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Romance / Re: No Man Born Of A Woman Can Resist Me - Nigerian Lady Says (ENDOWED PHOTOS) by Chuknovski(m): 8:48pm On Feb 09
Ugliness in motion
Properties / Re: My Business Started Crumbling Since I Moved Into This Apartment by Chuknovski(m): 6:17pm On Jan 28
Brother pack out, I have experience this before, its a bad house
Car Talk / Re: Accident Or Car Arson? by Chuknovski(m): 8:05pm On Jan 19
Definitely an Arson

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Romance / Re: My Fiance Is A 2-Minute Man & We Are Set To Do Our Introduction. Please Help by Chuknovski(m): 10:23pm On Jan 16
Causes of premature akamu pouring
Smells.....Mouth or body . Once e smell prick go just wan serve akamu comot there sharp sharp.

Punna denial. Hide it from bro's for a long time once he logs in na to serve akamu. No time

Anxiety. ...once you tell man say he dey quick serve akamu, he go dey him mind. That one go make am dey serve am faster than ever.

Solution. Immediately he serve akamu hold the Preeq no leave am. If he tire climb him pole make you ride am like okada Wey dey go ojodu. Once he start as he dey wipe you dey give am better ringtone like say he wan kill you. There, aaaasssshhhhh, ooooshhhhhh. You fit shout Jesus no worry he go forgive you. Your fiancee confidence go boost. He go dey last. No go dey let am take drug or agbo ooo. Those ones just dey kill.

My round one depends on the obow
Wife... 2 minutes.... Because I want sleep.
Side chick.... 5 minutes. . ..She gets collect well make she no play away match
Olosho. .. 10 minutes or more...... My money must not waste.

2nd round na universal for all categories. Tdb. Till day break. All my muscles go Don stand like mad. Na Olosho I pity pass. Dip hand if possible dip leg put.

Olohun you no well shibabo; grin u suppose be comedian for real life
Phones / Re: Data, Call Rates Hike Imminent As States Raise Row Charge by Chuknovski(m): 2:11pm On Jan 16
Lagos is the location sir.
Quite far
Phones / Re: Data, Call Rates Hike Imminent As States Raise Row Charge by Chuknovski(m): 8:25pm On Jan 15
Dear Nairalanders,
Many people are oblivious of the fact that cracked windscreens are very repairable. With the help of a UV-aided modern technology a cracked windshield can be restored to a near perfect state (98%). That is why I am here to help my fellow Nairalanders who may be troubled by a crack on their windshield.
Kindly contact me through the numbers on my signature below for the repair of your damaged windshield. Do not ignore that crack or chip on your windshield, thinking it will not spread, get it fixed now by an experienced glass repair technician for just a token.

Are you in kaduna?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Warship 'aggressively Approached' US Destroyer In Arabian Sea by Chuknovski(m): 11:28am On Jan 11
Figment of American's enemies imagination.
Silence means consent, intelligent NairaLanders have, for long time now, observed how senseless jihadists have continually concocted defamatory writeup against Trump that killed the Iran Terrorist that is guilty of over 426 American and Christian deaths. These ever blood thirsty perpetual imbeciles said nothing to condemn the killings of Nigerians by Bokoharam, ISWAP, etc. support killings of innocent gullible Christians that have refused to defend themselves. Since non would accept their shallow gospel normally, they kill to take over Christian Lands, Wives and Daughters and converted them to theirs.

God is a Spirit!!! God does NOT come down to do anything for you, He works through you to achieve His purpose on Earth. You need money, food, clothing, protection, victory over those that wants to kill you, but you refuse to arise so that He can grant all these through you?! Ok, you quote scripture to justify your stupidity?! Are you spiritually educated at all?!

Read History. To dumb down and control the Christian world, the NWO agents removed the several countless parts of Bible that encourages Christians to defend themselves, but never foresaw that jihadists would have taken advantage of that for centuries. These satanic muhamadans even quote scriptures here to make Christians that want to defend themselves give up and get slaughtered. They've mastered the act of deception and fake propaganda.

The NWO agents that watered down the Bible and turned it to brainwashing tool mistakenly only left the part where Jesus said "sell your cloths and buy swords". They reduced Bible from 87 Books to 66 Books and introduce pulgatory, indulgence, etc. The further reduced in to 14 Books called Slave Bible that they used to brainwash, dumbed down and prevented Africans from defending themselves during the Slave Trade era. They turn Bible to tool of perpetual slavery instead of empowerment as it was originally. Free yourselves from mental slavery!!! God never order you to submit yourselves to slaughter as gutless chickens. Biblical David, Daniel, Gideon, Martin Luther King Senior, Donald Trump, etc. all fought and liberated Christians in their time shall all make Heaven while cowards Christians that quote what RC put to enslave them shy away from fighting amd defending their own future generation shall forever roast in HellFire.

Many thanks to Trump, Christians are waking up worldwide. Any cowardly Christian that has not woken up to allow GOD to use him/her to fight and destroy the enemies of their future generation shall not make Heaven. The Book of Revelation said such cowards shall be thrown into HellFire! Jesus is not a liar, he said he did NOT come to destroy the Law that helped Humanity maintain sanity before he came, the Law says "He that killed with sword Must die by the sword!" Which means that all muslims that have killed Christians must be killed so that the World would finally know peace. In fact, coward Christians are the reason why the World keep suffering, because they are causing an inbalance that makes killers thinks they can kill and nothing would happen. They dare not the nonsense they are doing in Nigeria in India, because Hindus have killed them with triple destruction when they tried, likewise China has slaughtered the few ones that tried to start the nonsense they doing here there.

I've seen these deceitful souls mohamedans quote dumb Bible verses to make Christians continue to submit themselves to them for slaughter like brainless chickens. The only language that these satanic blood-thirsty bastards understand is higher destructive violence. They are completely evil in their nature to shed innocent blood and they don't stop until you speak the language they understand, which is to massively kill them with triple destruction more fiercer than their capability..That is the only way they will allow you to be what GOD has sent you to be on Earth. Isreal, India, China, America, and other sensible people have woken up to that reality, but some coward Christians are still hiding under dumbed-down scriptures to selfishly cowardly watch their wife and children being rendered fatherless. Once and for all, Nigeria Christians free yourselves from real mental slavery!

The lord bless you abundantly

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Religion / Re: Funeral Service For Reinhard Bonke In Florida Draws Thousands by Chuknovski(m): 7:05pm On Jan 05

Hello oversabi Christian, Obasanjo is older than him yet alive. Has it worked for you?

How many corpse have you quicken? Lie lie people!

End of discussion
Religion / Re: Funeral Service For Reinhard Bonke In Florida Draws Thousands by Chuknovski(m): 11:52am On Jan 05
I thought he raised the dead while alive. is there no one who can raise him up like Lazarus?

He who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do
(John 14:12).

If they bury him then the above verse has failed! He is not supposed to die at least not now!

If he were a Nigerian/African many will say the brooms is a sign of a form of Occult! But this is Bonke!

Hello ignoramus, he is of age and going to be with the lord is more better, the above Scripture you quoted is more potent than ever, it doesn't work for an unbeliever does not mean it doesn't work, even demons quote Scriptures, it is the faith force that gives the Scripture potency. Hallelujah
Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Most Painful Loss You Had This Year, 2019? by Chuknovski(m): 9:49pm On Dec 30, 2019
Lost a pregnancy, twas terrible


Politics / Re: Ogbonaya Onu: Nigeria To Begin Production Of Aircraft Spare Parts by Chuknovski(m): 8:53am On Dec 24, 2019
All liers shall go to hell
Romance / Re: External Hard drive,Flash drive Movie deals For your T.V,Laptop (pics included) by Chuknovski(m): 4:12pm On Dec 23, 2019
Nice innovation
Romance / Re: Tell Me What I Don't Know, Lady Bare Her B**bs Online. PHOTOS by Chuknovski(m): 4:08pm On Dec 23, 2019
Demon girl, shild of the world

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Romance / Re: 80 terrorists attack Burkina-Faso military base kill 31 women during the Xmas ev by Chuknovski(m): 4:06pm On Dec 23, 2019
She may not know the consequences now, introducing the boidy to harmful substances can be grievous
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-iweala With Frank Edwards by Chuknovski(m): 2:00pm On Dec 23, 2019
Great pose smiley

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Politics / Re: How Buhari Fools Nigerians - The Guardian Opinion by Chuknovski(m): 1:40pm On Dec 23, 2019
I always knew buhari is a snake, a cobra at that


Nairaland / General / Re: Don't Kill Yourself If You Are Like This Donkey (Photo) by Chuknovski(m): 9:29pm On Dec 16, 2019
True talk ,but the pix funnydie


Health / Re: HIV/AIDS: Cross River State Still On Danger List by Chuknovski(m): 9:13pm On Nov 30, 2019
Hmmm, I pity fornicators and adulterous fellows, especially those who glide without condom, embarassed

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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Operators, Trainees Of Yahoo Academy In Akwa Ibom (photos) by Chuknovski(m): 9:07pm On Nov 30, 2019
Da fuuuurck is this?
Properties / Re: Kaduna Residents Cry Out Over Government's Plan To Demolish 300 Houses by Chuknovski(m): 8:43am On Nov 25, 2019
I always knew Rufia is a demon
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Help Needed (advice) by Chuknovski(m): 4:15pm On Nov 19, 2019
When asked this way to place a bill. Tell the client to tell you their estimates... They'll avoid saying this and that. After several more sentences bill them what comes to your mind.. I.e 40k. Video modelling isn't graphic job anymore.

Thanks a lot, God bless you
Art, Graphics & Video / Help Needed (advice) by Chuknovski(m): 3:51pm On Nov 19, 2019
Hello brilliant colleagues

I was recently contracted to do a graphic work for an organization and was also required to do a 3d video modeling for presentation using FX pro, please guys how much do I charge, this my 1st big job, please help a brother
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Gets Accosted By Locals In Dubai (Photos) by Chuknovski(m): 8:04pm On Nov 14, 2019
Toto dike and boob risky
Travel / Re: Hussaina Baffa Bello: Military Truck Kills Polytechnic Damaturu Student (Pix) by Chuknovski(m): 11:09am On Nov 11, 2019
This is appalling
Travel / Re: My Terrible Experience With #landstarexpress Motors Luxurious Bus Company. by Chuknovski(m): 10:34am On Nov 06, 2019
Landstar remains the best for now, I like the comfort they offer, every time I go Lagos its lanstar

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Religion / Re: What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment In Church? Share Your Experience. by Chuknovski(m): 4:14pm On Oct 27, 2019
My most embarrassing moment in church was when i wore a newly bought package shirt to church just to impress ma crush who was just a new member in the church.

That day i went to church very early just to sit at the front seat where i will be seen by everybody.
And the church was over crowded since we were having a convention,so i was walking to and fro,and also will be the first to stand up to dance when a song is been played by the praise team.
Little did i know that i had a stained on ma shirt due to the dirtiness of the iron i used to iron ma cloth in the evening.

I didn't know,i was just busy dancing and glancing at ma crush not until one guy like that walked up to me and whisper in ma ear " Bro's you get stain for the back of your shirt " so i had to go outside and confirm and lo and behold the back of ma shirt was messed up with a very big dirt...i was embarrass and left church not to change up but never to return no more.

This nothing na, what about sitting in front with a turned trousers
Career / Re: The Dos And Don’ts Of Business Email Etiquette by Chuknovski(m): 11:21am On Oct 25, 2019
Very nice

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Crime / Re: Two Men Fight Over A 15-Year-Old Girl In Enugu State (Video) by Chuknovski(m): 10:17am On Oct 24, 2019
Stupid fellows
Romance / Re: 'two Ladies Set Twitter On Fire As They Abuse Each Other by Chuknovski(m): 6:21pm On Oct 15, 2019
This is so appalling, look at pipo future wife's and mothers,, yeye dey smell


Travel / Re: Woman Survived As Trailer Crushed Their Car Along Ikpoba Slope, Benin City. VID by Chuknovski(m): 9:17pm On Oct 13, 2019

In saner climes extreme caution would be taken to extract her from the mangled vehicle so as not to rupture vital organs. An ambulance would also be on ground to offer first aid, put her on a stretcher, and whisk her straight to the hospital.

Nonetheless, its a miracle she survived. Only God can help us in this country.

Just say hallelujah, forget grammar grin
Religion / Re: Pastor Ephraim Ononye Sprays Dollars As Church Member Dedicates Quadruplets by Chuknovski(m): 9:03pm On Oct 13, 2019
shocked End time things, I am not doubting the testimony, be aware that God works in mysterious ways, also be aware that devil try to copy and paste too, in all Glory be to Jesus


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