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Politics / Re: Closed by Cynergy: 7:33pm On Apr 01
I repeat they will be fine wink Worry about Igbo in Yorubaland. Some Igbo can not even go back to Igboland because there is nothing for them in Igboland.

The Yoruba in those places you listed were brought up well and told from home not to hate their hosts and never get involve in the local politics of their hosts even if they hold strategic positions there. When we meet and discuss, we repeat same warning and counsel our parents gave us. If you go against it, you are on your own. The Yoruba away from home know they have a home to return to and their home in Yorubaland is called the place of rest. They will be absolutely fine. Once you attack a Yoruba, others will likely leave and return back home. They have a home to return to with people back home waiting for them.

Among the Yoruba, it is strange and not admired when you leave Yorubaland to those places. You are even looked down upon in a way when you relocate outside or study outside SW except if it is for job transfer especially in multinational oil companies , banks, telcos or security/armed forces.

100% apt bro... You are correct with this assertions about Yorubas at home and in faraway land... When we are far from our native land, we don't go beyond our boundaries, we always try to mind our biz and live in tranquility by not meddling with our host's politics or customs when we are far from our native land.

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Politics / Re: Which Kind New NL Font Be This? by Cynergy: 12:43pm On Apr 01
Exactly... I liked the dark mode options only at night. It would be very nice if have option to switched btw the dark mode to the light mode cox both are lovely.
Also, Seun pls give us a DISLIKE button.

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Politics / Re: Which Kind New NL Font Be This? by Cynergy: 12:38pm On Apr 01

Maybe you switch to this theme in the night. During the day, give us our normal nairaland.
Or give us the option to switch between day and night mode ourselves

Exactly, if we can switch btw both, it will be ok.
Politics / Re: Muri Okunola. Incoming After Sanwo Olu. Pictures. by Cynergy: 2:50pm On Mar 21

They need to start something like The Asiwaju Tinubu Leadership Institute where they train competent and credible leaders..

Yes Lagos APC have their Leadership School... I can recall when Fashola was telling JANDOR that he needs to go to their Leadership first before he can aspire to be Governor in the state.

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Politics / Re: Census: Let Only The Yorubas Be Counted In Lagos. by Cynergy: 3:39pm On Mar 20

Tinubu does not care. But tell Igbo’s to go and not come back! We have enough to make our state boom. In fact it will be a blessing. Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria but the most burdened by refugees. We are tired.

You are correct.... I was amazed when Hamzat Deputy Governor was interviewed and he was complaining bitterly that the daily influx of people moving into Lagos in their thousand everyday is really overstretching the Lagos developmental plans for her citizens. He even advised that the incoming president should endeavor to make other states viable, livable so that people will not need to be relocating from their various states to populate Lagos. So, it is suffice to say, even Lagos state government is really prepared to move people out to their various states of origin but they are looking for legitimate and strategic ways of doing it without breaking the law.


Politics / Re: Funke Akindele Deletes Politics-Related Posts From Her Instagram Page by Cynergy: 2:11pm On Mar 20

E shock am.

PDP is dead in Lagos.

And chinedu just killed Eluu p in Lagos

PDp is Dead for Real.... Infact PDP is now officially "chopped and screwed "
Can you imagine a whole PDP got 5 votes in my PU and in all the results I checked they never get 10k in any of the 20 LG. They should just scrapped up or merged up with any promising or emerging party.
Politics / Re: I Will Never Call And Congratulate Sanwo-Olu For This Sham Of An Election - GRV by Cynergy: 9:34pm On Mar 19
You are a small boy GRV

go and start from state house of assembly

You can test the waters there

Exactly, He is a small boy to Sanwoolu in all ramifications. He needs to humble himself and try to learn the rope by starting from the rudimentary of POL101 if he still wanna go far in Nigerian political space.
Celebrities / Re: Guber Election: Jim Iyke Reacts To Oba Of Lagos' Comment About GRV by Cynergy: 3:20pm On Mar 19
Desmond Elliot mom too is Igbo. We accept him because he is omoluabi. Desmond too no too sabi speak Yoruba like that but we accept him because be never disrespect his father's people or insult the land. He is well intergrated and he is omoluabi.
If Gbadebo is rejected, he is not. Intergrated enough and the people don't consider him omoluabi enough.

You are joking lolz!... Who told you Desmond can not speak Yoruba well? Desmond na confirmed IBILE surulere boy. I have had closed contact with him , you can never know he is not 100% Yoruba guy. Each time he comes around to his constituency in Surulere, you will always see him discussing with the people in the street in a very clear and fluent Yoruba Language. Come to Shitta/Akerele axis you can be lucky to jam Desmond with the locals speaking 100% Yoruba freely with ease.
Politics / Re: Governorship Election: Who Are You Voting For Today? by Cynergy: 8:20am On Mar 18
I am at my polling unit here in Anthony village. No INEC officials we are just here with some policemen. Make INEC no waste our time today. I am voting for JANDOR. He is rugged and immune from any Godfatherism. And importantly, I liked his views on agbero and how he will handle them.

8:40am - INEC officials just arrived.

9:55am - Finally casted my vote!

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Politics / Re: Naira Marley Supports Sanwoolu, Says Lagos Is Not Opened For Testing by Cynergy: 6:45pm On Mar 16
Dear lgbo, stop the obsession with Lagos.

by Maria Ude Nwachi

Let us stop the obsession with Lagos and its affairs. It is okay for Igbo to be concerned about Lagos affairs because we live there en masse but what is happening now is an obsession. We obsess over Lagos as if it is located somewhere in the Southeast of lgboland. No, Lagos is in the Southwest of Yorubaland and even if 80% of all Igbo live in Lagos, this fact will not change.

Even before this election period, you will see a lot lgbo (even lgbo that have not been to Lagos) very vocal about governance in Lagos, always holding them accountable for one thing or another, but you have a land called lgboland being decimated and desecrated daily by our own, and I see no outrage, I see no calling anyone to order, I see nothing but cowardice and pretending it is not happening, while it is going on even as we speak. Always poke nosing on anything concerning Lagos while ignoring the aru happening in your own land. lgboland is the only land any member of the vaious cells and militia terrorising our land, maiming us and brutalising us, can wake and say there is a sit at home and there will be a sit at home or all heII will break lose! There is nowhere else anyone outside state government or FG can come out and issue such other except our land and this is not worrisome enough for lgbo to be outraged about or riled about, and find a way to contain the unrest that has severely affected our land economicallyand otherwise, a land that was already severely abandoned and neglected by her children who are notorious sojourners by nature.

It is notable to point out that since all manners of kriminals have come together hiding under one umbrella to terrorise one once sweet land funded by some lgbo especially those living abroad, those living in our land that would not have even left are mostly running to Lagos, already over-populated by us, and other Yoruba states for safety and for economic reasons. Many a lgbo who loves visiting home now fear visiting home, some come from abroad and just stay back in hotels in Lagos, Abuja and to be close to lgboland, they stay in Asaba. They have chased our 1st 11s away, I don't wanna go into the many souls they have keed in the most brutal manner for no good reason, mostly over filthy cash, and nothing more. This should be the number topic of every lgbo person and how to end it and not Lagos this and that.

Now we have an election (Governorship & House of Assembly) on Saturday, and all I see on my feed is the lgbo living in Lagos and outside Lagos talking about Lagos state election. What is freaking good? What on earth is going on? Hello The most important election for an lgbo should be the one happening in the five Southeastern states of lgboland, and not the one in the Southwestern state of Yorubland. It is very important who is elected to govern our states, they will decide your fate in life. You are only after Lagos election, you are obsessed with getting your way in Lagos when you should be obsessed with getting your way and your wish in your land. We have states in our land being governed in autocratic, tyrannical and peremptory style, you don't care, all you care about is the Lagos state governor and how to humiliate him and remove him. Tyrannous and dictatorial lgbo governors are the worst because they answer to no one, and have looted enough money to do as they want, despots! Even in these changing times, some of them still managed to rig the National Assembly election and declared 99% of their candidates winners against the wish and votes of the masses, yet to outrage from the lgbo, just obsessing over Lagos affairs and what Sanwo-Olu does.

LET ME SHOUT THIS: A region that realises they have a problem and set out to rectify them shall blossom. But a region that has a problem and pretends it doesn't exist or remedy it, would wither. It's a simple law of nature.

Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, goes out to seek lgbo votes and you mock him and laugh at him, to what end exactly Do you know what a privilege it is for a governor in your land to seek the votes of another ethnic group? It means his state is advanced and has other ethnic groups living there em mass. Can any lgbo state governor walk around trying to placate and seek the vote of any other ethnic group? Who dash am? You are mocking what you should be wishing should happen in your land. The moment other ethnic groups start migrating to the Southeast is the arrival of a new prosperous and healthy lgboland. And this Sanwo-Olu seems like a jovial and considerate gentleman, even before the election period, I see him interacting with a lot of people from various backgrounds, carries himself with dignity, and always using soothing and healing words, while imperious and peremptory governors in our land are always harassing and threateneing us openly and maltreating us in the most devil-may-care! They also openly and boldly tell us that their candidates will be declared winners whether we like it or not. We don't challenge them, na Sanwo-Olu we wan challenge and talk about only.

As it is, our land which is already severely neglected is now being destroyed by our own, imagine many lgbo abroad and beyond sending money home for pure purposes of its destruction, hiding under dubious guises. Once our hosts from all the regions we are packed in see we are even scared of going to our own land to visit much less live, you go see suffer. Only solution is we must make our own land safe, attractive and worthy enough for others to even migrate to.

We need to mind our business a bit. You will see an lgbo actress coming out openly to drag a Yoruba actress over her choice of candidate. If amour propre were a person! To what end? To what point? So everyone must support who we support? We have a culture now that basically stipulates that every lgbo must support whatever or whoever is popularly supported by most lgbo or be seen as anti lgbo, it is bad enough, but to transfer that unreasonable and undemocratic rascality to other ethnic groups is the height of crass entitlement, vainglory, snottiness, conceit, ostentation, self-importance, self-exaltation, and quite frankly narcissism. Can you imagine a Yoruba actor dragging an lgbo actor for supporting Obi? The outrage! Don't do to others what you will not want done to you. Let's mind our business a bit more. You can't just wake up and decide to force your personal choice on others. That is Amour de soi on speed. Others must like what you like or else. No, naa. Freedom of choice, remember??

I know diplomacy is far far from us, but without tact and diplomacy, we will be limited. People who are known to live in other regions should see diplomacy as major tool to be used to our advantage. I won't elaborate on this for now.

Lagos: There was a time it was just carelessly assumed by many Igbo that Lagos is some kind of a no man's land. In 2012 I started a campaign against such phrase and mindset, it was published multiple times on Ndi Igbo page which was the most popular page in our clime then and moved to Igboist which was also then a very popular platform, It worked like magic, as many lgbo called it a no man's land then purely out of ignorance and entitlement. That act was reduced drastically to the barest minimum. Frankly, I don't see a lot lgbo using such a phrase, I really don't, sincerely, but the few that missed the memo and continue to call Lagos that, read this: Lagos is not a no man's land, Lagos is the pride of the Yoruba. All Yoruba. An lgbo person will never allow someone from even another lgbo state to call his state a no man's land talk less of another ethnic group to call his state or land a no man's land. Don't do to others what you would NEVER tolerate from others. We are sojourners. We make other regions our homes. These careless pompous utterances endanger Igbos. The consequences of these crass and callous utterances coated in empty pride are deep and carried out overtly or covertly. Also, other regions we populate are taking notes and implementing steps, again, openly and otherwise, to make sure you don't start calling their own land a no man's land in the future. This is the 2012 post:

We are still a 3rd worId nation, it is not advanced enough that wherever you find yourself is your land. No matter how much you love to live and thrive in any land in our nation, if it is not your land, it is not your land. Respect your hosts, know your limit, don't cross certain boundaries, if not you will pay a steep price. Unfortunately, because we are the ones migrating to other lands/regions, this applies majorly to us.

Again and again: it is important for the lgbo man to build and beautify his own land and make it rewarding, safe, and conducive enough for even others to migrate to. This will stem the tide of us migrating and populating other regions en masse. That is the only way we can gain respect and regard in this country and beyond. We will continue to be at the mercy of others in this nation if we don't build our own land. Let's find a way to end the activities of those desecrating and decimating our land via ugm and co, (as it is pushing more Igbos away from our land & making us more vulnerable to our hosts in various regions) and then make a coordinated effort to build a viable homeland for us and beyond. All else is noise, empty noise. And to the Igbo with many reasons and excuses why Igbos populate other regions and cannot build own land, hear this: The universe only comprehends results and not reasons.

LET ME REPEAT: A region that realises they have a problem and set out to rectify them shall blossom. But a region that has a problem and pretends it doesn't exist or remedy it, would wither. It's a simple law of nature.

Thank you all.

Yours truly, Maria Ude Nwachi.


Wow what a piece! This is Deep!... Full of wisdom for the wise.


Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Visits Oba Of Lagos (Photos) by Cynergy: 6:02pm On Mar 16
Make una leave the boy alone jare. Even Tinubu and Sanwoolu who are like elderly people that should understand the tenets of Yoruba customs didnt pulled off their cap not to talk an half caste Yoruba ajebutter. I no blame dem ... Na Oba Akinolu dey cause am... HRH is liberal and is too deep into politics, so him no go reason am as bad thing.
Politics / Re: Lagos Was Owned By The British For 99years- Rufai Shares Treaty Cession Document by Cynergy: 9:14pm On Mar 15

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get to Lagos from ANYWHERE in Nigeria without going through at least 2 other Yoruba states. So, if the Edos (together with their okoro enablers) want to come and collect Lagos, they have to cross Ondo first and then Ogun state before they get to the border of Lagos.

Lagos is bordered COMPLETELY by Ogun state and the Atlantic Ocean. That means only two groups can be indigenous to Lagos: Yorubas and fishes (from the ocean). If you're not a Yoruba or an Atlantic fish, you're not indigenous to Lagos. Know this and know peace. This message is especially for the foolish bini people and their Ibo enablers. Because if you're not Yoruba and you're claiming Lagos, then you must be a fish and we will either send you back to the Atlantic OR prepare roasted fish with boli.

Much Respect bro ... See Finishing... setting the record straight for them lolz!... Make them rest on this topic ABEG!

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Politics / Re: Lagos Was Owned By The British For 99years- Rufai Shares Treaty Cession Document by Cynergy: 8:58pm On Mar 15

Where is Governor Otedola from?

Let me even ask you something. Are you Yoruba? If not, then you're only fooling gullible Nigerians.

The issue between Yoruba Lagosians and Yoruba Ara Oke has been there from time immemorial. So, you're wrong to say something is brewing. In fact, the issue has died down in recent years, unlike how it used to be in the First Republic.

Look, many of these Yoruba Lagosians migrated to Lagos from other Yoruba towns. The fact is that you cannot separate one Yoruba town from the other. Nobody is more Lagosian than Sapara Williams, the first qualified lawyer in Nigeria. For your information, Sapara Williams' lineage is Ijesa. Moreover, you cannot be more Lagosian than the Ijebus of Epe and the Aworis who are bonafide Yoruba sub-groups.

Most of these Yoruba Lagosians who amplify issues between them and other Yoruba sub-groups are the resettled slaves from Brazil and Sierra Leone like Bode George and Rhodes-Vivour who don't even have ancestral lands in Lagos.

100% Apt.... You made me proud! At least Gainsayers and Naysayers will allow us rest on this topic. Know this and no peace lolz! "Lagos is no man's land"agitators make una rest ABEG!
To be honest with ourselves, we all know the race that geographically and ancestrally Lagos belongs to "Amo rawa taba ri arawa"

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Politics / Re: Lagos Was Owned By The British For 99years- Rufai Shares Treaty Cession Document by Cynergy: 6:52pm On Mar 15
Who are the Aworis

You forget Aworis are in Ife Osun state and in Ogun state

Besides Ibeju, Epe and Ikorodu is indigenous to Jebu as in Ijebu.

Don't mind them... they will be calling Awori Awori as if Aworis are separated from Yoruba lineage.... Awori's are purebred Yorubas from Ile ife

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Politics / Re: Lagos Was Owned By The British For 99years- Rufai Shares Treaty Cession Document by Cynergy: 6:39pm On Mar 15
So before 1861, Lagos had no history? How was Lagos conquered or taken over by the British in 1861. The research is incomplete and flawed. The same bad belle playing out. Who told this Oseni guy to drive on BRT lane. He was punished for his offence. Ever since, he has been antagonizing. It is all meaningless.

Oh I now see where his bitterness about anything APC and Lagos state government is coming from. This guy sometimes makes me to dislike Arisenews. Always antagonizing this state government.

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Politics / Re: I Rejected Bode George As A Godfather & He Endorsed Rhodes-Vivour - Jandor by Cynergy: 4:17pm On Mar 15

Same Alimosho Raul aragbesola campaigned few days ago grin dem never born una papa well, the reason why APC lost Alimosho is well known but certainly not these governorship election. we shall see

The way the guy they call Alimosho every time for here as if Alimosho start and ends in his area in Ekoro, he will be calling Alimosho as if he dey oversees all affairs that happens in every part of Alimosho they make me laugh. Apart from Alimosho being the most densely populated LG in whole Lagos state, it still remains core indigenous Yoruba dominated Local Government. Also, It is still remains APC Stronghold and that is why APC are putting their acts together coz they can never lose that indigenous area or LG to any opposition.

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Politics / Re: I Rejected Bode George As A Godfather & He Endorsed Rhodes-Vivour - Jandor by Cynergy: 3:31pm On Mar 15
Don't mind that deluded guy, nobody stone anybody, he is just one of the political touts harassing people in Alimoso area.

Lolz he is happy that he stoned APC people in Ekoro area abi, I pray APC foot soldiers will not give you their own reprisal attack. Does he really thinks he can harassed every APC members in every nook and cranny of the entire Alimosho? Does he knows how far and wide the length and breadth of Alimosho is? Ekoro is just figment in the entire Alimosho area. Alimosho remains the stronghold of the Ruling party.

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Politics / Re: Why They Are Calling Me Omo - Ale - Gbadebo Rhodes - Vivour (GRV) by Cynergy: 8:04pm On Mar 14
Without prejudice to his eligibility (or otherwise) as adjudged by the thieves running the APC, this guy isn't a 'true Lagosian' in the literal sense of the word.

He is the descendant of a returnee slave, which means his original roots within Africa are definitely upcountry Yorubaland or quite possibly elsewhere further up or east, because Lagos was merely a hub of the slave trade not a place where wars were fought (or men simply kidnapped) and free men rechristened as slaves overnight.

To qualify as a 'true Lagosian' he has to be either an Awori or a Badagry person.

Going by your summation, if it has to be Awori (JANDOR) or if it has to be Badary (DOHERTY), so either of the two are true freeborn Lagosian we should vote then!
Politics / Re: Obi Should Stop Being Reckless by Cynergy: 2:45am On Mar 14

All these indomie children on nairaland. Who told u opc was established in the 90s and who told u it was yorubas that made igbo's run to the east in 1993? A lot of u are mad but I don't just realize it.

100% correct... I wanted to debunked that too... Nothing like OPC during June 12. I know this coz the founder of OPC (Dr Frederick Fasheun) "Best Hope Hospital" building is in my hood where I grew up. I know when OPC started making Waze, whenever they come around for their meetings around my hood that period. It was when Gani Adams faction cut out from their founder Dr Fasheun, OPC started getting rogue and bloody that period and that was around early 2000.

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Politics / Re: Grv Makes His Birth Certificate Public by Cynergy: 1:58am On Mar 14

Eery lagosian born in the early 1980s have this exact type of birth certificate even though his is on a photocopied A4 paper. Maybe he lost my the original.

If he says that is his certificate, then so be it. This is his own truth.
Na true you talk... Even mine (birth cert) don changed brown color now lolz!
E be like say na that Registrar (OLUWEMIMO OLARENWAJU ODUKOYA) signed for most children that were born in that LAGOS ISLAND MATERNITY HOSPITAL during that period coz the same name show for my own and my folks own lolz!

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Politics / Re: Rauf Aregbesola Campaigns For Sanwo-Olu In Alimosho (Video) by Cynergy: 4:54pm On Mar 12
Before now, Alimosho used to be core IBILE APC stronghold that delivers massive vote due to over 90% of them are Yorubas both indigenous and other Yorubas from other SWestern states domiciled there. I hope it's not too late for them to maintain their winning status quo in that axis.... APC knows Alimosho is where they gather highest vote like KANO, but they left them carelessly with no tangible development to the opposition. Also, Senator Olamilekan YAYI that left Alimosho axis to Ogun state was really a huge loss for APC to the opposition party.
Politics / Re: My First 100 Days As Governor of Lagos - GRV by Cynergy: 11:45am On Mar 12

I be wan vote for this guy ooo but now I understand e nor know anything about governance….. maybe na family planning e Dey do

Seriously, this GRV manifesto is one of his greatest undoing towards the election. The guy for keep am to himself jeje. Coz now alot of smart, educated and pragmatic political analyst/economist don dey change their mind about voting him now! Also, did GVR bear it in mind that, Lagos House of Assembly Speaker (Obasa), a guy that has been landlord of that Assembly for more than 20years will never allows such manifesto to fly with the majority of the floor members that are loyalist to the speaker (Obasa)?


Travel / Re: Container Falls Off Trailer On Ojuelegba Bridge, Lagos by Cynergy: 1:20pm On Mar 10
Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Takes His Campaign To Alimosho (Pictures) by Cynergy: 6:46pm On Mar 08

I know you are a very intelligent guy, I’ve read some of your threads and you are very analytical

It’s true u are pissed off with Sanwo olu, but is it okay to trade Sanwo olu for someone who has a disdain for his own people and is IPOB?
In what capacity has GRV ever been tested to hand over a whole Lagos into his hands?

And let’s be honest, do u really think GRV has what it takes to challenge Tinubu who is now the incoming president? Think again if he truly can stand up to that

Pdp was in power for 16 years, when it was handed over to Apc that even had experience in leadership, they could not contain it and the country was in instability. They are still recovering from the disruption

We agree, apc has been in power lagos, do u think handling a whole Lagos to LP that hasn’t been tested other than promises at this critical moment won’t result in serious disruption in Lagos government? Is Lagos ready to face that level of instability ?
Lagos may not recover from it in the 4 years they will be struggling to understand the government of lagos and settling down
I’d suggest we consider our decision and for now let Sanwo olu continue for stability sake.
Lagos is not perfect but still the most progressing state in Nigeria. It is not smart enough to hand it over to someone that cannot even control his outburst in social media.
Lagos is not an experimental ground
Agbero is a problem, I agree but don’t create bigger problems on trying to solve one. There are several problems and challenges bigger than agbero

A kin binu ori ka fi fila de dodo

Even Gbadebo after listening to several of his interview both on tv and radio, didn't say he will erased agbero permanently on our street , rather he only said he would discuss with them on the way forward. Whereas we in Lagos we want total expulsion of any element named it thugs, agbero, urchins permanently from our Streets. We need a Governor that will not treat agbero matter with kids gloves but a Governor that will chased them back to wherever trenches of village they came out from.


Politics / Re: There Are Plans To Assassinate Lagos LP Candidate, Gbadebo: Bode George by Cynergy: 11:39am On Mar 07
Guys all this matter are very sensitive o! Make una no put mouth in what una no get the fact o! Information reaching me is that, DSS agents are all over our cybers pace; social media, forums etc monitoring and keeping tabs on everyone's activities online and they are working with the Telcos as well. So mind your language. Don't say what you cannot prove in the court of law henceforth.
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Writes Eti-Osa Residents, Appeals To Them To Re-Elect Him by Cynergy: 10:28pm On Mar 06
Mr Sanwo Olu you dey try o, and you have a good mind to work but alot of things people will used against you are too much to bear and this can stands as your Achilles heel for your relection if you don't do something about it fast...
Try and enact a law btw now and Friday on these following issues and your Vote % will go up astronomically....
1. Just look for strategic and smart ways of Eliminating agbero, urchins etc on our Lagos streets and bus stops permanently and your vote % will increase cox majority of people that want to vote against you including Yorubas are voting because of this.
2. All those excess taxes and levies your LASG tax collectors are billing everybody is too much. Reduce it drastically.
3. Try and be a man of your own by not answering to any OGA at the top because people see you as a puppet that you don't have a mind of your own. Start doing things that will prove them wrong that you are our No1 citizen nobody is above you in Lagos aside Almighty God.
4. For once as a Governor, (alot of past Governor have promised and failed to keep their promises on this container falling Ban) Pls take the bull by it horns and Ban container plying Lagos road during the day permanently cox we don't want container dropping on any Lagocian again. (this has been a menace to the safesty of Lagocian)
And for the Etiosa Residents... Remove collection of any toll levy in that lekki ajah corridor permanently ... Your voting % will increase...
These are just some of the reasons people angered in Lagos... But If Mr Governor like let him not take all this into cognizance or he should disregard them ...
Electorates will decide on 11th March


Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour Pays Visit To The Ooni Of Ife by Cynergy: 10:51pm On Mar 05

Disregard the internet rumours. And fake news flying.
Seyi Tinubu (married 2016) Seyi Tinubu's wife is Layal Jade Holmes . A nigerian---Lebanese. BIRRACIAL NIGERIAN(1/2 lebanese 1/2 Nigerian).
Layal Jade Holmes now known as Layal Jade Tinubu Nee Holmes.

Layal has two siblings, Her Brother’s name is Adam Holm, and her Sister’s name is Sarah Holm. Their father is Lebanese. Only the Mother is Nigerian.




Thank God Finally someone spoke the truth... I don't where all this people concocted their false information from that Seyi Tinubu married to an igbo woman.... People should always verified information before posting virally.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Looks So Handsome And Agile In New Photos. Wow! by Cynergy: 2:14pm On Feb 12
If this picture is real and recent, this man really need a medical rest. He is looking not healthy and frail for this task.
Family / Re: Who Still Remembers This Gadget? by Cynergy: 10:04pm On Jan 26

That Craig David you mentioned brought back memories for me, I served in year 2000 in one village, it was this radio and one Craig David complete cassette that a friend gave me when leaving for camp that was my companion.

I still know which song will come after which song in that Craig David album grin

Yes Y2K was Craig David year! And "I need girl" was the general anthem on every lips.

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TV/Movies / Re: You Can Only Watch One Actor's Movies For The Rest Of Your Life. Who Would It Be by Cynergy: 8:56pm On Jan 21
Denzel Washington fan for life. That is my evergreen actor.

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Religion / Re: Is It Necessary To Baptize Again After Changing Church? by Cynergy: 10:01am On Nov 07, 2021

How is baptism not too much? How many times did Jesus baptize? Should a person who has baptized in a previous church before forced to baptize in a new church?

Infact, I don't understand at all. I have been baptized by immersion in my former church (Foursquare) at the Unilag lagoon front years ago, and I have my certificate intact. Now the RCCG presently I am planning to join their workforce insisted that I should go through all the classes again which I obliged to, Infact, weeks from now they are planning to conduct Baptism for our set. Funny enough I asked several of our Teachers in the church, all they said; "it is RCCG policy". To be honest, churches should not subjected already baptised Christians to another round of this process especially someone that have done it thoroughly in a church like Foursquare Gospel Church. Infact, if I compare both churches process my former church is even more thorough than what I am being thought in my new church. Countless times my class teachers always asked me how I did so well in the class test but all
thanks to my prior knowledge in the whole process from my former church. So in a nutshell, going through all the process all over again for someone like me, is like someone that is already in Jss1 asked to rewrite common entrance again because the new school insisted I have to retake common entrance examination before i can be admitted into their own Jss1 class. Even if this done in the secular world , I believe in Christianity it should not be so, because on Judgement day nobody will be asked to identify the name or denomination of the churches they belong to.
Business / Re: Join Africa's First Cryptocurrency Reserve Today And Earn 120000 Monthly by Cynergy: 9:11pm On Jul 31, 2020
So, 1k would turn to 2.7m between now and August ,12?

Where is the balance coming from?

Crypto mining...you wrote.....

If it were that easy, why didn't you register me for free and give me ₦2m while you keep the balance

The worst. MMM loading

no be small thing o lolzzzz!

Haba! This people no dey taya? Every day they are using different format just to collect from the gullible victims

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