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Business / Re: What Business/investment Can One Start With Least 500k ? by Diffdeef(m): 5:03pm On May 29
Business / What Business/investment Can One Start With Least 500k ? by Diffdeef(m): 11:05pm On May 28
I'm taking notes,thanks.

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Phones / Re: Gbwhatsapp Palaver! What's The Way Out! by Diffdeef(m): 9:21am On May 22
I have downloaded it like 5times now and it's still giving me the same expiry or time, update issue. I have the normal whatsapp I'm using, but I need this gbwhatsapp too, what can I do, please I need ideas. See pix below.

Follow Alexmods on twitter,He's the developer,He posted a link to a new version for users experiencing the issue you just raised.

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Education / Re: God Of Private School Teachers Have Public Mercy On Them. by Diffdeef(m): 6:19pm On May 18
It's a pity,but you guys are definitely not in lagos,what's with the 5k,10k,15k,18k salary when some cleaners in Lagos earn 30k,supermarket attendants 30-40k just O-level holders,cashiers 40-50k OND,O-level holders in my company earn 30k or slightly higher,same with most companies I know,there's a current opening for an O-level holder,pay is 30k,Must reside in Isolo,if interested HMU.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Share Your Job Hunting Experience With Zero Balance by Diffdeef(m): 7:24pm On May 16
Lol that's guys life for you bro,you got to hustle any means necessary,i've offloaded two different 40ft containers in a day filled with Imported heavy metals,Lasted from 9am to 7pm,Man my eyes were inside. Pay was 5k tho.
Politics / Re: Igbos Outside Southeast, Our Region's Poverty Index Is Rising! by Diffdeef(m): 5:57pm On May 06
Enugu is a poor state. Their rural areas are poverty-stricken but some mistakenly believe that Enugu city is representative of Enugu state. Economically, Abians are doing much better than Enuguites though it looks like Abia has been cursed with wicked leaders. Ebonyi is a backward state. Their ruthless governor is busy stealing for himself and his family while poverty and disease kills his people. Anambra state is not where it ought to be but that can change if their people can stop investing in Lagos. Imo is the only state with promise as our IGR and job creation is set to take a leap with the coming on stream of Shell gas and Waltersmith refinery which will create economic boom across the state. Owerri is currently the best city in southern Nigeria.
owerri is currently the best city in southern Nigeria ? In terms of what ? Be specific.
Romance / Re: How Far Can You Cope With A Long Distance Relationship? by Diffdeef(m): 11:05pm On May 05
You better just don't get yourself involved in LDR, A long distant relationship simply does not meet the criteria necessary for it to be considered a legitimate relationship. There is no reciprocity of anything more than words passing over a phone line or an instant message text.
Business / Re: Abakaliki Mall, Ebonyi Taking Shape (Pictures) by Diffdeef(m): 7:09pm On May 05
Kudos to Umahi but let's leave all the beautifications and the fancy lights,How's their economy ? Majority of ebonyians are poor,people from other states are the real developers,Anambra people have 70℅ of the storey buildings you see in Ebonyi,what business can you do there,how many companies & industries exist in the state ? The OP might not even have an investment or business there or probably wouldn't even gamble starting up a business in ebonyi,these are the questions you ask,not some fancy bulbs in the streets.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Been Paid April Salary? by Diffdeef(m): 10:32pm On Apr 30
Haven't seen shit.
Celebrities / Re: Hushpuppi Buys A Rolls Royce Cullinan 2020 To Keep The Company Of His Wraith by Diffdeef(m): 9:52pm On Apr 25
All for the gram..

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Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Begging Mark Zuckerberg When He Was In $53m Debt (2016 Tweets) by Diffdeef(m): 6:14pm On Apr 25
It was his wife Kim kardashian who paid the debt off. When he was $53m in debt,Kim didn't run,He publicly asked for help,Kim didn't run,now he's a billionaire,This only happens when you got a supportive partner.
May we never get married to a liability,Fellas pls Marry well!

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Health / Re: I Had An Unprotected Sex And I'm Sick by Diffdeef(m): 10:29am On Apr 23
STD bro,go find out which one it is.
Career / Re: Will Salary Be Paid During This Lockdown Period? by Diffdeef(m): 9:51am On Apr 15
For people working for the government i think yes,but we working for private firms i think not,only if they are doing it out of benevolence which I'm counting on,doesn't mean they have to pay the full salary amount but just something to keep us going during this lockdown.
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by Diffdeef(m): 9:12pm On Apr 14
She had a boyfriend that treated her like trash,you gave her your shoulders to lean on.

Well kudos,Captain Save A Hoe.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Told A Guy She Is Not In A Relationship by Diffdeef(m): 11:04pm On Apr 01
In Philosophy, it is said that Objectivity means talking from the view of the object.

Thats what I am going to try to do, no pity party, no emotions.

Sometime this year, I went for an interview and also met a host of other prospective candidates around, some of us were jobless, some already had jobs.

We began discussing about d pay, we speculated between 70 to 100k, I told them that it cant be more than a 70k given its the Chinese (very stingy persons). Amongst us was a guy already earning 150k somewhere, we scolded him, how can one attempt to leave a good paying job for peanuts, we warned him about the consequence of loosing his good job. He had his interview and quickly left, I felt he was so greedy, even if u want to leave a 150k job, it should be for a higher pay, his friend said he's fond of jumping from one interview to the other. With a pay of 150k, a lot of people would seat at that place for at least 2 years.

Man, the ordinary man has always been selfish, he seeks himself alone, remember Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Absalom and David, David and Saul, the list is endless.

For a long time, I tried to convince myself that everything on earth doesnt revolve around Economics/Money/Status/Financial stability but I was wrong, as I get older I know better.

I dont want to make this longer than necessary, but if your financial position as they say in Accounting is not where your lady wants it to be enough for her to commit to u then, she is still in the market and when that guy comes with her bag of expectations, she will jump.

It is what it is, call them gold diggers, hoes, sluts, it is what it is, man seeks himself first, and don't forget that your country is the poverty capital of the world, everyone wants to escape it.

The 20k is something, there's a lady who would be happy with it, but not this one. People will continue to search for jobs, and partners that meet their financial expectations.

It is not ideal, it is not fair, it is not right in a suituation where human emotions are involved but is the World fair itself?

Cc: Primesoccer

The best comment on the thread,Witty.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Told A Guy She Is Not In A Relationship by Diffdeef(m): 10:59pm On Apr 01
Bro! You see?

You goofed up big time by showing her all your cards bro. Relationship these days are like card games. You don't display all your cards to your opponent to avoid being kicked off the game. You play it smartly with your head not with your heart.

Now, you're of no relevance to her again, and there's nothing that you'll do to gain that back from her. To her, she's just using u as a step up plan until she lands her target man.

In otherwords, you're on your own

All, I'll say now is, start searching for another girl that would keep ur hrt occupied at moment, after that dump her and move on. That's d only way to mk her feel d break up, don't let her break ur hrt, break hers first that's how you'll get to win on this bro. Outside it, it'll be an all-round win for her. So be smart and act fast.

Note: all these should be on code. Don't let her notice anysh*t as regarding ur intention towards her. Oya go win this bro grin

I made this same mistake bro, and now am a rebranded person.

Read on miseducation by Ubanja


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Celebrities / Re: Desmond Elliot's 'Kick Out Coronavirus' Buckets Spark Controversy by Diffdeef(m): 6:44pm On Apr 01
Lol Man it was hard reading this without laughing.

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Family / Re: I’m Pregnant For My Sister's Brother-In-Law. I’m Scared To Tell My Sister by Diffdeef(m): 9:12pm On Mar 23
Oh man that's a fascinating complex detail.
Education / Re: Beauty With Brains! Meet Faith, Anambra State University Best Graduating Student by Diffdeef(m): 6:57pm On Mar 23
A course like Religion and society why wouldn't she be the best graduating student ?

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: FG To Use Police, Military To Enforce Social Distancing by Diffdeef(m): 3:56pm On Mar 23
If top advanced countries are finding it hard to contain this virus i wonder what will become of this country as the virus is already spreading ? Brace yourselves Nigerians,it's gonna be a real shitstorm.


Education / Re: What Course Did You Study In The Tertiary Institution And What's your job now? by Diffdeef(m): 9:25am On Mar 22
Studied biochemistry working at security door and hardware company.

Politics / Re: Pipeline Explosion At Abule Ado Amuwo Odofin, Lagos (Video) by Diffdeef(m): 11:30am On Mar 15
I heard the sound too.
Business / Re: My Bank Account Restricted Unjustly by Diffdeef(m): 9:59am On Mar 15
But please does that mean out of wickedness anybody can just choose to report any account all because of in-flow? Because from what many are saying the bank will only act on the report and alert without verifying whether the account holder was actually the one who carried d out the transaction?

Man those folks don't care bout all that,just save yourself the time and do what yr bank says,sooner you start the process the earlier you get yr account back.

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Business / Re: My Bank Account Restricted Unjustly by Diffdeef(m): 9:33am On Mar 15
I'll be blunt on this from past experiences.

It might take a month or more for yr account to be restored.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea vs Everton (4 - 0) On 8th March 2020 by Diffdeef(m): 2:31pm On Mar 08

Chelsea tends to pull surprises these days... Beating an inconsistent and unserious Ancellotti's team shouldn't be that farfetched. 3 points to the home team.
Coming from a Chelsea fan whose team has been very inconsistent,oh man pls stop i might just overdose on irony.
Business / Re: Mike Adenuga's House In BANANA ISLAND, Lagos (Photo) by Diffdeef(m): 8:46pm On Mar 06
What's the logic behind involving dangote in this ? To overhype Adenuga ?
"Dangote wanted to see him but didn't happen after but a week due to protocol"

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Travel / Re: A Visit To Oniru Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos. by Diffdeef(m): 11:59am On Feb 24

Am not coming with a car oo but i may take uber cos am coming with my fiancée.

How much is d gate/entrance fee?
Do they allow visitors bring in food?

How long is d distance from Abraham Adesanya?
Entrance fee is 1k per head,Yes you can take food and drinks,Distance isn't much,road that leads to the beach is always traffic free.

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Travel / Re: A Visit To Oniru Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos. by Diffdeef(m): 8:10am On Feb 24
Why u de book space.

Show pix.

Av u been to baracuda beach/resort.

I need d link.

Plan to visit soon
That's where i reside,I literally walk into the beach if i wanna wind down,so if you got a car,when you get to Abraham adesanya at ajah,just ask for directions, if you ain't got no car,just take a bike from there,tell em you going to barracuda beach. @N300

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Romance / Re: Help I'm Getting An Error When Trying To Withdraw From My Paypal by Diffdeef(m): 1:02pm On Feb 20
I had no issues the last time i made a withdrawal.
Romance / Re: She Doesn't Know That He Know by Diffdeef(m): 12:54pm On Feb 20
Tell your homie to go hustle and leave woman matter alone. When money come, woman go come. A guy that is still in school. Better leave the girl alone make she follow who go help her life.
The highlighted.
Romance / Re: She Doesn't Know That He Know by Diffdeef(m): 12:50pm On Feb 20

You think marriage is a joke where you get to play mummy and daddy. Better graduate first and then overcome financial challenges then we can talk about what to look for in a good woman.
Lol Man said mummy & daddy.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: 3 Clubs That Could Stop Liverpool From Defending The Champions League by Diffdeef(m): 3:12pm On Feb 18
The naiveness of yr content is stunning,This is champions league,Because a team is in form in their league doesn't make them favorites, don't you guys learn ? This is a two legged game,very tricky ! Was Liverpool the favorite team when they won champions league last season ?

Real Madrid has always struggled in la liga but had 3 champions league in 4-5 years ? Barcelona with all their form were eliminated by Roma few seasons ago,Ajax eliminating Juventus, Manchester United eliminating PSG,it's a crazy competition y'all.

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