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Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 12:22am On Feb 27, 2018


I wonder where boeing777pilot is

Hi all, happy new year to you all.

My apologies for my prolonged absence.

I had an accident (not aviation related) coupled with a long recuperation period and I am unable to continue flying again. Ever. embarassed

From time to time I'd pop in to answer questions

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Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 2:43am On Jan 21, 2017
Happy New year family.
Sorry I have been extremely busy with work that explains my prolonged absence here.


Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 2:42am On Jan 21, 2017
Aviation is a strange profession. I love it to death, but the strange part is that if I meet my end in my line of work, it's most likely that I'll be blamed.

I'll be blamed long before any proof is brought forward. I'll be blamed by the media, by the people. I'll be blamed by the passengers if they survive. In a week the data recorders will be analysed and then maybe they'll find that it's not my fault. That I fought for hope amidst hopelessness till my dying breath.

Sadly that won't make as good a headline as much as "pilot error", or "pilot veers off runway when aligning for takeoff".

In fact, it was nothing to do with aligning that brought this ill-fated crew to a halt just short the peripheral wall at Dabolim yesterday (December 27).

How I wish I could explain concepts of asymmetric thrust to the number of people passing silent judgment and being armchair jurors. How do I tell someone about how much thrust 27,000 odd pounds is? How do I reiterate what a reverser unlock is? How do I tell the person that the same 27,000 pounds is now in an opposite direction?

Most of the crowd probably doesn't even know what a moment arm or a couple is. They dropped physics in 8th grade as it was too complex. That said, they blame the human machine who earns his bread and butter, putting into practice what they felt was too complicated.

To be honest it's disgusting - flying this kind of passenger and taking responsibility for his life for however long it may be.

How do I explain not being able to see three taxiway lights in front of me to a crowd that says, "anyway you autoland in fog"? How?

It's at the brink of frustration that I'm writing this. Back in the day, an old grey instructor told me, "Son, in this world of civil aviation, its best to be a nameless faceless pilot who does his job and goes home!"

I probably didn't understand it then but now, more than ever, I totally understand. The sad part is it doesn't matter if it is a Cactus 1511 with Sully or the 9W aircraft.

Sadly, with technology improving in the home and workplace, the human has become the weak link. Sometimes one must note that the human is the strongest link. Without them shutting down the malfunctioning engine, the plane might have gone into the terminal, increasing the statistics of loss of life

As an appeal to the non-aviation public, believe that we as pilots love what we do and would never put anyone's life in jeopardy. We are sons, daughters, wives, husbands, parents, just like you. We haven't fallen from the realm of Asgard into the helm of these metal ships. It takes years of hard work to achieve it.

Media folk, this is an appeal to you: It's you who have sensationalised our profession with scandals, malpractices, and so on. Paint the right picture of pilots worldwide. Tell people that we are there to save lives, not take them. Make an honest effort to redeem your name when you're standing at heaven's gates, or you'll probably have the boatman remove you from the boat.

Educate the masses - who you manipulate to get more views - to the actual facts of thrust, lift, weight and drag. Tell them, from start to finish, what happens from takeoff to touchdown.

Do tell them that when they see the wind looping out of the window and the tip moving, there is a hand guiding this giant metal bird through the skies.


I'm by no means an emotional person but this left eyes in my eyes.
This is very very very deep.
Anyone who is not an aviator wouldn't probably understand this.

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Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 8:51pm On Dec 03, 2016
But Emirates is still buying the A380 by the boatload
Lets say 4 B777 for every 1 A380 bought grin

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Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 2:18am On Dec 02, 2016

Most jet airliners have a design cruise speed, usually Mach 0.7 to 0.85 (approximately 800-1000kph) cruising above or below this speed will adversely affect range just like driving ur car at gear on or at 250kph for a long distance. Jet aircraft do not have gears, but some propeller aircraft can adjust the angle of the propellers for high or low speed conditions.
The Nigerian presidential fleet is really top of the line by any standards. The G550 and Falcon 7X are some of the longest range business jets in the world.

Aircraft efficiency is a really complicated topic. The A380 is the most efficient, if you can fill it up. And that's the biggest problem, very few airlines can fill them up. Unfortunately, most A380s are not flying with enough passengers to make a profit. The Boeing 777-300ER is the king at the moment

The last two lines are like music to my ears. grin The A380 is becoming a pain in the a.ss of airlines so they prefer the twin engine long range jets that makes more economic sense.

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Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 5:16pm On Nov 21, 2016

has been sightings of UFOs on the Nigerian airspace?

not aware of any
Crime / Re: Cults/gangs: Their Code Name And Orientation. Beware! by Boeing777pilot: 5:13pm On Nov 03, 2016
Hopefully, all the cultists should kill themselves off. They would be doing the world a great favor since they don't want to repent.


Crime / Re: Vikings Member Killed By Rival Cultists As Friends Mourn His Death. Photos by Boeing777pilot: 4:42pm On Nov 03, 2016
Aro baga.......hmmmmmm.....too carried away....is there no captain ? around..always be with your matey/palley...sail on viking RIP....ahoy

Captain ko Driver ni

That's one idiot less to worry about
And for people of his kind here on naira land who don't want to renounce cultism, I guess will be reading about yours too very soon on here too.

Just look at their comments on face book and some foolish cultists are already showing up here. They aren't even ashamed.

They should all kill themselves and the world will be better off without their kind.


Travel / Re: Unpaid Salaries: Arik Air Becomes Slave Camp As Staff Beg Passengers For Money, by Boeing777pilot: 7:03pm On Oct 21, 2016
It's well sha.
Looking back, Arik turning me down several years ago is now a great blessing to me.


Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 6:38pm On Oct 21, 2016

Concerning N4252G, it's difficult to tell what caused the crash because the media doesn't have all the information and at best speculate. It's just the NTSB that can authoritatively say what caused the crash.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Signs J Ice To DMW As Both Fly Private Jet (pics,vid) by Boeing777pilot: 6:27pm On Oct 21, 2016
This particular private jet used to belong to the Nigerian police force. It's former registration number was 5N-NPF.

I wonder who the new owners are.
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 7:04am On Oct 20, 2016

Majority of the plane crashes are attributed to pilot errors (indecisiveness) by teams of investigation experts except you wanna tell me what national geographic shows to the world are film tricks.

Anyway I apologize on the race superiority. I am here to learn so that I can put up superior argument in the future.

We learn everyday wink
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 7:54pm On Oct 18, 2016

You are making the pilot profession seem like a secret cult where members look after each other.

I am a fan of crash investigation on National Geographic. Pilots are error prone

*deep sigh *

Unless you are a pilot or an av geek, you will not understand the deep bond that pilots share irrespective of their location or equipment they operate. It's beyond looking out for each other but I will not seat back and allow you wrongfully assert that white pilots are better than black pilot simply because you had a smoother flight with a white pilots at the controls.

Thankfully, I don't watch crash investigation and I have been been a pilot for several years now by the grace of God but it's category one fallacy to say that pilots are error prone except you don't know what the word prone means.

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Travel / Re: Why Are Flight Attendants Often Required To Wear Pantyhose? by Boeing777pilot: 7:38pm On Oct 18, 2016
Hmmm.... interesting!... Are the men...including pilots... required to wear panty hose too?.... I strongly believe they also have blood vessels.... and I guess are also exposed to the varying pressures on take offs and landings and being up in the air.

cry embarassed
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 12:32pm On Oct 18, 2016

I tend to disagree with your position. Pilots are better than others irrespective of their trainings.

I once flew in an aircraft with 2 black pilot on Arik. Those guys were just moving through the cloud causing the aircraft to vibrate unnecessarily and in the process causing discomfort to passengers.

I've flown with a white pilot working for Aero contractors Na so the guy lift the aircraft far above the clouds and keep dodging them in a James Bond style. When he sights one, he takes the aircraft a bit further to avoid going directly into the cloud and when one is far up to his cruising speed, he takes the plane a bit downward. Honestly, it was fun.

Both situation happen during the raining season

Comments like this that's why an expatriate first officer in arik or aero will think that he's more better than his captain.

Those metrics are not enough to say one pilot is better than the other. You have no idea about what the flight conditions as at the time of flight.

It takes blood sweat and tears to become a pilot and what essentially differentiates us is the hours we have flown but that does not make one pilot better than the other.


Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 11:12am On Oct 18, 2016

Those comments are not fair on female pilots embarassed

I actually prefer flying with female captains in our Boeing777 fleet they are some of the best. We go through the same rigorous training and nothing separates us in terms of competency.

I see you have apologized though.

Go and sin no more. grin


Travel / Re: 12 Most Dangerous Countries To Travel To by Boeing777pilot: 9:07pm On Oct 09, 2016

OP pls be specific.
Is it in Africa or world wide?
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 2 by Boeing777pilot: 9:01pm On Oct 09, 2016

You mean VO is on this forum and how would he notice him when he comes?

I have seen several dumb posts here however this one makes it into my top 5. cool


Health / Re: Help Before I Kill Myself. Body Odour Has Turned Me To A Recluse. by Boeing777pilot: 9:20pm On Oct 07, 2016
Guy you problem is spiritual.
Go talk to your pastor.
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 12:49pm On Oct 07, 2016

They might insist on 1500-2000tt

Skipper how's your training coming?

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Travel / Re: A Must Read, What He Goes Through In Italy (HELP) by Boeing777pilot: 5:47am On Oct 06, 2016
OP, I have read your story several times and I don't have any iota of sympathy for you or your brother.

Why? He didn't have a gun to his head when he made the decision to go to Italy. He obviously knew that the grass was not greener on the other side despite all the story that he heard, yet your family did nothing to stop himy.

The money he used to get to Italy would be more than enough to start a business in Nigeria or take him through University. At 19, this is someone that should probably be in school or learning a trade.

The fact he's still alive is a testimony so my advice, let him locate the Nigerian embassy and have himself returned to Nigeria.


Religion / Re: Christ Was Born In October And Not December by Boeing777pilot: 9:39am On Oct 02, 2016
I didn't read your epistle.
The most important thing is that he died.
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 9:19am On Oct 02, 2016

Hello Pilot,

Could you kindly explain this scenario.
I recently travel to Enugu State and live very close to the Airport. Anytime plane takes off, all the dogs respond with very annoying (Not Barking) and very disturbing sound.


It's very likely that the engines or other aircraft parts are emitting a frequency that human ears can't pick up but are very audible to the dogs and it's probably irritating to them.


Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 2:33pm On Sep 30, 2016

Baba abeg make i get ur email

PM pls
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 4:32pm On Sep 22, 2016

Here sir. Please find attached

2. Yes it's true.

3. Yes, the engines can go at full power without taxiing but no sane pilot does that

4A. Yes it has a very similar chemical formula with kerosene but some things are added to prevent sharp guys from selling it as kerosene

4B. Dunno oh

4C. Engine and fuel tank design and other minor mechanisms prevent that from happening.
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by Boeing777pilot: 4:18pm On Sep 22, 2016

Forwarded to Boeing777pilot

Skipper, see the way you just pass the baton sharply. Dia is God oh. embarassed

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Religion / Re: Christians Shouldn't Have A Divorce - Chris Oyakhilome by Boeing777pilot: 12:58pm On Sep 15, 2016

It seems you are having a slow day at work so you decided to post this.

This topic has already been addressed on fp before but knowing that pastor Chris will always increase page views, you brought it up again.

Well done oh!!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Nigerian Doctor Thinks Clinton May Have Been Poisoned by Boeing777pilot: 7:57am On Sep 13, 2016
Travel / Re: Azman Air Commences Flight Operations From Kebbi To Other States(pics) by Boeing777pilot: 3:26am On Sep 10, 2016

The one you mentioned ain't for commercial purpose. embarassed
ATR-42 and 72
Travel / Re: Azman Air Commences Flight Operations From Kebbi To Other States(pics) by Boeing777pilot: 10:07pm On Sep 09, 2016
@ Boeing777Pilot; manny4life

The Nigerian government can set up it's proposed Aviation Development Bank with a start-up capital of N250 - N300 billion?

Bros, the truth is Nigeria should send people to Ethiopia to go and under study Ethiopian airlines for one year then return to replicate same in Nigeria else we would be pouring water in a basket. I mentioned this to uncle Jona once and he just tapped my shoulder and smiled.


Travel / Re: Azman Air Commences Flight Operations From Kebbi To Other States(pics) by Boeing777pilot: 9:59pm On Sep 09, 2016

Oh good! I would checkout the Dash 8 Q-400 aircraft then. I love aircrafts and I really wanna have a airline. cool

You can check out ATR turbo props. It's cheaper than the dash series.

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