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Food / Re: How Much Is A Sachet Of Water In Your Area? by blastac: 6:35pm On Apr 28
No be lie shaaa.. that's why having a Union is necessary in some things... There was a time all the warehouse owners in one market in Enugu rejected a particular brand of drink cos of its price, they where now forced to reduce it...


We are still saying same thing bro.

Now imagine the retailers refusing to by pure water from the manufacturers cause of high prices for a week. Now imagine 20 retailers doing same rejection. The manufacturers will run out customers! and you know what that mean, when your products are not being shipped cause of 50naira increase?

Like I said before, I don't actually know who to blame, but all in all, we the final consumers shouldn't be forced to pay this price!

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Food / Re: How Much Is A Sachet Of Water In Your Area? by blastac: 9:58am On Apr 28
Uncle calm down... It's not retailers and store owners that are fixing the price... I know a retailer who buys pure water @ 130 from the company and sells at 150. The manufacturers sells to them at a costly price so they have to also increase the price they give to consumers so as to get their required profit.

I was told the increase was because naija government tax them a lot. So we the final consumer has to pay the price. Nigeria will never better. I've stopped drinking pure water for past 2 weeks now sha.

the problem is we still buy whatever that increases over night and for the fact we patronise this product regardless of how mush is sells, other things will still increase!

Retailers will always want to make more gains! pure water has an expiration date, if we could swallow our pride and source for other ways of drinking water without paying 20naira for 2 months believe me they will all rethink this shit by the time 20bags of pure water lie in your shop for 2 weeks without selling one bag, they will reconsider. But no, naija will always buy.

I started to boil water and fill in a gallon for drinking, (which is even healthier) and my friend started laughing and calling me names, that I should just add the money and buy it instead of this, I gave him the lesson if his life! believe me if pure water is sold 100naira a sachet I can still afford to buy! But does is make it right?

MTN had issues with banks last month and immediately MTN card was sold 110naira, I can bet my ass, retailers are still selling MTN card that price till date!

sometimes I hardly know who to blame,the retailers or producers or the government.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Bayern Munich Vs PSG UCL (2 - 3) On 7th April 2021 by blastac: 10:26pm On Apr 07
If Bayern Munich no win this match make my yansh clap

Oya clap grin
Business / Re: Pictures Of Onitsha Main Market: The Biggest Market In Nigeria by blastac: 8:27pm On Feb 28
Senior calm down... Onitsha is the largest in Nigeria and also among the top 10 in West Africa.

Wat will u now say of Alaba International market if this one is d biggest in nigeria....stop over hyping
Travel / Re: United Nigerian Airline Starts Operation, Makes Enugu Its Operation Base by blastac: 11:59am On Jan 22
Have you ever taken pictures of the entire Lagos or abj??, No be fine fine places you go snap??..


We all know Enugu is crazy dry when it comes to investment and business inflow and activities at the airport is insanely dry. Myself and 6 other persons were once the only passengers who flew from Lagos to Enugu one fine Wednesday morning. It is so funny that the plane looked like a BRT bus taking its last set of passengers to their respective bus stops.

Port Harcourt is busier than Enugu could ever dream of.

LHow you can conveniently claim Enugu, the same Enugu Airport that I know will rival Lagos Airport and Abuja Airport is unbelievable.

When you all wants to take pictures of how beautiful Enugu is, you start and end with Rangers Avenue, the same Rangers that is joggable within 20 minutes. You leave out Gariki, Agbani Road, Enugu East, Nkanu West, etc in general because they are underdeveloped.

Enough with the Enugu hype. The likes of Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt are light years ahead of the Akanu Ibiam 'International' Airport when it comes to activities. Include Akwa Ibom's and Aminu Kano.

The Industrial Layout is dry as hell. Nothing happens there. The businesses that have managed to stay afloat over the years all look like they are at their last phase of fizzing. The Federal Government won't bring investments. If investors find Enugu worthy, I believe they will come in but no, you will hardly see any. It is not the fault of Gburugburu but the victim mentality again.

It is too early in the year to beat one harmattan chest.
Travel / Re: United Nigerian Airline Starts Operation, Makes Enugu Its Operation Base by blastac: 11:57am On Jan 22
He said they are much busier than Enugu, he never said that Enugu's own is much busier.. read what he typed again you go see say he no talk am.. why your blood Dy hot like this


Story for the deities.

What makes an airport busy is the popularity of the location it is sited.

Lagos and Abuja are by far more visited and popular than Enugu.

Even Port Harcourt is more popular than Enugu.

That's why you are more likely to see Nigerians of other tribes in those locations (Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt) than Enugu.

Also, their popularity explains why you can easily get a connecting flight from other countries.

Again, economic activities have its role too.

So, stop the wishful thinking.
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Has Not Broken Josef Bican's All-time Goalscoring Records by blastac: 1:59am On Jan 22
Bican played in Prague and you didn't see that as stated padding? So ligue 1 isn't among the top 5 European leagues again?

Too bad Ronaldo will have to go to ligue 1 to stat pad or better still Turkish league
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes The All-Time Leading Goalscorer In Football History by blastac: 5:01am On Jan 21
So what las Las he is officially the highest goal scorer.. make una no Dy bring una stupid agenda on top person record.


Ronaldo has played over 150 games more than Messi


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes The All-Time Leading Goalscorer In Football History by blastac: 4:58am On Jan 21
Whether he has played more games than Messi or not, the news on board is that he is officially the highest goal scorer in the history of football and that's a fact.. If you Google who is the highest goal scorer in football they will show Ronaldo not " if you check their per game goal ratio".
Infact any goal he scores from now on is him breaking his own record. E no concern anybody whether he has played more games or not. The oga is on top simple

he is at best, on same scoring level to Messi, or even a step lower.. Check out their goals per game ratio to separate facts from emotions


Education / Re: Gov. Ugwuanyi Inaugurates Multiple School Projects by blastac: 6:44am On Oct 14, 2020
Everything nsukka... This man is not for enugu state but nsukka state
Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye Writes #EndSARS On His Jeep Wrangler by blastac: 7:55pm On Oct 13, 2020
Na only those you mentioned be young legit hustlers way get money for naija nah.. no Dy misyarn anyhow.

I'm yet to see the likes of Elo umeh,Uche Pedro, Seun Osewa,Opeyemi Awoyemi,Wale Tinubu,The Monipulo's,Mike Adenuga jnr,Miss Zzor and their likes in this protest,only yahoo boys and escape yahoo boys parading the streets up and down
Romance / Re: Cheating! Some Men Are Something Else by blastac: 11:13am On Oct 12, 2020
There is a man that normally packs his car in front of my gate due to the road is lonely, Everytime he will be receiving Mouth Gig inside the car. Anytime I see the wife driving the car in the estate I always feel sad for the woman.

Cheating is never justifiable.

Mature couples should resolve things or even file for divorce - instead of sleeping with another person out of the blues.

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Politics / Re: Akin Alabi Files House Motion To Dissolve SARS by blastac: 6:47am On Oct 06, 2020
Even if someone is into Yahoo, it's not the job of sars to arrest such a person. It's like you haven't seen how they operate. They can barge into a beer parlour, whoever has the highest number of bottles on the table gets arrested. One day ask the people arrested by sars how and why they where arrested you go shock.

Although, the dreaded SARS have caused more harm than good, rather than proscribe them completely, can't sanctions be applied to erring officers? Fact is, the southern parts of Nigeria which includes south south, south west and south east are characterized by a lot of nefarious activities which includes armed robbery, kidnappings, rituals, yahoo yahoo and so forth. Due to the present situation of the country, and social class competitions that we are awashed with on social media, most youths in the south have resorted to crime.
A lot of people will argue that SARS have killed and extorted more innocent people than the actual culprits of these crimes but I strongly feel some of them are responsible for these harassments.
A lot of youths who are not into any illegality dress irresponsibly, this alone is a red flag for any SARS official while some persons are just so eager to flaunt their wealths either on social media or in real life.
Now, if they're proscribed l, won't it be a field day for crime agents?
I don't even know what I'm saying self.
Politics / Re: Nigeria At 60: Ugwuanyi Receives Peace Award by blastac: 5:18am On Oct 01, 2020
Go and repair agbani road.. a major road like agbani road is filled with potholes, when driving on that road there is nothing peaceful about it.


Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael Storms Rachael Okonkwo's Mother's Burial, Sprays Bundles Of Money by blastac: 8:35am On Sep 26, 2020
You no get sense i swear.. so you never see burial way them Dy pay police to come secure the area..
no Dy misyarn anyhow, by the way the Arthur eze you mentioned, na em money. If you get money, bring University come your village no dy misyarn. Na your type they get opinion for everything but still never seen putting it to use and no try mention me.

I can see a police van nearby. Them no born you well to enter Igboland make you no carry escort. Who you be?
It's only Igbos I know that require armed Mopol protection before they enter their own fathers' compounds.

Even at that, they specifically request for Middle belt, Hausa or Yoruba Mobile policemen. You won't see an Igbo man with his Mopol escort being an Igbo man. You'll hear them say stuff like 'I don't want an Mbaise man holding a gun near me'.

For those quoting me, you think walking around with Mopol is a sign of wealth? You must be very ignorant. Have you seen Dangote and BUA walking around Kano with Mopol?

While Abdulsamad Rabiu of BUA and Dangote jointly contributed more than 12 Billion Naira to Kano state alone during Covid, Arthur Eze's achievement during Covid was to bring Police Area Command and later Zone to his place. No university, nothing.
Sports / Re: Forbes: Messi Becomes Football's Second Billionaire, Tops List Of Earners by blastac: 8:56am On Sep 15, 2020
When ronaldo is the first to hit the billion dollar mark even with receiving lesser pay than Messi.. common bro read the news again

another tragedy for penaldo fans

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Scores 100th International Goal As Portugal Win Against Sweden by blastac: 11:15pm On Sep 08, 2020
Yes you didnt see Spain,Sweden,England,Ghana,Poland etc. You Dy blind na

When I check the team he score against
Faros island

No hating I expect more from Penaldo grin


Sports / Re: Juventus Wins Ninth Consecutive Serie A Title by blastac: 3:39am On Jul 27, 2020
grin grin grin grin this is funny shaa grin.. series A is now competitive.. if juve misbehave anyhow now the other teams go change am for Dem.

Lingard will win the League title if he join Juventus today!!

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Sports / Re: Juventus Wins Ninth Consecutive Serie A Title by blastac: 2:57am On Jul 27, 2020
Who cares.. he has won the league title and that's that. Senior man e go be abeg. Make we no Drag people way no Sabi us.. grin

Immobile is paying you'all back in your own coin!!!

More penalties for Immobile...

Dubai d'or loading..

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Sports / Re: Juventus Wins Ninth Consecutive Serie A Title by blastac: 2:38am On Jul 27, 2020
Free me abeg.. na messi fans begin underrate penalty kick as if it's not a good avenue to score goals..

What about 2015 Copa America final when Messi scored his Penalty goal??

Why are all Cristiano fans turning Social Media influencers like Cristiano himself with false Propaganda??

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Sports / Re: Juventus Wins Ninth Consecutive Serie A Title by blastac: 1:45am On Jul 27, 2020
If he like make he score 100 penalty e still be goal.. if penalty easy Messi for carry Copa america

It should be "Juventus leads penaldo to his 2nd Seria A title". Ronaldo is just a penalty Marchant. Subtract his penalty goals from his real goals and he will be left with nothing.

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Sports / Re: Penalty Stats for Messi and Ronaldo by blastac: 10:36pm On Jul 24, 2020
Shebi you talk I dy lie.. you don see am.. next time Google well no Dy make arguments anyhow


17 of his 73 were penalties.......simply class
Sports / Re: Penalty Stats for Messi and Ronaldo by blastac: 6:32pm On Jul 24, 2020
Peterd53 come and see
Sports / Re: Penalty Stats for Messi and Ronaldo by blastac: 2:47pm On Jul 24, 2020
Peterd53 come and see... Shebi I tell you
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 3:46pm On Jul 22, 2020
My guy I don Taya for your matter.. take it or leave it.. he played 19 penalties tongue tongue tongue


You weh sabi check google....bring the stat here......no deh feed pple with lies just to stake a claim. Mind u that’s is his stats in all competitions.
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 11:43pm On Jul 21, 2020
You no Sabi search for Google... you're showing
Me league penalties while am talking of total penalties.. see guy enter Google type total penalties taken by Messi in 2011/2012 season.. you go even see stats. Wetin u Dy upload here no go deny the fact say Messi played 19 penalties and missed around 3


I still maintain that all you wrote there are lies. Messi scored 14 penalties out of 73 same as CR7 14 out of 60 during 2011/2012 season
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 6:26pm On Jul 21, 2020
Yes sorry i made a mistake it was 2011/2012 and what he scored was 19 penalties not 17.
My source is Google and I don't need to upload stats, just Google it.. fun fact, thats the highest penalty scored in a season so far...


You too deh lie. Must u lie?
Show us the stats t support ur claim that Messi scored 17 penalties in 12/13 season
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 6:19pm On Jul 21, 2020
A cup Ronaldo participated in grin grin so yeah he won

Eder gave Portugal the Euro Cup.

Put a sock in it.
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 1:38pm On Jul 21, 2020
Ronaldo we know, eder we dont grin grin.. who cares about a best player in a world cup without a cup

Eder gave Portugal it's first Euro Cup ever while Ronaldo was missing. tongue
Bernado Silva masterminded Portugal to Euro nations trophy while Ronaldo was flopping . tongue

That's why Ronaldo has never excelled in any international competition.

He is always carried by his team mates.. grin

Messi on the other hand;

*Best player at World Cup 2014.
*Best player at Copa America 2015.
*Best player at Copa America 2016.
*Best player at Junior World Cup 2005.

cheesy cheesy

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 1:28pm On Jul 21, 2020
The OP's header says first but the content says fastest..


Who said it you or the op??Sure u know the difference between fastest and first? Sure u cam understand the heading or topic of this thread or?Im correcting the Op and I wouldn't have responded if what u said was what he wrote...Must u pick holes In peoples comment even when u know what I'm responding to...whew
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 10:14am On Jul 21, 2020
They said fastest player to score in 3 diff leagues.. he has scored 50 in serie A under 2 seasons, in Madrid he scored his 50 in less than 3 seasons..

This is wrong....The record belongs to Zlatan
Yea....Ronaldo is my 2nd best (Ronaldo the Phenomennon Delima is the first) and undoubtedly a great player but apparently the rush of wanting him to surpass Messi in records is making people cook up stories like this ...Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal record

Serie A
Juventus. 23
Inter. 57 e.t.c(he has goals in AC too)

French League
PSG. 113

LA Galaxy. 52

Heard this your article on the radio too so the error apparently s general ....Please I love this guy but Ibrahimovic is yet to win a ballon dor so its this records that he thrives on,don't take it away from him again nah....Get your facts right

Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by blastac: 10:03am On Jul 21, 2020
To read news no gree you.. they both have scored 12 penalties each...before I forget, Messi scored 17 penalties in 2012/2013 season alone but since you never begin watch football then, you no go know.

LMAO after stat-padding with penalties.

13 penalties for Ronaldo and 12 for immobile all in the league alone, yet penaldo fanboys want us to believe that Seria A is the most difficult league to score.

Anyways,since the balon d'or has been cancelled Ronaldo and Immobile are competing for the Penald'or,I will place my money on Ronaldo,no one can win him in the game of diving and stat-padding with penalties.


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