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Culture / Re: Dele Momodu Fumes As KWAM 1 Prostrates for Ooni But Shakes Hands With The Oluwo by DCatt: 4:17am On Oct 18
What's Dele Monodu's own? This is how they cause problem for Yoruba and then go and stand in one corner and say Yoruba are fighting.

Anyways, Kwam1 himself is a bigger Oba than Ooni and Oluwo combined and I don't think Dele Momodu prostrated for him.

All the useless shithead Obas that do not respect themselves anywhere, I don't think I can bow for them let alone kneel, my knees are for the most high king in prayer alone.


Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 3:59am On Oct 18
Personal beef? You are out of touch with reality. If not for your short man syndrome, you are just like any other tribe in Nigeria to Yoruba. Are you saying that Yoruba told all those northerners to protest in favor of Igbos leaving Nigeria or what? As for the people you claim are copying you, take it up with them, they are mostly your brothers or half brothers. You are all doing it for self interest. People fighting for Yoruba nation are not yet out because we have a path that is building up to that and we will never put the cart before the horse.

We know our enemies, they are Igbos and it can't be any clearer than that.
hahaha. All these personal beef rant against igbos u have because we stand and not keep quiet like a coward u wrote up there is still coming from a yoruba man who also want to copy our footstep with your yoruba nation agitation.
Know your real enemy bro.


Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 3:11am On Oct 18
If you like pretend you don't know how people are begging you to leave Nigeria. We've seen northern women protest that you must leave, even some northern leaders have spoken that Igbos should be allowed to go. Didn't northern youths had a press briefing that they can no longer share the same country with the Igbos? Nigeria released you long time ago and has it on record.

See ehn! If you don't know let me break it down for you. Right now Igbos are a lame duck in Nigeria, no bargaining chips and you have been rejected by other Nigerians. Igbos don't add anything of value to Nigeria, you don't even add any value to yourselves and can leave if you want.

As for big companies that will add value via tax and employment to Yorubaland, they are welcome, it the deadbeats drag Igbos we don't need.
hahaha. Everyone begging who to leave or maybe you wanted to write stay because the last time i checked nigeria is the one trying hard to be one.

As for the land..even foreigners have bought land like the one British owned at Victoria island called Atlantic city or what. Whether break or not the C of O is still urs and the property remain urs forever....there are laws guiding it


Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 2:42am On Oct 18
That's not true, Madam Tinubu fought English for that when a shipload of freed slaves were dumped in Lagos. This is one of the reasons they don't want history in Nigeria, they know it will open a can of worms.

Yoruba language is in a world of its own and most common words in Nigeria today are from Yoruba. We even have two words(old and new) for most things, so we don't need to find meaning for words.

I'm sure you have heard of Ijesa-tedo Epe-tedo or my great aunt's favorite song

Ilu ta tedo sori oke ko ma le f'ara si, a wa n'imole aiye.


A city founded on a hill can't be hidden, we are the light of the world.

We even have a town called Edo in Osun state.

Yoruba is a nation with groups like Egba, Ekiti and Ijebu with slight difference in dialects but words are mostly the same.

As for your prince Ogun and Edo, I don't know if you are talking about Ogun the god of iron or something else but it's funny.

Omon the only place the white settled slaves at was at Freetown, Liberia.

I'm telling you how Bini became Edo, I dont know if it was a Yoruba word ( you guys always like to found meaning of other tribes from Yoruba which was greatly balkanized as a general language fr the southwest people, - originally, the Egbas speak a different language from the Ekitis )

During a Bini festival, Prince Ogun visited an of friend who has become a chief to the new Oba ( Prince Ogun's brother ) and told Ogun to hide in a pit, when the Chief left, His servant names Edo rescued Ogun from the Pit and told him His master's plan. The chief later killed His servant on realising be set Ogun free. Prince Ogun ( who later became Oba Square ) renamed Bini to Edo in Honor of His slave friend.

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Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 2:14am On Oct 18
Who sold land you? You mean lease hold for 50 0r 99 yrs? Lands are owned by families in Yorubaland not govt. The land use act Obasanjo put under the govt will have a do over to 25 years and you will have have to explain how you got money to buy from the day you arrived in a flipflop and singlet under bridge with no penny to your name and robbing people. I already told you that you will fight for it. The only thing that can save you is the same Igbos silent prayer point that Nigeria shouldn't break. If it breaks, you will leave. You already know, that's why you don't want to leave Nigeria even when everyone is begging you leave.
Its already been shared halfway incase You don't know. Or do u think it's by carrying the land away?! Im taking of ownership of lands/asset already bought. You think u still owned a section bought?! grin

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Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 11:52pm On Oct 17
Tinubu haters hate Yoruba first and that's what is extended to Tinubu. It's rare to find (AAY) an all Yoruba person hating on Tinubu. Real Yoruba know what time it is and what is at stake.
Yorubas that talked like this betrayed the likes of Awo. If we ask what property or money Tinubu collected from wretched household you no go fit talk.

Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 11:42pm On Oct 17
Edo itself is a Yoruba word.
Itedo = founding
Tedo = founded
Edo = settlement.

The whole Edo to part of delta were part of Yorubaland, the English seized the land and settled all the black servants they collected all over Africa and brought with them there. English tried to make a history for them but it didn't stick. That is it! Any history that doesn't add up still will never add up.

You also know Nothing

Edo was what Ile Ibinu was renamed to By Ewuare the first, in honor of a slave who died saving him.

it was Igodo to Ile Ibinu ( Oranmiyan ) and to Edo ( Ewuare 1) later.

It was during the renaming the Title ' Omo'Oba'N'Edo' Ukwa Apkolopkolo ' became effective.
Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 11:30pm On Oct 17
Kobokobo, gedegbe ko, gbegede to gbina ni!

Which Yoruba ? Can thhis happen in Ekiti state without even much money ? Gedegbe le Eko wa
Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 11:10pm On Oct 17
This just brought back some stories I heard last year about what Igbos did when biafra surrendered. They said Igbos started pointing at Yoruba people's homes as theirs and so many Yoruba lost their homes especially those who didn't have documents on their homes lost them to Igbos then. The man telling this story said his father went through hell and almost lost his house. Stories like this and many other make Igbos the number one problem Yoruba have, none other is close not even Fulani. It's like when God created Yoruba the satan peeping through the window vowed he would also create his own and make them follow Yoruba.

all IPOB are liars

so if you can't bring proof I rather believe the devil
you hate us that's why we are defending ourselves
you can't disrespect us in our own land

it won't work

we will still send you all to your flatinoland

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Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 10:44pm On Oct 17
I would have asked you to say the part of Lagos you would share if I didn't think you are running a fever that is causing you to sleep walk. It will be 100x easier for you as a person to be "shared" than any of you immigrants to share Lagos. You came to meet Lagos and must leave it, no inch of Lagos will go with any of you and those of you who choose to stay will have no choice than to abide by Yoruba immigration law that will not exactly be friendly to your kind. Don't worry there will be plenty of weapons to go round, all you will need to do is take up arms and fight to death for your fatherland that extended to Lagos.
If Nigeria divide today lagos will be shared accordingly

lagos is just situated in the southwasteeee but not documental a yoruba land. Too many investors there even more than the land grabbers yoruba

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Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by DCatt: 8:55pm On Oct 17
Yoruba is an ethnic group and if we want to go by the non Yoruba holding not just appointments but elective offices in Yorubaland, then we will have a long list.


This is one of them.

Even a madman when given a hoe will dig in his own direction. No way he is Yoruba. We now know that the reason Yorubaland is a mess is the people who are not Yoruba but have other tribe's ancestry and mixed blood we accept. The people antagonizing Tinubu are mostly non Yoruba and a few with 12.5 - 50% Yoruba blood. I just realized that Yoruba do better with the concept of Omoluabi when we keep non Yoruba out and do things among ourselves. If you take a look back at people giving Yoruba bad name, you will see that they have other tribes involved pulling the strings either by blood or family arrangements. The only way for Yoruba to survive is to do what is done all over the world to get respect and that is to keep welcoming all people and stay accommodating but when it comes to choosing leaders he or she must be Yoruba inside and out with mother, father and spouse Yoruba. All over the world even in Ghana, the moment you declare running for anything even for a class captain is the day they will reveal when your great grandfather was buried. Yoruba don't ask questions, we accept everyone with Yoruba name as Yoruba especially if they can speak the language. It will cost Yoruba a lot because land,language and culture are the strength of any indigenous people. The Adeleke man in Osun is said to be half Yoruba, if true he must not be allowed to be governor, I just hope Osun people are working on that and not sleeping through it.

Oga. Hold your horses. We are not retaliating anything. Everything isn't violence. I don't know where you have been to or were you were schooled but in Lagos, we don't care!!

Not everything is violence . Damn it!!! Stop being petty. Every tribe has had or is having its own fair share of insults from other tribes. I dont see it as a biggie, eo long it isn't violence.

You talk about Tinubu like he is a Yoruba god. To you he could be, to us , he isn't. Everyone that doesn't like Tinubu shouldn't be your problem . Yeah, we are accommodating.

We grew up chanting tunes like this when we were playing game and it was still not a biggie. No offence was taken .

The song:
Who no know say the thing dey pain x2
My belle... I full am garri.
Youruba Pangolo Belle
Igbo Fufu Seller.
Hausa Craw Craw for yanch.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 7:23pm On Oct 17
Foreign Affairs / Ooouuucchhhh!!!! by DCatt: 2:17pm On Oct 09
Foreign Affairs / Re: Isreal Will Defeat United States In War? by DCatt: 12:41pm On Oct 09
Any country can defeat the USA right now. No country in a civil war can fight off any outside threat.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 12:33pm On Oct 09
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 12:29pm On Oct 09
Wheel of justice is slow to turn.

Foreign Affairs / First Time In Over 20 Years, He Gave His All & Some! by DCatt: 12:22pm On Oct 09
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 12:17pm On Oct 09
The first president to come out poorer than he went in.

Foreign Affairs / Even The Cartels Know US Has No Govt! by DCatt: 12:10pm On Oct 09
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 12:06pm On Oct 09
When there's a power vacuum.

Foreign Affairs / Just A Few Of What He Did! by DCatt: 12:02pm On Oct 09
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 11:58am On Oct 09
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Threatens Brymo With N2bn Defamation Suit (photo) by DCatt: 2:20pm On Oct 08
And there's no single song of tuface (including that slob(African Queen)that can beat OLEKU though he sang it for someone else.

People like Brymo have steady numbers and make more from concerts and live performances; do you even know how many albums he’s dropped and none has bad songs


Celebrities / Re: 2baba Threatens Brymo With N2bn Defamation Suit (photo) by DCatt: 2:12pm On Oct 08
You will be surprised that Tuface is even worth less than Brymo, Annie is too old to love-vendor out now and can't bring as much as she used to bring in.

Brymo should just file a counter lawsuit for N5b and anyone who knows him should let him know how it's done.
N2Bn? How much is Brymo himself?
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Submarine Hits ‘Object’ While Underwater In South China Sea by DCatt: 1:50pm On Oct 08
And untill Nigerians are queuing at the Chinese embassy for dream life as Nigerians did with the US or Ghanian phrase of "see JFK airport and die" or black people start flying to China's neighboring countries and trek for days to get to China, it is then we can put them side by side.

I’m happy that you all think so highly of China. Maybe you have not seen the video proof of China kicking innocent Nigerians out into the street during COVID and refusing them food while US organizations in China rushed to distribute food commodities to them?

Please show of evidence of the US mistreating Nigerian students, throwing them out of their apartments into the streets during COVID. China treated all Black students from Africa horribly unless they were from South Africa.

Show us evidence where landlords in the US put up signs refusing to rent to Nigerians like the Chinese do. Please show us.

Show us US bosses going into Nigeria and mistreating workers while withholding their pay. I have yet to see a boss from the US go to your country and physically abuse workers but the Chinese are doing it all over Africa.

Don’t even get us started on the Russians.

It’s sad that you think so highly of the Chinese while they think so lowly of you.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Submarine Hits ‘Object’ While Underwater In South China Sea by DCatt: 12:49pm On Oct 08
The sea belongs to so many countries and US has been in charge of Philippines since 1800's. Vietnam calls it East sea and Philippines calls it west Philippines sea.

Most of the white people in the US today came after black slaves, the only people responsible for slavery are the English.

Which part of the sea belongs to USA?

Didn't the same USA part of slave master?

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Foreign Affairs / Is This Really On Purpose? by DCatt: 11:18am On Oct 06
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 11:02am On Oct 06
It's no secret that democrats want war on the streets of America but they are now setting America up to be attacked and also removing US capabilities.

How long more do we have to wait for the whitehats miliary to save this country?

Foreign Affairs / Democrats And Their 3rd World Policies! by DCatt: 6:07pm On Oct 02
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Politics Today! by DCatt: 5:45pm On Oct 02
We have seen democrats cities released hardened criminals from prisons to make way for their political enemies. We know what they have done to elementary schools and pornograpy.

Democrats are also fighting hard to keep the abortion that kills 3 times more black babies than white babies. The Republicans who want black babies to live just as they fought for civil and voters rights the enemies of the black people.

Democrats run cities are now losing doctors and nurses over vaccine mandate.

Democrats cities now allow you to shoplift or steal anything up to $900.

These are just a few of their madness

The latest in democrats controlled city is to stop responding to non emergency calls. Police always respond to every call in the past and still do in my area within 2 minutes but in democrats run areas it was like 15 minutes in the past and will take longer now and that is if they find it emergency enough to respond to, and the time it takes to interview the caller to determine if it's emergency or not make the difference between life and death

Foreign Affairs / Re: It Won't Matter If Haiti Quietly Sunk Into Sea - Biden by DCatt: 2:12am On Oct 02
Business / Re: FHA Transfers Festac Mechanic Village And Market To Amuwo Odofin Local Govt. by DCatt: 4:42pm On Sep 25
You need more bubble wrap, you this puppet sock!
You must have been still running around with your Superman pant without shirt, rolling tyre as your automobile When last The Federal Government was in Lagos State?

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