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Religion / Re: Is This The True Love Jesus Taught Or Just A Secret Cult Love? by efficiencie(m): 10:19am On Aug 09


The main verse to buttress this doctrine is Psalm 37:25. Now let's look at the verse. It says "...yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken" and one must realize that though the righteous is never forsake it does not mean the righteous does not go through challenges which may result in the fall of the righteous (Proverbs 26:27). The fall of the righteous could result in him begging, doing menial jobs or scrapping at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder but the righteous man will rise again and it is this juncture of the life of the righteous that we can we have never seen the righteous forsaken. However when we see the righteous in the ugly, dark and gloomy hours of his life we will all be tempted to say he has been forsaken but when like David we observe a man at the latter part of his life we see that he is ultimately not forsaken. Jesus Himself the main example here.

With regards to the portion of the verse that says: "..., nor his seed begging bread", we must realize that this is case of the seed of the righteous enjoying the supernatural inheritance of righteous parents...but we must understand that when the righteous falls, his fall will affect his children as well and as I have mentioned before in this phase of life it would seem that the children are now beggars but in the fullness of time the fortunes of the righteous turn and the same transcends to his seed.

If children of GOD must not give to beggars, then we need to ask why the HolyGhost inspired Solomon to write the following verses:
Proverbs 14:31 He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.
Proverbs 21:13 Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.
Proverbs 19:17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

These verses are clear that there is no crime in being poor...The LORD GOD is their maker and whoever gives to their hospitality gives to the LORD GOD Himself and this is evident in the words of Jesus Himself in Matthew 25: 31-46


Religion / Re: I Have A Question For Christians by efficiencie(m): 9:10am On Aug 09

How can you KNOW that something is located where you DONT KNOW. I dont get you please.

Yea, just as you do not know what lies beyond the observable universe yet you like the popular theoretical physicists believe that the universe is finite...so tell me how can you know that the universe is finite if you have never seen outside the observable portion o the universe?
Religion / Re: I Have A Question For Christians by efficiencie(m): 11:57am On Aug 07
Where is heaven and hell located,?

More like where is the edge of the universe? One of the implications of the big bang theory is the finiteness of the universe but no one has seen or perceived anything outside the observable universe thus leading some to speculate that the universe may be infinite. Heaven and Hell are locations with higher dimensions thus rendering them completely inaccessible to the limited senses of humans just as their senses cannot permit them to peer beyond the observable universe!
Religion / Re: Can The Words Of God Applied With Faith Work For Someone That Is Not A Christian by efficiencie(m): 11:50am On Aug 07
Faith is activated only when one hears the word or receives the revelation of the LORD and acts on it...whoever adheres to this principle can activate faith and whoever activate faith can achieve divine results...Rahab was a first class harlot but she activated faith. She perceived that the spies were no ordinary spies but were children of the very same GOD who split the red sea and she helped the spies instead of turning them in. Her action saved her and her household and she went on to be grandmother of the LORD Jesus Christ. The magicians of Pharoah did not worship the one true GOD but they could identify the miracles of Moses as the finger of GOD and they warned Pharoah to let the Israelites go. That was faith. The father-in-law of Moses was a Midian priest, a pagan, but his advice to Moses was exactly the will of the LORD GOD. That was faith. Zacheaus was an extortioner but he heard of Jesus coming around and he acted on the leading of the LORD to climb a tree to see Jesus and Jesus turned in to his house...anyone can activate faith and only those who live by daily activating faith are the sons of GOD who please GOD daily by doing His bidding!

Hearing the word, not reading the word...this is where many get it wrong. You can read the Bible and memorize all of it and still be faithless like the Pharisees. If you cannot hear the voice of GOD in your spirit then you cannot activate faith. You must be able to perceive the leading of GOD or else you will lead a life of trial and error even if you have memorized the whole Bible.

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Health / Re: Ask Me Anything On Drugs And Supplements by efficiencie(m): 5:59pm On Aug 04

To start with, have you seen a doctor about this discomfort?

Yes, we did. We managed to consult with a doctor about this and he recommended some drugs among other things. He prescribed multiple pain relievers like buscopan, sirdalud and one other one like that. I would like a second professional advice. Is it not too much loading my wife with multiple pain relievers? I felt one of them should be enough but the doctor prescribed three of them and in the required that my wife take the dosage for 5 days.

Afraid dey cash me make I no go use pain reliever injure my wife ohhh!
Health / Re: Ask Me Anything On Drugs And Supplements by efficiencie(m): 10:42pm On Aug 01
@2Ballz, @heavenet, @timid101 my woman, a virgin, is having a hard time with me deflowering her. She anticipates the pain despite a lot of pre-intimacy and lube and this has been an issue for me. I have heard of prescription drugs like Tylenol and Xanax which could make her relaxed before the show but I also learned they could be addictive. From a medical standpoint what would you advice I do. Thanks.
Religion / Re: If You Were Left Behind On Rapture Day, Would You Accept 666 Mark Of The Beast? by efficiencie(m): 4:19pm On Jul 26

everyone alive will pass through the Great Tribulation...you will have to choose between receiving the mark or dying a martyr!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 1:53pm On Jun 22
The unchecked brutality of dictators and the ethical decay of democratic powers are combining to make the world increasingly hostile to fresh demands for better governance.
We must not allow this

We to overcome darkness you don't demand light from it...rather you shine the light! I strongly believe, that with proper strategy we can wrest the country from those who hold it down without spilling the blood of the innocent!


Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 1:47pm On Jun 22

Great, bro.

Let's keep sharing the word while waiting for more peeps to join.

I suppose you are in the I.T field, if yes, your expertise will be of immense help to the group/vision.

And I am willing to do my part!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 1:46pm On Jun 22
Revolution in Nigeria is impossible! I've thought about this many times. Look, this is a tyrant government we have. These people think they own Nigeria. Nothing good can ever come out of these people. You'll just die for nothing!..The people that make the government of African countries are all tyrants, bullies and evil people. My people, na to just japa comot this shithole countries. Never return. No revolution can ever happen.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants...if you must be free, be prepared to fight for it! Yet we must fight wisely. As my LORD taught me; "be as wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove"!

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 1:09pm On Jun 22

Please, join through my signature.

#modified. Sorry there was a typo in the link I used. I have successfully joined the group. Thanks.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 1:06pm On Jun 22



Seconded, 1 billion percent. If we all sit at home these idiots parading themselves as politicians will realize that there is fire on the mountain. Every time I see people going out to vote I just ask when people will repent from being phenomenally stupid...after voting these fools into power they spend the remaining 3+ years complaining, lamenting, suffering and committing suicide! Crap!!!

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 12:53pm On Jun 22
Whoever is running this should add me, Zero.Eight.Zero-(6)(9)(1)(7)-(0)(2)(3)(4) to the telegram group that has been formed for this purpose.
@Artiiclebeast add the number above!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 12:41pm On Jun 22
Whoever is running this should add me, Zero.Eight.Zero-(6)(9)(1)(7)-(0)(2)(3)(4) to the telegram group that has been formed for this purpose.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 12:15pm On Jun 22

That is what you think?
Baba Sowore campaign was not a waste of time, it played a role in what you are seeing on this platform today.
He is a man I respect and mind Rome was not built in a day .

Sowore's revolution was just a poor attempt. It was ill-timed, not driven by insights from data, did not carry a vast majority of youths along and it all came down to one man, Sowore.

The revolution we seek must be driven by the sheer force of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of concerned youths.

The revolution we seek must involve mass action that explores the weaknesses of the system (If Sowore had stayed at home but campaigned for every youth to sit and home during elections and refuse to vote, that would have resulted in a greater impact that the planned protest which could be punctured by the armed forces. After all there isn't a law that makes it illegal to vote for no one.)

The revolution we seek must not have one man at its center. It must be people driven and people oriented. The armed forces of this country does not have the resources to detain 1 million youths.

The revolution we seek must be founded on sincerity, transparency and accountability. Sowore could easily go the way of Oshiomole. He has not sufficiently demonstrated the sincerity of purpose that would make his movement any different from the monsters, APC and PDP.

The revolution we seek must account for our differences from the get go. Nigeria today is a mistake of the hurried amalgamation of 1914. Sowore did not account for this.

Revolutions are well planned. You don't just put people on the streets, shouting a slogan and post hashtags and expect a revolution to happen overnight...


Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths, Let's Get Together And Take Back Our Country. It's Doable. by efficiencie(m): 11:46am On Jun 22
@youthsinitiativ as e pain you na so e dey pain me. Since I turned 18 and now I am over 30 I have never voted for anyone and that is because I have never seen any party represented by anyone with enough influence, sincerity and will to take Nigeria out of the doldrums. Look at Oshiomole for instance, the man made us feel he was in pursuit of national interest but now we see what his interests truly are.

In my opinion:
* We the youths, students and young professionals need to band together else we will lack the influence.
* We must be bound by a common way of thinking or else we will lack the will to do anything meaningful.
* Our resolutions/manifestos/aspirations must be people-based, people-driven and people serving or else we will lack the sincerity of purpose.

We should start thinking of a register or something where we can have signatures from youths who are tired of the way things are now and are willing to be part of the solution to transform this country! OUR MUMU SUPPOSE DON DO NA!

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Career / Re: Should I Resign From This Job? Pls Help Me by efficiencie(m): 2:30am On Jun 15
@bigtimemugu, your moniker alone already shows that you will end up make a very dumb decision...and it may be a reflection of what you think of yourself! Nevertheless I would advice that you do not make a decision based on the sentiment of those who think you don't have guts. If you heed their advice and your expected 150k ceases after the first month, trust me na only you go dey chop the garri ohhh...none of the folks wey advice you go support you financially ohh! You either base your decision on faith or on evidence. If you are the man of facts, then get your facts about the new firm, inquire from other staff of the firm, learn about their business model and project their long term prospects. If the odds look good and you can earn that pay 150k for the next one year steadily then you can resign and move on to the next firm but have solid plans for business. If you are a man of faith, talk to your GOD, depending on who your GOD is, and ask about what the best decision. If you can hear from your GOD, then act on what you heard but if you cannot hear from GOD or your GOD is mute then revert to basing your decision on hard evidence...shikena!


Crime / Re: Anita Joseph: "Your Husband Can't Rape You" - Actress Dismisses Marital Rape by efficiencie(m): 2:22am On Jun 15

I don't argue with people like you. If you claim you love the bible and Your LORD. Take this
Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.
Ephesians 5:23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
Ephesians 5:24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;
Ephesians 5:26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
Ephesians 5:27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.,
Ephesians 5:28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
Ephesians 5:29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
Ephesians 5:30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

If you like call me weak but I ain't no coward. So you are strong? I don't know ooo Men of nowadays ehn always excersising authority.

The bolded is a huge statement. If wives submit to their husbands in everything they will render their duty as a wife irrespective of their mood and this makes marital rape within marriage a faulty concept that cannot exist. The church is subject to Christ and is hence made to please Christ irrespective of the mood of the times. Hence whether in pleasure or in pain, the church must live to please Christ...the same with the wives, who are required to render their duty as a wife irrespective of their mood. Hence marital rape does not exist. However, a loving husband understands that with love comes mercy and with mercy comes empathy and hence would consider it unfair exacting his marital demands of a woman who may at the time lack the capacity to render it - nevertheless by law of the LORD GOD on marriage what is regarded as unfair is perfectly legal. We must also see this on the reverse side. If a man has set aside a specific plan on how to spend his money but his wife using persuasive means finds a way of coercing the man to go back on his plan and spending that money in a manner that pleases her, would we consider that legally wrong? No. It may be deemed unfair but it is not wrong because a man is not for himself but for his wife...marital rape is a non-existent concept!
Crime / Re: Anita Joseph: "Your Husband Can't Rape You" - Actress Dismisses Marital Rape by efficiencie(m): 2:08am On Jun 15
Marital rape, if deemed an offense, will easily be extended to marital sexual harassment and this will make marriages even more unattractive. As far as I am concerned, if you take rape too seriously you should not be anywhere near a person of the opposite sex let alone being in a marriage. This will give one the freedom to express oneself without entertaining the possibility of getting raped...getting married and reporting your spouse of marital rape reeks of stupidity to me because if the punishment for rape were to be applied to marital rape then every such report would be tantamount to a divorce which could have been secured even before the martial rape happened...so instead of putting yourself at the risk of marital rape due to marriage why not divorce and remain divorced just to avoid the possibility of marital rape?
Crime / Re: #JusticeForUwa: Vera Uwaila Omozuwa Raped In RCCG Church In Edo, Dies (Graphic) by efficiencie(m): 11:36pm On May 31

From Irenaeus to John Hick and Richard Swinburne and, even of recent, William Lane Craig, all theodicies remained grossly unsuccessful. The question posed by the 3rd century Greek philosopher, Epicurus, culminating in what is known in philosophy as the inconsistent triad remains valid. If God is Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent (2 sides of a triad), why is there evil and suffering (the third side of a triad) in the world? The reality is there is no God. The idea of God is a human invention. The invented was then given attributes which at best are contradictory.

As intellectual as you may seem you did not refute the claims in the post you responded to. You merely stated another topic for debate. You can criticize my words from several angles. You could criticize the veracity of the Biblical claims (and you will have to handle the historians on this), you could attack the deductions I made (though I seem not to see a flaw in my logic) and you could attack the relevance of the answer to the problem at hand...you can do any of these instead of being diversionary.

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Religion / Re: Please, No Sex Before Marriage Is NEVER A Scam by efficiencie(m): 6:58pm On May 31

In Genesis 2:24, the word to watch out for is 'wife', not 'cleave'.

For the fact that a man cleaves to 'his wife' and not another, it then goes to show that before cleaving can occur, requisite cultural or traditional requirements must have been fulfilled and the couple are now husband and wife, legally.

Cleaving is permitted only in marriage. Outside it, it's an error. Spiritually and culturally.

What is marriage then? Can you define marriage clearly?
Crime / Re: #JusticeForUwa: Vera Uwaila Omozuwa Raped In RCCG Church In Edo, Dies (Graphic) by efficiencie(m): 6:39pm On May 31
On ur behalf, Shame dey catch me.. Very pathetic sermon..

If every claim, theory and hypothesis were addressed in the manner you just did there won't be a science of anything...
Crime / Re: #JusticeForUwa: Vera Uwaila Omozuwa Raped In RCCG Church In Edo, Dies (Graphic) by efficiencie(m): 6:32pm On May 31
And God was watching cry

From the beginning...it was not in the place of GOD to stop evil instead it is in the place of man empowered by GOD to stop evil. Also it is not in the place of satan to unilaterally cause evil, but it is in the place of man to choose to do evil whilst being empowered by demons to do evil...both GOD and satan have one thing in common, which is that they both use the instrumentality of men to carry out their actions on earth. Every punishment of God is preceded by the voices of men calling for justice and vengeance. Sodom and Gomorrah fell because of the cries of humans (Genesis18:20-21). The Chaldeans, unseen dark forces of heaven and Sabeans who attacked the possession of Job did so on the inspiration and drive of satan (Job1:14-17). David incurred the wrath of GOD on the people as motivated by satan (I Chronicles21:1-7)...I can go on and on. Both masters, of light and darkness, have vowed not to interfere directly. GOD has enormous faith in humanity that they are capable of great good, will yield to the light and are worthy of being lifted to heights that angels cannot attain but satan on the other hand believes man is not worthy of the height GOD has elevated him to because mankind is just as vile and evil as satan and his angels are ...this game started from the garden and till today is still being played... Evil happens to innocent not because GOD allows it, but because there is a scarcity of men who are willing to yield to the light to fight the darkness and its many evils

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Religion / Re: Please, No Sex Before Marriage Is NEVER A Scam by efficiencie(m): 6:12pm On May 31
Indeed the law of the LORD stipulates that intercourse must only happen among married couples. The question that needs to be answered is; what is marriage? When GOD brought Eve to Adam, Moses, who saw this revelation, stated the golden dictum that underlies marriage: therefore shall a man leave his mother and father and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh Genesis 2:24. The word to watch out for is cleave. The word has been used in the same context in such verses as: Deuteronomy 10:20, 11:22 and 13:4 and in essence it means to be to cling to, to be joined to and we know that in the case of an intimate relationship between a man and a woman this is reflected in sexual intercourse.

Many believe marriage starts at the point where they are joined by a priest or when a man pays his bride's dowry but this isn't true. These traditions did not happen between Adam and Eve yet their union was the first marriage to have happened. Their marriage was attested to by Adams statement: "this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man" Genesis2:23. Adam recognized the oneness he had with Eve by virtue of been taken out of Adam but in the case of all other men this oneness is reflected in the bond that exists between a man and a woman that brings both of them into a perfect synchronization.

Hence marriage commences when there is a mutual bonding or cleaving of souls between a man and woman in alignment with GOD's will and this bonding or cleaving reflects in the man making a proposal for a lifelong relationship and the woman accepts. At this point, a covenant is reached between the man and the woman. All the other traditions of the payment of a bride price, the blessings of parents, the witness of friends and family and the wedding ceremony and secondary activities built upon the covenant that started the union between the man and the woman.

Given this definition we can conclude that there are many who are wedded but not married and are married but not wedded. There are couples living together as husband and wife but they are just deceiving the world as they are just room mates living together in a single apartment. Also there are couples who have pledged their undying love and loyalty to themselves but are limited by the high cost of weddings!

We must realize that what many refer to as "sex before marriage" is actually "sex before wedding" and sex before wedding is wrong only when it occurs as a means of pleasure and not as a reflection of a bond between two people committed to each other for all times. The Bible itself makes provision for such an act. If a man happens upon a maiden that is not betrothed to any man and sleeps with her and this act is revealed, the man in question is required to pay 50 shekels of silver (the bride price obviously) and is made to be a husband to that lady for all times Exodus22:16; Deuteronomy22:28-29. Given this verdict, men are made to realize that the cost of desiring a woman not betrothed to anyone else woman is the life long commitment of marriage.

The rule hence is quite simple. If a man who has a mutual bond with a woman has intercourse with the same woman she is to be his wife and vice versa.

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Family / Re: We Expire As Women And Other Nonsense Society Keeps Telling Us by efficiencie(m): 2:50pm On May 27
This reply of hers must have immensely gladden your heart to warrant a tactless and gratuitous show of appreciation. I surmise you would become unconscious if she sends a pm to you. Una no dey try!

One day you will be six feet beneath the ground and you will know what it means not to be able to get a reply from anyone no matter how eloquent your speech is...

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Family / Re: We Expire As Women And Other Nonsense Society Keeps Telling Us by efficiencie(m): 8:08am On May 27
What you are saying is different from what this post is about. You already approached the post with a wrong mindset, avoid saying what was not said here.

Self love and understanding of self and contentment in self is not selfishness...

Anyways without need for further explanation, neither does this need become a discuss that's an argument. We all judge what we read or how we view life from our own realities or the knowledge and experiences we are exposed to, these are yours, your own realities.

It's a key message for ladies to understand they need to stop running helter skelter in the name of societal standards. And for men to raise their daughters with the right mindset.

Societal standards? Well people like you are already setting societal standards. Your post is loaded with societal standards. Only that your standards seek to usurp the extant societal standards of our time. So logically your point lacks moral grounds. You cannot morally fight societal standards sculpted by the opinion of others by setting another set of societal standards founded on your opinion. If societal standards are the enemy then we should tear down all standards of society and resort to social anarchy! Lol.

Pardon me but I actually grab your point but I feel you should realise that people are at liberty to choose to be a rebel or a slave to the values of our society. For example, isn't it strange that despite all the teachings of clergymen and practitioners of various religions we still have a very corrupt society? We all have the opportunity to choose. Some people go through life without having a family. Saul of Tarsus, Kathryn Kuhlman etc are very good examples but for others it is a source of solace and no matter how you preach they just won't snap out of it.

As for fathers raising daughters...the question is how many fathers do we really have out there? And how many really know what the right mentality is? Who will be the judge of which mentality is right or wrong? There is a way that seems right but the end thereof is destruction. So what really is right? In my own opinion, living a life of faith guided by the ultimate standard of truth, the Spirit of God. This, to me, is what leads to the right mentality. Others may have their own standards but this is mine and I will teach my kids that...

Thanks for your reply!

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Family / Re: We Expire As Women And Other Nonsense Society Keeps Telling Us by efficiencie(m): 7:51am On May 27

I do not understand how people will confidently misinterprete the Bible and say it as fact,

1) No where in the Bible does it say marriage is a ticket to heaven, rather, the Bible says that heaven is a personal race and every individual will give account of their deeds on earth, whether married or not married.

2) You must be delusional, the Bible(God) that said "love your neighbour as YOURSELF" didn't know what he is saying right?

3) The fact that you classify all ladies as one when it comes to bad behaviour, thereby ignoring the obvious truth when it comes to the concentration of females on home training, and ignoring men and their high handedness, entitlement mentality, says alot about you as a person.

I did not insult the OP and I wonder why you are insulting me in your reply. You can debunk my views without having to attack my person.

On your first point, I did not claim the bible says marriage is a ticket to heaven. I said as a matter of opinion that marriage could easily be a ticket to heaven and i founded my opinion on scripture. You do not necessarily have to agree with my deduction and you most certainly did not need to insult me to drive home your point.

On your second point, if you read your Bible you will know that the law to love our neighbor as we love ourself is an obsolete law. Jesus gave a new law and He said love your neighbor as I have loved you (John13:34). Loving others based on the parochial yardstick with which we love ourselves is flawed. Many love themselves enough to pierce themselves all over in the name of pop culture and I wonder if any same parent will want that for their kids. Self love is obsolete, outdated and in our modern times quite deadly.

On your third point, my apologies if it seemed I did so but that isn't the crux of the matter. My point centred on parents considering house chores training when modern tech can easily replace those chores. Training goes way beyond chores and I listed some core areas that should be part of the informal curriculum at the home level. I will not dare lump all ladies into the same group because my mom did a good job raising me and my woman is a breath of fresh air all day everyday.

@Biglittlelois I merely expressed my opinion, you don't have to malign me to express yours. Nevertheless I'm happy you found my post worthy of a reply. Thanks.

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Family / Re: We Expire As Women And Other Nonsense Society Keeps Telling Us by efficiencie(m): 1:55pm On May 26

On your moral codes depicted in your pictures;

1. Your marriage could easily be a ticket to heaven. The scriptures talk about iron sharpening iron and not being unequally yoked with unbelievers...these verses imply that a fault marriage could lead one to disaster and damnation or the bliss in heaven.

2. I hear love yourself, love yourself. Self-LOVE is just another term of self-ISHNESS. Self love is just the pursuit of your desires. Love is never with regards to oneself because by default we all do what we believe is best for ourselves. Love is always with respect to someone else or something else. This is why we can easily say God is love because He exists in a community of 3 persons. Hence the scriptures "the Father loves the son and hath given all things into his hands". Everytime the word love is used in scripture it is always in reference to someone else or something else. This self-love teaching is just another new age import into Christianity.

3. You claimed curfew is not only for ladies. Which sensible parent leaves any of his kids out in the dark after 6pm? I hear ladies claiming that home training focus mostly on females and by home training we mostly mean house chores, cooking etc...yet these ladies lack decorum, courtesy, discretion, tact and the capacity for critical thinking. The other day a very stup.id girl visited a boys hotel sorrounded by a high fence around 6am alone and with no security in sight. She was stupid.id but she could run, because when the randy boys chased after her her legs could carry her faster than the wind enough to help her escape the maniacs who would have raped her to death!

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