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Education / Re: NEKEDE Polytechic students were asked to Define Unknown Gun-Men by cozy7(m): 8:47am On Jun 22
Those girls who know only men

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Plateau Or Gombe State? by cozy7(m): 1:23pm On Jun 13
I'm a graduate from one of the south west university in Nigeria, and i spend all my life in Lagos state , and also a yoruba guy from Lagos State.

But due to the rising and unavailability of good jobs around, i have been thinking of moving over to the North for greener pasture, i want to leave my comfort zone.

So, two states are on my mind, plateau state or gombe.

I really want input of individuals on this issues:

Cost of living

Availability of jobs


Acceptability of strangers, and many more.

Which state do you guys think is ok, I'm really in need of a good job.

I will really appreciate this topic to be in frontpage so as to reach wider audience.

your not even considering boko haram. Just write your will before u go sha.

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Education / Re: Fumigation: 100 Ekiti Students Hospitalised After Inhaling Chemicals by cozy7(m): 9:55pm On May 26
Students are now pests. Only in Nigeria.

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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 10 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Enugu (Photo) by cozy7(m): 8:58pm On May 18
cool to
Get a job n keep your nose clean, these small boys no go gree. Thry keep being caught like rats.
Politics / Re: Gov. Ugwuanyi Leads Rescue Operation At Accident Scene by cozy7(m): 1:03pm On May 16
Good governor. Well done, sir.


Food / Re: How Much Is A Crate Of Egg In Your Area? by cozy7(m): 12:21pm On May 13
I went to buy a crate of egg today, and i was told it has increased from the #700 &#750 to #1000 per crate. Which way forward my people, everything is on the increase.
boss, tell me your area make I come buy, bcoz on my own area its 1500 (no kidding). I even bought 2 days ago.
Properties / Re: Quit Notice To A Tenant by cozy7(m): 11:35pm On May 08
Author Leezah

Get a lawyer.. Please don't take laws into your hands, because the law tilts more in favour of tenants. get a lawyer to Give him quit notice if his a yearly tenant If the tenant is on yearly payment, it is 6 months notice that u'll give him and it will start counting frm d day you served him d notice irrespective of how many months he has not paid.

Once the quit notice has been filed validly for 6 months, any day over that 6 months notice means the tenant is holding over that property illegally and he no longer becomes a tenant but a tenant at sufferance and from there onward you dont need to issue him a quit notice again but an OWNERS INTENTION TO RECOVER PREMISES in 7 DAYS And from there onwards the tenant practically has no defence legally when the matter will be filed at the rent tribunal nearest to you.

Tops with all the adjournment within 3 to 5 months the court balliffs will personally come to serve them to eject them of the premises compulsorily.


If you don't want to contact a lawyer.
Let me give you a summary of what you should do .Serve him the statutory notices ie 7 days and one month,then file a suit for recovery of premises at the nearest magistrate court.

Once the case comes up tell the court you are handling the case yourself,enter witness box and tell the court what the man did and the order you are seeking from them.The bailiff will then enter the box and tell the court that he served the man but he didn't come .The court will then grant you the order you are seeking.You will take the judgement copy and go to the bailiff and pay them for policemen.

The policemen and the bailiffs will go to the man's house one early morning, break his house and pack all his properties to the court premises. I hope you learnt something today from this. Goodluck


If you based in Lagos If its Lagos, go through the human right activist section or Mediation center of the State Government. They have many outlets in each local government in the state. They'll charge a fee of #8,000 and would handled the cases


I don't encourage this any longer but its inevitable where a tenant things you must suffer after the initial suffer to build a house. Go to court, pay the clerk and officials and get a notice, paste on his door in his absent and snap then take notice off. Make some other person appear in court in his stead as a proxy tenant he transferred tenant ship to without your consent and get a verdict and evict him immediately as the unpreparedness will rock his life for ever. He can continue the fight from outside your house. The person that appeared is the person you have been seeing around the house and you don't know him. Simply put, he alone can provide that person.
This is very insightful. THANKS.

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Politics / Re: Police Repel Attack, Kill 8 Unknown Gunmen In Imo State (Graphic Pics) by cozy7(m): 8:45am On May 07
These are my boys...They are not unknown....

May Our Chukwu Okuko Akpamu, Accept Their Souls In Israel ....Zoo must fall in South East first..

Umu Chineke....grin
This how pple use their mouth to put themselves in trouble. U hv just affiliated yourself with d hoodlums (in your comment). When arrested now, u begin to cry like a baby

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got This Interview I Never Applied, Photo by cozy7(m): 5:16pm On May 03
I have be seeking for job for the past 6 months now I pay money through agent in order to secure a job at least a job I can leave home at morning come back at evening just like every other people but I haven't got any from this scam agent . I'm a female OND holder i just need a job.

Using my friend account to post this

Recently I got this invitation for interview which I never applied I'm scheduled to come to their office by tomorrow 4 of May I don't know how authentic they are. Center for leadership Cflead.Org according the HR she say I should come to ikeja . Pls before I hit the road tomorrow.

belive me when I tell u THIS IS GNLD. Unless u wanna trek d whole Lagos looking for who to buy silly, expensive drugs, yet you'll hv to pay for your monthly PV (point value, ad thry call it)...... I suggest u bck off now, save your T-fair for food n better opportunities. Thanks.


Car Talk / Re: Help, I Bashed My Friend's Car by cozy7(m): 12:10pm On Feb 15
Good Day Nairaland, I tried parking my friend's car yesterday night and i without concentrating, bashed it against a piller.

I have be worried since morning and want to fix it before he comes back, he traveled to the village.

Is it something serious, or just the bumper.
And how much will it cost to repair.

Please help a brother.
u will spend around 30 to 40k repairing it. Panel beater won't take more than 10k, na painter go chop money. U suggest u repair it fast bcoz that job will take abt 2 or 3 days to be done. SO GO NOW. Also, u won't hv to change d bumper, its not broken, only shifted.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Resigns From the US Actors Union by cozy7(m): 4:59am On Feb 05
Shey life don tire am ni??


Romance / Re: Need A Girl To Bleep Badly by cozy7(m): 1:26pm On Jan 27
I'm a Hot guy based in Atan, Ogun state in need of sex. I'm a very good in sucking pussy, and eating that sweet pussy, fingering, giving you those widest fantasy.
I need a girl to f*ck so badly and I promise it will be worth it.
I want to you to have a feel of my big dick in-between your legs as you moan and squeeze the bedsheet as my dick is inside you f*cking your pussy so hard and you whispering in my ear that you love it and me eating your sweet pussy.
Here is my phone number 08087046198. I live alone. I will be expecting your call.
why is your lips so wide Bro? Rather than work on improving your pathetic life, your here fulfilling your village pple wish on u. You're truly a total waste of sperm.
Romance / Re: She Has A Child For Someone But Wants Me To Marry Her. Help by cozy7(m): 5:27pm On Jan 16
There's this girl am dating, she's beautiful and has everything a man wants in a woman.

But The problem is "she had a child outside wedlock" and hardly go about without carrying The baby(5yrs old). This makes me feel embarrassed among my peers, knowing am not the legitimate father.

She always gets upset whenever I try to know about the father of her child. All she has told me of him is they broke up.

She also pressures me to marry her that she is tired staying with her mom.

She's 20yrs while am 26. Should I succumb or Jakpa? Please help a brother with some advice.
First your not d father, but more importantly, she doesn't even wanna tell u abt his, father? To crown it all up, she's "pressuring" u for marriage! MY BROTHER START RUNNING NOW B4 IT'S TOO LATE. She doesn't just hv a skeleton in her cupboard, she infact has a cupboard full of bones. My brother run oo


Romance / Keep Checking Anyone Around Your Wife by cozy7(m): 10:40am On Jan 06
[B] Guys, since we all know that doing a DNA test is kinda expensive in Nigeria (averagely), I strongly suggest we go old school...

Visit your wife's office, if she has a shop, check her customers, if she does online business, check major customers, check neighbours, check her pastor..... Keep checking and see if there's any resemblance oo. If there is, do d needful before its too late.

U don't even need your wife's consent (or knowledge), quietly take a strand of hair, blood or finger nails and go check if you've been wasting your money on another person's child all these while.

Go to clubs, even olosho sef get husbands n bfs, so what are talking abt?


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Nairaland / General / Re: What Did You Accomplish This Year That You Are Proud Of? by cozy7(m): 9:36pm On Dec 28, 2020
Sincerely speaking, year 2020 has been challenging and a lot of things happened during the year.

It was a year we experienced total lockdown in the world due to Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown led to a lot of unspeakable occurrences.

I came up with this question and thread so that we can learn from you. Despite all odds throughout the year, you were able to achieve something and proud of it simultaneously.

As for me, I was able to complete my University's education and I graduated with first class in Accounting. I'm very proud of that. Despite all odds, I still made it.

What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?

We would be glad to hear and learn from you.
For me, I'm most grateful to God for all he's done for me in 2020.

First, u bought my first car (an SUV)
Second, I got my first apartment n furnished it heavily
Third, I GOT MARRIED, did my trad on 6th Nov and white wedding on 7th Nov.

I honestly feel like it's me alone God blessed this year. All thanks to d success HE gave me in my business. I REALLY, CANT THANK HIM ENOUGH.

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Properties / Re: How Do I Recover My Late Father's Property? by cozy7(m): 1:41pm On Dec 19, 2020
My advice to you is stemming from several years of experience, and also from professional intellect. I’m an attorney.

Being legitimate owners of the property, you can have a verifiable “Next of Kin” move to the Land Registry or Local Government Council office in your district, and begin paperwork for registrable documents. First of all, implore the service of a Land Surveyor to determine the extent of the property, and then file a claim for the ownership of that property. That property MUST BE REGISTERED! Take a quick step to do it now, because, according to the Registeration Act which came into force in 1986; Instruments of gifts and immovable property must be registered.

First you must show your family has possessed the land to the exclusion of any other party, without objection or consent. That you have also shown intention to possess the land (i.e. you people have fenced it in some way), and have carried out maintenance such as cutting the grasses and major renovations that could have caused your aunty to claim the property upon noticing.

Citing that you have not ever paid any rent to your aunty for the land is also a major shield.

Note that It is very important that you have met the above criteria openly, continuously and for at least the last 12 years, since you’re saying your father died over sixteen years ago, i’m guessing you must have been occupying the property within that period. That goes in your right.

If your family believes you have met the criteria, then the next step is for you people to contact a solicitor. The solicitor will ask you people to provide the Land plan that the surveyor gave to you, including photos of the boundaries, fencing and any documentation showing you have purchased and maintained the fencing and gates.

The solicitor will then prepare a “Statement of Truth” or “Statutory Declaration” that you must swear in the presence of a solicitor. This document will contain information evidencing your claim to ownership.

Once this has been finalised and sworn, your solicitor will use that document to make their application to the Land Registry. Usually, the Land Registry will then send a surveyor to inspect the land. The Land Registry will consider the application and then revert to your solicitor if they have any queries or further requirements.

Let me advice you to note that Notices will usually be sent to the owners of neighbouring land or anyone else the Land Registry may believe have rights over that land you people are claiming (i.e. a right of way) informing them of your claim over it. The owners will be invited to object if they feel they have just cause and they will be given an expiration date for their objection to be lodged.

If nobody comes forward with a contradictory claim, and if the application is successful, the Land Registry will award you people with a “Possessory” title and provide you with official title entries documenting your ownership.

To be honest, you don’t really have much issues to worry about. As any new documents you register after proving these, would foreshadow whatever claims she has, that arises later on.

You can contact me if you need intensive opinion on this. Just trying to limit space. I wish you good-luck.
This is really enlightening. God bless u sir.


Romance / Re: I'm Truly Ashamed For Some Men by cozy7(m): 9:45am On Oct 27, 2020
A woman posted that she was beaten because she denied her husband sex. And all the comments from men here commended the man for beating his wife. Is this how low men have become because of sex? No atom of sympathy whatsoever! I do hope it's their normal jokes and trolling, becausw if truly this is how all men are, God will surely understand if I decide not to be with one.

Nobody bothered to know what could have led the woman to make such decision. Could it be she was sick, or she was having menstrual cramp, or she wasn't just in the mood! Fgs no matter what, bride price or no bride price, humanity comes first. How could you justify a human beating his fellow human just because of 2 minutes pleasure? Are you all beasts? Oh My God. I am disgusted.

A woman you dated, promised to love for the rest of your life against all odds. Then you turn her into a punching bag because of sex. You never married her for any other reason just for sex. How unfortunate.
Shut your trap. Sex is one of d main reasons marriage was constituted. U treated your husband wrong. Till now, you've not said y u denied him his right, which means that u know u were wrong. If u can't give sex, why get married? JUST SHUT UP and thank God he didn't divorce u. Make amends and hv a happy home. Thanks.


Foreign Affairs / Re: China Warns US Against Sparking Cold War by cozy7(m): 12:53pm On May 25, 2020
Let this crazy Trump not put US into trouble oo

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Romance / Re: I'm Dating HIV Positive Lady & She Is Pregnant. Advice Needed by cozy7(m): 12:38pm On May 12, 2020

Thanks for the insult. The third I tested since we've been having sex was march and I'm still negative.
God in heaven will bless u beyond imagination. You're a blessing in disguise to mankind. Your type is rare. May God bless u again, again and again.
Celebrities / Re: Tory Lanez Tells IK Ogbonna To Stop Posting Nigerian Flag by cozy7(m): 12:51pm On Apr 14, 2020
I wonder if Ik Ogbonna derive joy from posting Nigeria flag.
your very silly for saying this. A man is proud of his country and u ask if he derives joy?? Let me ask u this.... If he isn't proud of his country, which country will he be be proud of?

Thunder fire u there.


Romance / Re: Pls How Can I Stop My Girlfriend From Double Dating by cozy7(m): 1:31am On Apr 13, 2020
Hello house pls advice me how can I stop my girlfriend from double dating
First talk to her. But if u have n she's not changing, my brother WALK AWAY.

U can force a horse to d river but u can't force it to drink water.

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Phones / Re: How To Get Free 1gb Data On Airtel Valid For 7 Days by cozy7(m): 9:32am On Apr 03, 2020
There are so many airtel apps. Which particular one?
Family / Re: What's The Most Painful Thing Someone Ever Said To You? by cozy7(m): 10:09pm On Apr 02, 2020
Today makes it exactly 5 years one of my aunts said a very painful word to me which I can never forget.

She said and I quote "the rate at which you are going this girl, 5 years from now you would have become a mother of 4 kids, all borne out of wedlock"

Today I have been able to prove her wrong, doing my masters program now whereas two of her daughters are university dropouts, as a result of unwanted pregnancy.

Hmmmm... How time flies, share yours.
my former boss (a young guy like me) called me "his boy" n threatened to snatch my girl from me bcoz I was broke. Today I'm self employed, far bigger than him. He now calls me MY OGA. Human being are really funny aswear.


Celebrities / Re: Ultimate Love: Meet The 8 Gorgeous Female Housemates Of The New Reality Show by cozy7(m): 12:09pm On Feb 10, 2020
Another avenue to milk jobless youths who will keep voting nonstop.
Computers / I Need A Power Bank For Laptop by cozy7(m): 5:25pm On Feb 08, 2020
Hello friends, Plz I need a powerful power bank that can carry my laptop for good amount of time. Any recommendations Thanks alot
Family / Re: I Want To Leave My Wife For My Girlfriend by cozy7(m): 10:24am On Feb 08, 2020
This is my first time posting NL , although I've been reading a lot in the last few months . I'll try to be as detailed as possible. I don't even know if I'm asking a question, or advice, or what. I just have to get some things out of my brain.

I’m 36 and my wife is 32. we've been married for 12 years and have two children, twins age 1. I would say happily married. As in, we don't fight, , never any abuse of any kind, no major life disagreements. I love my wife. She is a great mother, a great provider for the family, and we make a great team when it comes to raising our kids. However, she leaves me feeling undesired. Sexually, just intimacy in general, not feeling wanted or desired, missing that flirtatious quality that we all enjoy in a relationship. Our sex life has been on a steady decline, honestly since we got married. Less and less and less every year, and yes, kids make that even more difficult (and provide very easy excuses)

About 2 years ago, I was close to cheating. There was a girl at work that I flirted with often. We started hanging out , and we always seemed to end up talking, touching innocently, flirting, but nothing ever happened between us. The feeling this girl gave me inspired me to tell my wife how I was feeling, what I was missing, etc. I told her how important sex was to me, asked her what I could change, or if she needed to change something. Her response was that she "just didn't really think about it like you do" and that she would try to work on it. Well she didn't work on it, at all.

The flirty girl didn't work with me any more, and I lost that "flame" with her and let it go, and went about life as usual. I've been working a lot of hours over the last six months. I fell into this flirty relationship with one of my coworkers 22 and we just would have a lot of fun with one another. Mad sexual tension. A few months back things happen and she blows me. Its great. Best sex of my life. We set up plans to meet up off work hours and we do.

My coworker is in perfect shape. Its like my perfect woman. I love the way she loves me. She appreciates me, she satisfies me, she matches my sexual drive, and even exceeds it. She is everything I was missing in life, and I'm as happy as I've been in a long time. She is also crazy about me which feels unbelievable. Its been a while since someone has just wanted me to be happy and wanted to please me. I now consider her my girlfriend.

I don't wish to hurt my wife. But I do wish to be happy.

I do not wish for my children to grow up in a home with divorce. I want them to grow up with myself and my wife still being the team we've been so far, doing equal parts to take care of them, and always be there for them.

I realize a lot of what I'm saying are things that can't go together. I want to be with my girlfriend, I don't want to hurt my wife, and I don't want my kids to suffer . I can't have it all. Now I feel stuck

I need help because I can't seem to go through with this alone, and I have no one close enough with the time and level of trust that I can confide in, so I would really appreciate it if you'd offer me some advice.

Thanks for reading
Try getting her tipsy, watch more porn while tipsy (with her), seduce her all over.

Get a nanny or relative to handle d kids while u do these to her. U should be glad she's not a sex freek, if not judging from d average woman we hv out there, she would hv cheated on u. You hv a good thing going with your wife, don't allow side chick spoil it. I promise you'll regret it. Work on your wife, employ d tips I dropped above n most importantly, engage your wife in alot of pre-intimacy before s3x... Women enjoy it alot. Trust me, she will gradually change. DON'T USE YOUR HANDS TO BREAK YOUR OWN HOME. GOODLUCK.

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Romance / Re: Sex With A 16 Yrs Old Girl & This Will Happen 3 Days From Now (Adult Pix) by cozy7(m): 2:38pm On Feb 06, 2020
Nairalanders, judge this yourself.

My Coursemate narrates when i visited to inquire why he has been absent from lectures since Monday
Believe it or not, your course mate won't stop fvcking under aged girls until he fvcks d one whose father's heart is worse than d devil's. Make God come punish am make all this child abuse NGOs come put mouth inside d matter. THEN HE WILL BE A CHANGED MAN FOR REAL.


Romance / Re: What I And My Female Colleague Did This Morning. Photo. by cozy7(m): 1:51pm On Feb 05, 2020
I got to the office early today. Met one of my colleague at the office already. She wasn’t looking happy so I asked what was going on with her, she wasn’t ready to say but after much whining, she opened up. She said she and her man got into a fight last night because her man told her to stop talking to one of her toasters that seems to be a problem to the relationship. Her man has been her pillar from what she’s been saying about him.

I tried to advise her to do as her man says to save her relationship but she was saying he’s not paid her bride price and have no right to tell her what and who not to talk to.

What nonsense?? If you are female and you are reading this and you are guilty of this, thunder fire you o!! Your papa.

Una wan use style legalize hoeing business. Why not employ yourself full time into the business instead of fooling around?

Na small small dance take Dey start. Before we know it, devil will be blamed for what he knows nothing about.

Why be in a relationship in the first place when you know you are still open to options just because your bride price hasn’t been paid yet. You think it’s easy to save money and marry? Money for marriage can be used for good investment with good returns.

Someone is out there working his asx off to take care of you and as well save enough to marry you but you are about to bring devil into the picture.

“He’s just a friend!!!” A lot of things has happened with this line.

Don’t go and do things to better your life instead of thinking and looking for a better option.

PS, this isn’t a female bashing thread. I bash both male and female when e enter my head.

Nonsense and lalasticlala. angry
You make sense brother. God bless u for this piece.
Crime / Re: Policemen Assault Man Who Refused To Unlock His Iphone In Enugu by cozy7(m): 2:42pm On Jan 30, 2020
Bro I advise you to quit, blogging is not in you
You're so stupid and idiotic. Sorry how old are you? Someone saw an fellow Nigerian being embarrassed n he brought it to d world to see and u say this trash.? All I wish is for u to experience same thing. IDUOOT
Health / What Kinda Blood Group Is This? by cozy7(m): 11:13am On Jan 07, 2020
Hi, Plz I need some medical understanding of this.
So I went for necessary medical test with my fiancee, but the kinda blood group she has, honestly I've never heard of it, I asked d nurses, but they couldn't give me agood explanation, all they said is that this blood group is rare. I googled it but seem to be lost d more. Plz which one is O RHESUS D POSITIVE?
By d way, I'm A+

Mod plz help push..

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