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Travel / Re: Nigerians Can Travel, Do Business With 120 Countries Without Visa by DLuciano: 12:40pm On Sep 24
Stupid caption different story line.

Mad reporting
very silly caption! tomorrow trust this stupid government, they will deny the report
NYSC / Re: Who Is Lying? NYSC Denies Telling Corpers To Prepare Ransom by DLuciano: 12:09pm On Sep 24
So no Corper has the one distributed to confirm ?
na wa for you o? try read the post na, before commenting!


Science/Technology / Re: The Animal Or Snake That Sounds Like A Rooster At Night by DLuciano: 2:55pm On Sep 17
Please guys I need a clarification on this, if someone can help identify the type of animal or the snake that makes a clucking sound at night especially in the midnight.

The sound seems very similar to a rooster or probably a clucking sound.

I heard this sound so much during my service year in ebonyi state precisely in afikpo North few years ago. I thought it was a rooster but they said it was a matured male snake or a cobra.

Few weeks ago, I went for a big project in a remote area, lo and behold in that area that same sound was so much and it looks like as if there was 3000 roosters clucking in the midnight.

Seriously I'm very worried if they are indeed snakes/cobra or maybe a wild roosters in a densed bush.

Op must be living in the forest cheesy cheesy
Car Talk / Re: I Left Front Seat For My Friend's Wife But She Cautioned Me by DLuciano: 2:43pm On Sep 14
Good evening nairalanders!

This is what happened. A friend of mine who is like a brother to me and has impacted my life positively in every way bought a new car. We work together and live in the same neighborhood so we go-to work together.

It happens that I do sit in front with him always while the third guy stays at the back. So today, on our way back from work, the wife called for him to come pick her and when we got close and stuck in traffic, I decided to vacate the front seat and move to join the other guy at the back but while trying to go my friend was like guy where u dey go... I say I wan create space for Iyawo and he was like Wetin dey worry u, sit down jor but I insisted and went to the back.

So when we beat the traffic and picked up the wife she was like why is the front seat vacant and my friend said... He left the seat for u... The wife was like, please its wrong, that I shouldn't have left.

I was like its your space and I felt it was the right thing to do, to join my other guy at the back before we get to you.

People was I wrong to have vacated the seat?
Remember the saying "different people, different stroke"
Career / Re: Should I Take This Deal...? I Need Advice Please by DLuciano: 10:12am On Sep 12

I have from now till Monday to decide, the processing is starting on Monday

I will advise you not to fall into this trap. There are a whole lots of other things hidden from you. If you bulge, they will make you take a secret oath, and that is the beginning of trouble, they will entangle you and mess up your destiny. Be patient and prayerful with where you are now, endure all things and God in His infinite mercy will settle you. Don't jump from fry pan to fire�!

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Religion / Re: Bishop Tomé Ferreira da Silva Resigns Over His Masturbation Video by DLuciano: 9:36pm On Aug 20
If a whole anointed Bishop can masturbate, then who are you grin
there's nothing like a whole bishop, he is still flesh and blood like you, that is why the scripture made it clear, if you cannot hold yourself, then marry...
Politics / Re: Armed Fulani Bandits In Zamfara Forest (Pictures) by DLuciano: 9:05am On Aug 19
Young bloody terrorist
Let Miyatti come and speak for them, that they are not Fulani herdsmen!
How did the weapons get to their hands, who are their sponsors?
APC and the Northern powers must supply their sponsors in this menace must be curbed.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghan President Ghani Arrives UAE With Family Members, Multimillion-dollar Loot by DLuciano: 4:54am On Aug 19
He is fleeing for life but have the audacity to remember to loot his poor country.No humanity in him to remember the poor wretched souls that are about to endure the cruelty of the Taliban regime.Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.Human beings will never change.
talk is very cheap! If it were you, what would you have done?
Politics / Re: Kenyan President, Kenyatta Bows To Greet President Buhari (Photo) by DLuciano: 7:19pm On Jul 30
what kinda bow is the type with one leg in the North and the other in the South with ur hand in the Pocket??

Nigga was simply Just posing laughing hard picture pose, yk these politicians and this their useless fake laughter
I think he was trying to listen carefully to hear clearly Bubu's gist, you know bubu has terrible pronunciation of words.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Nigeria-Cameroon 1.5km Border Bridge by DLuciano: 9:09am On Jul 28
$35.9 billon
It's time for me to enter into the construction industry
did you read it well? its $35.9 million and not billion
Travel / Re: Port Harcourt Monorail: Multi Billion Naira Project 6yrs After: Pictures & Video by DLuciano: 8:15pm On Jul 23

On what crime?
Career / Re: Business Process Outsourcing?? by DLuciano: 2:48pm On Jul 18
Good morning. I will soon be undergoing a digital training on Business Process Outsourcing, I want to know if there is anyone familiar with this field here on Nairaland.

What are your challenges? Can you work remotely for foreign companies? How lucrative or saturated is the business?
And any other thing as I am a complete newbie in this. Thanks.

Business Process Outsourcing is also the process of finding the right or qualified Service Provider or contractor that will carry out a basic service or need of the company that requires professionals to handle. The process of outsourcing involves puting up a tender through the requisite platform and inviting registered tenderers to bid technically and commercially. The selected and qualified bidder, takes the job according to terms and conditions agreed upon. Example of outsourcing services include procurement, freight forwarding, security, offshore logistics, I.T/Developers etc.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zuma Hands Himself Over To Police, Begins 15-Month sentence (Pics, Videos) by DLuciano: 8:43am On Jul 08
I see Buari going to jail after 2023.

not in Naija
Autos / Re: Toyota Camry 03 for 1280 by DLuciano: 7:50pm On Jul 06

1m serious buyer
Politics / Re: Reps Approve Bill To Create State Police, Security Outfits by DLuciano: 5:34pm On Jul 06
a step closer to the restructuring we want.

I hope Lawan allows the house to hear before say the Nos have it.
grin grin
Politics / Re: Passed PIB Satanic, Unjust, Embarrassing - Edwin Clark by DLuciano: 6:46pm On Jul 05
Keeping Nigeria together is very expensive. Oil is a curse to Nigeria, brings nothing but misery. Without Buhari Nigeria would have collapse in 2015 and 2020 due to crash oil prices. I wish oil was never discovered in Nigeria. We don't want the curse of Oil in Northern Nigeria.. we are conservative and we prefer to live natural
you are joking!!
Autos / Re: Sold! by DLuciano: 10:11pm On Jul 03
I have clean pencil Camry for sale.
Clean interior and exterior
Automatic Gear
Sound system
AC need gas
Buy and drive
Price is 780k now 700k
Call or Whatsapp 08055071751
Car Talk / Re: I am contemplating buying Toyota Avalon 2004 by DLuciano: 8:44am On Jul 03
I use 2003. It is a very good car. Excellent to drive. I always enjoy the drive. 4 yrs counting now without any major issue.

Waoooow! Great to hear that, how is the fuel economy?
Politics / Re: Troops Kill 73 ISWAP Terrorists; Capture 44 AK 47 Rifles, 7 Anti-Aircraft Guns by DLuciano: 3:58pm On Jul 01
NA is working but where are the pictures?
good question
Car Talk / Re: I am contemplating buying Toyota Avalon 2004 by DLuciano: 9:46pm On Jun 28
It's a great car. 6 cylinder and powerful. You can also go for Big 4 Nothing i4 Engine. Subsidy will be removed anytime soon and fuel will be close to ₦270 or more
Well noted, thanks.
Car Talk / Re: I am contemplating buying Toyota Avalon 2004 by DLuciano: 9:37pm On Jun 28

Someone settled down , opened a thread to write about Avalon, and all you could do was preach corolla angry

You think every one wants to be labelled uber driver grin


But oga Gazzuzz, you have not said anything, please your contribution is highly needed. Thanks
Car Talk / Re: I am contemplating buying Toyota Avalon 2004 by DLuciano: 9:29pm On Jun 28

You’re not completely right.
The Corolla is not economically you can’t get a well maintained below 1.3/1.5 million. Meanwhile you can get Avalon for less.
With proper maintenance the Avalon can last same way as the Corolla.
Truly doesn’t consume much fuel.
Corolla parts is expensive because the demand is on the high.
Remember that buying the Corolla the OP won’t be able to sleep with his 2 eyes close. Even driving the car he will always be on the look out for thieves.
I will go for the Avalon or Camry bug for nothing and have peace of mind.
thanks so much
Car Talk / Re: I am contemplating buying Toyota Avalon 2004 by DLuciano: 8:59pm On Jun 28
I will advise you leave Avalon and go for Toyota corrola 03 and 04
Economical,last longer, don't consume gas, spare part cheap and vast
Noted. Thanks
Car Talk / I am contemplating buying Toyota Avalon 2004 by DLuciano: 8:38pm On Jun 28
Gazzuzz and other experts

Dear Nairalanders,
I am contemplating picking up a Toyota Avalon 2004, but I don't know much about Avalon performance, fuel economy and spare parts cost effectiveness. Though I know V6 consumes a little more gas than 4plugs. Please respectable house, kindly advise me. If you own or have use an Avalon 03 or 04, I will be glad to hear from you.
Autos / Re: 2004 9ja Used Toyota Camry Big Daddy For Sale @enugu by DLuciano: 12:22pm On Jun 26
Still available
Is it an accidented car? How is the engine? If ok can you deal for M1
Crime / Re: Video: Usifo Ataga Corpse! Dead Body Of Super TV CEO Emerges Online (Graphic) by DLuciano: 10:28am On Jun 26

see as he lay down like fowl with epilepsy..

A BILLIONAIRE [ just imagine ]
the way he left this earth like a plan paper.


you that's talking like this, you have soon forgotten that one day, you also taste death and will lie down motionless.
Education / Re: Do You Still Eat Guava? See What It's Leaves Does To The Human Body (Pictures) by DLuciano: 7:00pm On Jun 23
you herbal patents just make claims of what this leave and that root does without any scientific proof, just endangering life the more.
Politics / Re: Odo-Owa Youths Attack Fulani Herdsmen, Destroy Police Station In Kwara by DLuciano: 8:26am On Jun 19
APC miscreants will flood in like recently released refugees to call these wonderful youths ipob.
Nobody has monopoly of violence in this country.
If Fulani overdo because their brother is in power,other tribes will rise to overdo them.
Nobody wan tolerate any shit from any terrorist herdsman again.
Concur. Let the Fulani herdsmen form their own republic.
Politics / Re: Indian Shades Nigeria Over Twitter Ban by DLuciano: 8:41pm On Jun 17
This is one thing I love about Indians...

Even though their country is the real definition of shithole, they still try to speak well of it in public domains. There are places in India where children will have to swim through water filled with poo of different sizes to get to school but they won't let the world see these slums..If you have watched slumdog millionaire, you will have an idea of what I am saying.

...but here in Nigeria, just because you don't like a president, you go on twitter, Facebook, Reddit, quora etc to call your country zoo., spread fake news, exaggerate ills in the country, insult your president like he is the reason your life is miserable, and then tag the whole world to see..

Why won't a shithole like India, Kenya look down on us?

I don't buy your opinion, Let the whole world hear the wickedness and carelessness that have led to pains, suffering, hardship, dehumanization, insecurity, massacre, terrorism and all other forms of vices in Nigeria with a democratically elected government that care not. You beat a child mercilessly and shut his mouth not to cry?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should A School Owner Withhold Staff Salary For Not Updating Lesson Notes? by DLuciano: 5:14pm On Jun 09
Yes. He has the right to do so, less, it will continue unabated, and that will affect the quality and standard of the school.
Politics / Re: US Mission In Nigeria Statement On Twitter Ban by DLuciano: 9:51pm On Jun 05
Freedom of Speech.. grin grin But Buhari tweet was deleted?

Anyway, the Federal Govt. is no way hindering freedom of speech...We still have Facebook, Nairaland, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, crowwe etc..

FG only banned one platform where irresponsible speech capable of wrecking havoc to the corporate existence Nigeria is permitted and that is Twitter...

God Bless Nigeria..
continue deceiving yourself, you thought your post made sense for your pay masters.
Politics / Re: Wike To Rivers Residents: Don’t Let IPOB Scare You With Juju; It Doesn’t Work by DLuciano: 10:35am On Jun 03
even ur pastor no say juju dey, that's y una dey pray against that enemy wey dey hold ur destiny grin

Why should I go to juju a lesser power, when I there is the highest and supreme power of God through Christ Jesus

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