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Romance / Re: Why Would My Husband Do This To Me? I Want To Kill Him. by daprofo: 8:26pm On Aug 14, 2020
I met my ex husband at the market while trying to get soup ingredient. He assisted in picking few things and we later exchanged numbers. We started with being friends and I believed he was a nice guy and so I started going to his place, he would also visit me and from there everything went well and we got married after 8 months.
Before we got married we had a little Issue. We were at an hotel that day having some time out beside the swimming pool when he proposed to me publicly. I was shocked and so didn’t immediately accept his proposal but rather left him there at the hotel and looked for a quiet place to think about it. After about a month of getting myself, I had to go back to him and apologize of which he accepted me and we then got married. After about 3 months of marriage, my husband changed from the sweet loving man I knew to a woman beater. I was shocked but I endured it hoping he will change but it was obvious he wasn’t planning to change and so I started planning to move out. But after about 6months of marriage I became pregnant and so could not pack out of his house anymore but had to endure the beating even during pregnancy. One night I had to summon courage and asked my husband what my offence was for him to be treating me like trash and he said because I publicly declined his proposal. I was so shocked and thought he was joking but I still apologized once again. He accepted the apology but still moved on with the beatings. One day he beat me so badly that I started bleeding, obviously it was a miscarriage. I couldn’t tell anyone so I flushed my stomach quietly. After I flushed my stomach he begged me for forgiveness and then gave me a shocker by asking me to leave his house that his revenge on me was over. That night he actually came in with another lady and two Lovely kids which he claimed was his and that was his wife. People have been advising me to revenge, while others has been saying I was at fault for trusting him and being so cheap. Please advise me I really want to know if truly I was at fault? Because right now I am on the look out for assassins who can delete him for me.

Leave him and move on.

You can't create life.

Let karma judge him.

He will pay for it.

Killing him makes you far worse than him.

Don't justify it by saying you've suffered badly in his hands.

What do you want to become? A killer? An assassin?

Why are you trying to join him in his pig dance in the mud?

Let him go. Move on. Stop following him on social media if you have.

Delete his contacts.

Forget about him.

Forgive him and move on. No need to tell him you've forgiven him.

Just forget about him. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for help. You'll be surprised how He'll help you.

Because there's God, your husband will surely suffer for his wrongs and evil. It may not be now. No matter how long he'll pay for it. He may not even enjoy his second marriage. It may be hell for him. Don't bother thinking about revenge. Revenge doesn't make you strong. It isn't your prerogative. It is God's. Hold on. Trust God.

Learn to smile again.

You'll overcome.

You'll meet a better man who will love you and cherish you for who you are.

Don't kill your ex and think that you'll live a better life.

If you shed blood, karma will surely find you. Your life will be hell on earth.

Choose wisely.

Vengeance is mine says God. Not yours.

A word is enough for the wise.


Romance / Re: Do I Tell My American Patient He's Being Scammed By A Nigerian Romance Scammer? by daprofo: 10:29pm On Aug 13, 2020
If you were the American patient and someone knows that you're being duped but the person doesn't alert you will you be happy with such person?

Will you such a person as someone who has your interest at heart

So please, do the right thing and tell him.
Family / Re: My Sister Cancels Her Wedding. Is She Doing The Right Thing? by daprofo: 9:05am On Aug 11, 2020
Is My Sister Doing The Right Thing? Please Your Advice Is Needed

Advice needed
Don't mind my typo errors.

My sister cancel her wedding plans all because her husband to~be insists they are going to be living with his mum after the wedding before they will build their own house.

Now,my sister said she won't go on with the wedding plans if he didn't rent an appartment, even if it's face-me-i-slap-you room,she will be okay with it,she won't even mind if the mother come to spend days with them.

Is my sister doing the right thing?

She is 200% CORRECT!

Why will a married man live with his mother

Your sister was even over considerate to say she'll be willing to stay in a face-me-I-face you apartment if it came to that.
That's maturity.

She is willing to build together with him.

If they stay in his mother's house, he has no say.
It's not his house. It doesn't show responsibility at all.

If the husband is responsible he won't mind going for a cheap accommodation.

Your sister is far too kind and a wife material.

How many girls of today will be willing to put up with a man in a face-me-I-face you flat
Yet she's willing because she cares, has foresight, believes in her man... But the man is too... Let me not insult him...

That's all I have to say.


Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore Releases Footage Of His DSS Detention Cell, A Year After by daprofo: 8:26am On Aug 04, 2020

My broda, he did jor!

Never underestimate d influential power of media in politics!

In fact, he did far more than any other politician thru his damning news!

D media are a mind controlled & manipulative system; influencing d opinions & choices of d citizenry!

Or, don't u know dt already? Huh?


Well said

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Autos / Re: Connect with Our Sales Experts To Sell Your Cars 10x Faster Anywhere In Nigeria. by daprofo: 3:12am On Aug 03, 2020
I am a car agent myself.

Does your service apply to me?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Help Me Thank God, Just Got A Job With A Very Attractive Pay!!! by daprofo: 3:02am On Aug 03, 2020
Congratulations bro
Romance / Re: Ladies How Do You Cope With An Overbearing Man??? by daprofo: 10:04am On Jun 27, 2020

Everything you wrote showed you are a dominating man. And you believe some people want others to dominate them, so you don't mind dominating them. The check is: would you want another person to dominate you? You know the answer. And from your response here, it is clear who you are.

By the way, go and read my response to you again, there was no insult there. What I can see is a dominating man in you who cannot bear another facing them. If I sit you down, I will clear that dominating ego in you with strong words cos dominating people like you talk anyhow. If I shake you, believe me, you will crawl into your shell. I swear. People like you don't have much to offer than to dominate. And that is what is killing Nigeria. You are beginning to irritate me seriously. Guy, you need to change. That someone wants to be dominated should not give you the go ahead to dominate the person. Rather, help the person to get over the abuse the person has passed through.

I pray you get help soon; else, you will go down the Hitler and Stalin route. Obviously you need help to say you from yourself. Goodluck Mr. Females Dominator.

Observation on point.

I second you.
Romance / Re: Ladies How Do You Cope With An Overbearing Man??? by daprofo: 10:00am On Jun 27, 2020
It's a red flag, sister.

That isn't a weakness.

It's a red flag situation. Heed the signs.

What do you do with red flags? Run.

Red flag situations can't be remedied.

They're ingrained habits that can never be stopped.

Don't think you can change him.

Don't think love will make him change.

It's his own issue. Not yours to deal with.

If you're not having peace about the relationship it's a sign you must let go and move on.

A broken relationship is better than a broken home.

If it were to be a case of weakness on his part I won't tell you to leave.

Weaknesses include things like:
He's too quiet and I don't like that; his house is always dirty; he doesn't like complimenting me whenever I make a new hair, etc. These are things that can be improved upon over time.

But red flags? Nah, very hard. Examples: he lies a lot; he always wants to be in control; he's a control freak; he doesn't see me as his equal; etc. What do you do with red flags? Stay and watch? Pray that God will change them?

Truth is you can't change anybody, sis.

You deserve better.

Don't settle for less.

I wish you the best.

Decide wisely.

God bless you.
Health / Re: I'm Ready To Sue One Of The Biggest Private Hospital In Lagos by daprofo: 2:06pm On May 24, 2020
Sue their bloody ass! Nonsense!
Romance / Re: Should I Employ My Ex by daprofo: 10:51pm On Mar 11, 2020
Hire her and regret later.

By their fruits you shall know them.

You think people change like that?

Help her financially once in a while if she ask for it but to employ her in your new place of work?

Guy, you're playing with fire.

The ball's in your court
Family / Re: Living With My Aunt Who Is A Pastor's Wife Is Hell. Should I Run Away? by daprofo: 10:33pm On Mar 11, 2020

how old are you and are you done with high school?

Good question
Music/Radio / I Am A Radio Presenter Looking For A Great Job In A Radio Station In Lagos by daprofo: 10:22pm On Mar 11, 2020
I am a radio presenter based in Lagos.

I can present in Nigerian accent, US and UK accent.

If you need the services of an OAP or radio presenter don't fail to contact me:


I promise to wow you and the audience with captivating and intelligent delivery.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Professional Writer Needed by daprofo: 8:27am On Feb 25, 2020
Here is my email address:

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Write? Join Us. by daprofo: 6:16pm On Feb 11, 2020
We beckon on writers with good writing skills to come join our team of professional writers.

1. Anybody can write.
2. You just need to have a means of writing on the topics we give to you.


To join us contact 0805.091.7039 so we can communicate further on Whatsapp. Cheers.

This is exploitation.

I mean, this is wicked!

#500 for minimum of 800 words!

I pity anyone who applies for this.

Writers, wake up!
Literature / Can Someone Help Me With Setting Up A Paid Advert On Nairaland? by daprofo: 2:47pm On Feb 10, 2020
Hi house,

Lalastica, mynd, seun,...

Please, I need your urgent assistance.

I want to run an advert for my company.

I have tried it on my own sometime ago but it didn't work out.

I had to wait for approval for days and weeks.

Was there something I didn't do?

Did I miss something along the line?

Please, I need someone do this for me.

Thank you.

URGENT, please.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Competent Writer Needed!! by daprofo: 9:08pm On Feb 03, 2020
A competent website and blog writer with SEO knowledge needed for a long term relationship!. You must be able to flow with the use of keywords.

Please do not message if you know you can't deliver 100% original and quality contents.

WhatsApp: 08149732701.

Looking forward to hearing from competent ones.

Hope it's not all those #1 per word or #2 per word shitty offers?
Literature/Writing Ads / We're Very Expensive But Deliver Topnotch Writing Services by daprofo: 12:00pm On Feb 03, 2020
We're a content writing company.

We deliver topnotch writing.

We also pride ourselves as being very expensive because we've paid our dues in this content writing space and believe that writers should be properly paid.

#1 per word is a taboo to us.

#3 per word is an insult to all intelligent Nigerian writers.

#10 per word is unacceptable to us.

#35 per word is manageable but on conditions.

If you must hire us, ask yourself if you're able to afford #50 and above per word.

If you cannot, just stay clear and far off our coast.

We're championing the cause of, not just our company, but that of all Nigerian writers.

We write book projects and essays.

If you can't afford us, no point calling.

Our professional fees are fixed. Non-negotiable.


For: Brainy Wordsmiths
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Experienced Company Secretary by daprofo: 11:43am On Feb 03, 2020

Family / Re: My Wife Is A Thief & Greedy: My One-Month Marriage About To Crash by daprofo: 7:54pm On Jan 31, 2020
She's a malignant narcissist.

It's a clinical disorder.

She may likely never change.

Watch YouTube videos on this.

If you need further guidance you can call me, 08104194694.

I charge for consultations.

However, if you're not willing to explore this line, YouTube and Google is there for you.

I wish you the best.
Literature/Writing Ads / BRAINY WORDSMITHS: We Will Write For You. N10 (ten Naira) Per Word. by daprofo: 9:54pm On Jan 29, 2020
Yes, we may be expensive but we deliver exceptionally well.

This is because we have paid our dues in the content writing space,
having written great contents for lots of B2Bs and B2Cs too.


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We're your go-to content writing guys* for any of these writing needs and more.

Without trying to brag, we spin words at the drop of a hat!

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Give us a call so we can discuss your writing project.

Our rates are affordable.


Romance / Re: How Do I Politely Turn Down Ladies' Sexual Advances? by daprofo: 9:56pm On Jan 15, 2020
Guy, are you okay?

Girls who know you're in a relationship want to bleep you and you say they're nice!

Is that niceness?

Stick to your principles.

Even if you and your girlfriend break up tomorrow it doesn't mean you lost out by not exploiting the present temptation for sex.

I commend you for your principles. It shows that there are still principled men in the world.

Here is what you have to do:

Be assertive! Tell those girls you won't tolerate those cuddling requests, going forward.

Also, when next any of them visits, tell them before hand that you wouldn't be entertaining late night visits or stay over.

Be assertive! Women will respect you for it. If any of them decides to leave you, so be it! Don't freak out.

Why please them to displease your conscience!?

That's not love! That's also not sacrifice! It's sheer manipulation.

Speak with a relationship coach on 08194194694 for free advice for the first 10 minutes.

I wish you good luck.
Foreign Affairs / Re: New Video Shows Ukrainian Plane Struck By Two Iranian Missiles by daprofo: 9:33pm On Jan 15, 2020
I feel the CIA is involved.
this seems like a well planned operation by the USA..

my opinion though

Who ask you about CIA naw?

This is how we start & spew around conspiracy!
Business / Re: Ebun Okubanjo, CEO Of Lekki Fitness & Gym Centre Slams Customer by daprofo: 9:27pm On Jan 15, 2020
That lady is evil.

She wants to wreck the man's business but it won't work.
Family / Re: My Wife Wants To Leave Me by daprofo: 5:54am On Jan 15, 2020
She has been looking for an excuse to leave you!

Perhaps, she has someone overseas.

What you did is something that happened before you married her.

Let your pastor or a third party with experience in relationship matters talk to her

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Romance / Re: I Unintentionally Exposed My Girlfriend by daprofo: 1:15pm On Jan 14, 2020
Leave her make she be bro, she was dating u but open to other guys that's what this means, but if a girl u have dated closed to a year couldn't detect ur voice even tho u faked it, then she never held u in high regards, sorry bro u was dating ur self grin

I don't think she was serious with you the way u are with her,if not she could have just said she knew it was u so she flowed well with you,but she doesn't even know ur faked voice to start with

Move on bro,u might be dodging a deadly 56mm sniper bullet

On point
Politics / Re: MURIC: Hanan Buhari Flying On Presidential Jet Is An Inspiration To The Youth by daprofo: 8:14pm On Jan 13, 2020
Same issue: in the UK, the Prince and Duchess of Sussex who are lawfully allowed to enter the private jet decided on their own to take a commercial airplane because the taxpayers complained.

Here, the government doesn't even have our time.
We're complaining, they're busy telling us to shut up!

To add insult to injury, mumu MURIC is now opening their mouth to talk rubbish.

Now officially confirmed. This Buhari government is a self-seeking one. Period.


Politics / Re: Babatunde Gbadamosi: Let Us Break Nigeria If North Retains Power In 2023 by daprofo: 10:29am On Jan 13, 2020
Oh u ppl now want to breakaway if power isn't transferred to U but called Igbos all sorts of names wen dey stated agitating for their own freedom.. We no dey break anything , if North retains power dey must continue ruling ooo

Did you read his post well?

Did you see where he was canvassing for the Igbos to produce a president?

You won't read... It's to open your mouth and be talking anyhow
Literature / Re: A Writer Is Needed by daprofo: 8:16pm On Jan 12, 2020
If you need writer(s) call 08104194694.

Caveat: we're expensive.

Don't call if you're not financially buoyant.
Literature / Re: The Story Of My Life(true Life Story) by daprofo: 8:11pm On Jan 12, 2020
Av been a fan of nairaland since 2010, av always be a silent reader since then, I just wish to share my true life story with nairalanders,please try to correct me if there is any error or blunders, because am sure there will be so many mistakes since this will be my first update....... Enjoy and don't critize much[color=#006600][/color]

If you need book writers, editors and proofreaders, call 08194194694.

Caveat: we're expensive.

Don't call if you're not financially buoyant.
Literature/Writing Ads / We Will Write Your Memoir For #350, 000 Only In 3 Months by daprofo: 8:06pm On Jan 12, 2020
Yes, you read right.

Call us on 08104194694 to find out more and let's discuss the direction of your memoir book project.
Business / Re: Started Kindle Publishing This Week. Already Made $50 by daprofo: 7:37pm On Jan 12, 2020
How do you get people (ghost writers) to write for you and how do you ensure this ghostwriters don't go behind to use your material?
I have 3 unique fictional book idea. But I'm not much of a writer

If you're still in need of a ghostwriter contact these guys, 08104194694.

They're good and affordable and will help you spin a spellbinding and irresistible book that your readers wouldn't want to drop until they're reading.

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