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Politics / Re: Reasons Why Igbos Hate Tinubu by BRASH: 6:54pm On Jun 19
Op stop rantimg. Answer The simple question , is tinubu a thief?


Health / Re: Photo Of A Lady Making Palm Oil Locally Goes Viral by BRASH: 5:41pm On Jun 19
I don't mind the mud and other impurities that render this gorilla staple toxic, it's the fact that the woman's punanie is well-soaked and fermenting in it that bothers me.

I don't need a biologist to tell me that consuming this "food" will lead to occasional brain freeze due to the fact that its active ingredients are gotten from a gender not known for their logical reasoning.

*spits angry

Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic's Denrele Edun Lookalike Photo Got Celebrities Talking by BRASH: 8:32am On Jun 18
It seems all the useless blogs that only specialise in lifting pictures of celebs from instagram and dumping them on NL are either owned by the mods or they pay the mods to always push their shits to fp. Lazy and dull bloggers everywheré. I can start mentioning all the lazy blogger here. Nonsense.gistmore, gistvic, thefamousnaija, praizenews, etc are all wack
Blogger gistmore or what ever u call urself.... your blog is a joke you just flood nairaland with post that are not even visible on your blog.

You flood your blog with google adsense to earn clicks without photos of the post not even seen on your blog and u want to make it in blogging.... ITS NOT POSSIBLE....

Learn from those who have made it on the blogging platform, Linda Ikeji, Lailasblog, Stella, etc. or find something more lucrative to do.

The mods self are funny, Lalasticlala, Myndd4 they just push content without knowing what is in the content... Is That Right.. NO

Seun needs to correct somethings on this platform... Please always check the content if its fine to be seen by a large number of people before pushing to fp.

Thank You.
Just A Loyal Nairalander Since Wayback.

Celebrities / Re: Davido Struggles To Acquire 6 Packs, Trains Hard (photos, Video) by BRASH: 7:42pm On Jun 17
As u are enjoying ur pot belly ba?
All these to just loose weight and be like others. I remember when big Tommy was evidence of good living now it's six packs. Oga be yourself and you will enjoy this life. Just be sure you are healthy and that's all that matters
Politics / Re: Abiola: Fayose Slams Obasanjo, Hails Buhari by BRASH: 8:19am On Jun 14
Buhari has honoured Abiola, therefore, even if that will be his only achievement in his next level scam, he will be considered (by zombies actually ) as the best president Nigeria has ever had. You guys are pathetic. Is Obj the only president after June 12 ?, were there no other presidents after him? Why single him out?. Why must he be the only one that should have done it? By the way, if you are talking about honour here, why is it that nobody is saying anything about the man who made the acclaimed freest and fairest election possible ? Humphrey Nwosu, the then INEC chairman who presided over the election, has never been acknowledged or commended since this June 12 jamboree started. Oh! I forget, he is a Biafran and an Ipob and as such there's place for him in the June twelve hall of fame. What a pity. Am I the against the honour given to Abiola? Certainly not. It is well deserved, but What is considered good for the goose, should also be considered good for the gander. Imagine if it a certain Mahmoud Yakubu? Would this day (June 12) have been reality? Abiola would have waited for 3 to 4 market days for the result of an election that wouldhave been marred by irregularities and violence. Infact, Yakubu of today would collected bribe and announced Tofa as the winner. But Nwosu choosed to be a true patriot. He never compromised. He maintained his integrity. The real intergrity. Until Nwosu is recognized, this June 12 is inconclusive One Nigeria indeed!
Celebrities / Re: Teddy-A Gets Rid Of His Age-long Dreadlocks. See His New Look (Photos) by BRASH: 6:53pm On Jun 12
From dreadlocks to colourd hair. Is he making any progress at all? Just when i thought he will look more responsible


Politics / Re: Governor Emeka Ihedioha Travelling With Only 3 Convoys (photos by BRASH: 6:29pm On Jun 12
Abeg ihiedioha start work,all dis media jamboree i no understand
so because u read some petty news about him traveling on a 3 vehicle convoy means he is not working? Is that convoy going 4 a sala carnival?

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Celebrities / Re: Ini Edo, Rukky Sanda, Uche Jumbo & Ufuoma Mcdermott At Funnybone's Comedy Show by BRASH: 10:21pm On Jun 11
Let me hate a little: Bunch of attention seeking, fake asses with low self esteem

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Politics / Re: PDP Endorses Ali Ndume, Umar Bago "Senate President/ Speaker" by BRASH: 7:12am On Jun 11
[quote author=StoneLucifer post=79211772]I just taya for some hollow heads here. The way they carry this matter on their heads as if it is a personal gain on who becomes SP and speaker. See them talking as if they are going to win an olympic medal or multimillion dollar contract from the elected national assembly principal officers. If none of these men in political position is your biological father, u are like every other commoner in Nigeria irrespective of tribe. Nigerian Politicians have no interest for d masses even if u are from d same village, go and hussle and establish yourself......[/quote ] Some of them are so Foolish that they will course and abuse each other over these thieves as if they have hope of an appointment. Their stupidity is incurable.
Politics / Re: Senate Presidency: It’s Too Late For Me To Withdraw For Anyone – Ndume by BRASH: 7:27am On Jun 10
The way I see it, it's either you are too clean or smart at being dirty for them to be bullied into submition with em em [ grin ] or you are inconsequential to the race so they don't see you as a threat...

My only concern is for this country... The kind of presidency we have needs a hot-headed senete to keep it in check.
Ndume is working for Lawan, if not they would have set the dogs (efcc) on him long time ago. they are all thieves
Politics / Re: "I Like The Way Buhari Fights Corruption" - Reno Omokri by BRASH: 1:10pm On Jun 08
Why can't DSS go to America and Extradite the Reno? He would fit in at the maximum security wing of Kuje prison.
I don't who is a more pathetic zombie between this one, the dead meat seller and the one they call yarimo? By the way, is there any zombie with sense on this forum ? Some one should please help me.
Politics / Re: Police, SSS Mount Siege Outside AIT As Station Reopens - Premium Times by BRASH: 1:01pm On Jun 08

grin most of the zombies online are jobeless beings causing problems... In the country

Please don't waste your time on them
Is the dead meat seller also jobless ?
Politics / Re: Governor Ihedioha Sets Up 8-Man Committee To Probe Okorocha by BRASH: 12:28pm On Jun 07
Probing past government does not and cannot stop him from doing his work. Aterall, wwhen Buhari started with pigthing kwaraption, people hailed him. So Nobody should complain that Ihedioha is doing same. It is only corrupt folks that will be against this move. My own is PROBE and WORK.

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Crime / Re: Woman Bites Off Tongue Of Rapist In South Africa (Photo) by BRASH: 8:20pm On Jun 06
How are we sure it was not the woman that tried to rape the man and when He refused, she bit off his tongue so He won't be able to say anything ? Unfortunately, the man has been reduced to an slowpoke, and won't be able to talk coherently. See what konji has caused him.
The mode that edited my post didn't remember to edit the "an" to "a" for the slowpoke. Ndi ara
Crime / Re: Woman Bites Off Tongue Of Rapist In South Africa (Photo) by BRASH: 8:16pm On Jun 06
How are we sure it was not the woman that tried to rape the man and when He refused, she bit off his tongue so He won't be able to say anything ? Unfortunately, the man has been reduced to an slowpoke, and won't be able to talk coherently. See what konji has caused him.

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Entertainment / Re: Two Muslim Sisters In Hijab Dance Zanku Legwork (video) by BRASH: 4:49pm On Jun 05
Zanku leg walk dance is haram. They should be stoned to death or have their legs cut off for dececrating the hijap. Hijap is meant 4 suicide bombing ,not some useless dance created by infidels. Muric must hear this.


Sports / Re: Mohammed Salah's Daughter Dressing: Muslim Man Angry by BRASH: 9:04am On Jun 05
Hippocrites. He frowns at the dressing, but He will not frown if she is given to him for marriage. Paedophiles pretending to be holy. Religion of piss


Politics / Re: Kogi: LG Workers Reject Salaries Payment From Yahaya Bello, Reveal Why by BRASH: 8:57am On Jun 05
He is unequivocally the failure general of the country as far as governance is concerned, but You will still find people who will tell you that he is the best thing that Has happened to kogi state. Nairaland zombies can never see him as a failure so Long as he is a member of APC

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Politics / Re: How Oyegun Helped PDP To Bounce Back – APC by BRASH: 8:52am On Jun 05
Anything that will lead to the destruction of the satanic party Will be welcome development. I wish we can all have sense and realize that these parties, APC PDP don't mean well for this country, but Some ediots will be insulting people who try to say anything about the criminals they are supporting even when they have absolutely nothing to show for their blind support. The so called president is a criminal terrorist who has been scamming us with his fake and nonexistent integrity. His opponent is no better. Just mention Tinubu here and you will see some nitwits without future abusing your ancestors. Meanwhile the drug baron Is a certified criminal just like the rest of them in the other parties. Instead of us to focus on how to better our lives, we come here to fight over demons who are hell bent on destroying the future of this country. Shame on all asslickers. Shame on all blind zombies. Shame on all ignorant supporters of any party. Am waiting for any idiot that will quote me ediotically.
Politics / Re: Obong Victor Attah: My resource control fight still haunting me by BRASH: 9:42am On Jun 04
This is what The terrorist states don't like. They want to keep on ripping from where they did not sow.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Captures Marte LGA In Borno State by BRASH: 9:06am On Jun 04
I don't believe this. This fake news is being peddled by the children of hate.Boko haram has been degraded, decimated and destroyed.
Politics / Re: What Area Do You Think Improved The Most Under Buhari Administration? by BRASH: 9:52am On May 29
Herdsmen have now gone digital. They now use sophisticated weapons and are about getting a radio station.

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Politics / Re: Meet Yemi Kale: The Man Governors And Ministers Fear More Than Magu Of EFCC by BRASH: 9:41am On May 29
No sane Nigerian polithiefcian should give a damn about his statistics. The average Nigerian is a daft, ignorant sheeple who will leave facts and figures. They will see your statistics as an attack on their party and tribal man. They will fight for their favourites just based on sentiments.

Only in Nigeria will you say a governor embezzled funds and you will see youths from that community attack you and ask if it was your money he stole. They will remind you that your own govt also steals etc.
The people don't give a hoot about statistics. That man is just hyping himself grin
The same way zombies and afonja mumuselem attack people for saying Tinubu is corrupt
Culture / Re: Learning From the Life of HungerBad by BRASH: 4:24pm On May 24
Everything you said is true. I remember during the elections, hungerbad and sarrki were campaigning for buhari all over nairaland. Lots of people attacked him but he continued his buhari campaign not minding anyone. That shows he's not the kind of guy that's easily intimidated by anyone.
Those days hungerbad will pay hospital bills, pay school fees for students on nairaland and even pay house rent. I use to think he's a politician or a politician's son. Never knew he was a soldier.

May his good works speak for him and may he obtain mercy on the last day before the judgement throne of the almighty. God keep his family safe. Amen
Your words moisten my eyes for a generous soul who lived a selfless life. I never knew this side of him. I only used to see him as one of the zombies until He proved to me that he was different.
Culture / Re: Learning From the Life of HungerBad by BRASH: 4:17pm On May 24
Hungerbad is dead? So sad. What a calamity. The first time I had an encounter with him was during the last general election . I liked him for his objectivity. He was one of the few Buhari supporters that had sense. I never knew he was in the US army. That informs his level of reasoning. We shouldn't talk to people anyhow on this forum. No wonder I have not seen for a while. MAY HIS SOUL REST 8N PERFECT PEACE.
Crime / Re: House Of A Kidnapper Demolished In Uyo After He Was Killed (Photos) by BRASH: 2:47pm On May 19
What manner of foolishness. Why demolish the house when it can be sold and the money used 4 something productive. Waste of money.
Politics / Re: President Muhammadu Buhari & Aisha In Harami Dress In Makkah - Photo by BRASH: 8:43am On May 18
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, i just love the simplicity of Islam and their holy way of worship. I wish Nigeria can be a Muslim nation so we can all benefit from the tenets of Islam. In my next life i may become a Muslim sad
Even though I,m a mumuselem, I wish Nigeria can be a Christian country so we can all have sense.


Politics / Re: President Muhammadu Buhari & Aisha In Harami Dress In Makkah - Photo by BRASH: 8:40am On May 18
Me President you have shown through you that sincerity pays

God bless you

Your enemies are the corrupt people

God bless you

May your days be long with good health

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
May your life be like the Nigeria Buhari has given to us
Politics / Re: About Yam Eaters (pdp) Abandoned Secretarial by BRASH: 12:27pm On May 12

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Receives Best Senator, Politician Of The Year "Who Is Who" Awards by BRASH: 12:03pm On May 12
Who are the clowns that gave him the award?
i believe if the world's best president was given 2 buhari, you and ur fellow zombies will say he deserves it, meanwhile Dino is better than d dullard and some apc senators

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