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Family / Re: What Will You Do If You Have My Kind Of Parents? by DedeNkem: 7:25am On Sep 20
Greetings Nairalanders,
I want to seek for you peoples opinions regarding my family challenges.

I'm from a broken home. My parents divorced when I was a child of two years. I'm the only child from their union. My father and mother abandoned me and remarried to other spouse each. I passed through hell growing up with relatives who insulted me with all kinds of names and I was treated like a slave to their own children.

Because of public outcry about my dehumanizing treatment, my father came to village and took me to the city. It was from fry pan to fire experience as my father's new wife was maltreating me. At a point, my father asked me to leave his house that since my arrival, he don't have peace with his wife.

I packed to the house of a relative and work in a block industry to help myself. Most times, I slept in a CAC church close to the relative house as the two-room apartment is not enough for his family. My mother never care if I was alive. She never call me nor reply to letter I sent through someone to her. I continued working in the block industry and started a part time programme. I completed the part time programme and did my NYSC and master degree. I got a job with University of Ado Ekiti with the help of a course mate, managing myself now and surprisingly my mother and father started calling me often.

Both of them have 6 children each with their respective second spouse. Mother want his son to come and live with me, I refused and my father too have been requesting for financial assistance which I also refused. I don't want to have anything to do with both of them. My father's daughter recently called me to help her with school fees, I bluntly told her to ask her mother what she did to me and caught the call. Since then, she never call.

I'm alone and have just two friends. I don't have family. All of them calling now are just looking for what to get from me, not that they care about me. My mother never call me once to ask about my welfare even when I sent my phone number to her through her relative. I wrote WAEC, completed degree course before she started calling me and it is only to request for one thing or other. I'm planning to get married without telling them and build a separate family.

Despite the fact they're your parents, they've proved they're worthless to you! They never helped and they neglected you when you needed them most!

If you had died, would they had cared? No! They only care now about what they can get from you! You are self-made and every street kid should emulate you!

Keep your so-called parents out of your life, if you want to live long! They never added any value to your life when you desperately needed them. And they won't add any value to your life now that you're successful!

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Family / Re: Should I Tell My Dad About My Cheating Stepmom? by DedeNkem: 10:51pm On Sep 15
If you love your Dad, you have to tell him exactly what happened. He deserves to know! Cheating hardly ends well, especially, when it causes death.

That woman has neither respect for your Dad nor the marriage! And I'm sure she has no respect for you too! So why "respect" her by keeping her cheating secret? It makes absolutely no sense to do so!

Ask yourself this, would your Dad not tell you if he knows your (future wife) cheats on you!

You must save your Dad from this terrible woman, by informing him.

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Health / Re: FG Declares JOHESU Strike Unnecessary by DedeNkem: 4:22am On Sep 14
Govt should fear God or....,.?!

Or what happens? Nothing!
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "Noisemakers Don't Last Only Newsmakers Do" by DedeNkem: 10:01pm On Sep 13
A crook who lives off tythes!
Religion / Re: How Reno Omokri Convinced Daddy Freeze To Apologise To Bishop Oyedepo by DedeNkem: 9:51pm On Sep 13

Your generation after you are logically stupid...if Oyedepo were a fraudster why haven't you, Freeze and all the other idiots like you taken the matter up in a court? Who corrects fraudsters? Only idiot.s like you correct fraudsters. Fraudsters are not corrected rather they are jailed and their assets frozen to account for the damages done...do you have a father anywhere half as accomplished as Oyedepo?

You are very deep in Oyedepo's a*ss, you religiously brainwashed m*oron! Open your dumb eyes to see the truth!

No matter Oyedepo does you m*oron will blindly support him. Even he p*oops in your mother's mouth, you will thank him and run, like a slowpoke, to his school to give him free money called tythe!

He is living in a huge mansion, has choice properties all over the world, driven exotic cars and Jets, while you poor m*orons wallow in poverty!

Your bible says Jesus was the most unmaterialistic person ever. In the same book, it says a true Christian is one who emulates Jesus. Does Oyedepo and other religious thieves live and behave like Jesus?

I wish you aren't too st*upid to answer that question wrongly!
Religion / Re: How Reno Omokri Convinced Daddy Freeze To Apologise To Bishop Oyedepo by DedeNkem: 6:21pm On Sep 13
he apologised for insulting him which is right thing to do. apologising does not mean he has changed his midset about fake pastors

Could you quote exactly what Mr. Freeze said that was an insult?
Religion / Re: How Reno Omokri Convinced Daddy Freeze To Apologise To Bishop Oyedepo by DedeNkem: 6:21pm On Sep 13
he apologised for insulting him which is right thing to do. apologising does not mean he has changed his midset about fake pastors

Could you quote exactly what Mr. Freeze said that was an insult.
Religion / Re: How Reno Omokri Convinced Daddy Freeze To Apologise To Bishop Oyedepo by DedeNkem: 4:45pm On Sep 13


No matter how many times you dumbly us all caps, you're still a religious id*iot! Who "anointed" that fraudster? You foolishly believed him because he said so?

You morons won't shine your eyes no matter what that scammer does! Even if he poops in your mother's, you will still thank him and run to give him your "tythe" on Sunday!

He's living in a huge mansion, has many choice properties, owns all sorts of exotic cars, a jet or two and yet you moronic followers give him your money!

Ask yourself, is your "annointed crook" living and behaving like Jesus (the guy Christian's are told to emulate)? According to your bible, Jesus was the most unmaterialistic person ever!
Crime / Re: Olakunle Ajomale Carrying US Microchip In His Body Since 2010 (pics) by DedeNkem: 3:00pm On Sep 13
This a lie! Nobody (including the most dangerous people) has ever been chipped by U.S. There's no such record and such criminal act cannot be kept secret long.

This guy probably has a mental issue!

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Politics / Re: Constitutional Review: Zone Us To Southwest, Okun People Write Nass by DedeNkem: 2:48pm On Sep 13
Fulani invaded and conquered those Yoruba areas long time a ago and Yorubas never did anything about it. You know, slaves can't do sh*it to their master.
Religion / Re: How Reno Omokri Convinced Daddy Freeze To Apologise To Bishop Oyedepo by DedeNkem: 2:39pm On Sep 13
Mr. Freeze made a horrible mistake by apologizing. Why did he apologize for correcting a fraudulent pastor, Oyedepo?

When has rightly correcting someone become a bad thing? So Oyedepo shouldn't be corrected when he makes mistakes because he's all knowing and powerful?

Nigerians are religiously st*upid!!

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Crime / Re: Ajibawo Lawal & Sunday Akhigbe Die Inside Lagos Studio, Others Hospitalised by DedeNkem: 7:34am On Sep 13

Small boy! Your small occult is making u talk anyhow! Be careful!
That thing that makes u talk will Destroy u very Soon!
I have warned u!

Why do you religious nuts always make occult accusations whenever someone disagrees with your crappy beliefs? What occult is bigger than religion?
Family / Re: Mum Of 2 Who Married A Tree Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary In England by DedeNkem: 7:22am On Sep 13
She should have been in a psychiatric hospital.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerians With Advanced Degrees But Without Jobs by DedeNkem: 7:13am On Sep 13
I don't value Nigerian degrees! Nigerian Universities churn out either half-baked graduates or illiterate ones!

Nigerian education system is gradually collapsing. Go to hospitals, you'll see how dangerous it is to have quack doctors and nurses everywhere!
Crime / Re: Ajibawo Lawal & Sunday Akhigbe Die Inside Lagos Studio, Others Hospitalised by DedeNkem: 7:04am On Sep 13
Condolences to their Families..

My Main Concern about all these Deaths is Where are these souls going?

This Should be the Heart beat of anyone who says He/She is a Believer..

We are not Saved to Save ourselves alone.
We are Saved to Save Others..

Eternity is so Real Folks!
Prepare For it!
There is Heaven!
There is Hell!

Save your Soul by Accepting JESUS Christ..

Delusional m*oron. Stop spamming!
Crime / Re: Ajibawo Lawal & Sunday Akhigbe Die Inside Lagos Studio, Others Hospitalised by DedeNkem: 6:57am On Sep 13
Generator fume have killed many Nigerians! Is it due to the poor education system in the country or just pure ignorance?!

Carbon monoxide poisoning from generators is REAL. Never ever keep a gen. indoors while in use! Even when it's kept outside, make sure the fume doesn't end up in your window or door!
Romance / Re: Nigerians' Reactions To A Post About 'Zimbabwean Women & Love For Money' by DedeNkem: 6:32am On Sep 13
Nigerian girls' love for money has no part 2. That's why guys break their hearts like crazy, because they've no respect for these worthless beggar-girls!

The worse, is that these type of useless girls are in the majority! And what do you get from them? Only stinky punanis! They love to dress well on men's money but hardly maintain good hygienes!

I had horrible experiences when I was dating. I'm glad I married a great woman!
Education / Re: Female Secondary Students Drink Beer, Celebrate WAEC Final Paper In Cross River by DedeNkem: 1:45am On Sep 13
Finally, after sorting and f*ucking through Secondary School!
Romance / Re: She Still Loves Her Ex. What Do I Do? by DedeNkem: 11:04pm On Sep 12
You're not in love relationship with her and you never made a viable move to take her out on a date to start with!

She may have done that to know if you truly have serious feelings for her as you've not made any move. Or she's actually telling you the truth about her feelings for her ex.

Make a move now or forget about her and move on with your life.
Crime / Re: Gana: Army Wants Ortom To Pay The N50M Bounty Placed On Terwase Agwaza by DedeNkem: 6:29pm On Sep 11
The shamelessly corrupt and massively incompetent Nigerian Army wants to steal 50 million naira after kidnapping and slaughtering a wanted man who already surrendered to the State government!

In fact, the army officers involved should be arrested and prosecuted for this criminal act!

This nonsense can only happen on Nigeria, the lawless Zoo!
Religion / Re: Pastor Emmanuel Iren: I Find My Wife Very Sexy When She Is Praying by DedeNkem: 6:09pm On Sep 11
Romance / Re: Jilted Lady Slumps By The Roadside In Lagos, Lover Escapes by DedeNkem: 6:08pm On Sep 11
Never ever hope on anyone to marry you. Until the person starts marriage process, have a plan B!

Nobody was born to marry a particular person! Marriage is about two different individuals who planned to manage each other's faults.
Romance / Re: Could The Pregnancy Be Mine? by DedeNkem: 5:21pm On Sep 11
Hi guys, I will try and make the story short.

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on 18th of July, She told me on the 27th of August that she went for pregnancy test and she is 2 weeks pregnant.

Just kind of confused as to the disparity in the dates. The result should be 5 weeks plus (Almost 6 weeks) and not 2 weeks.

Please, to the health workers, how accurate can pregnancy test be? No problem if the pregnancy is mine but wont want to take responsibility for what is not mine.

Nigerian hospitals make a lot of medical mistakes due to having either quack doctors or half-baked ones. And their diagnosis/test equipments are either outdated or not working properly.

So your last resort is to have a DNA test (if they have the tools).

You f*ucked up big time by hitting without a condom! Now the unwanted pregnancy may be yours. And you could have gotten a nasty infection if she was diseased!

Always use condom!!
Crime / Re: How Thieves Entered My Room And Carted Away A Lot Of Items Using Voodoo Or Charm by DedeNkem: 2:34pm On Sep 11
Early this month, unknown thief/thieves entered my room through the window late in the night and stole phones, device and laptop totally worth 132,000 naira.

My greatest surprise was I didn't or was unable to wake up throughout their operation until day break, and I'm someone that easily wake up from sleep at hearing slight sound or noticing slight movement.

Is it that there's a charm they do use for this kind of operation? If yes, how can it been neutralized to prevent such occurrence next time?

In what way can I apprehend this thieves? I've been unable to track the items.

Someone should please give me advice and suggestion.

Help move to front Page biko.

Lack of proper education makes most Nigerians blame juju for things they don't understand!

They probably succeeded due to one of the following or more;

- you slept too deep due to tiredness.
- your food or drink was drugged.
- the air in your was contaminated with a chemical that made you sleep deeper.
- someone may have carefully sneaked in stealthily whole you slept, especially, someone who knew where your stuffs are located.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Nominated For 2021 Nobel Peace Prize For Isreal/UAE Peace Deal by DedeNkem: 10:09am On Sep 11
A moronic criminal like Trump can't win a Nobel Peace Prize!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Nominated For 2021 Nobel Peace Prize For Isreal/UAE Peace Deal by DedeNkem: 10:07am On Sep 11
President Trump was Specifically Appointed by GOD Almighty for these Endtimes...

The Man has been an Instrument of God Almighty to Fufill Bible Endtimes Prophecies like never Before in History..

Few Months ago while Reading my Bible! I got to the Book of 1Cor 15:52. Immediately I got to where it was written " AT THE LAST TRUMP " I got an instant Sensation in my body. I had to go over it again. This is a Verse I Have known for a long time but I got a whole new Revelation that day. I told some People that this Man could Possibly be the LAST TRUMP the Bible Spoke about Over 2000 years ago.

Few weeks later I heard the same thing from a casual guy in the USA who was just passing a Comment.

Few weeks ago , My Father in The Lord was Preaching a Message on a Sunday and Connected to the Same Matter.

If you acquitted with GOD Almighty, there are Certain things that you will see that the Carnal Minded Can never Ever see..

Listen Folks! With what is Happening on the Earth Today, President Trump is very Likely the Last Trump before the Trumpet Sounds!

Every Sign and Prophecies Given by JESUS Christ has been Fulfilled..

Prepare yourself
Prepare your Family
Prepare your Friends
Prepare your Enemies

The TRUMPET is about to BLAST..

Do not be Caught Sleeping.. Do not be Caught Jonzing..

They that Have Ears to Hear! Let them Hear..

You are absolutely delusional!
Romance / Re: My Girl Is Too Attached To Me, How Can I Stop That? by DedeNkem: 9:26am On Sep 11
Hello guys pls I will like some advice from mature minds here, there's this girl am dating she's very pretty, sexy and hard working, she loves me so much that each day that she didn't hear my voice it will seems to her as if the world is coming to an end

The problem is I didn't love her equally the same way she loves me, initially I only wanted her for sex but she's getting too attached to me, and there's one certain man of God that warmed me to dump the girl am dating, which is her, my problem is how am I going to let her go without actually hurting her feelings cuz I know quite alright that she might hurt herself if I end the relationship between us. She's dangerously in love with me and I fear it will end in tears for her.

The bolded quote above shows you're an id*iot! I don't have respect for religious morons like you who allow pastors to control and dictate their life!

If the lady's love for you is "too much" for you, and you want to end the relationship, then grow some balls and politely inform her.
Politics / Re: Lagos Approves 33% Increase In Pension For State Pensioners by DedeNkem: 11:19pm On Sep 10
While the stupid, incompetent, thieving Abia State governor, Okezie IKPUAzu, owes workers 20+ months of salary arrears and pentioners are almost forgotten!

Abia State is cursed with really bad "leaders"!!
Health / Re: Replace Striking Doctors With Corpers - Ehanire, Minister Of Health To Hospitals by DedeNkem: 4:39am On Sep 10
They risk their lives and yet you refused to pay them! This is the type of st*upid and clueless corrupt "leaders" we have?!

Pay them!! You idiots!
Health / Re: Replace Striking Doctors With Corpers - Ehanire, Minister Of Health To Hospitals by DedeNkem: 4:37am On Sep 10
They risk their lives and yet you refused to pay them! This is the type of st*upid and clueless corrupt "leaders" we have?!
Romance / Re: My Fiancé Disregards Me, How Do I Handle This? by DedeNkem: 4:19am On Sep 10
Good evening Nairalanders, please i need your sincere opinion on this issue bothering me.

I have been dating this guy for 9 months and our relationship has been going well except for this issue.

My boyfriend or should i say fiancé ( he has introduced me to his family as the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and my family is in support of the relationship) has been in contact with his ex-girlfriend who is married with a son.

My man spends 1-2hrs on phone with his ex girlfriend in my presence and when i confronted him, he told me to bear in mind that he can never stop talking to her because she didn't offend him and if she needs any monetary support, he won't hesitate to help.

They have no intimate relationship maybe cus of distance, He agreed not to call her but promised to take her calls when she does and she calls frequently.

Her husband also warned him to stay away from his wife but he wouldn't listen.

He is a nice guy with a good heart and we are planning introduction by December

I told him that if he can't stop communicating with his ex girlfriend the relationship is over but he still insist on maintaining contact with her...

Pls am i overreacting, How do i handle this??....mature advice needed!

sorry for the long post.

This is a very serious red flag! If you still have some self respect and integrity in you, dump his as*s as quickly as possible while you can!

He chose his ex over you! The guy isn't for you. Knowing his parents means nothing. Need I say more?
Family / Re: Uncle Set To Divorce Wife After Plumber Removed 23 Condoms Blocking Our Toilet.. by DedeNkem: 4:03am On Sep 10
Hello house don't mind my grammar pls!

There's problem in the house! We have been having problem with our toilet for a while now but we received a shock after find out what the problem is....

My uncle is 44 and his wife is 34 with 1 kid (girl) they just celebrated 2 years anniversary. My uncle spend most of the time at the shop. He sells spare parts and automobile, he never knew and will never believe that his wife brings another man home (who she has once introduced to me as his cousin) ... FastFWD

Two weeks now we have been finding it hard to flush toilet because the water is moving .... My uncle called a plumber yesterday, the plumber had to call my uncle to show him what the problem is.. To our surprise its A condom and one of them is still fresh with some sperm inside...

My uncle was surprised because he said he never used it on her since they got married ... He just built the house which is not even up to 1year... Now their marriage is on the line of collapsing, I like the wife very well because she is kind and generous she buys me latest things like phones shoes shirts... I don't know how to contribute to the issues because I am just a boy boy.

Let it end! She didn't even have the decency to respect her husband by not f*ucking another man in her matrimonial home!

You self, what kind of st*upid boy boy are you? So you didn't know this was going on under your nose?

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