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Religion / Re: The Horror Dream I Had About TB Joshua's Synagogue Church Last Night by Dawinlove(m): 8:51pm On Jun 11

God bless you brother, the revival will begin with a purging and the purging has started. A lot of acclaimed prophet will be exposed

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Religion / Re: Nigeria Please Pray by Dawinlove(m): 8:35pm On Jun 11
Pray for yourself First... Nigeria is a strong nation and will always defend itself...

What we don't won't are the Greedy APC, PdP politicians that's making this Great Nation Bankrupt and Being Mocked outside...

Please play for the security of everyone u love. Tomorrow will be something else..a lot of fear
Religion / Re: Nigeria Please Pray by Dawinlove(m): 8:32pm On Jun 11

Jesus should not have come down to die. He should have simply prayed for us from Heaven so that we can be saved.

Wake up oga and stop transferring responsibility to God.

James 2:26

Hope you prayed as I advised?
Religion / Let's Stop Judging And Start Praying For Our Pastors, Bishop And Nigeria by Dawinlove(m): 3:18pm On Jun 06
An attack is out on the church,I could remember in 2018 October 6, I had a revelation on the future of events that will occur in Nigeria. The Lord showed me different things to expect which I posted some during my election postponement post. I will like to review the rest. I saw a burial ceremony in a big church celebrated worldwide,many dress in Ankara and commenting on the dead,they were praying that God should revenge those who killed this celebrated man of God. After this, on 5/12/2018,I had another revelation, a popular preacher was ministering in a place like a crusade with multitudes gathered and was assassinated. I prayed seriously and declare it won't occur in Jesus name and never visit the matter anymore,this was all in 2018. On the 6th of October still, the Lord showed me other things like, the church to face a serious threat from the government and I saw General overseers begging the leader of the nation at that time. This season I saw was not safe at all, I saw a tree burning and God said that is Nigeria,it was not a secured place,many running helter skelter. The lord then showed me the past glory of Nigeria and how the current one is rotten with dead bodies all around, to me as a person that season was a threat to life with joy after escaping so many death. I then saw Ghana, and was so jealous of it,then I heard God said "I will rescue Nigeria" this statement the Lord said will lead to a great revival and I was excited many of us will be used for Gods kingdom. Its time for the weary to rise up, the slumber to wake. We are in a time we need to tarry and wait on the Lord. Its a season of change which can only be birthed on the altar of our prayer. Nigeria is about to experience another rise of great ministers to shut the kingdom of hell and prepare men for the Lords coming.

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Religion / Re: I See Ghana Economy Booming by Dawinlove(m): 8:37pm On Apr 25
Okay. Let's wait and see how that one goes because I believe it's Nigeria that would soon become the envy of the world.

smile, it will happen at the right time

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Religion / Re: Oyedepo: Why Nigeria Has Not Changed For Better by Dawinlove(m): 11:14am On Mar 15

As a human being with desires to prosper, I also believe God wants us to all prosper.

But do you know that there are scriptures against seeking the kingdom for gain/prosperity? But there's almost no single scripture that promotes the prosperity gospel?

Jesus actually said it is impossible to be rich and enter the kingdom of heaven. Luje 18:24-27

In fact the only scripture that I know supports prosperity is 3 John 1:2

Other verses from Jesus teachings and his apostles teachings seem to be against earthly prosperity.

If I'm wrong please do prove me wrong.

Jesus saying it will be hard for a rich man was because the rich man in Mark 10 said he does all things but Jesus said one thing is lacking "go sell all u have and give to the poor" the man went out sorrowfully cos he had a great possession -this connotes money gotten by oneself,wealth acquired by self. when God bless you, he does not rush you but see you have the capacity to carry what he gives u per time so that, you will recognize he blessed you and also make the kingdom of God. ROM 8:6 for to be can ally minded is death- death comes when your spirit man is not alive to the things of God and you are in love with gold. But,to be spiritually minded is life and peace- a wealthy man in the kingdom has given to get to where he is. Kingdom prosperity is a principle- God plan is to make us rich and also to make heaven. You have not been to winners,you should try listening to Oyedepo teaching. I have once condemned this man until I began to follow his ministry and it has blessed me..He has no teaching without the foundation of salvation. Gods kingdom must prosper through prosperity and it takes givers in the kingdom to promote the gospel. The more you give,the more you are blessed. So its a law. To the unbeliever,its hard to sell all and start afresh with God to bless him. They know how they got that money so,God want them to start earning his own way cos,in his way is peace and eternity. But the canal man will find it difficult to let go of his gotten gold by self input,greed ,pride etc and focus on Gods prosperity plan 3Jhn 2
Religion / Re: Oyedepo: Why Nigeria Has Not Changed For Better by Dawinlove(m): 1:11pm On Mar 14

You have to wonder what they're teaching cos even the graduates Covenant is churning out are part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

Winners preaches prosperity without preaching much of righteousness.
When you exalt prosperity over virtues of righteousness, you can be sure that your followers will do anything to gain that prosperity even committing sins that unbelievers won't.

The irony with Christianity is that a unbeliever believes he is committing sin when we steals but a Grace and Prosperity preaches have taught their followers that even if they steal, it is not a sin because Christ has paid for all their sins.

At the end of the day, Christians who should be part of the solution have become more of the problem.

Interestingly you can't blame this pastors because there are Bible verses that support this claim, mostly John and Paul's epistles.

If only Christianity had continued the way the missionaries introduced it to Nigeria, clearly, the Nigeria we have today would be the most prosperous nation in the would but unfortunately the reverse is the case.

Both Christians and Muslims are robbing the Nations and dry and the masses are to suffer for it. Although directly or indirectly the elites are also suffering from this insecure and undder-developrd country they've created.

How do you get prosperous in God without salvation?
Does God cut corners to bless his people?
Mat 6:33- once applied I believe you will shut up and seek God kingdom first cos, thats the platform for everyone kingdom prosperity. I just gave you a secret that will change your life for good
Its your year of supernatural turnaround
Religion / The Farmine Is Here Be Wise And Stock Up Food by Dawinlove(m): 10:49pm On Mar 02
Romance / Re: Lady Runs Mad While Trying To Accept Proposal Ring From Her Boyfriend (Video) by Dawinlove(m): 9:13am On Feb 15
That guy should be arrested, he has something to do with this. check how he held the ring and how slow he was, I believe he was thinking about what will happen next
Religion / Re: Nigeria Please Pray by Dawinlove(m): 11:04am On Feb 13
Pray for yourself First... Nigeria is a strong nation and will always defend itself...

What we don't won't are the Greedy APC, PdP politicians that's making this Great Nation Bankrupt and Being Mocked outside...

wake up brother. This is no joke. Strong nation to defend it self in what way? Please try and understand a post before commenting on it.
Religion / Re: Nigeria Please Pray by Dawinlove(m): 11:00am On Feb 13

Jesus should not have come down to die. He should have simply prayed for us from Heaven so that we can be saved.

Wake up oga and stop transferring responsibility to God.

James 2:26

Read the post well sir
Religion / Drinking Alcohol Is A Sin by Dawinlove(m): 7:13am On Jan 18
The bible wine is not same as todays wine, wine producers also should be put into consideration when talking about this topic. The Hebrew word for “wine” is yayin and the Greek is oinos. The Bible “wine” is grape juice that may or may not have fermented. The type of wine we have today has more alcohol than wine in the first century because of the yeast added to it.
Those time of Christ, the form of fermenting highly alcoholic wine had not yet been invented. Jesus’s opponents accused Him of being a “wine-drinker” its called oinopoteis in Greek, because Jesus came freely eating and drinking grape juice not like John the Baptist who restricted himself from eating and drinking. (Matt 11:18–19; Luke 7:33–34). These people who accuse Jesus appear to blame him for drinking alcohol. But, if we check the wedding at cana in (John 2). It stated that the wedding guests “have well drunk” a large amount of oinos wine. “well drunk” in Greek is methuo meaning to fill or make full, most times the word means “drunk” depending on the context. Translators of the bible mostly used methuo as “drunk” in many contexts which depicts taking intoxicating wine. The reference of the book of John to the guests having “drunk well” shows how the feast was short considering the expression in John 2:10 to mean that the guests were “drunk.” Jesus only provided them with “good wine” as though received from the grape but, it was a miracle. The reference to Jesus’s wine as “good wine” indicates that Jesus made fresh grape juice available. This is the evidence of the miraculous act of God. To see how the scripture speak against strong drink, let's read Lev 10:8-10. Ephes 5:18 only encourage us to be filled with the Holy ghost, thats the only intoxicating wine that brings value to us. In Bishop oyedepo word "it keeps whinning us" thats the essence of its value

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump's Twitter Ban: We Showed "Failure" To Police Global Public Discourse -Jack by Dawinlove(m): 8:54pm On Jan 14
A new social app messenger with a name like one voice app will emerge soon.This will lead many to leave major messaging platforms
Religion / Prophecies As Received From The Lord At The Early Hour Of Today by Dawinlove(m): 7:02am On Jan 05
I was not planning to post any prophecy this year although I had receive some towards the end of last year from October. I felt there is no need since am not being led by the Lord to post, until the early hour of today that the Lord begin to drop some of this prophecies in my spirit as I share:

1.A popular preacher from India will be on watch list as a result of his prophecy on America
2. Their will be a lockdown but before then, the government including other nations will give people the opportunity to buy goods at its normal price. Let him that is wise buy then because,its a strategy and also the unwise will experience hardship.
3.Osinbanjo is working hard to restore our economy but I see many cabals against him but he will stand strong
4.I see the president not ending his tenure (I have posted this before) I see someone else taking his place.
5. I see a man in uniform addressing a nation (I did not receive the nation name but, its a black nation in west Africa)
6. This year is a year that mark the birthing of the end time revival. Last year was to prepare us. Major signs of the end time will manifest a lot this year.
7. Many young kingdom giants will emerge from Nigeria this year carrying the ark of revival to other nations of the world.
8. I see many people selling off property as a result of hardship. I see a kind of silence in community
9. Strange disease in Jos affecting crops and animal.
10. Strange disease different from corona virus. It will first create fear but would be subdued.
11. I heard something like hurricane in south Africa. But from what I saw, I see strange flies invading the city
12. I see strange terrorism in Nigeria and heard Europe should not help Nigeria(book haram attack intensifying in major cities) prayer can avert it
13.I see Trump standing tall in the midst of frustration
14. Egypt to have a new ruler, I heard a new king to change fight my kingdom
15. I see an attack on CBN
16. I see evangelism on the increase with people on face mask giving hope to fellow Christians in the UK
17. Universities to fully resume in march around
18. Police fighting with Police(among themselves)

This are all I received. I might be posting single prophecies as the year runs on just as I do always.

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Religion / Re: Spiritual Exposition Into What The Current Nigeria Look Like by Dawinlove(m): 5:00pm On Jan 04
In a night vision today,the Lord took me up to see the current nation we live in. I saw men naked and covering their unclothedness with a rope like pant while the ladies cover their selves with a scalf. Their bodies were expose. In the revelation I imagine why everyone look that way. The Lord took me to the national house and I saw a mud house with few people wearing green and white as short and shirt. Things were not equal. The king sat indoor,he won't come outside until you praise him or drum for him. When the drummer try all his best to convince the king to come see his people,the king will not attend to them. He does what he likes. Suddenly I heard the drummer saying "I don't know whether he is dead,but all I know now is I feed well and all is good" The king did not finish his period of leadership. The king was declared dead even before knowing. I then heard 1974-1984-.. The current Nigeria is taking a shape...we must come out from the bondage we are in.

The king is our current president,he is the one described not to end his tenure
Religion / I See A Massive Peaceful Protest In The Nation Of Congo by Dawinlove(m): 4:46pm On Jan 04
This protest is to be liberated from economic hardship. I asked who are this people and heard,they are the leventis. I asked again from which Nation in Africa,I heard Congo.


Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Sowore Confronts Military Officer At Abuja Airport by Dawinlove(m): 8:48pm On Jan 02
Sowore will soon be arrested if he does not keep quiet. I remembered I post a prophecy about him this year. By himself he will attract trouble

I rmb posting this months ago

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Celebrities / Re: I Will Continue To Deliver Hits — Davido Makes U-turn On Quitting Music by Dawinlove(m): 7:59pm On Dec 29, 2020

Davido will be saved and turn many to Christ. A major fight to begin in the music industry. Both male and female artist fighting. The music buiseness for Nigeria hiphop artist is entering a phase of badluck. God is restoring a popular musician for the salvation of others. His influence will make other serve the lord
Religion / Re: Very Soon Nobody Would Be Able To Buy Or Sell Anything Without The Chips by Dawinlove(m): 12:29pm On Dec 20, 2020
that is it! The rapture is taking place any time soon, I believe God still allowed a little time to allow the church do soul winning before leaving.
The rapture isn't taking place yet, there will be a worldwide peace before the great tribulation. 2021 will mark the birthing of the world revival with great persecution against the church


Religion / Nigeria Please Pray by Dawinlove(m): 8:53am On Dec 04, 2020
Protest and clash second phase is about to surface.Your prayer can cancel it

I see Bokoharam taking advantage of the current security challenges,I see the military head also being attacked. Let's pray for Nigeria and the military men.

We need prayer not complain. If you love Nigeria pray for it and stop complaining. Stop wishing the country evil and also keep praying for the leaders.

Pray for the President I see him in a state of confusion. The whole situations bother him. I see him even praying in the Christian and Muslim way for divine intervention.

The problem of Nigeria is beyond physical,it is spiritual and physical. Blaming the president can't solve it.He just have to act to see the best he can do. A spiritual problem needs spiritual solution and many politicians are happy the way it is. Let us pray
Religion / Re: 2020 Prophecies by Dawinlove(m): 12:15am On Nov 17, 2020
*Year 2020

As long as you can pray, you will always subdue your enemies

You will not fall victim of the security shake off in the country in Jesus name.Be alert and watch what you say.

The storms and earthquake affecting nations will not locate you and your family

No matter how worst the economy of this nation is, you will not be a victim of poverty

Among those discovering destiny, your portion to greatness shall not be aborted

In this 2020,your Generational curses are over

You shall experience speed even as God is raising endtime giants as long as you are committed

Your fortune shall not be scatter

Your waste years shall be returned a double portion.

Be spiritual, there will be hate from the other religion. Because the wisdom of God is wiser than men, God wisdom in you will overcome them

Islamic scripts popularity, a bad image to endanger the world.This set of people have vowed to cause hate. Many will die for the course of the gospel. Be your brothers keeper in prayer

A world star footballer to experience frustration. His pride will end his career. Your humility will take you far in Jesus name

Every evil known with this country shall not affect your image in Jesus name

This next decade, be committed in a vision and dream for many giants will be unveiled and you will be a part of the testimonies

Pray for an activist recently released,he is going to experience another shakeup. You will not by yourself trouble yourself in Jesus name

You shall not die

The fire outbreaks shall not locate you and your family.

It shall be a year of judgement. Both physically and spiritually.

Welcome to your year of Latter Rain.

The worldwide church

Sowore should please be careful, the prophecy on him will come to pass with his act. He is the human right activist I spoke about here
Religion / I See Ghana Economy Booming by Dawinlove(m): 12:08pm On Nov 16, 2020
The Lord showed me how Ghana will rise and cause a lot of people to look at its direction.I see their stock exchange adding value and respect to their economy. This will create jealousy from Nigeria.

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Religion / Re: The Little Voice That Goes Against My Wish Has Done It Again: Trump Loses! by Dawinlove(m): 12:13pm On Nov 07, 2020
I agree. Really alarming the level they're taking their support to.

I believe you said Jesus sent you here. Is he telling you another thing?.

If Jesus truly sent you here you will understand why the church is praying and what the result of praying is birthing. Revival must come,no revival birth without a passion from the inside. God plan is totally different from man.They aren't praying because Donald Trump is a saviour but a vessel God is using to establish his mandate in this end time. Mark this,no matter what it look like now, Trump will seat in that America seat come 2021

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump's Supporters Pray & Speak In Tongues At Clark County by Dawinlove(m): 1:03pm On Nov 06, 2020

Israel. Israel. Israel. A nation that 74% of its population practice Judaism a religion that does not believe in your Jesus Christ. Even Islam recognizes Jesus Christ but Judaism does not. Yet you fanatics always clamor for them. My people truly perish for lack of knowledge.

Go through my page for understanding. Read my post on the Daniel Calendar
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump's Supporters Pray & Speak In Tongues At Clark County by Dawinlove(m): 1:01pm On Nov 06, 2020

Israel. Israel. Israel. A nation that 74% of its population practice Judaism a religion that does not believe in your Jesus Christ. Even Islam recognizes Jesus Christ but Judaism does not. Yet you fanatics always clamor for them. My people truly perish for lack of knowledge.

You are the one that lack knowledge. Try study your bible on end time prophecy or let me help you, read Isaiah 14 and Romans 11. Israel is Gods first born and will all be called back to salvation. There salvation is the last on earth in the second half of the great tribulation. Then grace is no longer available to the gentiles. Stop being ignorant and understand scriptures before you speak.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump's Supporters Pray & Speak In Tongues At Clark County by Dawinlove(m): 12:58pm On Nov 06, 2020
God cannot be mocked. Trump will win.
Two weeks from now will tell who is the preaident.What you see now is not it


Religion / Re: Till Yaweh Declare One Winner,human Declaration Is Nothing by Dawinlove(m): 8:28pm On Nov 05, 2020

Trump is another cry baby dictator like Buhari. You support trump and not Buhari. You’re funny. USA has been divided across religious and race lines. He emboldens white supremacists if you don’t know. Anonymous made a comment about how ignorant some Nigerians are, because of this. You like impunity elsewhere but not in Nigeria. Keep supporting a scam artist in the name of religion.
Truth & justice comes before any religious beliefs.

Brother I just have to reply you to understand why. I am not supporting Trump from any canal knowledge or cause he is my favourite. I am supporting him because biblical prophecies are just been fulfilled in our days and the years ahead will determine a lot with the election. The Israelis peace deal is of great importance to God in the end of the age. Trump began it and have to finish it. At the end of his second tenure,the building of the temple in Jerusalem including the revealing of the man of sin will began. A no Trump win will affect the world and cause a setback bringing us quickly to the one world government. Check my previous Topic on Daniel calendar for details


Religion / We Are In The Pre-triblation Era About To Enter The Great Tribulation by Dawinlove(m): 8:57am On Nov 05, 2020
The next four years of America will determine a lot in the middle east. The Peace deal with many nations and the building of the Temple. Jesus coming is soon. The last Trump will welcome the son of Man. Repent and be prepared.

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Religion / Re: The Little Voice That Goes Against My Wish Has Done It Again: Trump Loses! by Dawinlove(m): 8:51am On Nov 05, 2020
The winner has not being declared sir.
Religion / Re: Till Yaweh Declare One Winner,human Declaration Is Nothing by Dawinlove(m): 8:49am On Nov 05, 2020
Even if all believers are with Trump on this election, it would make no difference because God is not with him.

It's high time believers stop interpreting their sentimental views as that of God but try to align with that of God, otherwise they'd find themselves walking alone as in the instance of Trump.

God doesn't follow man. It's man that ought to follow God.

God bless.

You said that- "God is not with him"
I believe God did not tell you that but you said that yourself. Let's watch how it goes,whether the one who asked us to keep praying fails. Remember,God use the foolishness of this word to challenge the wise. It is wisdom we don't judge men but allow God will be done.
Religion / A Brand New Police Force Emerging by Dawinlove(m): 7:55am On Nov 05, 2020
A great Reformation and it shall no longer be known for corruption
Religion / Till Yaweh Declare One Winner,human Declaration Is Nothing by Dawinlove(m): 7:41am On Nov 05, 2020
Most believers might have given up on Donald Trump. Two weeks of exposure,supreme court verdict, expose the evil and fraud. Declare him winner

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