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Politics / Re: Oluremi, Tinubu’s Wife Urges Women To Campaign In Markets, Workplaces by Charlesnwali: 3:37pm On Oct 13, 2022
Science/Technology / Is Nigeria Into The Space Race? by Charlesnwali: 7:36pm On Oct 01, 2022
On October 1, 1960, Nigeria gained her independence. As a Nation, the country has been faced with numerous challenges and trials in the past. But the resilience, and creativity of her citizens kept the Nation afloat and hopeful about the future. Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa because of its economy.

But is this great nation into the Space Race? On May 5, 1999, Nigeria established its space agency called The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). It was founded under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. Although the space agency has struggled to meet its financial goals for the space race, it still remains one of the most advanced space agencies in Africa.

Currently, NASRDA has partnered with other space agencies to put four satellites in orbit, and these satellites have returned high resolution images. As we approach the future where space exploration will become cheaper for all countries, we should be expecting Nigerian astronauts exploring deep space with astronauts from other countries. I’m wishing every Nigerian reading this post, a Happy Independence Day.

To learn more the future of humanity in deep space, visit https://www.futurespaceworld.com/how-humans-will-colonize-and-live-on-mars-in-the-22nd-century/

� Wikipedia

Science/Technology / What Are The Types Of Blackholes? by Charlesnwali: 6:56pm On May 08, 2022
There are billions of black holes spread across our observable Universe. These black holes exist in different sizes and shapes.

If you previously think that there is only one type of black hole, you will be amazed to learn about different types of black holes from this article.

Scientists have currently discovered the four most common types of black holes in the universe, and they include Stellar, Super Massive, Intermediate and miniature blackholes.

To learn more detailed information about these types of blackholes visit https://www.futurespaceworld.com/what-are-the-types-of-black-holes/

Written by Charles Nwali

�©️ https://pin.it/qGPY1Gr

Science/Technology / How Elon Musk Plans To Buy Twitter For The Future Of Civilization by Charlesnwali: 4:47pm On Apr 26, 2022
Have you ever imagined tweeting from Mars? Well, Elon Musk is about to make your dream become a reality. During the TED2022 Conference, Elon Musk was interviewed by TED chief Chris Anderson.

When Chris asked Elon Musk about his intention of buying Twitter, Musk replied “This is not a way to make money. My strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization.”

So why is Elon Musk interested in buying Twitter for the future of Civilization? You are about to find out.

We all know about Elon Musk’s plan to send astronauts to Mars and colonize the planet before the middle of this century. To accomplish his goals of enhancing communication between Mars and Earth, Elon Musk saw the need to invest in a social media platform. Instead of creating a new social media from scratch, he decided to invest in Twitter as the platform appears to have the potential he requires for his plan.

Elon Musk also revealed that Twitter has several potential which he will unlock once he owns the company. He will likely change several features that will preserve the platform for future civilization.

Keep in mind that Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 intending to build futuristic spaceships that can take humans to Mars. For about 2 decades ago, Musk saw the potential of colonizing Mars and building the first dome city on the planet.

He initially planned to put about 1 million people on Mars before 2050. However, the possibility of reaching this milestone highly depends on how fast SpaceX succeeds in reaching Mars.

Currently, SpaceX is working on several technologies to ensure that they reach Mars before the end of the next decade. Once SpaceX successfully sends the first set of astronauts to Mars, they will begin to work towards building the first Martian city on the planet.

Elon Musk said that SpaceX will remain a private company until the company achieves its goal of sending humans to Mars.

Once the First Martian City is built, interested astronauts willing to work on the planet can relocate and live in this futuristic city. These Martian astronauts will need a social media platform to share their experiences with people on earth.

Musk will likely change and upgrade several features on Twitter and make the platform accessible to the first Martian astronauts.
To continue Reading, Visit https://www.futurespaceworld.com/how-elon-musk-plans-to-buy-twitter-for-the-future-of-civilization/

Jobs/Vacancies / Mathematics Teachers Needed In A Secondary School In Ebonyi State by Charlesnwali: 6:12am On Dec 15, 2021
If you have passion to reach up coming generation, this opportunity is for you. A reputable secondary School in Ebonyi State is in need of qualified Mathematics Teachers in both Junior and Senior secondary sections of the school.

Qualification: You Must AT LEAST one of these qualifications

Salary: NGN30,000 - NGN35,000

Other Benefits: Free Accommodation close to the school

How to Apply: To apply for this wonderful opportunity, send your resume to Tonyben174@gmail.com

Deadline: December 31st 2021

As you search for Job Vacancy or Job Openings, you may consider taking this offer as more benefits will come with time.

Good Luck
Literature / Re: SEO Tech Writers And Product Description Needed by Charlesnwali: 11:44pm On Nov 14, 2021
I can handle the job professionally. Please send a DM via 08080464360
Education / Re: Please, Who Has Done A Top Up Degree And Received The Certificate? by Charlesnwali: 10:29pm On Oct 12, 2021
Yes, you can use it for masters. It's the same with cert with regular degree
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Freelance Writers In This Thread To Make A Quick Survey. by Charlesnwali: 7:25pm On Sep 02, 2021
Sign me up. +2348080464360
I will go straight to the point and this thread will not see tomorrow morning.

As A Nigerian Freelance Writer, How Would You Feel If You Were Being Paid N15,000 For A 1,000 Words Write Up?
Science/Technology / Space Elevator May Be Built Soon by Charlesnwali: 11:46am On Aug 06, 2021
In 1895, Russian Scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky introduced the concept of the space elevator. He derived this idea after being inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The idea behind this gigantic design involves the application of a rope stretching from our planet's surface to an orbital station.

The working principle of the space elevator will involve a rope connected to one end of the earth’s surface, while the other end of the rope will be fixed at the orbital station. The rope attached at the orbital station must be relative to the earth's surface and it must reach above the geostationary orbit.

This is because of the centrifugal force. For the space elevator to operate accurately, a hoist is lifted on the rope carrying a payload.

As the lifting begins, the cargo is expected to accelerate at the expense of the earth's rotation. This acceleration will allow enough altitude to send the cargo off the planet's surface.

Many scientists have revealed that space elevator designs will surely lower the amount of money required to launch cargo into space. This will be cheaper than the cost of transporting cargo into space using rockets.

You may be wondering why space companies are yet to build a space elevator? Well, the materials required to design these hypothetical designs and make space elevators a reality are not yet available.

We need materials that are about 100 times more powerful than steel. Despite the powerful strength of the material, it is expected to be much lighter than steel.

According to experts, long and stretchy carbon nanotubes can be used to build space elevators. Basically, a space elevator will require going 22,000 miles from the earth's surface to a station.

It will also require another 40,000 miles to gain enough stability. Therefore, any space agency looking forward to building a space elevator must need 144,000 miles of nanotube for the project.

Scientists still rely on researching the application of carbon nanotubes. However, the technology to manufacture them in large quantities and wave them into the cable is still at the beginning stage.

In 2012, Japan announced that they would build a space elevator in the next four decades. They believed that future technologies could make it much easier for them to create a rope from nanotubes.

If humans successfully land on Mars in this decade, we may build a space elevator in no distant time. We can use existing materials available on mars to design the space elevator.

The less gravity on a planet, the easier it will be to operate the space elevator. Therefore, if we construct the space elevator on mars, it can be used for interplanetary travel.

Some scientists are suggesting that we may build a space elevator from earth to the moon. Do you think that the idea of a space elevator will become a realistic idea in the future?

Written by Charles Nwali

Science/Technology / How Do Astronauts Sleep In Space? by Charlesnwali: 11:11am On Aug 06, 2021
Sleeping in space May sound weird to non-astronauts. But to astronauts, it is part of their daily routine to sleep inside a sleeping bag in space.

Why would astronauts sleep inside a bag? You are about to find out.

According to Nasa, astronauts sleep inside a sleeping bag located in a crew cabin. The sleeping room is usually as small as a shower stall.

The sleeping bag is strapped to the wall of the small room. The reason astronauts sleep inside these sleeping bags is to avoid floating within the weightless environment and bumping into an obstacle.

Once astronauts complete their tasks for the day, they are expected to rest and regain their strength. To sleep comfortably in space, astronauts use sleep masks and earplugs to block off light and noise.

Since they are in the weightless environment of space, astronauts are expected to sleep next to an air vent in order to counter the carbon dioxide they produce. If astronauts decide to sleep in a distant location from the air vent, the carbon dioxide may form a bubble around their heads.

Just like on earth, astronauts sleep up to 8 hours in space in a weightless environment.

Do you think that there will be more convenient ways for future astronauts to sleep in space?

Written by Charles Nwali

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: . by Charlesnwali: 12:35am On Jul 19, 2021
I'm available, WhatsApp 08080464360
25000 words

12 days

Drop ur contact if you can...

A Professional writer please

3N per word
Health / Best Herbs To Relieve You From Anxiety by Charlesnwali: 11:48am On May 26, 2021
Whenever you experience anxiety, you need to use the herbs mentioned on this video to help yourself out

Jobs/Vacancies / Job Vacancies In Ebonyi State by Charlesnwali: 2:52pm On May 25, 2021
*Job Offer*
Are you know a graduate of computer science/Education/Engineering, from the University, Polytechnic or College of Education?

We have teaching service offers in secondary schools in Ebonyi?

Free Accommodation and attractive salary.

Subjects: Data Processing and Computer studies.

Both the theory and Practical lessons.

Interested person should apply by sending application letter, and CV to us at career@upsitech.com

For more information, kindly call, message or chat with Paschal @ 07032616683, 08069244555
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Writers Needed by Charlesnwali: 6:39pm On Apr 21, 2021
Sign me up charlestony49@gmail.com
Writers still needed.
Pay is good and there is enough work.
Business / Re: Writers Needed [closed] by Charlesnwali: 8:12pm On Apr 06, 2021
With my years of experience, I can deliver 5000 words book in a day. I make sure that my writings are 100% plagiarism free. You can chat on me WhatsApp via 08080464360
Hello guys. I need a writer or two for some writing jobs. I am.a writer too but I'm currently busy with some works offline so I just need someone to complete these works for me. It's in the celebrity lifestyle niche and the pay is #2 per word. I'm sorry it's small but that's all I can afford for now.
Tell me how to contact you and I'll do that ASAP
Literature / Re: Skilled Writers Wanted For Writing Task (N1.70 Per Word) by Charlesnwali: 1:19pm On Feb 09, 2021
I'm interested
Accomplished writers with a very sound command of English are required for writing tasks. Can you perform quality analysis with broad oversight on topics while 1) Providing readers with entertaining and value-based content 2)Writing attention-grabbing write-ups.

If yes, then your services will be needed with experience in guest posting, summarizing, SEO Focused Content, and blogging?

The task will be simple and you definitely will not have any issue if are good at writing and spending time online questing for knowledge.

Bonus if you know and can write about International Politics, Relationship, Redpill Knowledge with regards to Marriage and Men's Issue.

N1.7 Per Word
You keep a log of your work (word counts) and payment due.
No limit to what you can write once you have been approved as a dedicated writer.
Payout is every 2 weeks.
An additional bonus on the quality job to be disclosed.

Ability to churn out jobs in a timely manner with no errors.
No stuffing of unnecessary words to bulk up submission to the point where the content cut of readers' attention.
Only follow the instruction below if you agree with the remuneration and task.
No AI or spun article.

Please quote this post and write a few line, Better if you have something to share about past jobs(optional) I will get across to you, if I would like us to proceed working together.

Romance / Re: Man Drags Lady To Court Over N5k After The Lady Refuses To Visit Him (photo) by Charlesnwali: 10:09pm On Feb 04, 2021
See them o, ordinary 5k, as if it is easy to make 5k in Nigeria today. Even if its 1k, money is still money, learn to respect money.
Hmm men! Common 5k.
I don't blame him. He had just 200naira left in his acct. Jobless he-goat. His mates are out there hustling to better their lives and family while he's there using the stipend his parents gave him to mess around.


Health / Re: How To Stay Healthy During The Harmattan Season by Charlesnwali: 7:57am On Feb 04, 2021
op, na person leg be that?
Yes of course
Travel / Re: Woman Climbs On Roof Of Car To Prevent LASTMA Officials From Driving It Off by Charlesnwali: 7:52am On Feb 04, 2021
Gone are the days we allowed men ride on us like machines.
Be calming down, the future is either male or female, the future is FOR ROBOTS
Health / How To Stay Healthy During The Harmattan Season by Charlesnwali: 1:29pm On Jan 24, 2021
Do you know that harmattan can expose you to asthma, allergies and other health complications?
Read through to find out how to stay safe through this season.
The season of Harmattan usually occur at the end of every year, and extend to the beginning of the next year in some cases. In Nigeria, we spent the end of 2020 in enjoying a calm weather. However, the weather changed completely in January 2021.
If you are finding it difficult to survive this harsh weather, I have researched on the possible ways to help you stay safe and healthy throughout this period.
After reviewing content posted by medical experts, we pointed out the following strategies to help you escape health complications during this period.

1. Since the weather is cold and harsh, you are required to wear clothes to keep your body warm.

2. Use Lip balms very often to prevent cracked lips.

3. When the need to move outdoor is not essential, try to stay indoor to prevent inhaling dust particles and other wind particles.

4. Always keep your doors and windows closed to reduce the amount particles coming in from outside.

5. Prevent dehydration by drinking a lot water.

6. Use moisturizers as often as possible to Prevent dry skin.

7. Consult your physician when you are suffering from stuffy nose, itchy and other health complications.

Your goal throughout this season should focus on protecting yourself and your loved ones from several health challenges that may arise from the Harmattan.
Wishing you a healthy stay and successful week ahead. Don't forget that it is only when you are healthy that you can be able to work for tomorrow.
Stay safe and Stay Healthy.

Literature / Re: SEO Writers Needed Urgently by Charlesnwali: 1:25pm On Jan 19, 2021
We are still hiring SEO writers to join our team. You should be able to understand basic SEO writing guidelines. Also, the writer should be able to deliver one or two contents every day. Deadline matters a lot to us. This is a long term project. And the pay is fair enough. We pay per word.

Note: You will be required to write a sample content on: Does Amazon ship to Nigeria? using a writing guide we send you. Nobody will publish the content anywhere. We just want to be sure the writer can meet basic writing standards.

Drop your email and we will reach out ASAP.
Romance / Re: Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria Polo Is Out by Charlesnwali: 8:08pm On Jan 14, 2021
Eyaa, this one pain you die. Must you depend on men for survival? Go and hustle my friend
These are not stingy men nah.. they’re hungry stingy boys cheesy cheesy cheesy
Education / Re: I Finally Received My 10,000 Grant From Federal Government by Charlesnwali: 11:08pm On Jan 01, 2021
Motivational speaker
Invest that money by simply buying one bag of oranges and sell.in buckets in front of ur bustop.
Investment / How Nigerians Can Rebuild Nigeria Economy In 2021 by Charlesnwali: 5:33pm On Jan 01, 2021
Nigeria in 2021 will be better when Nigerians invest more in their local entrepreneurs. In this video, you will under how Nigerians can Rebuild Nigeria Economic Outlook in 2021 when they buy more Made in Nigeria Products. Nigeria Economy 2020 has been devastated by the COVID 19. However, the Nigeria economy in 2021 can be transformed if Nigerian entrepreneurs deliver quality services to the global market. Most Nigerians need to understand the importance of driving made in Nigeria Cars, wearing made in Nigeria Shoes and Made in Nigeria Clothes very often. The current economic situation in Nigeria can still change with time if Nigerians minimize the number of imported goods they purchase from other countries.
Nigerian economy today is not encouraging, but our little effort can still turn things around. Nigeria 2021 budget has been concluded, and Nigerians still need to play their own path. We all should put more effort into turning things around for every Nigerian entrepreneur and inventor out there.
Nigerian people are resilient in displaying Nigerian culture and showcasing their great talents to the world at large. If you are a Nigerian, consider buying more of made in Nigeria Products to support our entrepreneurs.

Background Music by https://www.youtube.com/c/LucieDebelkovaPhotography
Follow Charles Nwali Here:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvMLzLi0_aVfYf-kQ_IaYHg?view_as=subscriber
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charles_nwali/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Charlesnwaliebuka/?_rdc=1&_rdr
Twitter: https:///yoAonkEVSl?amp=1
Watch the Video Here

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Good Writers For Website Content Wanted by Charlesnwali: 7:44am On Sep 11, 2020


First of all, I dont need your generic pitches and CVs, don't really matter to me. And I will only reply to your application email if it answers the following:

1. Have you ever written for any websites or agency before? If yes, show me at least 2 or more links if you have.
2. What are your favorite internet marketing blogs that you read. Give me at least 2.

3. A link to your Twitter profile and your own blog (if you have)
4.Tell me your experience with internet content writing (Please not more than 200 words)
5. Do you have a laptop?
6. Do you know about copyscape?
7. Do you know about Plagiarism?
8. Do you have time to follow writing deadlines?

Please send your answers to support (at )itsupporthut dot com or send to brucevictor590(at)gmaildot com

1. Payment: #1 per word (and you can write as many as you can in one month).
2. Only selected candidates will be replied to.
I'm fit for the Job, chat me on 08080464360
Literature / Re: Writers Needed by Charlesnwali: 10:31pm On Sep 10, 2020
Are you a professional writer?

Then we may need your Services.

We need professional Writers for part-time jobs, who will be working from the comfort of their homes, forward their work, and get paid.

We pay between 1 naira to 1.5 naira per word.

Your previous writings will be needed so please keep it handy.

We need people in these areas

1. Relationship
2. Food
3. Celebrity
4. Entertainment
5. Lifestyle
6. Worldwide

Note: we only need good Writers only, if you are not writing at a professional level please do not contact us.
If you don't have a profile in nairaland don't bother to send messages.

If you have software like Grammarly to aid your work that will be an added advantage.

Quote this message. We will respond to you
Hi, I'm a content writer
Please contact me on +2348080464360
Romance / Why You May Remain Single Forever by Charlesnwali: 12:11am On Aug 23, 2020
Martha was born into an average family. Her father is a low-income earner working with an NGO, while her mum runs a small business within their town. Right from childhood, Martha was blessed with gleaming skin, adorable height, and an attractive face. She grew up in a rough neighborhood but learned to adapt to a unique lifestyle. When Martha finished her university education at the age of 25, suitors started approaching her for marriage. Martha has set a standard for her future husband. Her standard is to marry a handsome rich man who can cook very well. She examines all her suitors, and none of them meet up with her standard. So, Martha decided to wait for her Mr. Right. Martha sincerely believed that her husband is closer than she could ever imagine. Her DM was occupied with romantic messages from different guys, but she snubs most chats and maintained her self-esteem.
Martha continued this lifestyle until she clocks 40. She suddenly realizes that age is no longer by her side. By then, family, friends, and relations are already imposing marriage pressure on her. The need to find a husband pushed Martha to reply to every message on her dm. She started going to religious houses to find a solution. But, most men have lost interest in her since her beauty is fading with her age. After receiving humiliation and rejection from several men, life suddenly became an illusion for Martha. Before she could realize what is happening, she clocked 55. That was how Martha remained Single forever.
Most girls across the world behave like Martha. They rather wait for a perfect man that does not exist than to manage the available man. Before you conclude within yourself to wait for Mr. Perfect, I want you to know that PERFECT MEN DO NOT EXISTS. If a man was able to meet up with some of your standards, accept him, and change him. But if you decide to wait for your Mr. Perfect, you might remain single forever. IF YOU DESIRE TO SETTLE DOWN, FIND A MAN THAT WILL GROW WITH YOU, AND STOP WAITING FOR MR PERFECT THAT DOES NOT EXIST.
Written By: Charles Nwali (Charlestony49@gmail.com)

Romance / Why You Should Never Consider Becoming A Housewife by Charlesnwali: 9:33pm On Aug 14, 2020
Ben walked down the aisle alongside his wife Sophia. The congregation cheers and admires the couple. They look like a perfect match. The wedding ceremony was the talk of the town, as business moguls and high profile individuals graced the occasion. Everyone was excited about the marriage, and many young ladies wished to have a similar experience during their own time. At the end of the day, Ben and Sophia retired to their new home as husband and wife. The couple refreshed and embraces the bed to enjoy their wedding night. Sophia appeared like the sexiest woman on earth to Ben. Her gorgeous appearance made Ben looked into her eyes, and swears never to cheat on her. Sophia believed him and vowed to stick to him alone. Ben also asked her to resign from her job and become a full-time housewife. He promised to place her on a monthly stipend. Since Ben is a rich man, Sophia agreed to his opinion. The rest of the wedding night was so fun and interesting.
Six years later, the union was best with 2 lovely children. Sophia’s beauty is already fading away as she now looks like a real mother. Ben’s love for her is gradually going down, but he tries to keep up to his promise.
Six months later, Ben’s company employed a new receptionist named Vivian. She was extraordinary and brilliant. The company organized an emergency meeting to welcome their newly employed staff. Vivian brilliantly introduced herself, and Ben admired everything about her. After the meeting, Ben decides to get closer to Vivian, they exchanged contact to keep in touch with each other. From that moment Ben's attention was divided. At home, he will concentrate on his phone more than his wife and children. At the office, Ben spends his free time with Vivian. He continued with this lifestyle for months.
One day, Ben returned home as usual. He relaxed on the couch, chatting on his phone. As Sophia moved close to collect his briefcase, she mistaken saw a love emoji on Ben’s Chat. Sophia pretended as if she saw nothing. But when Ben entered the bathroom to take his bath, Sophia accessed his phone and read through his chats with Vivian. She was terrified and sad. She collected Vivian’s home address and her contact id from Ben’s phone. When Ben came out from the bathroom, he noticed her change of mood. But he overlooked her and embrace the bed. Sophia visited Vivian the next day to warn her. Vivian disagreed with Sophia and threatens to separate her from her husband. Sophia raised her hand and slaps Vivian, before leaving. When Ben received the news, he confronted Sophia to know her reasons. But Sophia said this to him “You vowed never to cheat on me, but look at you now. Since Vivian is better than me, why not take her as your wife and stop pretending.” Ben was furious with her reaction. He screamed at her” You are overreacting, but that is not my concern, You should go and apologize to Vivian, otherwise, you will not receive any stipend from me again. Never!!!” Ben left the room and slammed the door behind her. Sophia was speechless and confused. She has to obey her husband since she needed her monthly stipend for upkeep. The next morning, Sophia went to Vivian's house and apologized for the incident. Vivian walked out on her, but Sophia followed her up. After much pressure, Vivian accepted the apology and left.

The earlier face of every marriage is usually sweet and fun. But challenges will likely occur as time goes on. When a woman is 100% dependent on her husband, the marriage equation will not be balanced. The man can easily enforce her to go against her wish. As a woman, you should become an income earner to support your husband. The man can never take you for granted when you contribute to the progress of the family. Even if he subjects you to become a complete housewife, disagree with him. Instead, opt for a business/job that requires less time and energy. AS YOU CONSIDER BECOMING A HOUSEWIFE, CONSIDER THE PROS AND CONS ATTACHED TO IT AS WELL. A word is enough for the wise.
Written by: Charles Nwali (charlestony49@gmail.com)

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