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Business / Re: Gtbank Debunks Rumours Of Court Order To Pay N12b To Innoson Boss by DedeNkem: 11:22pm On Jun 07

The piggyyeasterners are the actual slaves and morronns who want Yorubas to fight their battle for them while they sit idly by.

If you think in your own alternative universe that Igbos "depend" on you stupid cowards, why not let them go??!!!

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Business / Re: Supreme Court Orders Gtbank To Pay Innoson Boss N12bn In 14 Days by DedeNkem: 8:10pm On Jun 07
12 Billion naira. That Innoson CEO is a fraud.

Are you m*oron living in a cave?


Sports / Re: Matthew Wolff Designed The Super Eagles 2018 World Cup Jersey by DedeNkem: 8:02pm On Jun 07
So they didn't find a Nigerian designer!
Politics / Re: Lock Your Shop For IPOB Sit-at-home, Lose It Forever - Umahi Threatens by DedeNkem: 9:10pm On May 29
Every citizen of this zoo of a country has every right to sit-at-home or open their shops or not even work or protest, if the nonsense we have is a democracy!!

I guess this incompetent corrupt a*sshole of a government is incapable to differentiate between democracy and autocracy!!

Where in the world has any government official threatened to close anyone's business for sitting at home? Only in this worthless zoo called Nigeria!!


Health / Re: Nigerians React As Lady Uses Champagne To Wash Her Private Parts (VIDEO) by DedeNkem: 3:28pm On May 28
Triggering a yeast infection in your p*unani is not a smart thing to do.

She is too dumb and probably doesn't know what yeast infection is! Most Nigerian women don't.

When you have a stinky p*unani the chances are you either have a yeast infection or STD.
Politics / Re: May 30 Sit-At-Home: We Will Deal Decisively With Biafra Groups - Police by DedeNkem: 3:23pm On May 28

tahhh....they were even talking about occupying goverment house....

ipob is a terrorists group now.....

Even if they said that, don't they have right to protest? You are too dumb to call them terrorist without any proof whatsoever! That's what id*iots do.

Would you accept if someone accuses you of something without a proof? You d*umba*ss!

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Politics / Re: May 30 Sit-At-Home: We Will Deal Decisively With Biafra Groups - Police by DedeNkem: 3:11pm On May 28
You are threatening people who want to sit home in respect to their fallen heroes. How is a sit-home by this group threatening you corrupt incompetent armed thugs in uniform?

You id*iots have done absolutely nothing about the terrorists who called themselves herdsmen, who have been invading and slaughtering people everywhere!! But nooo, you're busy threatening IPOB, a peaceful agitation group that has neither disturbed any public peace nor invaded or killed anyone!!

No groups of thugs and murderous imb*eciles terrorize the public more than the Nigerian police and northern terrorist groups!!
Phones / Re: No More Poor Network As Nigerians Introduces New "Super SIM Card" by DedeNkem: 12:57pm On May 28

how do they over load their network?

When a network is overloaded is when your system can handle 10k subscribers convientlly without any down times But due to greed, you instead add 20k subscribers to double your profit while adding no upgrade to your system to handle the extra load, which leads to a lot of down times and bad services to your customers!

That's what all Nigerian companies do!
Phones / Re: This is Why Tecno, Infinix Will Never Try Selling Its Models In US Or Europe! by DedeNkem: 12:34pm On May 25
Instead of looking into this guy's claims before judgement, some m*orons are attacking him without any evidence of falsehood! This is exactly what these c*rooked companies want!

I have always wondered why these mobile phones from these companies are so popular in Africa, especially, in Nigeria and yet one can't find one of them in Europe or America! It makes absolutely no sense if these phones are so "great".

Conformity is the answer. These companies are running away from these areas because they DON'T want to conform to strict standards! In other words, they push crappy phones into African markets, where there is no standard rules, and make their billions!

For those who don't know. A strict standard prevents companies from selling you crappy products! This is why Africans value products bought from EU, U.S., etc. because they are built to last!

Last time I visited home, I went to four electronic shops to buy a phone charger (mine was stolen at the airport), I was so disappointed that they all had only fake inferior products! Luckily for me, a friend had a good one I borrowed throughout my stay.

Nigerians are so used to using fake and inferior products! Sad!


Career / Re: CCTV To Be Installed In Workers' Toilets. Should She Resign? by DedeNkem: 12:02pm On May 25
Hello Nairalanders,

A female friend came to meet me for an urgent advice as to whether she should resign as soon as this month end.

The organisation she works for pasted an internal memo that says that "Henceforth, CCTV devices shall be installed in all workers toilet including male and female to put security check in place beginning from next week.

As a female, she feels that will be kind of shameful for the IT personnel incharge of monitoring CCTV to be watching her and other female colleagues when they do their poos or pass urine.

She is fed up with the company and its unexpected decisions that usually come without consulting the staff.

Should she go ahead to tender her resignation as from next week since the month is coasting to an end?

Your advice will go a long way to help her.

Lalasticalania please push to front page to let people contribute.

CCTV in toilets? Are people being murdered in the company's toilets daily for them to deem this right? So some pervs. will be watching women use the restroom? LOL. This is really bad.

Try this nonsense in a civilized country and your company would be shut down with an avalanche of lawsuits! Nigeria is where ANYTHING goes. A very uncivilized zoo not a country!
Phones / Re: No More Poor Network As Nigerians Introduces New "Super SIM Card" by DedeNkem: 11:36am On May 25
Instead of the corrupt NCC forcing telecommunication companies to offer better services and stop overloading their Networks due to greed or shut down their businesses, NCC instead resorted to doing this and called it a great "development"!

This is like your home roof is leaking, instead of repairing the particular area that causes the leakage (you have the money to do the necessary repairs), but you went and bought a bucket to "prevent" the leakage from destroying the floor! While on the other leaving the leaks to continue! How id*iotic is that?

Why is NCC incompetent? Either it has taken so much bribes from Telecom companies that it can't go against them anymore, rendering it toothless or its management is shamelessly incompetent and clueless!! No government office functions well in this zoo of a country!!
Romance / Re: My Sister Is A Lesbian, I Need Help To Cure Her by DedeNkem: 11:09am On May 25
Hello all my family just recently discovered that my younger sister is a lesbian we were all extremely devastated,the signs were always there when she was younger i noticed she liked watching lesbian porn a lot but never thought much about it or even thought to tell my parents because I thought it was just a phase that all teenagers go through.

The real revelation came a month ago when the whole family went out to a weeding except for her we were going to be gone for 2 hours i however had to comeback earlier than expected because I was feeling nauseous that was when I met a shocking sight of her romancing and handling the breasts of another girl.

I need some advice please I won't to know how we can beat this spirrit of homosexuality out of her please she is my dearest sister and I don't want her to go to hell.

Try to educate yourself a little before speaking against anything! You can't "cure" a lesbian or gay. People are born that way!!

Were you cured to be straight? Or can you be "cured" to not be straight? How would you feel, if someone tries to force you to not be straight? You know the answers to those.

You are a bigot. Keep your dumb beliefs to yourself and allow your sister to live her life in peace! Who she sleeps with is none of your business! She is an adult and you should respect her as such!

I hate when st*upid religious people try to impose their sick beliefs on others! But when you speak against their religion or sick beliefs, they attack you and in some cases murder people for it! F*ucking hypocrites!!

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Politics / Re: 'I Declare You The Next Ekiti Governor' - Fayose Prays For Deputy, Eleka(video) by DedeNkem: 6:35am On May 22
Election is already rigged. What are the achievements of Fayose? He stole billions while giving out bags of rice and tomatoes to his dumb people!

All politicians in Nigeria are thieves!! People please, vote for Sowore of Saharareporters to become the next President. The guy is the best choice we have now. He has a good record of fighting government for corruption. And he has solid plans for Nigeria's progress and promised to prosecute corrupt politicians!

We must take our country back from thieves and murderers!!

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Romance / Re: Angela Nwosu Smoking: "I Am Not A Wife Material, I Am Not A Feminist" by DedeNkem: 3:47am On May 22
She has given up.

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Health / Re: Simple Ways To Stay Healthy And Prevent Awful Vaginal Discharge by DedeNkem: 7:22am On May 20
Most Nigerian women lack good hygiene down there. They spend a lot on clothes, shoes and make-ups but either clueless in keeping their p*ussy clean or outright lazy to do so. They walk around with st*inky p*ussies!!

When you tell them, they become very visibly upset and sometimes walk out, instead of appreciating being informed of something they might have overlooked or thought was normal. It is not normal for your p*ussy to stink!!! It is a sign of problem down there!

There are many info. on online health care websites regarding keeping your p*ussy healthy and clean, like this one the OP referenced from to create this thread! Read up!!

When I see a well dressed beautiful woman, I also expect her p*ussy to be clean and healthy too!

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Education / Re: Nigerian Man Graduates In Style, Gets Full Time Offer From Amazon In USA (photos by DedeNkem: 6:57am On May 20
I hope he doesn't get murdered by corrupt murderous racist U.S. cops.
Politics / Re: Police Launch Manhunt For Reporter Who Shared IGP Idris’ 'Transmission' Video by DedeNkem: 7:51pm On May 19
Instead of launching investigations to hunt down criminals, especially, political thieves, this northern illiterate idiot who called himself an IGP is investigating a reporter who simply reported on his terrible PUBLIC speech!!

You disgracefuly fumbled in public and you are shocked people know? How is it a crime that a reporter did his job reporting news?!! He is an id*iot who chases rat while his home burns!!

What a useless lawless country we live in!!!
Business / Re: How Banks Exploit Cbn's Weakness To Impose Excessive Charges On ATM Users by DedeNkem: 7:14pm On May 18
Nigerian "banks" are not really banks. They are only out to steal peoples' money!!
Crime / Re: Search A Police Officer Before He Or She Searches Your Car Or House - NGR Police by DedeNkem: 7:12pm On May 18

Check our signature in blue here below and you will be better enlightened. You can contact us by clicking the WhatsApp Chat link...

Take your f*ucking advert. somewhere else!
Politics / Re: Senate Paid Abiola Aiyegbayo, Saraki’s Aide’s Wife N150,000/month - Sahara Rep. by DedeNkem: 1:36pm On May 18
A criminal is the Senate President.


Romance / Re: Woman Steals The Show With Her Natural Backside At An Event In The U.S by DedeNkem: 1:18pm On May 18
I like a big as*s but not a shapeless one.

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Crime / Re: Search A Police Officer Before He Or She Searches Your Car Or House - NGR Police by DedeNkem: 8:27am On May 18
They are trying to get someone murdered. Nigerian police crooks and thugs that don't tolerate being asked "why?".
Politics / Re: Police Has No Right To Search Your Phone Without Valid Complaint - IGP by DedeNkem: 8:23am On May 18
All talks and no work! Nigerian police is the most incompetent and corrupt in the world.

The only things they're good in are to harrass the public, demand bribes and murder citizens arbitrarily!!
Politics / Re: Police And Jewish Worshippers At Nnamdi Kanu's House Clash (Photos) by DedeNkem: 2:26pm On May 14
Terrorist gonment!

Who did they terrorize or kill??
Politics / Re: May 30 ‘Sit-At-Home’ Order: IPOB, MASSOB On Collision Course by DedeNkem: 2:10pm On May 14
MASSOB is a toothless bulldog that was bought and paid for by government long time ago. Its influence has diminished so badly and shamefully that it has become moribund. It doesn't command respect like IPOB and it knows it.

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Celebrities / Re: Boluwatife Balogun Celebrates His 7th Birthday, Becomes A CEO by DedeNkem: 9:43pm On May 13
Nonsense. What does a 7yr. old know?
Health / Re: Soldier Uses Bag For His Stomach After Being Injured At The Battlefield. Photo by DedeNkem: 9:17pm On May 13
The government and military neglected this guy! Anyone who dies for this zoo called Nigeria is a f*ool.
Celebrities / Re: Skales Walks Out Of Victor Okpala, NET TV Interviewer by DedeNkem: 8:22pm On May 13
The interviewer is an amateur. When you realize you are annoying your guest, you move on to the next question.

You can't tell an artist that his work is not genius, that's rude! Skales took it well and told you, it was your choice to like his work or not. But the incompetent interviewer kept on going at it, as if he intentionally wanted this outcome in order to get more views!

Learn to know when to move on to the next question!! And another thing, learn also to know when to SHUTUP to let your guest speak!


Politics / Re: How States Withdrew N593.1bn From Federation Account In Q1 2018 by DedeNkem: 7:45pm On May 13
Let the looting sprees begin!!
Politics / Re: See Atiku’s Reply To A Twitter User Who Asked Of His Benefit To Nigerians by DedeNkem: 7:41pm On May 13
Vote for Sowore, if you want a change!!

You can't continue recycling corrupt politicians and still expect a different outcome!!
Crime / Re: Man Locked Up After Narrowly Escaping Being Shot Dead By Ogun State Sars - Pics by DedeNkem: 7:35pm On May 13
A lawless zoo of a country.

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