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Celebrities / Your Birth Month And Possible Crush (PICS) by DatBossAssChick(f): 2:39pm On Nov 24, 2016
Come and get her when you're ready.

Mine is JUNE cheesy

Crime / WICKED!! What A Step Mother Did To A 2 Years Old Child (pic) by DatBossAssChick(f): 6:02am On Nov 20, 2016
LOOKING at the picture of two-year-old Lovelyn William will elicit tears from the heart of any human being. Unclad, with her mouth tapered, hands tied backwards and legs tied together, she lay on thefloor of a room at Itori in Ogun State.

This young girl’s stepmother, 28-year-old Christiana Faturoti, allegedly threw her there as a punishment because she soiled herself. After putting the child in the room, she padlocked it and left for her workplace.
For over two hours on February 17, the little girl, who turned two on February 15, 2015, groaned and moaned, until a neighbour heard the sound and traced it to an unoccupied room which was padlocked. After peeping and seeing the girl in such a condition, the neighbour quickly alerted the police at Itori police station. Christiana was promptly arrested and is currently undergoing interrogation at the Anti-Human Trafficking section of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Ogun State Police Command.
Lovelyn’s mother was reported to have developed baby blues (mental illness) after birth and is currently at a psychiatric hospital where she is undergoing treatment. Crime Reports learnt that the child’s father, Mr Christopher William, met Christiana on the facebook, after which they started a relationship.

Willam (37), from Abia State who spoke with Crime Reports, said:
“Christiana posted a notice on facebook that a single lady from Osun State, a mother of one, needed a husband. I called the number and asked that we meet.
“I sent her N5,000 as transport fare to Lagos State and she came in February 2013. She slept in my place and left the following day. We lost contact for about two months. Later, she called me that she was pregnant and I told her to come over to Lagos. We went to my mother in Abia State in June and spent about a week there.
“In October 2013, I told Christiana to move in with me until she would deliver her baby, after which we would go to her family for marriage formalisation. To my surprise, she refused, saying that she had to get the consent of her friend, Dekola Elizabeth. She later called and said her friend disagreed with my suggestion.
“When she put to bed on December 5, 2013 and I was informed, I still repeated my suggestion but she refused. I said we would hold the naming ceremony when the baby would be three months according to my culture but she named the baby herself on the seventh day.
“All these led to a disagreement for a while until I called her for settlement again and I promised to be visiting. In November 2014, she said she wanted to see my daughter. Then my daughter, Lovelyn, was with a care giver whom I was paying N12,000 per month. She suggested that she take the little girl to stay with her along with her son. That was same November.
“I agreed with the idea and she took my daughter.
“Any time I went there, the friend would not allow me to sleep over. She would be looking at her watch, telling me it was time to leave. If I desired to have private discussion with Christiana, she would ask me to say everything in the presence of her friend.
“My daughter was two years old on February 15, so on February 14, I called her that we should celebrate Valentine’s Day together so that the following day, we could mark my daughter’s birthday but she said no, she had a church programme. On February 15, I was at Christiana’s place.
“I noticed that my baby was wearing two dresses. I removed the dresses and saw whip marks on my daughter’s body. I also saw another mark on her face and noticed that her eyes were bloodshot. On enquiries, Christiana said my daughter got the marks from school.
“I called her friend’s attention to it but her response was ‘That is your business’. I made up my mind to go with my daughter but Christiana said she would put her in her own class in school. I gave her N5,000 and said I would be back on Wednesday.
“I was surprised when I received a call on February 17 from Itori police station. When I got there, I was shown my daughter’s picture and I started weeping. I enquiries on what I did to warrant the treatment and I was told she said I loved the girl more than her son.”

Christopher said the lady’s family had been begging her but said his relationship with her was over. “If she could do this to my daughter, it means my life is in danger too.”

Christiana, from Imesi-Ile, Osun State, told Crime Reports that
“the girl did not offend me but I was not happy at the way Christopher neglected me and the baby I had for him, and concentrated on his daughter.
“I met Christopher on facebook in December 2012. He told me he had a child but was single. I also told him I was a single mother of one. He proposed a relationship and I went to Lagos State to see him. When I got pregnant, I went to his parents in Abia State. On our return, I asked him to accompany me to my parents’ but he said he was not ready to go, telling me to pack into his house. I refused and he stopped coming to me.
“After delivery, I called him and he came with N5,000, diapers and clothes. He did not come for the naming ceremony; I named the child myself.“In September, 2014, he called to apologise and said he would start performing his responsibility. In October, he said his daughter’s care giver had travelled and his relations were using the girl to extort money from him. He said I should get an accommodation for him so that he would move close to me. Christopher started coming regularly and would bring provisions.
“It is true I beat the girl which left marks on her. She soiled herself and I was angry with her. On February 17, she soiled herself again, so I tied her hands and legs, tapered her mouth and threw her inside the room the father paid for, though yet to move in. I padlocked the room and left for my workplace at about 7a.m. I just wanted to punish her.”
When asked to describe her action, Christiana replied: “Wicked”.
Christiana’s friend, Diekola Elizabeth from Eruwa, Oyo State (27), who was also arrested, told Crime Reports that
“I didn’t know about what Christiana did to Lovelyn. I was not a party to it, though I also beat her once when she soiled herself.
“It is true that Christopher pointed my attention to the marks on the child’s body and said that he wanted to go with her, but I replied that the choice was his because it was none of my business.”
Reacting to the story, the police image maker in Ogun state Police Command, DSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, described the suspect’s act as inhuman.


Family / Re: "Disrespect My Mum I Divorce You" .too Harsh? by DatBossAssChick(f): 9:56pm On Aug 19, 2016

we're abt 2 marry dats y we are setting boundaries.
Useless boundaries.

What a way to start one.

Totally harsh. Even if she doesn't and can't do such, this your statement can make her think twice about the marriage. There are better ways to pass information. Heck, I wouldn't tolerate insults from him about my parents but divorce won't be the key.


Autos / Re: »»» Sold!!! Sold!!! Neat Toyota Avalon 03 @ N850k Not Negotiable ««« by DatBossAssChick(f): 2:22pm On Aug 01, 2016
Is dis really an 03 model? OP pls check again.
Jokes Etc / Re: Nigerians To Visit The Sun Soon by DatBossAssChick(f): 1:42pm On Jul 30, 2016
Yeah it's possible. Would like to see and hear the trials and errors.
Celebrities / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Pushes Aside Selfie Seeking Fan [photo/video] by DatBossAssChick(f): 1:39pm On Jul 30, 2016
They should let him be. What is selfie! Not every time one is in the mood for such.
Religion / Re: Where Is The Correct Place To Pay Our Tithes by DatBossAssChick(f): 5:11pm On Jul 17, 2016

Pls from where did you get this false doctrine?
Throughout Christ's teachings while on earth, did He ever say what you just said now?
" tithe Prerequisite to make heaven"
I tire! It got me confused.
Celebrities / Re: Between Footballers And Musicians Who Make More Money? by DatBossAssChick(f): 5:17pm On Jul 16, 2016
From latest Forbes celebrity list, I like to agree musicians make more money than footballers


1 Taylor Swift $170,000,000 USA

2 One Direction $110,000,000 UK

3 James Patterson $95,000,000 USA

4 Dr. Phil McGraw $88,000,000 USA

4 Cristiano Ronaldo $88,000,000 Portugal

6 Kevin Hart $87,500,000 USA

7 Howard Stern $85,000,000 USA

8 Lionel Messi $81,500,000 Argentina

9 Adele $80,500,000 UK

10 Rush Limbaugh $79,000,000 USA

11 LeBron James $77,000,000 USA

12 Madonna $76,500,000 USA

13 Ellen DeGeneres $75,000,000 USA

13 Rihanna $75,000,000 Barbados

15 Garth Brooks $70,000,000 USA

16 Roger Federer $68,000,000 Switzerland

17 AC/DC $67,500,000 Australia

18 Rolling Stones $66,500,000 UK

19 Dwayne Johnson $64,500,000 USA

20 David Copperfield $64,000,000 USA

21 Calvin Harris $63,000,000 UK (Scotland)

22 Diddy $62,000,000 USA

23 Jackie Chan $61,000,000 China

24 Bruce Springsteen $60,500,000 USA

25 Paul McCartney $56,500,000 UK

26 Kevin Durant $56,000,000 USA

27 Novak Djokovic $56,000,000 Serbia

28 Justin Bieber $56,000,000 Canada

29 Kenny Chesney $56,000,000 USA

30 Ryan Seacrest $55,000,000 USA

From the picture above, the op is talking about Nigerians.

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Literature / Re: First Night by DatBossAssChick(f): 9:13pm On Jun 26, 2016
first love and first night are part of a three book series. First love is the first book and First night is the second in the series. The characters are related,but the stories are different.

First love is Simi's story and it quite short.

First Night is Dave's story. Since you have read First love, you would know Dave is a friend of Simi's friend from that story and it is much lengthier than First love.

The last book would be Irene's story, Irene is Simi and Dave's friend from first love.

First Night is not available in the store yet,sorry bout the confusion.
Happy Sunday to you too.

Thank you for the clarification.

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Literature / Re: First Night by DatBossAssChick(f): 7:55pm On Jun 26, 2016
Happy Sunday Mrs repogirl. These books of yours #FirstLove# 'n #FirstNight# both have the same characters. I was literally disappointed after buying #FirstLove# from okadabooks and saw a short different story but with the same characters. Actually thought it's the #FirstNight#.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stocks Gain Most In The World Even As Liquidity Remain Low by DatBossAssChick(f): 7:13am On Jun 24, 2016
At least good news
Romance / Re: 55-Year-Old Man Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl Caught - See Photo by DatBossAssChick(f): 3:38pm On Jun 23, 2016
Conji is no respecter of persons

Keep believing that and you'll remain senseless.

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Nairaland / General / Question Of The Day: A Or B.. Who Is Going To Die First? (PIC) by DatBossAssChick(f): 3:35pm On Jun 22, 2016
A or B. smiley

Foreign Affairs / Re: South African Policeman Flees Snake Screaming And Shouting Like A Girl by DatBossAssChick(f): 3:09pm On Jun 22, 2016
The dog join am run. Lol

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Politics / Re: Flood Takes Over Jigawa State (photos) by DatBossAssChick(f): 9:21pm On Jun 20, 2016
Just 5hrs! Here in ph, it rained from 11pm last night till noon today non stop. That's how many hrs
Romance / Re: 7 Pictures That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind by DatBossAssChick(f): 6:42pm On Jun 11, 2016
Almost got me @pigs
Celebrities / Re: Munachi Abii Shows Off Slim Figure! by DatBossAssChick(f): 12:36am On Jun 02, 2016
Ever lovely
Celebrities / Re: Reekado Banks Looks Dope In New Pictures by DatBossAssChick(f): 12:34am On Jun 02, 2016
Politics / Re: Buhari Will Die If He Visits Ogoniland - Niger Delta Avengers by DatBossAssChick(f): 10:15pm On Jun 01, 2016
It's nearly impossible for you to harm the President after making such open threat.

I watched Boko Haram try at Borno State in late 2014, they could not even enter Maiduguri despite being heavy armed and throwing all they got on Nigerian army.The media didn't report it - four hours gun battle , over 12 militarily helicopters deployed. It was on that day I knew that the Army , DSS and civil defence had special forces trained particularly for such occasion. The NSCDC has swat unit i wan mad dat day.

Bottom line they cannot touch a hair on the body of the President.
I concur. Only a sniper can.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh's Endorsement Deal With Numatville by DatBossAssChick(f): 10:13pm On Apr 30, 2016
To my igbo nd yoruba brothers nd sister always killing one another on nl all in the name of tribe,take a cue frm dike nd her hubby.

Tonto is IKWERRE her husband is yoruba,they are having good kids,fat money,big endorsement etc,this means that igbo nd yoruba can other tribes can leave peacefully nd develop togethergrin

one naija i pledge cool
Pets / Re: Monkey Grabs A Girl's Clothe In The Zoo - Photo by DatBossAssChick(f): 3:25pm On Apr 29, 2016
When a selfie gone wrong


Romance / Re: When The Bride Is Orubo, This Will Be Her Maids by DatBossAssChick(f): 6:17pm On Apr 24, 2016
It didn't take one day to get to this size.
Science/Technology / Re: 'Helicopter' Manufactured By Two Boys In Anambra State by DatBossAssChick(f): 1:36pm On Feb 20, 2016
Anambra will be the next best state with great people in years to come.


Fashion / Re: When Your Barber Has A Degree In Customer Care (photo) by DatBossAssChick(f): 7:01pm On Feb 04, 2016

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Politics / Re: Solomon Dalung In 50m Race In UNIPORT (Photos) by DatBossAssChick(f): 8:41am On Jan 30, 2016
Total show off.
Webmasters / Re: 7 Awesome Reasons To Start Your Blog This Year by DatBossAssChick(f): 4:46pm On Jan 05, 2016
I want to go into blogging too. Been having different ideas on how I want it to be. I know I'll need help.
Career / 17k Charges Per Withdraw In Canada. Who Is Experiencing This Reckless Upgrade. by DatBossAssChick(f): 8:59pm On Jan 04, 2016
What have we Nigerians done to deserve this?
My younger bro just complained how he was charged 17k per withdrawal in Canada today. Same thing with his friend complained bitterly. I don't get this new upgrade.

Initially it was $3 which is N400 but everyone is surprised how the charges inflated. This isn't fair. He was going to withdraw from his UBA account to pay for his rent which is due today, and that was the only money in his account, only for this useless thing to happen.

Called customer care and other bankers only to be told it isn't refundable. These people have just left Nigerians over there as good as dead.
Who has experienced such lately? This thing is really affecting families here and there.

UBA bankers what have you to say about this issue?

Lalasticlala ishilove Mynd44 pls help to reach out to people. I need answers.
Pets / Re: Need To Give Someone My Male German Shepherd by DatBossAssChick(f): 9:59pm On Jan 02, 2016

The same way u were minding ur own business on someone else 's thread?
Last time I checked it wasn't and isn't your thread, so why bothered?
Pets / Re: Need To Give Someone My Male German Shepherd by DatBossAssChick(f): 11:29am On Jan 02, 2016

So u mean u actually stalked seun to a thread that is almost a year old?!!!

Wonders they say, will never end...

I'm sure you're one of dem Jehovah's witnesses...Choi!!!
Mind your business.

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Pets / Re: Need To Give Someone My Male German Shepherd by DatBossAssChick(f): 8:15am On Jan 01, 2016
Happy New Year Seun.
Celebrities / Re: Davido's Tweet About Babymamas 5Years Ago by DatBossAssChick(f): 7:54pm On Dec 31, 2015
What goes around comes back around.
Family / Re: Woman Climbing Fence With Backed Baby (photo) by DatBossAssChick(f): 12:03am On Dec 31, 2015
She is looking for her Johnny.


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