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Politics / Re: Zakzaky Is In A House We Built For Him, He’s Not In Detention – Lai Mohammed by EasternWind: 4:39pm On Jun 16, 2017
This man called Lair Mohammed must be buried with his face facing downwards

What a monumental lair?

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Politics / Re: Northern Igbo Residents Denounce Kanu Extend Olive Branch To Arewa by EasternWind: 4:04pm On Jun 16, 2017
Nigeria politicians working in vain to stop the restoration of Biafra

All hail Biafra!
God bless Nnamdi Kanu

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Politics / Re: War Crime: We Stand By Our Report - Amnesty International by EasternWind: 9:45am On Jun 16, 2017
For the fact that the investigating committee members avoid the show of shame called PRESENTATION OF THE REPORT speaks volume.

The report before us is from Aso rock cabals
But what a very poor attempt at deceiving the public as usual?

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Politics / Re: A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by EasternWind: 8:10am On Jun 16, 2017
That's the problem always with Igbo agitators. You're always looking up to somebody to help you achieve your aims.
No body is looking up u cos over years u people have been unable to achieve ur restructured Nigeria but will turn professionals IPOB/Biafra matters.

Again, I haven't seen any sane person who continues to live with criminals if himself is not a bigger thief. Therefore, lodging ur displeasure of Igbo's attitudes should be through protests so that exit door might shown to us by authorities in charge of this damned contraption.

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Politics / War Crime: We Stand By Our Report - Amnesty International by EasternWind: 8:00am On Jun 16, 2017
War crimes: We stand by our report – Amnesty International
By Ameh Comrade Godwin on June 15, 2017@dailypostngr

Amnesty International (AI) has said it is still standing by its report indicting top Nigeria military officers over war crime in the North Eastern part of the country.

AI media manager in Nigeria, Isa Sanusi was responding to summary of the report by the Nigerian military panel investigating the allegations.

Sanusi said, “We stand by the findings of our research and our call for an investigation that is independent, impartial and thorough; criteria that this panel clearly does not meet.”

He added that, “We maintain that the nine senior commanders named in our report should be the subject of an effective and independent investigation.”

The press statement said, “To this end we welcome the panel’s recommendation that there should be a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into these allegations of horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in north east Nigeria.

“President Muhammadu Buhari promised an independent investigation into our allegations of human rights violations and crimes under international law two years ago. This is a vital step and must be implemented as a matter of urgency by the government.”‎

“Amnesty International’s priority is justice, human rights and the dignity of human life in Nigeria.

“We maintain that those suspected of committing human rights violations and crimes under international law on all sides of the conflict must be brought to justice in fair trials before civilian courts without recourse to the death penalty. We also urge the military to make the whole of this report public,” AI stated.


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Politics / Re: Army Report: Senior Military Officers Denied US, UK Visas Over Rights Abuses by EasternWind: 11:50pm On Jun 15, 2017
What a dubious report

It's obvious that APC government don't want Nigerians and world to know the truth but decided to hand over to their zombies something to fool them as usual.
Or what do u think that made those members of the committee to boycott the presentation? They knew Nigeria government want them to present lies to the public which is against their wishes so the boycotted it. Good for them.
Good reputation matters or who would like to sink with sinking Nigeria?

Nigeria will keep running from its shadow till it meet its end and very soon.

May the blood of IPOBIANS shed by Nigeria government and hailed by her citizens chase Nigeria into eternal damnation. Amen!


Politics / Re: Biafra: Stop Keeping Criminal Silence, Mumuni Calls Out South East Governors by EasternWind: 11:22pm On Jun 15, 2017
Yeah, I never expected him to make any sense when sighted his name as MUMU in the title.

keep mumuing as Biafrans keeps up the tempo of Biafra restoration


Politics / Re: Biafra - Proposed Plan Nnamdi Kanu Has For All Ethnic Nations In Biafraland by EasternWind: 10:14pm On Jun 15, 2017
Biafra will definitely be a sane society not robbing Peter to pay Paul
Crime / Cocaine : Lagos Socialite, Arike, Remanded In Prison Custody by EasternWind: 9:34pm On Jun 15, 2017
Cocaine: Lagos Socialite, Arike, Remanded In Prison Custody

Mrs Fumilola Arike Ogbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe

LAGOS JUNE 15TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Suspected drug kingpin and Lagos socialite Mrs Fumilola Arike Ogbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe had been arraigned by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Thursday before Justice Hadiza Rabiu Shagari of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi Lagos in an amended charge No. FHC/L/124c/2017, Federal Republic of Nigeria versus Omolara Odeyemi a.k.a. Ariyo Monsurat Olabisi and Fumilola Arike Oggbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe. 
The defendant who is facing a three count charge of conspiracy, aiding and procuring of substances found to be cocaine pleaded not guilty to all three count charge.
Justice Shagari in her ruling granted her bail application on the ground that the first defendant had been granted bail. She was however remanded in prison custody pending when she will perfect her bail conditions. The case was also adjourned to June 28 and 29 2017 for trial.
Mrs. Fumilola was implicated in a case of unlawful exportation of 1.595kg of cocaine to Saudi Arabia in February 2017 at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA). Officers visited her Lagos residence on a follow-up operation but she was not at home. The suspect also ignored official invitation for several months from the Agency requesting her to clear herself in the ongoing cocaine investigation. When all attempts to reach her failed, she was declared wanted. Few weeks later, she presented herself before the NDLEA for investigation.
The Agency had also secured an interim forfeiture order for several assets worth billions of naira traced to Mrs Fumilola. Besides, the Agency is working on a final forfeiture order on the landed properties and assets traced to Mrs Fumilola Arike Ogbuaya a.k.a. Arike Fumilola Ogundipe in Lagos, Ogun and Osun States. The assets include Arike Plaza, some plots of land and buildings in strategic locations. The Lagos socialite who is a distributor of alcoholic drinks is needed by the NDLEA in an ongoing investigations. She hails from Ilesa, Osun State.

Politics / Re: IPOB Blasts Igbo Leaders' Meeting With Osibanjo, Says They're Jobbers by EasternWind: 7:34pm On Jun 15, 2017
They only represented their immediate family and there's even possibility that some family members may deny been represented.

Biafra referendum is the only language we understand

Till then, every other discussion with political criminals and elders of iniquities remains a sham.


Politics / Re: Taiwan Orders Nigeria Office Out Of Taipei City by EasternWind: 7:07pm On Jun 15, 2017
thank you, but our determination to make our country a world super power will not make her sink I stand with Nigeria cause she is facing challenges and we would get out of the most crazy ones, it just like a human body, when your leg hurt does it say it want to separate, instead u take in drugs that a processed by other part of your body to heal the pain. Nigeria won't sink they have tried to sink her a lot of times and they are still trying and they would still try, but they can never out wit the invisible wit of Nigeria unity, yes she is strong at keeping her self together that's one of her fort.

Anyways if u an iPod juice, I know u would term this as trash but just so u know, NIGERIA WONT FALL...!!
Likening Nigeria to parts of the body is laughable bcoz the body is ONE. They're not joined together rather different parts(could be seen as departments)playing different roles to keep the ONE BODY going not to keep another going. The whole body at a time is in need of a particular thing, so all work are geared towards it.

But Nigeria is forcing together of different bodies to operate as ONE. That was a very big error as the joint bodies will be running against each other in their day to day activities, because they have different needs, vision and mission.

Again, Can a medical doctor, a mechanical engineer and an Estate surveyor work on same project?

Nigeria can be best defined as a BRITISH CONFUSION in Africa

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Politics / Re: A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by EasternWind: 5:15pm On Jun 15, 2017

Yet, there is poverty spread across your region.

If you feed the nation as you claim, how come I see little kids who are suppose to be in school or under the care of their parents running after vehicle in fuel station and on the street clothed in a rags and threadbare clothes, looking emaciated and malnutritious, with plates of different sizes begging for money and food?

Keep deceiving yourself.
I wonder how they feed the country too

Whereby if enter restaurant to eat in the north smelly, emaciated and messy looking kids with plates won't allow me eat in peace cos they would nearly fall into ur table.

But isn't charity suppose to begins at home?

Maybe theirs begin with feeding other Nigerians. Lol


Politics / Re: A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by EasternWind: 4:50pm On Jun 15, 2017
The question you lot should ask is that what are those things Northerners are benefitting from the Igbos....absolutely nothing

But over 80percent of all your foodstuffs comes from the north....including your meat....

The Igbos should mention 3 things they produce which are being used in the north, that without those things, the northerners will shiver Just 3 things....

Ordinary tomato glut last year, the whole country nearly collapsed......

I am a Yoruba, what are those things Igbos produce that I can't do without on a daily basis??

But I can tell everybody that none of us can go hungry for a day, even tho we use our money to by the foodstuff, but they produce those things....

What aare the things Igbos produce for others to use
Ndi Igbo na atu ilu si, "Anodu ala ahara ma akwuru oto amara onye ka ibe ya".

To mean- People seems equal in height while sitting but when they stand up u know each persons height and who's taller.

Divide Nigeria and we shall know the parasites, semi-parasites and the host.

Everyone's strength shall be exposed

In Biafra I stand

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Politics / Re: Taiwan Orders Nigeria Office Out Of Taipei City by EasternWind: 3:25pm On Jun 15, 2017
Nigeria is simply scrambling for survival like a drowning man

Anything he can hold to stay afloat is welcomed

But is a pity it's destined to sink

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Politics / Re: A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by EasternWind: 3:21pm On Jun 15, 2017
grin grin ;Dkikikikikiki, they are trying to justify their presence in the so called ''dead locked North"
Op just tell your brothers to leave the North, as the clock is already ticking.
Ndi Igbo na atu ilu si, "Anodu ala ahara ma akwuru oto amara onye ka ibe ya".

To mean- People seems equal in height while sitting but when they stand up u know each persons height and who's taller.

Divide Nigeria and we shall know the parasites, semi-parasites and the host.

Everyone's strength shall be exposed

In Biafra I stand

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Politics / Re: A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by EasternWind: 3:10pm On Jun 15, 2017
The summary is that igbos are confused set of pple,they want biafra,and they dont want to leave d 'deadlocked' north. All dis trash written up there trying to justify d confusion does not hold water.
U would've made some sense by mobilizing ur people to protest for referendum to be given to Biafrans. Confused or not should be our concern not urs.

Or are u afraid of something u wish not to disclose?


Politics / Taiwan Orders Nigeria Office Out Of Taipei City by EasternWind: 3:03pm On Jun 15, 2017
Taiwan strikes back, orders Nigerian office out of Taipei City
Nigeria forced Taiwan office to move to Lagos and change name

By Matthew Strong,Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As a result of Chinese pressure, Taiwan was forced to move its office from the official capital of Nigeria and change its name, but it would strike back by asking the African country to move its representation out of Taipei City, reports said Wednesday.

The new tension came just hours after a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) official said Nigeria was one of five countries where Taiwanese offices faced pressure to change their name, and a day after the sudden ending to more than 100 years of relations with Panama.

MOFA first said that the representative offices in Nigeria, Bahrain, Dubai, Jordan and Ecuador were being pressured to change their names, which mostly included the terms “Republic of China” or “Taiwan.”

Later Wednesday afternoon, the government said its office in the Nigerian capital Abuja had ceased to function and the chief representative had returned to the country. The new office, in the country’s most populous city of Lagos, would bear the name “Taipei Trade Office.”

Taiwan vowed equal treatment and struck back by demanding Nigeria move its office on the island out of Taipei City, reports said.

The first signs of tension between Nigeria and Taiwan emerged earlier this year, when the issue of the office’s name came up around the time of a visit by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi (王毅) to the African country.

In April, MOFA summoned the Nigerian representative to hear its protest against the pressure and both sides tried to work out a solution acceptable to both sides, but none seems to have been found, reports said.

The Presidential Office said Wednesday the government would do its utmost to protect the freedom and democracy of the people and its right to an international space.


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Politics / A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by EasternWind: 2:43pm On Jun 15, 2017
A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Padlock And Who Has The Keys?

This Hausa man took a deep cut of his gworo and said to me, "Biafra will be landlocked, over populated, they will loose so much wealth and the separation will most likely be a war".

I sipped my wine, because I knew he was on the cheapest fears and I said to him,"I have all the keys to those pad locks".

First look at these..
Two scenarios. A Biafra with the south south and another without the south south.
Without the South South... How has landlock stopped a nation from growing? In this era of Antonov An-225 Hercules planes that can lift over 450,000kg equivalent to almost 2 ships and who remembers a SEAPORT in this generation of INTERNET-PORT when 85% of world's transactions are done through high speed broadband Internet. Gambia, Togo, Benin, Mauritania, Guinea etc., all have unlimited assess to the sea. Ha ji ya mee gini? Are they in anyway doing better than Rwanda, Bostwana and little Djibouti. In fact Djibouti is servicing 25 African countries with its Antonov plane nicknamed SKY-PORT that covers its most distant point in Africa from Djibouti in 18hrs while it will take 3 days to move a 40ft container from Apapa to Aba. Rwanda without a StreamPort nor RiverPort, not to talk of seaport is Africa's best growing economy!
In Europe, the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) have a peninsulaic access to the sea, whenever the storm of recession comes, it first sweeps them into the same damn sea, they are Eurozone weakest nations while landlocked countries like Luxembourg, Austria and Germany are waxing strong. As in "ha kwu chim n'ala"

In Asia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai are not only landlocked but desert locked and how has that affected them? Who sea epp?

If the SS is not Biafra, there are various international corridors and laws that can sort things out, not forgetting that a greater communication with that region must cross through the Southeast (Biafra).
But if the Yoruba republics are declared and the complete anticipated Biafra is pronounced with the SouthSouth, though, doesn't actually exist but created politically made to exist. Then the north is simply DEADLOCKED and then mallam, I will advice you to chew less of this gworo now, so you can be able to eat something when it is presented to you.

On the population, what laws says all Biafrans must live in Biafra land? What percentage even lives in the north? Less than 3%, Yes just a handful of Biafrans lives in the North.

When you go to some places in the southeast, the population looks like there is a festivity going on but you must admit that the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan has a population of 37 million people and Monaco has a density of 22,500 per sq. km. I don't see people walking on the heads of others in such places, rather I see a China, India, Japan, USA, Mexico that has harnessed and muscled the strengths of their population into development. Even Lagos explosively developed due to population increase, that people had to push back the sea. 1000 skyscrapers in Biafra land, in no joke will solve the housing problem of Biafra by 95%! Take this to the bank!
On Biafrans loosing their wealth, I need not go outside Nigeria for an answer. In 1970, Biafrans got £20 and in 1975, there were millionaires already in Biafra land, the likes of Chisco, Ekene Dili Chukwu, Emeka Offor and even in 1979, Alex Ekwueme single handedly sponsored NPN to presidency that he was rewarded with a VP seat. Now show me one man, east, south, north and west that is wealthy from all the inheritance of the abandoned property?

The North is still underdeveloped, impoverished and incomparably out of tone with the 21st century.

On separations meaning a war...
This defines the sum of the accumulation of the northern cowardice, as if Russia broke up through a war, what about Eritrea? Singapore and Malaysia? There are more peaceful resolutions to conflicts than the vampire attitudes of the Northern Nigeria but let it be clear to you mallam; eshi à muru dike na mba, ka à muru ibe ya!

The problem of the Northern Nigeria is that they are brain-locked, spiritually-locked, psycho-locked, greed-locked, future-locked, even landlocked and above all DEADLOCKED by their ancestors who have long lost the keys to UNLOCK their future and yet they want everyone to synchronize with their backwardness and then still think its about PDP vs APC political affairs.

- Edwin Bishops
Anambra Media Team


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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Receives Turkish Diplomat by EasternWind: 2:11pm On Jun 15, 2017
The SUN must rise and shine unhindered
God bless Nnamdi Kanu
God bless Biafra

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Politics / Re: Count Us Out Of Uwazuruike’s Romance With North —massob.vanguard News by EasternWind: 9:20am On Jun 15, 2017
Uwazuruike is a criminal but Nigeria/Nigerians love him cos he's carrying their identity

Lagos/Ibadan express way medias can't do without imposing him on us as leader of Igbo or Biafra because he's activities are in line with demands of wicked politicians who pay them big. Shame on u politician's journalists who have aided in making Nigeria a hell on earth.

Biafra remains the answer to having a sane country and responsible government

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Politics / Re: Biggest Lie Ever Told(the North Feeds Nigeria) by EasternWind: 6:58pm On Jun 14, 2017

Pls don't b deceive, no plant ever grow there without the help of fertilizer. If its lie I'm telling , why re their grasses dying and they chose to graze in the south. There is noting fertile about their land.
Instead they re hard working in farm.
U simply don't know any about farming in the North
Growing of plants there is seasonal
Confirm from anyone who been to core north

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Politics / Re: Biggest Lie Ever Told(the North Feeds Nigeria) by EasternWind: 6:06pm On Jun 14, 2017
Northerners have a very fertile land but they're too lazy
I have lived in North
If Igbo land is as fertile as the north it would have turn to world food hub
I know what I'm saying. No hating I'm being saying it as it is


Politics / Re: Nigerians React After CCT Clears Saraki Of False Asset Declaration Charges by EasternWind: 4:16pm On Jun 14, 2017
What a cursed country

Niraland legal practitioners and analysts over to u.

Have u seen how u've made fools of urselves on niraland ?

I therefore seize this opportunity to warm those jumping up and down about IPOB and BIAFRA to steer clear cos their disgrace is imminent.

I'm not for any politician

I'm for Biafra


Politics / Re: Never Wish For Biafra; Wish For One Nigeria by EasternWind: 3:01pm On Jun 14, 2017
Pls where were all these professionals and analysts of nationhood and nation building all this while and a hundred years was wasted by Nigeria?

Are u telling me u need eternity to make Nigeria workable? If so, INCOMPETENT is understatement to qualify ur likes.

Nigeria has a foundation error and not can save its inhabitants apart from pulling it down. Failure to do so spells Doom for its inhabitants as death, weeping, sorrowing and gnashing of teeth will remain their companions.
Look critically at event and happenings in Nigeria and truthfully will see that its inhabitants are in darkness of life and watched over by vultures (political class ).


Politics / Re: Jesus Was A Womanizer - Nnamdi Kanu by EasternWind: 2:33pm On Jun 14, 2017

Why are you angry

His evil propaganda is helping to draw more Biafrans to IPOB

Let him continue
He's simply fooling himself that I know

Biafra has come to be


Politics / Re: Anambra Governorship Election 2017: Ngige Body Language Scatters APC Gladiators by EasternWind: 1:31pm On Jun 14, 2017

Don't you know that by not going out to vote, you've made it easy for APC to rig? Why are we committing political suicide?

I wonder why our people are not politically smart.
Thanks for u advice

Maybe people will be dragged out of their homes to vote

Another sit at home loading for Anambra

Politics / Re: BOMBSHEL! Kanu Replies FG, Says "Bail Condition Is For Daura Cow, Not Me" (video by EasternWind: 11:59am On Jun 14, 2017
But will cows from North ever be arrested?

Biaexit We're not one and can never be


Politics / Re: Donald Ekpo Replies Alhaji Sagir On Igbo's Attempt To Colonize The South South by EasternWind: 11:48am On Jun 14, 2017
Another South southerner also gave answers to some questions here too.

QUESTION: Dear Russell, permit me to asked these following questions, I duly believe strongly on your efforts since this struggle and you have some days ago met with IPOB spiritual leader, mazi Nnamdi KANU, my questions are as follows, how prepared, he is,if eventuality the north attack the southeast, how far he has try to discuss with the south south, any reprisals if the Biafra are attacked by the soon to be enemy, how sure are you that the south south Will be in support of actualizing the Biafra project by abandoning their eternal masters Hausa Fulani and Yoruba, it is true we came always to air our views but that has never been any co contrite arrangement I have seen so far,you that the opportunity's to meet Mazi Nnamdi KANU, and let's hear his answer,don't answer on his behalf,today he's out from detention, so j need answer bros Russell
---- Evangelist Iyke Felix
Thanks for your question, whatever its true intent is. First, I am Russell Idatoru Bluejack, an individual who lacks the lacuna to speak for the Niger Delta. I put it to you, dear brother, that no one has the mandate to speak for a people. Yes, we have elders here down South, but whether their modus vivendi is elderly is an entirely new argument. I am not a Niger Deltan in the same way others claim. I was born a Niger Deltan, but transformative and liberating education has ingrained in me a mental outlook that enables me to see anyone that affects my life as either my brother or foe. Take note, brother, I have gained absolutely nothing from being seen as a Niger Deltan! I went to school alone. I work hard to eat. I studied hard to the gamut that I became tutor to my contemporaries across departments, the reason I am called Prof. There is no impactful and transforming presence of crude oil in my life. Let those who swim in the ocean of haughtiness tell you whether they even know the colour of crude oil. Yes, we own the oil; however, we are alienated from its use and proceeds. How Niger Deltan is that?
The pride of being a Niger Deltan is loud online, yet virtually nonexistent in actuality. It is against that backdrop that I think our brothers and sisters down South should reexamine their teething human and economic problems and take a stand. I will tell you what I see around me. I see poverty in the Niger Delta. We own the oil, yet we have very few billionaires. How many billionaires can Rivers State boast of? Anambra has more than 1500 billionaires. Is someone thinking? Possessing the resource is one thing; exerting control and use over it is another. The resource is ours, yet owned by emirs and generals from the North. How Niger Deltan are we? Are we regionally Niger Deltan or resourcefully so? How many indigenous oil companies are owned by Niger Deltans? How many Niger Deltan youths are absorbed by these oil companies? We own the resource, the companies are our supposed tenants, yet the North and West constitute the clientele of these companies. How Niger Deltan are we?
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will not jump into our heads and make us consider these issues, will he? He submitted his sovereignty to Nigeria in his altruistic bid to prove that he was not an armchair agitator for freedom. He was beaten, unjustly incarcerated for years, and given the most ridiculous bail conditions. These he did to reawaken us, to cause the speck fall off our eyes, to make us show a leg from this overstretched slumber. I am a very young, penurious Niger Deltan that thinks the youths here must rise to the occasion. I have given what I have to sting our youths. I don't have any business with the barrel and nozzle (guns), but what I have does not have limit. Every good essay written affects millions of lives. No gun, irrespective of its bewildering firepower, can do that. Thanks be to God that the response is encouraging. I have our brothers in the East, most of whom reside outside the shores of this suppressive enclave called Nigeria, to thank for that. The pervading Niger Delta mindset, one that is about SELF as against OTHERS, is the real problem. Our people are hind-sighted, not farsighted, and not foresighted. Here, we talk about our own Republic without asking ourselves whether we can wade through the thorny international prerequisites to actualize it.
I, Russell Idatoru Bluejack, a native of Peterside, Bonny LGA, along with my family, friends, comrades, and like-minded followers do hereby align myself with the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB for the onward articulation of a nation that will be devoid of gun battles, arson, suppression, subjugation, malice, discrimination, prejudice, and destructive propaganda. I enjoin all well-meaning Niger Deltan to consider the creed of IPOB with an open mind and do the needful. Let us consider our children and their own children. We have forgiven our brothers in the East for their past malfeasances. We beseech them to forgive us, too. Let us work together. LET US JUBO JUBO BELEMA - LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
Finally, our people should come back home. Nobody will fight a war that he has already won. Let them incur the losses and return home. It is that simple. Nation-building requires enormous sacrifice. No one gives you freedom: you grab it.


Politics / Re: Biafra: Terrorists Behind Law Suit Against Nigerian Military - MOP Warns US Gove by EasternWind: 11:38am On Jun 14, 2017
U wicked souls should head to the court and defend urselves and stop littering the web space and disturbing people with thrash and unneeded articles.

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Politics / Re: Pictorial Evidence That Nnamdi Kanu Agitation Is Fraud by EasternWind: 10:30am On Jun 14, 2017
This guy has an agenda to promote Judaism in Nigeria. He is doing it under the guise of a freedom fighter. And if u know the doctrines of Judaism, u will be concerned. An eye for an eye is one of them. By the way the time this guys finishes with ibo pple...... Hmmmm!!!! Pastors muoka, osakwe, Okonkwo, etc etc u pple should be vigilant oh there is battle for the souls of your converts oh
Ur fear is that ur fellow conspirators (Yorubas) against the igbo race will lose their customers in the name of church members if Judaism should gain ground. Cry on cos soon they will begin to sell their private jet which they acquired while impoverished members are without hope of three meal a day.
Politics / Re: Pictorial Evidence That Nnamdi Kanu Agitation Is Fraud by EasternWind: 10:16am On Jun 14, 2017
Hypocrite, have u seen this question on niraland " What's the difference between Kanu's Treason charges and Arewa Quit notice to Igbos?"?

Ur answers are needed there

And my answers remains that -

The former belongs to a tribe that must be subjugated in the spirit of one Nigeria, whereas, the latter came from a tribe with clearly defined constitutional rights to kill and maim other Nigerians.

The former spoke the truth and exposed the wickedness of Nigeria/Nigerians against Biafrans and Igbo nation, while the latter speak in furtherance of the institutionalized wickedness against the Igbo race.

The former was like a child with enough gut to inquest into what killed his father, but the latter can be compared to a thief with blessings and backing of his father.

The former is like an angel of God who has come to the rescue of men from Satan's(Nigeria) torment, but the latter is like a devil incarnate, workers of iniquities whose activities of wickedness to mankind gives joy to Satan(Nigeria).

The former challenged the powers that be, them "Elites" that have held Nigerians ransom and hostage for years, while the latter challenged the poor masses, the captives of the mighty "Elites".

The former is well educated and intelligent in addition to commanding intelligent minds too, and this calls for fear in the camp of the Elites, while the latter is a ill educated and command illiterates who can never see beyond their nose nor discover the ruthlessness of the Elites against them.

Ogwu ka oham n'onu


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