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Crime / Re: Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Raping His 4-Year-Old Daughter In Delta by deavicky(m): 11:10am
E get as the new dey do me for boby. This one na to just electricute am.
Religion / Re: Muslim Dad Dumps Newborn Baby In Toilet Because Mother Is Christian In Adamawa by deavicky(m): 9:07am On Feb 05

Their religion makes them to be desperately wicked

Since 2015 Nigerians have known no rest!
I don't think so rather I feel it make some very stupid to the core.
Politics / Re: Protests Rock Warri, Delta State Over Fuel Price Hike & New Naira Notes Scarcity by deavicky(m): 7:50pm On Feb 04
Rivers will join the chorus tomorrow. Our will be louder.
why not wait till work day?
Politics / Re: Protests Rock Warri, Delta State Over Fuel Price Hike & New Naira Notes Scarcity by deavicky(m): 7:49pm On Feb 04
Rivers will join the chorus tomorrow. Our will be louder.
why not wait till work day
Politics / Re: Protests Rock Warri, Delta State Over Fuel Price Hike & New Naira Notes Scarcity by deavicky(m): 7:48pm On Feb 04
But na Tinubu e Dey affect pass na
but na only him among others wah dey complain nah.
Politics / Re: "Be Wary Of The False Messiah, Mr. Stingy, Peter Obi" - Tinubu by deavicky(m): 10:06am On Feb 04
What Tinubu Said About Peter Obi At Osun Campaign Rally Friday

'You're Heartless For Saving Money When People Are Hungry' - Tinubu Fires Peter Obi
why is Tinubu always complaining about Obi,. It appears there is no campaign he will go without mentioning that Innocent man's name.
At this point I confirm that Obi is really a turn on his flesh that will consume him.

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Politics / Re: Babachir Lawal: Nothing Is Working Under APC, I'm Sorry I Campaigned For Them by deavicky(m): 10:07pm On Feb 03
This is what all APC supporters should be saying..

Nonetheless Mr Lawal you are not forgiven, you shall receive your punishment from whatever you believe.

Meanwhile If you are an APC supporter with no remorse, and your support for APC hasn't improved your life directly , make moto jam you before valentine.

Vote Atiku vote PDP
even you motor jam you before them.
Food / Re: Garri: The Most Underrated Food In Nigeria. by deavicky(m): 7:44pm On Feb 03
igala man spotted.
Crime / Re: Man Sets Wife Ablaze In Ogun For Washing His Clothes Instead Of Giving Him Food by deavicky(m): 7:42pm On Feb 03
Frustration everywhere
Food / Re: What Was Your Childhood Food Fantasy? (Pics) by deavicky(m): 4:47pm On Feb 03

And the taste now is not the same
it is still the same. The difference now is that u can eat more than one but those days it take special grace for u to get more than half that make the little u had taste like it is sweeter.
Food / Re: What Was Your Childhood Food Fantasy? (Pics) by deavicky(m): 4:40pm On Feb 03

Food fantasy is different from your favourite criminal act grin
you just made me laugh loud.


Food / Re: What Was Your Childhood Food Fantasy? (Pics) by deavicky(m): 4:35pm On Feb 03
As a child, I loved baba dudu so much, i say make i prepare my own oh. During the production process na so hot sugar pour on my skin. E leave permanent scar for my left hand
the scar looks like the thing.


Food / Re: What Was Your Childhood Food Fantasy? (Pics) by deavicky(m): 4:34pm On Feb 03
Mine was "coke and bread".
I never had the opportunity to have them at the sane time.
I told myself the first money I will have I will first of all buy coke and bread before any other thing.


Politics / Re: Protest In Lagos Over Scarcity Of New Naira Notes (video) by deavicky(m): 10:01am On Feb 03
Why I am having the feelings that somebody who's name start with "T" is behind this?.
I'm saying this because petrol has been scarce since November last year till date and nobody did any protest from that region. Why for Naira note that u have alternative to.
Career / Re: Man Sacked After Being Caught On CCTV Masturbating In Office's Kitchen by deavicky(m): 2:42pm On Feb 02
I can sue the employer on his behalf. Was a non-masturbation clause inserted into his offer letter?
it should be under what they will refer to as good conduct. He can't even wait till night.
Secondly,he has to do in the public kitchen where people eat.
Politics / Re: Peter Umeadi: I’ve Capacity To Tackle Security Challenges by deavicky(m): 8:30am On Feb 02
I'm shocked to hear this because I never new this one candidate like that from APGA
Politics / Re: Abuja Fuel Queues Disappear As NNPC Pumps 67 Million Litres Of Petrol by deavicky(m): 8:22am On Feb 02
I guess the queue is now pushed to Port Harcourt.
Education / Re: “Our Client Wanted To Say Pupsy"– Lawyer Writes To Federal Polytechnic Nekede by deavicky(m): 1:45pm On Feb 01
Whether p*ssy or pupsy, her results should be withheld and her certificate not issued.

She should be ashamed of herself. How can a final year student and someone just about to graduate not know the spelling of papa, popsy or pupsy and how did she not see or spot the error on the shirt he was wearing and advertising? That was supposed to be the spelling of her private part! How could she not spot that?

auto fill can help u make some careless mistakes atimes. I have seen some one who sent his name as Godwin Useless instead of Uwele. This might not be her case anyway but I just want u to know that such mistake can occur.
Politics / Re: We're Happy To Hear That You Want To Step Down For Us—Obi Campaign Replies Atiku by deavicky(m): 10:49am On Feb 01
No be only step down na step up.. a winning team never step down.
na the only thing he know na. As Tanbuwa step down for am to win the primary he want try am here again. Nobody should step down for anybody. Let Nigeria choose who they want from them all.
Politics / Re: Governor Emmanuel Udom Reacts To Tinubu Calling Him 'That Boy' by deavicky(m): 1:30pm On Jan 31
Tinubu went to Akwa Ibom, instead of focusing on campaig he had to resort to insult the entire SS region, Good people of Akwa Ibom and Gov Udom.. Can he talk to a fulani governor like that ? Of course not, because they are the people he's licking their back to help his presidential bid which I don't see happening

Very unfortunate!!!

I have said this several times and I will say it again, if Tinubu could treat people this way during electioneering period which is the time politicians display their humility part of their lifestyle even though it's fake , close your eyes and imagine what would happen if he becomes the president, but God forbids!!

Tinubu has no respect/ regards for South South and South East regions that's why he didn't bother to carry them along before primaries.. He started looking southernwards after seeing the reality facing him in the north but it's too late..

Even before primaries when core northerners asked him how christian dominated SE/SS would feel if he picks a muslim running mate, he said Buhari won without them, that the aforementioned zones are inconsequential Christian zones.. He also said that he knows how to handle Christian Yorubas because he's from the same zone with them

Tinubu equally insulted entire northern Christians, saying that they are not competent enough to be his running mate, so he had to choose another northern Muslim in the name of Shettima to be his running mate..

This man insults people at any little given opportunity, so arrogant and full of himself, yet very empty upstairs!!
Nigerians must reject Tinubu with their voters card..
don't worry urself it will shock him and his supporters.

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Business / Re: Despite Extension, Nigerians Can’t Withdraw Old, New Notes by deavicky(m): 7:59am On Jan 31
Buhari punishing Nigerians but some morons said he is punishing Tinubu

Tinubu will never queue for fuel or naira notes and withholding it won't stop him from winning if God wants him
God will never want Tinubu. Have we not suffered enough?


Health / Re: My Son Has Chickenpox. What Must Have Caused It? by deavicky(m): 10:59pm On Jan 30
I recently noticed my boy complaining of itching on his back. When I checked I noticed is boil. I quickly googled it and found out is chickenpox.

I took him to a chemist and it was diagnosed as one. Please house what must have caused it?

Picture attached.

Viewer discretion
please and please rush him to the asibity. Chicken pox is a very dangerous thing. It made some I know to be dumb.
Education / Re: How I Handled A Cultist That Slapped My Girlfriend by deavicky(m): 10:54pm On Jan 30
Good morning guys, an incident happened over the weekend which I would love to share with you guys so you can help judge the case because some of my friends are insisting I handled it wrongly.

A couple of my military friends, a navy officer and a soldier came into town last week and proposed to take my girlfriend out so we proceeded to her to pick her up from school. On our way we stopped by a fueling station to get fuel so I gave them a location to go wait for me while I take a bike to pick her up since the queue was a bit much. On our way out of school we came across two guys on the walk way, they exchanged glances and asked each other "what", one of the guys happened to be her coursemate that she already told me about sometime ago.

According to her, the guy used to be an errand boy for a notorious cult guy that used to ask her out during her first year, so the said guy was the one always coming to deliver messages to her. she didn't want to get involved with cultists so she would normally leave the guy hanging around without giving him a response to the messages. After the guy asking her out left the school the guy somehow started nursing a grudge against her.

While we stood at the school gate waiting for a bike the guy showed up again, this time with five guys with him and accosted my babe. He demanded to know why she talked to him rudely, before she could say jack he landed a jaw shattering slap on her cheek that nearly sent her sprawling to the ground. I was embarrassed but had to apply wisdom because the area wasn't my territory coupled with the fact that I was obviously out numbered. I held the guy's hand when he proceeded to slap her again and asked him why he would embarrass me by hitting a lady that was with me. Meanwhile my girlfriend was behind my back hurling insults at the guy saying stuff like he had the gut to hit her because he has started moving with cultists and other stuff I don't recall.

While I was trying to placate the situation, I noticed more guys closing in on us and knew I would be in danger if I didn't leave the place. I somehow managed to get a bike and took her away. My military friends were furious when they heard what happened insisted we go back to the school. I told them to die the matter because even if they are military guys we were still out numbered and we might get seriously injured before their backup comes.

They insisted on going back to the school, we went and as expected didn't meet any of the guys. They made a report to the school security and promised to come back the next day. On our way back they kept making calls and arranging a squad that would pick up the guy the next day while I kept trying to make them see reasons why it was going to be a bad move.

Firstly they can't possibly apprehend all the cultists in the school so arresting the guy will simply make the girl a moving target for the rest of the members and I wasn't willing to take that risk for someone that has just a couple of months to graduate. We might go and display power in the school and go back home while the girl will be all alone in the school without any form of protection, its not like they are going to assign a personal bodyguard to her. What if matters go south and a life or even lives get lost, it would be embarrassing to hear that it was all because of a girl that will move on to the next guy in a matter of weeks if anything happens to me. I was finally able to convince them and make them stand down.

The following day I brokered a peace meeting between my girlfriend and the guy through the cult guy's cousin that was also her friend though I didn't show up at the location. I even asked her to apologize to the guy for insulting him just to massage his ego so the matter could die down. My girlfriend recorded everything while the guy kept threatening her that she wasn't going to graduate for insulting him because she was with a guy. He went on to say that I was the target of the attack because they thought I would react to the assault on her and maybe fight back. They were even laughing at her that she's dating a coward that couldn't defend her in an attack, I just smiled.

My girlfriend was upset that she had to apologize to someone that hit her, but I told her that sometimes we have to choose our fights wisely. You don't go into a fight with someone that doesn't have anything to lose. Some of my friends feel I am a coward but I still feel I handled it the best way. What do you guys think??.....sorry for the epistle or any errors.

I no sure say u be soldier but if u are, ur unit go be dispensary for military hospital. Nonsense.


Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Buys A Horse Because Of Lingering Fuel Scarcity (pics/video) by deavicky(m): 10:25pm On Jan 30
Maintaining horse is more expensive: you ride or you don't ride, you must feed.
Horse feed is more than N400.

Marry a virgin woman if you want a home free of paternity fraud.
no be grass horse dey eat?.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Buys A Horse Because Of Lingering Fuel Scarcity (pics/video) by deavicky(m): 10:23pm On Jan 30


Nigerian man parks his car and bought a horse because of lingering fuel scarcity in Nigeria presently.
Good that what APC wants. Sending us back to the stone age. Abeg where u buy the horse them get donkey or camel because me I no dey like over speed.
Education / Re: How I Handled A Cultist That Slapped My Girlfriend by deavicky(m): 10:16pm On Jan 30
A useless cultist slapped your woman and all you could do was plead? You don’t know cultist are lost low life cowards??

People whose lives has been cut short even before they are killed? People who all their lives revolves around dry gin, beer,stealing and voodoo?
You are a mad man for allowing such. Person wey u suppose beat black and blue carry am go him parents and uncle house make dem sign undertaking. If u do that with me.

The burglary wey I go put u, if u bend or squat for 8hours, nobody go tell u make u cry blood.
Guy anytime you enter PH DM me I need to buy you four bottles of budwieser and I barbecue fish.
That guy no do well. He no know way nah him they slap.


Education / Re: How I Handled A Cultist That Slapped My Girlfriend by deavicky(m): 10:06pm On Jan 30
I want to be Like you...Im hot tempered... Someone help me out
you are doing well that is what this matter needs.
Education / Re: How I Handled A Cultist That Slapped My Girlfriend by deavicky(m): 9:52pm On Jan 30
You didn't handle the matter well.

There is a security/military unit in every school. You should have reported the case there.

Trust me, these guys would have been the one begging by now.

I know this because I was involved in a case like this and the cultists ended up buying for everything they damaged and apologizing.

You cheated that girl by making her apologizing. Honestly!
I tot nobody here will reason like me. Letting things go just like that, is what has kept this country like that. In those days in my school the boy would have been expelled if reported to the school authority after their investigation are made.
You and ur guys would have dealt with them and hand over the girl to them. And warn them that anytime any body slap her in the town they will be held responsible let alone anything happening to her in the school.
Beside which school till have that level of cult?.
Who say life does not matter to a cultist.
I don't like what I hate.


Religion / Re: Gay Son Who Dumped Homosexual Lifestyle Was Saved By His Mother's Prayer by deavicky(m): 7:46pm On Jan 29

You speak as one with personal experience of soft Man Nyash?
lol is that not why they go after their fellow gender.
Religion / Re: Gay Son Who Dumped Homosexual Lifestyle Was Saved By His Mother's Prayer by deavicky(m): 1:10pm On Jan 29


thank God for his resilience mother. but they should also try physically to deter him from seeing most of his friends because it takes a soft Man Nyash to go back.
Romance / Re: 71-Year-Old Kenyan Man Dies During Sex With A 22-Year-Old Lover by deavicky(m): 10:58pm On Jan 28
Why didn't he allow the girl to stay ontop.
Car Talk / Re: Implications Of Having Sex Inside A Car by deavicky(m): 6:09pm On Jan 28
I hav been having sex for over 6 yrs inside my car.I hav banged over 10times in d back seat.
I hav never changed engine or knock engine or gear box.
chief chief no worry even if ur engine no knock police go catch u ons day. There u go understand.

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