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Politics / Re: What's The Electricity Situation In Your Area Like? by Eden1747(f): 9:00pm On Mar 04, 2019
For a week now and from the Ibereko Area of Badagry; “What is Electricity?”
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Eden1747(f): 11:23am On Feb 22, 2019
Philipinos have taken over administration, lol. In all the sectors. I've also not seen a single naija babe doing anything reasonable, I shame small sef.
I beg to differ. A lot of Nigerians get into the mindset that they can’t get anything better. Brush up your LinkedIn profiles. We can do better than waiters, sales execs and Baristas.

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Pets / Re: My Puppies Are 2weeks Old by Eden1747(f): 1:14pm On Mar 29, 2017
How much?
Poems For Review / Re: Today Is World Poetry Day: Write Something by Eden1747(f): 3:00pm On Mar 21, 2017
I black,
Midnight, the bed of stars that bring forth daylight.
I black,
Like the juice of ewuro leaves... Bitter
Making the mouth spitter.

I black,
Like whence these thoughts converge
Pits of fertile earth...
Brings forth food..

I black,
The image of my creator vindicates me...
Black as his breath made me,
Black, as God.

Religion / Re: "My Daughter Lied Against Apostle Suleman" - Stephanie's Otobo's Dad by Eden1747(f): 9:49pm On Mar 06, 2017

it's over 30 years u divorced her mother, ur daughter was small when u divorced her mother and ur daughter is twenty something years old. Am I the only one that noticed this incoherent statement?


Romance / Re: Yoruba Woman Beats Edo Girl For Sleeping With Her Husband In Abidjan (Video) by Eden1747(f): 3:19pm On Mar 02, 2017
She spoke french all through. Why did OP say she's Yoruba?

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Events / Re: Happy Birthday To Lalasticlala by Eden1747(f): 9:23am On Feb 16, 2017
Happy Birthday Lalasticlala, wish you Blessings on Blessings.
Politics / Re: 15000 Youths To Welcome President Buhari From UK Vacation - NYCN by Eden1747(f): 10:26am On Feb 04, 2017
Plot Twist:

A coffin adorned with the Nigerian flag is carried out of the plane.
Religion / Re: Why I Stormed Out Of The Church Today. by Eden1747(f): 5:04pm On Jan 22, 2017
The church is a house of God where anybody both the sinners n righteous, protocols and non-protocols are all welcomed. Creating a dermarcation in the church in the name of special sit is ridiculous. You came early u went to the front row to sit that is what is supposed to be.
Reserving sit for a protocol who is still in his house bathing and contemplating whether to attend or not is arrant nonsense.
That is why i love catholic church i can come on time and sit anywhere and close to any body protocol n non protocol. Who you epp.

Even the usher that saw u where leaving n left u to leave did not know she has failed in her primary duty as an usher which is to welcome everyone and make them feeel at home.
My brother u did notin wrong. Its not Ego problem. Is just the church's way of telling you that you are inconsequential.
God Bless you. Houses of God seats must be on a basis of first come first seated. VIPs sitting next to paupers. I don't get why Nigerian churches segregate like that.


Celebrities / Re: Gideon Okeke Blasts Chiwetalu Agu Over His "Vulgar Slangs" by Eden1747(f): 7:06pm On Jan 12, 2017
[quote author=SAZZYSKOLY post=52740132]Oga chiwe.. in your next movie.. just shout gideon okeke and add somtin vulgar to it... eg gideon okeke attt cucumber chidinma.... lol[/quote

grin cheesy grin cheesy

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Health / Re: 10 Health Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Tattoo (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) by Eden1747(f): 8:27pm On Jan 09, 2017
No Human being intentionally scratch off his/her Ferrari
Appreciation of art is different from stabbing yourself with a bottle. Understand the difference.

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Health / Re: 10 Health Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Tattoo (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) by Eden1747(f): 3:18pm On Jan 09, 2017

Do you have one on your body?

If yes may I see them or adobilivit

Yes, I do wear one... And proudly too.
No, I didn't have my body art done for you. So you may not see.
Health / Re: 10 Health Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Tattoo (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) by Eden1747(f): 1:40pm On Jan 09, 2017
Africans had the first forms of tattoos as tribal marks! We didn't colour them because there was no ink then.
I honestly don't understand people's abhorrence to tattoos... It's by choice!. We should all respect people's choices. Tattoo is art. Either you hang them on your walls or you decide to wear them.

Travel / Re: Car Running On 3 Tyres On Lagos Highway (Photos) by Eden1747(f): 6:06pm On Jan 03, 2017
thatz a fayawor/ smugglers car.

the engine that runs inside that demon fires more than a Toyota Camry 2008(muscle) model grin
Damn Right!
Education / Re: Teacher Thrown Into Prison For Flogging Student In Lagos by Eden1747(f): 7:03pm On Nov 28, 2016
grin grin cheesy shocked undecided sicko lipsrsealed

afonjas are wicked
get Me an afonja and I'll not waste time to waste them
Dirty lazy beings

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Travel / Re: I Fought A Conductor For My N10 Change by Eden1747(f): 7:23pm On Apr 06, 2016
Quite apt
Lol. Even before I read down to the part were you mentioned your new novel, I knew you were a writer, from the way you presented your write up. Nice.

Technically you didn't fight him, but your actions, though embarrassing, was not totally out of place. The issue is usually not the amount of the 'change', it is the manner in which the driver/conductor approaches his passenger that is usually the case. How can one get angry with a conductor who says something like, ''...aunty when no vex o, I just give my last change to the other passenger just now, I no get change again. You go fit follow me reach front make I find change for you, or you get N40 make I give you N50...?"

Of course overwhelmed by such courtesy you're most likely to leave the balance or find another solution... But when people decide to play smart with people smarter than them, that's when the problem arises...

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Politics / Re: BREAKING Abubakar Audu Of APC Is Dead by Eden1747(f): 6:10pm On Nov 22, 2015
Yes o. Just read it now too. The proposed deputy will be given the Certificate of Return. Isn't that what our constitution says?

FTC and I'm still waiting for a genie to appear.
Education / Re: Ambode Appoints Prof. Njokanma As LASU Acting VC by Eden1747(f): 5:26pm On Nov 10, 2015
How many Hausa's or Yorubas are VC's in a state university in the east?

Who is really marginalizing who?
I tire o
Politics / Re: Keyamo Blasts Politicians Against Buhari's Appointments Pattern by Eden1747(f): 8:46pm On Aug 28, 2015
When GEJ was there how was the so called Juicy positions shared... Cracy world.
Let PMB be!
There post that cud hv come to Amechi and Fashola, thier kingsmen are busy tarnishing thier records... The South should continue with thier Pullhimdown syndrom while the North is busy busy building thier people up.
There should be a "double like" button for you.

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Gaming / Re: Which Among These Android Games Is Your Most Favorite? (Graphic Photos) by Eden1747(f): 8:39pm On Aug 28, 2015
I didn't see CSI.
Romance / Re: Scratch And Win by Eden1747(f): 1:13am On Aug 21, 2015
grin shocked grin cheesy shocked
Nairaland / General / Re: Checkout This "Made In Mbaise" Copter (photo) by Eden1747(f): 10:55pm On Aug 07, 2015
Did it take off? Or even taxi?
Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 1:26am On Jun 27, 2015
I can see that the said banker don open acct already. Una well done o. What u did was bad, no matter how a customer behaves u shld have kept ur calm.

By d way, all of u shouting about why reporting the man, have u ever wondered why customer care job isnt for every tom,dick and harry? There are protocols to follow no matter how rude a customer is. Someone with temper shouldn't be in that section. Go check the ethics/standard of a customer service agent/executive.
A Daniel has come to judgement. Thank you.

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Business / Re: What Eden1747(f) Did Not Tell Us About Her "Humilation" At ECOBANK Badagry Today by Eden1747(f): 12:52am On Jun 27, 2015
This is totally a lie. If indeed you were at the bank, what was I putting on?, what did Mr Soetan who was in the cubicle with him say to calm me down?, you're most probably an ecobank staff but I seriously doubt that you're in badagry. Another eyewitness on the front page saw everything. I'm well known at ECOBANK badagry, it used to be my working account when they were Oceanic, so why would I walk in with an attitude? There was no queue. The office assistant took some files to him and scurried away. I was coming from jumat service and someone in the cubicle was asking which mosque I worshipped at. He wasn't attending to anyone. Do you think I enjoy telling the world that someone called me a goat? And since you claim you were there for your BVN, the CSM's cubicle is not where customers were for verification. All liars go to hell biblically. In Islam, you'd be hung by your tongue with the fires of hell burning you. I hope you know that.

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Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 12:35am On Jun 27, 2015

Did you read from the beginning? Or its just a case of women hating on women? I was at the bank and OP didn't say a thing. I kept hoping it was me, I saw her get into her car and drive off. Didn't know I'd read about it here.
Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 12:28am On Jun 27, 2015

Your mother did not teach you well, or you refused all her attempts at trying to make sure you turned out well. You sent a letter to his bosses, then followed up with a thread on that that made FP? To what end? To show us all how pained and humiliated you are, so the fellow may lose his job?

So the duty of Voltron defender of the universe fell on you right? Customer care are supposed to be zombies without feelings or emotions right? tha is your point right? So to compensate for how humiliated you are young man must lose his job right?

You are nothing but a knuckle dragging female misanthrope.
Fellow nairalanders, the CSM is on Nairaland. MrPresident1


Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 12:09am On Jun 27, 2015

I have never been as humiliated as I was today...Blah blah blah.

Mean spirited woman, so you came to Nairaland to vent your spleen and tell the whole world that a whole you was humiliated at the bank today abi? To what end, that someone may lose his job? You sent a letter to his ogas and still had the guts to come to Nairaland to give it wider dissemination, so that we can all see how you were humiliated today and organise a pity party for you abi?

I have an inkling of your type, all those girls that feel like they are something when they are nothing, you are one of them. Olodo.
What will my mum say? "Better to Just ignore this loser" but I won't listen to her. Allow me to educate you a little. it's peeps like you who let rude peeps get away with being rude and obnoxious. Other well meaning people have spoken, customer service personnel are supposed to be customer friendly. No, I didn't ask for a pity party. I spoke out so it won't happen to some other person out there. Now you get the point?


Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 11:29pm On Jun 26, 2015
The CCTV is there to reveal the whole incident anyway..let me repeat it again that ecobank Customer service managers have one of the best in customer service responds thru out my many years in banking even is am no more with them.I remebad how I was dealt with the day I mistakinly responded to an angry customer,you may not understand the reason the guy didn't talk to you(you said he went for medicals).I wish the said guy will ve the opp to say his own side of the story and many of u here will be shocked
Am I permitted to insult this male chauvinist? I Have received several phone calls from people who know me personally to tell me it's cos I'm too soft spoken... And a guy on here said he was at the bank and saw me drive off... What more do you want?... I opened that account when they were Oceanic and the customer service was good.. It shot to hell when they merged with ecobank. One old man waiting in line grumbled that too. And I couldn't agree more. I also bank with Skye and Gtb... They are customer service oriented.
I'm glad you talked about the cctv showing stuff. At least, it will show the other 2 guys in the cubicle begging me to ignore him and let him rant. Im sure glad I didn't run into you while you were working at ecobank. I'd have had this experience sooner!


Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 11:17pm On Jun 26, 2015
Did you get any response from those emails?
No, I havent. I sent it soon as I got home. It showed me sent around 4:20pm.
Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 10:41pm On Jun 26, 2015
I don't believe the opps,no such ecobank CSM will behave that way.Ecobank CSMs are highly customers service oriented..I was once a contarct staff of ecobank and I knw what customers who knew thy are king can do..do u mean u are the only customer waiting to collect ur atm pin on 25 and 26? And how com u were the only one he shouted at?for ur info appropriate investigation will be carried before displinary action will be taken on him... How ever,let me stil appologise on his behaf even if ur over exagerating your story
Did you read the mail I sent the headquarter? I think not.
Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 10:02pm On Jun 26, 2015
please forward the mail you sent to :ENGContactCentre@ecobank.com

I have.
Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by Eden1747(f): 9:42pm On Jun 26, 2015
Should I be surprise?

You are even lucky the guy didn't put your card between his anatomical divide and scrub his scrotal sacs before flinging it to your face...

Eco can't be Good.... Closely followed by UNITY

OMG!!! I haven't laughed since the incident... Your comment made me break into gales of laughter. grin grin grin

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