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Celebrities / Re: Actors Guild Of Nigeria Suspends Moses Armstrong Over Rape Allegation by chriskosherbal(m): 8:47pm On Jun 18
I think we should all wait for a competent court of jurisdiction to declare him guilty or not..

No one is supporting rape here but in Nigeria anything can happen.

Meanwhile we are still the children of "obidient" kindly get your PVC and let's install a new order in Aso rock with a new party that is people friendly .

Guyz let's
go there OBI 2023

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Politics / Re: Patriotic Nigerians Share Food & Drinks At PVC Registration Center by chriskosherbal(m): 3:32pm On Jun 13
Like their vote will count grin
it will now bro ..it counted in 2015 when we wanted a change and wanted PDP out..

And I bet you we have learnt some HARD lessons as a citizenry, and we have decided to unite irrespective of tribe, religion and ethnicity to bring back the glory days of this nation.

Cos weather you like it or not if things are costly in the market it will affect all and sundry ..ranging from Yoruba, Igbo,hausa and others ...weather na your brother be president or not .

Let's be wise now and enforce A NEW order of favourable CHANGE.



Politics / Re: Group Says No To Monetary Inducement Of Delegates, Endorses Osinbajo As Consensu by chriskosherbal(m): 9:33pm On May 31
grin weather you like it or not we are about to witness a drama come APC primary.

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: 9-year Journey From Nairaland To The World by chriskosherbal(m): 2:28pm On Apr 20
Nice one bro. . congrats
Foreign Affairs / Re: NATO To Deploy Permanent Military Force On Its Border With Russia by chriskosherbal(m): 8:34pm On Apr 10
What will Nigeria be doing when 3rd world start?
party politics grin
Health / Re: Having Manhood Challenges: Natural Solution to Erectile dysfunction (ED) & PE by chriskosherbal(m): 5:57am On Apr 10

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Politics / Re: Deletion Of Section 84(12): House Of Reps To Appeal Judgement by chriskosherbal(m): 4:01pm On Mar 23
It's all about politics. The only way APC will retain power is to hand it to South South candidate. This would make them win votes from SS/SE and even SW (they wouldn't have any practical option). The only moral place to cede the ticket is SE but this is politics, the party is not strong there. SW has no moral right to ask for presidency now but they have positioned themselves well for the ticket. The truth is that no single region can win presidency. Voting blocks in Nigeria remains North/SE-SS/SW. Any of the two combined would defeat the third.
The SW media wing is actually pushing Igbos to demand for presidency from PDP and Igbos shouldn't fall for this. Reason is this, apart from the bad blood caused by IPOB, APC is the incumbent party. Why would APC Kaduna leave APC candidate to vote for PDP SE candidate. A SW presidency means a longer wait for SE (16years).

The political move SE can make now is to join forces with Northern PDP and win 2023. Build bridges and position themselves for 2031. Be ready to get jabs on nairaland from SW that Igbos are only good for vice presidency or are Fulani slaves. Don't be moved by these. That's the only solution and Yorubas played it in 2015. A Yoruba candidate wouldn't have stood a chance against any SS/SE candidate of PDP in 2015 as the incumbent party would have deployed their machinery to crush them. They wouldn't also stand a chance if PDP is incumbent party in 2031 with an Igbo presidential candidate.

This is the truth an Igbo with his emotional part wouldn't want to hear or a cunny Yoruba wouldn't want people to know.
I read your write up and was super proud to read it over and over again. This was one hell of political cum mathematical calculation and you nailed it . cuddles
Politics / Re: #PMBInLagos: Guard Of Honour For President Buhari In Lagos (Pictures) by chriskosherbal(m): 11:27am On Mar 22
God bless PMB
God bless PYO
God bless BAT
God bless Nigeria and patriotic Nigerians
God bless SW SS NW NE and NC
but sir I thought is 6 in my school days, when did they remove one to be specific SE,pls kindly enlighten me.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Barcelona El Clasico (0 - 4) On 20th March 2022 by chriskosherbal(m): 12:16am On Mar 21
I'm not happy I didn't watch this game. I have watched the highlights 5 times and still can't get enough.
grin ha sincerely you missed
Sports / Re: 2022 World Cup Qualifier: Will Lightning Strike Twice In Kumasi? by chriskosherbal(m): 5:11pm On Mar 18
Mark this nigeria will are defeat Ghana home and away, they play a very resounding robust African cum European mix futbol.

Truth they left early at Afcon but we all know they ran out of luck and it happens even the best of teams loose sometimes

Sincerely I think Naija have this one already


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: UCL Quarter-Final Draw: Chelsea Land Real Madrid by chriskosherbal(m): 3:28pm On Mar 18
Against all odds .. chelsea still won last season.
that was last season and thank God for them, there no against all odds this time,all club have equal chance.

They should go and prove themselves

To me this is thier run if they want to retain it. After Real Madrid, man city then Bayern. angry

I would have wanted it this way

Chelsea vs Real Madrid
Manchester City vs Atletico Madrid
Villarreal vs Bayern Munich
Benfica vs Liverpool

Manchester City vs Real Madrid
Liverpool vs Bayern Munich

Manchester City vs Bayern Munich. This is the match we want to see

Well is ok
Sports / Re: Chukwueze & Teammates Celebrate Villareal's Thrashing Of Juventus by chriskosherbal(m): 2:05pm On Mar 17
Bayern Munich vs Manchester City tongue
Liverpool vs Real Madrid wink
Chelsea vs Villarreal grin
Atletico Madrid vs Benfica cheesy
why will you always want Chelsea to play relatively easy team they gave you that France team that should suffice..its high time we enjoy ourselves with champions league quarter final matches with Chelsea vs Bayern Munich...or Chelsea vs man city or Chelsea vs Liverpool..both home and away ..Chelsea vs Bayern is what I want to see

Home and away.
Romance / Re: Guys, To A Woman, Your Past Sacrifices Do Not Matter by chriskosherbal(m): 3:14pm On Mar 16
That Gender called female hmm...I told a friend who was trying very hard for a certain babe to understand him but she wasn't...I told him why are you trying to force feelings(emotions) to understand logic (reasoning).

The only language feeling understand is MANIPULATION...

you see most guyz don't read and some that does don't apply...I took my time to study BANG RULE & ADVANCED BANG RULE ..by Charles...read all of ubunja articles, books on red pill etc..to get a good grasp of this gender.

It is SIMPS that will always say "fake story" anytime thread like this pop up so that they will discourage themselves and others from learning..

Say NO TO SIMPS....IS WORSE THAN DISEASE..give your yourself to study to show yourself approve ..your APPROVAL is tied to study in dealing with this gender.

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Romance / Re: Guys, To A Woman, Your Past Sacrifices Do Not Matter by chriskosherbal(m): 2:54pm On Mar 16
No matter what I don’t deny sex with love o no matter how much vex I get sha … but he must respect you and know what a privilege he only enjoys o na ashawo Dey argue with customer
lady can u please expantiate on your point in relation to the topic .

Cos I have been trying to figure out

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Politics / Re: NDLEA Assisted Drug Barons To Ship Cocaine To Nigeria – Abba Kyari Opens Up by chriskosherbal(m): 12:35pm On Mar 16
Revelation... revelation... revelation

I like this
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid UCL (0 - 1) On 15th March 2022 by chriskosherbal(m): 12:23am On Mar 16
So many "dead woods" in the United team. grin

Dr. Rashford looks lost smiley, Fernandes looks rusty cheesy, the coach seems to run out idea grin(bringing in Juan Mata who hasn't play for a long period), Maguire as usual is a flop grin grin angry, the full backs can't cross the ball.

Make Arsenal come chop an tomorrow
I an Reds not Red devils
don't be decieving yourself the rejuvenated arsenal side may just be the one to end the quest of premier league title dream by Liverpool

Football nu be maths bro

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid UCL (0 - 1) On 15th March 2022 by chriskosherbal(m): 12:20am On Mar 16

See the job
Useless Maguire every time
McFred in middle is always rubbish yet the manage keep playing it
maybe he fancy them to be able to carry out his philosophy of gen gen pressing grin grin

The pic below is what somebody gave to me and described it as the practical approach man u adopted this Season on gen gen pressing grin

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Politics / Re: Ado Doguwa Calls Toby Okechukwu ‘Messenger Of Doom' by chriskosherbal(m): 11:50pm On Mar 15

Mr man everything boils down to leadership.
he doesn't know ...I guess he too young to know or too old to know or just daft/dumb

Let him know that leadership is everything.
Politics / Re: Ado Doguwa Calls Toby Okechukwu ‘Messenger Of Doom' by chriskosherbal(m): 11:47pm On Mar 15
I will eat fried egg with yam this morning
why not read what you wrote again in relation to the above topic..and tell me why I will not be very angry with u now

Foreign Affairs / Re: Fact-check: Did Russian Space Agency Threaten To Strand American Astronaut In Sp by chriskosherbal(m): 11:37pm On Mar 15
"Claim: This week, news outlets reported that the head of Russia’s Space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, threatened to leave American astronaut Mark Vande Hei — the record-holder for the longest spaceflight — aboard the International Space Station (ISS) rather than allowing him to return to Earth on a Russian spacecraft."

I swear at the bolded am still laughing grin

Like seriously I have only heard of leaving someone in a particular state or country...not leaving someone and coming back to earth..it's just imaginarily funny to me .

But Russians and Putin should be calming down jare haaaaa
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid UCL (0 - 1) On 15th March 2022 by chriskosherbal(m): 11:29pm On Mar 15

But they are not showing Epl again
Did the show today's champions league match?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid UCL (0 - 1) On 15th March 2022 by chriskosherbal(m): 11:26pm On Mar 15
grin grin
Guy u no go kee person with laughter.. grin
in football things can change...I remember vividly some more than 10 years back when Fergie was still dominating and causing waves..I told a friend that it was Fergie that was holding this club and giving them glory & that if he leaves and care is not taken they may go the arsenal way for years not seeing trophy.. ...he ranted and said man u is this and that ..

Am sure he can see things have changed and arsenal given their coach and new set of young players are beginning to start a new era of wonderful football and powerful bonding/chemistry among players..this arsenal side will be a force soon if they keep thier house focus.

Fergie was actually man u....just look at the coaches after him ...Moyes, val gal, Mourinho, ole.. etc. Nothing to show.. Mourinho tried tho

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid UCL (0 - 1) On 15th March 2022 by chriskosherbal(m): 11:00pm On Mar 15

Forget that old garage club.
Their noisy fans even claimed they were going to win ucl because Chelsea changed manager and won it.
so comrade of all the pics for Gen gen pressing na woman yansh u take make example grin .chaiii man u don suffer

And you spoil finish

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainians Prepare For Battle As Russian Military Surrounds Kyiv by chriskosherbal(m): 7:36pm On Mar 12
God please for the sake of the old and the little children let the war stop .

grin but this kind of reminds me of games of thrones .. anytime I hear "THE CITY WILL FALL OR HAS NOT FALLEN"

just a lover of war films and epic movies. grin


Politics / Re: Reps Reject Bills To Stop Children Of Public Officers From Schooling Abroad by chriskosherbal(m): 10:06pm On Mar 03
I know they will never agree

Dead on Arrival grin

Politics / Re: Russia Vs Ukraine: HURIWA Asks Onyeama, Adamu Adamu To Resign Immediately by chriskosherbal(m): 9:48pm On Mar 01
sir I like your drawings ....nice one

But I have been seeing it since last year ..and your write up is always " show your woman....." Even on valentine..you did it

I know it's none of my business but I felt men should be included. Stop making women feel they are the only ones that deserve love and care .. it's a simp move and it turns me off, also it makes women feel responsible by spending to get a guy stuff.

Celebrities / Re: Woli Arole Carries Wizkid After Meeting Him At Garage by chriskosherbal(m): 8:07pm On Mar 01
Wizkid no dey ever button up with his mosquito chest?
That chest you are calling a mosquito has the capacity and capability of taking good care of you and family without stress or even going to the bank.

Wizzy wizzy na man u be..


Sports / Re: FIFA Bans International Games In Russia, No Flag Or Anthem Allowed by chriskosherbal(m): 6:19am On Feb 28
In 1996, the Nigerian government refused to to go to AFCON because of the racial discrimination against black South Africans, CAF a subsidiary of the FIFA franchise did not view it as a valid reason but went ahead to ban Nigeria from the 1998 edition.

FIFA has a policy; politics and football should not mix else you will get a fine maybe this only applies to certain people as everyone is watching FIFA. If these countries refuse to play against Russia and are not sanctioned, then FIFA has a lot of explaining to do
The fact that fifa has a standing policy that politics and football should not mix using Nigeria's case in 1996..should not be a determing factor here.

This is war and a mad man is on the loose he needs to be tamed by all means possible...he needs to feel the heat from all angles...also countries refusing to play against Russia is to pass a strong message of thier displeasure as human lives is at stake here ..

FIFA knows that even if she has a strong policy on ground..is humanity first before anything as it is human resource that will watch and play the game ..I wonder if all are dead cos of Putin what we be the way forward for fifa.

Policies can be changed along with changing times and for the greater good.

Am in total support for fifa

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Politics / Re: 2023: I Told Buhari I Want To Step In His Shoes Not On His Toes - Tinubu by chriskosherbal(m): 5:14am On Feb 13
This 2023 general election...is going to be really interesting.

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Sports / Re: Afcon 2021: Senegal Declares Public Holiday After Historic Win by chriskosherbal(m): 3:21pm On Feb 07
This is good ..

Unarguably Mane for African footballer of the year ..


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