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Car Talk / Re: Let's Talk About Automatic Transmission Fluid (gear Oil) by dru23(m): 2:00pm On Apr 20
Please what is the recommended transmission fluid for ford explorer 07. Where can one get the original?
Also is there an alternative for motorcraft engine oil for my ford?
I live in Lagos.

We have new stock of Mobil 1 coming in May....... And another brand .........

Car Talk / Re: .................mobil 1 Wholesale Order......... by dru23(m): 10:19am On Apr 20
your number

Send me an email Dru23@hotmail.com
Car Talk / .................mobil 1 Update............. by dru23(m): 5:57am On Apr 17
To our loyal customers..... We at dru23 are now back to business.......

Since the Naira has improved for now .. We started loading more Mobil 1 engine oil

We still at the early stage of loading .. And goods shall arrive in May ...........

We thank you all for encouraging us not to Give up .. As always we are still the lowest price around town...


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Car Talk / Re: .................mobil 1 Wholesale Order......... by dru23(m): 7:07pm On Apr 13


Ur father

Car Talk / Re: .................mobil 1 Wholesale Order......... by dru23(m): 8:44pm On Apr 12

Hi Dru23

What brands of 5w20 do you have coming in

What other products aside lubricants are you expecting with your shipment

Na just Only Mobil 1 engine oil I dey bring in
Car Talk / Re: .................mobil 1 Wholesale Order......... by dru23(m): 2:53am On Apr 12
how much for 5w 20 now?

47, 500

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Car Talk / Re: .............place Your PENNZOIL ORDER.......... by dru23(m): 8:26pm On Mar 16

Okay well noted but it is the pennzoil coming soon? So I know my decision

For now we are no longer importing due to the weak naira. What we have on ground is what we sell....

By next week 0w30 might be sold out.......before you hear otilo place your order
Car Talk / Re: .............place Your PENNZOIL ORDER.......... by dru23(m): 5:58pm On Mar 15
Pennzoil for 0w-20 still available?

Out of Pennzoil... We have 0w30 for Mobil 1..... More wear and tear protection than 0w20
Car Talk / Re: Sales..........a/c REFRIGERANT 134a .....sales by dru23(m): 3:52pm On Mar 02
Is the Johnsens refrigerant still available? @dru23

Yes it full ground

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Car Talk / Re: Mobil 1 5w30 And 0w20 Is Now Available.... by dru23(m): 12:39am On Feb 25

I need 0w-20 Mobil one oil..

Is it available?

0w20 sold out ......but we have very few 0w30 left.. 0w30 will give you added protection .. Highly recommended
Car Talk / Re: Sales..........a/c REFRIGERANT 134a .....sales by dru23(m): 3:32pm On Feb 12
[quote author=Kingsdave post=128418719][/quote]

Prestone coolant works for all vehicles regardless of color.. I imported from the USA..
Car Talk / Re: Sales..........a/c REFRIGERANT 134a .....sales by dru23(m): 10:41pm On Feb 11

Please do you have coolant available

Yes we do ....23k. To place your order please call

0703 672 6481 between the hours of 10am to 6pm

And our last shipment of oil until the Naira improves

Get it while it is available...... Na fake full market now coz of the weak Naira.... So get the original items now before you hear OTILO .....

Autos / Re: How Much Do You Spend On Petrol In 1 Month. by dru23(m): 10:31pm On Jan 17
2005 Honda Civic. I bought it myself excellent perfect condition. My daily car from Monday to Friday and I drive all over Lagos with full A/c 5k Naira a week on fuel amounts to 20k monthly......

Than my 2018 Gle 350... That is my weekend car Saturday and Sunday. I drive on special occasions or to flex around.. 30k Naira monthly on fuel
Food / ................my Comfort Food........ by dru23(m): 3:39pm On Jan 05
Had a craving this morning..........steak and cheese with green peppers......wash it down with McDonald's coke......... Plus I had the bread toasted in the oven..

Mcdonald's has the best coke you can drink .. Very refreshing....

So what is your comfort food ...

Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 12:10pm On Jan 01

Did I just read that the recommended oil for 2010 lexus es350 is 0w20?

.. He stated that the recommended oil online says 0w20 ... I stated that he should follow owners manual at all times.

99% of the time the online recommended suggestion via google is what the vehicle manual will suggest... Maybe he might to say 2010 Rx350 ..
But I know for a fact that RX350 2010 recommended oil is 0w20. I don't even need to go online to double check that.......but I also stated that he should always follows owners manual advice .......

People tend to use 5w30 for Rx350. And their reason is "Nigerian weather" and 0w20 is too thin etc ..... But if it is due to "Nigerian weather" factor because it is hot year round etc ... A more suitable option will be 0w30 .... Either way 0w20 will do well regardless of hot or cold weather...

But also the recommended oil for 2010 es350 is 5w30 .....so the confusion is coming from him..

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Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 5:37am On Jan 01
He wants your engine to knock. Dont worry. Go and use the 0w20.so when the engine knocks.your eye go clear. He sells fake oil.so better listen to me
use 5w30 or 40. Go ahead and use 0w20.since na texas we dey.when the oil dry out.engine knock u go hail.

Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 5:35am On Jan 01

Kai ... your blood too dey hot o cheesy cheesy... shey na you get the engine ba? Leave the guy na and let him have personal experiences; his experiences will be part of our learning. Moreover, Lexus guys no suppose dey worry about money cheesy grin grin

Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 5:33am On Jan 01
Ode. U r taking advice from a dumbo. Ode. So u wan waste almost 700k on top conpressor wey go still knock. Oya na go ahead. When w knock under 1month. Your eye go clear. Nigerians are just wicked. My guy get yourself a manual abeg.your wngine na v6.nothing mega. I get niggis wey don install manual compressor for rx and e still dey work. Go ahead if u get money waste. But note that auto compressor spoils within weeks cos it doesnt tolerate any form of dirt. Go ahead na. Since na yankee we dey. Go buy it for 700k.when e spoil under 1month.sheybi na dru23 go fix am for u na.enjoy

Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 12:54pm On Dec 31, 2023

Thanks for your input.

Considering that Nigeria temperature is hot almost all year round, do you advice I continue using the 5W-30 or change to the manufacturer recommended oil.

Me personally I will not use it . because I have access to all these oil .. I would have use 0w30 since the operating temperature is going to be hot year around .. 0w30 will give it best protection year round than 0w20...

But 5w30 should be ok .. But my preference will 0w30
Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 12:38pm On Dec 31, 2023
Good day guys. Please I need urgent advise. My rx 350 2010 ac compressor just stopped working and I want to fix it. All AC technicians I’ve come across are saying I’ll have to replace with a manual compressor instead of the auto that came with the vehicle. Some of them went ahead to explain at length the reason for this but from what I gathered online (especially nl) it’s totally unadvisable. I’m confused on what to do now as I’ve been driving the car without ac.

Please those that have been in this situation how did you go about it?

Please avoid using manual compressor . 2010 Rx350 are nice cars.. Once they convert it manual compressor that car will never be the same again.. The conversion will weaken the engine and all types of Xmas lights will show up on the dashboard and you burn more fuel......

The best way and the only way to go is buy brand genuine ac compressor that came with the car ... This will cost you around $600 or more and hopefully that will be the only thing you will need to buy........

Avoid buying China made a/c compressor.. It will end in tears.. I am talking from experience. And even if u do buy a brand new original ac compressor to get a competent a/c tech na another story and nightmare on its own. I no longer recommend anyone to anybody .........

2010 rx350 is a lovely car just to have someone go in there and mess it up. .... But more than likely 80% once someone touches that a/c system that car will never be the same again....

I talk from experience........

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Car Talk / Re: Club-Lexus by dru23(m): 12:16pm On Dec 31, 2023
Good morning everyone,

I recently purchased my first car, a Lexus ES350 2010 model and serviced it for the first time about three weeks ago with Mobil 1 - 5W-30 engine oil.

I am reading online that the recommendation oil for the engine is 0W-20. I am also reading that oil depends on the environment temperature (country), I would love to hear from other users what oil they use and how it affects the Lexus engine.

Lastly, I need a recommendation for good a car OBD scanner that works very well to detect error codes.

Follow the manufacture advice at all times. They design the engine and they are highly educated...... Avoid uneducated advice from uneducated people e get reason.........

0w20 is the correct engine oil for it .... If you follow the owners manual. It tells you to use engine oil that meets the manufacture specifications ... It can be any brand of engine oil ...... 0w20 is formulated to work in any type of weather conditions....... But if decide to deviate from the manufacture advice don't go all the way left and use something too heavy.....

But there are few exceptions ..eg since you are operating the vehicle at hotter temperature year round 0w30 will be ok...... Avoid using 20w50 at all cost... The cost of import is very high now due to the weak naira... And lots of fake engine oil plenty for market now ....
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dru23(m): 10:01am On Dec 14, 2023
Jerk chicken

Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dru23(m): 9:58am On Dec 14, 2023
spicy but sweet and aromatic

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Car Talk / Re: ................mobil 1 Oil Fake Vs Mobil 1 Original.......... by dru23(m): 11:07am On Dec 13, 2023
No original engine oil. Even the one from usa most are fake. Go to amazon and read reviews.u go tire. To see original oil and test if its original. I'm still learning. But soon I would do a video...too many fake oils repackaged inside an original container with scannable bar code with results. How worse can it get. We need to test the oil specially with tools before e enter engine.

Car Talk / Re: Sales..........a/c REFRIGERANT 134a .....sales by dru23(m): 11:20am On Dec 09, 2023

Which one can be used on a DC compressor

Make I no talk wetin I don't know o. Baba I don't know... Na only car that recommends 134a are use for o
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dru23(m): 11:15pm On Dec 08, 2023

"Ooo" accompanied by a fart lol grin

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dru23(m): 8:16pm On Dec 08, 2023

I love that guy lol

Him and "everybody's so creative" "it goes down easy when it's cheesy" lady grin

When you wrote that u like people that are adventurous with food. That guy came to mind. Very funny guy.... He is the best out there for me

His stomach is always bubbling grin he needs to stop looking out the window grin

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dru23(m): 11:29am On Dec 08, 2023
I[b] love when people are adventurous with foo[/b]d. Nice one wifey.


o no .....My stomach will be bubbling ....
Car Talk / Re: ................mobil 1 Oil Fake Vs Mobil 1 Original.......... by dru23(m): 9:41am On Dec 01, 2023
This is the bar code to scan to determine if the oil is original. Any mobil 1 that doesnt have the below barcode is not original

Here is a perfect video on how its done.


The Mobil 1 that import are from the USA . So the qr scan code are at the back(pic3) . And the manufacture date is also at the back (pic2). And Mobil 1 in video manufacture date is at the edge of the cover

The Mobil 1 you posted is From Singapore and labeling is different from the USA . And the Mobil 1 in the video seems like an old Mobil design ......

The currant Mobil 1 has an added design to its kegs. (Pic 1) new design . triple action new Formula

All the same both are original from both countries. Let us try to avoid confusing the public ...........

Autos / Re: A/C Compressor .....camry ......rav4 by dru23(m): 4:44pm On Nov 29, 2023
@dru23 Please i need your help as regards my Lexus RX 350 2013 AC. It stopped working after been parked for a month while i was away. Though it was warmed on weekly basis but when i got back, the AC stopped working. You can buzz me whatsapp 08059178113

Baba sorry to hear that.. It might be a minor issue that is affecting it .. Maybe rat start family under the hood of car and in the process chop wire or sensor that is now affecting the a/c ....

From personal experience I won't recommend any a/c tech. Whether na mechanic or a/c tech once dey touch your car. It will never be the same again... But I can give you few pointers below.......

1. If compressor is the issue do not buy tokunbo .. You are better off buying brand new compressor from the USA ... It will cost at least about $500. If it is done right a/c will last another few years.....

2.. Stay away from made in China compressor ... Avoid stories that will touch the heart..

3. Please stay away from made in China freon or a/c tech freon. Because you can't guarantee the originality .. Most freon made in Nigeria will damage your compressor and your a/c no go be like follow come a/c. It does make sense to buy $500 plus a/c compressor and than use 5k naira 134a freon .. It will end in tears...

I do sell the 134a freon for 10k . You might need about 2 or 3 cans. This is if you are lucky to get a/c tech that knows what he is doing I.....

Please take your time and do ur research .. Rx350 are lovely cars and my favorite cars. And funny enough I think from 2022 Lexus as stop making them in v6. Which is very sad. They are now in 4cylinder turbo very sad indeed........

Avoid a/c tech that will turn your dashboard into Xmas lights . even though Xmas is around the corner, no be that kind Xmas u wan for your dashboard. Good luck bro

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Car Talk / Re: Oil Type For Camry 07 by dru23(m): 12:33am On Nov 28, 2023
Please what is the best oil type for Camry 07. Total or Mobil. Thank you

Keep in mind camry 4cylinder from at least 2007 to 2009 have factory defect. The are known to short oil, you might lucky urs is 1 of many few that does not short oil ... If yours does not short oil continue using the recommended 5w30...... But if it does try 5w40 to start with and monitor it from there. Don't go overboard using 20w50 ...
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by dru23(m): 12:16am On Nov 28, 2023
"Good day! My Kia Optima's recommended oil type is 5w-30, and I've been using Mobil 1. However, after rebuilding the engine, my mechanic suggests switching to Visco 2000 due to Nigeria's temperatures. He mentioned that the Mobil 1 oil is too light in texture. Should I stick to Mobil 1 5w-30, or is it advisable to follow his recommendation and switch to Visco oil?"

This is a double edge sword here.. Most engine that are rebuilt will never last more than 6months to 1yr. In most cases a mechanic will advice you to get a tokunbo engine.... But if he does a rebuilt he can only guarantee you 6months... Have had bad experience with so call good mechanics..........

There is no such thing as oil for Nigerian weather etc .. Very unfortunate we have more unprofessional mechanics than professional ones.. I always advice people to follow owners manual at all times..

Even if you are going to deviate from owvners manual there should not be too much of a gap from the viscosity of the oil.. E.g. owners manuals says use 5w20 , but you have no access to 5w20.. Than I will use 5w30 .. Manuals says use 0w20 , but I have access to 0w30 , you can see that the gap is not too bad.. But this only advisable in a year around hot climate weather.. Regardless of weather conditions 20w50 is too thick for any engine .. You will end up gradually killing your engine and oil pump

So back to your matter like Shakespeare " to do or not to do .Thats the question" it is basically up to you

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