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Phones / Re: The Head Phones And Earbuds Thread by DaySpringer: 4:05pm On Jun 18, 2021
Romance / Re: My Bestie Is In Love With Me But I Don’t Want To Lose Him by DaySpringer: 6:26am On May 13, 2021
This is interesting.

I don't believe Ginaz here is telling us the full story.

Ginaz you might deny this, but in the event that you don't here are a couple of questions I want answers to.

1. You say you are afraid that a relationship with you will destroy what you have with him. Why do you think that? Why is a relationship with you romantically different from 6 years of friendship.

He is your bestie. He should know everything about you by this point. Are there things about yourself that you hide from him?

If he is your bestie whom you run to with everything for the past 6 years, then it means he knows everything about you and vice versa.

What do you feel will change when you're in a relationship?

You either have a side of yourself you've never shown him OR you have other reasons like him not meeting the specs you want in a man e.g. Not having enough money.

2. If you have a history of not responding to love, why does he know this and still want to be in a relationship with you?

Does he know this?

Or like I said earlier, is there a side of yourself that you haven't shown him before.

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Business / Re: How To Build Enviable Income As An Email Copywriter In 2020.,, by DaySpringer: 11:30pm On Jun 05, 2020
Following this thread.

Getting clients has always been my issue and upwork suspended my account on accusations of suspicious activity when I did nothing other than loggin in.

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Health / Tell Me The Truth, Are You Happy With .... by DaySpringer: 4:40pm On Jun 04, 2020
Are you happy with your current weight?
Do you know your Body Mass Index?

If you are not happy, do you exercise regularly?
If you don't what is stopping you?
Why are you afraid?

I want to see all your answers.
Health / Re: Please Help! Pregnancy Test Is Positive But Nothing Shows In Scan by DaySpringer: 12:16pm On Jun 03, 2020
Tell your doctors to check for fibroids or tumors,
especially the ones that can release substances into the blood that will fool a pregnancy test
Health / Re: What Can My Dad Use To Replace Coca-cola And End His Addiction by DaySpringer: 3:40am On May 29, 2020
Chivita 100% , zero sugar content

Are you sure about the 0 sugar content part of it?

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Health / Re: What Can My Dad Use To Replace Coca-cola And End His Addiction by DaySpringer: 3:39am On May 29, 2020

Blend water melon and pineapple or water melon and apple for him, am sure he will enjoy it to coca cola.

Can I use a normal blender for this?
Health / What Can My Dad Use To Replace Coca-cola And End His Addiction by DaySpringer: 7:45pm On May 28, 2020
My Dad is a coca-cola addict.
He loves drinking the stuff. He can take two 35cl plastic bottles in a day.

I have been nagging him about it since he has High-Blood Pressure because of the high Sugar and Sodium Content of the drink.
He has reduced but it is still not enough. I want him to completely stop it and let us see the effects on the HBP condition.

I know that in order to get rid of a habit, it is good to replace the habit with something else.

I am asking the knowledgeable experts on this forum, what chilled drink that doesn't contain sugar, can he use to stop his coca-cola addiction.

I personally only drink Chivita 100% Pineapple, which is supposed to be absent of sugar. I don't take carbonated soft drinks. (Sometimes I cheat with Guinness Malt if I get hungry outside the house)
Can I use the drink to replace his coca-cola addiction?
Business / Re: Network Marketers And Multi-level Marketers What Is Your Biggest Problem? by DaySpringer: 7:11pm On May 16, 2020
My greatest problem is leading a prospect successfully to sign up. It is very frustrating. Please help.

By Prospect do you mean someone that has shown interest in knowing what your network is all about?
Business / Network Marketers And Multi-level Marketers What Is Your Biggest Problem? by DaySpringer: 7:18pm On May 12, 2020
I am a Online Sales Specialist and a Copywriter, I help people and businesses to get more customers for their business and increase their revenue.

That being said, I want to share my knowledge with the members of this forum.
I want to show you how to apply the persuasion techniques that I have used in different business models into their online marketing to Network marketing and Multi-level Marketing.

So Multi-level marketers.
What are you biggest problems that you face when trying to market your business?
Is it ads?
Is It writing the right copy on your sales page?

Talk to me.
Sports / Re: Who Deserves Title Of Greatest Premier League Manager? by DaySpringer: 6:14am On May 10, 2020
Arsene Wenger is not supposed to be there.

Having one Invincibles season and just three premier league titles in 20+ years in a particular league with the last one coming close to a decade before his retirement is a reason not to have him there.

Now with that being said,
My top Premier League Managers are in the following order.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson
2. Pep Guardiola
3. Jose Mourinho

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Romance / Re: Why Has Some Ladies Turned Relationship Into A Poverty Alleviation Scheme? by DaySpringer: 4:18pm On Apr 26, 2020

Sure, I'm thinking of arranging some packages for her but my friends think it's not a good decision to still spend on her at the moment, I really love this babe, guy it's hard to move on without me spending for her now as my geniue babe.

Wake up and don't be a simp.


Make me a promise.

Don't spend on that girl until you have read UBUNJA's threads on nairaland.
or his website miseducations.com

and then read the book The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.

If you finish reading those books and you still want to spend on her then be my guest.


Romance / Re: Why Has Some Ladies Turned Relationship Into A Poverty Alleviation Scheme? by DaySpringer: 4:14pm On Apr 26, 2020

I'm 25 she's 20

Brother. I am going to tackle this from several angles. I understand that you are heartbroken at the moment but while your heart might be feeling psychosomatic pain, the best way to heal would be to reorient your mind.

You have been dating her since she was 17. For her to be even loyal for that long, she has tried.

But then again, was she really loyal? Your friends suspected foul play that you did not see because you were blinded by love. Think about it. What if there was foul play behind your back all these while, how would you feel?

Okay. Someone made a comment
When a girl does not have a mind of her own, she will easily be influenced by others! If u don't stand for something, u fall for everything! Guy leave her and let her go but double ur Hussle, I tell u in no distant time she will see babes flock around u and then u will laugh last!

You are a man that is heading to the top. Yes, she stood by you but she also allowed herself to be influenced into giving up the investment that she has been building for the past 3 years. Will you say you did no give her one naira throughout the relationship? No. She got greedy. She wanted more than you can give.

Listen a man needs a woman who has a strong mind. Who believes in him and what he can become. You were not lazy. You had a business and you were working hard for your future, a future that she would have enjoyed had she remained with you. Yet she allowed herself to be misled by a girl that slept with men for money.

A weak-minded girl can never be loyal because she will be influenced left and right by different flashy things. She will definitely cheat on you that is why you should be happy that she is gone. You want someone that stays with you because of you and not just because of your money and you should learn how to make this distinction because when you make money there will be girls that will flock around you because of that same money.

She evaluated you based on financial capacity. Now think about this logically like a businessman.
What does she have to offer that is worth the value of that money?
Now don't answer me like someone that has been brainwashed by the Gynocentric society we live in. It takes guts, determination, persistence, strategic thinking, and the right networks to make money. Which of these did she contribute in your life to bring you the money or the contract that you got later?

If she can evaluate and leave you because of your financial status then you should evaluate her on her qualities that can influence that financial status or even her own. Let me tell you a girl that is business-oriented will not leave you because you cannot provide for her needs, such girls understand potential and hustle. They understand patience.

Posters like Slap44 are so feminized that they want to further guilt trip you into feeling bad. They have bought into the narrative that girls need to be taken care of for the mere fact that they are females. That sleeping with the girl means that you should consequently be taking care of her financial needs. I don't know whether the guy even read the age of the girl and saw that she was just 20.

Your girl wants to hoe around and slap44 wants to have you believe that she is looking for marriage.

Then I think she has every reason to expect that you take care of her financial needs like her friends are being taken care of as you said. Every girl has an expiry period and their value depreciates with age, supposing you dump her after enjoying her body alone for many years and she ends up with nothing?

At 20 your girl is still approaching her peak period of attractiveness and she wants to milk it from as many guys as possible like her friend is advising her.

Is your girl an orphan? or is she from a poor home, does she not have parents who are taking care of her needs?
Will she say that you have not given her a dime in the 3 years of the relationship?

SIMPs want you to believe that because you have been having sex with her, you should be taking care of her financial needs.
Is she a prostitute?


Marriage, she is not sure
Money, she didn't get
Personal development, zero

And when may just end up committing suicide.

No Nigerian babe currently wants marriage at 20. Except the guy is a billionaire like Ned Nwoko.

A girl should be in charge of her own Personal development. This is another thing you should look into with any future girls you want to be with. Be with a girl that takes responsibility for their own personal development and does not wait for the man to do it.


The same girl can walk out and meet the richest young boy in this country and get married to him and in two months will be pregnant, living in her husbands new house in New York and starting school in a university in the USA.


The former boyfriend's broke azz might just be chasing the normal N50,000 contracts grin

Look at the silly fantasy he is giving you. It is this silly fantasy that has turned many girls into baby mamas for men that will never be emotionally available to them, the way you would have been for that lady.

Look at the fantasy again, it doesn't say anything about the girl's own aspirations or dreams or efforts or goals. It simply sees her as an international housewife and that is the definition of success.

I don't know which "Contracts" are 50,000 naira in this country but it is clear that Slap44 and his cohorts have been influenced by the gynocentric society to believe that women should be taken care of for existing just as women and that their Sex organ should be paid for.

Young man, be happy. You are just starting life. In 5 years' time you will more successful and have the pick of all the 20-year-olds you want.
Or you will have found a girl that understands patience and loyalty.


Romance / Re: What's That Secret You Are Hiding From The Person You Are Dating Right Now? by DaySpringer: 4:38pm On Apr 13, 2020
Don't mind her.

Only teenage boys see ladies as saints.

Men are bad, agreed, but when it comes to romance, relationship, sex, crushing, sleeping around, ladies are badder than guys, but they are only very good in pretending and keeping secret.

Many ladies here will sleep with male celebrities should the chance come their way but to them, it is not cheating since it involves sleeping with a celebrity or a famous person.

Many ladies here are still sleeping with their ex boyfriends but they keep lying to their current boyfriend or husband that they love him and faithful to him.

Many ladies here are pregnant or will be pregnant for their ex and will still give the pregnancy to their current man or husband.

You know the truth.
Romance / Re: What's That Secret You Are Hiding From The Person You Are Dating Right Now? by DaySpringer: 4:37pm On Apr 13, 2020

Just agree that y'all are born rapist and uncontrollable rabbid dogs.
Going by the shameless comments you guys are making on this thread. Truly, women are in trouble especially in a country like ours.

I just crushed you and all you have is a two-line comment calling men rapists and uncontrollable rabid dogs.
It is very clear that your IQ is in the gutter.

Hypocrites like you will never acknowledge that men also rape women.
You will also never acknowledge that women have the privilege of being believed first when there is an accusation of rape. Many men have spent years behind bars for false accusations of rape by your gender and the women go scot-free with little to no consequences immediately after.

Please update your definition of rape.
Rape is forcefully having sexual interactions without the consent of the other partner.
Lying to get sex is not rape as your victim mentality would have you believe.

You are the kind that would falsely accuse a man of raping you when he rejects your advances because you were far below his league.

Get therapy you need it.

For your hypocrisy, take a long hard look at the mirror, 20 mins a day, three times a day whenever you come up with silly thoughts.

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Romance / Re: What's That Secret You Are Hiding From The Person You Are Dating Right Now? by DaySpringer: 10:37pm On Apr 12, 2020

Cos, we are not monsters like some of you.

Here we have another delusional man hating feminist.

The problem with people like you is that you are hypocrites, probably man hating because of something a man did to you in your childhood or an earlier relationship and you have turned into a man-hater.

Your hypocrisy lies in the fact that you will not want to believe that women are just as much scum as men.
Men are scum no doubt but women are even worse scum.

Women are scum that pretend and are hypocrites, they will criticize the very thing that they are doing.

You right now could be a cheat but a man-hating feminist like you will justify hers by saying that men are cheats and even with no evidence that the man is cheating, she will still say that because he is a man, he must be cheating.

What is happening on this thread is that women will rather take their secrets to the grave than come out to reveal what they are hiding from their partners. Every man knows that a woman never tells you everything but we don't run around hypocritically like you do thinking that all the action happens on only one side of the gender.

Look for a thread about how people found out their partners were cheating and just like in this thread, you'll discover that the majority of comments were from men as well. You see in detail the despicable things your gender does and how they hide it so well.

But I am fully expecting that you won't do it. You will avoid anything that will challenge your man-hating bubble

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by DaySpringer: 5:02pm On Apr 08, 2020
lol... what section of flippa are you viewing? Certainly the starter site without traffic. The emphasis is traffic bro.

One of my sister (not biological but same state) reached out to me a week ago and showed me impressive adsense stats. She makes $1000 a month from a 6 months old website and was about to sell it but we had told her to make it 1year or one year plus before flipping it in order to command the kind of money she wants. How much does she wants? $35,000

But these kind of sites require lots of work.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by DaySpringer: 4:38pm On Apr 08, 2020
I dropped my sales report last month but noticed that a lot of people went on registration spree on names similar to mine.

Please note that before I register a name, I check for the search volume. I always love to be able to market my names to an end user with concrete proof of why they should get the name.

So, this month, I won't be posting the full names.

March report

***surgery.com $1499
Dog/training/pittburgh.com in King $200

Total $1699 net $1546.09

A step up from February.

So far, I'm having a slow month. Almost 5 endusers have agreed to pay but are still holding on.

I wish us the best.

Can I ask you how you check the Search Volume?
I played around with google Keyword planner but I am not sure with metric is accurate when it comes to the keyword?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by DaySpringer: 4:32pm On Apr 08, 2020
Domain: WeddingLiveBands.com
Purchased: Dynadot 7.99 (less than 4-weeks)
Asking Price: $595
Sold: $350 at Epik less than 3-hours after follow up

When doing your outbound how did you pick up the endusers?
Searching just the keywords "Wedding Live bands in" in Google on gave me results of websites with headings like Top 20 Wedding music bands.

Do you use those sites or did you try searching for the keywords in another way?

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Events / Google Celebrates Nigeria's 59th Independence Day With Beautiful Doodle by DaySpringer: 1:08am On Oct 01, 2019
Google has commemorated Nigeria's 59th Independence day with a Beautiful Doodle.
Users of Google chrome can see the doodle as soon as they open their Browsers.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.
As you have gained freedom from the Colonists.

You will also gain freedom from corrupt leaders and backward mentalities!

Celebrities / Reasons Why Tacha Was Disqualified! by DaySpringer: 9:49pm On Sep 27, 2019
Tacha fell victim to Masterful Provocation today and was Disqualified from the Big Brother house after an altercation with a Fellow Big Brother Housemate: Mercy Eke.

She Shoved Mercy twice and then Later on Pulled her hair twice after Mercy swung it on her face.

Mercy was found Guilty of provocation, while Tacha was found guilty of physical Violence.

According to the rules of Big Brother, Provocation results in a strike and Mercy got two, while Taxha was Disqualified for Physical assault.

A lot of people are having difficulty processing the difference between the two. But they are very different. Tacha had her own hair and could have chosen to swing it back at mercy but she chose to get physical instead, more than once.

See Images below for more reasons

Celebrities / Bbnaija: The Khafi Definition Of Celibacy. by DaySpringer: 8:29pm On Sep 20, 2019
Khafi Kareem became known to viewers of big brother Naija as the girl that always went beneath the duvet with Gedoni.

Big brother already has a reputation as an Immoral show by those who claim a Moral High ground (and yet always appear to be around for the latest Big brother News), so acts of intimacy such as Kissing & "Romancing" are not uncommon. Infact, they are a given among atleast one pair of housemates in every season.
These deeds always happen "Under the duvet" away from the ever watching eyes of the camera and thus the audience.

So it should not have a surprise that another couple in the house elected to become romantically entwined.

Except for two different things...

1. This couple entered under the duvet more times than any other couple in the history of big Brother naija COMBINED!
They were at it so much that sometimes they didn't even wait for lights out to start.

2. The Female partner in the couple - Khafi - claimed she had been celibate for 8 years.
Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 6, 8 years.

The conventional definition of Celibacy is someone who has not had sex or engaged in sexual acts during that period of time.

Khafi claimed to have been celibate for 8 years but did not spend up to two weeks inside the house before she starting Kissing and going under the Duvet with Calabar man Gedoni.

Since being evicted from the house Gedoni has said that they did not have sex.
Khafi has also confirmed within the house and also outside after being evicted that they did not have sex.

Then what then, were they doing under the duvet that warranted going under it almost everyday during their time in the house and then spending considerable amounts of time under there. Some viewers claimed they heard "Moans".

Even another prominent couple in the House. Mercy & Ike do not enter under the Duvet as much as Khafi and Gedoni did.

It is clear that they engaged in some form of pre-intimacy while under the duvet. Severally.

Someone who wants to adhere to the definition of Celibacy stated above would avoid all forms of temptation. Going under the duvet with a man like Gedoni, whose tribe is known for their sexual prowess and desires, is like going into the Lion's den.

Someone that has adhered to the original definition of abstinence from all forms of sexual activity for 8 years would not be so quick to jump into the bed with a man 2 weeks after meeting him and then spend most nights in an entire month rumbling under the duvet with him.

So perhaps the definition of Celibacy is different for Khafi?

Perhaps her definition only bars actual intercourse from happening. Every other thing is allowed.

Fingering. Etcetera.

All allowed.
Everything except the male sexual organ going into the female sexual organ.

Khafi has admitted to being addicted to sex in her younger days before the start of her celibacy.

The sexual drive of a sexual addict never dies, so from her activities in the Big brother house, it is clear how she has Been coping with it during her 8 years of Celibacy.
Nairaland / General / Please Advise: What Brand Of Generator Should I Buy? by DaySpringer: 1:01pm On Sep 19, 2019
I have been wanting to change my Generator for sometime and I wanted something that will be able to Carry my Deep Freezer (HTF 319H) without dragging the current low.

I did my research and calculations and realised that I would need a generator rated at least 2kVA or 2.5kVA

Note: kVA =KW = 1000W

I went online to browse and I keep seeing different brands of generators that I didn't even know existed before.

I'm seeing Honda, Firman, Thermocool, Sumec Firman, Elepaq, Lutian, Elemax.

Some of these names, I've never even heard of them before.

Which ones are the best in the 2kVA, 2.2kVA, 2.5kVA Category?

P.S. Why the H*ll is the Honda 2.5kVA costing 200k Naira?

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