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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Bournemouth Vs Chelsea (0 - 0) - Live by BREYZ: 2:40pm On Sep 17



Romance / Re: Women Hustle by BREYZ: 2:38pm On Sep 17
💯 - not all those slavery in the name of control you will walk out and live your life , women hustle 👏 when you have money no disrespect from men

Na your type wey men dey use as rag but una go come online dey dish out useless advise. Bimpe wey her body count don pass 100.

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Religion / Re: Can I Still Go To Church After Having Sex On A Sunday Morning? by BREYZ: 10:13am On Sep 17
Hello I'm just think if I will get salvation if I indulge in sexual activities early on a Sunday morning before going for service, the thought of guilt is all over my head although I'm married someone please advise

And this is coming from a married man whom the Bible has mandated to consummate his
marriage oooooo and this was moved to front page by a mod who is an adult and claims to be sensible ooo

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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad: Something Was Added To Water NDLEA Gave Me To Drink (Gistlover) by BREYZ: 4:11pm On Sep 16


Mohbad: Something Was Added To The Water NDLEA Gave Me To Drink (Video)

Following the sudden death of popular Nigerian singer, Mohbad, a new video was released by @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet. In the video late Mohbad was seen saying that when he was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) he was given a table water to drink by officials of the NDLEA without knowing something has been added to it.

He also said that fellow label mate, Zinolesky snitched on him.

As shared on Instagram by gistloverblog_mediaoutlet:


Whether we like it or not Marlian record label know wetin kill Mohbad. I have never liked that Zinoleesky guy and it's so serious that I don't listen neither do I have his songs in my phone. Mohbad saw terrible things and in order to silence him, they had him killed. It's so surprising that till this moment no arrest has been made. I no know why ikorodu guys still keep calm till now.

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Politics / Re: Ayomide Dies In Ondo State. by BREYZ: 6:43pm On Sep 06
If true, that his good for nothing Deputy will be so happy ehhh.
Travel / Re: First Time On A Plane Where Did You Travel To? by BREYZ: 4:30pm On Sep 06
Myself i traveled from Abuja to Lagos in December 2011

I travelled from Lagos to Port Harcourt during the covid pandemic in 2020.
Politics / Re: A by BREYZ: 2:19pm On Aug 31
a court in abuja as no power over delta state election

Who is this compound fool? Read una no go read na to dey allow politics becloud una sense of reasoning and the next thing na to open threads dey cap shit.
Celebrities / Re: Today I Step Into The Fourth Floor As I Mark My 40th Birthday With New Images by BREYZ: 2:11pm On Aug 31
....It feels good to finally enter the fourth floor (forth realm of life).

Indeed life they say, begins at 40, and mine is not exception.

I have cheated death three times in my life, to see another phase of my life today. There ought to have been more to say or write about, but it is a moment of sober reflection and thanksgiving.

_In my life, challenges have always been a stepping stone to my next level. It propels me forward, as I rally my struggles through the fires of adversity. I only thank God for the gift of life._
_His biblical promise of 'he that finds a wife and fulfilment, justifies the impact of good friends around._

My life story is not the proverbial 'born with golden spoon' tale but it is a case of cat with nine lives that dines fearlessly in the congregation of affluence, which stamped the name 'FINISHWORK.'

Celebrate and thank God for me today, as I have another chance in life to mark my 40th Birthday today, 31st August, 2023.

🎂 *{{Happy Birthday To Me}}* 🎂


Happy 45th birthday Alex. No dey reduce your age you no be woman grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: How Tinubu Defeated His Opponents Despite Losing Lagos, Kano And FCT by BREYZ: 5:44pm On Aug 29

All these silly talk because someone stated his opinion!. Grow up boy!

Everyone has right to their opinion. Have respect!

Who is this slowpoke?
Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Do This? by BREYZ: 12:24pm On Aug 27
I have noticed this more than once. Whenever i take a lady out to a fancy restaurant, she always looks for a way to talk down on the food and make it seem she’s been to better places.

This has happened more than once and with different ladies its not a cooncidence. Mind you, these are pricy restaurants.

For someone like me, even if the food is not good, i wont even say anything especially when im not paying.

You still get time to they carry girl go restaurant? In all sincerity most are Ungrateful.

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Politics / Re: Seun Osewa Should Pray That I Don't Become President by BREYZ: 11:33am On Aug 27
Seun should pray to whatever he serves that i don't become president, because this forum will be the first thing i would ban and destroy... It's obvious that that guy and his mods are tribalistic idiots..

Sometimes I wonder if Seun and mods are okay. Those guys have lost it.

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Family / Re: Should A Child Of This Age Be Sent On An Errand? by BREYZ: 11:18am On Aug 27
Good day, Nairaland families. I would appreciate it if mature and responsible families in the house could enlighten me on this. My son is only 7 years and 4 months old, and I allow him and his 5 year old sister to do minor chores such as making their beds when they wake up, sweeping their rooms to some extent, taking their plates to the kitchen after eating, and brushing their teeth at night. However, there is one thing I frown upon in the house, "Sending a young guy of his age on street errands," but I discovered that my wife finds it so easy to do so.

Most times my wife would want to get simple stuff like detergent and so, she calls him which i do stop from happening most times since i am of a personal opinion that it is rather too unsafe for him and he should not be sent on an errand alone until he is at least 10years old and above.

Please i want to know if I am simply the one overreacting and too overprotective OR a child of that age should not be sent on an errand?

Your wife is violating Part I of the Child Rights Act and you have to caution her. Provide the basic protection for your son and it starts now no matter the street do not allow your 7year old son do that.
Travel / Re: Avoid Wakanow Like Plague by BREYZ: 2:34am On Aug 25
I bought two (2) return ticket SMG746 for my self and a minor. We got no discount for this purchase. The cost of the two tickets is about =N= 2,463,406.00. Notably, the return leg for both of us is about =N=966,000.00. Due to change of plans, I had to seek for a refund. For record purpose, Qatar Airline was use for the travel.

By Qatar refund policy 80% of the fee was to be refunded. Wakanow waited to refund about 10%, which is based on a discounted price for one od the ticket.

Wakanow lied that partially used ticket cannot be refunded by Airline but the same Qatar Airline refunded a friend. Wakanow uses all forms of lies discourage ignorant clients from seeking appropriate refund. You may not make sense out of this now until you are in it.

Wakanow had the effrontery to close my Refund Request Case in the middle of complaint. I requested a decision maker to get in touch with me for better service, they ignored and sent a whatsapp message.

Wakanow is really a scam- but I didnt figure this out early enough. Apparently, there has been numerous compliants online about their service.

Admin please let this be on your front page for Nigerians to see and steer clear.

I avoided wakanow like plaque instead I book directly from the airline website. Wakanow dey reap Nigerians off.
Romance / Re: Please Guys I Seriously Need Your Input On This by BREYZ: 3:15pm On Aug 24
Alphabetical Red flags from A-Z. But you were busy tolerating all her excesses.....

My old man normally say this to all his sons-"No man can survive the wrath of an evil wife".

Op,na better one chance motor you enter so.......How can you be playing the role of hubby and wife at the same time?

Divorce her please. You have tolerated enough. There's something fishy about her entire behavior, she might be cheating or doing it just to punish you for something you may have done to her in the past. Check yourself and take a decision.
Politics / Re: Guy Busy Canvassing For Votes For Dino Knows Nothing About Him (photo) by BREYZ: 3:03pm On Aug 24
😂 I don edit it back. Oya wail as much as you can. Senator Dino Melaye is the people’s choice in Kogi State joor. More drone shots of the awareness campaign coming. Stay tuned

I repeat, Dino is not a Governorship material. He will lose this election. Dino will lose this election note this and have peace.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Senator Dino Melaye Awareness Campaign In Lokoja Local Government by BREYZ: 2:05pm On Aug 24
Much attendances was recorded in today’s Awareness governorship campaign of Senator Dino Melaye governorship bid. Really November 11th governorship must Obey. Check the videos and pictures below. Senator Dino Melaye everywhere you go.


This Kogi State sef. Of all the reasonable politicians in Kogi State, it is this clown that PDP saw to give ticket. If he eventually wins, Bello's Administration will be better than his despite being the worst that Kogi State had witnessed so far. Dino Melaye is not a Governorship material, take it or leave it. He should go to Twitter and post his childish pictures for traffic while Elon Musk pays him cheesy
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 9 by BREYZ: 10:06am On Aug 24
Please I will need help with this question

I just got married to my fiancée last month ago,though we have been dating since last year august before she applied for her NHS Job in the UK. Towards the beginning of this year,she applied and after several interviews a particular trust sent her a sponsorship. I want to go with her to start a family there and we have submitted all necessary documents and awaiting there response.

What I failed to understand is

Can I be granted a visa because we have not been married for 2 years??

Please I will be needing your swift response


You have to calm down. There's no stipulated law by the UKVI that you must be married for 2 years before you can be granted Visa or a dependant Visa, whether you have been married for 1month, 2months, 3 months, 1year etc is immaterial and won't be a determining factor for your Visa to be denied or issued all you need do is provide enough documents to show that you have been together prior to your wedding last month by this you have to make available old pictures of yourself and your spouse together with your traditional, white wedding and court wedding pictures if you have all, casual pictures you took may be during an outing or hangout, WhatsApp or Facebook chat history, if there are properties or household items you purchased together before your marriage you can provide the receipts, land documents in your names and if you are living in a rented apartment provide rent receipt that shows you live together or have been living together all these while, your marriage certificate, your wife should attach affidavit of change of name in her application and that's all. Don't put yourself through unnecessary stress there's no laid down procedure or exact documents you must provide rather provide as much documents as you can that will convince them and believe me your Visa will be granted. Don't let anybody put fear in you. I have seen people who uploaded just 2 wedding pictures and their Visa was granted, a couple just like you. All you need do is just prayers and believe that's all. The 2 years rule is for people whose marriage is up to 2 years and more.

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Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 9 by BREYZ: 9:47am On Aug 24
How many days does application usually stay at DMC on average without nsf for standard application.... anyone with an estimated time?

Maximum of 15 days but you might get a decision lesser than 15 and it will move to VAC. Mine moved to VAC after 10 days.

I did bio on the 9th of August and got my Visa on the 20th of August

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Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 9 by BREYZ: 9:41am On Aug 24
Good morning house. My baby's birth certificate has my name in my married name while my surname on my passport is still in my maiden name. How do I go about this for my baby's visa application when submitting her birth certificate. Will it raise questions from UKVI?

Swear an affidavit of change of name and attach it to the application it won't be an issue.


Family / Re: The Guilt Of Locking My Husband Up For Two Days by BREYZ: 7:47pm On Aug 22
Good afternoon Nl family
Please pardon my epistle

My husband lost his job two years ago and ever since he has been so reluctant on getting another.. not to brag but I can say I have been the one keeping the family going ever since the job incidence (not like I ever complained) .

What I noticed about him is he now drinks and smokes and he is always hissing (obviously he is not happy and I try to always console him just to elate his Spirit)

Fast forward to last two months.. I got back from work and I was very tired.. I had to go pick the kids from school , bathe them, feed them and to make matters worst I wasn't feeling too alright .. (when I got home he (my husband) wasn't at home)

When I was done with the kids and fixing the house I was so tired I thought to myself to take a lil nap that was how I slept off (and this was around 9pm) ..

He got back around 10pm obviously drunk and smelling like a skunk.. he went straight to the kitchen. That was how the whole problem started.. first was insult.. then my phone, smashed it on the ground later my clothes he started tearing them .. saying all those things he was destroying was why I was feeling untouchable that he knows I have male friends sleeping with me..

I tried securing my items so he doesn't destroy more things that was how he pounced on me..

The next day I got him arrested he spent two days there.. but now I feel so guilty... He doesn't talk to me anymore.. I have apologized times without number

I don't just know what to do...

Nb: even while he was there I was still taking food to him

Your husband needed help and instead of getting one for him you decided to get the police involved to arrest him due to his misbehaviours in his drunken State. He did wrong yes but there are ways you should have handled that instead of getting him arrested. It's not really about what we feel here but the impression you have created in his head. You knew he was drunk and he did all those damages not that he was in the right frame of mind to him you have betrayed him and to make matters worst you did that in his most darkest period (while unemployed). Believe it or not, that man will never forgive you for what you did, imagine sleeping in the cell for two days, your own husband? You get mind sha. I am not saying you should have endured the abuse or anything else neither am I supporting him for pouncing on you but common there are 101 ways you should have handled this as a grown woman and mother without involving the police.

I read where you listed out the things you now do and all, weren't you doing all these while your husband was still working? Dont you take care of your kids? Feed them? Why trying to paint it as though it's because your husband is now unemployed, everything is now on you. This is life, you people should learn how to handle issues and accommodate others ills while helping them find a solution. This is your husband for goodness sakes. You bleeped up seriously. You need serious counselling as a woman, a wife and a mother. Do you know what people pass through a night in police cell not to talk about 2 nights. Only God fit Help you, your husband will have lots of reservation about you henceforth.


Politics / Re: Where Is Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi by BREYZ: 3:34pm On Aug 18
My people, where is Rotimi Amaechi Buhari's anointed son ? What is he up to these days?

Amaechi is in Nigeria Law School, Abuja Campus. He's studying for his Bar Finals.

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Celebrities / Re: May Sues Yul Edochie And His Second Wife For Adultery, Demands N100M by BREYZ: 6:14am On Aug 03

Nothing is ruined if all what a man does is to marry second wife. Nigeria constitution support it. Where are we getting all these SIMPle men? I don't know when marrying two wives become a crime in Nigeria.
So, you need a role model to know how you want your life to be? May be you should look somewhere else since this one has failed you.

He married under the marriage Act of 1970 and it's a crime to marry another wife afterwards as he is only entitled to one wife by Virtue of the provisions of the Act and he might even risk 7years imprisonment. There's nothing like being a SIMP here it's a provision thats sacrosanct. If Yul want to marry a second wife it is incumbent on him to divorce his first wife and get married to the second and not to violate the provisions of the Act he pledged allegiance to or better still marry under the Customary law and be entitled to as marry wives as he so wishes. It's as easy as ABC.

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Celebrities / Re: May Sues Yul Edochie And His Second Wife For Adultery, Demands N100M by BREYZ: 4:12pm On Aug 02




Yul is a foolish man. I used to look up to him as a role model and a man who always got things right until he made that foolish decision. May should have demanded for 5billion from the adulterous couple. I saw Judy the other day acting and sounding like a tout in her ploy to keep a man who belongs to another woman. Nature will never be fair to Judy for ruining this once beautiful marriage.

Really terrible. tongue


Politics / Re: Tribunal: Uphold Inec’s Submission, I Won In 21 States, Atiku Tells Court by BREYZ: 7:02am On Jul 22
There will be a rerun election in the coming months and everyone should get ready.

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Politics / Re: Tribunal: Uphold Inec’s Submission, I Won In 21 States, Atiku Tells Court by BREYZ: 7:00am On Jul 22

A distant 3rd ooo. Not even close. Just take a look at the Senate and HOR. The seats won by each party is a reflection of the result of the presidential election, but #3 thought he won the presidential election in his deluded mind.

Did you know that PDP lost Rivers State in both the Governorship, Presidential, House of Reps, House of Assembly and Senatorial Elections?

Did you know that Labour Party swept every corner of Rivers State?

Were our system to be that of justice, equity and good conscience we won't be wasting almost 6 months in court, the right things would have been done a long time ago.

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Politics / Re: Kwankwaso And Saraki Wish Peter Obi Happy Birthday by BREYZ: 11:01am On Jul 20
After Atiku felicitated with Peter Obi on his birthday yesterday, Kwankwaso and Saraki joined in wishing him well on birthday too.

If anything, I’d say I’m not surprised at Saraki’s post since he’s a refined gentleman and I suppose he’s even a closet friend of Obi, but Kwankwaso’s own is what surprised me.

Because not only did Kwankwaso lampoon whenever he got the chance Obi during last electioneering period, he was never shy dragging his entire ethnic region into his vituperative utterances then.

One now wonders what changed? Is this an evidence of political realignment?

Happy Birthday Mr. President. Good health, sound mind and wealth of wisdom I wish you.
Romance / Re: Yvonne Nelson Has A Very Bad Past (pictures) by BREYZ: 8:20am On Jun 30
I know most of you all would say she’s an actress Bla Bla Bla but it’s still her past …

Don’t you think most women are still selling themselves as a sex object?

We have other actresses who killed it without being this ….

Yvonne went to resurrect her past with that book , she refused to avoid certain things especially the Sarkodie thing but no, she wanted to spill everything and soon Iyanya go Yan him own.

Las Las the book go be best seller grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Where Is Fetus Keyamo & Femi Fani Kayode?? by BREYZ: 8:09am On Jun 30
Has Fetus Keyamo & Femi Fani Kayode been silenced by Tinubu??

I can barely hear them talk any how now, have they been advised?

Femi is going to be a minister but I don't know about the self and politically undeserving SAN.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Meets Akinwumi Adesina, President Of The African Development Bank by BREYZ: 9:49am On Jun 24
Do you mean President Adekunle?

No. President Amuda a.k.a Bobo Chicago grin grin

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Sports / Re: Yvonne Aiyegbeni Gushes About Yakubu, Shares Lovely Family Photos by BREYZ: 6:52am On Sep 24, 2021
Beautiful family...

His son is a split image of him..

Split indeed cheesy grin cheesy
Politics / Re: 2023: Wike Is Key Player - Prophet Prince Dickson Shares Revelation by BREYZ: 7:22pm On Sep 23, 2021

A renowned Clergyman, Spiritualist and Prophet in Nigeria has shared a divine revelation on the futuristic outcome of 2023 general elections. The prophetic declaration was shared by Prophet Prince Dickson, the Senior Pastor of Wealthy Nations Ministry, Abuja Nigeria. He made the prophetic declaration during a ministration in Abuja.

According to the prophesy of Prophet Prince Dickson, he stated that the voice of God was loud and clear to him when he heard God said, "I will bring redemption to Nigeria come 2023". In his assertions he noted that the prophesy was God's message of Redemption for Nigerians.

He further noted that God told him that His Excellency Governor Nyesome Wike will be a key player in God's redemption vision for Nigeria. He stressed that the prophesy revealed that Gov. Nyesome Wike will be a potential person to be used by God to install redemption in Nigeria. Although Prophet Prince Dickson noted that all efforts to reach Governor Wike has been to no avail.

Over the years, the Senior Pastor Of Wealthy Nations Ministry, Prophet Prince Dickson has remained devoted to divine interventional prayers and prophesies for the growth, redemption and development of nations. His Ministry has supported the spiritual growth and physical development of individuals and institutions.




Even before your Fake prophecy, we know say Wike hand go dey. A whole Grand Master

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