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Romance / Re: Uju Anya Gets Engaged To Her Lesbian Partner by Dizzyrascal(m): 11:41pm On Mar 24
So because she insulted the slave master her head isn't correct?
what's she doing abroad? That's slave country🤷.....just saying


Health / Re: Here Is Why Nigeria Is Experiencing Such Extreme Heat These Days by Dizzyrascal(m): 9:14pm On Feb 15
Politics / Re: Sex-starved Women Take To The Streets In Rivers by Dizzyrascal(m): 8:27am On Feb 14
shut up!, what you know about that that?

the fact that you got more likes than the person you replied speak volumes of the minds of a lot of nairalanders.

Your reply was erratic and incoherent. With no points made whatsoever. Strange, very strange indeed.
Politics / Re: Tell Your Husband To Address Hunger, Insecurity - Emir Of Kano To Remi Tinubu by Dizzyrascal(m): 2:07am On Feb 13

U must be very hungry hence your anger... Keep calm n continue to work hard. Naija go better... Tinubu is working on it.
can you briefly explain what you believe he is really doing about these things so that more people can understand. Thanks, I will be expected your reply soon.
Politics / Re: Tell Your Husband To Address Hunger, Insecurity - Emir Of Kano To Remi Tinubu by Dizzyrascal(m): 1:48am On Feb 13
Na Tinubu body una go get power. Was there no insecurity and hunger under Buhari.
People like you are the problem we face in this country. The truth is staring you in the face but you refuse to acknowledge it.

But please remind me again why Tinubu volunteered himself and was 'elected' if not to resolve all those anomaly to begin with?

What is the point of elections if nothing changes for the better only for the worst?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrikes Pound Southern Gaza City Of Rafah by Dizzyrascal(m): 1:36am On Feb 13

IDGAF, any demonic entity who enjoys & takes pride in massacring & infant should be exterminated! who ever da fuvk they might be
I think that's what Israel's IDF is exactly trying to do to avenge the October 7 attack on their infants, women and elderly by eradicating Hamas.

But I guess for you this concept works only one way as long as it is against Israel. That's why Israel also doesn't give a fuuuuck about opinions such as yours because it is filled with sentiments and agendas. Na wetin dey their mind dem go do.

Even the USA cannot do anything on this matter because they did the same thing after 9/11 attacks. They simply went berserk.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrikes Pound Southern Gaza City Of Rafah by Dizzyrascal(m): 9:49pm On Feb 11

Bros, I am not religious, in fact, I find most church activities tedious and annoying. But killing almost 13k women & children is freaking evil No MATTER THE EXCUSE OF PROMISE LAND OR WHATEVER. Any human being who would deliberately massacre babies & kids is beyond evil.


Have u seen d attrocities these isrealis commit, why even kill little kids?!...God!!!
your use of the word ERADICATED for the Jews speaks volumes. Very similar to what the Palestinians want. But let me make this clear, no force on earth can eliminate the Jews. Only God almighty

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrikes Pound Southern Gaza City Of Rafah by Dizzyrascal(m): 9:40pm On Feb 11

Don't be deceived. The Israel in the bible is Us , we the believer in Jesus Christ. Even the citizens in Israel are predominantly Jewish. Killing innocent children and women can't be justified. It's against the commandments even in the old testament.
Read the old testament again bro. When God gave instructions for war in the old testament it was for the complete annihilation of the said opposing nation. The carnage recorded in the wars of the old testament is of historic proportions.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrikes Pound Southern Gaza City Of Rafah by Dizzyrascal(m): 8:58pm On Feb 11

Was it not by same genocidal wars that Israel of the Bible came to be on that land?

Where they the 1st nation/tribe to occupy the land?

They have no business on what has been Arab land since the 7th century.

They are European refugees that should have stayed put in Europe.

They are the singular cause of the unrest that has plagued the Middle-East since the 20th century.
I agree with your first two paragraphs. I got lost a bit when you mentioned Israel as European. It's a bit contradictory.

Israel has never realistically, geographically or historically been European. Forget all this political affiliation with Europe. They were even enslaved in Egypt thousands of years ago.

But am happy you mentioned 7th century which is recorded after the death of Jesus Christ. Comparatively its recent history. The Jews don't care when the lands were taken from them, only that it is theirs according to the what the Bible says.

That's why regardless of what the international community says about Jerusalem they don't listen. I don't assume that you are a Jew but if you go through the Bible you would find were they were given the instruction to go and possess the land by God. That's all they believe. They are very Arabic in their stubbornness.

This is a problem no legislation can solve as no land belongs to any given group. Even the USA was taken from the native Indians. The only solution to this is actually for all involved to find a way to live in peace. I also doubt if this is possible.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrikes Pound Southern Gaza City Of Rafah by Dizzyrascal(m): 3:31pm On Feb 10

Tell the refugee Jews to exit from the arab owned Palestine.
Go and read the Bible and stop being ignorant. All this so called Palestine land including Jerusalem was the capital of Israel in the Bible written thousands of years ago.

They lost it all through wars. Nobody owns anything.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrikes Pound Southern Gaza City Of Rafah by Dizzyrascal(m): 3:28pm On Feb 10

Each time the Israeli governments and citizens watch those clips of celebration, it spurs them to sink their teeth deeper into Palestinian flesh. This retaliatory war has no end. Maybe the next US president will broker peace. As for Biden, Isreal does not regard him.

If the next president is Trump Palestine and all its global supporters can as well forget about it.


Politics / Re: Hunger Protests: Why Tinubu Can’t Govern Like Buhari By Farooq A. Kperogi by Dizzyrascal(m): 3:13pm On Feb 10
You Mad!, Cardoso is Very Highly Qualified. Someone who has been the Head of Citi Bank. Cardoso is Qualified to Head Bank of England or America talkless of Nigeria.

It's best make everyone go him way so we go respect each other. Imagine! a Kperogi calling Cardoso names. Mad o!

Please if you don't understand the level of brainwork that is put in running societies like the UK and the USA don't comment. Just relax and let others do the commentary for you.

Crime / Re: Serial Rapist Lanre Jason Onabowale Regains Freedom From London Prison by Dizzyrascal(m): 4:26pm On May 02, 2023
If he is wise, he would definitely use this as a lesson and amend his ways. There is always room for second chances in life. If he was released for good behaviour then some lessons might have been learnt already. I rest my case.

As for everyone casting aspersions, remember; let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. Learn and stop celebrating the fall of others.
Sports / Re: A Woman Designed This Stadium. by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:31am On Nov 29, 2022
That is y is looking like V
come to think of it shocked
Politics / Re: ‘Japa’: If You Think Migrating Legally Is Good For You, Go - Femi Adesina by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:13am On Nov 29, 2022
Adeshina speaking like one fat idiot on steroids as usual..
No intellectual gravitas, no deeper thinking, no spark, no fire..
Just a typical Buharists nonchalant "I don't care" outburst, dropped from the pantheon of ignorance and hate..., and they do all that while trying to act as the ultimate patriots...
Bunch of inept and totally inebriated upstarts running the biggest black nation on earth. A trillion dollars down the pipe and nothing but a huge jungle to show for it.?
Fat embarrassments .., All of them!
one bottle of beer for you.

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Crime / Re: 13-Year-Old Boy Impregnates His 9-Year-Old Cousin In Zimbabwe (Photos) by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:06am On Nov 29, 2022
I doubt if it was the boy that impregnated her. They should ask the girl further
Nigerians na wa for Una ooo.....dem don do DNA yet you no still believe.....smh

How come ppl are still liking this comment sef
Food / Re: See The Ripe Plantain I Bought #600 This Morning. by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:31am On Oct 22, 2022
Nigerians like suffering themselves. Buy unripe one and allow it ripe that 600 will get you more. Simple planning.
what of if you wan eat am sharp sharp?
Food / Re: See The Ripe Plantain I Bought #600 This Morning. by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:30am On Oct 22, 2022
Which gun?and why would I have a gun?
honestly the thing resemble robbery
Education / Re: FG Apologizes To Students, Parents Over Prolonged ASUU Strike by Dizzyrascal(m): 7:17am On Oct 15, 2022
Believe at your own peril

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Music/Radio / Re: Carter Efe And Berri Tiga: The Battle For Song Ownership And Lessons To Learn by Dizzyrascal(m): 12:24pm On Oct 02, 2022
Carter efe gave everything he had to push that song, he promoted it “crazily”, if the song was not a hit I wonder if berri will be acting like this.
accepted, but that does not remove the creative input and execution of Beri Tiga. There should have been a sharing formula.
Family / Re: Unfortunately I Am Not The Father Of My Fourth Child by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:17am On Sep 30, 2022
Make una try read him other 3 posts.
Didn't support him when he was down. Check
Cheated on him when he was down. Check.

This morning, I saw a post about a man complaining that his wife doesn't respect him to the point of putting pepper in his bathing water because he didn't fetch water for her.

I go marry so
guy no be so oooo. Dem no dey use one marriage compare another one. Let God and the natural sense that he gave you be your guide. I no be marriage counselor ooo.
Politics / Re: Details Of Peter Obi's Discussion With Obasanjo Revealed, Nigerians React. by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:51am On Sep 29, 2022

How do you know they had no intention of fulfilling? Do you know their mind? Did they know the massive corruption and the empty treasury that Jonathan left behind? What would they use to implement their promises if there’s no money?
you are telling me that the treasury was empty for 8yrs.

Baba na me know how this clueless government take ruin Nigeria. #1000 now na money to take buy bread. Money for tea no even dey inside. Prices of everything don cost anyhow.

Look at how our promising young people are running to other countries for greener pastures. The japa syndrome has caused us loss of quality in almost every sector.

Defend failure all you want bro. Na your luck


Politics / Re: Details Of Peter Obi's Discussion With Obasanjo Revealed, Nigerians React. by Dizzyrascal(m): 6:24am On Sep 29, 2022
Where were you when APC was busy making all those promises they had no intention of keeping. What is your idea of lying?

Allah does not enthrone liars. Obi is a confirmed liar.


Sports / Re: It's Been An Honour: Abramovich Pens Tribute As Chelsea Complete Boehly Takeover by Dizzyrascal(m): 3:27pm On May 29, 2022
Call me paranoid shocked but I refuse to believe Roman abramovich would sell Chelsea undecided
am a rival fan for now but it is very painful for me. I can only imagine how Chelsea fans feel about this. He created an era. A beautiful one.

You would just have to get used to it. He is gone for good.

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Business / Re: Lagos, Ogun Account For ₦3.2tr Of Nigeria ₦3.7tr Manufacturing Output In H2 2021 by Dizzyrascal(m): 5:14pm On May 27, 2022
As usual....yet this losers are more interested in fighting for political positions without the requisite desire to change the status quo.

Mentally lazy leaders
Celebrities / Re: Mr Eazi Proposes To Temi Otedola (Video, Photos) by Dizzyrascal(m): 8:39pm On Apr 10, 2022

Mrs Eazi proposes to His Husband Mr Temi Otedola

Na so Mrs Eazi join the $1.8 billion dynasty

grin grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: "I'm Not A Cross Dresser" - Bobrisky by Dizzyrascal(m): 7:43am On Apr 10, 2022
What gender is on his Nigerian international passport? cheesy
Celebrities / Re: M.I. Abaga Set To Marry Eniola Mafe (Photos) by Dizzyrascal(m): 12:02am On Apr 04, 2022
He be like say na only poor man dey quick marry for naija.
All these our yeyebrity nor dey quick marry unpon the money wen dey get.
Abeg ooo !!! Don Jazzy don marry ?
never, Baba still dey do tasting or is it testing grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Macron Warns Against Inflammatory Words After Biden’s Remark On Putin by Dizzyrascal(m): 9:43pm On Mar 28, 2022

Those three countries have something in common, they are allied to Russia.

Didn't they try to oust Turkish president a few years ago through a failed coup. But seems the president is loved by the people causing the coup to fail.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Macron Warns Against Inflammatory Words After Biden’s Remark On Putin by Dizzyrascal(m): 3:05am On Mar 28, 2022
USA has always acted with impunity and gotten away with it. Joe biden's statements are nothing new. Turkey, Syria, Belarusia are just a few of the countries whose president would have suffered regime change. Nothing new here.


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