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Religion / Re: Rev. Fr. Linus Okwu Flogs Women, Choir Members In Enugu Catholic Diocese by Dstar434(m): 5:34am On Jul 21
Jesus flogged Pharisees with the whip.

This is much better than RCCG, Winners, COZA or those new generation GOs in Lagos that flog their female members with preeq.
Where did you see any news that the General overseers of these churches did what you just said? That's how some people find themselves getting slammed with civil suits for inability to control their diarrhea -infested mouths.
Education / Re: JAMB officially announces top scorers for 2024 UTME by Dstar434(m): 4:50pm On Jul 18

Davids that defeated all the noisy goliaths.

Say no to Mmesommas...

I'm a Yoruba guy but this statement sounds like what a nincompoop would utter. You need not disparage another tribe.
Crime / Re: Murder Cases In Nigeria By Geo Political Zones by Dstar434(m): 8:58am On Jul 06

A foolish man is the Person who doesn't know that the difference between 169 and 174 is 5.. undecided

Stop seeking for my attention if your brain is empty undecided
Another goat spotted. Why do you guys choose every opportunity to drag the southwest as if we are responsible for your woes? Bros, let go of bitterness and flush out all the dog shit in your brain making you reason illogically like a nincompoop.

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Crime / Re: Murder Cases In Nigeria By Geo Political Zones by Dstar434(m): 8:50am On Jul 06
All eyes on East while the actual crime is going on in North and South west.

Some of those miscreant always project their insecurity on others
Fool. What's the difference between 169 and 174? I'm sure a good number of the figure self are miscreants. While I was Ilorin, I was alarmed at the number of non-yoruba bike men in prison for offences like stabbing passengers to death. However, the incident will be recorded to be a "Kwara" incident.


Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by Dstar434(m): 7:51am On Jun 14

Suffering and smiling. Well, you all will reap the evil seeds you sow
Bros, sit down abeg. I know I am still struggling, which is normal as a young graduate from a poor background, but it's definitely not the fault of the government. Peter Obi, tho my candidate at the polls, has no magic wand to turn things around. The country is in a mess. Most of us voted Obi either out of Religion emotion or Tribal sentiment.

Funny thing is some Igbos are stupid enough to accuse us yorubas of tribal sentiment when that was exactly what they did. Obi scored more votes in the southwest than Tinubu scored in the east. Why are you guys irritatingly blaming the woes of the country on yorubas when some of them voted on the basis of "Our own" just like Igbos did with Obi?
Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by Dstar434(m): 10:31am On Jun 12
No thanks to Thiefnubuu and his hungry supporters. We warned them about Buhari they said even if he present nepa bill, they'll vire for him. Thunder have almost scattered them. We said say thing about the druggie and mandate thief, they said he's our tribe's man. No be epin pawa oo Dem dey shout. That pregnant thunder that scattered most of them during the time of Buhari will finish them off this time. We don't need educated illiterate who reason only on religion and ethnicity to decide for us again.
May God provide for his children and send strong famine to rip off the intestines of the wicked bigots in this country.
Where are the emilocorn and e go favour us crew?? Thunder faya all of una
Exactly the point GEJ made concerning the stupid democracy we are practicing. That of ethnicity and religion will not favour anybody
Are you sure you have enough handkerchief for these "sweet" tears of yours?
Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by Dstar434(m): 10:29am On Jun 12
With the way things are getting expensive in Nigeria, you can't afford to waste your money anyhow. You should always purchase the best.

Once you discover that she's not a virgin woman, just fvck your part and let her go When you're tired of her overused pvssy.

It's total foolishness to use your hard-earned money to pay bride price, sponsor wedding ceremony and take care of in-laws just to have a woman who another man fvcked with just two eggs and indomie.

Plus, marrying a woman disvirgined by another man is a sure ticket for training another man's children because she will definitely fvck her ex whenever he shows up to her in the market or on Facebook. Women can't resist the first man who fvcked them.
If you want a peaceful lasting home and children who won't grow up to beat you, marry a woman whom you're the first to fvck her.
You sound like a fool, no shades.

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Family / Re: Giveaway For Families by Dstar434(m): 3:47am On May 16
Apologies for having to skip those who came first, as they did not provide any numbers for me to work with. However, I noticed that they have since modified their post, and I will ensure that it is addressed tomorrow.
Sorry I just saw your post. I hope I am not too late. Pls I just need something to feed my younger sisters with this morning before they go to school. God bless.
First Bank.
Family / Urgent Sos by Dstar434(m): 3:39am On May 16
Good morning Great Nairalanders. Sorry to bother you. Pls I am in dire need of help this morning. Ever since my father lost his job at the beginning of this year, it had been difficult for me as a young graduate because I had to take over the family responsibility even without a top-notch job. Unfortunately, the burden is becoming too much on me. I earn salaries, yet I have been unable to rent my own apartment as a young boy because the little I earn is channeled at food and survival. I am not a lazy guy. I do teaching runs as side hustle just to keep body and soul together, but unfortunately it is proving difficult to survive still. Right now, I am battling depression and bitterness because I don't know why I should be battling with such burdens at this young age of mind when I should be planning on how to settle.
As I type this, my siblings have nothing to eat to school this morning. The innocent girls didn't even eat before sleeping last night. I will appreciate any help I can get from anyone this morning so as to get them something to eat, at least, while I keep looking unto God. Thank you all.

Once I get something worthwhile, I shall take down the post with immediate effect.
My account number is: 3099649666, First Bank. God bless.

Crime / Re: Man Steals Worshippers’ 7 Phones In Church In Ekiti by Dstar434(m): 5:32am On May 07
Wetin happen to all the preaching about forgiveness.

Na una preach forgiveness pass yet
Na Una dey arrest people pass.

Na una preach about heaven pass yet
Na Una fear death pass.

Na una boast about how powerful una god dey yet
Na Una fear juju pass.
Don't you think silence will be much better than this senseless comment of yours that doesn't even portray you as a reasonable person. If you were wise, you will understand that the church has no power over the laws of the land. Crime is an offence against the state not against citizens and the law must take it's full course, devoid of emotions. Private citizens can't talk of forgiveness here because they don't have the discretion to do so. Only the state has the prosecutorial power. Seek enlightenment before castigation.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Adron Homes & Properties (advice Needed) by Dstar434(m): 6:44pm On May 02
They are paid fixed salary but you can also earn additional commission when you sell lands or houses. Their percentage is however like 1 or 2% lower than the marketers.
Work is full time basis 8-5 pm Mon to fri

Good. So sorry for this question, do you know the price range they pay their Solicitors?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Adron Homes & Properties (advice Needed) by Dstar434(m): 4:40pm On May 02

Ask these questions during your interview undecided
I actually need to be sure so as to know if it's worth my time and attention
Jobs/Vacancies / Adron Homes & Properties (advice Needed) by Dstar434(m): 3:05pm On May 02
Good day nairalanders. Please I need advice from anyone who has worked with Adron homes & properties, especially as Solicitors/In-house lawyers. Are they also paid based on commission or they have a fixed salary? Also, do they have to work on full-time basis? Thank you.

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Food / Re: 7 Cups Of Garri ₦200 In 2015 (Throwback Photo) by Dstar434(m): 10:48am On Apr 25
His Excellency, President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) is taking us back to those good old days.

His Excellency has recently been worried and eager to swiftly take the nation back to the glorious days, where basics and necessities of life were within reach to all.

Change and development are gradual processes, and that, His Excellency, is working on.

Hunger never finish this one. You still get strength type gibberish
Travel / Re: Aviation Fuel: Domestic Airlines Set To Cut Airfares by Dstar434(m): 2:25pm On Apr 22
Tinubu is a vagabond

Useless frog
Cry me a river, fella. Don't you think 4/8 years is too long for you to keep weeping/sobbing?
I was an OBIDIENT (albeit Yoruba) during the election but I have moved on with my life. You and your fellow tribesmen should stop this incessant weeping on every threads

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Phones / Re: The Itel A70 Vs Redmi A3: Which Is Better? by Dstar434(m): 2:59pm On Apr 18

It supports Efootball 2024 self
Even the 3gb/64gb version?
Phones / Re: The Itel A70 Vs Redmi A3: Which Is Better? by Dstar434(m): 9:23am On Apr 17
you still dey play games for phone haba Abi sapa no reach your side

Lol...we must Sha make ourselves happy, one way or the other
Phones / Re: The Itel A70 Vs Redmi A3: Which Is Better? by Dstar434(m): 7:06am On Apr 17
Why won't it? It's a smartphone of course. What tier are you on dream league live?.

Coz I couldn't download it on my Old Itel P33 plus. Not on any tier yet. Haven't been able to play the game for quite a while.
Phones / Re: The Itel A70 Vs Redmi A3: Which Is Better? by Dstar434(m): 5:15am On Apr 17
In a world where smartphones seem to be getting more expensive with each new release, finding a device that offers exceptional value without compromising quality can feel daunting. Enter the itel A70, a budget-friendly smartphone that challenges the notion that affordability means sacrificing features and performance. In this article, we explore why the itel A70 stands out as a superior choice compared to the Redmi A3.

The itel A70 is an Affordable Smartphone
First and foremost, let’s talk about affordability. The itel A70 is designed with budget-conscious consumers in mind, offering an unbeatable price point that makes it accessible to a wider audience. With its wallet-friendly price tag, the itel A70 proves that you don’t have to break the bank to own a reliable smartphone packed with essential features.

But affordability alone isn’t enough if the device doesn’t deliver in terms of performance and functionality. Fortunately, the itel A70 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Powered by a robust quad-core processor and ample RAM, the itel A70 delivers smooth multitasking and responsive performance, whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing games.

In comparison, the Redmi A3 may come with a slightly higher price tag, but does it offer significantly better performance to justify the extra cost? Not necessarily. While the Redmi A3 boasts impressive specifications on paper, including a higher resolution display and more powerful processor, real-world performance doesn’t always translate to a noticeable difference in everyday usage.

The itel A70 Has A Better Battery Life
Moreover, the itel A70 excels in the battery department, boasting a large capacity battery that provides all-day power on a single charge. Whether you’re a heavy user who spends hours on social media and gaming or a casual user who simply needs a reliable device to stay connected, the itel A70 has you covered with its long-lasting battery life.

The itel A70 Has A Better Camera
Regarding camera capabilities, the itel A70 holds its own against the competition. Equipped with a dual rear camera setup, including a primary lens and a depth sensor, the itel A70 allows you to capture stunning photos with impressive detail and clarity. Plus, with features like portrait mode and AI scene detection, you can take your photography skills to the next level without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the itel A70 emerges as a clear winner in the budget smartphone market, offering unbeatable value, reliable performance, and essential features that cater to the needs of today’s consumers. With its affordable price point, impressive battery life, and capable camera system, the itel A70 proves that you don’t have to compromise on quality to stay within budget.

This too


Please does this phone support Dream league soccer 2024?
Phones / Re: The Itel A70 Vs Redmi A3: Which Is Better? by Dstar434(m): 5:13am On Apr 17
Please does this phone support Dream league soccer 2024?
Phones / Quick Enquiry About Itel A70 by Dstar434(m): 1:47am On Apr 17
Good morning peeps. Pls I need honest reviews on Itel A70 3gb/64gb from someone who has used the phone. Any cons? How does it do with games, especially a game like Dream league as soccer 2024.

P.S: I don't want all those comments from sworn enemies of itel o. Just opinions from those who have used or are using the phone.
Phones / Re: Specs And Pictures Of The New Itel S24 by Dstar434(m): 6:16am On Apr 11
For those that clicked the link, how much is it? Is it already available in Nigeria?
Education / Re: Tallest University In Nigeria To Unveil In Anambra State(photos) by Dstar434(m): 3:47pm On Apr 08

17-storey building, the tallest building in south east & south south? What will the 21-storey building in Akwa Ibom, south south Nigeria be called? I guess the highest building in the south east & south south😂

Tribune should research well before making such claims.

It's you that should read well before commenting. It says "Tallest University" and not "Tallest Building".
Phones / Re: POP 8 Features by Dstar434(m): 9:31am On Mar 20
Good day. Pls any idea as to the price of this Tecno pop 8 as at today?

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Phones / Most Affordable Android Phone With A Budget Of 50-70k In Nigeria by Dstar434(m): 9:26am On Mar 19
Good morning all. Pls with the inflation in the country, the surge in the prices of phones can't be overemphasized. However, I'd like to know the feasibility of getting a reasonable Android phone within the price range of 50/70k.

Preferred specs:

5000 mAh battery
Not too bad camera
At least 2gb ram, 32 gb rom.

Pls if you have suggestions on any such phone, and you are certain they can still be gotten in the market, kindly drop suggestions. Thank you.
Education / Re: My Younger Brother Is Having Serious Issues In The University by Dstar434(m): 11:03am On May 22, 2023
My younger brother studying biochemistry at the University of Benin have had about 5 carry overs. Now he is in his third year, and he is seriously depressed. I have seriously reprimanded him and also consoled him but I don't want him to spill and based on the fact that when am in school I never had issues like this, I decided to bring this online.

Is it possible for him to drop some of the mandatory courses in his department(note not core courses o,but mandatory courses) to accommodate for the carry over courses he had.

Please I need legit answers from those who are experienced in issues like this.

Mod u can place or more this to the rightful thread, Some might still be passing through this situation too in silent.

Try to find out if it's possible to purchase additional credit units. In my uni days (not Uniben), people did buy additional credits to reduce the risk of leaving out some mandatory courses.
Education / Re: A Carryover Student Once Said? by Dstar434(m): 6:36am On Apr 26, 2022

I thought the highest grade you can get after having carryover in a course is "C"

Says who? How possible is that? I had one those days and upon rewriting, I had a B

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Health / Re: Unexplainable Rashes On My Arms And Shoulders by Dstar434(m): 3:00pm On Apr 11, 2022
Have you been with a Nigerian girl recently?

If yes, sorry for you then.

Not at all
Health / Unexplainable Rashes On My Arms And Shoulders by Dstar434(m): 2:39pm On Apr 11, 2022
what could be responsible for these rashes on my arms and my shoulder region?

Health / Unexplainable Rashes On My Skin by Dstar434(m): 2:15pm On Apr 11, 2022
Pls what could be responsible for these rashes on my arms and my shoulder region?

Gaming / Setting Up DLS GAME by Dstar434(m): 9:21pm On Jan 25, 2022
Hello guys. Pls I need someone to teach me how to set up a Dream league soccer game. Thanks in anticipation
Religion / Re: MFM Church In Ọrẹ, Ondo State by Dstar434(m): 5:04am On Jan 06, 2022
There is one along Police HQ Road, along reserve garage. The church rented Rufem building where they hold serve. Tell any okadaman you are going to Rufem building before Rainbow Police Station.
Thanks so much sir

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