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Politics / Re: Why Can't The South Be Food Sufficient? by Dede1(m): 11:59pm On Nov 09, 2020
Unfortunately... For igbo land your hands are tied by nature

Please do not prove Nigeria is really home of idiots. With modern agricultural application, a person does not need the land the size of Niger State to be a sufficient crop producer. The day Ndigbo decide to plough into crop production, Arewa will see unimaginable starvation. Please enjoy this division of labor while it lasts.

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Politics / Re: Usa Election Is Far From Over. by Dede1(m): 11:54pm On Nov 09, 2020
The stupidity of you lots is just overwhelming
The White House in already under reconstruction in preparation for Biden's inauguration, in case you're still stupid enough to think your mob boss will remain in power in 70 days time


Idiots abound!!!


Politics / Re: Usa Election Is Far From Over. by Dede1(m): 11:52pm On Nov 09, 2020
Are the aforementioned justice's going to pass judgement on emotion or on evidence provided?

The evidence could be seen by a blind. Almost all the mail-in ballots went to one particular candidate. Even the dead voted. A Michigan official admitted to sending out ballots of the dead but claimed they were marked deceased. Why sending ballots of the dead people?

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Politics / Re: Wike: Rivers Will Continue To Be Home To Igbos by Dede1(m): 11:45pm On Nov 09, 2020
That's how leaders talk.
Giving them some carrots after flogging them with sticks in oyigbo.

I love Wike

Anyway, talk is very cheap. Who gives a ratass to the ranting of ants? Wike has established himself as a moving target. There is nothing he can say now that will change the picture he already painted.

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Politics / Re: Femi Fani-kayode Vs Kamala Harris (OPINION) by Dede1(m): 11:32pm On Nov 09, 2020

She was in a relationship with the guy (Willlie Brown), wasn't she? The guy was then speaker of California State Assembly and estranged from his wife. He later became California mayor. If he gave her referrals to a job or appointed her to a job she was qualified for, oga, getting jobs is by networking. I won't fault him or her.

Same Willie Brown helped the careers of Nancy Pelosi, one governor and senator, did they all sleep with him?

You said she is in a barren marriage, do you realize some folks abroad are not not as crazy for children as we have? I have met people who expressly resent having children and would prefer to chase their careers. I have seen men who perform vasectomy and gbensh away, many gays and also those who adore children. If I am 40 and unmarried, I won't marry to have children. I'd rather marry for companionship and upward building.

On the issue of sleeping her way to the top, I need more proof. The woman is brilliant and knows her onions. She has some authority and charisma and this scares many like FFK. Watch the debate between her and Mike Pence.

Please do you have a video of her giving head? She looks somewhat like Cherokee D'ass.

Bro US is a fvck bed. Which brilliant? Any dumbass who knows his\her route in US is brilliant.

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Politics / Re: Steer Clear Of Idoma Community – Biafra Agitators Warned by Dede1(m): 11:27pm On Nov 09, 2020
I guess Ndigbo played too sober. The relationship between the master and slave tends to live longer than expected. The dumbass Idoma cannot say such a thing to their Fulani master. This same relationship replicates itself in US between the so-called Blacks and Democrat Party. The boll Weevil was the political party which orchestrated their situation in southern US yet the so-called blacks still vote for the party till today. I really want the disintegration of the shithole called Nigeria so the terrines should be rearranged.
Politics / Re: Who Is Your WORST Leader Ever Researched? by Dede1(m): 11:03pm On Nov 09, 2020
Aguyi ironsi

His foolishness caused his death and also the civil war. There was no way danjuma would have been able to corner ojukwu or obj.

The man was a shitty soldier a d a worse head of state.

You could not be more correct.

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Politics / Re: Are We The Original Hebrews? Are Igbos Right in Their Claim? by Dede1(m): 11:01pm On Nov 09, 2020
If you like be monkeys na una sabi.

He who sabi monkeys na monkey nowaa.
Politics / Re: Biden-harris Election: Frank Urges Nigerian Voters To Take Cue From Americans by Dede1(m): 10:09am On Nov 09, 2020
the only glaring fact is that trump is a sore loser

The only time a developed country such as US acted like a shithole resulted in election results withheld for a week. It is unfathomable US allowed the Mail-in ballot.
Politics / Re: Biden-harris Election: Frank Urges Nigerian Voters To Take Cue From Americans by Dede1(m): 10:06am On Nov 09, 2020

Now that your lord and saviour has been politically slaughtered, it's time you looked for the nearest lagoon too. Don't you think so?

Only a basement fool would have the mindset displayed in the above post.
Politics / Re: IPOB Working To Instigate Another Civil War – Umahi by Dede1(m): 8:58am On Nov 09, 2020
IPOB working to instigate another civil war – Umahi

See full details here

Those who agitate for self rule and independence are not warmongers. Can someone tell this nitwit called Umahi that people who agitated for the independence of Nigeria never instigated any war?
Politics / Re: Those Who Believed God 'ordained' Trump, What Next? by Dede1(m): 8:29am On Nov 09, 2020
Many of our prophets were told directly by god that trump will win.
Many of our church leaders said that god told them directly that trump will win
Many Nigerians said that god chose trump and biden is satan.

Now that your prophet is wrong, will you ask for a refund?
The church leader that told you this, if you return to him tomorrow and he say's kpim, will you listen?
All of you that decided that god is a member of the republican political party in the US, what happened?

Anything is possible on earth. There are people who said Trump will not win. I guess Trump could still if the ballots are validated. The Mail-in ballot opened a floodgate for illegal activities.
Politics / Re: Holistic Deep Opinion Of US Election Trump Vs Biden. by Dede1(m): 8:17am On Nov 09, 2020
Anybody who is identified as politically liberal or a member of Democratic Party in US has no business in the talk of democracy. The liberals cannot build anything but destroy. It is democracy only when they win. They will stop at nothing to stay in power. This is point where they have certain similarity with Africans. They are the worst hypocrisy on the surface of the earth.

Without ballot dump, illegal ballot and massive double voting orchestrated by local democratic party machine, this discussion does not arise. What is the manifesto of Democratic Party and Joe Biden in this election? Democrats were shouting all ballots must be counted however they are not interested in all ballots must be validated. The main tenant of democracy remains all ballots must be validated and counted.
Politics / Re: Why Is The North Collecting Tax From Alcohol If It Is Prohibited? by Dede1(m): 7:43am On Nov 09, 2020
This is one of the reasons some people call for disintegration of Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: See What What My Pastor Did Concerning US Election Yesterday In Church!!! by Dede1(m): 7:37am On Nov 09, 2020
I base in one of the local government area of Gombe state, and here in the northern Nigeria there is this denomination of church called ECWA(evangelical church Winning all).
So yesterday being a normal Sunday we attended church
My pastor talked abt the US election
He said the devil has come in the form of Joe bidden to destroy the world, he said Americans are all happy that Obama is back in the form of Joe biden,that just in the last two days after Trump was voted out, that there are all over celebrations In America, that there are over 3000 cases of lesbians/gayish act being reported..he said the people are happy because Biden will give them the full right for bisexual acts!!!
He went further to ask all of us to stand up and pray, that the plans of the devil will fail

In this same church oooo, if u mistakenly impregnate a girl, dem go give u punishment, but this same pastor did not even bother Trump being in 3 different marriages ?
And yesterday's topic was on hypocrisy
The same Christians that re criticizing buhari for being a tyrant are now supporting Trump? Nna ehhhhh local man is tired

In your silly delusion, you wrote "Mistakenly impregnate..". Mistake is when one intends to take one thing and suddenly takes another. What was your first choice in impregnating a girl, the girl or the pregnancy? There is noting wrong in being in more marriages than one. If you read from the Bible, there are many exemplary figures associated with more than one wife.


Politics / Re: Is Amaechi Fit Enough For Igbo Presidency? by Dede1(m): 1:45pm On Nov 08, 2020
Is Amaechi fit enough for Igbo presidency ?

Watch the video below and give me your honest opinions.


Point of correction, Igbo does not have presidency.


Politics / Re: Opinion: Real Reason Why Donald Trump Loss The Election by Dede1(m): 1:42pm On Nov 08, 2020
in my opinion, the real reason why Trump Lose the election was that he violated the Golden rule of politics "SAY LESS THAN NECESSARY".

The truth is that he talks too much which is not good for a leader.

Add yours

You cannot say he lost election until all the avenues of election process is exhausted. Trump and the courts are the only entities to decide if he lost or not.
Politics / Re: Landlord Alleges Soldiers Killed 20 In Oyigbo by Dede1(m): 1:35pm On Nov 08, 2020
Not only 20, but 10000 people were killed in Oyigbo. Unfortunately, they have no name, family or face.
Some foolish Ipob members killed soldiers, police and stole their guns. They also boasted of being bullet proof. When it was time to test their charms, they started denying who they were. Suddenly, the same group who were "dealing with the army" are now claiming innocence.

Do you not think it is easier for the government to name or identify the six soldiers allegedly killed by the #EndSars protesters than to identify the people from the crowd?


Politics / Re: See Niger Republic Woman That Could Speak Igbo Fluently: Pics & Video by Dede1(m): 1:29pm On Nov 08, 2020
Amazing.... Hope they wouldn't destroy their place of worship

Which place of worship or do you mean St. Peters, Awka, Anambra State?


Celebrities / Re: Chika Ike Celebrates Her 35th Birthday (Pictures) by Dede1(m): 1:19pm On Nov 08, 2020
You better get married soon for your life

Are you married?
Politics / Re: Landlord Alleges Soldiers Killed 20 In Oyigbo by Dede1(m): 1:15pm On Nov 08, 2020
I think it is very important for people to know that the Nigerian Army has no right to go on a military operation to find stolen weapons.

If the Nigerian Army have had their personnel killed and weapons carted away, it becomes a Police matter. The Nigerian Army had no business going to Oyigbo, it should have been the Police

This unnecessary, unwarranted and illegal use of the Nigerian Army to do Police duties which they are not trained for will cost many people their lives in years to come. The Nigerian Army should stay in their barracks and not come out unless the Police are overwhelmed or if there is war.

The Army are not trained to fight crime, they are trained to kill anything in front of them. Thats why they are most like to kill many innocent people in any community they go.

Does the jackass, Maj. Charles Ekeocha, of NDA remotely know anything about his profession? This is major reason Nigeria is called shithole. I guess this Major attended NDA. Anyway, NDA is not even rated as military academy in Africa.
Politics / Re: Landlord Alleges Soldiers Killed 20 In Oyigbo by Dede1(m): 1:10pm On Nov 08, 2020
A landlord in the Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State, who identified himself only as Emmanuel, has claimed that over 20 persons were killed by soldiers deployed to restore normalcy in the area after suspected members of the Indigenous People of Biafra attacked three police stations.

Emmanuel alleged that the soldiers in commando style broke into houses to pick residents, adding that most of those arrested had not been seen by their loved ones.

He said, “A pregnant woman died of shock after continuous gunshots. The woman fainted and there was no way to take her to hospital. Some other persons were also hit by stray bullets and died at home because hospitals were closed.

“There are many innocent souls that have lost their lives in Oyigbo. More than 20 persons have been killed. Many people are crying looking for their loved ones.

“In Iriebe where my in-law lives, the army marched from house-to-house breaking into houses looking for stolen guns. If they enter your house and discover two or three boys inside, they would beat them up and tie them up saying they are IPOB members. They (soldiers) even killed some of them.”

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, had on October 21, 2020 imposed a 24-hour curfew and deployed soldiers and other security agents to enforce it.

The State Security Council on Wednesday relaxed the 24-hour curfew in Oyigbo as life was gradually returning to normal.

But the spokesman for the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Major Charles Ekeocha, said the claims against the Army were false, saying its operation in Oyigbo was professional and targeted only at “criminals who killed security operatives and stole their rifles.”


What professionalism is this jackass, Maj. Charles Ekeocha, on about? Even If these people are remotely “criminals who killed security operatives and stole their rifles.”, does it warrant extrajudicial killing? Where is the due process of the law? In a democratic setting, the military cannot be the judge, prosecutor and executioner.


Politics / Re: Abandoned Property; Will History Repeat Itself In Nigeria? by Dede1(m): 1:01pm On Nov 08, 2020

These animals will surely be dealt with. They have no idea what is coming at them.

Only the animals shake like dried leaves on a tree at the instance of disintegration of Nigeria. There is no doubt certain people will cease to exist as we know it in the former Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Abandoned Property; Will History Repeat Itself In Nigeria? by Dede1(m): 12:58pm On Nov 08, 2020
The comment of a vile migrant.

Igweocha as a word means THE WHITE MAN'S HILL. It's origin and use has to do with the coming of the white men specifically the British and the beginning of colonialism in the early 1900s.

We do not acknowledge the evil act of Igbo migrants renaming our towns. Your caveman urge to posses what is not yours has led yours is disgusting to us the real natives of Port Harcourt.

We shall always crush all your attempts to posses what is not yours...anytime...cheers!

Please shut up your putrid mouth. There is nothing like a freaking "White man" in denotation of Igweocha mbaram. Please get your skewed historical facts straightened before making a fool out of yourself in public. Before so-called British arrived, Rebisi folks had allowed Okrika folks to settle in places close to Igweocha when the Okrika folks bring their smoked fish for exchange for farm products.

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Politics / Re: Abandoned Property; Will History Repeat Itself In Nigeria? by Dede1(m): 12:51pm On Nov 08, 2020
so the people of Okrika are tenants in port Harcourt ? No wonder wike touch ona hand small,

Any land occupied by the Okrika folks in Igweocha is given to them by Rebisi folks as a place of settlement.
Politics / Re: How SARS Murdered My 3 Sons - Woman, Now Childless & Abandoned By Her Husband by Dede1(m): 12:47pm On Nov 08, 2020
Any so-called law enforcement agent in Nigeria who kills a member of my family must be killed. Nigerians must find a way to revenge the death of their loved ones and stop lamenting on the pages of newspaper.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Is Joe Biden The President Elect Yet? by Dede1(m): 12:43pm On Nov 08, 2020

The Supreme Court will decide that before Dec 14.

There are federal judges who have allowed the cases filled in the so-called battleground states to continue. This is contested election and every avenue must be exhausted as the liberals had stated the every vote (legal or illegal) must be counted.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Is Joe Biden The President Elect Yet? by Dede1(m): 12:39pm On Nov 08, 2020

Trump: 214

Biden: 290

Cut off mark: 270

Crap from lame media which are in the opposition to Trump. Stop wasting your time on CNN.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Is Joe Biden The President Elect Yet? by Dede1(m): 12:37pm On Nov 08, 2020
Some are hurling insults on the OP without trying to research into what he is saying.

Dec 14, the electors will vote.

Some States do not make it compulsory for their electors to vote along the path of individual(s) that won the State.

A commanding lead above 300 electoral college votes is sure to favour the winner though.

In 2016, Democrats still called for the electors to vote Clinton which didn't work nonetheless Trump having over 300.

Two of the faithless electors who represented States Trump won didn't vote him and five of Clinton's didn't vote her.

Nonetheless, The tide is with Biden.

Some officials from Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania have indicated their votes should go to Trump. Anyway before it gets to electoral college the validity of mail-in ballot must be decided at court level. It is unhuman for majority of mail-in ballots go to one candidate. The Democratic Party local machine played under the guise of the COVID-19 to show their filthy hand.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Is Joe Biden The President Elect Yet? by Dede1(m): 12:30pm On Nov 08, 2020
Nigerians always embarrassing themselves

Electoral Collage vote goes in the way of State votes, each state has a number of registered voters, and number of voters once the numbers are reached the state results are called

State delegates could change the vote at the electoral college. However US supreme court created this mess by allowing the fraudulent-prone mail-in ballot which resulted in double voting, ballots with post-dated stamps, mailed-in ballots from grave yards, non-citizens voting in an election they were not qualified to vote, dumping of ballots, mail-in ballots from non-residents and tabulation of votes contrary to state laws. If the supreme allow this fraud to stand, it must have set precedence for future mail-n ballot exercise which will see worse scenario in future than present.

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