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Health / Re: Women See Why Your Private Part Is A No Go Area by efficiencie(m): 8:37pm On Sep 28
I have come across so many sisters and I have tried to interview them about how they take care of their private parts, many don't get that a woman is supposed to take care of her private part always, at least two times every day, washing it and cleaning out everything that will cause bad odour coming out from Inbetween their legs.

I have had big aunty separated from their husbands and I asked them what happened, they tell me, they always have to force their husbands to sleep with them, and it's always completely impossible task, because he will be covering his nose, he will be asking them for them to use their hands and insert his dick, on so many occasions he prefers using condoms, which to them is very insulting and they wonder if he trusts them or is suspecting them.

But you know I have asked them this all important question for women, " how do you take care of your private part"? And they are like, how? Is there any special way of taking care of what every man is dying to have?

I said to them aunty, do you realize the amount of bad aromatic discharges that's oozing out of your vagina if it's not properly washed and clean, they are like, I should get out, whether are they going for beauty pageant?

Many marriages are like this, they force their man to be enduring what he's supposed to enjoy.

Dear sister please take care of your private part, it's not only a place for sex and attractions, it's your temple of HOLINESS, remember girls if you abuse your private part not just by not washing it, by fucking around, you will surely regret it for ever, I mean ever more, let no one deceive you, life works by principles not by miracles.

Den go hear word? Na to jux dey spread leg at the slightest stimulus. If ladies preserve their virginity more and more men will be forced to into being faithful but ladies will always spread their legs once they see small change, drink one bottle of malt or eat one plate of rice. Some will spread legs based on very stupid promises.
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 8:15pm On Sep 28
1. According to Jesus Christ, Citizenship in the Kingdom of God belongs only to those who are born-again. The Thief on the cross was not of Jesus Christ's Kingdom of God but of the Old Covenant. And according to the Old Covenant, the unrighteous dead are to perish in their graves whereas the righteous dead are instead to sleep in their graves until the time of the resurrection when God will rule as King over the Land - Deuteronomy 30 vs 15 - 20. undecided

* As Jesus Christ described in the parable/story he told in Luke 16, Paradise, the idea is not of the Kingdom of God but of the Old Law of Moses. And as such cannot be in the Kingdom of God where only those who are, again, born-again, can enter into. undecided

* Also, Jesus Christ did not baptize any one of His disciples. He instead washed their feet, and the meaning of what He did is clearly explained in the context of the passage from which you lifted this idea from. So, if you believe Jesus Christ magically baptized the thief on the cross with magic water and then got Him born of Spirit, this without His eating the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, then I see you trying yet again to rewrite even Jesus Christ as well. undecided

* Again, according to the story/Parable told by Jesus Christ of Paradise, it is a place of Death where the righteous and unrighteous dead of the Old Covenant Law of Moses go to await final processing. There is no direct or indirect link from this to the Kingdom of God(Eternal Reward(Heaven) and Eternal Damnation(Hell/Hellfire)) provided in the story/parable for anyone to assume a link between the two, and there is no mention of the New Jerusalem spoken by the prophets to be of the place of Death. undecided

2. a. John the Baptist himself explained the purpose of Baptisms in Matthew 3 vs 7 - 11 and Jesus Christ added that it was necessary in order to enter into the Kingdom of God where Heaven(Eternal Reward) and Hell/Hellfire(Eternal damnation) are both domains in - John 3 vs 1 - 8 undecided
b. John spoke of what Jesus Christ would do which is baptize His followers in the Holy Spirit and fire, not water. undecided

c. Baptism of water simply marks one for being born-again, however, all those who will end up in Eternal damnation(Hell/Hellfire) in the Kingdom of God are all of them also born-again. undecided

You quoted Luke 16. I read the two parables in that verse and still do not see how Paradise was a construct of the old covenant. Lol. You really need to meditate over the scriptures and not merely read it like another textbook. The location, Abraham's bosom, which was referenced in the verse Luke 16, is a waiting place in Hell for the saints and that was the location Jesus went to to preach good tiding to the saints, free them and offer them to the Father as a first fruit offering. I do not intend to convince you oh. I am not the Holy Spirit but I trust He will reveal all truth.
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 7:58pm On Sep 28
1. If? Look, in order to understand what comes next, you must first accept the truth of what is stated. That is how comprehension/understanding typically works, right? You are told that Jesus Christ was in the grave for 3 days counting from the day that He spoke to the thief on the cross, meaning that Jesus Christ was most definitely not in Heaven on the day that He promised the thief that He would be in paradise. Hence Heaven is not the same as Paradise... simple! undecided

2. Your understanding of the law is definitely faulty here, this since the New Jerusalem is not in the place of Death, the grave where Jesus Christ was in for 3 days before His resurrection. I suggest you please scrap all that you have there and start over learning these things. This time allowing that which is written to in fact speak for itself. undecided

Lol. Your body is not you. Your body is just an operating system that allows you interact with the natural world. Jesus existed before He was born na. Jesus left His body in the tomb and went to the lower parts of the earth, Hell, the preach good tidings to the saints (Ephesians 4:9, 1 Peter 3:19) and this was witnessed as the resurrection of the saints which many saw with their own eyes (Matthew 27:52-53). Jesus was at work even when His body was in the tomb, lol. The thief was admitted to new Jerusalem after death, the very same location Jesus said He was preparing for His disciples (John 14:2-3). I am not rewriting the bible. The mysteries of God will not be written plainly in the scriptures and that is why you must search the scriptures for the treasures of truth and knowledge buried in it (John 5:39).
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 7:41pm On Sep 28
1. Who was it that Moses is written to have seen? Don't be in a rush to add your ideas or explain away that which is written. That is a terrible way to approach comprehension. Instead, let that which is written speak to you instead. undecided
2. You do so by twisting that which is written into what is not. undecided
3. Who are you told in scripture that Abraham encountered? undecided
4. I am not trying to prove anything to you but simply pointing out that rather than twist scripture, and rewriting the story told, you should pay more attention and heed to what is written as is written. God does not need anyone to lie on His behalf, so don't be in a rush to explain it all away as though you defend God by there what are lies. undecided

Lol. I am not twisting the scripture and I am not forcing you to accept my exegesis. I am merely stating my belief and why I hold those beliefs. If you are given to prayer you will investigate just as I will also investigate. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter while it is the glory of kings to reveal it. God concealed many mysteries in the scriptures and it is the responsibility of God's noble children to reveal the mysteries of scripture and this means we have to keep challenging what we think we know or believe in the place of meditation and prayer. So I am not stating my beliefs to convince you rather I am merely stating what I found in the place of meditation. I could be wrong so I keep pressing to know more.
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 7:37pm On Sep 28
For the umpteenth time, to the thief on the cross, Jesus Christ spoke of Paradise, an idea which is of God's Old Covenant Law of Moses - Luke 16 vs 19 - 31 and Deuteronomy 30 vs 15- 20 - and not the Kingdom of God nor Heaven which one cannot enter into except one is first born-again.
You are conflating a location with dominion. Paradise is a location. The Kingdom of God is a citizenship status. Just as you can be an American resident in Nigeria so also you can be a member of the Kingdom of God and not be in Heaven or Paradise. Can you reference anywhere in the so called "old covenant law" where "paradise" is mentioned or an idea? I believe that at the promise of Jesus, to the thief, Jesus baptised him in the HolyGhost right there on the cross before he died just as He did His disciples
(John 20:22) before Pentecost. So if you think the thief did not go to Heaven (where Paradise is located) then where did he go? And tell me what qualifies a person to go to Paradise and not Heaven? And tell me, how is Paradise different from new Jerusalem? And also tell, what qualifies a person to go to Heaven, Paradise or New Jerusalem?

You can easily figure this out for your own self by considering the fact that Jesus Christ died that day but didn't ascend to Heaven until about a week or two afterwards.

So unless you consider Jesus Christ a man who lies sometimes, you will for sure accept His every word as God's Truth, Words which He even said will Last forever.

Also, it does not matter either you immerse yourself in water or you sprinkle it, as John the Baptist instead made clear, the importance of the ritual is instead the marking of a one to signify change from following of the Old Way to instead following the New Way - Jesus Christ. Can you then explain the purpose of the baptisms by Jesus? Why did John confess that Jesus will baptise in the HolyGhost and Fire? Why was the baptism of water not enough for the Ephesian Christians as Paul seemed to suggest? (Acts 19:3-6)? Can you answer these questions?
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 7:17pm On Sep 28
1. So if no one has seen the Father we should instead believe that the one who gave Moses the Law was Christ? Are you for real? If no man has seen the Father then who gave the Law to Moses and who appeared to Abraham? Perhaps you know, share!

2. Wait a second... do you realize that by believing Jesus Christ is the one whom these men spoke to, you are attempting to rewrite the book of the Law itself?
How am I rewriting the law?

3. Now "No man has seen the Father" is also twisted to mean " No man has encountered the Father"?

Abraham did not just encounter someone who judged Sodom and Gomorah, he saw Him? Who else can judge a nation but God? Who did Abraham see?

4. Jesus cannot be YHWH because Jesus Christ is a different and separate Law from YHWH.

You still haven't proven your point by reference to scripture or inspiration. You are just stating your belief. I would even entertain you proving your point by sharing an inspiration that is not necessarily directly deducible from scripture. But then if this is your belief, I respect it as is.

Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 7:07pm On Sep 28
For the umpteenth time, to the thief on the cross, Jesus Christ spoke of Paradise, an idea which is of God's Old Covenant Law of Moses - Luke 16 vs 19 - 31 and Deuteronomy 30 vs 15- 20 - and not the Kingdom of God nor Heaven which one cannot enter into except one is first born-again. You can easily figure this out for your own self by considering the fact that Jesus Christ died that day but didn't ascend to Heaven until about a week or two afterwards.

So unless you consider Jesus Christ a man who lies sometimes, you will for sure accept His every word as God's Truth, Words which He even said will Last forever. undecided

Also, it does not matter either you immerse yourself in water or you sprinkle it, as John the Baptist instead made clear, the importance of the ritual is instead the marking of a one to signify change from following of the Old Way to instead following the New Way - Jesus Christ. - Matthew 3 vs 7 - 11 undecided

If the bolded statement is true then where did Jesus go when he told Mary Magdalene not to touch him? Jesus told her not to touch Him because He is yet to see the Father? But this same Jesus allowed Thomas touch His hand and side? Jesus indeed went to Heaven to offer the feast of first fruits before the Father which was according to the law 3 days after the passover sacrifice. Although the scriptures did not explicitly state the time table of events but I believe, from an understanding of the law and prophets and from the accounts of the apostles that immediately Jesus said it is finished, He took the thief to paradise (new Jerusalem), next He went to the depths of Hell to get the keys to death and hell and to free the saints waiting for the sacrifice of the LORD Jesus and next He showed Himself to the Father with the souls He set free (first fruits) and returned to earth to show Himself before men to prove that He is arisen and that He is the second Adam (fully man yet fully God).
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 6:50pm On Sep 28
▪︎Jesus Christ did not give the Law to Moses. Instead God, gave the Law to promise. undecided
▪︎ Jesus Christ was bound to the Law because He was also born of the seed of Jacob/Israel and so was obligated to live by the Law much the same way everyone born of Israel is
▪︎ ...

Jesus said no man has seen the Father. So who did Moses see on mount Sinai when he went to receive the commandments written by the finger of God? Who did Abraham entreat about Sodom and Gomorah's destruction? If no man has seen or encountered the Father in anyway save the Son and the Spirit of God remained unseen throughout the law and the prophets then the only part of the God head manifested to man is Jesus and this is also evident in the verse: Isaiah 48:16

This is my belief. Jesus is YHWH.
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 6:35pm On Sep 28

You did not answer the question let me put it in another way, the question is
"DID CHRIST FOLLOW THE LAW When you say "Our passover sacrifice is the LORD Jesus Christ/we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood"?

I believe that the answers would be either "Yes He Did" or "No. He did not"!

Yes He did na. Did you read my posts at all? It can be inferred from all that I typed. The law was given by the LORD Jesus to Moses and He, Jesus, is bound by His word to fulfill it. So yes, Jesus fulfilled the law.
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 10:56am On Sep 28

When you say "Our passover sacrifice is the LORD Jesus Christ/we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood", is that not us not still following The Law which God gave Moses, to be A Law Forever?

No jot or tittle will pass from the law and prophets without it being fulfilled (Matthew 5:18). Those were the words of Jesus Himself. Now if the law and prophets are to be FULFILLED then it means the law and prophets will at any point in time be in two states. The first state is the state of PROPHECY and the second state is the state of FULFILMENT. Now on the passover, the PROPHECY was the act of killing lambs and eating their meat as a sin offering but the FULFILMENT is the sacrifice of the LORD Jesus Christ and the eating of His flesh and drinking of His blood as a sin offering. So the question is would you live in the light of the PROPHECY or in the light of the FULFILMENT? If like the Jews, you don't believe in Jesus then you are living in the prophecy but if you believe in Jesus then you live in the fulfilment of prophecy. So yes, the law of the Passover is forever but in two states, the prophecy and the fulfilment. It's up to you to decide in which of the two states you want to live in.
Romance / Re: If Your Husband Side Chic Is This Sexy, What Would You Do (picture) by efficiencie(m): 11:52am On Sep 26
Imagine you are married to a man whose sidechic is this sexy and beautiful, what would you do?

Sidechics are known to have this edge over married ladies ..and it has to do with their appearance. That's why they spend a lot of money to look good and sexy all the time. Like the girl in the pictures below, some are naturally sexy, while others go for plastic surgery to enhance their backside and curves. And they do all this, just to catch and keep another woman's husband....

That's why married women need to up their game as well. They should endeavor to maintain their looks and shape even after having kids. Cos majority of married naija men have longer throat for fine sexy ladies

If you like expand your yansh and blow up your boobs if your husband is a cheat he will find a side chic. You cannot be sexy enough for a serial cheat. Ladies stop marrying men that cheat una nor go hear word. Una go dey cry "I love him, I love him" until the guy beat sense commot for una head.
Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 10:32am On Sep 26

It is very very necessary (if you're opportuned) you must get baptized as in water immersion in the presence of multiple witnesses who will attest to it that you've dedicated your life to God through Christ's teachings and symbolized it by water immersion (baptism) Matthew 28:19

All must take in the accurate knowledge of God first. Both thieves executed beside Jesus knew him very well that's why they attested to the fact that Jesus is a miracle worker but only one of them is prepared to obey Jesus as King! smiley

But the thief was not baptised. It was armed robbery that took him to the cross. If baptism was necessary and the theives were baptised they won't be on the cross for armed robbery unless you want to say that after baptism na to begin rob immediately. The thief was not baptised but he was granted entry into paradise. If baptism by immersion was that important so many Christians today would be Christians indeed...but we all see how folks who claim to be baptised are still perpetrating horrible acts of the flesh. Like one of my teachers used to say, if you go into the baptismal pool as a sinner you will come out as a wet sinner. The water does nothing. Who would you follow? John the Baptist or Jesus Christ? John baptises with water unto repentance but Jesus will baptise you with the HolyGhost and with Fire. If you like get soaked in water 1000 times if you are not baptised in the HolyGhost you will weigh as much as a tipper of sand when the trumpet sounds.

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Religion / Re: You Are Not In Christ If You Have Not Done Adult Baptism by efficiencie(m): 9:10am On Sep 26
The Bible says u shall know the truth and it will set u free
Therefore if u are yet to do adult baptism,run to any living Faith church winners chapel near you and make enquiries
A word is not enough for the wise
Think am lying? Go and buy the book Newness of Life by bishop Oyedepo and learn
U won't be denied entry to heaven cause of ignorance, if u read this post, it means u know and allowed d devil deceive u that it's not important like Eve

Adult baptism, if by this you mean baptism by immersion, will not take you to heaven. The thief on the side of Christ did not do water baptism but Jesus promised him paradise. When Jesus said you have to believe and be baptised to be saved (Mark 16:16) He wasn't referring to water baptism necessarily.

You see, water baptism is the last doctrine of the law and the prophets because it was initiated by John the Baptist, the last prophet of the long line of prophets from Enoch. Jesus submitted Himself to be baptised because onus was on the LORD Jesus to fulfill the law and the prophets to prove He is the sinless lamb that takes away the sins of the world (as confessed by John himself).

Now we know that the doctrines of the law and prophets are types and shadows (Colossians 2:16-17) of things to come. So the natural question is, what was the baptism of John shadowing? What are those things to come at the time of John, that John's baptism preceded. Just as John was a herald of the LORD Jesus, so also was water baptism a herald of the something far far greater.

John the Baptist himself confessed:

Matthew 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:

Just as the passover sacrifice with lambs preceeded or heralded the sacrifice of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, the baptism of the HolyGhost and the baptism of Fire are the two baptisms that the baptism of water heralds or preceeds.

Now do we, as the Jews still following Moses, offer a lamb during the passover? No. Our passover sacrifice is the LORD Jesus Christ. Do we eat the roasted flesh of a passover lamb with bitter herbs as the Jews do? No, we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood when we celebrate the passover (what some call "holy communion" ). Jesus Himself said concerning this, "my flesh is meat indeed and my blood is drink indeed" (John 6:55).

In this same manner are we to judge the baptisms in the HolyGhost and Fire which are the fulfilment of the baptism by immersion in water. But these are just two baptisms but Jesus referenced three baptisms (Matthew 28:19). Well baptism in the name of Jesus is the washing by the water of the word of God (Ephesians 5:26). The baptism in the name of the HolyGhost is the total takeover of your consciousness by the HolyGhost (Acts 1:8 ) and the baptism in the name of the Father is the baptism that completely transforms one's essence/nature into the essence/nature of the LORD Jesus and the Father (Hebrew 12:29, Revelations 1:11-16). The baptisms in the word (Jesus Christ) and in the HolyGhost are easily attained before the rapture but many will not attain the third baptism, the baptism by
fire, until the rapture (1 John 3:2) but a few will walk with God and attain it even before the rapture. Even now I believe there are people among us who are inching closer to the baptism of fire or have already attained it but are yet to manifest it on the orders of the LORD. I also believe that those who have attained the baptism of fire will not taste the corruption of death for they will be like Enoch and Elijah taken up by God straight to heaven.

So, don't get stuck on the baptism by immersion in water which is a shadow. You must be baptised in the Word, in the HolyGhost and in the Fire of the Father, if you must be pure enough to stand in the presence of the Father, the Son and the HolyGhost. Blessed are the pure for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8 )


Religion / Re: God Said He GAVE Wives (not A Wife) by efficiencie(m): 11:47pm On Sep 24
Sometimes, people are indeed honest enough to admit that the Bible really does not prohibit polygamy (polygyny). However, as a hedge against that admission, such ones may then resort to saying one of the following assertions:

"Yes, but God never condoned polygamy."
"Yes, God allowed it, but He was against polygamy."
"Polygamy was only man's idea, not God's".
"Yes, but God never approved of polygamy."

The passage involving 2 Samuel 12:8 rather clearly reveals otherwise.
"And I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things."
2 Samuel 12:8.

The context of the verse is that of God, speaking through a prophet (Nathan), calling out David for David's sin of taking another man's wife (Bathsheba, wife of Uriah the Hittite), which is adultery indeed, and for setting up the death of Uriah the Hittite to try to hide David's sin.

Also, at the point in time of this situation, David had already been married to at least seven known-named wives. (1 Samuel 18:27, 25:42-43, 2 Samuel 3:2-5.)

But, in this verse 12 (above), God was not condemning David for all his wives! In fact, this verse 12 shows God Himself actually saying that HE was the One Who had GIVEN David His wives.

If God was against David's polygamy, He certainly would not have said that He had GIVEN David his wives.

But the LORD did not stop there. That verse 12 shows that the Lord took it even one step further than that! The LORD God even went on further to say that if David had wanted more wives, the Lord Himself said that He would have given David even more!

It was only because David had sinned, in committing adultery by taking another man's wife, and then causing that man's death to try to hide David's sin, that the Lord was calling him out through the prophet Nathan. There was no sin in the polygamy at all.

This is later confirmed that this was the only matter by 1 Kings 15:5, which says the following:

"Because David did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD, and turned not aside from any thing that he commanded him all the days of his life, save only in the matter of Uriah the Hittite. "
1 Kings 15:5.

Two verses before that, in 1 Kings 15:3, the Bible says that David's heart was perfect with the LORD God.

Very clearly, therefore, what all this shows is that God is the One Who gives wives, even when more than one wife.

This is, of course, confirmed by 1_Corinthians 7:17.

"But as God hath distributed to every man,
as the Lord hath called every one,
so let him walk.
And so ordain I in all churches."
1 Corinthians 7:17.

Be it
NO wife,
ONE wife, or
it is only has God calls and gives.

As such, it is clear that the Bible does, in fact, explicitly show

"Yes, God did condone polygamy."
"Yes, God allowed it, and He was not against polygamy."
"Polygamy is not a man's idea, but God's".
"Yes, God did approve of polygamy."
In 2 Samuel 12:8, He Himself said so!

Biblical Polygamy

When den wan lie den go post one million verses. God allowed Judah sleep with the very same woman (disguised as a LovePeddler) that Judah's first and second sons slept with. Read Genesis 38. So can we also say God allows you to sleep with the same woman your sons have passed among themselves after dying? Can we also say God condone you patronising prostitutes (afterall Judah did it but God didn't complain or punish him). Can you also sleep with your brother's wife after your brother passes on with no heirs. Can you do that particularly when you are already married? God condoned that too you know. God condoned Jacob marrying two sisters. Can you marry two sisters? God condoned that too, you know. Would you like to know some other things God condoned? Did you know God made Isaiah walk the streets of Jerusalem completely naked for 3 years? Can we say God condones nudity? Did you also know God condoned the mass extermination of the Amalekites? Everything including animals were to be slaughtered in Amalek. Can you go about slaughtering whole communities because God condoned it.

You are just depraved and seeking validation for evil and ofcourse you will easily find that validation (seek and ye shall find).

The just shall live by faith for there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding...for as many as are led by spirit of God, they are the sons of God...sons of God do not live by what God condoned or not in the past but by the inspiration of God on any matter, at any point in time and at any given place.
Religion / Re: Is It The Body,soul Or The Spirit That will Born In Hell by efficiencie(m): 11:29pm On Sep 24
Am really confused about this what part of human will born in hell the body, soul or spirit

Revelation 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

At the white judgment throne, every dead soul will be resurrected to be judged in the flesh. The sea will give up their dead and hell will give up their dead. All will be resurrected to be judged and whosoever does not have his or her name in the book of life will be thrown into lake of fire. Spirit, soul and body dumped in the eternal lake of fire.

Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.
Religion / Re: Moses Did Not See The Face Of God Says Man Of God by efficiencie(m): 11:21pm On Sep 24

What are your thoughts

True! Moses did not see the face of the LORD Jesus Christ rather he saw his back and his glory. Yet Moses spoke with the LORD out of the Shekinah glory that shone above the tabernacle and above the mercy seat of the ark of covenant in the holiest part of the tabernacle.
Religion / Re: If God Is All Knowing, Why Didn't He Prevent Adam And Eve From Eating The Apple by efficiencie(m): 11:14pm On Sep 24
Me and my wife had an argument this morning.
God is all knowing and before creating Adam and even, He know what they would do. He knew they would be Tempted and they would eat the fruit and bring Sin to the world and He also knows that His son would have to die in order to save us from the sin caused by the fruit
Why didn't He just make the fruit inaccessible to them so they don't eat it.
But instead He Allowed them to get access to the fruit, eat and bring sin to the world.

Mind you, He's all knowing and He knows all this would happen before they did. He knew Satan would tempt them and they will fall, He also knew that He would have to curse them when they eat the fruit.

Why not just prevent this by making the fruit inaccessible to them. That's the logical thing to do

This is my belief. The tree of knowledge was planted as a wager between God and satan. God defended the obedience of his creation but satan threw his bet on man seeking independence from God so the tree was a test and man failed. And since that failure man has sought to do what is right in their own eyes and not the will of God. God knows all things hence He sees all the possible timelines of any entity. Hence it is just for God to allow free moral agents to choose which timeline they would like to live and face the consequences. So if you are arguing within the Judeao-Christian worldview it is perfectly logical for God to be all knowing and yet watch Adam and Eve sin. A righteous judge does not advocate for whoever is to be judged. So even if God sees all possible timelines, He as a judge must allow you to choose the timeline you would like to live and in the case of Adam, he chose to fall and he suffered the consequence.
Religion / Re: Only God Can Give U The Wife Or Husband U Need. by efficiencie(m): 11:05pm On Sep 24
Good day, fellas. Take it or Leave it, it is only God that can give u ur ideal wife or husband that u need. I'm talking from experience. Whether we like it or not, our human brain/reasoning is limited to many things. What may appear as Gold to u might not be Gold. The big question is, how do i know this person is my ideal partner without missing it or getting it wrong? That's the question God himself can answer. Our human sight and reasoning may lead us astray. That's why we need the help of God. Sometimes, u may not know whether the person u are looking down could be ur ideal partner. Let God lead u tru ur own fervent prayers and fasting.

Konfam! To know your wife is to know your helper. To know your helper is to know your needs. To know your needs is to know yourself. To know yourself is to know your maker. Hence, by the law of transitivity, to know your wife is to know your God!

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Family / Re: Facts About Men by efficiencie(m): 11:01pm On Sep 24
Facts About Men.

1) No man is perfect

2) Men are like children. So be like his mother.

3) Hear quickly; talk slowly.

4) Never compete with a man.

5) Never try to be equal with him.

6) Be fast to apologize when you know you are wrong.

7) Don't be too jealous with him. This is good for your peace of mind.

cool You may check on his phone if you want, but that isn't necessary.

9) Always be honest as a wife.

10) Never leave your house for a long distance without his permission.

11) Make sure you know the food he likes, and prepare that at least twice a week if money allows.

12) Don't let your husband get in the house with a parcel in his hand.

13) Try to make a budget together.

14) Be his adviser, not a critiser.

15) Don't ever forget that a wife is a helper of husband.

16) Learn good things from your mother.

17) When God blesses you with children, never give more attention to your children and forget your husband.

18) Learn to smile at your husband.

19) When your husband knocks off from work, greet him. If possible, hug him.

20) Don't let your husband leave the house without eating. This may mean "eat" and "eat".

21) When your husband becomes angry, stop talking.

22) Keep the bedroom clean always.

23) Never put cloths on the bed. Some men hate that.

24) Be a clean woman.

25) Look romantic.

26) Always remember to do what a wife should do. You are not his sister.

27) Treat his relatives as you would treat yours.

28) Oftentimes ask how his relatives are doing.

29) Go to prayers together.

30) Never compare your husband or your house to someone else's.

God bless you

Your statement 12 and 14 need further probing...and all of these conditions only apply to MEN and not overgrown boys!
Family / Re: Help! My Wife Doesn't Want To See My Best Friend In Our Apartment Again by efficiencie(m): 10:56pm On Sep 24
Good evening to you all. I don't know if this is the right place to drop this.

Am a married man. I lived in the same compound with my best friend sister. We Just moved into the neighborhood not too long (11 months ago). My friend's sister is also married with kids.

Let me go straight to the point, ever since we moved into the compound this woman has been disturbing my wife with gossip. She's a full house wife while my wife is running a M.sc programme but due to ASUU strike, she has being at home. This woman will come to my wife and talk bad things about everyone living in the neighborhood including those living in our compound. Most funny thing about her is that once she leave our apartment, she's moving into the next apartment.

My wife and I have studied her very well that most time we try to avoid, ignore or resist her from coming to our house but to no avail.
Not that I can't warn her to stop coming but am trying to avoid issues that will arise between me and my friend and also her husband.

She was keeping malice with another woman (Mrs Adelaku) in our compound because the woman ignored her totally as a result of her gossip.

Last two weeks Mrs Adelaku came to our apartment to invite my wife to her brother's wedding and as a result of that she thinks my wife is getting closer to that woman.

Yesterday she came to our house and confronted my wife of gossiping with the other woman (Mrs Adelaku) about her. That when neighbors are trying to settle issues between her and Mrs Adelaku that she quoted my wife. She accused my wife of telling Mrs Adelaku everything she has being telling her. And also tell my wife not to confront Mrs Adelaku.

But my wife went to Mrs Adelaku that same day to confront her but she swear with the bible and everything she has that she never tell her anything related to that. That perphers she and my wife are not a gist partner if not for the wedding invitation that she brought.

With anger, my wife went back to this woman (my friend sister) and tell her what the woman said. She later apologies to my wife that it was a trick. That she just wants to know their discussing that when she came with the wedding I.V she discovered that the woman (Mrs Adelaku) stayed a little bit longer in our apartment.

Ever since my wife has developed so much hatred for her/ her husband and even my friend that she doesn't want to see anyone of them again in our apartment.

Am so sorry for the long story, am not to good in this. Kindly bear with me.

What can I do in this situation? Matured mind please, thanks.

Dude listen to your wife. She get sense pass you. If a man can harbour a parrot as a wife even he cannot be trusted. Listen to your wife and forget that best friend nonsense you are parroting. With the right level of motivation your so called best friend will betray you to your face so manage your home and grow up.
Family / Re: I Married You For by efficiencie(m): 10:50pm On Sep 24
Hello family,i love this family section cause i learnt alot here and am still learning.a big THANKS For everyones contribution in one way or the other which changes life. AM a single lady so i bought this issue here cause i will also be a married woman .
one particular day,my mom just came back from an outing and was a bit tired and my dad told her he was hungry that she should cook for him,my mom was like am tired to cook that there is food in d freezer he can warm,he said its eba he wants to eat so one thing led to another and he said: i married you to cook for me. Sometimes he wil threaten my mum that he .is going to report her to her father if they have arguement o,not misunderstanding.

This is why one needs to be properly educated before choosing a spouse. Choose a husband that loves like God and choose a wife that submits totally.


Family / Re: How Do Men Sleep With Same Pussy For Years Giving Birth To 1,2,3 by efficiencie(m): 10:43pm On Sep 24
Sometimes I don’t understand it: there are people who sleep with women just for once and they are done. Not to talk of giving Birth to 1,2,3 with same woman. There are reasons why some men have many wife or concubine.

We lose interest once we slept with a woman. The lust died and We might need them around some other day though. And not because we really want them like that oh but maybe because no one is available at the time.

Mehn speak for yourself oh. Not every man is a fuckernizer. Some men did not spend their teen years passing girls around and it became a norm for them to stick to one partner.

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Romance / Re: Take Sex Away, Will You Still Continue In That Relationship? by efficiencie(m): 10:28pm On Sep 24
Quite a number of persons are dating right now largely because of various reasons... some still date for the sake of sex.

Let's say we leave out the sex part... Will u still continue with that relationship?

If she is relevant for business, yes. If she is relevant for intellectual development, yes. If she is relevant for spiritual growth, yes...but if she is not relevant for anything other than sex, na to boot am!
Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Are Very Dangerous And Scary!!! by efficiencie(m): 10:25pm On Sep 24
One guy I've known for the past five years just confessed to stalking me at night!

I swear I'm so shocked right now. I feel so weird.

I asked him why and he said he was trying to talk to me. This is somebody I talk to often. And he was so comfortable telling me about the nights he stalked me. Jesus Christ!

Nigerian men are very dangerous.

What if he did something to me? Why would anyone even be comfortable saying something like this?

I'll cut him off, I don't care if we've known each other for long. I need to stay safe from Nigerian men, they are wicked.

What if he's not the only one? Wow! He even says I give off antisocial vibes.

Nigerian men should not be trusted undecided

Sorry ehn. E go beta!
NYSC / Re: Done With NYSC, 500K On Hand. Advice Needed by efficiencie(m): 9:59pm On Sep 24
OK, as the topic says i have 500k in my account and i intend to come to lagos after service. Any advice from matured people here? I'm praying for divine direction but let me hear your advices.

Note: no relative in lagos so i'm starting from scratch with accomodation and all

Mehn your situation is dire oh. If you believe in God. Fast and pray to God for direction. Because that 500k wey you hold e go only cover rent, transport and household stuff!
Politics / Re: How Governor Wike Disgraced Himself Today by efficiencie(m): 7:29am On Sep 24
silly pro agbado analysis

But that pro agbado analysis is in support of Atiku the presidential flag bearer of the PDP...you PDP guys are confused. Seriously confused.

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Politics / Re: Ayu is Very corrupt, he Collected N1bn from a PDP Presidential Aspirant - Wike by efficiencie(m): 4:52pm On Sep 23


Vice Chancellor of the University of Corruption is slamming corruption allegations on a Professor of Corruption. Old fools.
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: The ANIMAL FARM Is More Important Than The BIBLE (pix) :o by efficiencie(m): 3:49pm On Sep 23
I think the confusion is yours here. Jesus Christ first told you that in order to gain understanding from Him you must first use the understanding you already have. Those who refuse to do as commanded will have even the little understanding they have taken away away them - Matthew 25 vs 29 & Matthew 13 vs 12 & Mark 4 vs 22 - 24 ... What this means is that if the understanding you have or your ability to comprehend human language is blighted in anyway, you are likely to end up loosing understanding instead of gaining anything from God in the process. undecided

A wise man, on hearing the above for the first time, would empty himself or every form of foolishness he can find, in order that he can begin again with God using even understanding that comes from basic human language comprehension. However, must are not wise - particularly those already made blind by by lies of men - so nothing wrong with helping them with a little bit of eye opening to cause them to realize their blindness and need to abandon the lies they have stored up in their hearts where even God is concerned. undecided

Dude are you Freeze's advocate? I didn't direct my comment to you. Keep your wisdom to yourself and don't quote me.
Politics / Re: Obi, Atiku, Tinubu To Sign Peace Pact On Thursday by efficiencie(m): 8:53am On Sep 23
we from the vawulence head quarters won’t sign any shit, if APC or PDP bring wahala , we go give them back wotowoto add jara on top.

Peter Obi must win, if not, then Nigeria has finally gone to the dogs without hope of coming out alive

Nigeria will still go to the dogs if Peter Obi wins. If Peter Obi wins what will you do to Tinubu and Atiku? You will leave them abi? Will you arrest them and imprison them? If you leave those two, they will destabilize the country and you will regret voting Peter Obi. What happened to GEJ will happen to Peter Obi and there is nothing he will be able to do about it. Nigerians use your heads. There is no worthy candidate. We have to boycott the elections and work together to fix our communities ourselves.
Politics / Re: Obi, Atiku, Tinubu To Sign Peace Pact On Thursday by efficiencie(m): 8:49am On Sep 23


Una never see nothing...Tinubu and Atiku will start a war in this country if they don't win. Fulani herdsmen, Boko boys and girls, ISWAP, bandit, etc go resume work in full swing after May 2023...last last we must learn a lesson, that Nigeria is not for us. Nigeria is for the ruling class. If we don't come together and fix our country ourselves, one community at a time, we are jokers in the battlefield.
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: The ANIMAL FARM Is More Important Than The BIBLE (pix) :o by efficiencie(m): 8:32am On Sep 23

Here you go!

He said it within the first three minutes. You don't have to watch that long.


Oh! What a fool! He prays in the name of Yeshua to the Father yet he makes the words of Yeshua second to a fictional writing. He prays in the name of Yeshua and that Yeshua said He will send us a comforter and that He will teach us all things but this fool says you need to understand how human societies work to understand the words of Yeshua. What a bundle of confusion. If Freeze were an atheist and he spent his days castigating Christians and other religions he would have been somewhat consistent but instead he has worked himself into a trap of his own design.
Religion / Re: My Experience With Eckankar Religion by efficiencie(m): 7:34pm On Sep 22

Yes it has. Sorry it's get hard for me to type small lengths... cry

I will also like to call out this '"scientifically proven" syndrome. The idea that if it's not published, it's not true or doesn't exist, what that really? and how ludicrous grin

You sound like a good candidate for whatever you want to avoid by waiting for a Figure Head to give you a go ahead to prove things and accept by yourself.

You have to understand that Science had long since moved on away from the Disco wry/Publication norm into Discover/Covet/hide or even mislead others norm.

It now is controlled by interest groups for money, power, security and politics. No more Science text books and publications for discoveries that matter wink

This not to mean you cannot be pointed in a direction for scientific work on the subject. You only risk yourself getting mixed with mysticism and religion because they meet, they must! Also understand that (your) Science's job is merely to play Catch Up with what is known before humans developed a languaging system. That's what science do and does.

The image then would be an 'entry point' (portal) to that time track or object of interest so much that when the attention is fully given, you would have veered of this moment into full and real-time observership and interaction.

This is a truth you have been familiar with all this while. You just are waiting in vain for one scientist to give you a go-ahead to make yours this fact. "Are you with us" said to someone is an instance and statement used to 'bring someone back' to a discussion (timetrack/moment). The actual person is not with them as in a burial, he is somewhere else, why?

A person stripped of all bodies and faculties is a State of or Unit of awareness!

Mehn you can write comedy ohhh...aswear!

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