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Politics / Re: Has Buhari/FG Actually Mishandled COVID-19 Pandemic? by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 4:47pm On Apr 01, 2020
I have read a lot of wailing and criticism about the FG’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic since it arrived in Nigeria on Feb 25th. The most recent was reactions to a thread comparing Nigeria’s handling of the crisis to that of UK. Expectedly but sadly, a lot of ignorant commenters were dancing albeit nakedly based on the newspaper’s report which didn’t even say that the UK is handling the pandemic better than Nigeria.

If any unbiased person wants to make any comparison about govts handling of the pandemic, their objective analysis will include parameters such as each govt’s efforts before COVID arrived at their shores (very important), each govt’s immediate response as soon as COVID arrived in their country, number of infected persons (confirmed) and lastly and most importantly, the number of deaths recorded as a result of the pandemic. But since many Nigerians have allowed their common sense to be affected by prejudice and hatred, they have abandoned these relevant parameters in making evaluating the govt’s response to the crisis. Now let’s quickly look at the following facts:

1. Measures taken by the Nigerian Govt before a COVID case was discovered in Nigeria: Long before the pandemic found its way into Nigeria, the FG embarked on monitoring body temperature of people flying into the country to be able to discover who may have showed any signs of the disease. By this time and despite that the disease was at their shores, USA, UK, Iran and many other “saner clime” countries were not even taking this measure. Dr. joe Abah did a thread on it and the World Health Organization commended Nigeria for this measure and going as far as using Nigeria as an example of how countries should respond to the pandemic. Read https://twitter.com/drjoeabah/status/1233989553008119809?lang=en for Dr. Joe’s Twitter thread and https://guardian.ng/news/coronavirus-who-commends-fgs-effort-on-response/ for WHO’s commendation.

2. Number of cases recorded in Nigeria versus that of UK or any other “saner country”: As at the time of writing this article (01/04/2010 @12 noon Naija time), the UK has 25,150 confirmed cases and 1,789 deaths; the USA has 188,639 cases and 4,059 deaths; Iran has 47,593 cases and 3,036 deaths, Italy has 105,792 cases and 12,428 deaths while many other “saner countries” have similar gloomy numbers to show for their efforts. Nigeria on the other hand has recorded 139 cases and 2 deaths. I expect some readers to jump on the fact that Nigeria is not testing as much as the mentioned countries, but the fact remains that while that may be responsible for the low number of confirmed cases, it couldn’t have been responsible for low number of deaths. Not carrying out enough testing would not have prevented people from being struck down by the disease or people dying as a result of it.

3. Another indication that Nigeria’s govt is doing her best in containing the spread of the virus can be seen when one compares the time the country’s first case was discovered to when those of the “saner countries” were discovered and juxtapose with the number of confirmed cases and deaths. Italy had her first case around January 31st, 2020 (two months ago), Spain had its first on Feb. 1st and Italy had it on Feb 21st which was only four days earlier than when Nigeria had hers on Feb 25th. Compare the number of deaths/confirmed cases of these countries and see if you have not been unreasonable in your criticism of the government.

The problem with wailers and destructive critics is that they always shift the goalposts. As such, you can never have any reasonable conversation with them. When the first case was reported in Nigeria, lead by their frustrated Wailer-in-Chief, they said it was a scam to be used to loot money. And when few more cases were confirmed some days after, they turned back to say the govt should have closed the bother long ago! Such is their pathetic life!

Ask them which country Nigeria should have emulated in containing the disease, those of them who still have a bit of sense will stutter because they would not dare say USA, UK, Italy or Germany but the chronic wailers who have obviously lost it all will still compare how Nigeria is managing the spread of the disease to the same UK which has lost almost two thousands of her people to the disease.

Does Nigeria have the facilities or the means to combat the COVID19 pandemic? The answer is a resounding NO. Does the country have a robust health system compared to those “saner countries”? Again, the answer is an emphatic No? Do we have enough money to deploy to tackle any outbreak in the size of that witnessed in UK, Italy, USA or Germany? The answer is an obvious NO. But the fact is that the state of our health system or the size of our purse wasn’t brought about by the current government but a result of many years of failure. So, why wailing uncontrollably instead of supporting the govt’s efforts at preventing the spread of the disease?

Had it been Buhari who reacted the way Trump and Boris Johnson first reacted to the COVID19 outbreak – by dismissing it and making all sorts of joke of it, or just like Seyi Makinde (your “presidential material”) who called it an APC disease, perhaps you would have possibly reacted in such a bad manner. There should be a limit to wailing!

Have a nice day.

Nonsense and rubbish...

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Sports / Re: Nine Players Who Have Played With Messi And Ronaldo Give Verdict On Who Is Best by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 4:42pm On Apr 01, 2020
Politics / Re: Lagos State Governor Is The Most Useless Governor In Nigeria. by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 10:02pm On Mar 31, 2020

I still remain Ada ogwashi cool

Better grow up.... Toddler
Health / Re: Ekiti Coronavirus Patient Has Been Discharged (Pictures) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 5:35pm On Mar 31, 2020
Wonderful...great news smiley


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Exposes Where Buhari Did His Coronavirus Broadcast In Cuba (photos) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:02am On Mar 31, 2020
Thank you my intelligent Shiite ibo brother. These yolobas think we are foolish.

Not an ibo dude and definitely not a Shiite..
Pets / Re: See What A Calabar Girl Did To Her Dog That Got Everyone Talking. (Graphic pics) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 12:00am On Mar 31, 2020
This girl is a fucking Dog killer sad angry
Nairaland / General / Re: The Long, Green Snake I Killed In My Site (Photos) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:58pm On Mar 30, 2020
Lala's favourite food

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Crime / Re: Lateef Jelilat Omowunmi Is A Scam Beware Of Her! by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:51pm On Mar 30, 2020
Wethin Musa no go see for gate grin

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Crime / Re: Cable Vandalizers Caught Stealing Cable Wires In Delta State (Photos) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:46pm On Mar 30, 2020
Look at them shocked disgraceful elements...this are the sets of virus we have to wipe away from the south south...they want to blow at all costs and not grow.... Bloody disgrace

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Does Donald Trump Sleep At All? by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:43pm On Mar 30, 2020
Unlike lifeless and useless presidiot here who is always first to sleep and last to wake up...lazy Aboki mai suya


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Exposes Where Buhari Did His Coronavirus Broadcast In Cuba (photos) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:41pm On Mar 30, 2020


and if you are from the east and telling a lie may hot corona virus fire the liar ... and I get a big amen brethren
And if I am not and you insisting I am should coronavirus fire you smiley
I hope you don't agree to it
There's no point denying my state for any reason...if I were I would proudly say it. I am from the south south mind you...

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Exposes Where Buhari Did His Coronavirus Broadcast In Cuba (photos) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:37pm On Mar 30, 2020


Ipobian people are weird .. what is this one saying again


Mind you I am not from the south east...
I call a spade a spade,what have you been saying?

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Exposes Where Buhari Did His Coronavirus Broadcast In Cuba (photos) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:27pm On Mar 30, 2020
We know...we can't be fooled by the likes of Vulture bbqgrills and co who want to force the will of their slave masters into our throats....if only buhari knew that most Nigerians knew all along that he is fooling himself with that recorded tape he would hang his head in shame....
Anyways good news that the useless griller has been banned

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Politics / Re: Are You This Dumb In Nigeria? by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:25pm On Mar 30, 2020
Hmmm.....thought about this too...The numbers should be in thousands and not hundreds like they are claiming...Nigeria is too porous compared to other nations so it baffles me...anyways letbus still protect ourselves

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Politics / Re: Are You This Dumb In Nigeria? by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 11:23pm On Mar 30, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Coronavirus: Rita Daniels Cries, Sings To God To Put An End To COVID-19 by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:59pm On Mar 30, 2020
In what can only be described as the spirit of idiotic defiance This woman is increasingly becoming a useless miscreant online...After all the disgrace she has brought upon herself she is still doing more damage to herself...
Smh at this unecessary show of stupidity..

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Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye: Coronavirus Will Kill Only Those Whose Time Has Come To Die by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 1:16pm On Mar 30, 2020
What the hell
Health / Re: Coronavirus has It's Advantages!! by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 2:15am On Mar 30, 2020
The way this guy talks about this his " from all of us @ mannabbqgrills" you will think the guy don chop belle full.

One broke ass hustler forming employer of labor
grin grin grin

I swear...he acts like a covidiat


Health / Re: Coronavirus has It's Advantages!! by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 2:13am On Mar 30, 2020
We just have to look outside the box about this Coronavirus issue, and these are what we came out with

DONT CURSE THE CORONAVIRUS per say because......

✅Politicians now think of their members.

✅ Countries now realize the importance of God.

✅People learn how to leave in a public

✅All humans are now equal.

✅No country is above the other

✅ Whites people even want to come and stay in Africa.

✅ Blacks don't recognize the white countries anymore.

✅ People realize God heals and not medical doctors.

✅It has brought back humanity.

✅Brought back people to their Creator and to their morals.

✅It has closed down bars, night clubs, brothels and casinos.

✅It brought down interest rates.

✅Brought families together.

✅It has stopped people eating dead and forbidden animals.

✅So far it has moved one third of military and government expenditure to health care.

✅Arab countries have banned shisha.

✅Coronavirus is pushing people to prayers.

✅It undermines dictators and their powers.

✅Humans are now worshipping God rather than progress and technology.

✅It is forcing authorities to look at its prisons and prisoners.

✅It has taught humans how to sneeze, yawn and cough.

✅Coronavirus is now making us stay at home, living simple lives.

From all of us @MANNABBQGRILLS : We thank God for waking us up to reality and for giving us an opportunity to ask Him for His Forgiveness and His help.

May God keep protecting everyone reading this from this deadly virus, We, our loved ones, friends and family members.

This too shall pass.


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Health / Re: Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus By NCDC In Abuja: An Experience by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 10:46pm On Mar 29, 2020
No surprise here.

The cases in Africa are low because we don't have enough testing kits.

When the virus was yet to get into Africa instead of our leaders to do the right thing they were busy forming we can handle it.

Now see our life.

The virus has crippled our economy
It has crippled our health system
The few doctors we have are overworked (some are in hiding)
Everyone is clueless including the president

Africa as a continent just tire me.

Very dry and useless joke

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Politics / Re: Bishop David Oyedepo Vs Femi Otedola by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:35pm On Mar 29, 2020
Hello NL's i was in a heated argument with my sister that Femi otedola is richer than Bishop david oyedepo. Pls i need you guys to clear the air for us. Thank you

Both you and your sister should grow up...
Arguing about senseless things when the world is on standby...
Is that the cure for coronavirus?
Or will it change the fact that we have a brain dead gorilla as a president? Or a vulture griller here on nairaland?
My friend you and your sister should be careful angry

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Politics / Re: The Love For Buhari Is Mesmerizing And Almost Unreal by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:32pm On Mar 29, 2020
Fact since 2015 buhari came into power, Nigeria's political space has remained divided. Those who hate and criticize me President are hell bent on never seeing anything good in him. While those who love buhari are hell bent on disregarding all wailings.

When most countries have United to fight the dreaded corona virus, in Nigeria the virus is like a dream come true for buharis critics. Bullets after bullets have been shot at me President by both foreign and local critics, yet all have fallen flat with little or no impact. Buhari himself never responds to such hate and insults. He doesn't have to, because the millions of devout fans and followers would never let anything touch him or change their perception of him

As at today, the love for Buhari remains unflinching and unshakable, just like those who hate him

Useless write-up....

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Politics / Re: Why Didn't Buhari Say Anything About Printing More Naira As Suggested By Tinubu? by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:30pm On Mar 29, 2020
Coz it's irrelevant just like his useless son bbqgrills

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Politics / Re: The Meaning Of The Flags Behind President Buhari by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:28pm On Mar 29, 2020
Watch that dead vulture meat griller mannabbqgrills turn in anguish as he can't defend his lord and slave master

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Politics / Re: Lagos State Governor Is The Most Useless Governor In Nigeria. by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:22pm On Mar 29, 2020
[quote author=Precious4real50 post=87886228]A state like Lagos state should be on lockdown by now to check mate the speared of coronavirus but the useless governor is doing it the buhari way who allowed flights from China and other infected countries. If States with one or two cases can lockdown their state then what is stopping Lagos state with more than 40 cases from doing the same thing to save lives? Lockdown Lagos now but they won't listen until it get out hand.

You just registered on nairaland 24 days ago and you are already spilling trash here and there to try and be relevant...You better behave yourself before you gallivant from thread to thread like that vulture meat griller...

I still remain Ada ogwashi cool[/quote]
Politics / Re: Why Didn't Buhari Say Anything About Printing More Naira As Suggested By Tinubu? by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 9:19pm On Mar 29, 2020
Because it is a senseless thing to say
Politics / Re: Full-Text Of Coronavirus Address By President Buhari (with Video) by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 8:04pm On Mar 29, 2020
Buhari is too dull


Politics / Re: Print More Naira Notes - Tinubu Tells FG by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 7:50pm On Mar 28, 2020
Politics / Re: Print More Naira Notes - Tinubu Tells FG by BUHARIGOQUENCH: 7:50pm On Mar 28, 2020

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