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Politics / Re: Win The Trophy To Ameliorate The Pains Of Those We Lost – Obi Urges Super Eagles by biotechshola(m): 11:43pm On Feb 11
Nigeria's president has spoken!

As long as obi has spoken, Forget it, this match is already a walk over for the super eagles!

I say make I remind you of this..

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Angola: Tiktoker Neth Nahara Fined, Jailed For Insulting President by biotechshola(m): 10:21am On Oct 11, 2023
Africa and Tyrants are like 5 and 6. Western world leaders are verbally abused every minute yet no one is thrown in jail, only in Africa do see this kind of thing happening because there are no strong institutions. The courts are under the control of the executives, shame! African rulers leave more important things and and chasing shadows

How do you people find it very easy to post just anything online...how did you come to the conclusion that western world leaders are abused every minute? If you don't mind sharing the source plz .
Politics / Re: Taiwo, Obansanjo’s Wife Begs Obas, Yoruba, Says ‘Forgive My Husband’ by biotechshola(m): 6:14am On Sep 18, 2023
Nobody forced the Obas to stand up

If what Obasanjo did was wrong, I expect the Obas to have been men enough to refuse to stand up and tell him to his face that they cannot accept him telling them to stand up and sit down like school children

If someone is Cowardly and gutless, then someone can rightly question if such a person is even deserving of being an Oba in the first place

I like this submission, Obasanjo wouldn't have dared such nonsense if he truly saw those as obas..To him they're just privileged to have crowns on their heads..
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 6:25am On Sep 07, 2023

Lol. Indeed.

Trust you're good

Very well bro... how are you brother?
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 10:06pm On Sep 05, 2023
ok, how is life in Ibadan?

Very well...how about you? Where are you now?
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 10:01pm On Sep 05, 2023
abi na, still based in osun state?

No, moved to Ibadan since 2017..
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 9:48pm On Sep 05, 2023

What a period truly!
I hope we are all doing great cool

I believe so...how are you?
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 9:47pm On Sep 05, 2023
dose days was filled with fun. Most of us are now papa and mama sombori with lot of bills to clear, no time for noise making on nairaland again

Absolutely, the realities of life..some have even quit nairaland..
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 12:34pm On Sep 05, 2023
am good as well, I miss d good old days ooo

I mean, gats miss the good old days...
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 9:36pm On Sep 04, 2023
lol, really what a period. how are you bro

Very well and yourself? How time flies really!
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by biotechshola(m): 5:33am On Sep 02, 2023
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!


What a period!


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Sports / Fantasy FOOTBALL by biotechshola(m): 3:41pm On Aug 11, 2023
Join the elites division and showcase your ability to earn most points in a game week...use the link below to join..


Have fun guys!
Politics / Re: At Ministerial Screening, Wale Edun Says Naira Fair Value Is N700/$1 by biotechshola(m): 3:29pm On Aug 02, 2023
Mischief maker!..he never said that, he only sounded a note of warning to those speculators that projected the real value of naira to Dollar at #700....He even mentioned that such speculations may be regretted by the time the value of dollar starts dropping..

Why do you have to edit someone's speech? To what end exactly??

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Education / Re: BREAKING] UTME Fraud: Anambra Panel Confirms Mmesoma Manipulated Result by biotechshola(m): 8:29am On Jul 08, 2023
Was never in doubt.. We've found JAMB to be trustworthy over the years that we don't bother contesting our results as released by JAMB.

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Family / Re: Is It Proper For Your Wife To Insist She Must Be Checking Your Phone Always? by biotechshola(m): 2:31pm On Jun 13, 2023
If i don't have any infidelity i am keeping away from her,why should i be afraid of her checking my phone?

And why should she insist ofln checking your phone if she didn't think you have any infidelity?
Politics / Re: Which Parts Of The North Are Christian - Dominated? by biotechshola(m): 7:46am On May 14, 2023

The downfall of Christians in Nigeria started when the Caliphate used Gowon as a tool to deceive Northern Christians to fight Igbos.

Imagine the civil war was fought by Igbos & Northern Christians! (The 2 largest Christian groups in the country).
We weakened and destroyed each other and then the muslims came to reap from the spoils.

Christianity as a religion cannot withstand Islam when it comes to political manipulations, cos Islam was created to counter Christianity.

We Christians are never told to do anything politically in the name of our religion, but Islam on the other had is more of a political group/movement masquerading as a religion.

You people like causing unnecessary troubles with your flawed analysis..so you think a northern Christian identify more with an Igbo Christian because you both practise Christianity? A northern Christian that worships in hausa and even refer to God as Allaah, Ubangidi and so on..? The reason why you people always think the Christian yorubas will align more with a Christian Igbo at the expense of his own brother, sister or even mother who is a Muslim.. No wonder a Muslim Igbo is considered an outcast and rejected even by his own families..
Years after colonization, some of you are still unliberated.. Shame!!

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Health / Re: Please Help, My Son Has Dandruff For Over 8years Now by biotechshola(m): 7:26pm On Apr 19, 2023
Try neoskin... available in any pharmacy..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Share Your Interview Experience by biotechshola(m): 12:43pm On Apr 18, 2023
I swear no matter how much you may prepare for an interview, that thing is still scary.. grin grin grin

Remember attending one in one of the top oil companies...We were to be interviewed base on preferred state..Omo, I was the first to be called and believe me, immediately I stepped into that space ehn..I became fake of myself, and it was a kinda quick one where you'll be asked to tell them about yourself, the room became bigger and my voice was completely gone, the more I tried to speak up the more I felt a kinda stress in my nodes. I never leave that place when they start asking who'd like to go to my preferred state..I was like this one Don go?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Share Your Interview Experience by biotechshola(m): 12:13pm On Apr 18, 2023
Immediately I entered the interview room, English decided to depart from me and stayed back outside.

There were just too much "eh" and "umm".🤣🤣🤣🤣

I found it waiting for me when I got out..🤣🤣🤣

You got me rolling on the floor... I can relate really, i think it's due to anxiety and the eagerness to impress...

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Politics / Re: Haba! This 25% Spread Is So Easy To Understand Naah! by biotechshola(m): 5:39am On Apr 14, 2023
Infact, the mention of "AND FCT" was deliberate to give Abuja the status of a state during elections. Normally, Abuja is not up to the standard of a state as it doesn't have what it requires to be a state, but just incase a candidate has 25% in 23states and Abuja and there's argument that Abuja will not count coz it's not a state.. Unfortunately, what was made to raise Abuja to the level of other state has been misinterpreted to mean Abuja is above the other states and has the be treated specially.
Politics / Re: Haba! This 25% Spread Is So Easy To Understand Naah! by biotechshola(m): 5:12am On Apr 14, 2023
1. For anybody to be the senior prefect of the school, he/she must have at least 25% of votes in 2/3 of the senior secondary school classes AND the UTME prep class.

2. For anyone to be declared the best graduating student of the college of Medicine, he/she must score at least 75% in 2/3 of his/her registered medical courses AND Philosophy 601.

3. Akpan's Family is made up of Mr. Akpan, Mrs. Akpan and their 9 daughters. Ini is the eldest and most beautiful and has several suitors.

For any man to propose to her, he must at least convince 2/3 of the women in the house AND the Man of the house.

Explain these please.

You're getting yourself confused alaye! Firstly, the Constitution has not given any privilege to the FCT over any other state, check section 299..So this basically makes your examples illogical. Secondly, if you've ever watched any proceedings in the floor of any of the houses, you would've noticed that each time there's a discussion around issues affecting all states, they always use the term "36states and the FCT", just to ensure that Abuja is also included in the issues raised..Infact, it would have been a serious constitutional issue if it had read " a candidate must win two-third of all the states" and stopped. I hope you understand.
Travel / Re: Man Dragged Off Flight For Saying Tinubu Won't Be President: Ibom Airlines react by biotechshola(m): 1:19pm On Apr 01, 2023
APC are not even good at acting. Anything to make the radar shift from them to LP is what they want now.o

This is very cheap propaganda.

How many times have you and your cohorts chanted "Tinubu will never be president" on this platform?
Are you being paid by APC as well?


Politics / Re: INEC Result Analysis Based On Samples From IREV by biotechshola(m): 2:05pm On Mar 26, 2023
The reason it was not made seamless was for the APC and INEC to manipulate the figures in favour of Tinubu. Tinubu actually came a distant third. It would be proven in Court.
There was nothing wrong with the BVAS. At my polling unit in Lagos, for the Governorship election, we had to force the INEC staff to upload the results. Initially they wanted to take it to their collation center where they would alter the figures on the pretext of no network. When they realized that people were ready to beat them up, they quickly uploaded the results and were allowed to go.

You apparently don't know nothing about our electioneering process...all these noise is not necessary if you guys understand the process...
Politics / Re: Tinubu Drug Case On Peter Obi Petition by biotechshola(m): 8:22am On Mar 22, 2023
You people raise your hopes so high to get justice in an institution that has none to serve and when the reality downs on you, you begin your cry foul.
Politics / Re: Oyo Gubernatorial Election Update by biotechshola(m): 10:02am On Mar 18, 2023
Early reports of low turnout...guess people are scared..
Politics / Oyo Gubernatorial Election Update by biotechshola(m): 9:44am On Mar 18, 2023
Let's share updates from Oyo elections from our different areas...I think this is going to be one of the toughest election in the country as Makinde and Folarin are ready to give all it takes..
Business / Re: Banks Begin Collection Of Old Naira Notes Despite CBN’s Denial Of Directive by biotechshola(m): 12:43pm On Feb 19, 2023
That is great but how do you now get new cash to spend when 95% of atm are not dispensing and the few dispensing have very little that never goes around to dispense?

That's the major issue...I hope they release more mints going into the new week.
Business / Re: Banks Begin Collection Of Old Naira Notes Despite CBN’s Denial Of Directive by biotechshola(m): 9:20pm On Feb 18, 2023
I deposited my old notes at my bank today and got credited immediately....


Jobs/Vacancies / Urgent! by biotechshola(m): 7:00am On Feb 11, 2023
Interested in a sales attendant role in a modern supermarket?
Do you reside in ibadan preferably challenge axis?
Are you a female btw ages 20-24yrs?
Reach me ASAP via call or Whatsapp on 07068395559..
Politics / Re: Emefiele ‘Secretly’ Returns To Nigeria Amidst Fear Of Arrest by biotechshola(m): 5:32pm On Jan 12, 2023
Today they'd blame the govt for the hike in exchange rate, tomorrow they'd claim Emfiele is being witch-hunt by the DSS... Confused set of humans!!

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Romance / Re: Man Narrates How He Slept With Married women Even The Pregnant Ones (Video) by biotechshola(m): 9:17pm On Jan 10, 2023
What's the idea behind confessing one's sins to a pastor ? I don't Gerrit.

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Rotimi Ameachi Set To Dump Apc by biotechshola(m): 9:24am On Dec 30, 2022
Watch how urchies will start calling him light weight, paper weight and Omo Igbo, biafro and ESN because he choice to stand for what he believes with convinction.

All this while he decide to remain low key since Tinubu use stolen Lagos fund to buy his way on the primary election, no bush babies called him names. As soon as he dump APC, name calling will start. Others should follow suits.

Need I remind the urchies that he Amaechi sponsor Buhari campaign

When people are coming up with reasonable analysis, your type will just out of no where showcase your bigotry.

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