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Car Talk / Re: EFCC Auctions 435 Forfeited Vehicles In Lagos (photos) by bossinblack: 8:05pm On Dec 07, 2022

All these epistles just to justify fraud. call evil evil. In other words more grace to all the hustlers in this forum. E go drop again. grin
[q[quote author=Biafraaa post=118982618]

I mean…this is a direct reflection of what our society is. See someone trying their best effort to justify criminality.
Even the devil will be shocked at what evil people are capable of.


Politics / Re: Glencore Used Private Jets To Move Bribe Money For Nigerian Officials, Others by bossinblack: 10:44pm On Nov 02, 2022
Peter OBI is scared already all the money he stole in Anambra... useless past governor

Tinubu for the seat Abuja 2023
Vote APC vote TINUBU

If you like vote cockroach for president ode


Health / Re: Help: My Girlfriend Is Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by bossinblack: 10:57am On Nov 04, 2021

Before nkor.
Abi you think say na all girls like man wey them don "over use"? undecided

Fuuuuuu grin grin
Omo I don read comments laugh wan tear my belle
Health / Re: Help: My Girlfriend Is Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by bossinblack: 10:56am On Nov 04, 2021

Before nkor.
Abi you think say na all girls like man wey them don "over use"? undecided

Celebrities / Re: Rotimi Salami: DNA Test Not Important, Unless Someone Drags Your Child With You by bossinblack: 4:26pm On Sep 30, 2021
Oh! What a relief. Finally a man who uses his brain has been unveiled.

NB: I don't support infidelity.

My concern is the emotional breakdown of the kids and the family at large.

A man who uses his brain indeed.
He gave his own opinion and that's okay.

People who see the need for paternity test should go ahead with it, and ready to face the consequences.

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Family / Re: Marrying Last As First Child by bossinblack: 1:12pm On Aug 09, 2021
If all the children in your family have gotten married and began to raise a family and you don't seems to bother about it.....than you are yet to grow up.... You still have a childish mentality...

No one is forcing you to get married... But marriage shows that one has gotten to a stage in their life that they'd begin to take responsibility....

Being a man isn't just sleeping around with different girls... but going to get a woman traditionally to become your wife .

Go and marry and gettat from here....

Sorry but shut up!

He should only marry when he's ready and able to. There are countless very irresponsible married men everywhere.

Op, stop your playboy lifestyle too. You're putting yourself at too much risk. But don't marry because of pressure .

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Romance / Re: Please Help! My Brother Is Sleeping With His Daughter by bossinblack: 12:39am On Aug 08, 2021
My brother's wife called me yesterday to report my brother, she said their daughter called her two days ago about what her dad has been doing to her.

She told her that, her dad has slept with her twice, so the mother called me to report the case that she's confused and doesn't know how to confront her husband.

The daughter said the first day he slept with her was when her mother went on night vigil in the church. The second time he left his room at the middle of the night pretend to go and urinate and went to daughter's room to sleep with her for the second time. He has threatening her not to tell anyone.

Honestly for the past 2 days I couldn't sleep, was just thinking on how to approach the situation and how to rescue the inocent girl from abusive father.

The girl is around 17 years old.

Please your urgent advice needed. ( They are in Abuja while I'm in Lagos)

Please share your details with me via email.
Politics / Re: Charles Awuzie: DCP Abba Kyari Is Innocent, Was Only Manipulated By Hushpuppi by bossinblack: 9:26pm On Jul 31, 2021
This must be one of Abba kyari "loyal boys" like Israel dmw

It's actually a big fat joke that a fraudster like Hushpuppi can manipulate a supposed super cup even to the extent of breaking laws

Meanwhile make una dey stick with one story, Abba kyari said he is a tailor doing delivery so patch your story from there

The author must think everyone is dumb or silly.
If the so called "super cop", can be so easily manipulated by a "known fruadstar", what hope does the rest of us have

And yes, they should stick to the fashion designer story lol!
Travel / Re: Cost Of Living In Germany For Nigerians:5 Things To Know As A Student In Germany by bossinblack: 10:51pm On Feb 21, 2020
chimo .... when I go commot for this sh!t hole of a country? I no mind to leggam through desert if possible cry

Please don't take the desert route, it ends in exploitation or death in a lot of cases.


Travel / Re: What Are Your Regrets For Leaving Nigeria? by bossinblack: 7:15pm On Feb 21, 2020
Once a while, I travel for few days on official or business related trips.... and everytime I return, I wonder why I haven't taken the decision to leave permanently angry

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Family / Re: How Do I Overcome This Temptation From This Sexy Lady? by bossinblack: 10:09pm On Feb 09, 2020
Tame your John Thomas and spare us this tomfoolery. What's happened blocking her??
Is your wife not offering enough sex?? You must be a chronic adulterer.
Rubbish. Tueh!
Politics / Re: Zulum: Boko Haram Is Attacking People And You Are Collecting N1,000 Per Car by bossinblack: 12:04am On Jan 07, 2020

Lol. So Igbo people are the slaves of Nigeria? Unable to lead!

See his yellow head grin
Family / Re: My Husband Beat Me On Christmas Day by bossinblack: 7:57pm On Dec 29, 2019
Good evening my brothers and sisters in the house. First , I am not a troll . I've been a member on NL since 2008 and am very active, but I prefer using a new account for my story to seek advice and also learn from other experienced people in this great group.

On christmas day hubby and I were invited to attend a special dinner at his friend's house and I picked a nice outfit for him to wear on the day, he wore another outfit, a t shirt and jeans his every day clothes so I asked him politely to go and change, he got angry at me and told me to keep quiet and he went inside.

He was in our room for an hour while the kids and I were still waiting for him, I even sent the kids in their room to play, he later came out he only changed his top but didn't changed the trousers and trainers. I had decided not to say anything for peace to reign, so as we were leaving, I asked him if we could take a family picture, he just snapped and slapped me and started beating me up so badly, he only stopped because my children were screaming and crying for him to stop.

I am so pained because before the incident happened, we were fine, no quarrel at all, I just don't understand his reasons for beating me like this and I swear to God, I didn't say something to make him this angry, he left me there and went out, his friend later called to know if we were still coming because he couldn't reach hubby on the phone, I told him we are coming.

I cleaned myself, changed my clothes and I left with the kids to his friend's house, to my surprise he was already there, we acted like everything was normal and I tried hard to stop tears coming because I was in pained.

For the past 3 days he has been acting as if I did wronged him, he doesn't talk to me, he doesn't eat my foods and he left the room and he is now sleeping in our son's room. I just don't know what to do again

This is so sad. How grown are your children please?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Court Rules British MI5 Agents Can Murder, Kidnap And Torture by bossinblack: 1:21pm On Dec 21, 2019

crystal clear boy

*sips wine and puffs cigar*

Well you don't.

The cover of anonymity on Nairaland shouldn't make you irresponsible enough to refer to a total stranger as boy. You're most likely the 'boy' here.

You want some nuts?

Extra puff*
Foreign Affairs / Re: Court Rules British MI5 Agents Can Murder, Kidnap And Torture by bossinblack: 1:17pm On Dec 21, 2019

A lot of you read but never understand anything you read.

The interpreted law does not mention criminals ordering the agents to murder, kidnap or torture but said Mi5 Can make this order...

Abeg read ooo

Have you read it well now since you are misinforming yourself

*sips wine*

You're the one who needs understanding. Since the gentle fellow has tried to simplify things further for you. But
Foreign Affairs / Re: Court Rules British MI5 Agents Can Murder, Kidnap And Torture by bossinblack: 1:15pm On Dec 21, 2019
From the report


I guess "saner climes" can be lawless too when it comes to National Security issues and puts it first above rule of law

laughing and *sips more wine*

grin grin grin

Are you sure you understand what you report
Because Damn! you don't.

Take a puff
Family / Re: Help..i Feel My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore by bossinblack: 1:11pm On Dec 21, 2019

Update please.
How are you now?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Court Rules British MI5 Agents Can Murder, Kidnap And Torture by bossinblack: 1:10pm On Dec 21, 2019

Sound. Seems comprehension levels are not too high around these parts

Foreign Affairs / Re: Court Rules British MI5 Agents Can Murder, Kidnap And Torture by bossinblack: 1:05pm On Dec 21, 2019
^Dude shut up

I swear!
The dude is just blinded by hate. What this law or judgement is simply saying in relation to Nigeria is that... DSS operatives can become members of bokoharam in order to fight terrorism. Even though, the law does not provide immunity for them when they are caught or arrested in the process...
DSS lawyers have to justify the reason the operatives had to join bokoharam to fight terrorism in the court.

Please, how does this justify flagrant disregard for law and abuse of human rights the DSS Is practicing in Nigeria

People don't just read to understand anymore. undecided compounded by lazy journalism and hungry bloggers. Smh

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Travel / Re: Major Landmark Rocks In Nigeria (Pictures And Details) by bossinblack: 12:09pm On Dec 21, 2019
AsoRock isn't not on the outskirts of Abuja. It just some kilometers of the 'three arms zone'. The three arms zone is the center of Abuja.

Good job Op.
Politics / Re: Sowore: Akeredolu Condemns DSS, Warns Lawyers Could Be Arrested In Court by bossinblack: 7:45am On Dec 10, 2019
Governor Akeredolu is the only Governor that spoke against the Hate Speech Bill. He's also the only Governor that spoke against Sowore's arrest in court premises despite being a member of the ruling party. Even some PDP governors don't have the temerity to say pim.

I remember the days of Governor Akeredolu as the NBA president, He was fearless, fair and an apostle of the truth. I am glad that he's still a man of the people. Besides, Ondo state People are known for their integrity and always speaking the truth. Kudos!

You are very right!

I remember his days at the MBA too. He's a distinguished and honorable, I hope polictics hasn't taken it's toll. He has always been a person who speaks truth to power.


Family / Re: Help..i Feel My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore by bossinblack: 12:41pm On Dec 09, 2019
[quote author=olasaad post=84696516][/quote]

Yi hakuri ma'am professor.
I didn't see that...before I asked my question.
Family / Re: Help..i Feel My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore by bossinblack: 6:05am On Dec 07, 2019
From your responses, it's time to leave. Don't do it for anyone,do it for you!
Please take a break from that toxic environment. We will discuss other things when you're out of harms way.
Family / Re: Help..i Feel My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore by bossinblack: 1:56am On Dec 07, 2019
[quote author=Habby121 post=84693883][/quote

Does he ever hurt you? Like beats you?
Family / Re: Help..i Feel My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore by bossinblack: 1:50am On Dec 07, 2019
No I'm not...I even try to help out at home with my own little money.. I'm the only daughter of my parents and I have 6 brothers so they opened a business for me after I got married, he is unemployed but he trys to hustle like every other man

How many children do you people have?
Romance / Re: I Like Her But I'm Shy To Woo Her by bossinblack: 8:25pm On Dec 04, 2019
A shy guy for this 21st century? Guy send me her number, let me help you talk to her, she will say yes to me in no time......Oh sorry! She will say yes to you in no time.

Guy, work on yourself, your boldness matters alot. Apart from that Girl, you need boldness for your Seminar Defense, Project Defense and even Interview when you are done with your studies.

Your boldness will make most people believe you even when what you have to say is stupid.

Now when you have boldness, when you have accomplished it, then you will not look for what to say to THAT GIRL you said you dont want to LOSE, what to say WILL COME ITSELF

We Nairalanders won't help you, rather YOU GAT TO HELP YOURSELF. Thank You

You have done well.
Family / Re: My Friend's Father Is A Ghost!! by bossinblack: 10:17pm On Dec 01, 2019
Thank you for your helpful comments. This is serious, pals. My friend is traumatized. I just called him a few minutes ago. He was incoherent on the phone.

Please connect me with your friend.
Politics / Re: Social Media Bill: Protesters Storm National Assembly (Photos) by bossinblack: 1:56pm On Nov 27, 2019
1500 naira per protester. Unserious people.

You're the one this is definately unserious.
Crime / Re: Prince Digbani, UNIPORT Student Commits Suicide by bossinblack: 1:23pm On Nov 27, 2019
minus one mumu

+ 1 mumu.You
Travel / Re: My Adventurous Trip Across The Lagos Lagoon by bossinblack: 1:21pm On Nov 27, 2019

Consulate, not High Commission.

Yeah. Thank you.
Travel / Re: My Adventurous Trip Across The Lagos Lagoon by bossinblack: 1:15pm On Nov 27, 2019
4. US Embassy

I think you meant to say US high commission.
Their embassy is in Abuja not Lagos.

Great pictures �
Crime / Re: Housewife Stabs Husband To Death In Ekiti by bossinblack: 10:37am On Nov 22, 2019
Years of accumulated issues led to a mental breakdown.

RIP to the dead.

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