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Education / Re: Lagos State List Of Books For Jsss3 Literature (bece) by cokhale(m): 1:40pm On Nov 30
Bece literature novels when it is come out
Literature / Re: Academic Writers Needed by cokhale(m): 5:16pm On Nov 20
Iam for accounting
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 6:23pm On Nov 16
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 10:48am On Nov 12
Next episode for real fight
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Home Teacher (lekki/victoria Island/ajah) by cokhale(m): 10:42am On Nov 12
Kind call for waec, ss1-3 in home teacher at Coker,surulere environment for accounting, commerce and bookkeeping. Call or WhatsApp number+2348054239133. Also online teaching accounting with your WhatsApp number available. Join me
Mr clement okhale
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 9:36am On Nov 11
Na wow for the war, next episode
It is fight to finish
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by cokhale(m): 9:30am On Nov 11
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 6:18pm On Nov 08
Next episode
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 10:51am On Nov 04
"Where am I? Where is Lord Glabach?"Jake asked Cleopatra, his eyes burning.

"You are somewhere safe for now." She looked sad. "Zachris and our team are trying to hold Lord Glabach for now, though we don't have time. You are burning up."

Jake felt his brow. It was spiking hot.

"Our fathers are dead, Jake and there is no one that can really stand up to him apart from you. We need you at your best and you are not that for now."

"I can't. I am too weak to face Lord Glabach. I have been feeling it since we started to duel. I was almost dead......"

"Just like the day you were born and those days you had fever and during aidokai." She stopped him. "Jake, there is something your father wanted to pass to you." She touched his forehead.

Jake suddenly found himself in his room. His father sat on his bed.


"I am dead. What you see is my consciousness, which I implanted in Cleo's head before I died." He smiled as Jake opened his mouth in surprise. "Yes, I know you gave her a nickname. You seem to like her."

"This isn't the time for....."

"Yes, I know." He smiled. "Lord Glabach is the most powerful vampire there is in the clan and most likely in the world. He has everything- strength,skill, cunning, abilities, you name it. Yet he wasn't chosen as emperor and that burns him inward. No one can defeat him if he is at his best." He paused. "That's what I thought until I met you. Jake, the truth about your birth was that I loved your mother, but there is also part of me that wanted you- as a son and as a weapon. You have survived so much that would kill most vampires and I believe the Sword of Herrick didn't choose you by mistake."

"What do you mean?"

"The sword chooses the strong, no doubt but it's not only strength that determines why it chooses it's holders. Can you get what determines it?"


"Truth. Honesty. Righteousness. It chooses those who wouldn't taint it. It was made that way by Herrick. Herrick was a good human before he was bitten by a vampire. He knows what it means to be righteous and good and to care for other beings, vampire or not. He implanted that thought in his sword and cloak."

"Glabach was once righteous, I guess but he lost that path because of power. That's why the sword rejected him. I wielded the sword during the Deviant uprising but after that it never allowed me to use it. You are the only one apart from Lord Glabach who the sword chose. I am sure it was for this reason."

"But I am weak and the sword and the cloak....."

"Are here." He handed the sword to Jake. The cloak rested on his back. " I took the liberty of hiding the sword and the cloak after it chose you so that you would not be analyzed thoroughly. This is the only play I have against Lord Glabach. As for you been weak...." He brought out a vial with a yellow liquid. Jake's eyes lifted up at once.

"I saw this with the Oracle. She....."

"You know what it is then. Drink." Jake drank the vial. "It should give you the strength for this battle. I have to go."

He started to dissolve. "One last thing, Jake. No matter what happens, know this: I love you. I always loved you. I loved you from the moment you opened those eyes to the world. I have been watching you and if I was human, I would have been with you. Goodbye."
Next episode
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 10:05am On Nov 04

What am I doing here?

Justin's mind was a messy flux as he ran with Jake towards his father. As the only living son of Lord Glabach, he should be killing Jake. That was the plan that his father hitched up once he knew about the presence of Jake. However he couldn't bring himself to kill Jake.

"Justin, you have to assist Jake to handle his father while Austin takes her to a safe location. I will rally the remaining vampires and end this battle." Zachris spoke with his usual confidence.

"Why him?" Jake asked. "This is his father we are going to face here. Are you asking him to kill his father? Won't he rather kill me?"

"He has a point, Zachris. Justin should assist me while Austin follows Jake."

"No. Justin knows his father better than any of us. He can give Jake any useful intel on how to kill the old man."

"Let him drop it here!"

"What's the problem,Jake?"

"Isn't it obvious? I don't trust him." Jake said. "His father is the one that is fighting to destroy the coven."

"He doesn't want to destroy it,he wants to recreate the coven."

"You knew about this right? When did you know? For how long"

"For a long time. Even before you were brought to the coven."

The silence that followed last for a few seconds but to Justin, it could be an eternity.

"We will deal with this later. Jake, trust me. Go with Justin."

And here we are now.
Next episode
Health / Re: Tips To Curing Ulcers And Living Healthy by cokhale(m): 8:39am On Oct 24
Peptic ulcers patient, please take one tablespoon morning and evening
Sports / Re: 30 Odds Running Game Successful.3 Games Cut 2,3000 Odds Running Games by cokhale(m): 6:30am On Oct 23
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Mr clement
Sports / Re: 30 Odds Running Game Successful.3 Games Cut 2,3000 Odds Running Games by cokhale(m): 6:30am On Oct 23
Booking Number:5L6ZFZH
23/10/2023 06:14:10
Code 2527 Date 23/10/2023 19:45
Event Fiorentina - Empoli
Live/Prematch Prematch Selection 1
Code 1460 Date 23/10/2023 19:45
Event Stade Laval - St. Etienne
Live/Prematch Prematch Selection X or
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11+odds today game
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by cokhale(m): 5:20pm On Sep 24
Lagos State unified bece literature novels in 2024
Education / Re: Lagos State List Of Books For Jsss3 Literature (bece) by cokhale(m): 2:19pm On Sep 12
2024 bece list of novels
TV/Movies / High School Magical Season 2 by cokhale(m): 4:33pm On Aug 25
Who has watch high school magical season 2 episode 9
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by cokhale(m): 2:20pm On Aug 24
Location swat
Qualifications: Bcom or Mcom
Budget 30-35
: Main responsibility book keeping

Email address: abdulqadeerca1@gmail.com
03486005609 from abroad at remote .
Home remote job
Literature / Re: Love To Lust (18+) by cokhale(m): 9:05am On Aug 21

  I was shocked. Literarily. Was she joking?

“Now, let's stop the drama,” I said. “I will give you the money to terminate the foetus. Before the end of the week, go and get rid of it.”

  Amanda stood up, looking indignant. “Are you suggesting I should go and abort the pregnancy?”

  Now, she was beginning to get me exasperated. “What other thing do you think I'm saying? Look, I'm not suggesting. I am actually telling you to go for abortion.”

  She shook her head again. “I'm sorry, I can't do that.”

  I had to be insistent. “You can. You have to. There's no other choice.”

  Again, she shook her head. Swiftly, she took her handbag on my desk. Without saying anything further, she turned to go.

  “I will transfer some money into your account,” I said. “That should take care of it and save us the whole hassles.”

  She did not say anything further. I watched as she left my office. My mind soon went into a frenzy. Amanda must be joking, I thought grimly. How could she be taking about marriage? Had she forgotten that I was married with kids? How could she think of us marrying? Of course she must be kidding.

The following day was hectic. We had been busy since morning. The seminar on agricultural economics we had organized that day made the schedule of things to be tight. By the time we were back in the chamber, I could see that Amanda was quite tired. She ordered for a meal and wolfed it down. I allowed her some rest before I sent for her. I was relaxing in my office with cold malt drinks when she came to meet me. I motioned her to a seat.

  “How’re you, dear?” I greeted.

  “Fine,” came the simple answer.

  “Have you seen the alert of the money I transferred into your account?”

  She looked surprised. “No, I’ve not seen it. You’ve transferred some money?”

  “Yes. Fifty thousand naira. I did the transfer a couple of minutes ago.”

  She checked the text message of her phone. A message was pending. It was from the bank she used and indeed it confirmed that her account had been credited by the said amount from me.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Am Sending 10,000 Naira To An Anonymous Nigerian Every Week. by cokhale(m): 8:26pm On Aug 19
Okhale clement
Polaris bank
Health check up
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Am Sending 10,000 Naira To An Anonymous Nigerian Every Week. by cokhale(m): 10:57am On Aug 19
Okhale clement
Polaris bank
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N7000 Teaching Job In Adamawa Or Moving To Lagos? by cokhale(m): 10:55am On Aug 19

Sir is this offer still available?
No contact and subjects
Literature / Re: Love To Lust (18+) by cokhale(m): 3:04pm On Aug 14
Without any ado, my mouth was on hers. It seemed to be a cautious move at first, but we soon went full gear. Gladly, I realized that the feeling and desire were mutual.

It was a passionate one. "Do you like the kiss?” I asked, smiling at her. It was an unnecessary question. Would she ever say she didn’t like it?

She tried to speak but couldn’t. She was short of breath and needed time to regain composure. She final nodded. “Yes.”

“That’s right,” I replied. “You’re right, for I like it too.”

Delightfully, I resumed the kiss. This time, my right hand did some exploration. It found its way to the zip of her skirt and undid it. My fingers rubbed at the tip of her pantie and slid inside. Gently and softly, my fingers did some exploring, until we did a lot of exciting of her expectant clitoris. My fingers moved slowly to feel the moist fabric of her pantie. I would really have to put her in the mood before I consummated the whole act.

Consequently, I increased my action on her clit. My fingers moved deftly – steadfast and fast. I could feel my breath increasing. She moaned in response to my passionate gestures.

Amanda moved her legs and spread them apart. I continued the rubbing of my fingers
on her genitals until her body quivered in excitement. I could feel that her nipples had hardened the more with my touch and caress. We must have the craving to be stimulated. No problem, I would soon get to that part in a short while.

I briefly stopped to pull down her trousers and the fabric of her white pantie. She wiggled her waist and hips to facilitate getting this done. Her breaths came in short, hot releases as the sensation of my mouth on her pussy lips seemed to set her on fire. I began to flick my tongue close to her vulva. I could imagine that my mouth was doing wonders on her body.

Then I began to lick, gradually moving closer to the central nub. I paused to nip her labia between my teeth. She let out another gasp as she laid her hands on my head. I clasped each of her thighs in one of my hands, spreading her legs wider. My breathing was labored now, and I had to fill my lungs in short, swift bursts, keeping my lips on hers in an open-mouthed kiss and sucking the air in sideway.

My hands travelled further up her thighs. I spread my fingers, brushing each of my thumbs against her hip bones and pulling down the fabric of her pant so that her arse was gratuitously exposed. Amanda let herself to the whims of my pleasure. Every part of my nerve felt tinges of excitement. I only slackened down a bit to allow her some respite. Now was the time to go for the grand finale. I removed the buckle of my belt to pull down my trousers. I positioned her butt against my laps with my organ straining to make the rear entry.

She pleasantly moaned when the flat of my hand joined with her backside and my dick penetrated her. My hands went up to her bust to cup and cuddle the boobs. Then, we came down again to hold her waist. It was an exciting experience. It was certainly a pleasant one for me and I hoped it was pleasant for her too.

Amanda opened her mouth, but what came out were monosyllabic moans. I didn’t say a word in response. Rather, I busied myself in the task at hand. My breath came in short and even rhythm. Even as my bare cock nudged at her pussy, I certainly felt I was the super dude with enormous charm and power. I kept up the volume and gradually increased the tempo. I was not just a hard office worker; I was also a hard rider!

I kept thrusting in and out, alternating between very deep thrusts and near-withdrawals. After minutes, I felt spent. Throbs of excitement took over my body as I finally released the hot semen. I withdrew quickly to shower her butts with the liquid, still holding tight to her waist. It was the end of the first lap. We lay naked on the bed while her hand smooched on my chest. My left hand cuddled her bums. In a matter of minutes, I was hot enough to initiate another action.


Next episode
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by cokhale(m): 10:43am On Aug 07
Job Title: Nurse, Anesthetic

Location: Abuja (FCT)
Employment Type: Full-time


Prepare and administer the proper dose of anesthesia.
Prepare patients for anesthesia, including physical assessment and preoperative counselling.
Evaluate patients' progress before, during, and after medical procedures.
Maintain anesthesia during an operation.
Manage patients’ recovery from anesthesia.
Educate patients about their surgery and recovery.
Monitor patients' vitals and adjust anesthesia levels as required during surgery.
Oversee patient’s safety as they recover from anesthesia.
Ability to label drugs accurately with concentration.
Compliance with prophylactic antibiotics before surgery.
Compliance with fluid chart recording.
Incidence report and adequate documentation.

Candidates should possess an SSCE qualification with 2 - 4 years relevant work experience.
Application Closing Date
30th August, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: hr@abujaclinics.com using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by cokhale(m): 6:51am On Aug 07
Job Title: Dispatch Rider

Locations: Victoria Island, Akowonjo, Ikeja, Lagos; Benin, Edo; and Asaba, Delta
Employment Type: Volunteer

Job Description

Perform routine visits and calls for the purposes of prompt pick-up/collection of medical samples and delivery of results to and from ECHOLAB partner hospitals, clinics and other organizations within assigned territory as directed by the Regional Sales Manager.
Work closely with the Medical Diagnostic Representatives in the assigned territories to ensure effective territory coverage and proper customer engagement.
Complete and submit a Daily Log of activities to the Regional Sales Manager for review & record purposes.
Ensure strict adherence to the Daily Route/Plan as agreed with the RSM and MDRs.
Thoroughly clean the assigned motorbike daily; conduct daily checks including checks of fuel, oil and water levels as well as tyre checks to ensure the bike remains in good working condition; arranging for or conducting minor repairs where necessary.
Ensure proper handling and maintenance of assigned motor bike by strictly following the agreed maintenance schedule.
Keep track of and apply for the renewal of the assigned bike’s documents when due in a timely fashion.
Abide by all transportation & road safety laws and maintain a safe driving record.
Adhere to all Company Policies, procedures and Code of Ethics
Carry out all other duties as assigned by the RSM and MDRs as well as support local Branch operations

Minimum of 2 years experience in similar job role
Good knowledge of road network
Excellent communication and Interpersonal skills
Riders Permit.
Application Closing Date
31st August, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: careers@echolab.ng using the Job Title as the subject of the mail
Health / Re: Tips To Curing Ulcers And Living Healthy by cokhale(m): 7:28am On Aug 04
Pepsin ulcer home made treatment
Literature / Re: The Madam At The Top by cokhale(m): 11:32am On Jul 30
Next episode dear

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: . by cokhale(m): 7:12am On Jun 23
Health / Re: Tips To Curing Ulcers And Living Healthy by cokhale(m): 4:37am On Jun 21
Cure for pepsin ulcer
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 4:34am On Jun 21
"So the Emperor finally shows himself." Lord Glabach said, his golden eyes gleaming with hate.

"Why? Why betray the coven, Glabach?"

"It's Emperor Glabach!" His eyes glinted, sending Calypso rolling on the floor. Gerald found the remaining vampires fighting a losing battle against the werewolves. He raced towards them, but Glabach kicked him away. Gerald recovered just in time to absorb a fireball thrown at him by Lord Glabach. Lord Glabach then blew the horn but Gerald kicked it off his hands.

"It's seems like you are immune to the horn. I guess you took Jake's blood. I will have to finish you myself!"

Lord Glabach opened his mouth and a huge stream of fire flowed out of it and rushed towards Gerald. Gerald quickly muttered some words and flew away, landing on the other side of the theater. The fire followed him, burning everything on it's path. Gerald then flexed his fingers and drew out a huge wave of water from nowhere, killing the fire.

He had no respite though, as bolts of lightening attacked him, pinning him to the ground. Before he could attempt to stand, Glabach stood on him.

"You are too weak to be Emperor! Too weak! I should have been the Emperor!" He drove his fingers towards Gerald, only for Lord Glabach to be knocked sideways. Gerald stood up and found Cleopatra and Jake in front of him.

"Leave here and help the others!" He screamed at them. " I will face Glabach alone!"

"Zachris and the others are helping them. We need to help you." Jake said. Cleopatra nodded her head. "Your powers are dwindling, my Emperor. You are too weak to fight him alone."

The horn was blown again, making Gerald and Cleopatra fall down. Jake listened to the horn and raced towards where it was blown. Gerald rose up and followed him but he was stopped by Lord Glabach.

"Why are you destroying the coven now? Why now? If you hated me, why not just kill me instead of betraying the coven."

"The coven should have been destroyed years ago. You know it, Gerald. You knew how weak the coven was, making alliances with werewolves and even humans. We should have ruled them, instead of bowing to their demands."

"What are you saying?"

"I am talking of our existence, child!" He raised his hand up, making Gerald float in the air. Gerald suddenly found himself unable to move.

"Jake's blood is powerful, powerful enough to activate the horn of Pandora but it can't saved you from me."

"You killed the Empress mother in order to use Jake's blood, didn't you?"

"I brought Jake here for that purpose. I brought him in order to destroy the coven like it should have been when the Impervious revolted."

"You stopped the revolt....."

"..... When I realized that we were losing. Yes, I started the revolt. I convinced the Impervious of their superiority and they rose with me. The coven was to be reborn as a superior coven, with the plans to dominate all beings."

"But you lost and now you want your revenge." Gerald managed to move his head upwards. Noticing that part of the ceiling above Glabach was weak, he focused his eyes on them. The ceiling broke, sending boulders down on Glabach. Glabach left Gerald and attempted to stop them. As he broke them to pieces, Gerald flew in and drove his hand into Lord Glabach.

Next episode pls
Literature / Re: Jake: Son Of Emperor by cokhale(m): 4:19pm On Jun 16

Gerald ran to the royal quarters, his mind focused on the horn of Pandora. This is likely the end of me. He told himself. As he moved to the treasure vault, he remembered how he became Emperor.

It was forty years ago. The Impervious uprising had just ended, but it's casualties were enormous. The Emperor and many of the Council were dead, most of the senior vampires had to pay with their lives to end the uprising. At the end, there were only a few senior vampires left and a new Emperor had to be chosen.

Simi was already in line to be the Empress, as she was the daughter of the last Emperor and her mother had left the coven. Everyone had expected Lord Glabach to be the next Emperor: He was the oldest living vampire, he was extremely smart and knowledgeable. He was well spoken of and respected throughout the vampire world. Most of the other older vampires had chosen him. But Simi overlooked him and chose Gerald.

This led to aidokai, as the other vampires (who formed the Council later on), disagreed with her. He and Glabach fought in the arena and he barely won, becoming the Emperor.

Now I may have to fight again and this time, I may die. He didn't kid himself, for Lord Glabach was more powerful than him and he knew the secrets of vampirehood. There were a few objects that could stop him and only one was in the coven. Hidden away in the treasure vault. If I can find it ....

The sight of Ore's corpse stopped him on his tracks. No, not you. Gerald walked slowly, barely keeping his emotions in check as he took a look at his daughter. Who ever did this will pay! His fury was fanned the more when he saw Simi's dead body. For all their fights, he never hated her. Lord Glabach did this!

He raced out of the treasure vault and came to the arena.

The arena was littered with corpses of both vampires and werewolves. He found some vampires fighting a desperate battle to survive. Quickly,he flew to the place and ripped the werewolves that assaulted them into pieces. His presence lifted their spirits and together, he led a counterattack, saving Calypso and Thomrod along the way. He was about to start another charge with the vampires when the horn was blown again, sending everyone reeling to the floor.

Gerald, who had taken a bit of Jake's blood, was able to resist the horn. He turned around and found Lord Glabach holding the horn and grinning.
Next episode
Education / Re: 2023 JAMB THREAD + POST UTME , O' LEVEL(WAEC, GCE, NECO) UPDATE. by cokhale(m): 12:20pm On Jun 08
This is serious!

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