and themselves?) that they are 'just good friends'
... make generally derogatory remarks to you - they need to have
a 'reason' for an affair and justify it, by your behaviour
... say things that somehow don’t seem 'stack up', without you
being able to put your finger on it

Source link http://adejass..com
Romance / Haa Latest Job Ladies Are Doing For Money Shocking by bicon1: 7:11am On Sep 17, 2017
q It no longer a new thing where by you see ladies that are
not working or having a stable income but using designer shoes
bages and all thats. Apart from the fact that they carry men old
enough to be their fathers they engage in many runs deal the
latest one is what about to discuss.couple
People that don't Want to carry pregnancy these ladies sell their
eggs to them not directly but to the merchant who are doctors
spread across Lagos, pourthatcourt Abuja in Nigeria also places
round the world. For a fee that nt up to 150k and they have a
drug to be using every month which costs 5k month mehn do
the math it a total loss of investment. Some already sold 5 even
7of their eggs later in future they will be saying the don't have
babes tell me how would they.
Below are some of the disadvantages of these deadly deal of a
Massive amounts of pain when they are taking the eggs
Causes liver problem
Can lead to kidney malfunction
Can lead to cancer of the breast
5k drugs for years (imagine in these recession)
Guys even a novice knows it a really bad deal, please know the
type of guys you want to marry or engage with so as not to be a
partakers of all aforementioned gifts. Parents do know and ask
the movements of your children because 19 18 year old girls are
the most preferred in it.

Source link http://www.adejass..com
Travel / 5 Things To Know Before Traveling To African Countries by bicon1: 7:05pm On Sep 15, 2017
yellow card - : this a card obtainable after you have received
yellow fever shot. Sounds scary right. To serve as am assurance
that you do not have the fever. It advisable to acquire this
before traveling else you will have to do it right at the airport
and it will be highly unconvient :plus the charges ranging from
20$- 50$.so in order not to be stopped by the immigration
officials do it before you leave.

Pack light cloths-: when you are traveling by air locally or
abroad do please put on light cloths for your convenience, it not
a fashion so y might be thrilled and Want to put alot please do
put your emotions into check. Plus it hot out there so it very
advisable to pack light clothes.

Cash - : it very important for you to pack some cash in case of
emergency and do convert your money into dollars,it really ease
the stress of looking for where to exchange moreso it
advantageous because of the exchange rate.

Language - : please to be more convenient and miss with people
learn simple language talks like welcome money, buy, come. It
very important and makes you feel among.

Ecowas passport - you can actually use your Ecowas passport
instead of your visa. This really nice we one big Country.

Transportation for example Ghana is 9hrs journey by road. It
nice if it a group thing very exciting tried it you love it. Also
4hrs for air.

Health / Why Nigeria Should Eat Mango by bicon1: 6:52pm On Sep 15, 2017
1. Promote Brain Health
Mango, being a great source of iron and vitamin B6, is one of
those ideal foods for
brain health. Iron aids the normal functioning of your brain and
vitamin B6 supports
its cognitive development.
2. Regulate Blood Pressure
Mangoes are rich in potassium, a key mineral that helps lower
blood pressure.
3. Help Lower Cholesterol
Mangoes contain pectin that was found to decrease the serum
cholesterol levels
In another study conducted by the University of Madras,
mangiferin (one of the
primary compounds in mangoes) lowered the cholesterol levels
in lab rats.
4. May Help Treat Diabetes
What is the relation between mango and diabetes? A study of 20
obese adults
showed that the consumption of half a fresh mango for 12 weeks
results in lowered
blood glucose levels. This effect, according to researchers, was
attributed to the
presence of fiber and mangiferin, a phytochemical
Another study conducted in Mysore proved that the extract of a
mango peel has
antidiabetic properties
A Japanese study showed that mangiferin might have beneficial
effects on type 2
diabetes patients .
5. Promote Healthy Sex
Mangoes can be good aphrodisiacs too
The fruit is rich in vitamin E, which is known to boost sex drive
(20). It makes partners to have good sex life
6. Improve Digestion
One primary reason mangoes are great for digestion is the
presence of fiber that
prevents constipation. Fiber also keeps us full for long. It keeps
our colon clean
and allows it to work optimally. In addition, mangoes contain
certain digestive
enzymes that break down proteins and aid digestion.
Fiber has also been found to maintain the health of the digestive
7. Mango During Pregnancy
Mangoes are rich in iron and vitamins A, C, and B6 – all of
which are beneficial for
pregnant women.
Vitamin A helps fight infections and prevents vision problems in
8. Aid Weight Loss
Mango for weight loss? Yes, you heard it right. Certain studies
have focused on the
importance of not just the mango fruit, but its skin as w winkell. The
secret lies in the
phytochemicals that act as natural fat busters, which are found
only on the outer side
of the fruit
Another study conducted by the University of Queensland
emphasized the importance
of the mango peel (which most of us usually throw away) for
weight loss.
Source link http://www.adejass..com
Car Talk / Tips To Make Your Car Fuel Last by bicon1: 6:25pm On Sep 15, 2017
1 avoid buying fuel from old filing station because overtime
chemical reactions react with the tank component and the fuel
which is not good for the car.
2. The best time to buy fuel is in the morning only because the
density I very much high but when it comes to afternoon or
evening it becomes low I.e the density and volatile more reason
why the fuel you buy is not up to the normal Guage.
3 don't buy in a submerged area due to high rate of
condensation. This makes your fuel to be accurate and so you
won' run shortage.
Source link http://
Health / Costly Mistake People Make During Weight Loss by bicon1: 4:08pm On Sep 15, 2017
Fasting :-Perhaps the mindless hunger is the biggest mistake
during weight loss.
Most people mistakenly believe that only the refusal of food or
maximum limit will help them to lose weight. These people sit
on the
rigid diet, consuming not more than 500-700 calories a day.
What does
it lead to? First, slowing metabolism. One of the tasks of
weight loss is not only to lose weight but also to disperse a low
metabolism. When you have a starvation diet (less than 1200
it slows down the metabolism that cannot contribute to weight
Also, starvation diet makes the likelihood of relapse very high,
because not everyone can stand such starvation.

2.The lack of breakfast
Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight
Breakfast is one of the main meals, and during the diet, this
meal is a
must. People who skip breakfast are at risk to get the excellent
appetite for lunch or dinner. In addition, breakfast is needed in
morning to wake up metabolism. Do not worry about the
eaten at breakfast, till dinner they will be burnt. Always eat
If you have ever missed this meal, try to make sure that
becomes a habit. Do not limit the number of products for
breakfast to
a minimum. During this meal, you can treat yourself with a
sweet or
chocolate. Eat it better in the morning than at night.

3:-The abuse of low-fat food
And here is another very common mistake of weight loss plans -
rejection of fat. Our TV screens have every day broadcast on the
benefits of low-fat products, which without a doubt, will help
you to
lose weight. People are buying low-fat cheese and yogurt, not
that this way they only harm their health.
The fact is that low-fat foods contain high amounts of trans fats,
which are not absorbed by the body, but it tends to accumulate
It leads to disruption of metabolism process and, as a
consequence, to
excess weight. In addition, eliminating fats from your diet, you

to lean on carbohydrates and that promotes rapid weight gain.

4:-Irregular meals
One of the major mistakes during the diet is irregular ‘power
Some people not only ignore breakfast but also refuse to eat
lunch and
dinner. Irregular meals are dangerous because in the absence of
reception of food you are likely going to try to drown out your
using different snacks, which, at first glance, seem quite
However, if you calculate the eaten calories during snacks, you
will be
surprised detecting that with the same success you can fully
lunch or dinner. Do not throw out dinner from your diet, it is
slowing metabolism. Better to dine easily and without any frills.

RECOMMEND : Diet plan for pregnant women
The abuse of fruits and juices
Abandoning harmful and fatty foods, dieters are trying to
diversify the
diet with plenty of fruits and juices. How to become fit whether
is a large amount of fruit and juice in the framework of the
diet? Most
fruits contain large amounts of fructose, which your body turns
sugar and sets aside in the form of fat reserves. Especially
ones (in this respect) are fruits with high glycemic index, such
bananas and grapes. You should eat a lot of peaches and pears
too. Is
there any fruit that can be eaten in any amount? No, this is
more than a myth. The same applies to fruit juices that contain a
of sugar. Fruit juices cannot satisfy your hunger, but your body
receive a large amount of sugar and calories.
RECOMMEND :- /low-carb-plan-for-nigerians.

6. Express-diet
Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight
One of the most common diet mistakes is the abuse of express
What is the express diet? This diet is created for the small
amount of
time to help lose a few kilos in emergency situations. Express
diet is
usually unbalanced and is often based on eating a standard set
products for everyday use.
Such a diet does not give the body the necessary nutrients, and smiley
therefore it should not be used more than once a month. Long
on a diet will not only lead to health problems, but also to the
of the plateau. Your body, adapting to ‘a dangerous diet’, begins
accumulate fat in reserve.

Celebrities / Re: Bride Wears Dress Exposing Her Breast On Her Wedding Day (photo) by bicon1: 8:09pm On Sep 11, 2017
ladies are really going mad with so called FASHION
My brother it is serious how about this

Crazy makeup


Food / Re: See What My Girl Friend Served Me For Lunch - Photos by bicon1: 8:01pm On Sep 11, 2017
When you have a Gee like E-money
You need to pray o


Celebrities / Re: Demola Adedoyin: Chidinma Kedike's Boyfriend (Photos) by bicon1: 6:52pm On Sep 11, 2017
I'm happy for her
She's already off the market.
Abi nw we don't know what Simi doing nw every thing is politics

Celebrities / Re: Kcee: "I Don't Like Hushpuppi Trying To Use Celebrities To Become Famous" by bicon1: 6:44pm On Sep 11, 2017
it's okay o undecided

He using power of leverage nw that business for you

##pesin no go hear word again..
Celebrities / Re: Kcee: "I Don't Like Hushpuppi Trying To Use Celebrities To Become Famous" by bicon1: 6:41pm On Sep 11, 2017
Eyan e money vs eyan hushpuppi
Drop ur number nw
Jokes Etc / Re: This Guy Hot Pass Kenny Blaq Dating Jokes by bicon1: 10:05am On Sep 11, 2017
Nbote post=603076i30:
U dry pass harmattan
Tanks for the comment

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