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Politics / Re: I Would Rather Die Than Join APC - Femi Fani-Kayode (Throwback) by dotedote: 6:38am On Sep 17

You need urgent upper part of your body for surgery wetin concern afonja with this

Ipobians like you are he ones that are stupid to trust him , Kanu and igboho

How are you different from the person you're quoting ?
Tribalism isn't taking us anywhere. Let's have it in our heads it's always a tool of division used by those people to achieve their selfish ambitions.
Politics / Re: Maigari Dingyadi: Ex-EFCC Chair Magu Still On FG Payroll As Police Officer by dotedote: 7:14am On Sep 15
He has not been retired or sacked, he was only suspended as the EFCC acting chairman, it is still his fundamental human rights to receive its salary as at when due.

U dey mind dem abi ?
Emotional lot. They need to be spoonfed of the fact that his suspension as the agency's head doesn't rob him of his rights as a civil servant.

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Phones / Re: Redmi Note 10 And Cloned Airpod Pro For Sale For 85k by dotedote: 3:53pm On Sep 10
80 now now
Politics / Re: Questions You Should Never Ask People – Reno Omokri by dotedote: 3:29pm On Sep 06
[quote author=sagitariusbaby post=105547846]I and my wife has been believing God for the fruit of the womb since 2017 and I hate it when people ask me this "what's delaying your wife" or "when are you guys making babies".

I'm like, wetin concern you? Mind your fukking business and leave us alone. [quote]

And I prophesy it shall come easy like Sunday morning IJN


Celebrities / Re: 2face Idibia’s 7 Children And Baby Mamas (Pictures) by dotedote: 5:16am On Sep 06

He's a selfish person. I don't like a man that goes about having a lot of kids with different mother cos it's good and lovely now somewhere but wait until the guy leave d world then wàhálà go come burst. I'm talking from experience through friends and relatives!!!!!!

Thank God no one is talking about responsibilities. He’s sure doing the needful. Supplying the kids’ needs and dicking their mamas. What a nigg* to do!
Celebrities / Re: 2face Idibia’s 7 Children And Baby Mamas (Pictures) by dotedote: 4:30pm On Sep 05
The issue here is not force ; it's the application of common sense to prevent you from not to following your animal instincts. This is what separates us from other species of life out there . And if a man can't apply that to his daily life (including his matrimonial bed) , then he's no better than the dogs who mate with their own mothers

If you like, type all the English of this world. E no concern us. If I were you, I’d check the male version of everything God created and see if TuBaba is to be blamed. U too could start by checking your own family. Just 2 generations from your line and discover there are a whole lot of Tuface there. Be there forming “civilized guy”. Pero no complain, na una wan die.

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Celebrities / Re: Baby Mamas, 2face, Okafor's Law & Annie Idibia by dotedote: 1:54pm On Sep 03

Okafor's law or not,
Lemme say this, 2face is grossly irresponsible. I understood his banging around and having baby mamas when he was single.

But after marriage? His promiscuity is obviously still at legendary level. Which is wrong. He claimed he loved Annie, wrote and sang a song for her to reflect his love and . ............ He goes around banging anyhow, exes, baby mamas and so on.

Guys, If keeping marriage vows is impossible to be kept, stick to your baby papa status.

You don’t choose another man’s lifestyle. Didn’t Annie know who he was before saying “I do” to him ? “He claimed he loved Annie” he even wrote and sang a song to reflect his love abi? Just like Davido did to Chioma. Oga the only difference between Annie’s case and most people here is d fact that she publicized hers. Always remember men are men, women are women.
Sports / Re: Details Of Mbappe Deal As PSG Accept Real Madrid’s Offer by dotedote: 8:18pm On Sep 01

Is there any bedsheet that doesn't fade? Don't let price deceive you,all of them fade after sometime.

He expects a Bugatti movement from a Camry. He must be Chosen member.
Phones / Re: [Fairly Used] iPhone 8 Plus 64GB by dotedote: 2:03pm On Sep 01

I’ve got a very clean newly received US-used iPhone 8Plus. I’m not an iPhone lover as I prefer a good android (preferably Xiaomi) It’s gotta be a very good one. I’m on 08023430527. Thanks.
64G + Rear Armoured Casing (with stand)

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Phones / Re: I'm Done With Xiaomi Brand by dotedote: 1:48pm On Sep 01
Sorry for your loss.
Hopefully they’ll look into it.

I’ve got a very clean newly received US-used iPhone 8Plus. I’m not an iPhone lover as I prefer a good android (preferably Xiaomi) It’s gotta be a very good one. I’m on 08023430527. Thanks.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Arsenal (5 - 0) On 28th August 2021 by dotedote: 2:48pm On Aug 28
The Arsenal players are not interested playing under Arteta

Under whom did they play their last match that ended 6:0 ? Conte ba ?

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Sports / Re: Details Of Mbappe Deal As PSG Accept Real Madrid’s Offer by dotedote: 7:16pm On Aug 27
Sports / Re: UEFA Champions League Draw On 26th August 2021 by dotedote: 5:54am On Aug 27
This is the first time in recent years that city got a relatively tough draw. Liverpool is in the group of death

What City ?
The one killing EPL or NEW YORK CITY ? grin cheesy smiley tongue
Sports / Re: Guardiola To Pursue International Dream After City Contract Expires by dotedote: 8:06am On Aug 26

Nawa o
ordinary simple comparison u done carry school matter and insults. Weldone o Prof. Johnbull.
Go and ask any true Man city fans they will tell u. Mancini gave them their first ever major trophy after 35years and their first league title after 44years.
Maybe u started watching football yesterday there is no league that guadiola will win that will be more memorable to city fans than the one won by Mancini, even if he goes unbeaten for the full season, except he wins champions league for dem.
Mancini is the man behind the rise of Man city

Mancini sef know say him go clean sneakers for Pep.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghan President Ghani Arrives UAE With Family Members, Multimillion-dollar Loot by dotedote: 10:47pm On Aug 18
buhari will soo run and meet him there too.

Tow criminal that looted their country

The hate in you couldn't allow you spell *two* correctly. C yazef ?


Politics / Re: Ayinke, MC Oluomo's Daughter & Her Boyfriend Have A Good Time In Puerto Rico by dotedote: 6:06pm On Aug 13

Na wa oo

A registered United States of America trained nurse can't go to ordinary Peuto Rico to have vacation, because her father is a Trade Union and Transport Union Executive Chairman elected by Lagos Drivers

*Nigerian Constitution provides fundermental rights for everybody to associate freely... NURTW enjoys Freedom of Association like Nigeria Bar Association or Medical Council of Nigeria or even Meyetti Allah

*If you don't want Agbero again then tell your Lawmakers to enact a Law creating Park managers like Edo and Oyo State, to collect Local Government revenue, Park lease,. And Hackney permit and sack the NURTW agbero

*IF You don't like Danfo busses and Agbero, then buy your own car and drive yourself or just use Uber, taxify and BRT


Your points are so meaningful. They hide the fact that she's put some commendable efforts in her job to earn what she's enjoying. They can't think to achieve enough to afford a vacation in the bahamas, they'd rather wear their garment of sentiments and spew nonsense.
Lazy youths everywhere.


Sports / Re: Lionel Messi's N10m A Night 'Le Royal' Hotel (Pictures) by dotedote: 11:59pm On Aug 12
Messi the hypocrite, crying as if his whole world has crumbled meanwhile laffing in his heart on his great escape to and windfall from PSG.

Let’s wait and see how it pans out!!!!

Barcelona should have cashed in when they had the opportunity

U don't understand.
You're pained.
Pets / Re: We Loved Our Dogs So Much We Forked Out £36K To Have Them Cloned(Pix) by dotedote: 10:43pm On Aug 09
This is morally wrong; there are human beings around who need serious financial help.

How's it morally wrong to love to a great extent what you own ? Does any law state you have to love humans more than animals ? When you really take interest in knowing the relationship between man and dog, you'd understand better. Why do you think dogs are referred to as man's best friend ? A dog's owner gets 100% loyalty from his dog ( that which his child/wife/parents/colleague/neighbor/friend CANNOT guarantee. So it's only fair if it's mutual.
Sports / Re: Lionel Messi Has Chosen PSG As His Next Club - Bleacher Report by dotedote: 8:57am On Aug 07

Na wa o,even after the 50% wage reduction,Barca still can't afford to pay Messi.... Audio reduction.
If he truly wanted to stay, He should have accepted the salary structure Laliga introduced, even if it's just for a year.

Move on Guy.
Your name no dey d contract na.
Crime / Re: Hushpuppi's Last Post On Instagram Before His Arrest (Picture) by dotedote: 8:38am On Aug 04

lol grin

He'd still be balling if not for his addiction to social media show-off

I can never understand people who feel compelled to stir up envy in others using their material possessions...the point of life's luxuries is to live an easier life, not to feed off other people's negative emotions.

We all came here with nothing and nobody will take so much as a pin away from this life.

No you're not getting it. No reasonable person would be envious of someone benefitting from his legitimate sweats. A criminal showing off should be brought to book PERIOD! Are you one of 'em ?


Science/Technology / Re: Sloth Bear Tears Victim's Face (Photos) by dotedote: 12:16am On Aug 04
Who takes selfie with a sloth bear

The gory scene be like:
Man: sloth bear say cheese!
Sloth bear: woa woa!
Man: I said you should say cheese! Not woa woa!
Sloth: moving menacingly towards the man..
Man: instead of running for his dear life asks sloth if he's too big to say "cheese"

Sloth: walks over to him like Buhari whose only aim is to kill and destroy despite the huge love Nigerians has shown him overtime.

After Buhari (sloth) is done with Nigeria (man) the system gonna be damaged beyond recognition, and next government would stitche it up like this man's face.

But the country would never remain the same...the marked changes has been etched already.

Politics / Re: Ikamu Hamidu Kato Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Insulting Buhari, SGF by dotedote: 2:24pm On Aug 03
A youth leader of PDP in Adamawa, Ikamu Hamidu Kato, has been sentenced to two years in prison for insulting President Muhammadu Buhari and his secretary Boss Mustapha. - News Report


This is Wicked tyranny and oppression. The bloodthirsty killer tyrant @MBuhari is absolute evil! God destroy him! Ilahee Ameen

Dear Friends, in a "democracy" an opposition politician is sentenced to two years in prison for exposing the monstrous evilness of #TyrantBuhari and his crony. Do not be deceive this is not a democracy, this is authoritarian despotism.

And unfortunately, the opposition PDP is also totally useless. The total uselessness of PDP as an opposition party has lead us to this because of their cowardice to confront a genocidal tyrant. They are scared of the bloodthirsty killer #Buhari.


So you blame PDP's suspension of the youth leader on cowardice ?
Na wah for you too o.
Crime / Re: US-Based Nigerian Doctor Caught With A Gun & Disgraced (Video) by dotedote: 7:21pm On Aug 02
Failed country, see interview, illiterates and dumb untrained people interrogating a sane man.
Must it be posted online?
Did the US post Hushpuppys interogation, abi we feel they didn't record?
We need a better system.

Even the educated are stark illiterates.

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by dotedote: 11:05pm On Jul 24
try and do things often dat would make her laugh sooooooo hard.. wit time her mood swing would reduce

He should skip work for 2 weeks to attend comedy classes so as to make Jezebel laugh so hard. Una WehDone o.

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Crime / Re: Four Suspected Cultists Arrested In Ogun During Supremacy Battle (Photo) by dotedote: 10:57am On Jul 19
Devil just used Wole Soyinka to this cultism of a thing in Nigeria. Now see how generations of youth are wasting everywhere because of cultism. Even in the villages, there's hardly any youth that don't belong to one cult group or the other.

So na Wole Soyinka start am for other countries too ba ? Knowledge is golden.

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Events / Re: Guests & Bouncers Struggling To Pick Money At Obi Cubana’s Mum's Funeral (Pics) by dotedote: 2:46pm On Jul 17
Watching such videos makes me cry for Nigeria. This shows how poverty has eaten deep into Nigeria. I can't imagine USA or Canada citizens fighting for money like this.

Another thing is how the FBI would investigate (for years) the source of that money and in this case, something shady would definitely be discovered.
Celebrities / Re: Davido & Phyno At Obi Cubana's Mother's Burial In Oba, Anambra (Pics & Video) by dotedote: 9:41am On Jul 17

Did you know obi before today ? ..what obi has spent on this burial is not more than 20 million the rest is gift and love shown to him from friends

Says Obi's Finance Manager


Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial Vs Mike Adenuga Mother's Burial by dotedote: 9:33am On Jul 17
but they are not the government. Would Nigerians vote for him if he became the President?

That's the mentality we're still talking about. So it's only government that can help humanity. We'll continue going backwards like this.

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Travel / Re: Adelabu Street Surulere After A Heavy Rainfall Today by dotedote: 8:54am On Jul 17
Dunkia man...by birth by origin....lasgidi, Nigerian's that hv not been to Lagos is half naija, come hia to complete ur citizenship

They're always quick to attack whenever something negative comes up in Lagos as if their revered countries don't suffer worse disasters. Na who pursue dem comot for hia Hate it or love it, LazGidi remains the most envied state. Why don't your wealthy men, great politicians, celebrities wanna die without having ties with the state ? Argue with your breakfast. Mscheeeeeeeew.

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Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's ₦30M Coffin (Photos) by dotedote: 8:48pm On Jul 16
It's heartbreaking that coffin has no remote. Damn!
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's ₦30M Coffin (Photos) by dotedote: 8:15pm On Jul 16
[b]It's heartbreaking that coffin has no remote. Damn! [/b][size=8pt][/size][color=#990000][/color]
Politics / Re: Reps Reject Yakubu Abdullahi's Motion To Declare Bauchi Oil-Producing State by dotedote: 11:41am On Jul 16
Thank goodness we had no cause to attack APC & BUHARI in the comment section.

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